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when solar’s leader unnie vibe comes out


Thank you for your lovely comments, darlings!!! I hope you like what I did with your prompts!! Enjoy!!! <3

Warning: Hot make-outs, smutty mentions, cute Bughead galore and just me fawning over the bae that is Cole Sprouse. 

“We have to go.” Kiss

“Hmm, in a second.” Kiss

“One day – kiss – we’ll get caught – kiss – and they’ll definitely expel us.” Hard Kiss.

“Oh, I’d love to see you, Betty Cooper – kiss – getting expelled over a steamy make out.” Bite.

Betty just let a breathless laugh, alternating the angle of her head and dropped her arms to his shoulders, crossing them by the wrists behind his head. Jughead’s smile grew more in delight against her lips and he dove in again, pecking her lips hard. They were in one of the dusty storage rooms of their high school, the smallest one and the one with no windows, exploring this new-found feeling of being in love and being a couple, mist old broken chairs and random school supplies. Betty was perched up on an unused desk that lay against the wall, dressed for her cheerleading practice in her usual white and yellow t-shirt and dark blue shorts, while her boyfriend was standing deliciously between her gorgeous legs, school bag, denim jacket and beanie abandoned somewhere on the floor, kissing her like there was no tomorrow for God knows how long now.

That was basically they daily routine. Ever since the two of them overcame their irrational fears of rejection and possible heartbreak and talked with each other about that kiss that held all of Jughead’s suppressed emotions all those years, they couldn’t overlook their mutual feeling of desiring to be together. Three weeks had passed since that day and, despite of the new challenges they were faced with every day, regarding their unconventional families and the amorality that seemed to emerge every once in a while of the core of their small town, the two teens were basking in the afterglow of their romance with affectionate gestures and heated make outs. The only cloud shading their Romeo and Juliet fairytale was that everything was being done in shadows, like a good, concealed secret.

They wanted to tell people; and they would do it. They weren’t afraid or ashamed, both emotions equally unfair to the wonderful union that it was them. They just wanted to do it in their own terms, without excited friends or controlling parents getting in their way, without having to explain themselves or put labels and boundaries in something that came and kept growing natural to them. So, janitor’s closets and storage rooms it was.

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The Only Exception (Part 5)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,844

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, sarcasm, hot firemen, draaaamaaaa, did i mention angst? this is getting ridiculous.

A/N: Cliffhangers are mostly unintentional. I got so many ACK HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME messages that I wanted to post the next part. Warning: it’s mostly just to move the plot along.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -

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Every Outsiders fanfiction/imagine summed up in a post

Ponyboy: oMG gUrl u liK runNing aNd suNsEts 2? nAturEs frst gReN iz gOld

Sodapop: Hi I’m Ponyboy’s really hot, nice older brother. Also- cars. Btw we have great sex and you’re gonna convince me to go back to highschool

Darry: I lik 2 roof housez and also im rlly responsible and muscular. Alzo, i yell @ poniboi 4 evryting. B@d poni ¿wtf do u tink u doing?

Johnny: I’ve never spoken to another human being in my whole life. Every time I sneeze my parents beat me or the girl I’m interested in. Also, I’m rlly hardcore so let’s run away to Canada girl to escape our horrible parents bc I secretly have a job and earned money to buy tickets to Canada.

Steve: u lik cars and Steve tinks that’s hot. Also did I mention Steve likes cars?

Two-Bit: *is always drunk* *has never been sober ever* what is sober??? Makes you laugh by falling off of something and srsly injuring himself

Dally: I’m a cold hearted dick who hates and disrespects every girl except you. *cheats on you with another girl* wait no y/n itz no wat it loks lik!!1!!1!! *cries when you break up with him and leave* *plays guitar outside your window* *has your babies*

My thoughts on the Riverdale finale

* I knew the second Cheryl gave Veronica the Vixens she’d commit suicide. Anyone seen 13 reasons why? The first sign of suicide: Giving away things that you love

* I was ready to tear Archie into shreds but nope, came out he just wanted to be Veronica’s soul mate. You are, Archiekins

* Ronnie ships Bughead, guys

* I hate Hermione Lodge and Penelope Blossom. Worst parents of the year award goes to them

* On the other hand, FP wins best parent of the year award. He gave Jug Hot Dog and made sure he wasn’t alone. I want him out of jail NOW

* Have y'all seen how vulnerable Alice looked when she told Betty about her son? No makeup, no fancy clothes. Just her. I love her.

* I’m not the biggest fan of Ronnie but I like how she took care of Cheryl and tried to befriend Jug

* Josie is a good person. I like her. And looking at her parents, I understand why she’s a bitch sometimes

* I want Cheryl to leave her mom and move in with Ronnie. Then I want Ronnie to bitch slap her mom for being a heartless whore

* 10 bucks it was someone hired by the Sheriff or the mayor to hang that shit up on Betty’s locker

* Another 10 bucks it was someone hired by Hirem to kill Fred

* I need a gazillion gifs of that love reveal and another gazillion gifs of that make out session. I knew Jug wasn’t awkward during sex. He’s a fucking man

* Btw can I have a copy of Jug on my front door? He’s so fucking hot

* I like Varchie but tbh I screamed all the time to get back to Bughead. That shit was hot and I was surprised they’d go all the way THAT fast

* Btw Kudos to Betty for that speech. And of course the love of her life was the first one to applaud

* Betty stop worrying about Jug being a Serpent now. They proved time and time again that they’re loyal and good people. I mean, have you seen the kids laughing with Jug? They’re cool. Also, now you have a hot biker gang boyfriend who punches assholes who dishonor you (I’m jealous)

* Did anyone get a glimpse on Hot Dog? He looked like a Lab or a Goldie but FINALLY HOT DOG

* I need Archie’s song as MP3


Did I mention Jughead Jones was so fucking hot this episode?

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Can I request a peter parker x reader where they are fighting at the airport in cacw and she is like Wonder Woman plz and thanks

Originally posted by suckstobemeforaday

Title: Love at First Fight?

Word Count: 1,199

Warnings: fighting, but that’s pretty much it

A/N: Yay! First request! I didn’t want to totally copy Wonder Woman, but I hope my little creation of a character resembles her enough! Enjoy!

Ever since you’d lost your home and all of your family, you’d been living with the global phenomenon that was The Avengers. You’d been with them for quite a bit of time now, and was accepted into their family with open arms. Wanda loved to act as your older sister, Natasha was protective by helping you train your combat skills, Tony had made sure that you started to lead a normal life as a teenage meta-human by forcing you to go to school. It was rocky at first, but you started to learn how to act around your peers. Being raised as a warrior made it hard for you to fit in at first at school.

Over the time you had been living with the Avengers, the atmosphere was getting rocky. The government wanted to have more control over the Avenger’s operations and Steve thought that would hinder their ability to give immediate help. Tony thought it was essential for you guys to have rules and a system to live by, or, as he’d put it, you were no better than the bad guys you sought to fight. Even though you were only a teenager, you had a strong opinion and agreed with Steve; if there was a system of when you should and shouldn’t intervene, you could miss opportunities to save countless lives.

Now you were standing at the sides of your fellow Avengers facing other members of your super-family. The stakes were risen once Bucky was brought into the picture. Steve had become an international outlaw, but you trusted him and Bucky, and you had sided with him. When you saw Natasha on the other end of the runway, it broke your heart. You were hoping that you wouldn’t have to fight her because, frankly, she was a better combatant than you; granted, she had more years under her belt than you did. She was joined by Tony, Vision, Rhodes, and an unfamiliar man with a suit that represented a black cat.

Tony and Steve were going back and forth, and Tony shouted, “Underoos!” Out of nowhere a body flipped over your heads and in the confusion you realized he had stolen Steve’s shield. He was a lanky boy with a red and blue suit and a spider insignia on his chest. This must’ve been the Spider-Man you’d heard about on the news.

Tony gave Steve one last chance, but it was too late; both sides were already charging at each other. You went for Spider-Man, as he had Steve’s shield, and was met with him jumping above and behind you. You immediately turned around and lunged with your sword. He hid behind the shield and was thrown back by the ricochet of the vibranium. You used this moment to kick the shield out of his hands, but he dodged your next lunge at him with the butt of your sword. He was fast, but you were too; you followed his movements and threw your sword at the web he’d shot.

“Mr. Stark said you were fast, but not that fast!” He exclaimed and you paused because his voice sounded so young. He used your confusion as a moment to get away. “See ya!” You growled to yourself under your breath and held out your hand for your sword to return to your hand. You followed the boy towards the terminal and jumped from the ground up into the glass that was on the second floor.

Above you you could hear the web slinger and also some scuffling from the ground. Ahead you could see Bucky and Sam both running away, trying to dodge the boy shooting webs at them. They fought, but Spider-Man managed to subdue them both on the ground. By the time you’d reached them they were glaring at each other and were surprised to see you. “Nice going.” You teased and cut them free with your sword.

“Kid, don’t tell Steve about this.” Sam stood up and brushed the stray tendrils off his shoulders. Bucky smirked and you did too.

“I promise.” With that you ran off to follow the spiderling and jumped out another window. You looked around the chaos for the red and blue but was distracted by Scott Lang growing the size of a small building. This seemed to catch everyone off guard.

It was then that you found your target; he swung around trying to find a weakness. While you were running to join your team, he found it, and started to swing around his legs to constrict his movement. After making enough rounds, Spider-Man was able to immobilize him and topple him over. He flew up to the top of a broken plane and you could tell he was dizzy. You jumped up to him and used the butt end of your sword to try and knock him over.

He had gained enough of his balance to jump out of the way. He shot a web at your feet tugged so you fell on your back. He disappeared off the side of the plane and you jumped down to the ground to pursue him. When you didn’t see him, you turned to go back to the top of the plane but was interrupted by a flash of red and blue.

You opened your eyes and saw that Spider-Man had pinned you down.

“Mr. Stark told me to catch you from above, because you tend to forget about the air.” He explained and you tried to wriggle yourself free. Your strength was no match for his leverage on you, that meant he also possessed super strength.

“But did he mention I am a demigod?” You felt your skin grow hot and you could tell by the look of the boy’s eyes that your eyes were also lit with a flame. “I’m the daughter of Ares, god of war, and the fire of battle rests inside me!” You shouted and a giant pulse of energy threw him off of you right into the plane you’d just jumped off of. Your hands held flames, and you picked up your sword which lit up with your new energy. You leaped the distance from you to the plane and held your blade to his face threateningly.

“Wait, what’s your name?” He sounded like he was about to lose consciousness. You didn’t want to take the chance of being taken advantage of though, so you held your stance.


“I’m Peter Parker. I’m… from Queens.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because after this I was hoping we’d be friends…” His body relaxed and you did too. The flames in your hands and eyes extinguished and you felt your temperature go back to normal.

“Okay, Mr. Stark…” He muttered in defeat and let his arms and body go limp. “Mr. Stark has told me to back off, so you don’t have to worry about me.” His voice was almost a whisper, and you turned to join everyone else. Something stopped you, though, and you turned your head over your shoulder.

“You said you’re from Queens?”

“Yeah.” He attempted to sit up.

“I’ll find you, Peter Parker.” You smirked and jumped to the battle to help Steve and Bucky make their getaway.

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can we get alex touching herself for maggie?

Hells yeah we can.

She’s exhausted – emotionally, mentally, physically – she’s exhausted, she’s drained.

But god, does she want her.

She wants her on her tongue, wants her in her blood, wants Maggie every way it’s possible to want someone. Every way she never thought she could want someone.

But she’s not the only one whose body is bruised and whose heart is scarred; not the only one who was activated by the sight, the sound, the reality, of Lilian Luthor, in their presence, in their bar.

The bar where Lilian had orchestrated the massacre of so many of Maggie’s friends. Just because of…

Alex won’t think about it, can’t, but she knows enough to let the woman who’s burning her skin with pleasant flames just with the power of memory, of fantasy, of love… she knows enough, grieves enough, to let Maggie sleeps.

Because sleep is all too rare, these days.

So Alex tries not to wake her and she tries not to disturb her, but god, god, fuck, she wants her.

She bites her lip as her eyes graze over Maggie’s sleeping, peaceful face, hair tossed slightly over her forehead.

She bites her lip as she slips her hand, quietly, quietly, down her own pajama pants.

She bites her lip to help her swallow her gasp as her strong fingers sweep over her clit.

She bites her lip and she rolls her hips slightly, softly, desperately trying not to wake Maggie, but god, does she need more. 

She needs more, because images of Maggie’s tongue between her legs, the feeling of her fingers slipping deep, deep inside her, the ecstasy of her mouth on her nipples, her hands on her ass, flash through her mind and tear through her body.

She glances at Maggie – still sleeping peacefully – and she shifts.

Shifts so she’s laying on her stomach instead of on her back, shifts so when her fingers draw hard, fast circles right above her clit, the added pressure of the mattress, of gravity, courses through her veins.

She tries to breathe into her pillow so her increasingly ragged breath doesn’t wake her; tries to keep her hips relatively still so the movement rocking the bed doesn’t disturb her; but when she thinks about, dreams about, fantasizes about, the way Maggie’s head tilts back, the way her fingers reach up for Alex’s breasts, the way Maggie moans her name like a prayer, when Alex rides her, needy and reckless and solid, Alex can’t stop the sharp hiss of breath from forcing out of her lips.


Maggie’s voice is groggy and thick with sleep, and Alex curses internally, swallowing a whine, her body frozen.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Go back to sleep babe, it’s only me.”

But Maggie blinks her eyes open and the effect would be adorable if Alex weren’t so turned on.

“You okay? Did you have another nightmare, Ally, did you – “

But her eyes sweep down to the way Alex’s hands are pinned beneath her body, underneath her hips; the way Alex’s face is flushed, the way she’s breathing quickly, the way her eyes are fire and clarity and thirst.

“Danvers,” she says again, and her voice is still full of the gravel of sleep, but now it’s layered with something else. Something deeper, something needier. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to uh… disturb.”

Alex turns so her face is buried in her pillow, groaning, and Maggie slips closer to her instantly.

“Hey, hey, Alex, look at me.”


“Alex, please, babe.”

Alex shifts so one eye is off the pillow, and the little Maggie can see of her face is tinged with red.

“I’m sorry, Maggie, it… I didn’t mean to wake you, and it’s stupid, and I – “ 

She starts shifting off her stomach as she talks, and Maggie hovers her hands just shy of touching her, but the effect is the same: Alex stills.

“Whoa whoa, Alex, no, it’s not…” She blinks sleep out of her eyes and she leans up on her elbow, cheek resting on her hand. “It’s not stupid, babe, I’m glad you were…” Maggie smiles and she touches Alex’s chin gently, tenderly, lovingly. “I’m glad you were taking care of yourself. You have nothing to be embarrassed about, Danvers, it uh… it… it’s pretty hot, actually.”

Alex turns her face so she can see Maggie fully, now, fire stoking again in the pit of her stomach at Maggie’s admission.

“It is?”

Maggie lets out a single laugh. 

“Uh, yeah. Big time, Danvers. Did you um… did you want to… continue? I didn’t mean to disturb you, I…”

Alex bites her lip. “You’re not disturbing me.”

Something that looks a lot like a supernova flashes in Maggie’s eyes. “Do you want… help? I can talk you through it. If you want.”

“Talk me through it?”

“If you’re comfortable. I mean, we don’t have to – “

“No, I just… you mean you want me to keep going. And you…”

“Talk you through it.”

“Talk me through it. While I touch myself.”

Maggie’s breath hitches. “That’s the basic idea, Danvers.”

“That would be… fun for you?”

Maggie’s eyes rake up and down Alex’s body and she takes a long, slow breath. “Yeah. Yeah, it definitely would.”

Alex’s voice is small when she answers, but god, is she sure.

“Okay then.”


“Yes. Please?”

“So what um… what were you thinking about? Or what do you want me to tell you about?”

Alex purses her lips and Maggie kisses her temple. “It’s okay, babe, we don’t have to – “

“I want you to tell me a fantasy you have. About us. I mean, if you have any, you don’t have to, it’s okay if you don’t, I – “

“Danvers, you want me to talk to you while you touch yourself for me or not?”

Alex hisses and Maggie grins.

“So um… that’s a yes?”

“Please Maggie?”

“Okay. You tell me if what I say isn’t hot for you, I can change it, okay? So um… sometimes I think about… uh… Fuck, um.”

Alex bites her lip for her, her eyes wide, her hips starting to move on her own fingers again, and it’s all the inspiration Maggie needs.

“Sometimes I think about having you strip for me, like you did the week after our first Valentine’s Day.”

“You liked that?” Alex asks breathlessly.

“God yeah. So I think about having you strip for me, in that little slip you have, dancing on me and… mmmm… Al, do you mind if I um… Can I – “

She gestures with her hand toward her own hips, and Alex squeaks. “Yes,” she pleads as Maggie grins and brings her hand down to her own boxers. She sighs with relief and lets her head drop back into the pillow before turning her face back to Alex.

To watch Alex.

“And I think about how I wanna bend you over the couch – color?”

“Green, fuck, Mags.”

“Excellent. So uh… I wanna bend you over the couch… our couch… and I don’t want you to strip completely. I wanna fuck you while you’re still wearing that little slip, while that black thong you have is still on.”

Alex whines at the rasp in Maggie’s voice, her hips rising and falling onto her hands quicker now, quicker and harder.

“I wanna slip my fingers inside you from behind – god I love how wet you get for me – do you wanna do that now, babe, do you wanna fuck yourself for me?”

Alex lifts her hips and pushes aside her underwear in answer, moaning out a sigh of relief when she feels how soaked Maggie’s already made her.

“Tell me what to do?” she asks, and Maggie shudders through a sharp groan.

“Slip two fingers at once inside yourself, babe, just like you like me to do to you.”

Alex whines and Alex thrashes, and Maggie slips her fingers into the slit of her own boxers.

“Damn it, Danvers,” she rasps, and Alex grins somewhat cockily through her Maggie-induced haze.

“What should I do next, Maggie?” she begs, and Maggie practically growls.

“Put your palm on your clit, babe, and bring your ass up for me if you want. Cuz you know, this is me fucking you bent over the couch, right?”

Alex’s eyes squeeze shut as she swallows a scream and she does as she’s told. 

“More?” she begs, and her hips are starting to thrash erratically.

“You wanna slip another finger in, show me how tight you are for, babygirl?” Maggie asks, and Alex cums, wrecked and unraveled and unrestrained, before she can even obey.

Maggie puts her hand on Alex’s back while Alex works herself through her orgasm, Maggie’s name on her breathless lips.

“You are so fucking gorgeous, Alex Danvers,” Maggie tells her, and god, does she mean it.

“I’m sorry,” Alex whispers as soon as she has enough breath, and Maggie’s brow furrows in the depths of her confusion.

“What – “

“I came too soon, you weren’t done with your story or with… with yourself. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, Alex, no, no, babe, you never have to apologize for feeling pleasure, okay? That’s the point, that’s literally the point: you feeling good, okay? If that takes two minutes or three hours, if you wanna take all that time to cum once or to cum as many times as you can count, that’s okay. Everything you want is okay. And hot. Also hot. You’re very hot. Did I mention you’re hot? God, I sound like you.”

“Mmmm, are we gonna be that couple that starts talking like each other?”

“It’s quite possible, Danvers. You’re pretty alluring.”

Alex beams and sighs as she slips her fingers out of her body, wiping them on her pajama pants before shifting closer to Maggie and bringing her hands, her lips, to Maggie’s face.

“I am, aren’t I?”

Maggie chuckles at her beautiful, perfect nerd and kisses her slow, soft, with parted lips and an open heart, until they both drift back to sleep.


Literary symmetry at its finest.

20 Questions

Tagged by @literallysubjective​, who I think is an absolute sweetheart ❤︎

Rules: Answer the twenty questions and tag some people.

Name: Hannah
Nickname: Han, Panda, Goose
Birthday: September 10th
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 5′2″
Orientation: 99% straight
Nationality: Chinese
Favorite Fruit: pineapple
Favorite Season: fall the season of death
Favorite Flower: hibiscus… or a dahlia idk
Favorite Book: Waiting for Godot (it’s a tragicomedy, like my life lol)
Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa: hot chocolate + coffee
Average sleep hours: 6
Cat or Dog: I have 2 cats, but I’d rather have a dog
Favorite fictional character: Yamada Aoi, from Working!!
Blog created: June 2015
Hobbies: I don’t have any. I study all the time during the school year, and during the summer, I work. I have no life 😭
Top 3 Favorite Otome Games: Eldarya, The Cinderella Contract (I would die for Asena), and My Candy Love since I play no other games
Fictional place you want to visit: ohmygod send me to E L D A R Y A
Top 3 countries you want to visit: Japan, France, Australia
Top 3 favorite songs: Crawl - Veltpunch, Selene - Imagine Dragons, Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran

That’s me! Now tagging some good fellas: @its-chras-not-cas @shinebrightlikeanimeglasses @mcl-outsa @redrose04 @maylinbae @channyni @mcl-alegria

A Crossroad Deal (4)

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Summary: After getting out of a long term relationship, you try to move on with your life. However, having spent the last three years unavailable, you are not sure you know how to get back out there again, let alone if you even want to. That is, until you meet Jeon Jungkook, the barista at your college coffee shop. He is more than happy to help you wet your toes in the dating scene again, but at what cost?

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter (Coming Soon)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: A little of everything 

Word Count: 10k

College!Jungkook, somewhat FuckBoy!Jungkook

Warning: 18+ only please. language, thigh ridding, orgasm denial, dom!Jungkook, dirty talk, and semi public sex. This is filth, you have have been warned.

A/N: I have no clue where this came from?? I finished the chapter and it just was there?? My soul will never be the same again. Hope you enjoy!

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I SAW SPIDER-MAN AND ITS GREAT HERES SOME THOUGHTS (as seen on Twitter + some new ones)

-the opening scene with Peter is the best thing marvel has done to date
-like they nailed teenage boys
-also it was just too funny
-I love Tom, I’m sorry I doubted you
-perfect usage of RDJ, not too much just enough
-I want all of Peter’s shirts
-Ned had meme stickers on his computer which like same
-Karen was great and I love that her name is Karen
-I did peace signs when the went to D.C. lol
-the spider man theme can’t be cool it’s cheesy u tried
-I actually gasped at the plot twist
-peep me literally grabbing the chair and looking around when Zendaya said the thing at the end I was like MOVIE YA PLAYED ME
-did I mention I love Tom Holland
-he’s like adorable and hot at the same time v confuse
-also Peter was in like Spanish 1 and his accent sucked
-but best depiction of high school in a movie ever
-smart kids were geeks, losers, bullies, athletes??? like in real life??? Revolutionary in film
-that hall pass in that one scene I was like “that’s it that’s high school y'all nailed it”
-go see it
-i love Tom


Cross-Ship: Bonnie Bennett & Dean Winchester

“Since you mentioned you ship Bonnie and dean could you do a gif set of why you think they would be good together?”

– anon

I don’t really cross-ship but I would totally be down with Bonnie and Dean because well frankly, I think they would be a really hot couple but more than that, I think they have a lot in common; they both have a pathological need to sacrifice for the people around them while at the same time have a strong desire for an ordinary life. At their cores, they’re kindred spirits and the lengths they’ll go to protect their loved ones and do the right thing but their personalities are different enough that would keep their relationship interesting. I think it would be extremely funny and interesting to watch the two of them do a case together and moving to see the two of them help each other through their sorrows and pain. Also, did I mention how hot they’d like together?

Can we just take a looky at this old scene again...

So to start us off…

These two decide to full blown charge on Gen. Are they planning on punching him? Restraining him?? What are you guys planning??? 

Regardless, Gen just extends that limb and grabs Ceylan’s hood

Oh no there he goes, throw that to the side, goodbye

Toxsa’s turn, here we go again, grabs the head band

But he just flicks it down

There they go, so much for brave warriors- GeN WHAT ARE YOU DOING

yoU CAN JUMP THAT HIGH? and still maNAGE TO LOOK MENACING?? ( he must do some crazy squats to just hella jump like that damn )

Guren you better watch out one of your future boy friends is FLYING

just kidding despite that crazy jump he must’ve missed the landing (any one else digging that cat-ear lookin’ hairstyle?)



Because theRE HE GOES

roonilbloodywazlib  asked:

What do you think of ''I work in this huge book store, and you come everyday to read this really thick book, but never buy it because it's too expensive, hey you can use my discount card/ or let me steal it for you, did I mention you're too damn hot? Percabeth or tratie au?

“Do you want to use my discount card to buy that?”

Percy jumped about a mile, abruptly slamming the book shut and fumbling it between his hands. He managed to catch it, tucking it under one arm and staring at the girl who’d spoken. “What - uh, I mean - sorry?”

She was leaning against the edge of the bookcase, arms folded over her chest and one eyebrow raised. She nodded towards the book. “Do you want to use my discount to buy it?”

His eyes skated over her, taking in the grey slacks and the name badge pinned to her white shirt. He squinted and tried to make out the name. “Ah - thanks, but I - I couldn’t, really.”

Her grey eyes narrowed. “You come in here all the time, and you always grab that book. I can tell that you’re working your way through it. You might as well buy it so you can at least read it in the comfort of your own home.”

His eyes widened. He was really hoping she hadn’t noticed the frequency of his visits, or the way he lurked in the aisle. “No, I mean I…” He rubbed the back of his neck. Well, this was already ridiculously embarrassing, he figured it couldn’t get much worse. “I can’t afford it.”

“So use my discount,” the girl insisted. And then, for good measure, added, “Duh.”

“No, I mean, I still wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

The girl blinked. For a moment she was absolutely still, and then she uncrossed her arms and held them out towards Percy. “Give it here.”

He panicked. She was going to take the book from him and kick him out. Goodbye book, goodbye beautiful but terrifying girl, goodbye dignity, Percy was about to be banned from a bookstore.

Figuring he had no other option, Percy handed the book over. The girl took it and spun on her heel, marching towards the register.

Percy followed with downcast eyes. “Sorry,” he said quietly, “I’ll just -”

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked, voice almost a snap, and Percy stopped dead in his tracks.

She’d gone behind the register and was still holding the book in her hands, and Percy’s panic intensified. He hadn’t been doing anything illegal, she couldn’t actually get him in any sort of real trouble, could she?

But then, as he watched, she scanned the book, typed something into the register, and then pulled her purse out from underneath the counter.

“What?” Percy asked, absolutely dumbfounded.

She continued on as if he hadn’t spoken, scanning her employee ID and then her credit card. She put the book in a bag and then held it out. “There you go.”

“What,” Percy repeated, because none of this made any sense.

“For you,” she said, speaking very slowly. “From me. Take it.”

“But I can’t - that book was expensive, I can’t just take it from you!”

“Yes you can! Either you come and grab this book right now or I’m going to hit you over the head with it,” she snapped, and something about her expression told Percy she wasn’t kidding.

He scurried forward and grabbed the bag, and she smiled. 

“Thank you,” he breathed, completely overwhelmed. “But I don’t understand, why would you -”

She shrugged. “Everyone should have the opportunity to read. If you’ve found a book that you like so much you’re willing to come stand in the store and read a little bit of it every day, the least I can do is make sure you get a chance to read it properly.”

The letters on her name tag finally swam into focus. “Thank you, Annabeth.”

She looked up when he said her name, holding his gaze. Her smile softened to something more intimate, and Percy felt a blush warm his cheek. 

She hesitated, and then said, “You’re welcome…”

“Percy,” he supplied.

“Percy,” she repeated. “I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll stop coming into the store, though.”

His shy smile turned into a full grin. “Oh, I’ll still be in every day.”

Annabeth ducked her head, tucking a stray curl behind her ear. When she looked up at Percy through her eyelashes, his heart flipped. “I look forward to it.”


modern au where jeyne and theon end up becoming unlikely friends and every so often when one or both of them are feeling down they get together for movie night and stupid selfies and delivery pizza and hot chocolate, because okay their lives aren’t perfect but they deserve some fucking happiness

Introduction Time!

Hi! My name is Tracy! I have just finished grade 9.

  • I’m 14 years old
  • I’m 5′7″
  • I speak Mandarin and English
  • My birthday is on July 26
  • I don’t actually know what I want to major in yet
  • I started this studyblr to show my improvement throughout high school and also to motivate me to study more
  • I want to start calligraphy/brush lettering soon!

Things I like:

  • Reading
  • Wearing heels!
  • Math
  • Chinese Dramas ( I just finished Scarlet Heart T_T)

Things I don’t like:

  • Hot temperatures
  • That specific brand of cup ramen that they serve on international flights from Air Canada
  • Did I mention hot temperatures??

Some of my favorite blogs who inspired me are:

  • @studyquill - I really like her note layouts!
  • @studydiaryofamedstudent - the white aesthetic is very pretty
  • @studyign - she was actually the first studyblr that I watched on yt
  • @cmpsbls - they have good tips for studying
  • @xiotetudes - they reblog helpful and inspirational stuff
  • @studycal - there’s a lot of aesthetic-y notes on her acc
  • @waystostudy - their notes are more focused on content, which is a refreshing difference,
  • @kouiro - very active, there’s a lot of note-taking style difference shown