did i mention how pretty you are

  • Victor: You guys wanna go eat or something?
  • Yuri: Yes anything...I just wanna be with you
  • Chris: SAME
  • Yurio: ...no
  • Otabek: uh...yeah...I guess so
  • Yurio: nevermind I'm going
  • JJ: JJ is going as well and he is bringing his beautiful, amazing, pretty, did I mention beautiful wife
Little Do You Know: 2

Pairing: TJ Hammond x fem!Reader 

Story Summary: Soulmate AU. On your 21st birthday, you begin to hear the innermost thoughts of your soulmate. What will happen when your soulmate just so happens to be a drug addict struggling to recover? Did I mention that he may or may not be incredibly gay? 

Warnings: Language, fluff, angst, mentions of suicide, mentions of drugs, i think that’s it.

A/N:`I hope you all enjoy this part, though it is a bit of a slow burn. I’m pretty happy with how these first two parts have turned out, so if you guys like this, maybe I’ll work on a third part. (:

I have to go.”

As you moved out of his hold, one of the tears you’d been harboring slipping out, falling down your cheek as you turned towards the exit again. “Wait, please.. Don’t.” He pleaded, following you, gripping your hand to keep you from leaving when you got too close to the door.

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I get the feeling that the average person who went to see Rogue One did not have any strong feelings about Bodhi.

I talked to a good friend, who’s also a pretty big Star Wars fan, and when I mentioned Bodhi he was like “which one is he again?”.

And this baffles me! How could you not come out of that movie in awe of Bodhi Rook? How could you not be moved and inspired by him? How could you not wish you had half his courage and strength?

I know the movie did not give him nearly as much attention as he deserved (and let’s not even talk about the campaign that came before it), but it still baffles me…

hello studyblr folks!! okay listen. i have, like, notoriously bad handwriting. like, the kind where you have to tell people what it says because they can’t read it. you’ve tried every cutesy handwriting post telling you to practice, and practice, and practice more, but it never sticks?

well, practice may make perfect, but for someone who doesn’t have the time to spend hours practicing handwriting, i just want it legible. not to mention, even if i did consistently write like that, i would end up spending hours on my notes.

this guide will tell you is how to consistently write legibly while maintaining speed and how to prioritize which styles to use (so that you can still be cute when you wanna!).

some tips:

  • when you’re taking fast notes in class, no prettiness necessary, work on WRITING THE BODY OF YOUR LETTERS BIGGER. you’ll still have to practice with this to get it up to a good speed. experiment with it, find what works for you, but i’ve found that i write fastest when i’m connecting my letters.

    for instance, at its absolute best my natural handwriting is this:

    but when i take notes in class, i write like this:

    bigger letters almost always = more legibility.

  • work on making the stems of your letters (your y’s, d’s, g’s, q’s, and b’s) much shorter. that way, the lines above and below don’t get cluttered, which makes it even more messy. added bonus of not having to double space your writing if it’s not required.
  • when you have to write neatly, but still have to write A LOT, work to write bigger and with disconnected letters. having disconnected letters makes it a bit slower, but goes a long way for neatness. like so:

    this is useful for rewriting notes and handwriting essays on tests (especially if your teacher refuses to grade if they can’t read it!! that’s happened to me before, would not recommend).

  • in places like your planner/bullet journal, or in captions on diagrams, writing small, neat, and cute can be a blessing! this is the kind of writing i use in my bullet journal:

    it’s the perfect handwriting to use so long as it’s in the right context. 

  • recognize and accept time constraints on your writing. i cannot stress enough: you will not always have enough time to write perfectly, especially if you’re writing pages and pages of notes. don’t worry over not being “studyblr” enough; worry about getting it done.
  • listen to your hand. one of the reasons i’m telling you to write so big on longer batches of writing is that unnaturally small writing will hurt your hand. take breaks if your hand is starting to hurt (unless you’re in a test, of course) because it can lead to more serious hand problems like carpal tunnel if done consistently. i know people who it’s happened to before.
  • stop pressing down so hard with your pen or pencil. 
  • a final tip: experiment with different pens and pencils to see what makes your handwriting better, worse, bigger, smaller, etc. i myself tend to write a lot messier with pencils, a lot neater with muji, a lot messier with bic atlantis, a lot smaller with rapidograph…… the list goes on. find what works best and feels best to you.

practice and discipline will make perfect with this! i hope this was helpful. happy studying!! :))) ☆*✧

(header background is “paradise”, a painting by maurice denis.)

Theatrics aside, I’d be willing to bet Lovelace and Maxwell are both still alive.

Maxwell just because I don’t think Minkowski would have shot her in cold blood. I could be wrong - God knows she was under enough stress and trauma to be making some pretty desperate decisions - but given that we never heard a gunshot and just generally given who Minkowski is, I think it’s more likely to be a bluff.

Lovelace I think will survive for more meta reasons. Lovelace’s story isn’t done by a long shot, there are still a lot of unanswered questions - how DID she survive the star and what connection does she have to the aliens, if any? Also, Eiffel’s “I can’t believe you just-” conversation was suspiciously cut off. If the second part of that sentence was “killed her” there’d be no reason not to finish it (whereas “bluffed Minkowski that hard” would give it away). Not to mention he was acting pretty calm and collected for someone who just watched his friend get murdered in front of him. Come on, given how emotional Eiffel is? There’s no way he would’ve been that calm afterwards. From a story standpoint, I’d buy that Kepler wouldn’t sacrifice such a useful pawn when a good bluff could accomplish the same thing.

Hilbert on the other hand … Well, his story arc was pretty much over anyway, and it’s not like they’d have to get rid of an actor. I’m not so confident about his chances.

I have no idea who the model everyone keeps using as Laurent is, but like i’m 100% sure Roger Garth is the perfect Laurent. 

  • cheekbones
  • clean jaw
  • full lips
  • androgynous 
  • did I mention that he’s pretty as fuck? 
  • just look at how beautiful and sweet he looks
  • this is my favorite picture of him btw
  • those blond locks
  • the bright blue eyes 
  • I could go on for hours really 
  • also he’s a model too  
  • want short haired Laurent? 
  • here you have him
  • prefer long haired?
  • I’ve got you fam
  • and as a conclusion have a smiling Laurent because we all know that Laurent’s smiles light up the darkness with how beautiful they are

tl;dr: Roger Garth is the perfect Laurent and I cannot handle this.

so i was talking with a co-worker about mass effect: andromeda and, inevitably when you’re talking about a bioware game, we started on the romance and i mentioned that people are already going wild for jaal and that the bioware fandom, in general, is pretty fucking wild and if earth ever gets invaded by aliens they are going to be so ecstatic. then a much older co-worker came into the conversation and was like, “what’s this about aliens?” and we both kinda startled, like deer-looking-into-the-headlights and i was just like, “uh. wow. how do i explain this to you??” but i did, awkwardly, with examples. and i don’t think that older co-worker will ever be the same again.

Neighbours 9

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Part Eight            Masterlist (All Parts & Other Imagines)

Note: So I didn’t want to go into too much detail about whats actually happening to y/n, but pretty much what those men did to Gemma.

Trigger warning: Mentions of abuse and rape.

Thank you for your patience, I know its taken me a while with this one. I love you all 💓


One week, two days, fourteen hours and twenty three seconds.
That’s how long it had been since he had seen you last, standing in the light of the moon on the roof of the clubhouse, your hair ruffled from making love beneath the stars.
He couldn’t sleep, not since he had found your abandoned car on the side of the road that night. Every time he closed his eyes memories of you haunted his mind, your eyes burning through him and the guilt weighed heavy on his heart.
Juice had never been religious, but ever since he had met you he had been convinced that maybe angels really did exist. You treated him differently than everyone else did. You made him feel.. special.
But now he had lost you. And he couldn’t find you.
The club had tried everything, burnt through every resource they had, and still nothing.
Happy had been working alongside Juice nonstop, both of them desperate to find some kind of trace of you.
But every time they hit a dead end.
They knew it was retaliation from Zobelles crew. But all their efforts in tracking you down had failed, and Juice wasn’t sure what else he could do.
And so he threw himself into the club, burying himself in the guilt that was swallowing him. Because deep down he knew, it was his fault.
He couldn’t protect you.

The throbbing in your head was getting worse with every hour that passed and you had lost all sense of time.
You weren’t sure how long you’d been here, days were blurring into nights and you weren’t sure if you would ever see the sunlight again.
The white masks haunted you and could barely sleep, not that they let you try often.
They never left you alone for long and your body was growing more fragile with each ‘visit’ or ‘lesson’ as they called it.
It had taken you a while to realise who these men were, and what they wanted from you.
But it had soon become obvious when they told you over and over to pass on their message.
The Sons will stop dealing with colour.
You were just a part of their sick twisted game and you knew these men didn’t care what happened to you.
You could be dead within days and they wouldn’t blink an eye.
They didn’t need you.
You couldn’t bring yourself to think of Abbey, or Juice.
Every time thoughts of them popped into your head you quickly pushed them out, too afraid of the ache in your heart.
Juice wasn’t to blame of what was happening to you. You knew he would be sick with guilt and worry, unsure of what was being done to you.
And you knew he would come for you, eventually, so you prayed that he would come in time.
Because you weren’t sure how much longer you could hold onto this life.
You faintly heard a door open and your heart sunk. They were back.
You didn’t have the strength to lift your head and you didn’t want to. You knew there was no point. It was always the same, haunting white masks staring back at you as they threw your limp body onto the floor and forced themselves onto you.
Their heavy footsteps surrounded you and dread filled your bones as you stared at the boots circling you.
Three. This time there was three of them, and you clutched your eyes shut as your body began to shake and one of them reached out.
His hand clutched at your hair and he yanked your head to look at him.
“The Sons will stop dealing with colour.”
He ripped your body from the chair and tossed you to the ground, and a faint sob shook came over you as the sound of his belt hitting the floor echoed through you.

The roar of the motorcycles filled the air and Abbey leapt off the couch and ran to the door of the clubhouse.
Everyday began the same, she’d watch the boys ride out, all of them growing more desperate to find you.
But everyday was ending the same.
They would file into the lot, one after the other, their faces grim and Abbeys heart would sink.
She knew they would find you though.
It was what she clung to, the thought of you on the back of one of those bikes and her heart filled with hope as she crossed the clubhouse.
The door opened and she eyed the bikes, and with every single rider she saw her wary sunk a little more.
Just like every other day, they hadn’t found you.
Yet, she told herself. They hadn’t found you yet.
Kozik couldn’t help but notice the sadness on Abbey’s face and he exchanged a glance with Happy.
This was unlike any other abduction the club had dealt with before.
They always wanted something, and it would only be a few days at least before the club would get a phone call, and the scumbags would make their demands.
But it had been over a week since they’d taken you and they had heard nothing.
No phonecalls, no messages, no demands.
It was Juice who was dealing with it the worst. He blamed himself, and he hadn’t slept since they’d found your car and he was acting wild, practically throwing himself in front of bullets.
The club had never seen him like this and they were all worried, not only for the missing girl, but for their lost brother.
Abbey crossed her arms over her chest as she watched the men get off their bikes and walk towards her, their faces full of guilt and worry.
Juice hung his head and walked straight past her, letting the door slam loudly behind him.
Kozik smiled knowingly and wrapped his arms around her.
“We’ll find her, Abbey.” Kozik said.
Abbey nodded her head against his chest and closed her eyes.
The words she’d yelled at you that night in this very lot echoed in her ears and she squeezed her eyes shut.
We’ll find her.

You lifted the cup of water to your swollen lips as let the liquid flow into your mouth, dry from your screams and crying.
They’d be back soon, you knew.
It had been a while since their last 'visit’ and they never left you long.
Your body ached all over and you prayed silently that this would be over soon.
And as if on cue, the door behind you opened.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.
This time, you wouldn’t cry.
You didn’t want them to know the pain this was causing you, mentally and physically.
Heavy footsteps closed in and you stood shakily before lifting your head and turning towards him.
At least this time there was only one.
You couldn’t see beneath the white mask but you could feel his dark eyes burning into your skin and you gulped.
A shudder ran over your body and he stepped closer, before pulling his jacket off and tossing it to the floor.
You stepped back and your back pressed against the cool wall. There was no where left to run.
“The Sons will stop dealing with colour.” The man said, his voice low and gruff and the sound sent shivers up your spine.
It had been almost an hour since he had left the room and you were still lying in the same position,curled up on the dirty mattress.
You hugged your knees to your chest and closed your eyes, trying to block out the image of the masks that abused you so regularly now.
Hunger was taking over you but you weren’t sure if you could even stomach food if you wanted to. At least they gave you water.
You pulled your body up shakily and reached across for the glass of water.
The glass was mid air in your hand and you frowned slightly at the sound.
You hadn’t heard that before.
It was probably your imagination, playing tricks on you in your sleep deprived state.
But as you took a long gulp of water you heard it again.
Slowly you lowered the glass to the floor and glanced around the dim room.
He had left his jacket on the floor.
You glanced nervously towards the door before you hurriedly crawled across the room.
You rummaged through the pockets and your heart was beating through your chest as you pulled out the mans cell phone.
With shaky fingers you dialled the only number you could think of.

The clubhouse was crowded but it was missing its usual atmosphere.
Instead most of the members sat around in near silence, staring glumly at the bottles of beer in their hands.
Juice sat in the corner of the clubhouse, his eyes glued to the screen of his laptop and he searched maps of Charming once again, looking for something he had missed.
But overtime he looked it was the same, and he had no idea on how to find you.
Juice stood and took a swig of his beer before he began to cross the room, heading to the bar.
His pocket began to vibrate and he pulled his phone out of his pocket, not bothering to look at the screen as he lifted it to his ear.
“Yeah?” His voice was cold.
He froze in his tracks and the bottle slipped out of his hands, smashing into pieces own the hard floor.
“(Y/n)?! (Y/n?)” Juice practically yelled into the phone, his eyes growing wild.
All heads in the room snapped towards him and Happy and Abbey leapt to their feet.
He could hear you begin to sob on the other end of the line and he swallowed painfully.
“Are you okay?” Juice asked quickly.
He spun on his heels and marched back to his laptop, ignoring the expectant looks from your sister.
“Y-yeah. I don’t k-know where I am.” Your voice was cracking and you spoke in a hushed voice.
Juices fingers moved rapidly over his keyboard as he opened the cellphone tracker app on his laptop.
“I know baby, its okay, I’ll find you.” Juice spoke lowly, not wanting the others to hear his words to you.
Another sob ripped through your body and Juice slammed his fist on the bar, his eyes staring at the screen.
And just like that, your location began to blink on the map.
“I found you baby, I’m coming for you.”
“Juice!” You sobbed into the phone and he rubbed his eyes.
Hearing your voice so broken and fragile after all this time was both a blessing and a heartbreak and he promised himself he would never let you go ever again.
“We’ll be there soon, (y/n).” Juice told you urgently.
“Hurry.” You whispered back and Juice nodded before hanging up the phone and sliding it back into his pocket.
“I found her!” He yelled and turned towards his brothers.

Less than half an hour later the roar of more than a dozen motorcycles echoed through the walls and you smiled through swollen lips.
The bikes died down as they pulled to a stop and almost instantly heavy footsteps ran through the house and the door slammed open.
This time, the men weren’t wearing masks and you stared each of these men in the face as they glared at your limp body.
One of them stepped forwards and reached for you.
His eyes were dark, almost black and you glared into them, fire burning inside you.
He pulled tape out of his pockets and ripped some of before covering your mouth and suddenly the room went dark as he pulled some sort of sack over your head.
He yanked your body off the floor and you staggered to your feet before he pushed his gun into your back, ordering you forwards.
They moved you through the house and you stumbled your way outside, feeling the dry grass beneath your bare and bloodied feet.
Your heart was beating heavy and you blinked rapidly, desperate to see what was going on beneath this sack.
Suddenly the man walking you stopped you and he grabbed your arm roughly to steady you.
“Take off the bag!” A voice yelled. Was it Jax?
“Took you boys long enough to find us.” A voice behind you called and you shuddered slightly.
“Give her to us. Now!” Jax yelled and the men behind you snickered.
The bag over your head was ripped away and you blinked rapidly as your eyes adjusted to the brightness.
Eventually they focused and you saw the Sons standing in a line in front of you, guns raised.
“Son of a bitch!” Juice yelled once saw your face, swollen and bruised.
He leapt forward, raising his gun to the man holding you.
“Juice!” Jax yelled.
The man beside you lifted his gun and pressed it against your temple.
Juice stopped but his body was seething with rage.
“We hope that this has taught you boys a lesson.” A man behind you called, and almost in sync all of the men that had been beating you stepped forwards.
“The Sons will stop dealing with colour!” They yelled, like some kind of trance.
Juice aimed his gun at the man next to you andJax shook his head.
Suddenly men came out from behind trees and six vans pulled up, and Mayans and Niners surrounded the house, guns in all of their hands.
“Drop your guns. Now!” Jax yelled.
The men around you exchanged glances and slowly lowered their guns.
Juice ran towards you and you practically fell into his arms.
Gently he ripped the tape from your mouth and his hand caressed your swollen face.
“Im so sorry baby, I’m so sorry.”
You stared into his eyes, so full of worry and guilt as he looked over your beaten body and you smiled softly.
“Take me home, Juicy.”
He nodded and pressed his lips against your forehead gently before lifting your body into his arms and carrying you to the back of a van.
He laid you gently down and wrapped a blanket around you.
“You okay?” He asked.
You nodded and pulled the blanket around you.
“I’ll take you home, just give me a minute.”
He kissed your forehead once more and closed the door behind him.
Almost instantly you heard rapid gunshots, hundreds of bullets fly8ing through the air and you shivered.
A few moments later the door opened again and Juice stood in the sunlight, his white shirt now splattered with blood and he ran a hand over his face before climbing into the back of the van beside you and closing the door.
He wrapped his arms around you and held your body close to his and the van began to move.
“We’re going home, (y/n), Your safe now.”
You turned your aching body and buried your face into his chest.
“I got your baby, Ive got you.” He cooed to you quietly.
And both of you shook as tears streamed down your cheeks, clutched in each others arms.

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Hey i was wondering if you could do a quick story about the reader being sherlocks OTHER secret sister but shes only a secret because sherlock never mentions her because she lives in canada and they come to visit and gregs surprised but immediatly knows he loves her? Pretty please.

“Did you bring the whole of Canada in these bags?” Sherlock huffed out as he dragged your bags behind him up the stairs of 221b.

You let out a tried chuckle and shook your head “Oh suck it up, Sherlock. If you keep complaining I’ll call you William!” You teased and walked into the apartment, finding John and Mycroft in the living room.

“Hello! Y/N! How was the fight?” John asked embracing you in a tight hug.

“It was alright yeah, thanks for asking. It’s good to see you John,” you pulled away with a smile “I brought Rosie a little stuffed moose toy”. Your eyes flickered to behind John where Mycroft was standing. That incident at Sherrinford changed him, you could see it all over his face. “Oh come here you” you opened your arms and Mycroft gladly accepted the hug.

“Thank you for getting over so quick” his voice was muffled by your shoulder.

You soothingly rubbed his back “It’s alright, you all need me here right now”. You pulled back and smiled at Mycroft who returned one. “I’m starving” you looked over to Sherlock with a smile who rolled his eyes.

“Will you eat something that isn’t drenched in maple syrup” he snorted and you jabbed his side. The door to the flat opened and Greg suddenly found four pairs of eyes on him. He recognised three of them but there was one pair that made him feel as if he was staring into the eyes of an angel.

“Giles” Sherlock’s greeted.

“It’s Greg” John, Mycroft and Greg corrected your bother.

You stepped out and extended your hand “Hello!” Greg couldn’t help but smile at your beautiful Canadian accent “I’m Y/N Holmes”.

Greg’s face fell fell slightly “Holmes? You’re related to these two?” He pointed to the two brothers who raised a questionable brow at his comment.

You nodded “Uh yeah, I’m their sister. Their other sister…” You trailed off. Greg felt his head involuntary sending you an unsure nod. He couldn’t help having the feeling of wanting to know what your lips would feel like against his.

“I’m guessing these two didn’t tell you” you rolled your eyes and glared at your two brothers. Greg shook his head and you smiled at his goofy smile.

“I uhh only came to give you this,” Greg handed the folder to Sherlock “I’ll see you later?” He asked you as if it was a question and you smirked before he nervously corrected himself “I mean…I…see…I’ll see you all eventually again…I’m sure” he stuttered out and left the flat in a nervous wreck at how you were making him feel.

He rushed down the stairs and you found yourself running after him “Greg?” You called out and he froze at that sweet accent. He wanted to hear you say his name until the day he died.

“Uh yeah?” His voice was shaky.

“Do you want to join us for something to eat?” You asked with a hopeful smile.

Greg shook his head and politely declined the offer, he needed to get back to work. “Oh,” your voice went flat before an idea came into your head “Well why don’t we go for dinner together tomorrow?” You asked.

“Sure that would be great, you should check with your brothers to see if they are busy or not” he motioned to the top of the stairs with his eyes.

“I was thinking,” you closed the gap slightly between you and Greg “Just the two of us?”. Greg’s eyes almost fell out his head as he nodded with a wide smile, he was speechless. You pressed a long kiss to his cheek “See you tomorrow” you winked and bit your lip before heading back up the stairs.

Greg let out a happy sigh “I’m going to marry that girl…” He giddily laughed.

“What was that?” You popped your head out from around the door.

“Nothing!” Greg jumped and left with a wide smile on his face.

Cleared the Lunatic level of Ursula’s stage - this was pretty mad, given the buffed up stats and sheer number of opponents! Burnt a lot of stamina figuring out how to withstand the first hit (all members of the party must survive to clear this), until someone on Reddit mentioned using F!Robin to take out Ursula…which she did with surprising ease. (Sorry, F!Robin, I take it back - you’re not that terrible a battler. Though…you’re still hard to use in Arena.) 


Can we talk talk about this moment from the preview real quick.

He was showing the battles that have been made and of course he will show the one of sokovia, after he mention it and was being played Wanda just looked away cause that was her home, that was the place she lost her brother. And Steve being the one to understand what a lose feels like he said “okay, that’s enough”. He understand that was a sensitive topic for her, not only did her home was destroyed but her bother died there also.

Could you imagine how upset she feels ? Civil war is taking place a year later from the incident from ultron. So it took a year for Wanda to work on herself and I’m pretty sure that was hard for her. Could you imagine days or nights she just thinks about her brothers death and feel upset that she couldn’t save him? Maybe days she thinks she couldn’t do anything without him cause he would always protect her from anything and always do anything for her safety but now that he’s gone she has to do everything for herself. The emotion just from her turning away from the screen, Could’ve just bring back those days trying to recover from pietros death. just imagine from when he showed that clip I’m sure she thought about pietro death because she felt him die.



hey hey fuckers it’s the sister she’s mentioned a few times (you guys can call me Stormy), and I’m coming to you with my first haul ever! this one’s from Sephora and it was pretty fun! I’m gonna go ahead and list everything for you  guys below, and then I’m doing an “account takeover” so I can answer any questions you guys might have about how I did this. also, my sister and I were thinking of doing a master post for how to lift from Abercrombie/Hollister/Gilly Hicks since I was a former employee so let us know if you guys want that!!

alright let’s start:

-Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hr Blush Color Wheel: $44
-Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Kiss & Blush Cream Blush Palette: $42
-Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection: $58
-Hourglass Ambient Lighting Surreal Light Palette: $80
-NARSISSIST Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette: $59

-Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop/Flowerchild Blush: $38
-Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Crème: $38
-Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush (x2): $76
-Marc Jacobs Air Blush: $42

-Better Than Sex Mascara: $23
-Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara: $21
-KVD Tattoo Liner: $20

-Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon: $24
-Dior Addict Lip Glow (FOR MY SISSY HAULLSEY LOVE U BB): $33
-ABH Brow Wiz: $21
-Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder: $25

Total: $674!

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are you self taught?? if so what tutorials/videos did you read/watch, if any?? i love your art <333

I guess I am! ;o; (idkkk my entire family can draw and i think… it just runs in the family;; even though i’m pretty sure that’s not how genetics work ahaha) 

I’ve mentioned this before, but you should definitely, definitely check out Sycra! It’s a fairly small youtube channel but he has some anatomy videos (where he goes through the basic human anatomy) as well as drawing tutorials (like how to draw hands, interesting poses and etc.)! I just love him so much ;^;

Newt and the beasties take three

I pretty much love it more every time I see it. I notice more things, think about what it’s trying to say more, just have a richer experience. And it’s just fun. I love it. Things I thought about in particular this time:

1. The MACUSA is paranoid as hell. You enter the British Ministry of Magic and you see (or at least you did pre-DH) a giant gold statue of magical people lording it over creatures. The centerpiece of MACUSA is a dial showing how far away wizarding society is from disaster. Seraphina Picquery mentions the possibility of war almost every time she speaks. They are terrified of Muggles, to the extent–and from what I’ve read this is intentional JKR’s part–that you almost kind of see Grindelwald’s point (aside from the mass slaughter, of course). I find this fascinating in the context of UK history vs American history.

2. Newt. Other people have written about this already, but I just can’t thank JKR enough for giving us another hero who is heroic beause of his heart and his fierce kindness, rather than because he’s a kickass fighter. SO BORED and weary of violent super heros. Newt’s devastation at the loss of his creatures is heartbreaking. He loves them so much. He talks with such sadness about his attempt to save the Sudanese Obscurial girl. And his “They’re not going to kill it” line before going off the try and save Credence. He doesn’t even think twice before throwing himself into danger to help someone in distress (which reminds me of Harry a bit). And yet I don’t think he used a single non-defensive spell the entire film. Maybe he did when he was facing off with Graves/Grindelwald in the subway? Mostly he was trying to protect Credence and shielding himself, though.

3. I think we do actually see Chastity’s body. There’s one body face down when Graves first enters, but Mary Lou’s is on her side. So I think the face down body is Chastity’s.

4. I also find the commentary on American culture made through the execution scene really interesting. And man, that scene is so chilling. The white-coated executioners are so kind. They’re smiling and gentle. They show no signe whatsoever that that they’re taking someone’s life, someone they know on a first name basis. It’s so horrible.

5. Queenie doesn’t take Jacob’s memory with her wand in the rain scene. Her wand is buy holding up the umbrella charm. I looked carefully and she doesn’t. I still think Jacobs gets at least some of them back in the final scene, though.

6. It’s actually really obvious that Credence survives? The camera focuses directly on the little flame which doesn’t so much float out of the wreckage as swim through the air like a little fish. Meaning it looks like it has intent. And Newt 100% sees it and knows.

7. I don’t know how anyone involved in that film can expect the audience not to read the alley scenes between Graves and Credence as sexual. I know what Colin Farell and Ezra said. Nah. Those scenes were blatanly erotic in a really dark way. imo, of course.

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'mod: did i mention i could write fucking essays about how i write prompto - LONG AND DETAILED ESSAYS' *SLAMMING FISTS ON TABLE* DO IT DO IT (only if u wanna!)


first of all, prompto is a horrible liar in his diary entries. not very often because i don’t want to, you know, confuse people, but there is a definite disconnect between what he writes and what is actually going on.

his parents are a pretty good example of this! 

prom is definitely lying about “they’re totally fine right ahaha,” because he’s pretty sure they’re not. but the illusion of pretending they are is more important to him than laying down the absolute truth.

which ties into emoji! because seriously, i put a lot of thought into his stupid emoji.

first, they’re really useful to convey more emotion than just words, so they’re awesome. and you can’t tell me prompto “ball of sunshine” argentum wouldn’t abuse the heck out of them. because he would. most definitely. while grinning about it when people complain.

but they’re also good for more lying and deflecting. i don’t know if it comes across clearly (because i am biased by my own writing), but prompto is not quite the ball of sunshine he pretends to be. he’s insecure (his conversation with noctis early in the game paints this pretty clearly (and makes me want to hug him)), and i’m pretty sure his self-esteem/self-worth is kind of… non-existent.

(the chapter 13 reveal plays a large part in that, too, but that’s for later. oh boy is that for later.)

so emoji! very useful for painting events in a slightly skewed light.

this line from 115 is a useful example:

it was really tasty~! i’ll… i’ll have to think of a way to pay him back 。(*^▽^*)ゞ 

the food was tasty. but part of why prom wants to ‘pay it back’ is because he doesn’t feel deserving of it in the first place. (hence the strikethrough text immediately above that. strikethrough is so good) he’s not actually happy (i mean, he is happy, because he has the BIGGEST CRUSH ON GLADIO EVER and he got to spend time with him. on a total date), but he’s also super nervous and worried about messing up, because - like he said to noct on the motel rooftop, all the way back when - he doesn’t think he’s “good enough” for gladio’s attentions. or anyone’s attentions, really. he’s just some commoner kid who lucked out making friends with the prince and now he’s on this big grand adventure and feeling like he’s struggling to ‘keep up.’

(i’m pretty sure the word he uses specifically is “worthless,” which is a pretty fucking heavy word, you guys. and yeah, noct tells him he isn’t, but fixing your bad self-esteem isn’t as easy as flipping a switch because one person told you otherwise. ask me how i know! (don’t, actually.))

111 is another good example of this. when i write prom’s posts, i don’t use emoji, because i have to copy them from old posts/the website i (ab)use. sometimes i use weird placeholders to remind myself of what emotion i’m trying to convey, but anyway.

so in the draft, there were no emoji. and then i went through and added one to every line, which i’m well aware is overkill. but prom is overkilling it - he doesn’t want to go to altissia. he doesn’t want the fun he’s having to end, but he feels selfish about that, so he’s not going to write it down. read the post and pretend the emoji aren’t there, and (in theory, who knows) he sounds a lot sadder about it - which he admits to in the last line, with a sad emoji, but if (;へ:) is, say, 4/10 sad, prom’s really more like a 7-8/10.

sure, he’s excited to see lady luna, and he knows noct has his duty/etc. to do, but prom… he’s really happy to be spending time with his friends, but then he feels guilty, because he shouldn’t be enjoying this, they should all be safe and sound in insomnia. except they’re not, and he has a hard time listening to the two sets of voices in his head. i think anyone who suffers from depression would know what i’m talking about - but in case - there’s a voice that tells you, pretty constantly, about how shit you are. all the time. inescapably. it’s a lot of fun! (it is the opposite of fun and why i try to take such care with any/all asks that mention feeling down/depressed. trust me guys, i have been there.)

i imagine prom and that voice are very well-acquainted (and i’ve been writing a fic about it for weeks, i am slow as fuck), and it’s part of why he tries to be so peppy and upbeat in his diaries, to try and drown it out. and thus: a disconnect between how he feels and what he’s writing.

prompto is by far my favourite character because i can relate to him the most and i think he has a lot more depth to him than you see at first glance. most of that depth, though, at least in my opinion, is enough darkness to rival how bright he pretends to be.

one last note, though: his interactions with anyone who sends him an ask are genuine. he is overwhelmed (JUST LIKE ME LET’S BE REAL) by people complimenting him and hearing how happy he makes them. i imagine he blushes at his phone a lot. sometimes he gets teary-eyed. y’all make him cry sometimes, you jerks ♥

TL;DR: prom is an unreliable narrator. they all are, to some degree, but i think prom is the worst about it sometimes.

also, since someone else asked about dino while also requesting an essay:

he asked dino about kissing. because prom is totally afraid of doing it wrong and messing it up, because then, obviously, gladio won’t like him anymore. and word around the quay is that dino has been around the block a few times and therefore is an excellent person to ask advice from.

(dino laughed about the situation and then tried to explain kissing as excellently as possible, because dino is a cool guy. whenever anyone seemed like they were getting into earshot, prom loudly went “ABOUT THOSE ROCKS, DINO,” with his face as red as a tomato. dino laughed more and played along. i am 10/10 a lowkey fan of dino.)

Happy almost birthday!! You asked your followers for selfies so here’s one c: my name is Ryssa, my favorite thing about myself is my eyes, and one of my secrets is I might be opening an etsy shop with devotional jewelry for different pantheons soon! Tell me about yourself? c:


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so it is 6am here and I wasn’t able to sleep a wink, but I did write this little drabble that I–in the face of exhaustion–think turned out to be a little bit beautiful. pretty words always make up for an absence of sleep.

pairing: jungkook x she

warnings: language and mentions of sex

summary: two strangers meet on the subway and decide to take comfort in the other’s heartbreak.

“I don’t know how to fucking please you anymore, okay? I really don’t.”

Please me, is that a fucking joke?”

“What do you want, huh? Do you even know?”

The question makes her pause, eyes burning as they meet his. The same fire is there, the fire that made her fuck him, that made her fall in love with him. She can see it—clear as day in those harsh blue eyes—but now it makes her sad, how hateful his stare is. This is something she doesn’t want, something she hasn’t wanted for a while.

I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to be with you anymore.

The words sit in her throat and cut off her breath, her lips parted but no sound able to work it’s way out. Why can’t she just tell him that she wants all of this to be over?

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i just wanna bring smth up tbh about the tumblr community yall… yall to much honestly

im gonna tag you apple mostly bc i dont want to come off as “vageblogging” so heres just my two cents on the matter @loftibis

yeah sure you’ve known crystal for a year and it was only brought to your attention a “month ago” but case in point you did make a mistake in how you presented a muse of color  and thats all that matters. you made a mistake. as you mentioned you’ve gotten “advice” which may have been the case but regardless you didn’t take account for your actions and apologize. the wish washy apology you just gave was pretty vague and watered down, it wasnt specified to crystal, whom you tried to pin this back on in the first place. a poc person pointed out your actions in a public setting, and you accused crystal of “acting out” etc but in reality you didn’t act any better. sometimes it takes bringing situations out into public for them to actually get attention. your first post responding to crystal was mostly just a bunch of excuses as to how rping des was somehow correct, regardless if you said “oh i got advice so its ok now” nah its not its taking the problem and throwing it under the rug

the whole rp community is pretty atrocious at this point. the amount of people that left should show what it’s honestly become and the rest of the people are mostly white ( i wonder why. ) i wanna go onto how people of color are suddenly being demonized for bringing a problem out when the whole community was “OH I SUPPORT THIS SUPPORT THIS GUYS!!” yall talk a lot of empowerment but where is it when it comes down to it. i wanna bring up smth that happened as an example esp between me and sydney. i know sydney doesnt like vague posts so @slobslav for instance in this situation i wasnt happy with the apology post sydney made and and it didnt address the fact sydney made  a mistake. clearly a callout post was made minutes later and my post was buried. clyde made a post saying it clearly wasnt the time for that and it was obviously pulling away from a mistake sydney made. everyone suddenly basically demonized clyde about this. i wanna add that this isnt to demonize sydney im just using it as an example

I was accused for coming off as passive aggressive? for reblogging a post several times?? and stating sydney made a mistake which was lol incredible. this exact situation is being applied to crystal rn. 

yet when the first post regarding apple was made the whole community jumped into uproar.

when a white mun makes a mistake regarding person of color subjects/situations, they should account for their actions and handle it instead of exploiting the situation 

i know im late but i deserve an opinion

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So I was sniffing around and heard that things haven't been going that well for you--so I just wanted to drop on by and let you know (even though I'm 100% sure you already do) that you're pretty amazing and it's okay to take a breather to work yourself back into a good mental space with however much time you need.

Gosh, thank you so much. And yeah I mean, I think it’s just due to how much work I need to do for my master program as well as trying to juggle everything else including internet stuff. 

Like mentioned previously, if I did take a breather off of Tumblr / Internet, that means that time would just be used to do more school stuff, so I wouldn’t really be fully relaxing o-o

But still, thank you. I may or may not start a hiatus once April hits since a lot of final projects are due in April, as well as tests, general finals, and the exit exam.