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Take this burden - part 25

(Super short one)


They drove in silence.

Well, relative silence.

Felix threw a temper tantrum for about an hour, yowling, and hissing.

‘Is he ok?’ He Tian asked.

‘Yeah, he’s just…adjusting.’

‘Adjusting to the car?’

‘Adjusting to being out of the house, I guess.’

‘How long has it been?’

Mo Guan Shan considered that for a bit.

‘About a year, I guess. That’s when I moved back in with my parents.’

‘What about before that?’

‘He was with me in my apartment in Seattle.’

‘Did you live alone?’

‘Nope. With my ex.’

‘What happened.’

‘We broke up.’


‘We just…had different ideas about the future.’

‘Like what?’

Mo Guan Shan smiled.

‘Are we playing twenty questions?’

He Tian grimaced.

‘Sorry, I’m being a little nosy, aren’t I?’

‘I’m only teasing. Ask away.’

‘Ok, what were different ideas?’

‘He was in a hurry to settle down. Buy a house, have kids, all that.’

He Tian raised his eyebrows.

‘Was he your age?’

Mo Guan Shan shook his head, opening a soda and taking a drink.

‘He was 36.’

‘Oh. That makes a little more sense.’


‘So that’s not what you want?’

‘It is, to an extent. Just…not with him, as it turned out. Not to mention the whole kid thing.’

‘So, what happened?’

‘He proposed. I said no. Relationships rarely make it through that.’

‘Did you want it to?’

‘No. I felt like I was wasting his time, so we broke it off. It was for the best, he’s married now and bought a house a few months ago.’

‘You guys still talk?’

‘He ended up with a friend of my sister’s, so we all go out for lunch from time to time.’

‘That all sounds very…adult.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed.

‘So, what about you? I imagine you’re not really the domestic type, no plans in that department?’

‘I’ve spent the last few years focused on the club. That didn’t leave time for much else.’

‘That doesn’t answer my question.’

‘Everyone I’ve been with has had their own plans for the future. I’m just a momentary convenience. A fun distraction for a night or two. It’s easier that way.’

‘That doesn’t answer my question either.’

He Tian smiled.

‘I guess in the back of my mind I’ve always assumed I’d settle down with someone at some point…’ he trailed off.

‘But…?’ Mo Guan Shan prompted.

‘But, as time passes I only come to pity the poor soul that tries.’

‘That’s very pessimistic of you.’ Mo Guan Shan chastises.

‘Maybe so but, in the long run, who could ever want someone with so much baggage?’ He asked bitterly.

The atmosphere in the car had shifted.

Mo Guan Shan took his hand.

‘Someone with a really big closet.’

In lieu of a response, He Tian lifted his hand, kissing his fingers softly.


Mo Guan Shan napped.

He Tian thought about the nights he’d spent alone.

And nights he’d spent with company, feeling impossibly more alone.

He thought about watching Jian Yi and Zhengxi as their relationship grew and changed over the years.

He’d always been happy for them, but for the first time-

He was…jealous?

The part of him that did want a meaningful relationship.

That part did want affection and love and security.

The part that had given up gone to sleep in an effort to hide from his nihilistic unpleasantness, had woken up, stretched, fetched a cup of coffee, and now watched patiently as situation began to unfold.

Split Heart: Part One

Based on THIS imagine

This is part one out of ?

Part Two - Part Three

Instead of making it a one shot, I’ve decided to make it a story :)

Description: The reader is in a relationship with Klaus but when they meet Elijah they can’t stop the feelings that start to form

Gender: Any   Triggers: None

Words: 2,211

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Sitting at your vanity brushing your hair you see Klaus come in from behind you. He was muttering to himself and looking particularly stressed.

“Something wrong Nik?” you asked staring at his reflection

Looking up at you, having not seen you before he huffed out a breath before taking a few steps closer “My brother is returning today” 

“Elijah?” you said turning in your chair, you had yet to meet his elder brother and he had only ever told you that he was annoying but noble. You were excited to meet him and actually get to know him.

“Yes, Elijah” he said reading your excited expression, he knew you had wanted to meet him for a while, you knew the rest of his siblings, Elijah was the last one you needed to meet.

“When does he arrive?”

“Within the next hour” he said picking up his wallet and shoving in his pocket “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a little meddling witch to visit” he said walking over to you and kissing your forehead before turning to leave.

A new witch in town was trying to get some of Klaus’s followers to turn on him, it had been bothering him for a while now. You watched him leave, knowing the witch probably wouldn’t make it through the day. 

One of your least favorite things about Klaus was his temper and unrelenting personality. He hardly ever warned people, he just got rid of them. But you loved him anyway. 

You loved him. You found that you were saying that more often to yourself now, as if you had to convince yourself of it. 

Not that long later after you had gotten dressed yo heard the front door open and close. Assuming it was Niklaus coming back from his “visit” you started going down the stairs. Seeing an unfamiliar man standing in the doorway of the living room, his back turned towards you. He was wearing a suit and his hair was neatly done. This must be Elijah. You weren’t prepared to be the one to greet him, everyone else was gone.

Looking into the room, he found no one there. Listening intently he heard the sound of foot steps behind him, turning he saw someone coming down the stairs. Someone he had never met. His eyes grazed over you, ‘attractive’ he thought to himself as you walked down the last step.

You were shocked to find him so attractive “Elijah?” you questioned cautiously

“That would be me” he said smoothly “And who are you, if I might ask?”

“Y/n L/n” you said taking a few steps closer while looking into his brown eyes

“I feel as though I should know your name but I’m afraid I do not” he said looking into your e/c eyes.

You smiled at him “That’s not surprising actually. Klaus for some reason does not like to mention me to his siblings. The first time Rebekah saw me she thought I was stealing something, she nearly killed me.”

He smiled at you “Well, don’t worry I won’t try to kill you. But, I am still curious, what is the relationship you have with my brother?”

Just before you were going to answer a voice spoke behind him “I don’t see why that is any of your business brother”

Elijah was still looking at you when his brother spoke, he smiled as you rolled your eyes at Klaus. Turning he saw Niklaus leaning against the doorway. “Hello Niklaus. It was just a simple question, but your response answered it easily enough” he said taking a step towards his brother

Klaus let out a small smile as he hugged his brother briefly, his eyes meeting your as he did so. Though he was relieved his brother was home, he did hear the way your heart skipped a beat when you spoke to him. Usually he would consider this as you being nervous, but you were generally better at keeping your heart beat steady in situations like that. 

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things that happened at the legendary minor chat dirkjohn meetup
  • rad drank almost all of a blue raspberry and cinnamon slushie, we told them not to, then they got mad at us for making them do it
  • i bit rad’s dick off with a toy crocodile
  • rad was wearing a barry bluejeans cosplay
  • jade looked good as hell. i already complimented her but i thought i should mention it
  • nell was wearing a “dear lord im gay” shirt and i was jealous
  • we went to blick. when checking out rad just randomly ran away into the store and came back 4 minutes later
  • we went to chinatown and got candy and food. i bought a wooden alligator there. we saw a pokemon mug that said “Like the lovely Picacho!” 
  • rad dropped a pad on the floor that they had written “oppa marriage style” on. they left it there
  • rad ate something off the subway floor? they claimed they did and that it was munchy. we think theyre lying
  • we went back to nells house and i had my nails painted while we listened to two people playing two trucks out of sync 

coordinatorromana  asked:

hi, i just wanted to say that i love your art, and i'd love to be able to watch your streams, but I have a sound sensitivity thing that really gets set off by all the clicking and typing noises. Is there any way for you to stream sound directly from your computer rather than over a microphone, or to move the placement of the microphone to only pick up your voice if you're talking during the streams? (no worries if not; i just figured i'd mention it in case it hasn't come up before)

hey!  I’m actually not super pleased with the loudness of the noises my computer makes at streams either…the mic is inside my computer and it’s been kinda unavoidable.  BUT, I did remember the other day that I bought a headphone/mic combo headset, and I’ve since recovered it from my parents’ house!  haven’t had a chance to stream with it yet but hopefully it’ll work. ^u^


this whole thing is from a head-canon prompted from this post by @couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name. most of the dialogue, and the whole plot is from there, not from me. i just wrote it into a one-shot 😊


Farkle’s walking into school when it happens.

They’re in the middle of their freshman year, and he slept in. If the doesn’t hurry up, he’ll be late to Math class. If it were any other class, he’d be fine, but Math? Mrs. Williams teaches Math, and that woman hates him. Hates everyone, actually. So, he runs around the house for ten minutes, being too rushed to even think about breakfast, and texts his friends in a group-chat that he might be late.

He rushes to school, his phone buzzing a couple times, letting him know someone texted him, but he doesn’t even acknowledge it, his only focus being getting to school on time.

He bursts inside the building, panting, being met with a few quick stares. He only looks up when he sees a pair of shoes in front of him. Riley’s looking at him, an amused smile on her face as she hands him a cup of coffee. “Have you even checked your phone?” She asks, giggling slightly at his confused face.

“Wait, I’m not late?” He asks, frowning as he looks around, seeing everyone still mingling in the halls.

“Farkle, your phone.” Riley repeats. He can see Maya and Lucas in the corner chuckling as they look at them, Zay and Smackle walking towards the blondes. He obliges, taking his phone out of his pocket quickly, his eyes widening as he sees the time. 7:45. He’s actually ten minutes early. He hears Riley laugh at him, before she pushes the steaming cup of coffee into his hands.

“My alarm must have gone crazy for some reason…” He mutters as he takes a sip, trying to rationalize why his alarm read 7:35 am when he got up, though it was actually only 7:05. He doesn’t notice the slightly nervous look on Riley’s face before he talks, or the slight sigh of relief she takes when she hears his words. Little does he know, she knocked over the clock on his bedside table last night, when she took the shirt off of one of his four TV screens, the alarm clock having unplugged itself. She plugged it back before she left, but it was already delayed.

“Probably.” She says. “Finish up your coffee, bell’s almost ringing.” She tells him, making him nod.

As they walk to class, he notices the jacket she’s wearing. He lent it to her a few days ago, and she still hasn’t returned it. When he asked for it yesterday at her house, she just gave him a look. “Farkle Minkus, if you think you are ever getting this jacket back, you are sorely mistaken.” She said, glaring up at him on her purple bed, as he stood next to her, having just walked inside through the window. He laughed as he threw himself down on her bed, both of them chatting for a while before they actually studied.

“You’re still wearing my jacket, I see.” He says, a small smirk on his face as he looks at her. She rolls her eyes and pushes him into the classroom right as the bell rings. His smirk falls as she takes off the jacket mid class, setting it on the back of her chair. She’s wearing a grey shirt, the NASA logo on the front of it partially covered by her dark hair. She had cut it during the summer, but it grew back already.

But the NASA shirt is his. For a second he thinks that maybe she just got a shirt like that too. She’s a space nerd too, why wouldn’t she? But then he notices that it’s about three sizes too big for her. He shakes his head, having an inner battle with himself, trying to figure out if it really is his shirt for the rest of the class.

Only when she gets up, does he notices the small blue streak right where it hits on her hip. The one he got there when he was in class last week. He forgot to put the shirt in the wash, and there it is. It’s his shirt, he’s sure of it. So, he walks up to her in the hallway.

He grabs her gently by the arm, pulling her away from their friends, meeting her confused gaze. “Are you wearing my shirt?” He asks, cutting straight to the chase. The question had been eating away at the back of his brain for the past twenty minutes, so he didn’t want to waste any time.

Her eyes widen and she frowns. “What? No. I got this last week in Demolition.” She explains immediately, but the tiny grin she’s fighting off tells him she’s hiding something.

“Really? You just happened to buy the same shirt I own, in my exact size but for yourself?” He asks, a smile clawing at his face as he looks at the now shorter brunette. Even though she’s lying straight to his face, she still looks adorable.

“Yup.” She says, an expression he could only describe as a shit-eating grin on her face as she looks at him one last time, before she turns on her heels, her hair spinning around her as she walks away from him and back toward Maya, who he can see starts laughing as they talk. He only rolls his eyes as Zay whispers to him, asking whether or not the shirt she’s wearing is his.

He rushes to school the next morning too, but not because he’s late. Because three other of his shirts are now missing from his room, orange roses having been placed on the ground in their place.

“How did you even get in my house?” He questions her, now noticing her lips curving downward as she tries to fight of her giggles.

"I have no idea what you mean, Farkle. I just bought some new shirts for myself. I’m a teenage girl, we experiment with style a lot!” She says, and the next sound that fills his ears is Maya’s laughter at their exchange.  

“Riley, I wore that shirt yesterday.” He says, pointing at the ‘The Who’ band tee she’s wearing, and she just sends the same grin from yesterday his way, before turning to Smackle and mentioning their English homework.

That night, he double checks to see if all entrances into his house are locked, and whether or not the security system is set before he goes to bed, but still, when he awakes the next morning, five more of his shirts are missing, along with the ninja costume he wore last Halloween. Again, orange roses lay in their place.

When he get’s to school in the morning, Riley’s again wearing one of his shirts, it has a math pun on it, but he dismisses it completely, just going up to her and talking. He feels like he’s going crazy. How the hell is she managing to sneak into his room every night? He personally made sure everything was locked, how are he shirts gone? What’s with the roses?

“Honestly, woman, why are you doing this to me?” He asks, sighing.

“No idea what you’re talking about, Farkle.” She says, but still the grin is there, and she laughs as he groans, hitting his head lightly on his locker.


It’s been a couple of months. Riley’s evolved from stealing just shirts. She’s gone on to jeans, and even a pair of shoes too. It only happens once a week, twice tops. And it’s never on the same day of the week, so even if he tries to stay up to catch her, which he has, multiple times, she doesn’t go by.

He’s stopped snapping at her or even just asking, having just accepted the fact that she’s always just gonna steal his clothes, but he can’t contain himself when he sees her walk into school, covered head to toe in his clothes.

“You have no proof I stole anything.” She says as he marches up to her, already telling what he’s gonna say by the look on his face.

“RILEY, YOUR ENTIRE OUTFIT USED TO BELONG TO ME!” He yells. He hears Maya and Zay snickering, but he ignores them, because it’s true.

She’s wearing the first jacket she took, his blue 'Newsies’ shirt, a pair of his black jeans, and even his red sneakers, along with a black beanie. A black, tight belt holds the look together, the shirt being tucked into the too big jeans. “I’m like four shoe sizes bigger than you! How are you not walking out of them?” He points at her- well, his shoes.

“Farkle Minkus, for the last time, you have absolutely no proof these are yours! However, theoretically, if someone was very determined it probably wouldn’t be that hard to stuff them to fill the extra space…” She says, smiling at him, before literally running down the hall away from him.


“Two can play this game.” He mutters to himself as he paces around in his room, before he slips on his shoes and a jacket, locking his bedroom door behind him so his parents don’t walk in, the key in his pocket, and sneaks out of his house.

He jogs all the way to her apartment, stopping by a 24/7 convenience store and getting a bouquet of orange roses, climbing up the fire escape like he usually would, his breath coming out in white puffs of air, even though it’s mid May. He plans on sneakily looking through her room and getting his clothes back, maybe considering stealing some of her clothes. He’s whispering to himself that he can do this, that nothing can stop him as he opens the window. But turns out, he’s not unstoppable, because he trips as he walks out the Bay Window.

He’s done this almost everyday since he was five, how the hell did he trip? He asks himself as he buries his face on Riley’s carpet as he hears her laughing.

“Oh my God, Farkle, what are you doing here are? Are you okay?” He hears her ask, through her giggles.

“Leave me here to die.” He mutters, feeling his cheeks flame up due to his embarrassment. He hears the bed shift and footsteps near him, before he see her grab the bouquet off of the ground.

With a heavy sigh, he stands up and starts brushing himself off. He turns around, confused, to see what he tripped on, and squints slightly, before he sees the trip wire at her window. She was anticipating his break in, she was a step a head of him. He turns to look at her, stuttering random words in shock, not managing to accomplish a whole sentence before she just smirks.

“You’re really gonna have to try harder than that.” She says, before she pushes him out of the window. His eyes are still wide as his body hits the fire escape, butt first, and she sarcastically waves at him before going back to bed.

In almost a decade of friendship, Farkle Minkus has never seen Riley Matthews smirk like that, and, though he hates to admit it, he found it pretty hot.

As he shamefully walks back to his house, questions race through his head. His dad is a billionaire, and has a seemingly impenetrable security system. Besides, they live in a skyscraper, she can’t exactly climb up the window. If one 15 year old girl can break into his house anyone can.

He doesn’t ask his dad, because he both doesn’t want to worry him and he doesn’t want to explain that he snuck out at 2 in the morning because the girl his parents think he’s dating, though he’s denied it many times, has been sneaking into his room every week for the past six months. But if he had asked his dad, he would’ve been informed that Stuart provided both Maya and Riley with keys and the code to security system in case of an emergency.


The following week, Lucas comes up to him when Riley’s, again, wearing an outfit that used to fully belong to Farkle.

“Does Riley seem different to you? Something feels a little off about her.” For a second, Farkle worries something bad has happened. Maybe her bully came back, or her parents fought or something, before Lucas sees the worried look on his face and provides him the extremely needed context. “Like, has she been dressing differently lately? Or maybe she cut her hair again?”

“Lucas, she’s been wearing nothing but my clothes for the past six months!” He whisper-yells, Lucas’ face lighting up in realization as he nods. “How the hell are you just noticing?!”

He explains the whole situation to his friend, having to stop so he can laugh at the whole 'trip wire at 2 a.m’ incident, and Lucas agrees to talk to her. First Farkle is hesitant, but Lucas assures him he’ll be subtle.

Lucas waits until they’re leaving school, because he know Maya got detention for a paint bomb and Riley will be walking home alone. He offers her a ride and they talk all the way to his car. “I’ve been meaning to ask you about your new wardrobe, lately.” He says, 'casually’ leaning against his car door.

Her smile disappears, and a glare etches its way onto her face. “Did Farkle put you up to this? I’m not admitting anything.” She says, getting inside the car.

Lucas shakes his head as he starts driving, and continues talking as they pull out of the school’s parking lot. “He just wants to know how you’re breaking his security code, Riley. I’m sure Mr. Minkus would be pissed if he found out about this.” He says, though he knows that argument is bullshit.

She scoffs, running her hands through her hair. “Please, if I was breaking into their house by finding a bug in the security system, Mr. Minkus would congratulate me and buy me a personal bunny farm out of pride.” Riley says, Lucas stopping for a second before nodding in agreement.

“…That’s probably true.” He says, making her chuckle. “Okay, but why do you keep stealing Farkle’s clothes? I won’t tell him, I’m just curious!” He assures her.

She hesitates slightly, before answering. “Are you honestly trying to tell me that this outfit doesn’t look better on me?” She keeps her eyes on the passing streets outside, not noticing Lucas looking her up and down, before shrugging.

“Fair point.” He mutters, before turning his eyes to the road again.

She laughs, but it’s true. Somehow, she pulls it off. She’s wearing a black shirt with a galaxy stripe on it, it being tucked into her jeans, that look high waisted, though they’re not supposed to. She tucked the remainder of the jeans into Farkle’s black boots, the first jean jacket tied around her waist. It’s completely weird to see floral sundress wearing Riley in such dark clothes, but she still looks amazing, and everyone around her can tell.


The next moth, Farkle’s cramming at 4 in the morning for AP and honors courses he’s taking, since finals are approaching. He stopped looking at the clock when it hit 2:30, and is on his second cup of coffee. He’s struggling to knock out an English paper that is worth 90% of his final grade, when suddenly his door opens up, and in slinks Riley Matthews, orange rose bouquet in one hand. The situation would be weird enough on its own, if it weren’t for the fact that she’s dressed in his ninja Halloween costume.

She jumps when she sees him awake, clearly expecting him to be fast asleep. They just stare at each other for a long moment. He’s sure they’ve been frozen, looking at each other for ten minutes now, when she casually says.

“So, do you think you could help me with my thesis for that English paper?” As the words leave her mouth, Farkle loses it. He falls out of his chair from laughing too hard, and she quickly joins him, because, even though she started the whole thing, she has to admit it’s a ridiculous situation.

They laugh until their stomachs hurt, and wind up laying on the floor, staring at the planetarium ceiling. Farkle can’t even bring himself to ask her for an explanation, because every time he opens his mouth he starts laughing again. He eventually falls asleep to the sound of her giggling.

When he wakes up, she’s gone, and he almost wonders if he dreamt the whole thing. But, there’s a flower crown made out of orange roses placed around his head. He sports the biggest grin on his face when he wears it to school, his smile only widening when Riley innocently asks where he got it from, acting like the previous night didn’t happen.

And he realizes something as she plays with the flower crown, her arms around his neck as she adjusts it on his head. He’s in love with a madwoman.

Taehyung as your boyfriend...


- Okay let’s start off with how playful your relationship would be 

- Would constantly want your attention no matter what you were doing

- So much pouting to get his way because he knew it was your weakness

- And when you didn’t and pushed him off lightly, he would stick to you like glue and it would be impossible trying to push him off LOL. You tried. Trying to do the dishes? nah bish you thought. Cuddle with him instead :3 you secretly love it though

- He would love to give you ESKIMOOOOOO KISSES!!! AWWWW

- Especially when you’re sad, he’d just hold your smol face in his hands and rub his nose so cutely against you. iT WoULd Be SOOOO CuTe 

- He would love it when the roles are reversed though and you’re being cute af

- He’s such a little shit though ha.

- Would purposely ignore you just to hear you whine and act all cute for him


- ‘NO.’

- Always makes your day because he’s such a ball of sunshine~


- Being very weird together…i mean it. Random shit like tapping a goldfishes bowl and having staring contests with it hours on end

- Never judging eachother

- One of his habits would be intertwining your hands together and just lacing his fingers though yours.

- Him loving how cute and dorky you are

- He’s be the type of guy who would do anything just to see you laugh, because you’re laughter, no matter how weird and crazy, would sound the most beautiful to him and he’d feel bad that he can’t always be there just to see your smile everyday. So he has to make up for it, of course.

- He’d also love it seeing you smile the brightest for him- so he’d always make that his challenge along with trying to make you blush  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )…i didn’t say how 

- Being such close friends with BTS and especially besties with the maknae line

- BTS would be so unfazed tbh watching you two pull weird faces at eachother  from across the room and seeing who would laugh first (fyi you always lose because you just can’t contain your laughter) 

- Like you guys would have so many inside jokes they no-one would understand but they could just tell how well you guys suited eachother when you’d just be laughing on the floor, ignoring everything else and just cracking up at his crazy jokes and stuff.

- Tbh it wouldn’t even be funny. But everything he did would make you smile and it would only be with him that you could laugh even over a flying ladybird 

- Jikook bombing your dates. But you wouldn’t mind because they would be so much fun to be around 

- Jimin would take such good care of you, especially when Tae couldn’t be there. He’s such an angel honestly and would treat you like his little sister. He would ship you so hardcore with tae and always be taking pics of you guys together (HIS OTP)

- But with Jungkook, because he’s so smol and adorable, you’d just want to protect him from everything in this world and you’d be like an older sister for him. He would tease you a lot because of tae though LOL. Personally I think he would really treasure you and think you’re perfect for tae 

- Namjoon would be so grateful that tae found someone smart like you and he now has a little hope for tae

- Yoongi would get annoyed with you guys being so weird and loud but secretly he’s be so happy that tae found someone so perfect for him and would consider you guys to be literal soulmates 

- You’d just constantly shat your pants with Jhope. He’d make you laugh so much and learn to unleash your inner craziness lmao 

- Jin would ADOREEEE you! You’d have so much fun cooking together (because you couldn’t cook so well and decided to learn how to cook so that you and tae don’t starve to death or be so unhealthy eating snacks all the time)

- Tae would get SO jealous though. He’d come and backhug from you behind while nuzzling your neck and would act so clingy

- ‘WHY CAN’T WE COOK TOGETHER? Why do you have to cook with Jin hyung >.>? I can make you something too!’

- ‘Tae. Let’s be real. We’d both probably ending up burning the house down.’

- But still you do ending up doing it and it’s become a couple thing for you guys~ 

- Because ever since you’ve starting to date tae you’ve just ended up doing random shit that you’d never expect yourself to do

- Did i mention your 5 puppies tae bought for you guys to adopt? Yup. He would be so serious about you guys bringing them up together…like you’d even have arguments about how he’s spoiling the ‘kids’ too much- because he would honestly let them do whatever they wanted

- Like pee on your favourite shoes -_-

- Did i also mention that time when he made you bungee jump together even though you were fucking shitting your pants the whole time. WHY DID YOU EVEN AGREE TO THAT?! 

- He would have the most weirdest nicknames for you too…things like pancake, CHIRIIIII, nunuuuu

- You’d have his contact name saved as Taepoop. Because you’re not so creative and that’s the best you could come up with LOL

- Texting eachother even when you’re in the same room 

- Honestly i can pretty much see him, planning your guys future out and already naming all your 5 kids (jkjk but he really does just want cute babies with you :D)

- You guys would have those serious times though where you both just lay down and cuddle in silence and just think deeply.

- Buying cake at like 4am in the night and having a feast in the closest kids park and just eating it, even though it’s none of your birthdays 

- He really brings out the child in you. Most of the time you were the responsible one, taking care of tae but he’s such a babe…you can’t help it

- Random ass 3 am texts

-’Hey Y/N’

- ‘Do you know how to fix a blown up microwave’

- Would play with you hair all the time because it’s so soft. And with your couple ring because it just reminds him of how much he loves you

- If you guys ever had any arguments (which would be very unlikely) he’d be the first to come to you and say sorry immediately and buy you flowers, chocolates and anything you like because he doesn’t like to fight with you and just wants to kiss you again 

- You guys would have such nice mornings together. Since he’d wake up first, he’d probably watch you snoring cutely and would just admire you for a while then watch anime. He’d be waiting for you to wake up and when you did, he’d just kiss your lips softly and sometimes it would turn into something more  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) even though your breath would stink like shit; he wouldn’t care 

- Eating cereal together and just casually watching TV

- I can see him being the type of boyfriend who would take so many mugs of you- his camera roll would be full of pics of you LOOL and save the most ugliest ones as his lockscreen and homescreen. Even though you’d hate them SO MUCH and try to change it multiple times he says it reminds him of how beautiful you are (ง ಠ ᨓ ಠ )ง

- Goodmorning and Goodnight texts 

- There would be no such thing as being uncomfortable with eachother 

- He’d pucker his lips randomly and expect you to kiss them 

- It would be so easy to imagine a future with you and that’s exactly what he loves.

- You guys would be the loudest most fun-loving couple ever.

- You’re so lucky to have someone like tae and he’d be so lucky to have someone like you :’) please love his precious soul 

So, TableTop gaming has really changed my life.

Two years ago (in August), I had my first panic attack on the way to work. I had to quit my job and pretty much became a recluse for the first four months. They come very frequently, even when I’m at home and it’s ruined my life as I know it. I couldn’t -and still can’t- leave the house by myself. Like, at all. I can’t even walk down my street on my own.

A year ago, I was talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned that he’d seen TableTop on G&S’s youtube channel. So, I watched it, enjoyed it and then, he said he’d bought Ticket To Ride and that we should play it. We did, awesome…

He then mentioned the notion of starting a local gaming club in town… and I freaked. I started saying sentences that contained ‘I can’t’ 'What if?’ 'Not happening’ and generally just like 'I will die!’. He goes 'You can. Just try. I’ll help you.’

Now, I’ve officially been diagnosed as having severe social anxiety and agoraphobia. At the time, I shook with fear at the thought of seeing people outside of my house.

However, I realised that as soon as I got to the place, I felt okay. (My sister had to drive me)

I’ve been playing there for a year, getting out of the house, and I’m getting better. I now walk to club every week. I love table top games and I can now say, after two years of suffering, I’m getting my life back and I owe it to gaming.

TableTop made me want to see people again. I hated people for making me feel worse. I’m now getting to like people again and it makes me happy so…

Thank you Wil. Thank you Felicia. Thank you EVERYONE who works on TableTop. You’ve saved my life.