did i mention he's perfect

I have no idea who the model everyone keeps using as Laurent is, but like i’m 100% sure Roger Garth is the perfect Laurent. 

  • cheekbones
  • clean jaw
  • full lips
  • androgynous 
  • did I mention that he’s pretty as fuck? 
  • just look at how beautiful and sweet he looks
  • this is my favorite picture of him btw
  • those blond locks
  • the bright blue eyes 
  • I could go on for hours really 
  • also he’s a model too  
  • want short haired Laurent? 
  • here you have him
  • prefer long haired?
  • I’ve got you fam
  • and as a conclusion have a smiling Laurent because we all know that Laurent’s smiles light up the darkness with how beautiful they are

tl;dr: Roger Garth is the perfect Laurent and I cannot handle this.

Rhysand Fancast: Riz Ahmed

I’ve made this case before but hear me out:

Just look at that adorable, smarmy smile. Look at his face and tell me that you can’t hear him saying “Feyre, darling” in that adorable British accent (did I mention he’s British?)

That perfect face holding her at night, wrapping her in his arms, holding her at night.

Look at that perfect, beautiful, gentle face and tell me he isn’t Rhysand. I dare you.

And if you think he’s too skinny to play Rhysand, you should watch The Night Of

There are many things that I
Would like to say to you
But I don’t know how.

Because maybe
You’re gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You’re my wonderwall.

i’m love roadhog? i’m love roadhog. dxgfchjbk i love him so much. im gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay… he’s so beautiful!!! so. beautiful. i want to kiss him. im gonna smooch him. im gonna crawl into his lap and fUCIGn KISS HI M right on the fuckign F ACE AAAAAAAAAAAA. i wanna. fall asleep. in his big. meaty. arms. oh my god i love roadhog. i love mako “roadhog” rutledge im want to give him a roadHUG dfgthujilkjhjfchgjk he is. the best. he is perfect. did i mention that i love him. i love roadhog. i loooooooooooooooooooooove roadhog. if roadhog punched me in the face i would thank him. aaaa i wanna cuddle him,, he is soft and warm. fucking incredible. i love roadhog. im gay for roadhog. i love roadhog.


Nothing can go wrong when one has a Common Sense, right? Right?

A huge Thank You to @knitpool, who deemed my contribution of Wade-sized afghans worthy of a Nanopool. He is sooo perfect! And tiny! Those tiny little stitches and all perfectly detailed! With a sword even! And a belt buckle! Gaaaaahhhhh!

Did I mention he’s perfect?