did i mention he's 12

"Your waifu is shit!"

I’ve had quite a few run-ins with weebs, but this one was probably the most amusing, as well as the most recent.

For the sake of argument, let’s call my friend J and let’s call J’s friend… I don’t know, Creep-chan.

I’m currently attending community college (and have been for 2 years now, I’m transferring after this semester), so I’m used to encountering a large variety of strange people. This one, though… I still laugh every time I think about it.

Last year I was sitting in the campus cafeteria, waiting for my theater costume design class to begin, when I was approached by a classmate named J and a couple of his friends. J took the costuming class with me and though he had some minor weeb tendencies, he had good hygiene, didn’t speak broken Japanesse, and didn’t touch people without their permission so he was still a pleasant person to be around.

How he became friends with Creep-chan is beyond me.

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9 years old….9 fucking years old
What has this world come to? He hasn’t even reached the 6th grade!
Society has to change, this is fucking degrading and unacceptable, this boy had dreams, he had things he wanted to do when he grew up and now it’s all gone. That is just cruel.. Did I mention 9 YEARS OLD???!!! Even if he was 12, 15, 18, 26.. It would still not be ok. But that’s just too young, he didn’t even reach double digits. This breaks my heart, I want change in this world…

Reasons Enzo is Fabulous

1. He ships Klaroline.

2. He’s happy-go-lucky as fuck despite almost a century of torture. 

3. He clearly wants to be bros with Stefan. 

4. He clearly wants to be bros with Caroline. 

5. He clearly has the best taste in bros ever.

6. He’s loyal to Damon despite everything that happened between them.

7. He’s fine as hell. 

8. He has an accent. 

9. He ships Caroline with dudes who have accents. 

10. It’s unclear whether he’s the most even-keeled, understanding vampire ever or a complete and total sociopath, but either option would be awesome. 

11. His sense of style is shockingly good for a person who has been completely removed from the world for 70 years. 

12. Did I mention he ships Klaroline?