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Cole seems to be so onboard with Bughead and he recognizes that they are an helathy communicating couple who will hopefully get through their shit together. He would like them to a a good reference for teenagers of what a good, solid, healthy relationship looks like as it's pretty rare to see on tv shows

Yep, agreed….and, again, there’s enough OTHER STUFF (to which he also alludes) going on (I loved that he mentioned it’s gonna be campy, cause I dig that!), that there’s no need for this sort of fake, stupid, plastic angst for more than half an episode, ultimately resolved in an intelligent, supportive manner (e.g. the birthday party).

Typically, Bughead disagreements are of a “they’re both right and they’re both wrong” dynamic—-which is also typical in real life and refreshing to see onscreen….OUaT sometimes did this with CS (when they didn’t have supreme plastic angst, that was groaningly obvious things would be resolved)—–and it was when they were at their best—particularly with things stemming from their past, etc….

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Hi! I love your fics! :D Would it be possible for you to rec me some of your favourite fics and authors please? I'm not keen on death fic but anything else is good, WIPs, one shots, angst, fluff... I'm open to anything! Thank you!

welFirst thank you so much and second again I am SO SORRY this took so long to do pls forgive me if you even see it.

okay so i know on the last list I put  safe in your hands but like? I don’t care. its beautiful and needs attention and @capseycartwright should hurry up and give me more. It’s a magic au and its LOVELY.

head first into the fire  by @vckaarrob is … well anon its smut tbh but ITS SO GOOD and anyways read it and frankly if you’re a fan of the smut i also highly recommend this “why were we arguing” prompt from Vic as well

Need You Now by @turquoiseterrier now this is a WIP and it also deals with some VERY dark subject matter. So please please head the tags and warning before you read. its probably not a fic for everyone.

Don’t you let me go  by @wolkje25 this is also a WIP buta warning, it hasn’t been updated in a while [im always holding out hope for a surprise update] but Robert ends up temporarily blind following the explosion at the scrap yard with chrissie.

When You Know…You Know  by @scrapyardboyfriends a very cute WIP about Robert coming home a whole lot sooner than he did in show and the friendship [and more] that forms with Aaron.

It’s All Greek To Me by @dorsetti i mentioned this one of the last list too but i think its still really flown under the radar and it deserves attention, but its a wip about greek life robron and i love it.

scaling fences by @vckaarrob again its a SUPER CUTE teenage bff au and its so so lovely and vic might murder us all with smut but she can crush a soul with fluff too

sure as the world keeps the moon in the sky  by @aarobron it’s her big bang so you might have already read it BUT if not it’s a neighbors falling in love au and?? it ruined me for life i love it so much. i WOULD have put the tennis au here but SOMEONE hasnt finished writing it yet >.>

maneuver one into place by @robertjacobsugdens another big bang this time an oceans 11 au that im still tryin to convince a hoe to write a sequel too

The Hardest Science by well sadly idk who they are on tumblr so someone should give them a shout out for me, but its an AU where robert has his memories of Aaron erased and then rolls back into Emmerdale none the wiser while literally everyone else remembers what this dumb bitch did a few weeks ago. its SO good. i also really enjoy how they write Aaron.

So those are some of my current picks, I tried to not overlap with the last list [this is why you see a lack of teacher a even tho id die for more parent teacher au but anyways] some solid writers you should look into are







Now I most definitely left off people that are incredible writers because its honestly not possible to list everyone, our fandom is big and talented, these are just some of my faves

anyways love you hoes

When I met Lana

So I started listening to Lana in 2011 when she had blue jeans, video games, and born to die out as well as some unreleased stuff, before the btd album came out. I saw her in concert at irving plaza in june 2012 but I didn’t meet her until 2013 and it was under some wild circumstances and i thought I’d share the story bc she was so nice! I went to boarding school in new Hampshire but I dropped out when I was 18 because I was having problems with my mom and she decided to stop paying my tuition and I didn’t want to go to public school. So I decided to move to LA (didn’t really think the logistics through but then again I was only 18) and the headmaster of my boarding school, Barclay, who is like a father to me, used to live in LA so he flew out there before me to meet me at the airport and make sure I was situated fir the first week. Like I said I didn’t thoroughly plan this out, but I couldn’t live with my mother and I had always planned on moving to California. I was living in a hotel and the plan was to go to community college and my mom was going to pay rent for an apartment until I got a job. Anyway, I had always talked endlessly about wanting to go to the chateau marmont so for my first dinner in LA he surprised me with a meal at the restaurant in the hotel. It was like February 2 or 3 2013. We got seated pretty close to the entrance of the patio in a really small table. I immediately noticed ashley benson across the room loudly taking selfies with some friends (despite the fact that when barclay attempted to take a picture of me we were told the restaurant had a no picture policy) and a few minutes later Patti Smith walked by!!! I was way too intimidated to speak to her. And then of all people, fucking Lana Del Rey walked past us with a posse of people (including her then boyfriend Barrie) and sat at a table all the way at the opposite end of the patio. The bathroom was behind me, so I told Barclay if she got up to use the bathroom I would have to get up and go in there before her because it would be blatantly creepy to follow her in. Unfortunately she never used the bathroom but when her posse got up and left she trailed a few feet behind them and I had no self control, so I obviously blurted out that I was a huge fan and saw her concert last year. She was so sweet, she croucher down and kissed my cheek and asked if I enjoyed the show. Because at the time I was convinced Lana and I had so much in common I had told Barclay about how Lana also went to boarding school at kent. So Barclay mentioned to Lana that when he himself was in boarding school he used to play against kent in soccer. Get this- lana pulled a chair from the empty table across from us and sat down. Not gonna lie she probably thought Barclay was my sugar daddy though that couldn’t be farther from the truth, and she spoke more to him than to me, but still it was amazing. Barclay mentioned that he was 31 years sober and Lana said something a little cliche but along the lines of “life has so many beautiful things to offer that you will miss out on if you’re getting fucked up” and then we told he I just moved to LA and she said I would love it and she’d have to show me around, which sadly she never did lmao. Her posse came back and she apologized for having to leave but damn it was the greatest ten minutes of my life. I then went to the bathroom to cry and call my best friend, but i heard heels approching so i hung up and went to leave the bathroom. As soon as i opened the door i nearly bumped right into ashley benson so i apologized and the bitch literally scoffed at me. Anyway I thought meeting Lana on my first night in LA was an omen of good things to come, and in a sense my life did sort of turn into a lana del rey song but not nearly as glamorous. I ended up being homeless off and on for years and eventually ended up doing some sex work and having some really shitty times but ultimately they made me who I am today and I’m happy with myself and my life. Anyway sooo excited for Lust for Life. Thanks for reading lmao.

Get Some Lana!

you may not feel wanted or needed even if someone openly tells you so, they call that trust issues. with yourself. with others. so you wait. you watch. you detail. you color outside of the black lines. you melt crayons on rocks. you smile into the people that counts and sometimes, they leave. so you stop waiting, so you stop watching, so you write down the details, so you go back to coloring inside the lines, so you melted your heart on top of those rocks and you crack a smile and tell yourself, baby, i told you so. you may not feel wanted or needed even if they came back and prove their loyalty and consistency; they’re five minutes too late and you’re already strained from your blood stained t-shirt, your knuckles wrote your poems inside of tree hollows and the scrapes you scrapped from your smile, it’s a missing puzzle piece. you pick up poetry because finding the complexity of those simple clouds were easier than thinking about why they forgot you that day and you sit and you wait. and you sit and you wait and you sit and you wait and you sit and you sit and you wait and wait and wait and wait and wait– baby, no one is coming. it’s just you and the cloud’s repeated smiles. i think you fell in love with poetry that day. when the bench spoke to you about the warmth of your loneliness and how familiar it felt. being a stationary piece of man-made utility, you made peace with yourself at such a young age, we all have made mistakes, we mold ourselves into pens that never run dry and my blue veins may be bitten more times than a rotten apple has worms, but if i saw you on that bench and asked you about the time, you’d always respond that it’s half past heartache and the spaces between your smile and hands were in need of a hug. my father once lost me in an arcade and he lost me yet again in the same day on a beach, late at night I found myself on a cliff and I still have scars near my ankles from the crabs and sharp oyster shells that clamped the poetry into my runny nose personality. i know i cling onto the girl on the bench and i know you see the boy lost among a crowd of strangers, but we see more than we speak, but when we speak– it’s my absolute favorite. and i know we have differences. but our similarities are way too cramped too deny. i know you saw it a long time ago. when i mentioned drug abuse, you said it’s okay. when i mentioned addiction, you said you’re addicted to my cheery atmosphere. when i mentioned broken home, you said foster’s home for imaginary friends was your favorite tv show. when i mentioned death, you said life is a sand box and death was the sand castle. we all fall down one day. when i mentioned heartache and anger, you said your heart only stops hurting once you start bandaging and sleeping more. so i did, and so i got better. when i mentioned self-harm, you said cuts make room for flowers and if every petal meant you love me, you’d have more than a thousand gardens from when adam met eve. when i mentioned being lost, you said being found was somewhere in between your fingers and if i ever needed validation, look into the mirror. recording myself sleeping. peace and calm, that’s who i am. that’s who i will be. that’s who i lost and will find again. when i mentioned wanting to grab that gun, you said that life has to have more. it has to. the balcony with melted cigarette filters became my home for seven months. seven fucking months. that’s when i met you. when i mentioned poetry and how to get better. back in november, i wonder if you saw a piece of your baby brother inside of my smile. i wonder if you knew. when i mention about you, you’d say i’d find you in between the spaces of your fingers holding yourself tight with a clenched fist. when i mentioned about love, you’d say love yourself before you love anyone and that will fix you more than you’d like to think. and i know it hurts to wonder about the days when they’ll be back. you may never feel wanted or needed, but you are. i need you to be you. i want you to be you. just you. even if it means that i find my way out of the arcade. even if it means that i make my way off that cliff with my bloody feet and bare jog the whole way to that bench. i’ll sit next to you. and we’ll wait. and wait. and wait. and you may run out of bandages by the time this poem is over, but sorry, but i’m not sorry. i brought some for your knuckles. and we’ll sit and wait and sit and wait and sit and wait and sit and wait and sit and wait and sit and wait– and i’ll find a cloud just for your baby brother and i hope he knows that you’re in good hands. and if i run out of bandages, shit, i guess our written poems finally have usage. what are bandages made from our paper poetry? i love you.


Pay for it. Give them your monetary vote, because we need SO MANY MORE movies with awesome armor and real female characters and gorgeous effects and story-lines that really surprise you. 99 percent of the movies that look like Dracula: Untold are just CGI testosterone fests that, I admit, I quite like. But I can admit their flaws. This movie did not have those flaws.

I repeat. Did not have those flaws.

The female character was there for more than sex appeal. The main character was flawed and he knew it but he didn’t spend his life stewing in his own juices. It was just, really, really amazing. Not to mention cinematically gorgeous

I mean, look at this man and his armor and how much he loves his family:

I don’t want to spoil anything, but please, if you were even thinking about it go to see it. Matinee if you have to, but GO TO THE THEATER AND SHOW THEM WE WANT MORE LIKE IT. 

Give Me Love (Like Her): Ch 15

Summary: How can Killian Jones ask his aggressively aloof neighbor on a date without making her uncomfortable? And how can he ensure that he doesn’t default to having a one-night stand with her? His unusual solution: announce his affections anonymously and hope for the best. Companion piece to With Affection from Killian’s point-of-view.
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Notes: Here it is, folks! This is the companion piece! I really, really hope it lives up to everyone’s expectations. This is not a sequel, but there are several scenes that will not make much sense, or be nearly as meaningful/entertaining, if you have not read With Affection, which can be found here and here (or through my fic page).
Banner by @bashful-killian, beta-read by @optomisticgirl

AO3: First and latest
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Tumblr: First

Content note: This chapter contains explicit sexual content.

Chapter Fifteen:

One thing was for sure: falling deeply in love with someone before sleeping with them resulted in the most meaningful, mind-blowing sex Killian Jones had had in his entire life.

He still couldn’t believe his good fortune. Earlier this morning, he’d simply been hopeful that Swan would agree to talk things out with him. Not only had she done so, but she’d forgiven him and permitted him to make love to her. And now she was staring at him with a goofy, satisfied grin on her face, one he was sure mirrored his own. He was about to reach out and touch her—just to enjoy the exquisite feeling of her skin beneath his fingertips—when his phone, still in the living room, began to ring.

“Shit, I left my phone in the other room.” He quickly scrambled out of bed and into the living room, glad for the blinds on the windows, and saw who was calling: Jefferson. “What do you want, mate?” He hadn’t meant to sound impatient, but he didn’t want to talk to anyone at the moment: he wanted to go make love to Swan again.

“Happy New Year,” Jefferson said, clearly unperturbed by Killian’s attitude. “How’re you holding up?”

On second thought, he wondered as he saw the time, perhaps he and Swan might shower. He went to the linen closet and began rummaging for clean towels. “I just got in last night, so I’m quite jetlagged, as any reasonable person might expect, you bloody idiot.”

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