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Simon on a date

Peasant: so tell me about yourself.
Simon: well I have this roommate Baz and he’s constantly plotting like all the time it’s plot plot plot with that man I swear to god he hates me. He once pushed me down the stairs and ohmygod did I mention he’s a vampire yeah I know right what a freak god he uses his vampire tactics to plot against me like I said earlier how he plots and stuff yeah Jesus Baz is also the only person who can rock long hair did I mention that? Like I said, what a freak I hate him so much

Truth or Lie (Part Seven)

Part One

Part Six

A/N: Here we go with the seventh part. Thanks a ton for reading, you guys! So, this chapter has a lot of important past information, so brace yourselves for a long flashback. I try not to shove so much information down your throats at once, but let’s get past the business so that we can get to the fun part. No worries, though! I did throw in a good bit of interaction with the lovely Rob Benedict ;) Lyrics from She Waits by Louden Swain

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, angst, mentions of death and violence

Word Count: 4504

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Ever since you met Rob, the weeks tended to fly by, minutes crashing into the next like uncontrollable waves, pushing you along before you were fully ready to take the next step. You hadn’t stumbled yet, hadn’t tripped up on your words, and it would remain that way. As long as you didn’t crash.

You free today?

At the buzzing sound of your phone, your mouth immediately curled up into a small smile, the action going unnoticed by your brain. It was becoming as natural as breathing. You grabbed your phone off of the coffee table, a faint groan sounding from you as you stretched your body. You hadn’t moved for quite awhile due to being sucked into Supernatural, and now you were into the fourth season. You went to text back, eyes flickering from your phone to the screen as a new episode started. The camera panned over the top of a couch to reveal a sleeping man lounged out across the cushions, robe open and mouth slightly parted. You slammed your thumb down on the call button, an unbelieving laugh rumbling from you.

“Hey-” Rob picked up a few rings in, his voice laced with a hint of surprise at the sudden call.

“It’s you! On the episode!” You exclaimed, eyes bright with excitement as you watched your boss on television. “Aw, look at you in your little robe. You’re so cute!” You rambled mindlessly for a moment until reality caught up with you and smacked the sense into you. You had just called your boss “cute.”

Rob laughed softly on the other end of the line, a faint red blush tainting his cheeks. “Oh, yeah? You dig the robe?” He smirked, tracing lines on his kitchen counter with his forefinger in a bashful manner.

You pressed the heel of your hand against your forehead, shaking your head at your flapping mouth. “It’s a nice robe,” you replied, shying away from the flirty response burning on your tongue.

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