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A French streamer played a French XBox One copy of Mass Effect Andromeda, and in so doing let viewers see a … pronounced difference in the facial animation quality.

Even the run animation is more stable.

It’s at times like these when I wish I knew more about the tech side of game development.

What could account for quality such as this on a French console when US PC users seem to have no end of… the sort of thing posted in a lot of places by now?

I mean, that is a non-zero difference.

If you watch the stream, you see that it is indeed the default Ryder face – but even if it weren’t, why would a custom face fix the leg animation?


I’ve noted this in replies and reblogs of replies and seen it here and there over a thousand notes, so I might as well mention it in the main post.

The US PC “default” face did in fact appear in the French streamer’s video, when it came time to select male or female:

However, the streamer on French XBO did not select a default face, and did not select his Sara Ryder through that male/female option. He backed out and ultimately selected a quickstart Sara Ryder:

Which gave him the face in the top images.

My question is still “Why, though?

I’ve also been told that he was playing a previous build. If it was a different version than release, however, why is the US PC’s Sara face still there in the sex selection? Was the streamer playing a very particular version that came in the development process after making both of those default faces but before settling on one?

I keep asking these sorts of questions because it confuses me. It actually doesn’t affect me very much because I plan to make a custom face that looks like neither of the ones presented. I’m just baffled from a technical perspective, and can’t abide a mystery that seems like it should have a knowable answer.

(And as for the run animation, I’ve been told that there was nothing inherently wrong with it, but that it can be made to look weird with the right wiggling of directions on the controller. So there’s that part answered, at least.)

the taste of your cherry chapstick

Summary: Punk!Phil has a crush, so when Pastel!Dan is manning a kissing booth for a school event, he finds himself showing up with a pound in his pocket.

Word count: 5364

Warnings: food

A/N:  Special thanks goes to Harley (@danslester) for giving me the idea for this fic and encouraging me as I was writing it, and to Gisele (@fringegaps) for reading it over and promising it was okay to post. (Also let me know if you’d be interested in seeing more of this version of Dan and Phil because they were fun to write and I have a few ideas.)

(Ao3 link)

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Sharing is Caring

Word Count: 2104

Player: Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Feat. the Baby Leafs

Warning/s: mild language, hardcore fluff, requested by @memz-elizabeth-

Song: They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction

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She’s a golddigger. He’ll get rid of her soon.

I’ll give them another two months. 

Come on they’ll never last he has a new gf in a couple of weeks.

Aw puppy love. Too bad puppies grow up.

I heard she was seen hanging out with Nylander again. She’s cheating!

Those were a few of the comments that kept popping up on your insta. You didn’t even follow those blogs, but still, you couldn’t help but read the comments under the photos that Auston posted of you. Or Marns or anyone actually. Every time you were in a photo, even just in the background, the comments kept going into directions like this. 

There were countless blogs dedicated to your relationship with Auston. Not in a good way though. Instead, they were discussing how it was ridiculous of you to be serious with each other. Everyone seemed to an opinion, most of them sharing the opinion that you were too young to know what love is.

“You okay, babe?”, Auston questioned. 

He was currently sitting on the couch, trying to get better in CoD, since Marns was still mocking him for being bad. You looked over from the kitchen, a small smile spreading on your face. His hair was a mess. He had insisted on staying up later than usual because he wanted to finish the season you were currently watching. So now he looked like he was in desperate need of a nap, lying on the couch half asleep, wearing a hoodie and sweatpants.

“I’m fine. Cheating on you with Willy as always. You, on the other hand, look exhausted.”, you chuckled.

Both you and Auston used to get super upset over the comments. You tried to prove everyone wrong, but every time you were the best girlfriend in the world, the ‘fans’ found a new thing to hate. After a while, Auston made you promise not to try so hard anymore. You were perfect to him already and there was no point in being perfect for everyone else. So it had become a joke. Sometime’s when either of you found a really hilarious comment or mysterious headline, you would share it with each other.

“What? You got over your affair with McDavid that fast? That was literally just during the World Cup of Hockey!”

“But you know, I am not emotionally capable of a long-distance relationship. That’s why I dumped him to flirt with the next guy.”, you grinned, plopping down on the couch next to him. 

Auston snuggled into your side, still focused on the game, as you started running your hands through his hair.

Auston and you had known each other since you were kids. He asked you out early in High School and you had been dating ever since. You were madly in love with that guy, willing to sacrifice everything for him. You saved up to visit him in Zurich as often as you could and when he returned, you were there when he was drafted. Auston never asked you to do anything, not wanting to put pressure on you, although he couldn’t be happier that you did all of that. 

Because you were important to him. You kept him sane with hockey and media drama. It had always been like that. So you both worked on a plan and you managed to successfully relocate both of your lives to Toronto.

Sure, it wasn’t always easy especially since you were both still young but it was worth it. The comments were still frustrating you, but you knew what you wanted. You wanted Auston in your life. Forever. Not just for a couple of months. And Auston couldn’t even imagine letting you go or breaking up with you ever. It was a once in a lifetime relationship.

“It’s still gross that you cheated on me with Marns last month. I mean, you were seen in a hotel together! You’re getting sloppy in hiding your affairs.”, Auston muttered. But he wasn’t playing anymore. Instead, he had his eyes closed, enjoying your touch.

“Yeah! Right. But did you know that - and you won’t believe this - Steph’s parents were staying in the exact same hotel? I mean, what else could we have been doing there?”

“Well, definitely not waiting for you boyfriend to stop being questioned by Steph’s Dad. Or waiting for Steph who forgot her purse in her parent’s room.”, Auston chuckled. 

You couldn’t hold back your laughter anymore, causing Auston to open his eyes and look at you.

“Your laugh is the best sound ever.”

“You say that every time. And you said the same thing about the new coffee machine!”, you laughed, stopping your motion in his hair Auston pouted, waiting for you to resume playing with his hair.

“But I don’t love the coffee machine.”

“That’s not what it sounded like when you convinced me we needed a new one.”

Auston grinned at you, before he tilted his head up, making a kissy face.

“But it’s great. Still, your laugh is better. Can I get a kiss?”, he smiled. 

His smile was adorable, and it made you fall in love with him again, every time. You leaned down to place a sweet kiss on his lips and when Auston was distracted, you snatched the remote from next to him and turned off the TV.

“Hey.”, he complained.

“Come on. It’s your day off. You promised to cook with me.”, you pouted. Auston leaned up to peck your lips, but he seemed to agree with you.

“I love you.”, he mumbled against your lips.

“I love you too, goofball.”

“You know, when you said we would cook together, I thought you would actually be helping.”, you grinned. 

You had just finished up the food and put it in the oven, but Auston didn’t do much to help you. Instead, he just kept his arms wrapped around you and his head on top of yours, making it hard for you to work.

“I’m good at grilling. Everything else is your specialty.”, he grinned, a yawn escaping his lips. 

You turned around to him and tried to look up, but he kept your head tugged under his chin. So, to be able to look at him, you hopped onto the counter behind you. Auston stood between your legs, tiredly smiling at you.

“You always get cuddly when you’re tired. You know that?”, you smiled back.

“You might have mentioned it before. Is that such a bad thing?”, he chuckled lightly.

“S'cute. I like it.”, you muttered, leaning forward to press a gentle kiss onto his nose. Auston answered by pecking your lips.

“Why did I agree to have Marns and Willy over for dinner?”, he asked.

“Because you’re a good friend that was worried they would eat takeout again? Because you were actually awake when you said that?”, you joked.

“But I want you to myself. And the food.”

“Aww. Sharing is caring. But they shouldn’t stay too long. You need your sleep before the game tomorrow.” You added another kiss, this time to his forehead, but Auston had other plans. He leaned in for a kiss to your lips, lazily remaining there for a while.

“You guys are gross. Why do you always do this?”, another voice whined. 

Both you and Auston jumped, turning around to an obviously amused Nylander. William was standing in the doorway, Marns next to him holding his phone up.

“Remind me why we gave them a key?”, you laughed, turning back to Auston.

“Something about emergencies.”, Auston replied. He pecked your lips again, this time much shorter, but just as sweet.

“Guys.”, William complained.

“What’s for dinner?”, Marns asked immediately after.

“Come on, let’s feed them or they won’t shut up.”, Auston laughed, helping you down the counter.

“I can’t believe you filmed us.”, Auston groaned his head in your lap.

As it turned out, Marns had his phone up because he recorded your little scene in the kitchen. Every single moment ever since they entered. And they had been standing there for longer than Auston and you knew.

So now, the newest thing on Mitch’s insta account was a video of you and Auston, of course, both of you tagged underneath. You were already preparing yourself for the comments to come.

“It was cute. Gross but cute.”, Mitchell grinned. 

Willy nodded approvingly. He too was featured in the video. Every time either Auston or you had said something cheesy, the camera had been turned to William or Marns himself, showing their reaction. From eye rolls to fake swooning and even a fake gagging everything was featured, making the whole thing hilarious. And Mitch’s phone was blowing up with notifications.

“Remember when you had that privacy talk with Matt, Marns?”, you said, raising your eyebrows at him.

“Yeah, yeah. Ask people before you post stuff. Blah blah. But you wouldn’t have allowed me to post it. So I didn’t ask. Plus: You guys are always so lovey-dovey but somehow no one ever found out beside us. I’m just giving them these important bits of information.”

“Like you said: Sharing is caring.”, William grinned, giving you a wink.

“I can’t believe you guys.”, you groaned, but you rolled your eyes with a smile.

“Oh my goodness. Mitchell! What is going on? I thought you only posted it on Instagram?”, Auston questioned suddenly.

“I did. Only there, I swear.”

“Why, baby?”, you asked.

“My mom just texted me. She thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and I can assure you my Mom is not on Instagram. It’s everywhere by now.”

Auston showed you the messages from both his Mom and Breyanna. You couldn’t help but laugh at it, but your face fell in shock when your own phone started going crazy causing Auston to laugh at you this time.

“Oops. I didn’t know it would blow up like this.”, Mitch shrugged. 

And although you didn’t want to, you automatically scrolled down to the comments.

Wow. Hate to say it but maybe they won’t break up.

I said it before you dumbfucks, they’re happy now get a life and stop hating on their relationship.

Did you know that they knew each other since first grade?

His Mom keeps posting photos of the two of them. They do look kinda cute.

He still deserves better.

Not all the comments were suddenly nice, but even the small amount of comments that were, made you smile. Of course, that got Auston’s attention. He snatched the phone from your hands and scrolled through the comments you had read, looking positively surprised.

“Looks like a little more insight into our relationship changed some of their minds.”, he chuckled.

“Yeah, seems like it.”, you muttered, smiling at him.

“They have no idea about us. And they will be bored in a couple of months. Although I have a feeling the break will be short. Think about the number of theories and comments they will come up with when I finally get you to adopt a dog and marry me.”

You snorted, shaking your head slightly.

“You got your priorities straight, huh?”, you teased.

“It’s not news to me that I want to marry you some day. But I only found out that we’re allowed to have a dog in this Apartment yesterday.”, he joked.

“Fine. We’ll think about it for a couple of months and if we still think it’s a good idea we’ll get a dog. Deal?”

“Deal. And you’re gonna marry me then?”, Auston continued to joke.

“Goof, we talked about this. Your Mom might love us, but she will give you the lecture of your life if you don’t at least let me finish college first.”, you chuckled.

“Fine. Dog, college, Wedding. At least Mom loves you as much as I do.”

“I love you too.” Auston pulled you down to him, but before you could actually kiss each other you were interrupted.

“Guys. You’re doing it again.”, Marns reminded you.

You looked up to see that Marns had his phone back up.

“Marns!”, Auston and you yelled at the same time. Auston threw a pillow at Mitch, but he just threw it right back.

“Sharing is caring!”, he insisted, although the words were going under as the whole group started to laugh.

Big Load

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Inspired on Niall’s “big load” and on his man spread 

It was early in the morning, I was walking down the stairs only in his shirt and my panties. As I walked inside the living room I was met with the following scene: Niall in his sweatpants and a t-shirt, his legs spread open with a hand on his crotch whilst he watched some golf. I leaned on the wall sighing, his hair was ruffled and he was palming himself, not to mention he was wearing glasses an item that did things to me. I looked at his hand, wishing it was mine, wishing I was right there taking him down my throat. 

My mouth watered and I sighed again, this time loud enough for him to hear me and realize I was by the door. Niall knew I was aroused, having learned the signs already, my mouth gaping and me switching from one feet to another. He grabbed his shaft through his pants and I moaned lowly, my center already becoming wet. 

“Why don’t you come here and take a big load” he said 

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i just saw that zayn has a rodger tattoo!!!! who's rodger and who's running that twitter i mean to get that name tattooed on his body it means it's so fucking important but what is it what is this band why're they so shady i hate them

Not to be all conspiratorial, but this is looking pretty stunty. LOL

Initially, I did wonder why he was in a wheelchair as opposed to being on crutches. But I thought, all the better to avoid Gigi and the Met gala probably. However, it’s definitely easier to photograph the tats if the leg is relatively stationary. And why not even a soft cast or a brace? Those things might have obstructed the view or distracted the fandom, maybe?? Not to mention, he looks a little awk, probs because he’s trying not to let his other leg block the view of the tatted leg.

Is he confirming Rodger Malik as his alter-ego? Notice it’s next to The Hulk, alter-ego of Bruce Banner. Do we need to watch that twitter account? What is happening??

I also appreciate that he’s using an official narrative stunt to be shady. Those of us that pay attention know that Zayn has a long history of doing his best to swerve on fakelationship stuntin’. The frequently changing hair (making old saved up stunt photos useless), the addition of tatts (same logic), the mysterious MIA moments (like Jay’s wedding, which per the placecards was supposed to be a Zerrie stunt opportunity like it was for Elounor and Sophiam). He tries so hard, God love him.

The more I think about this latest incident, the more I think he’s rebelling again. I guess in time we’ll get some kind of confirmation as to whether or not that was staged as @rodgermalik promo…and a means to shift focus from Zigi stuntin’. Stay tuned.

It’s been weeks, and I can’t get over the fact that Dr. Dr. Agent Jemma Simmons woke up to find herself being brain-napped by a robot wearing Fitz’s face, managed to get out of her restraints even though she’d been stabbed in the leg, and was heroically escaping the robot’s clutches until the second he MENTIONS Fitz THOUGHT about marrying her. That’s when Dr. Dr. Agent Jemma Simmons, in mortal peril, said, “Hold up, I’m going to need you to stop everything and explain in great detail what you mean by that. Did Fitz notice the Perthshire pamphlets I’ve been leaving around the lab? Is he hoping for a spring or summer wedding? I mean, we can get right back to this Tom and Jerry thing in a bit, but I may have mislead my mum to the point where she’s already picked a venue and hired a band, so tell me everything you know.”

Whew…. this Black Sails episode was convoluted as hell. More questions than answers and with only one episode left.

Two things though:

I’m not here for Silver slander. None! Silver has sacrificed the Urca gold, his leg, his men for Flint’s goals. He should damn sure be able to say when enough is enough.

Madi is amazing. I honestly continue to be surprised by how amazing she is. That said….I need her to know that this doesn’t have to be all our nothing. Live to fight another day 👑.

I’m going to recap this, but Lawd. 😩

One more thing…. the fact that Silver and Madi clearly have no secrets. That man literally trusted her with his soul. Also, that mini meltdown she did when Rogers mentioned Silver dying. The breathing, the swallowing and the tearing up. So many feelings.

Poofy Hayor (Hair) ft. Hoseok (Jhope)

“hobi can you come home now? you’ve been gone since this morning and now it’s almost nine o'clock.” you pouted, while sitting alone in your empty house.

he let out a huge sigh of relief. this was the sixth time you called him today and everytime you called him he would tell you that he couldn’t come home because he was trying to get a choreography right but now, he could.

“im on my way after i take a quick shower, i love you.”

“bring food!..and i love you too.” you stopped yourself from almost hanging up without telling him you loved him back.

you were hungry and bored. the only resolution to this problem was hoseok of course. he was the most cute, energetic, warm, positive and caring boyfriend that you had ever had.

he would kiss you any chance he got, cuddle with you, tell you how beautiful you are on a daily basis, ask cute little questions about your culture, buy you whatever you want, and overall be the best, most influential person that you had in your life.

“y/n im home!” hoseok yelled out into the quite home.

“hobi!” you were in the bathroom, moisturizing your hair and singing songs to kill time.

you rushed to the living room, forgetting about the other side of your head. hoseok was home and that’s all that mattered at the moment. you quickly found your boyfriend and jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his small waist.

“somebody missed me a lot.” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around you to keep you up after placing the take-out box on the table.

he planted a few random kisses all over your face before actually kissing your lips and plopping down on the couch.

you straddled him, examining his facial features. he looked tired and that worried you, so you crawled off of him. that only made him frown, but you didn’t notice it.

“why’d you get off?” he asked.

“you seem tired.” you replied, sitting on the floor and opening up the food.

“well, you’re right…i am but that doesn’t mean that i don’t want you…” he didn’t know how to finish the sentence, which made you admire his cuteness even more.

“you’re not eating?” you asked.

“mmm, no i’m alright.” he gave you a reassuring smile, still thinking about how embarrassing his little moment was.

you hid your urge to laugh and started eating. for the whole ten minutes, hoseok stared at you. smiling a little here and there while watching your hair plop down when you leaned over into the plate. he also smiled when you’d lick your fingers, he loved watching you enjoy your food. he loved feeding you.

“you’re full now aren’t you?” he asked, while laughing a little at how your stomach had grew a little bigger due to the meal.

“duh look at me hobi! im-” you were interrupted by a sudden burp that made you cover your face in embarrassment and hoseok laugh his ass off, dramatically hopping around in the chair.

“you’re cute y/n.” he tugged on your hair. “your hair is so cool.”

“i know, you tell me everyday.” you sat down beside him.

he pulled you closer, and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “i know you’re tired, so how about you lay your head in my lap? i’ll play with your hair.”

“you just wanna play in it don’t you? all you have to do is ask me hobi.” you squinted your eyes, making him pucker his lips and look away.

“okay you caught me…i…want to play in your hair. it’s so pretty, i love it.” he smiled.

you nodded and got up to go back to the bathroom to get the hair moisturizer. might as well make him do it.

“here, put some of this on the right side. then you can do whatever you want.” you handed him the pink bottle and sat on the floor between his legs.

you felt like a little girl getting her hair done again. the way he softly finger combed through your hair, reminded you of those days where you could just sit and fall asleep because it felt so good.

“you know one of the pros that i have of dating you?” hoseok asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

“ooh what?” you were curious to know if it was gonna be serious or funny. because he was so unpredictable.

“if you ever got lost, i could find you fast because your hair stands out. it’s the prettiest out of them all. it’s black and poofy and curly and just unique!” he leaned over and kissed your forehead.

although he would always compliment you and your hair, it never got old hearing it. everytime, you were a blushing mess for him. but you pretended to be annoyed.

“baby you’re seriously more in love with my hair than me!” you nudged his leg.

he dramatically gasped, with his hand on his chest and everything. “that’s a lie! how can i not be more in love with you? you’re so cute and intelligent, you take care of me and you’re my number one fan. and lastly, did i mention that your skin is the sexiest thing to ever be created? you’re my girlfriend, my beautiful girlfriend with daebak* hair.”

“thanks but did you really have be to add that hair part in it?” you giggled as you got up to your feet.

“yes, now…for the last time, i know that we’re both tired so let’s cuddle.” hoseok suggested.

you playfully sighed, climbing into his open arms and kissing his cheek. a few seconds later, you felt a hand roam around in your hair. you decided to say nothing and see how long he would do this.

eventually, you fell asleep due to the satisfaction. hoseok though, was still wide awake and he was definitely tired but he stared at you a little while longer before forcing himself to sleep.

“ahh i love you y/n.” he kissed your head and closed his eyes.


jhope playing w/ his (poc) significant other’s black poofy/curly hair.

*daebak (대박) literally means awesome or anything along those lines.

((One thing that really bothers me…))

((What’s up with the colors on the Pamoon model in Mamodo Fury? I put a comparison image of Pamoon from the anime and one of the back covers. Let’s see how many things are wrong….

1- All of the green parts are red

2-The light blue part is grey

3- Arms and legs have a different shade of blue

4- WHY IS THE THINGS ON HIS BACK WHITE?! That’s the one that bothers me the most.

5- Did I forget to mention that the middle of the star is supposed to be blue?))

Blowing Off Steam

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2629

Pairing: BalthazarxReader

Summary: You and Balthazar had never gotten along. The minute the two of you were in the same room together WW3 broke out. Only this time it’s different. This time the tension breaks and suddenly your sexual frustration isn’t so frustrating anymore.


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  1. I have a degree in Entertainment Industry with a concentration in the business side, more specifically - music licensing 
  2. I almost lost an eye when I was younger and have the scar to prove it.
  3. I have a three legged cat and she means the literal world to me. 
  4. I mostly play console games and am an avid Final Fantasy player.
  5. I love love love love…did I mention love? Jurassic Park and Michael Crichton

I’m not going to tag anyone since I don’t have the little thing in my inbox, but once again, thank you for tagging me!

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So I might be getting too surgery soon (yay!) but I'll be needing a double incision, and I know that use of arms is pretty limited, at least for the first two weeks with no heavy lifting for like four weeks. I need my arms a lot though to get up from a sitting position, due to a muscle weakness in my legs. At my surgery consult I mentioned this and yeah, it might prove to be an issue. Are there any tips you or anyone might have for dealing with it physically and emotionally?

You might find you are more mobile than you expect. Based on what I saw everyone say I expected to barely be able to move (’t-rex arms’) yet I had no difficulty at all. It can be different for everyone based on how our body deals with it. Having weaker legs though would make things more difficult. Did your surgeon offer any suggestions that might help with it? I would say things like trying to prop yourself up more should help as you would need less force to be able to push yourself up. While recovering its better to sleep that way anyway. I got a long body pillow which I can fold in half to be more elevated in bed when it was needed. Bed is probably easier than a chair though as you can swing your legs around to get up which requires less exertion. Sitting down in a chair, it might be made easier if you have something to put your feet up on so in a similar way you could use that to help you get up by easing yourself forward. If you have anyone around you can of course ask them to help you if required as well. You can still use your arms, pretty much normally if you are physically able to. Just dont overdo things. Lifting too much too soon is what causes problems. As long as you dont push yourself beyond what you feel able to do you should be fine

Im not really coming up with any good ideas that would help for this. Followers have anything?

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☼ : What kind of outfit they think your muse should wear.

“If I were to pick something for Syf to wear? Oh! Oh I know just what to do, yes. Pants. Pants that are comfortable and still mobile, but that let people see she does have legs, yes. Cute but practical shoes. I am very very familiar with the woes of trying to shove onself into something for appearances only and I would never wish it on her, no. She’d need a bag, of course, to carry things. Everyone needs that. A plain shirt would work well, under a very very very soft cardigan. Pink. The cardigan has to be pink. Did I mention soft?”


Things you might’ve missed when watching the Clint Eastwood Hologram performance.

1) Murdoc completely twisting his head around
2) 2D standing on his mic stand
3) Noodle having a freak out while 2D’s on his mic stand

I couldnt get Noodle’s cuz there was so much blur, she was moving too fast. These are things I personally missed until I rewatched the video a few times and honestly was quite surprised :) Another thing is that when Murdoc gets up from his lil “demon moment” his leg goes through his bass, but it’s fast so pay real close attention lol

side note: I also wanna thank everyone for all the likes and reblogs of Mister Babadook. I did forget to mention that, that picture belongs to its rightful artist, so don’t think I deserve the credit :)

Let me tell you all the reasons why this is wrong. To start with the obvious, she is a child. Why would she be making out with anyone? I am disgustingly way too old for her, while she is disgustingly way too young for me. Also, to knowledge the way her legs are, are you aware that she is wearing he pajamas? Meaning she probably has no underwear underneath? Also, do you know anything about how she died? She was raped and killed. There’s no way in hell she would have her legs positioned like that. And, I respect her boundaries, and would stay as far as possible, away from her ass. Also, she’s about eight, I’m around 20. Also, another thing of mention is that she was raped by her Uncle. Sally has a very hard time trusting older people because of that. Oh, and did I mention that SHE IS A CHILD AND I AM A YOUNG ADULT?! In short: You shouldn’t have done that.

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what exactly do you like about kingsman other than hartwin?


  • hot british dudes in suits
  • fitted suits
  • also accents are pretty swell
  • newcomer and heartbreaker TARON FUCKIN EGERTON
  • fucking double amputee has blades for legs and fuckin kills it
  • like literally she kills people
  • with her sword legs
  • Did i mention the hot british guys with accents?
  • also they SHOOT THINGS with GUNS
  • colin firth did 80% of his own stunts i am AROUSED
  • also just colin firth 
  • and mark strong
  • eggsy and harry are fuckin i have decreed it it is trueeeeeee
  • SUITS did i already mention that
  • have u ever seen coordinated fireworks come out of people’s heads
  • pugssssssssss
  • roxy is a badass in outer space
  • so many bar scene
  • alfred was a bad guy
  • nicky fury was a bad guy
  • firtherton fuckin

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Don't get me wrong I love the fact that it's courferre week (partially because Courf is my son I will protect that dork forever) but if you happen to have any cute Eposette for a smol lesbian the smol lesbian would be very grateful because she loves your writing and you're amazing

YES YOU CAN! And I’m going to go on with the Eposette Bakery thing I did the other day because bakery AUs are my lifeblood okay? Okay. Enjoy ♥

“When you mentioned a date,” Eponine said, “I thought we would go… you know, somewhere else.”

Sat on the baking counter, Eponine’s legs was dangling in the open air. She spent most of her time at the Fauchelevent’s bakery nowadays. It was totally unrelated to the fact that the 1) worked there and 2) her girlfriend worked here. Girlfriend. Warm little butterflies fluttered in her stomach at the thought. Cosette. Her girlfriend Cosette. She would never tire of it.

“Papa wanted me to taste test his new things before the end of the week,” Cosette said, taking a large tray out of the fridge. “Plus it’s nice. You, me, food. It’s like going to a restaurant for free.”

She settled the tray next to Eponine and hauled herself up onto the counter.

“Your dad could ask me to pay rent for all the time I spend here.”

“Is that your way of saying you want to move in with us?” Cosette quipped with a small smile.

Eponine felt a pool of heat burning her cheeks. They had only been dating for a week! Eponine raked a nervous hand through her hair, seeking a diversion. Luckily, the tray sitting between them provided just that. A dozen of little colourful ramekins stared back at her.

“What’s all this?”

“Buttercreams,” Cosette explained, taking a spoon out of the drawer. “Papa made new flavours, but he trusts my palate more than his own.”

With a delicate twist of her wrist, Cosette filled the spoon with a vibrant green paste and held it to Eponine. She wants to feed me, she realised. Her heart took a wild leap in her chest. Though the concept was lovely on paper, the taste made it harder in practice. Eponine’s face twisted.

“No offence to you dad but what is that?”


Using the same spoon, Cosette tasted for herself. Her reaction was nowhere near as dramatic as Eponine’s.

“I like it. Not enough sugar, perhaps.”

She ran the spoon under the tap and wiped it clean before spooning into a brown buttercream.

“That one’s coffee,” Cosette said. “You should like it better.”

Cosette knew Eponine well. The buttercreamy goodness was sweet, but strong enough to give her a good pick-me-up. Eponine smiled, satisfied.

“He can keep that one. That one I like.”

Cosette bent over the tray and sought Eponine’s lips with her own. That kiss too was a good pick-me-up. Of all things, that girl was the sweetest.

“That one I like,” Cosette smiled against her lips.

Redeeming Love: An Ezra Fanfic (Anon Request)

   It’s been a month since that night. The one that still haunts Aria in her nightmares. The one that she is reminded of when she stares at Ezra’s scars. The two are slowly beginning to return to their former selves, the ‘old married couple’ as Spencer called them. Aria was tentative at first, but she and Ezra agreed on maintaining a friendship. However, Aria was not so sure she wanted that now. She wanted more.

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