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Criminal Minds Rewatch Thought #63

Spencer Reid is a real life Disney Prince and I will fight you on this.

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The Most Beautiful Man in the World

Summary: Jordan escorts a drunk Stiles home, and finds out a lot more than he expected.

Notes: Oops, I wrote another one of @captain-snark’s prompts. (On AO3)

“Stiles, I think you’ve had enough,” Jordan says as kindly as possible.

“Nope, I definitely haven’t,” Stiles says, slurred but determined. “I can still feel my…feelings.”

“I’ll be lucky if you can still feel your legs,” Jordan grumbles to himself. He takes Stiles’ arm, and gently tugs. “Let’s take you and your feelings home, okay?”

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My attempt at Thenvunin but I’m not good at fancy elves, hehe. -DaggerArcadia

How would it be like to meet EXO (Part one)

This is just my speculation, probably not even close to reality. It’s just how imagine them :) Ara~

1.Baekhyun: I kind of think he would be very polite at the beginning, show a lot of respect; maybe he would even be a little bit timid. But then he would slowly try to get along, try to know a little about you, try to talk about anything and even make you laugh. I think Baek is that sort of person that becomes your friend without you even realizing. So yeah, I think meeting Baekyun wouldn’t be awkward at all because he’s that easy going and knows exactly who he is and knows how to break that barrier. 

2.Chanyeol: Just like Baekhyun, I think Chanyeol is very easy going to. But unlike Baek, Chanyeol would start with the jokes from second one. Maybe you’ll get a hug too. Of course just by staring at him you’ll burst into laughter and he will too. I kind of think that meeting Chanyeol is like one of those days that you can say “today was the best day of my life”, not just becaus he’s an idol and maybe your bias, I just kind of think he’s an amazing person, our happy virus, someone that can make you forget all your troubles in just one second. And he knows it, and he is so pure and probably will try his best while he’s with you/anyone.

3.Jongdae: I kind of think it would be a little bit awkward at the beginning. Even though this boy is all love and also has an easy going personality, sometimes I feel like he’s a cute smol bean when he’s alone and meeting new people. Maybe it’ll be that kind of moment where both of you just say “uhmm.. hey… uhmm what’s up… uhmmm” and as you two start talking, he’ll open more and from one moment to another he’ll make you feel comfortable enough to look at him in the eye. I kind of also picture him blushing a little and even take a picture with you, making some awkward jokes that will end up in a lot of laughs as the awkwardness breaks. 

4.Jongin: I think there are like two versions of Nini. The smol shy bean and the all funny boi. If you meet the first one, it’ll end up in a lot of bows, so much cute awkward silences, maybe him stepping on your foot accidentally, blushing faces, and little smiles. And if you meet the second one, it’d be like you two were best friends since childhood, he’ll make jokes, maybe tickle you, take some pictures, call sehun to help him tickling you, and so on. But leaving that aside, I think that meating Nini would be unforgettable, he’s an angel.

5.Junmyeon: Meeting Junmyeon would be like meeting your hero and your dad’s friends in one person… Like I think he’s so so so polite (which I admire so much) and he’s such a great person that one must think that even breathing is wrong because there’s so much perfection going on there, in front of your eyes, that you don’t want to interrupt that or something xD. But I also think that he woudl try so so hard on making things less awkward, yet he would be so polite, explaining his jokes and everything and you would be in such awe because… he is perfect. Did I mention he’s perfect? (And no, he isn’t my bias xD) But yes, I kind of think one would stand just there, trying to think what’s going on while he does the talking and the smiling and the pictures and the friendly things and bonding stuff and being perfect xD.

6.Kyungsoo: (I LOVE THIS BABY SO MUCH) Okay so, meeting Kyungsoo would be like… scary? Not because he’s scary or something, he’s just too serious, probably too shy around new people. Honestly I would just stand there and probably he would just stare at me/you/anyone, trying to figure out what to say and/or do. He would give a gentle smile and be sooooooooooooooo polite and if he manages to feel a little bit comfortable even make a funny comment. I kind of think of him as that kind of person that is hard to first talk to but then as it goes you end up talking about how the universe was created, or how your cat ended up sleeping on your head XD So yeah, I kind of picture it as a weird encounter, maybe a little bit awkward at the beginning but one of a kind.


zaynsfreepalestinetweet recieved around 130 messages of love to Liam (x). I read them all and translated them into key words and numbers. 

the other boys version: (x)

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but why do you find Michael Rooker attractive? I just don't see it, I was thinking it's cause of his age but I find Chibs from SOA and Johnny Depp attractive so idk

Umm well his face XD Like the first time I saw him I thought he was so hot I had to watch TWD to see more of him XD I just love his eyes and how strong his features are I guess…I also love his body XD like he’s perfectly thicc XD like he isn’t scrawny…AND GOD DID I MENTION HIS PERFECT FACE XD  (I love Tommy Flanagan too and really him it’s for his face like goddamn he looks so manly…but Johnny Depp…not so much actually his features are too weird looking for me…)MY QUESTION IS HOW CAN YOU NOT FIND HIM ATTRACTIVE?? xD like he can be just as cute as he is hot

anonymous asked:

The evaks ruin skam for me with all their "my bby isak is perfect and unproblematic, he would never just punch someone, did I mention he's perfect and has never done anything wrong in his life, like ever?"

uhhhh hard same….. listen I love love loved s3,,, but the creepy fetishizers ruined evak for me to the point that Im jus out here having a genuinely great time mocking them……… like, isak isn’t a great person…,, he’s out here decking dudes in the face for no reason and he’s out here whitesplaining racism to sana,,,, likes he’s not a baby…………………

anonymous asked:

umm my crush is super nice looking with dark hair and beautifully thick eyebrows and a jawline sharper than freakin chedder and has the cutest damn smile everrrrr ughhh and was even the lead guitarist for the greatest band to ever exist??? like woww. and his singing (and talking) voice is so relaxing and adorable 💕💕💕 did i mention he's super super sweet?? my sweet lord, he's perfect.

i love george harrison too 😂

tell me about your crushes!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thursday!

I freaking hate turkey. In fact, most of the traditional Thanksgiving foods are not exactly things I love to eat…but there is one thing I fucking LOVE to eat, and everyone knows I love it because they all make/bring me PIE. If Dean were at my house right now, he would be in heaven, because not only would I make it the best night of his life (and mine lol ) but also because there is so much fucking awesome pie. 

I freaking love…

Skip turkey and green bean casserole 

because ..

I tried helping make dinner, but I am like West in the kitchen

So I guess I should say things I am thankful for…first of all I am thankful for Supernatural. It is literally my life, and watching the show has changed my life, I won’t get all into it now but it helped me through so much and some people might not get that but not only does watching the episodes over and over make everything better, the actors are fucking amazing…truly awesome people and because of the show I have met some fucking amazing people in this awesome fandom. It also gives me lot of hobbies- editing pics and gifs, making videos, writing fan fic…It is not just a show, it changes your life for the better and I would never make it if Supernatural ended or never existed. 

So…Things I am thankful for:

  • Supernatural

  • Dean Winchester

  • Castiel 

  • Sammy

  • Destiel   

  • Sam & Dean   

  • Crowley
  • Deanmon

  • Jensen Ackles     

  • Misha Collins    

  • Jared Padalecki        

  • J2

  • Did I mention Jense Ackles’s fine sexy ass…he is so fucking gorgeous and perfect and oh so hot 


    Ok what was I saying?….Oh yeah

  • Cockles

  • J2M

  • Gag reels
  • Mishalecki

  • Dean’s dimples
  • Dean taking his shirt off
  • shirtless!Sam

  • THIS

  • ^^ Look Closely at Jensen’s left leg…omg yes
  • Scruff
  • There is too many hot things about the show to name..how there is so much porn, gun porn, hand porn, all that sexy stuff because Sam, Dean, and Cas are fucking hot (so are many others  like Matt, but  they are the main ones)
  • So just to name a few..gun/hand porn

  • Those scenes that are put in there to mind fuck us and drive us fucking insane because they are so hot

  • Shots like this…OK I’m gonna stop there, cuz damn I could go on forever… back to what I’m thankful for…

  • Those hilarious scenes and just how this show is so fucking awesome because every episodes has at least one hilarious line in it              

  • The way we take thing from the show and they become a part of our lives…

  • Shower scenes
  • The way Jensen always pouts his sexy luscious lips

  • They way Dean is PURE SEX

  • How every single thing Dean does is sexy, just looking up or that thing he does where his jaw moves a little, t bit..ugh I swear to Chuck some day this man will fucking kill me with his hotness                                       

  • Just everything about Dean because he is the most perfect, hot, sexy, hilarious, thing in the world 

  •   This Fandom!    

  • Jensen joining Twitter and posting selfies 

  • Supernatural Conventions

  • And so many more things I want to add but this is so long and I gotta stop…but I just love everything about the show, and this fandom. I love each and every one of my followers-thanks for being awesome I love you all <3

#had to add a few hot things I thought of after I blogged this but there seriously millions of things I could add