did i mention funny

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Hello and welcome to Griffin's amiibo Corner, I'm Griffin and this is the VR Zone, a beautiful virtual world that has proven to be an inescapable tormentor for this amiibo reviewer. It has been 3 weeks since my body and mind were surrendered to the harsh whims of the VR Zone, and I am beginning to worry that I may never see the light of the flesh world sun ever again. My connection to the outside world has been severed, leaving me stranded, adrift in a virtual sea that was designed for in-depth amiibo reviews but not for human survival. As such I have had to salvage the natural resources of this world to satisfy my life requirements, such as this lean-to shelter, which is surprisingly spacious and maybe even a little bit comfortable. This humble hut is home to me, and my only companion in this world; the Toad amiibo, whose paint lines were compromised in an attack on our hut by a swarm of Harvesters, a virtual menace that covets and seeks out foreign matter originating from the flesh world. Though my form is completely virtual I still desire sustenance. Obtaining food has led me to commit unforgivable acts of violence against the wildlife in the VR Zone, but such is the order of things, following a belief system that natives to the VR Zone call "The Great Wheel." My only other company in the VR Zone is the Dark Orb, which silently watches my endeavor to stay alive in this cruel environment. To touch the Dark Orb is to become one with the VR Zone and find peace in its endless quiet expanse, but to do so would betray my oneness and my human agency. Every day I greet the Orb like an old friend and consider its eternal offer. Every day I have refused, but I do not know how long my willpower can hold out, may The Great Wheel sustain me. This morning the Toad amiibo further gave of his body to aid in my survival. He forfeited his near-field communication chip embedded deep inside of his base, to help me attempt to establish a connection with my home terminal using this virtual machine, which is mostly comprised of wood, flesh, and teeth. In defiance of the Dark Orb's will, I will now attempt my escape, using this, my first and final lifeline. It seems to have worked! I can feel my home terminal's emergency protocols activating- wait, oh my god. Oh my god Toad, no. No please wait! Please god! Stop! Toad please! Come to me Toad! Please Toad no...

i know a lot of us would like to see Holster playing in the NHL one day, but consider this: 

adam “holster” birkholtz, the sassiest goddamn referee in the NHL (after mike leggo, of course)

here is some evidence:

  • he knows the rules, is an excellent skater, and likes to judge people
  • he is a Giant who can break up any and all fights
  • all the danger of an NHL game without the constant fear of being traded
  • his terrible fashion sense can still be represented in this ugly-ass uniform
  • still gets to wear a helmet so no one can see his awful hair cut
  • he still gets to curse, fine, and maintain control over the Sin Bin

he would 100% do this:

it would be really funny if this happened:

in summation, please make Holster a ref in your next fic because it’s A. hilarious and B. probs more realistic and C. DID I MENTION HOW FUCKING FUNNY IT IS

Reasons to watch Voltron: Legendary Defenders of the Universe

•POC representation
•crazy in depth plot!!
•character growth in everyone
•space gays!
•aDvENtURes iN sPAcE
•did I mention space?
• they all have personal troubles but work together to overcome them
•one of the main characters has a prosthetic arm and PTSD
•finding family
•bad guy that seems to have an interesting back story
•Lance’s comebacks
•Keith and Lance’s “rivalry”
•strong independent female characters!! •actually kinda emotional sometimes too
•super funny
•did I mention amazing characters and a super awesome plot line along with DEFENDING THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE even though they have no clue what to do

My college Humanities class had to do a presentation at the end of the semester. I have anxiety and I don’t like all eyes being on me. When the day came for everyone to share with the class I kept waiting and waiting to go. My professor sat behind me and one by one my classmates went, until there was 5 minutes left of class.
My professor said “Okay who wants to be the next victim”, there were three of us left who hadn’t gone and none of us dared to move. After a solid 30 seconds of awkward silence my professor whispers from behind me “Be brave”, so I marched my ass to the front of the room.

Boys Who Talk Shit™

author: internetpistol

YoonMin, TaeKook, NamJin


College AU

Description: When Yoongi enrolled in BTS (aka Boys who Talk Shit) Boarding School, he wasn’t really expecting to be the only ‘straight’ (to be read sarcastically) guy in a room of seven geniuses (aka children aged five to ten, honestly). Plus four pet spiders. Yes, plural.

Chaotic episodes in A Place of Love and War, where Yoongi learns all about True Love via Park Jimin, Music and Marriage. Sort of. Brain bleach and ear plugs are strongly recommended.

Comments: This story is wonderful.  It is funny, sweet, heart warming, did I mention funny, cracky, and fluffy with a little bit of sexy thrown in.  It about how Yoongi found a second family and home and love along the way, even though he wasn’t looking for it.  A wonderful, wonderful read.

I was messin around with the brushes from @bardofmotherfuck‘s version of sai they gave me and… wow Hemera… your brushes are pretty good!!!

This is my oc Xena btw, more info under the cut if you’re interested!

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I watched Wiishu’s youtube video with her and Jack and I couldn’t not smile the WHOLE VIDEO OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! <3 

Wiishu is adorable and I’ve just started watching her channel and I’ve seen her art and she’s so talented and pretty and funny… Did I mention totally adorable? Well she is!  

I love her art, it’s very different then what I’m used to seeing so it’s refreshing and pretty :) And I just had to draw a semi-chibi-ish picture of her because of this <3 I can’t wait to see what she’ll do on her channel and I wish I had looked her up a long time ago. GO WIISHU! WE LOVE YOU! 

Wiishi’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Wiishu

Art © By ArtistOfDarkness (ME)
Time taken © about 2 or so hours
Program used © Paint Tool Sai


My latest vid!!! This is dedicated to all the Carisi haters who need to see exactly WHY he is truly very HOT, adorable, funny, fantastic, and did I mention HOT???

This one’s a bit Rollisi since Rollins is the “hater” in this vid. But I think he begins to win her over … if only for a moment.

Anyway, a HUGE thanks to my hubby @fizvocool who not only provided some “sound drops” for this thing, but was also forced to beta it in parts AND was up at FOUR in the morning helping me to prepare something for Peter’s birthday since my hands don’t work. Yeah, anything involving scissors is the bane of my existence. I’ve got the mad cutting skills of a kindergartner! 

Also, I need to say thanks to @skittle479 for previewing this for me and giving it the stamp of approval!

So, apparently 18 year old Louis Tomlinson was 5'8 (1,72 m).

Do we think he grew? an inch (2 and a half centimetres) since then? Or have we solved the mystery of his height? x  

Resume of every outsiders imagine
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Darry:</b> Hey I'm overprotective and you made a stupid thing<p/><b>Pony:</b> omg we like the same books let's get married<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> I am so beautiful I want to cry<p/><b>Dally:</b> Did I mentioned that I was in jail ?????<p/><b>Two-bit:</b> I'm funny<p/><b>Steve:</b> Have u seen that car ???<p/><b>Johnnycake:</b> i cri<p/><b></b> *Everything I said was just humor, I love you fanfics/imagines/preferences writers <3 *<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Why You Should Read Transformers More Than Meets The Eye:

  • It’s gay.
  • Really gay.

  • Look I know they’re alien robots but they’re gay trust me.

  • It has a well written plot that will destroy your emotions. And has some awesome horror too!

  • By gay, I mean like multiple gay couples. One of which is married. 

  • Ladies arrive during season 2!

  • Very funny writing.

  • Did i mention it’s gay and killing me because “MUTUAL PINING WHERE THEY BOTH THINK IT’S UNREQUITED” and “I DON’T DESERVE HIM” are in play here and killing me slowly.

  • I need to yell at more people about this

  • Join me.

Lol not one of my better doodles but here you go
also oh my god what even are arms *cringes*

Jaefairy’s Love letter to his Exo Bias Wrecker

( Guess who it is. Winner gets my love and a cookie for five minutes.)

To Whom It May Concern:

I don’t give you enough attention as I should, but you sure as hell know how to get my attention. Anytime I find myself caught up in that wide grin and those cute big ears, you demand my attention and took me away from him. From your intense stare, and those lovely lovely lips…you get me so fucking weak.

There was a time when I first heard about you I wasn’t interested. You seemed like the other pretty boys that every girl was fawning over, but boy was I wrong. You’re hardworking, funny, and so full of energy. Did I mention that you’re petty too? You know I like those petty boys a bit too much. Also, the way you grind is a absolute sin. Can you not? Please. I need my heart for a few more years.

Then there’s the dreams. The sweet ones, the soft ones. The ones where I wake up with my underwear soaked, your name leaving my lips softly. It’s kind of embarrassing how hot you get me. When I saw your sketchers commercial, I had some unholy thoughts that didn’t leave my brain for a few weeks. You seem so sinful one minute, then so sweet and joyful the next.

I know I shouldn’t talk like this, but I’d let you have me any way you wanted If I could. I’d be good, and you wouldn’t have to beg for it (unless you wanted to ;) ). But horny hormones aside, You’re a sweetheart. I love watching you play games and just enjoy yourself. Don’t give up my sweet bias wrecker, your star is shining so very bright. Happy valentines day, Sweetie :)

With Love, Jaefairy

P.S. And if anyone else says you can’t act tell them to “cash me outside, how bout that? ”

wwecrazed2010  asked:

OOOh buddy, this promise could go wrong in so many ways, but it could also end up being AWESOME... I'm excited to see what happens. Also, based on what I've read of yours so far (*cough* everything *cough*) I'm in for the best tasting, heart wrenching, funny treat ever!!!! Oh, and did I mention I was excited. You keep doing you, boo. It's always great!

Hahahaha! I have ruined you! Now that you sort of expect stuff like this. It kinda makes me laugh a little. I will tell you right now that this series I have grown to love a lot (I have written the first 6 parts and planned out up to part 8 and I know how it ends) and I can definitely say that it’s going to be a ride. I hope you continue to enjoy it along the way. I’m very excited for this myself. Thank you for making me smile by the way! :) xoxox