did i mention i ship everything

Hamilton things (Act 1)
  • those chills you get when they say “and Alex got better but his mother went quick” 
  • the genius that is “Aaron Burr, Sir”
  • lafayette aka the love of my life
  • lafayette’s verse in my shot. Like damn.
  • "I heard your mother say come again”
  • “if you stand for nothing burr, what’ll you fall for?“
  • "I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
  • "ah, so you’ve discussed me? I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me.“
  • eliza??? Just??? The love of my life??
  • "it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face” in farmer refuted.
  • Jonathan Groff in general in this entire damn play because I adore that goof and will protect him with my life.
  • The end of “right hand man”, right at the climax of the song. Pure genius, honestly.
  • “We’re reliable with the ladies. THERE ARE SO MANY TO DEFLOWER”
  • “Is it a question of if, Burr, or which one?”
  • “As long as i’m alive Eliza, I swear to god you’ll never feel so-,” his voice?? when he says this?? my sexuality.
  • Satisfied. Just. Ugh. Angelica Schuyler is the reason I live and breathe. 
  • “The Story Of Tonight Reprise” Because honestly its so funny like the “oh shit” alexander says. iconic.
  • love/death/life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • that “chicka blah” noise that multiple characters make in multiple songs. hamilton does it in stay alive.
  • hamilton and laurens being total otp, honestly.
  • “Ten Duel Commandments” in general but more specifically “pray that hell or heaven lets you in”
  • “call me son one more time”
  • everything Lafayette in “Guns and Ships” 
  • did i mention Lafayette???
  • “Immigrants, we get the job done” just. ugh. i love.
  • “when you knock me down I get the fuck back up again” and all of that instrumental shit afterwards because it’s honestly what I live for.
  • that cheeky “awesome, wow” in what comes next
  • Dear Theodosia was literally written about Lin’s dog because he wrote it before children were even in the picture and I think that’s honestly the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.
  • “and i thought i was so smart” 
  • the way he says “i was chosen for the constitutional convention” in non-stop
  • those chills when they say “HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE”
Things about EXOrdium last night

1: it was a sold out, no one thought we would make it
2: their shocked faces when they saw how many people were there, singing and screaming and supporting
3: Suho literally said they didn’t think we could sing all songs, they were really happy to see we did it.
4: there was so much love
5: you know, all those ships (kaisoo, chanbaek, etc) they are real. ALL.
6: of course the dancing… was f*cking everything.
7: how can they be so perfect and yet so nice?
8: Chanyeol in person… probably all the people there have a new bias
9: and if it’s not Chan, it’s Kai. HE IS GOD.
10: Sehun’s jaw is real people. I can’t…
11: they ate tacos before, they were so pleased!
13: when the sound in transformer crashed, they continued dancing and singing as all the crowd sang for them
14: so much support, so much love! Exo-l!
15: those vocals… are even more perfect live.
16: the silver sea… made me cry
17; in general all the concert made me cry
18: Kyungsoo was like a meter away from me people… I don’t know how but I fell even more for him
19: Everyone was screaming “Zhang Yixing to show our support


Chapter 538: Gruvia Thoughts

I hope you anons don’t mind being grouped together.

Yes, I did read the chapter, and I feel the same way, anon #2, I was VERY comforted by the moment with Gray, but I’ll get into that more in a bit.

As for my thoughts, anon #1, technically my thoughts are “!!!!!!!AGGUHGGYFTDDTGUH!!!!!!” haha!

But more articulately, I reblogged a bunch of posts that did a wonderful job explaining everything I also feel about the chapter and that moment. ^__^

So, I’m just going to expand on some things from my POV. But first I have to mention a headcanon I shared with my friends a couple of weeks ago, about what I WISH would happen after the book of END stuff was wrapped up, and that’s also partly why I’m so happy with this!

Basically, after Natsu and Lucy had their angsty moment, I wanted Gray to excuse himself (because all the other ships had their privacy during their angst, so Nalu need it, too) by saying, there’s someone he needs to go find. And hearing this, Lucy and Happy (and maybe Natsu) cheekily ask “Juvia?”And that stops Gray in his tracks, and with a bit of tsun he admits blushingly, yes Juvia, there’s something he needs to tell her. 

So, the above is what I WANTED, but I was 1000% sure we wouldn’t get any of that. Because why would Mashima be that nice during such a long drought of Gruvia? 

But INSTEAD, we got THIS. THIS THIS THIS!!!! This is SO MUCH BETTER than what I was dreaming of. Gray didn’t need to be prompted to mention Juvia. When talking about what they wanted to do now, he admitted ON HIS OWN TRUTHFULLY that he wanted to apologize PROPERLY to Juvia! This is what has been on his mind. This is the first thing he thinks about. It feels so gooooodd. ;_;

Not only that, but an APOLOGY! WHAT-NOW-HUH?! 

OK, so I think most gruvia fans ever since Avatar have been DYING for a proper apology from Gray. We never got it. And after everything that happened in this arc, especially Lost Iced Shell, we’ve been craving another one. But, for me? I had NO HOPE for an apology. Not a bit. 

So, the fact that a mention of ANY apology was made, already I’m floored, and so happy. Yes, the flashback panels we got were of 499, but you know what? That’s fine to me, because I did want Gray to talk to Juvia slightly about 499 before running off after Zeref, and we never got it. So, I’m going to be happy with anything Gray chooses to apologize for at this point. 

And I LIKED seeing those 499 panels, because it reemphasized that there’s unfinished business there. It’s obvious Gray still feels terrible about hurting Juvia, even though he couldn’t help it. And he probably feels the worst about not being able to save her/prevent her death, while she was able to save his life. We know Gray has this feeling of failure hanging over him, over the lives lost on his account, or because he felt powerless to prevent them. Juvia, as we saw from his reaction after her “death” was a BIG one for Gray. That RAGE. That GRIEF. And what they made him DO against, not just his enemies, but also his FRIENDS. 

So, an apology? Any apology? BRING IT. It’s already more than I hoped for, and that is brilliant. YES PLEASE. Also, as @thatsvicchan mentioned, it IS a parallel to when Juvia wanted to apologize to Gray about “killing” his father in Tartarus, and THAT lead to my favorite Gruvia moment EVER, the boob hug lol. SO, I have really high hopes for this, because not only are we starting off from Gray’s side this time (he wants to find HER for ONCE), but we know it’s going to end up with CANON GRUVIA. We got a hug last time, sooo can we please have that KISS?! They need it. They deserve it. And so do we!

Now, probably my other favorite thing about this moment, is Gray’s FACE. THAT FACE!!!! That face is EVERYTHING. Some people mentioned Gray looks like he’s blushing, but I just see dirt. Gray is nervous (hence the awkward scratching of his face), and excited (hence the SMILE). Like @dooshiedoosh mentioned, that face is getting ready for WAY more than just an apology! 

Gray knows what he’s getting ready to do, and I love that there’s a nervous kind of energy about him. It’s something he’s looking forward to. It’s something he WANTS to do. He NEEDS to do. This is about his feelings. His emotions. What he’s been holding off on since at least the time he and Juvia were living together IMO. He told her to wait for his answer in 453. He was ready then. He’s even more ready now. This is his future he’s about to embrace, and that face is perfection. It just is. 

Smiley, nervous Gray thinking about Juvia, and wanting to talk and apologize to her. This is what came to his mind when thinking about what HE wants to do when this war is over. Juvia is his top priority, and conveying his feelings to her is his top priority. And I’m just so excited we got this reminder, because I know we wont get anything Gruvia-wise until Natsu (poor Natsu!) and Lucy (poor Lucy!) deal with whatever happened at the end of this chapter. Not to mention that Time Lapse crack (if Ichiya drops out of it, I’ll laugh so HARD).

Anyway, did I really just ramble THIS MUCH about just TWO panels in the new chapter? Yes, yes I did. Because I’m just that immensely happy haha. It feels so nice to be surprised with something more than you’d ever think you’d get for your ship. And it gives me such hope for canon, because if this is what we get when Gray is away from Juvia, imagine when he finally gets to talk properly with her? Within two months, IT’S HAPPENING. BRING IT ON!

12x14 watching notes

this show normally never makes me cry except that 1 episode in season 7, but god dammit Berens got me TWICE I’m disowning him

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I was originally going to do this in July since that will be my 1 year anniversary for this blog, but I’ll be away at camp for two months! So, since I’ve passed 500 followers, Imma do this now. First of all, I would like to thank EVERYONE who follows me, especially those of you who reblog my stuff and send me asks and messages. I made this blog on a whim and I’m so glad I did. I might do something more but who knows lmfao stay tuned

There are some special people I would like to specifically mention:

Heart-Eyes Mother Fucker

@rycubakura : Eira, words can’t express how much I adore you. You’re always there when I’m having a hard time and I love our chemistry and our shipping and basically everything. Your writing is superb and I’m very honored that you write with me. Thanks for being pretty much my best friend in this fandom.

@keeperofra : All the Conspire peeps gotta be in here. Thanks for introducing me to L4D2 but I still have not forgiven you for trying to kill me with a chainsaw. You’re hilarious and you write so well and I love your Marik and all the times we just shit talk over discord. 

@tounan : fuk u xi. I made this blog bc of you. You are my psychoshipping partner for lyfe and also when are we gonna do bloody murder again. I luv u. 

@kuxi-n : VOICE TWIN!! You’re always so funny and I’m so glad we have the same taste in shenanigans. #teamsamevoicesameage

Friendos (thanks for sticking around basically also bless you all):

@goldenpuzzle / @carnal-snake / @blue-eyes-white-kaiba / @cannibalmariku / @psychicarmorhead / @duelingdestiny / @thekingofdoorsbitch / @godxofxegypt / @datacow40 / @dimensionthosesexydice / @redeyespride / @rxdiansa / @crimsonxbeauty / @imperatorre / @pharahos / @nefer-itja / @puzzllcd / @soliitaris / @tongueofmercury / @millenniumpharaoh / @xltruistic / @godhated

aradow  asked:

I've seen a few of your comics, and I see you brainstorming with had cannons, or talking able how you are working on some head cannons. But do you post those in a specific place? Is there somewhere I could see more of this cause I'm really intrigued every time you bring the subject up. Or even other fandom you think about.

I don’t post anything anywhere else besides this blog (headcanon-wise), so whatever’s here is what exists.

I’ve got a lot of stuff that’s “in progress” that hasn’t been posted yet, like the ‘Frisk is younger’ AU. In Google-Drive limbo right now, lol

I think that one will end up being turned into some sort of illustrated fanfic that I’ll post in pieces. It’s gotten way, WAY too long and involved to become an actual comic. Truthfully, I’d love to make something like Storyshift that does fake screenshots and sprite edits, but I don’t know how hard that is to do.

Comics that I might’ve mentioned before that I’m currently working on:

  • Papyrus dealing with separation guilt from Sans (short)
  • The bros go on a road trip (very short)
  • A Post-Pacifist Chara comic (very short)
  • Post-Pacifist Sans walks Frisk home from school and things happen (short)
  • Frisk arrives in the Underground on Christmas Giftmas Day (short-ish) (hopefully I’ll get it done for this holiday, already missed the last two lmao)
  • Post-Pacifist Frisk and Napstablook run away from home (long)

Those are my biggest priorities that I absolutely want to get done. They’re not abandoned in the slightest, I just haven’t had time to finish them yet. It doesn’t help that I keep bouncing between projects.

And as always, I still intend to complete the Archie Sonic Gijinka project 100%. Maybe over the summer I can at least catch up to the rebooted cast.

These are ‘I’d like to, but just maybe’s right now:

  • ‘Papyrus is marginally better at his job’-Tale (long) (Worst comes to worst, I’ll describe it in text and share it that way. The plot’s almost completely written already.)
  • More Post-Pacifist Sans and Papyrus separation shorts, I have a lot to talk about with this.
  • Redo of that ‘Sans nightmare’ fic I mentioned that went with the old black and white comic.
  • A Sonic comic that’s been a WIP for 7 years, but the script and some of the layouts are mostly done for a bunch of issues. (obscenely long)
  • Finishing the Relic/Eclipse crack ship comic I did years ago. (medium length)

But everything else tends to be only partially formed ideas that don’t get made into anything. If it’s not on either of those lists, it’s probably not going anywhere? I’m not great at getting long story ideas hammered into something decent. I really need to find a good beta reader, tbh.

But if there’s ever something you want me to elaborate more and talk about, just ask about it! I’ll do my best to come up with more headcanons and ideas. And maybe it’ll jumpstart me into making something more involved for it.

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I have been told it is @incredifishface​‘s birthday today, so in honor of that, I’m posting this link to her AO3 page and telling everyone that all of her Thorki fic is fantastic. Yes, all of it. Happy birthday!! (I think I missed it where you are, so happy timezone-extended birthday…)

Cocky boys – “In which Thor and Loki are the top stars in a studio of online porn, famously hate each other, but by popular vote they get paired to perform together in the Christmas Eve Live Event, and are not happy about it.”

A classic of the enemies-to-lovers genre, by turns hilarious, poignant, and scorchingly hot. The Tony Stark narration is especially wonderful.

Dog inside the heart – “Thor and Loki are the children of a dynasty of great actors. Their mother Frigga is a grande dame of the stage and muse of the finest European movie directors, their father Odin is going down in history as the Lawrence Olivier of his time. Thor and Loki are following on their steps, with everything to prove, to themselves and to the world. But as they become dragged under the public eye, so does their past, full of secrets and lies.”

Tragic, epic, and wrenching; sometimes emotionally difficult to read so READ THE BLOODY TAGS. Loki is such a fucking hero in this one, oh my God.

Unfaithful – “Thor has a good life with his wife Jane and a job in a law firm on the rise, until international superstar lawyer Loki Laufeyson is recruited to work in the firm’s most ambitious case. Loki brings with him not only his encyclopaedic knowledge of law, his silver tongue, his lack of morals, and a playful, mercurial, chaotic approach to the work, but also his outrageous playboy lifestyle… and his long, complicated past history with Thor.”

Did I mention that everything Fishie/Bookie writes is incredibly hot? Just look at the tags: “Angry Sex, Hate Sex, sad sex, making up sex, breaking up sex, Goodbye Sex, i can’t live without you sex, we can’t keep doing this sex, oh god the pain sex.” Hot and emotionally powerful! This one also brought my part-time Frostiron shipper to the fore (to be clear: Thor/Loki is always the endgame ship; but Loki/Tony is a completely fitting, emotionally appropriate, and also kind of hot stop along the way).

Musketeers Assemble – “Poor gullible Steve, freshly arrived in Paris from the provinces, has been ensnared by the Trickster, Cardinal Richelieu’s Spy or Spies, and now the Queen’s good name and the fates of France and England rest on the ability of his Musketeer friends, gloomy Thor, merry Tony, and steady Bruce, to help him retrieve what the Trickster has stolen.”

No, this is not crack, but it is similarly addictive. My knowledge of Dumas’s The Three Musketeers is limited, but from what I know, the character correspondences – Steve as D’Artagnan, Thor as Athos, Bruce as Porthos, Tony as Aramis, Loki as Milady – are spot-on. And Thor and Loki’s tragic backstory… oh, my heart.

Night of Kings (series) – “Loki’s hold on the throne of Jotunheim is finally strong and secure. There is but one thing left to do: renew Jotunheim’s alliance with Asgard. But when the King of Asgard asks him to cement their alliance by spending a night in his bed, Loki realizes you can’t learn everything just from books…”

Sort of Game of Thrones/ A Song of Ice and Fire-inspired, with Thor as virile horse-lord Khal Drogo and Loki as strong-willed but sexually inexperienced Daenerys Targaryen, but without the sexism and consent issues. Once again, by turns hilarious, poignant, and scorchingly hot… oh wait, that’s all of her stuff.

Serpent – “It’s been years, but Thor’s still not over Loki. He has put some sort of life back together, but now Serpent are back in town, and whatever semblance of peace and balance he’s managed to create is about to be turned on its head.”

A Rockstar!Loki AU – and in a reversal of the most frequent pattern, Loki is trying to win back a surly, reluctant Thor. And also being the most adorable high-off-his-ass spoiled diva imaginable.

A for Asshole – “Thor is a Class A Asshole. What a fucking shame. He is also the most beautiful thing Loki has seen in his entire life. He’d be willing to make many allowances for that face, that body, that blinding smile, but the truth is, the man is an Asshole of the highest order, an irredeemable, unbearable jerk.”

Yes, even the one-shots dashed off to try to shake writer’s block are delicious nuggets of salivary-gland-stimulating smutty goodness. Thor is an asshole, but Loki will fuck him anyway, under pretty much any conditions…

Yo. I don’t make these, ever, but I made this when we didn’t have power and I thought it was pretty so why the fuck not use it. I do have internet back now, so long as the idiots at Time Warner don’t fuck with it again. ALSO, Cole is over 300 at this point which is amazing and I’m really happy because I do love him and have put so much time, effort and mental strain into him. I hope those who interact with him like him too and I really would love to RP with a lot more of the people that I follow. 


@timestarjump; Ali I don’t care if we don’t fucking RP on here, you’re amazing and just deserve to be given credit for putting up with me. A love you, you’re literally like a sister and I HOPE that Cole get’s to bug the shit out of Levi constantly after I reply to your reply to my open. XD

@konohanotenten; LOOK IT’S CALEB’S FUTURE WIFE. Poor Tenten. YO TENTEN-MUN, I know we got the shit going on with the OC I made with her, but I really want to do some things on here with Cole and Caleb more because Caleb adores her. Not just her hair but the fact that she is so kind and loving. I love your portray of Tenten and I hope we get to plot a lot more than we already have!

@konohasflcsh; IT IS COMPLETELY BECAUSE OF YOU THAT I EVEN EXIST TO THE NARUTO FANDOM. SO, HOKAGE-MUN, THANK YOU FOR PAYING ATTENTION TO MY LITTLE SHIT. You’re writing is fabulous, and I adore your muse that every time you rely to the thread I legit get so excited. Minato is the cutest shit ever and anyone who doesn’t think so can f i t e me. XD I would love to plot more, especially missions from their childhood and them as kids in general because there is just so much potential to be have with what we did plot! Don’t ever doubt your writing because you are fabulous in everything.

@lonely-godokaeyo; YO. YOU’RE MY FIRST ACTUAL SHIP ON HERE SINCE REMAKING HIM. DO YOU FEEL THE PRESSURE YET? XD Ah, I know I bug the shit out of you constantly and I don’t actually answer the threads enough, I have one in my draft now, but I do adore the dorks despite all the shit that we put them through. Not to mention, you putting up with me and my screaming, is impressive all on it’s own. Thank you for Rping with Cole and letting me scream at you on Discord! 

@thelazyeditor; Do you hate me for how often I blog hope on you yet? Seriously you have been running Akihito for as long as I have been blog hoping and that is impressive. I adore you and your muse, I love some of the shit we come up with and you are my favorite ship with Anubis. So thank you for following me to the blogs I throw at you and for letting me chuck Anubis at you when I’m on him.

@bloodyrogues; YO. WE DON’T ACTUALLY RP MUCH, BUT WHEN WE DO IT’S AWESOME. NOT TO MENTION GETTING TO TALK TO YOU ON SKYPE/DISCORD IS EPIC. I’m a plot whore, and I love plotting everything with you that I can. I really hope we get to get D and Cole interacting again real soon since D is so adorable with Caleb. 


@sxikii; I already told you how fabulous you are and how much I love Gaara and Caleb, but I really love you alright? XD I want so many more interactions with you, please let me have all of Gaara. 

@incubibaby; Your muse is really different, alright? I’ve been on here for a long time and I haven’t ran into anything like Noah, which makes me really cling to him alright? Them. I love them, and I want Cole to like them, which wouldn’t be so hard if he wasn’t such a goddamn asshole. LET ME LOVE YOUR AMAZING UNIQUE MUSE.

Really fucking amazing people why do you follow me;

@clssrep @redhotkunoichi @fierydog @mindwalkerninja @despairinghxpe @ncviceduelist @paraxyt @leafmedic @hatakiri @shiikkan @hyugaeiji @celestialspitfire @icebloodedprince @setsukix @hexatomb @fcrgetmenct @conseille @svagefaith @forgottcnrcalm @thoughtread @malintxntions @edenlied @kcnko @revertxmus @kakanins @youfondue @enshrxned @princelylight @hexnever 

anonymous asked:

With all due respect, I'm curious why you ship farnesca so strongly. I'm not saying you're in the wrong for doing so by any means. Personally it kinda rubs me in the wrong way because of how much history Casca has with Guts and how much of a mean spirited blow that would be to him after everything. It's also the fact she is severely impaired, mentally and the gross trope of lesbianism being a choice after traumatizing events turning a girl against men.

This is going to be long.  put on your seat-belts kids it’s time to go on a farnesca ride

warning: there are mentions of rape and abuse below the cut!

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Prompt: “You/Bones, but bones doesn’t see it coming thinking you’re interested in Jim, but really the two of you just giggle about Bones affectionately over what may be Chekov’s confiscated moonshine” - Anon

Word Count: 2,371

Warnings: A lot of cursing, which was totally an accident, honest -.-“


Author’s Note: This ended up being a little bit more angsty than I was anticipating, but all in all I think it wrapped up well. I was trying to create a really head-strong and ballsy kind of reader, I hope they read that way. Enjoy <3

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gfs in uni
  • Nozomi’s classes are mostly in the morning while Eli’s lectures are in the afternoon.
  • This gives Nozomi a very good opportunity to crash Eli’s lectures and she does it whenever she can.
  • The first time she did it, Eli was panicking that the professor might notice an extra face since the class wasn’t really big, but all is okay; the prof’s a super nice and chill lady.
  • The lecture theatres are really cold so jackets are a necessity. They wear matching pastel coloured sweaters hand-sewn and gifted to them by Nico last Christmas. Eli’s is purple and Nozo’s is light blue (of course).
  • Nozomi usually just chills and spaces out while holding hands with Eli, rubbing circles on the latter’s non-writing hand. It relaxes Eli.
  • If she gets bored she’ll doodle on the corners of Eli’s notebook and write cute encouraging notes on them. Eli keeps all of her notebooks even after they graduate because of those.
  • An hour or two into the lecture Nozomi’s hands would get super cold and she’ll put them on Eli’s cheeks just to get a reaction from her. Then Eli would grab Nozo’s hand and tuck their hands under her sweater (since there are no pockets) and on her tummy to keep her gf’s hand warm 😚😚
  • Did I mention the professor ships them because like, Eli is a nerd and sits in the front row and the prof sees everything they do. 

High quality versions of the family pictures drawn for an ask over on @royalbluetale It’s basically the introduction to two characters I have been DYING to share, River and Gaster. @poisondilu and I have come up with so much of their story and everything that it’s crazy. I love my River baby~ 

Riverperson and Gaster are swapped with each other in Underswap. Meaning River is the former Royal Scientist that fell into their creation and Gaster runs the Ferry Boat now. But back before River fell, Gaster was working in the labs as well. They had been intimately involved and have become one of my favorite ships for Royalblue that I cannot wait to share with everyone~ 

Also did we mention Papyrus was a prodigy?  He took after a certain parent of his and soared through school like it was nothing. He graduated very early, far ahead of his age group and top of his class. He was only in his mid teens when he graduated and he was a late bloomer, so he looked even younger than what he actually was. The photo above is from that day. It is dear to Papyrus and he keeps it on him at all times since it’s one of the last things he has of his family together. 

Except more of these two. They have important roles in Royalblue. 

silvenk  asked:

Did you know it's also Julerose June too?

Omg?? I think I saw people mention it. I apparently liked a post last night with calendars and I’m like… bruh. How do we all fit everything this June?? How do you people have The Time™

I don’t ship it yet since I’m still stuck on the love square (I’m not done fangirling over them for I have not read enough fanfiction to make me sick) but but I would love to see Julerose posts that could inspire me? 👀 pls pls

They’re cute af but I don’t have a good grasp of their characters yet—  (╥ω╥)

are Julerose and Ladrien gonna fight for custody of the fandom this month i want to see jk don’t fight

I fully support Julerose June pls make Julerose posts thanks

Originally posted by kasugano


Just a little thing I wanted to mention

So I attended a convention early this year, Anime Los Angeles, which I’ve attended since 2008. And I hosted the Voltron gathering in my Paladin Pidge cosplay. Everything went fine and swell…then we got to the pairings.

You know what I did? Before we started, I had to do a speech asking everyone to “be nice” Kinda sad right? Usually thats only for elementary school kids to behave during a field trip, but, eh, I wasn’t gonna take chances. I told the cosplayers if theres a ship thats called they don’t like, and they a cosplaying a character from that ship, they don’t have to go up. Wow! Same with keeping words to themselves! And guess what? People behaved, pretty much all ships were called, it went smoothly!

It could be just the people I hang around with, but at least the Voltron cosplay fandom are better behaved than the ones online that I’ve encountered. Or maybe its just because the antis are behind a computer screen that they have no problem saying all this stuff. Because I have yet to meet an anti irl (I did hear a Lance cosplayer at Comikaze last year mumble about Shieth being pedophilia when I called that pairing up at that gathering, but they didnt say it directly, so I ignored it)

Be more like the cosplay side of the Voltron fandom yall.

stephachu  asked:



1. best girl?

Velvet! I can relate to her so much it’s not even funny IT’S JUST PAINFUL. To be honest, basically everyone is a fav? But if I have to pick someone, then I’ll sya Velvet because her struggles are way TOO real.

2. best boy?

Eizen Eizen Eizen Eizen Eizen!!! Did I mention that I love Eizen? He’s such an inspirational character and a wonderful person and I’d probably be here talking all day if I’d list all the moments that made me fall in love desperately with him ;a;

3. any ship/s?

I’m kinda neutral to shipping in general tbh (romance repulsed aro here!) so it’s not something I usually pay attention to. Velvet and Eleanor had some VERY interesting moments, though…

4. favorite part of the game?

Definitely Velvet’s breakdown after figuring out the truth. IT’S TOO REAL and everything about her is too real. I could see myself in her so much it was disturbing and painful to watch, but it was so real that I can’t even stop repeating it. I don’t get emotional easily and this one scene made me break down with her and cry until I couldn’t breathe anymore.

5. opinion on the mascot character (if applicable)?

Uh… Do Normin count in this game even though they’re basically just there? xD I love them!! (especially after seeing their island lol)

6. opinion on villain/s? (in the least spoilery way)

I’m kinda conflicted… I DO love the way the story itself was written, but I also feel we’ve kinda been here/done that with both the “Salvation/conviction going too far” and “family/master ties with the antagonist” in the Tales series again and again tbh?

7. main team of 4, and who did you play as mostly?

I played mostly as Velvet because I usually just play with the main characters/sword fighters anyway. My team was usually Velvet/Eizen/Magilou and Rokurou with some occasional changes every once in a while (I’m the kind to just organize a set up and leave it there forever just because I’m lazy)

8. favorite town/city/area?

Any snowy areas always!! :D

9. favorite or most used arte?

I… Don’t know? xD It really depends on the situation and I never chose a favorite haha

10. favorite music track?

I… Don’t know again? Sorry D:

11. favorite monster?

And again dont even know how to answer this one, .-. Sorry D<

juggyghhigt  asked:

Yo Friisans, why do you ship Papyred? Not to sound rude or anything, I'm just wondering.... Is it because they both wear red ooooorrrr.....?

(warning: headcanons tbh)

So it actually started out that way, haha! But then I began to imagine Red as a tsundere-type character, which I based off her mannerisms during her pacifist fight. Tsunderes are pretty obvious when it comes to relationships, seeing as they like to deny their feelings while the reddening of their face says otherwise. And Paps seems like the type who’d be much more open with his feelings for someone he truly cares for, making cute gestures and occasionally asking to go on dates. So I figured pairing up these opposites could result in a pretty cute/silly ship? 

Additionally, she’s part of the royal guard and is implied to have trained with Undyne. That alone could make grounds for them at least becoming acquainted at some point? I imagine Red thought Paps was a complete joke at first, seeing as the only training he ever underwent was useless cooking lessons. But eventually, Paps’ unending charisma and drive to be the greatest he could be at everything he did, regardless of what it was, softened her cold demeanor towards him and eventually found herself secretly wanting him to succeed. Maybe going as far as (reluctantly) trying his spaghetti when he asked or giving him a few minor battle pointers when Undyne wasn’t around. 

Honestly, my headcanons for this ship can go on. And since its merely a fanship, there’s more room for imagination. Though I should mention I typically don’t like OCxCanon pairings (a majority of them are mary/garysue-ish), but I consider Red to be a worthy exception, as it seems a good amount of thought was put into her design, character, and boss fight. So I figured, why not?


{(It’s finally here, snowflakes! As I’ve repeatedly said I was gonna do and never did, I’ve packed my metaphorical bags at last and shipped them off over here! Not to mention, fit perfectly with my first year anniversary; New ‘year’, new blog!!

And, with that new blog, I will also be dropping about 98% of all threads. Sorry, snowflakes, but I want everything to be relatively fresh and new. Only exceptions to this will be threads from starter calls I’ve recently gathered. Those will be the only ones I will carry back with me. But! I hope to see you all on the other side!! <3)}

It’s crazy how time flies. Naruto used to be everything to me back in elementary/middle school. My first fanart was of Naruto, so I thought it was appropriate to draw something now that it’s over (it’s been years since I’ve drawn anything Naruto related!). Team 7 will forever be my OT3 (OT6 including Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai XD didn’t draw them cuz I didn’t have time, not to mention I find them very difficult to draw for some reason).

On a happy note, my very first OTP did survive the shipping war, so I’m totally celebrating in regards to that. Lol, I remember spending all these years defending the SasuSaku ship stubbornly against all the odds Kishimoto seemed to place against them (I literally have been shipping them from the very beginning). I remember people laughing at me for supporting them and telling me how stupid I was for supporting a ship that was bound to sink. Come at me haters, I hope you enjoy the taste of the salty water, cuz my ship won and I now have the last laugh.