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i drew this to have an icon for my blog and thought i’d post the big hq version of it without the background!! 0: here’s a young fishbone dragon boy thinking of his winter spirit friend


Today I spent seven hours in this glorious building at my university, the Asian Library (yes it’s not a very creative name but that’s okay). The building is comprised of three floors and it’s amazing.

There are books in or about basically any Asian language you can imagine, from the more commonly-studied ones like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to others like Tibetan, Mongolian, and Sanskrit. In total, there are eleven or so languages for which there’s a pretty large collection of books.

Some of the coolest materials I found (a very very short list): 

  • Japanese-Sinhala dictionary 
  • Mongolian-English-Japanese dictionary
  • Mongolian-German-Russian dictionary
  • a Beijing slang dictionary
  • a grammar of Hindi
  • a Chinese film with German subtitles

Basically I’ve decided where I’m gonna live from now on. 

I just read through the whole Firebringer tag since it came out today, so sorry to anyone who doesn’t yet know what Firebringer is and is annoyed by me reblogging a lot about it. But to all my followers: Search “Firebringer” on YouTube and a musical should come up, and I highly suggest that you watch it because it’s AMAZING. It’s really funny, with great actors (plus awesome puppets) and AMAZING music. Plus there’s great representation in it, and it’s just all around great so if you’re at all interested, go watch it because you will not regret it. This has been a PSA.

No Contest

a/n: This is a very silly drabble that I wrote a while ago but hadn’t published, so I thought I’d throw it up here for Romione Ship Week. It is seriously so silly. Long live the Good Ship!



The hostility in Hermione Granger-Weasley’s voice was unmistakable. She walked slowly into her bedroom, advancing on the subject of her disdain with a look on her face under which grown men had been known to quail (and not only those with the surname Weasley or Potter).

The nerve, she thought to herself furiously. Lying right on our bed, bold as brass. She stopped a foot from the bed and glanced around quickly to make sure they were alone in the room.

“We need to get a few things straight, you and I,” she began in a menacing tone. She was answered (probably wisely) with silence from the figure currently tangled up in the bed sheets (their bedsheets).

It had all started two weeks ago when Ron had brought her home from some place on Diagon Alley, probably after a few too many at the Leaky with Harry after work. Hermione hadn’t been happy, of course, but it was a few weeks after his birthday and he had been feeling a little morose at turning thirty-five, so she bit back her angry words and turned a blind eye.

Pretty soon, she was all he could talk about and he was taking her out nearly every evening. He had offered to include Hermione several times on their little romps, but frankly, she had never been into that. She had let it continue, confidant that it was just an infatuation that Ron would get over quickly enough. But now it seemed like they were spending every minute of his free time together, and enough was enough.

He was acting like a lovesick teenager and it was getting embarrassing for the whole family.

“Now, I know some wizards are known to get certain… urges when they approach middle age,” she stated icily. “They start to desire something newer, more exciting. I love my husband and I want him to be happy. And that is why I have tolerated you. Encouraged you, even.”

She glowered at the figure lying prone on the bed before her - sleek, sophisticated and impossibly slender. “And I’m sure you think you’ve got him all to yourself now, seeing as he can barely keep his hands off you,” she gritted out.

“But if you think for one second,” she continued in a dangerously soft voice, “that Ron will choose you over me, or over his children, then you will find that you are seriously, painfully mistaken.”


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Eponine Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Eponine Dialogue

For an anon!

Uh… let’s just say she’s definitely Zero’s daughter, aha. She’s also an avid fan for boy’s love LOL. Disclaimers as usual!

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By some magic I found the 5-0 Pilot script online and it’s absolutely amazing I mean amazing, every little detail is thought out and though there were a lot of changes made (Danny was originally from Baltimore??) and scenes were removed before filming, it fills in a lot of gaps that I suddenly realized were there, like how Steve got the ID for the palm prints from the guy at the desk and it’s just so so good. It’s public so I have to assume it’s okay for me to share so go check it out asap.

First rule of Eurovision: