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Another icon collab between me and @fonbella, this time I did the coloring and she did the sketches<33 And I loved coloring her adorable doodles, not to mention how excited we are for Sun&Moon and seeing our fave gay trainers again!!<33 (Please note these were made for us, so do not use~)

I Call Her Princess

Someone mentioned Adrien calling Marinette Princess out of costume? Sign me up!

Pairing: Ladynoir, Adrienette

Rate: Cute

Words: 787

Adrien was exhausted, he had to stop an Akuma last night without the help of Ladybug. Well he did have Marinette to accompany him. A smile was instantly spread across his face when he thought of the shy raven haired girl. He had a slight feeling for her before, nothing compared to his undying love for Ladybug. But he still got a small shiver when she tapped his shoulder asking to pick up the pen she dropped a delicate pink swept across her cheeks. When he was Chat he could show her that he cared by smooth talking her without backfire and how quickly “Princess” rolled off his tongue and sweetly caressed her red tinted ears. Adrien quite liked making Marinette flustered because it was something he could never achieve with his lady. When he placed his lips on her hand it was like kissing creamy velvet, his heart jumped at the thought. As if in a blink of his green eyes he arrived at the school. Adrien rubbed his face violently trying to rid the tiredness from his body.

“Adrien!” Nino his best bud shouted from the top of the stairs that lead to the entrance of the school. “Hey Nino” Adrien called back less excited, not wanting to waste his limited energy for the day. “Did you finish the Geo homework?”  He chirped walking inside the building Adrien trailing behind. “What!” Adrien almost yelled now awake and alert. If only he didn’t flirt with Marinette until 11. Nino laughed patting his panicked friends back. “Don’t worry you have time to copy off of mine” Adrien’s muscles relaxed as Nino gives him a reassuring smile. Sometime after, the bell rings leaving the pair scrambling to class.

“Ah, nice of you to join us boys. Now please take your seat.” The teacher said calmly turning to face the two then back to the chalk board. Adrien slid into his seat quitely drumming his left hand against the wooden desk while his right flew across the page jotting down notes briskly. “Ah darn” Alya smiled smugly toward Marinette as she knocked her best friends pen off the desk the third time this week. Marinette gave Alya an evil glare as she slowly moved her arm to tap Adrien’s shoulder. Marinette was about to pull away when Alya nudged her arm and her index finger tapped him. “P-pen please” Marinette whispered pointing to where the pen had landed. Adrien smiled picking up the pink pen which held intricate designs engraved in white. The same pen she dropped yesterday and Monday. Before he could stop it the smooth words fell out of his cute little mouth.

“You sure are clumsy princess” he blinked. Both superheroes froze. Adrien placed the pen on her desk and turned around in his seat. The teens holding looks of surprise on their face. Marinette lost track of her notes on page three. She was now just clicking her pen and contemplating Adriens response. The way princess rolled of his tongue was the same way it rolled off Chats. Marinette shivered, clearly she lacked sleep to be comparing a sweet boy like Adrien to an unpredictable one like Chat. Yet Marinette still couldn’t shake the pit in her stomach. It was saying she somehow liked Chat. His mysterious aura and flirtatious demeanor had her wanting more. The bell rung thankfully shaking her from her odd thoughts. The past two days have just been weird Marinette concluded. She decided to just ignore it which worked until lunch was over and she had to go back to her locker to grab her binder for science.



Marinette jumped back startled landing into something hard. “You alright?” Adrien asked holding onto her shoulders as she nervously backed away from his touch. “Yeah you just scared me” she gave him a small smile looking down. “Hey, er- about the whole princess thing” Adrien started rubbing the nape of his neck nervously. “Oh! Right! Um, that’s okay I don’t mind it” she squeaked. “Unless you’re not okay with it!” Marinette added in trying not to fall flat on her face. Adrien grabbed her hands “I-I’m totally okay with it” he smiled his cheeks warming. While Marinette was sure she looked like a tomato. “Red is a nice colour on you princess ” Adrien left a kiss on her cheek and ran to his next class leaving Marinette confused and replaying the scene over and over in her head. Where did that confidence come from? Adrien questioned as he raced off to class cheeks still burning.

“Thought you could use a push” Plagg snickered from his bag. Adrien smiled “I owe you one” he replied happily.

“Cheese please!” The Kwami cheered.