did i mention i ship this because

Laucy VS Camren

Well, this is not a theory. I got up to these pics and they hit me like a truck. I’m not a morning person, but this even overpowered what an alarm could do.

I admit I wasn’t on the best state to see these pics because I just got my heart broken. So seeing the 1st pic posted on wildflyme’s instagram was breaking my heart even more because I’m a camren shipper af.

These pics are so sensual, yes. They both look really happy. With the fragile state of me right now, even the 1st pic had me so down and sad because my ship has lost in the middle of nowhere LOL. It felt as if my heart was ripped to two.

But again, this is media. One thing that is consistent about me wherever I am on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr) is that I don’t trust media anymore. MTV is one of them. I don’t even believe in Billboard, then how can I even trust MTV? This is the link


After all, we all know, these are from a photoshoot in November 2016.

There are many possibilities out there, but I’m just gonna narrow them down to 2 possibilities here. If I list all the possibilities one by one, it might end up like a novel. It’s better to just focus on two.

1. Laucy did date just like what was mentioned in the article and Camren was NOT real or even if Camren might be dating at some point

2. Laucy did date just like what was mentioned in the article, but Camren IS real as well

You know, when you read these 2 possibilities, you will feel like, “No, I think..” or “Wait.. but..” Save it. Let’s just focus on these 2, because I know it’s a never ending debate if we talk about all possibilities.

But now, let’s see the big picture and let’s stop with “No, Camren is real” and “No, Laucy is real” debate. Let’s look at another point of view here. What if both ships are real?

For me, the 2nd possibility is what I believe. You know I don’t trust media anymore just like what I said earlier. But, what was mentioned in MTV is STILL one of the many possibilities, right? We can’t just exclude it just because we are denying that Laucy is real.

Laucy might be real at some point (or not). They mentioned they dated on and off for a few years. They have known each other since high school. The context of “a few years” might be around 2 - 3 years. That’s my definition. 4 years for a relationship for me is a long time. I can’t define it as only “a few” years. But, what if this happened before Camila and Lauren met each other? Or what if this happened before Camila and Lauren realized they fell in love with each other? For God’s sake, this might happened during the X Factor as well, and Laucy & Camren might be a complicated love triangle (okay, I’m delusional but this is one of the million possibilities out there, right?)

It was mentioned in MTV article that they did this photoshoot as part of their coming out. It was mentioned “They did really like each other” but there was no timeline mentioned about when they had the relationship. It was only mentioned “They dated for a few years”.

Those photoshoot pics might break my heart, but I’m not losing my Camren heart. No.. Why? Because of these.

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I’m sorry but they look really happy here as well? Or are you still gonna call me delusional?

Well, these gifs seem too friendly though. But these iconic moments will always be in our minds.

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Your other expressions can lie, but your eyes will never lie. These gifs are heart-warming to be honest.

Then, these indirects.

Lol, I’m sorry for being extra on this. But have you realized that the article confirmed yet killing Laucy at the same time?

I’m NOT losing hope on what I call as true love. I might be so lowkey about it on my instagram and twitter accounts cause I use those platform for another purpose. I never posts about Camren there. But here, in Tumblr, I’m quite vocal about it. I might not be as intense as the other Camren accounts, and I might be lowkey about it, but since the very beginning my fan account was made, I AM a Camren shipper.

You have your right to believe what you wanna believe, but I believe in true love and that revolves around Camren, because the way Lauren looks at Camila is love.

P.S. Guys, I don’t know why but on my phone the pictures shown are only a few. Even the indirect pics are only one which is shown. Is it like that in your phone as well? Because I posted this using my laptop. If you see it from the laptop or computer, you’ll see all the trolls lol

This is more of a fun prank than ‘illegal’, but I like to think the boys would still try to destroy the local competition around Gravity Falls.

a lil something for the @stanchez-summer-sizzle

Hamilton things (Act 1)
  • those chills you get when they say “and Alex got better but his mother went quick” 
  • the genius that is “Aaron Burr, Sir”
  • lafayette aka the love of my life
  • lafayette’s verse in my shot. Like damn.
  • "I heard your mother say come again”
  • “if you stand for nothing burr, what’ll you fall for?“
  • "I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
  • "ah, so you’ve discussed me? I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me.“
  • eliza??? Just??? The love of my life??
  • "it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face” in farmer refuted.
  • Jonathan Groff in general in this entire damn play because I adore that goof and will protect him with my life.
  • The end of “right hand man”, right at the climax of the song. Pure genius, honestly.
  • “We’re reliable with the ladies. THERE ARE SO MANY TO DEFLOWER”
  • “Is it a question of if, Burr, or which one?”
  • “As long as i’m alive Eliza, I swear to god you’ll never feel so-,” his voice?? when he says this?? my sexuality.
  • Satisfied. Just. Ugh. Angelica Schuyler is the reason I live and breathe. 
  • “The Story Of Tonight Reprise” Because honestly its so funny like the “oh shit” alexander says. iconic.
  • love/death/life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • that “chicka blah” noise that multiple characters make in multiple songs. hamilton does it in stay alive.
  • hamilton and laurens being total otp, honestly.
  • “Ten Duel Commandments” in general but more specifically “pray that hell or heaven lets you in”
  • “call me son one more time”
  • everything Lafayette in “Guns and Ships” 
  • did i mention Lafayette???
  • “Immigrants, we get the job done” just. ugh. i love.
  • “when you knock me down I get the fuck back up again” and all of that instrumental shit afterwards because it’s honestly what I live for.
  • that cheeky “awesome, wow” in what comes next
  • Dear Theodosia was literally written about Lin’s dog because he wrote it before children were even in the picture and I think that’s honestly the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.
  • “and i thought i was so smart” 
  • the way he says “i was chosen for the constitutional convention” in non-stop
  • those chills when they say “HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE”
Chapter 538: Gruvia Thoughts

I hope you anons don’t mind being grouped together.

Yes, I did read the chapter, and I feel the same way, anon #2, I was VERY comforted by the moment with Gray, but I’ll get into that more in a bit.

As for my thoughts, anon #1, technically my thoughts are “!!!!!!!AGGUHGGYFTDDTGUH!!!!!!” haha!

But more articulately, I reblogged a bunch of posts that did a wonderful job explaining everything I also feel about the chapter and that moment. ^__^

So, I’m just going to expand on some things from my POV. But first I have to mention a headcanon I shared with my friends a couple of weeks ago, about what I WISH would happen after the book of END stuff was wrapped up, and that’s also partly why I’m so happy with this!

Basically, after Natsu and Lucy had their angsty moment, I wanted Gray to excuse himself (because all the other ships had their privacy during their angst, so Nalu need it, too) by saying, there’s someone he needs to go find. And hearing this, Lucy and Happy (and maybe Natsu) cheekily ask “Juvia?”And that stops Gray in his tracks, and with a bit of tsun he admits blushingly, yes Juvia, there’s something he needs to tell her. 

So, the above is what I WANTED, but I was 1000% sure we wouldn’t get any of that. Because why would Mashima be that nice during such a long drought of Gruvia? 

But INSTEAD, we got THIS. THIS THIS THIS!!!! This is SO MUCH BETTER than what I was dreaming of. Gray didn’t need to be prompted to mention Juvia. When talking about what they wanted to do now, he admitted ON HIS OWN TRUTHFULLY that he wanted to apologize PROPERLY to Juvia! This is what has been on his mind. This is the first thing he thinks about. It feels so gooooodd. ;_;

Not only that, but an APOLOGY! WHAT-NOW-HUH?! 

OK, so I think most gruvia fans ever since Avatar have been DYING for a proper apology from Gray. We never got it. And after everything that happened in this arc, especially Lost Iced Shell, we’ve been craving another one. But, for me? I had NO HOPE for an apology. Not a bit. 

So, the fact that a mention of ANY apology was made, already I’m floored, and so happy. Yes, the flashback panels we got were of 499, but you know what? That’s fine to me, because I did want Gray to talk to Juvia slightly about 499 before running off after Zeref, and we never got it. So, I’m going to be happy with anything Gray chooses to apologize for at this point. 

And I LIKED seeing those 499 panels, because it reemphasized that there’s unfinished business there. It’s obvious Gray still feels terrible about hurting Juvia, even though he couldn’t help it. And he probably feels the worst about not being able to save her/prevent her death, while she was able to save his life. We know Gray has this feeling of failure hanging over him, over the lives lost on his account, or because he felt powerless to prevent them. Juvia, as we saw from his reaction after her “death” was a BIG one for Gray. That RAGE. That GRIEF. And what they made him DO against, not just his enemies, but also his FRIENDS. 

So, an apology? Any apology? BRING IT. It’s already more than I hoped for, and that is brilliant. YES PLEASE. Also, as @thatsvicchan mentioned, it IS a parallel to when Juvia wanted to apologize to Gray about “killing” his father in Tartarus, and THAT lead to my favorite Gruvia moment EVER, the boob hug lol. SO, I have really high hopes for this, because not only are we starting off from Gray’s side this time (he wants to find HER for ONCE), but we know it’s going to end up with CANON GRUVIA. We got a hug last time, sooo can we please have that KISS?! They need it. They deserve it. And so do we!

Now, probably my other favorite thing about this moment, is Gray’s FACE. THAT FACE!!!! That face is EVERYTHING. Some people mentioned Gray looks like he’s blushing, but I just see dirt. Gray is nervous (hence the awkward scratching of his face), and excited (hence the SMILE). Like @dooshiedoosh mentioned, that face is getting ready for WAY more than just an apology! 

Gray knows what he’s getting ready to do, and I love that there’s a nervous kind of energy about him. It’s something he’s looking forward to. It’s something he WANTS to do. He NEEDS to do. This is about his feelings. His emotions. What he’s been holding off on since at least the time he and Juvia were living together IMO. He told her to wait for his answer in 453. He was ready then. He’s even more ready now. This is his future he’s about to embrace, and that face is perfection. It just is. 

Smiley, nervous Gray thinking about Juvia, and wanting to talk and apologize to her. This is what came to his mind when thinking about what HE wants to do when this war is over. Juvia is his top priority, and conveying his feelings to her is his top priority. And I’m just so excited we got this reminder, because I know we wont get anything Gruvia-wise until Natsu (poor Natsu!) and Lucy (poor Lucy!) deal with whatever happened at the end of this chapter. Not to mention that Time Lapse crack (if Ichiya drops out of it, I’ll laugh so HARD).

Anyway, did I really just ramble THIS MUCH about just TWO panels in the new chapter? Yes, yes I did. Because I’m just that immensely happy haha. It feels so nice to be surprised with something more than you’d ever think you’d get for your ship. And it gives me such hope for canon, because if this is what we get when Gray is away from Juvia, imagine when he finally gets to talk properly with her? Within two months, IT’S HAPPENING. BRING IT ON!

Problematic Ship Rant

Honestly I’m sick of going into any tag involving “problematic” ships and seeing massive amounts of hate from people. These ships are all FICTIONAL. As in NOT REAL so why are people causing actual harm by attacking/bullying people who enjoy these ships? Most people that ship problematic ships DO NOT ship them because of the problem!!! If a ship has abuse between the two involved, we don’t sit here and go “oh I ship it because it’s abusive”. We absolutely IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM condone abuse. in most cases we envision our ship as healthy and caring towards one another and don’t include the problem. Obviously we acknowledge that there is a problem but I don’t think people are getting the fact that THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE REASON WHY WE SHIP THE SHIP. personally, I couldn’t care less what you are shipping even if I’m not a fan of it I’m not going to attack you because I don’t agree with it.

So, things to remember;

1: these ships are most likely fictional
2: we acknowledge that there is problems with the ship
3: we don’t ship the ship because of the problem
4: we DO NOT condone the problem
5: we just wanna have a good time without being attacked. Let people enjoy things

Did I mention that the ships are fictional?

Anyways, rant over thanks :3

“Kishimoto planned EVERYTHING from the beginning! SJ didn’t force him to do anything!“

-Kishi said the Kakuzu and Hidan arc was suppose to be longer but SJ told him to cut it short to get back to Sasuke. And that Hidan was suppose to return in the War arc but he admitted that he literally got lazy with drawing and didn’t want to add more characters because it meant drawing them.
-Kishi has repeatedly said Sakura is the heroine even well into the War Arc, only to turn around and claim Hinata was always the heroine after the series ended. His editors and SJ also kept pushing for Hinata to be the heroine for along time.
-Kishi said Sasuke and Naruto were suppose to be holding hands in 698 but SJ told him he can’t do that.
-Sasuke wasn’t even suppose to exist and was added at the suggestion of his editors.
-Same thing for the Chunin Exams Arc, Kishi’s editors literally told him he had to do it instead of his original idea of slowly introducing many characters over several chapters/arcs and he regrets not being able to do what he wanted. He just wanted to show Naruto going on missions and learning about the outside world.
-Once again, even Orochimaru and his involvement in the Chunin Exams Arc was not his decision. His editors told him he needed a villain and that he had to make the Chunin Exams not finish. Shikamaru was also suppose to be the winner, instead of losing to Temari.
-Kishi admitted the idea of Kekkei Genkai, Sharingan and the like in the Land of Waves arc was just a “bluff” that he did not plan on getting in to at all.
-The Mifune/Hanzo fight was cut short because his editors hated it and told him he needed to end it very quickly and get back to the main cast, but Kishi really wanted to write it.
-Pretty much the entire Kobayashi interview is Kishi going “I didn’t know what I was doing the majority of the time and when I did know what I was doing my editors made me do something else because they didn’t like it.”
-Holy shit there’s a lot more but I’m too lazy to write them all right now

Since it’s glaringly obvious that Kishi has made shit up along the way, changed his mind about things, was forced to do things he didn’t want to do or agree with and mentioned things that never got brought up again, why can’t people accept the (very likely) possibility that the entire Ending and probably the Ships were not what he originally planned?

Feel free to add more (because I know there’s more but sleep)

reasons why i love superwonderbat (we need a better name)

1) implies all three are either bi, pan or somewhere on that spectrum (and we know Diana is canonically bisexual, bless)

2) healthy relationship built on trust (i’m not saying that other trinity ships aren’t)

3) their teamwork?? i mean did you see the last 15 minutes of BvS?? quality teamwork right there


5) they all care about each other??? a lot??? 

6) P o l y representation

7) the idea of the trinity lowkey flirting and the rest of the league just going “oh god, here we go again” because diana and clark would be so affectionate (bruce would also be affectionate, but more in private)

8) did i mention the poly representation??

9) look my bi poly ass just needs more poly representation because it is s o lacking, and we have a society that’s so heavily based in monogamy and it pisses me off, because it’s so stigmatised and i don’t want to deal with it?

10) the idea of 3 iconic superheroes, scratch that, 3 iconic characters in the world, being lgbt and polyamorous just makes me really happy 

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Same. Personally playing me: a made me incredibly nostalgic for Garrus. Jaal has to be one of the healthiest relationships in bioware history insomuch that it teaches how important communication is (for one). But ... man do I miss the cocky, dorky, Right Hand Man, Garrus "no Shepard without Vakarian" Vakarian

I cannot express to you how much I love Garrus Vakarian. Seriously. 

Garrus will always hold a very special place in my heart because the relationship that developed between him and my Talia Shepard took me completely by surprise and yet it felt incredibly natural. Like that is how her story was always meant to play out.

When I finished ME1, I remember thinking it was weird that there were players who wanted to romance Garrus. I had zero interest in that. Talia was closer to Garrus than anyone else on the Normandy (except Liara) - but he was like a brother to her. That would be strange on so many levels…. not to mention that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how physical intimacy would even work with a human and a turian. Just… no. I didn’t want to hit that. 

But then ME2 comes along and I am so damn happy to see Garrus again and get him back on my ship and I’m feeling all the “just like old times” vibes and then he starts talking about reach and flexibility and I’m all kinds of confused because do I seriously want to flirt with Garrus now?! When the hell did that happen? And the more I did, the more I was completely won over - not only by his sense of humor and the fact that he is equal parts suave and awkward, but because his romance felt like a completely natural extension of their friendship. They bonded as fellow soldiers, fighting the same fight. They decided to “blow off steam” together as kind of a stepping stone to a less platonic relationship - dipping their toes into a romance they both wanted to explore without either one of them tying the other down. And then, in the very end, there’s no question that they love each other. There don’t need to be grand gestures or proclamations. They both probably knew it long before either one of them said anything. 

And then that god damn ending broke me.

Fucking bar.

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what are your thoughts about bakugou and midoriya's relationship? platonic, i mean

I live and die for it, every part of the manga in which that relationship is shown progressing is between my favorite parts of the manga and I’ve reread them a hundred times and cried over them way more than necessary - the battle trial one? yes, the end of terms exam? absolutely yes holy shit, the post-license exam fight? god yes fuck me that’s my absolute fav, the rescue arc? shit yes between all the reasons why that arc’s my fave the change in the deku/baku relationship is definitely a worthy of note one

It’s an interesting relationship, a painful one that’s making both of them grow so so so much, a rivalry they both need to better each other and keep each other straight on the path to become two great, all-around heroes - I’m not sure they’ll ever end up having the type of relationship Izuku has with Todoroki or Bakugou with Kirishima, I don’t think it’s possible for them to be friends like that, they’re just too different to properly fit like that and to avoid stepping on each other’s toes every single day of their lives they’d have to change their core personalities too much, but they did end up being able to coexist (Bakugou’s even giving Deku tips!!!) and I do think they’ll be able to cooperate and support each other in the end. If one day they’ll be able to make fun of each other in a friendly manner and egg each other on and be honest with each other without it escalating into a full blown fight I’d truly be happy, that’s probably my main dream for this whole manga. For them to have a healthy rivalry, one in which they can maybe even laugh together. I think it might happen, I’m waiting for it to happen

Anon said: Hi Fran! I’m obsessed with your BakuShimaNari work. Here’s a cute thought to hopefully cheer you up a bit while you’re unable to draw: they’re all in their early 20s and Denki likes to poke/smooth out the little crease between Bakugo’s eyebrows and tease him about getting wrinkles early from all the scowling he does. Bakugo flicks him in the nose and says he’s starting to get crows feet from always grinning like an idiot.

Oh my god. Oh my g o d this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. Oh my g OD I’m just imagining them doing that and Kiri in the background watching them like they’re most precious thing in the world I’m dying rip me this just made my whole life thank you so much anon *sob*

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Highlights of the new VLD teaser:

  • Lance smiling
  • Hunk looking beautiful as always
  • Lance and Hunk maneuvering shit together
  • Kolivan’s “Go, go” and the blade of marmora coming down a ship like the cool shits they are
  • Lance and Hunk most likely being on a mission with the blade of marmora
  • Keith most likely piloting the black lion
  • Lance most likely piloting both the blue and red lion
  • Did I mention Lotor? Because Lotor
  • Lance probably getting a fan club
  • Lotor
  • Prince fucking Lotor

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Can you recommend some good jily and blackinnon fics

Hi, anon! I’ve written two blackinnon fics recs, which you can find here and here. Sadly, I haven’t read very much blackinnon lately, so this list might be a bit out of date, but those are still amazing fics. Here’s some Jily:

Blind DatingMPPMaraudergirl - Jily Muggle AU: After being set up on a blind date neither agreed to, Lily and James decide that fake dating and staging a horrendous breakup would be the perfect pay-back for their friends’ scheme. But after a while, who can say what’s real and what’s fake? This is one of my favorite AUs. It’s so good and definitely a fun read. 

The Incident in the Library ~ greenconverses -  Lily Evans has been distracted lately…and it’s all because of James Potter and his stupid, unbuttoned shirt. Hardly any fluff, but plenty of shirtless James for everybody. Seventh year fic. I love this fic so much! It’s a little bit smutty, but nothing over the top. 

Wind and WavesHeroOfTheCastleOfMarble -  James is the pirate Captain of The Marauder. Lily is the daughter of a Duke. The two strike up a contract and the next thing Lily knows, she’s on a Pirate ship, with one of the deadliest pirates after her. AU LilyJames Please read and review! Complete Did I mention that I love AUs? This is the best pirate AU I’ve ever read. The author did an amazing job with it so yeah. This fic is pure greatness.

Buried Treasure and TransmogrifyRienna Hawkes -  Lily Evans has spent years despising James Potter. He has spent just as long worshiping her. When seventh year pairs them Head Boy and Girl, each comes to realize that their judgment isn’t quite what they thought it was. This is the same story that was over on Checkmated, but I completed it here. Prequel to Heroes for Ghosts. Warning: this story is a strong M rating. I love this story so much. It’s so good. Lily and James’ interactions are amazing. I didn’t care for the Lily/Snape story line, but overall it didn’t bother me that much. This story is really unique and I love it for that. 

Heroes for Ghosts ~  Rienna Hawkes -  As the first war gathers steam, Lily and James work to build a life together, while Lucius and Narcissa’s fragile world collapses. Severus copes with the consequences of his choices, and Peter encounters a temptation that will define him. Sequel to Buried Treasure and Transmogrify. This is the squeal to the above fic and it’s a WIP. I love it though. It doesn’t center around Jily and there are a lot of other characters that play their parts in it, too. There’s a bit of Blackinnon, though I think you’ll be surprised at how it works out. I really love this fic and find myself reading it over quite a bit.

Bloody Shangrilafabiansgoldwatch -  “The way she babbled on about the place made it seem like some sort of promise land, but James knew full well that is was nothing of the sort. Sowsworth was a wasteland that comprised of seven shops, a pub, and the incredibly bored shadows of lonely people. It was not bloody Shangri-la.” AU. Muggle AU! I love this fic because it’s so true to cannon while being an AU. It’s really good and a must read.

Some authors you should check out:

@hiddenpolkadots is an amazing writer and she does Jily so well. She’s written so many AUs that I love. Definitely check out her blog if you like Jily. (Plus, she is a queen at writing smut.)

@padfootdidit wrote a really cute AU about Lily being deaf, I think it was. I love her blog and her writing! 

@foreverjily Ok, but her URL says it all right? She’s writing a fic now I do believe. I haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet (oops), but what I’ve read so far is amazing and you should definitely go follow her/check out her fics! 

@staganddoeforever is such an amazing writer! I love her writing! Just such amazing quality!

@snapslikethis If you haven’t read anything she’s written, stop reading this right now and do so! She has such an amazing talent for writing. I love every single of one of fics!

@fetchalgernon I have no words. An ingenious writer to say the least. I love all of her fics that I’ve read. I haven’t made it through them all yet so wish me luck! 

I hope this helps, anon! There a thousand more fics I’d love to put down as well as a hundred more authors. I hope this helps you, though!

  • Scorpius: Rose, you know how muggle schools have Physical Education?
  • Rose: Yeah I know what you’re talking about but-
  • Scorpius: Why don’t we have that?
  • Scorpius:
  • Scorpius:
  • Scorpius: Oh merlin why did I even ask...

So I’m watching Psych again after taking a 3 year hiatus from the show and I’m headdesking so hard right now because I can’t believe I never noticed before that Shawn is so very obviously written and played as bi.

I’ve always shipped him with Lassiter (Shassie ❤ ngl this is also because Timothy Omundson is wonderful) but I also really liked his canon romance with Juliet and I guess past me never figured that hey maybe these ships both make sense because he has chemistry with both characters and flirts with both, too (and with many other men and women on the show).

That’s not even mentioning his blatant crush on Cary Elwes’ character Pierre Despereaux

Past me was a dumbass.

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I hope you die of cancer and your family burn in a fire. Blackinnon is BULLSHIT because Sirius did not give a single shit about her. You have to have serious autism and brain damage to think that. Marlene was irrelevant and not even friends with Lily. Fucking idiot. In the letter from Lily to sirius she mentioned the "Mckinnons dying" so casually that her death didn't meant shit to them. So fuck off with your bullshit blog. Deactivate at once you piece of shit

because a ship i used in a chat was worthy enough for your threats.

so tough when you hide behind the anon head aren’t ya?

Good thing I don’t care. Don’t like what i write? Get off my blog. Simple. 

12x14 watching notes

this show normally never makes me cry except that 1 episode in season 7, but god dammit Berens got me TWICE I’m disowning him

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why is everybody so upset people ship clalec? so far we had three episodes filled with angry looks, banter and sassy remarks, not to mention “you’re upset by the way jace is looking at her” and “if you really feel that way about her why did you help us”, generally alec being lowkey obsessed with clary and, let’s be real, some real chemistry game going on.

i’m personally not so big on hate-to-love relationships, but how are you all so surprised people who have not read the books jumped on clalec like thirsty wanderers on an oasis.

anonymous asked:

honestly at this point, i'm always wary of WHO is wishing for 'hot' malec kisses because a large chunk of this fandom fetishizes mlm couples (as pointed out by actual mlm in the fandom and how uncomfortable they are about it). do you want it because you want physical intimacy between two men to be normalized or do you want it because you find it hot and want to get off to it? :\ it's really colored my views on things (that's a general you, not you specifically)

Totally understandable, Anon. I am also very sideeye-y whenever I read about people wanting this stuff. I mean I am not a m|m but I am just tired of them constantly panning away from Malec scenes f.e. I mean apart from the wedding kiss every single kiss imo after that has the exact same adjustment. Just the heads, no body. While I am just here whining like…. where are their hands??? Why aren’t you showing them touching each other? Siiiiigh. 

As for my personal opinion regarding that matter: I would be already happy with them lying in bed, head on chest and a forehead kiss, you know? I don’t need to see heavy making out against a wall or whatever. On the other side, imo it is important to also show this passionate and sensual side of a relationship on tv when it comes to same-sex-couples and to normalize it finally. And not constantly pan away from these scenes and/or show pecks only (which are also nice, don’t get me wrong but yeah…..) and no touching. Like excuse me, but this is also a couple who kisses and touches and who is allowed to do just that openly, it’s not reserved for the straights only. Especially when they have no problem showing explicit a straight couple heavily making out/having sex in the very same episode (I am so baffled that they actually did that and nobody said a thing against it, wtf?!). Showing physical intimacy of same-sex-couples is not something where you need to throw a blanket over it because it is sinful or whatever. It’s 2k17 ffs. I wish they would just stop with this nonsense. 

I mean even an idiot can see the different treatment of straight couples and the lgbt+ couple on the show (wondering how this will be when Heline happens). Especially when the lgbt+ couple is actually endgame (not to mention a fan fave and the most popular ship on the show) and the straight couples, who get all the sensual and intimate scenes, are not. 

a list of costis/kamet moments from “thick as thieves” sort of mostly in chronological order (SPOILERS):

  • “finally, he did lie down, but each time i checked, his eyes were still opened. the third time i checked, he looked back at me, curious, and i hastily closed my own eyes” (listen,,, i know kamet was only looking because he wanted to escape, but this was the first time my flag went up for this ship so i’s got to include it)
  • costis giving kamet a hug and trying to comfort him by saying reassurances into his ear!!!!!!
  • not to mention later on when costis is snapping necks he understands, by just a simple yank on his ankle, without kamet having to say anything, that he should stop because he knows kamet gets uncomfortable over the killing
  • that time when it was silent between them and costis decided to break it by telling jokes so that he could try and get a laugh out of kamet ;;_;;
  • “he admired his fool king, and yet he generously held him up for my ridicule”
  • “‘so, so, so,’ i said, and he smiled at the attolian slang”
  • all the caggi jokes
  • “the attolian was very good-looking” VERY GOOD-LOOKING!!!!!!
  • kamet ready to jump into action when the slavers start dangerously taking an interest in costis’ very good looks
  • costis getting caught off guard by it and not knowing what’s going on but thinking kamet is mad about being taken away and apologizing because he believes kamet would be better off having not gone with him MY HEART
  • kamet keeping track of costis’ apologies and not knowing how to react when he realizes costis is actually being sincere MY HEARTx1000
  • “‘you were often in the kitchens?’ the attolian asked, and i wondered if we had passed each other there without noticing”
  • “the attolian crouched nearby, his hands on his knees. he looked between the rocks to the shining gold plaque and said, ‘perfection.’ i ducked my head, more proud of myself than was probably warranted” OHMYGOSH COSTIS’ PRAISE MEANS SO MUCH TO HIM
  • “‘shut up,’ said the attolian. they were the first rude words he had spoken to me, and they cut, though i knew they weren’t meant to” OHMYGOSH THEY’RE PUTTING ON AN ACT BUT KAMET’S SO USED TO COSTIS BEING NICE AND POLITE AND PATIENT WITH HIM HE STILL GETS HURT ANYWAYS and who wants to make a bet that costis feels bad about being rude on the other end – even though it’s all pretend
  • “‘i am a little vain,’ i admitted. // ‘i had no idea,’ said the attolian with an impressively straight face. // ‘i am used to being respected.’ // ‘and no one was awed that you speak four languages?’ // ‘five.’ i corrected him automatically, and he laughed outright. // i laughed myself.”
  • “this feeling was new, this particular loss, as if some part of me had been hollowed out, leaving me at a standstill and directionless” I’M…………
  • “emotions welled up in me until i was near drowning in them. i reached to touch his warm, living hand and swallowed a laugh and a sob” 😭😭😭😭
  • both of them endlessly cracking up over the “woo–oo–hooo-o”s WHOLESOME™ :’’’’’)
  • costis asking kamet if he would’ve worried over and taken care of nahuseresh the same way kamet does him and kamet thinking, if it wasn’t you and it were nahuseresh then screw that, i would’ve been gone a long time ago, and costis falling asleep with a smile on his face because he probably most likely definitely knows that
  • but seriously, kamet reasoning with himself about how he can’t leave without knowing first rather or not costis survives and how he will regret it for the rest of his life if he doesn’t stay and find out he cares so much
  • the fact that they’re both willing to take the blame for each other TT_TT
  • the fact that kamet is feeling lonely and misses costis to the point that he thinks with “a ridiculous hope” that he’s managed to wish costis to appear
  • except it is costis and he wants to stay with kamet and so they go and live happily in roa where kamet is free and can continue to use his skills and costis is becoming a naturalist apparently and they have a home together #Y E S
  • “‘immakuk and ennikar,’ he said. // ‘where?’ i snapped my head around to scan the dock, and he nudged me with his elbow. // ‘idiot. us.’”

(( feel free to add to the list!! ^^ ))