did i know what eyeliner was!

realizing you’re on the ace spectrum like

“I’d hit that.” “You… you don’t even know them though??”

“Oh come on, everyone has a list of celebrities they’d totally have sex with if they had a chance.” “Haha yeah ok” *internally* what

"Ya so like for the past few years I’ve felt zero attraction to people I wasn’t friends with first?? Lol what’s up with that”

Why did you have to have sex with them?? Couldn’t you just hold it?? Like pee??

“You’ll meet someone who makes you feel like that someday, don’t worry” “……sounds fake but ok”

“Sex is an important part of a relationship! Everyone has sexual needs!” “….sounds fake but ok”

“Dude that girl is so hot” “I know right?? Look at her fucking eyeliner. Goals. The fuck.” “No I meant like… look at that ass” “Are we looking at the same person are you really focussing on her ass look at how visually appealing her outfit is and dont you dare fuckin tell me that eyeliner isnt fierce as hell

“Aesthetic attraction and sexual attraction are two different things” *puzzle pieces vERY RAPIDLY FALLING INTO PLACE*

*staring at the ceiling at two-thirty in the morning* i could die a virgin and i would regret absolutely nothing

“What’s your ideal girl like?” “Uh… my best friend?” “Oh cute, you want your girlfriend to be the one who knows you best!” “No I meant I am literally only attracted to my best friend she is my ideal girl please help I am dying”

“We’ve been dating for six months and we still haven’t had sex!!” “Have you marathoned Star Wars together yet?” “Yeah we did that like two weeks ago” “Well what more do you want

*thinking about an attractive woman* *dissecting my entire personality and sexuality to figure out why I’m attracted to her this time* is it the muscles. Oh my god is this a sex thing. Oh my god what the hell is this. Oh my god what the fuck is the wtf the fuck the fUCK

*Next day* Zarya could punch me in the face while eating me out and I’d let her but only because she’s a fictional character and therefore could literally never do that


(why is that tho. maybe i should look into that *doesnt look into it*)

“What do you find most attractive in a girl?” “Gotta love those strong emotional bonds” “No I meant like what’s a turn-on for you?” “DID I McFUCKING STUTTER”

*staring at the ceiling at two-thirty in the morning again* sexual attraction should be added to the cryptid wikia

“Yeah sex sounds like a great stress reliever and a nice way to strengthen the bonds between you and your partner(s)” “Well there’s more to it than that…” *The Arctic Monkey’s Do I Wanna Know starts playing in my head* “Haha ok buddy”

"There’s more to being ace than just not being interested in having sex or not feeling sexual attraction. In fact there’s a whole spectrum. You may even feel sexual attraction sometimes but still be ace. You can also be gay and ace at the same time.” “…bro.” “Also it’s totally normal.” *sobbing* “…bro. Bro there are words for it there’s an entire list oh my god-”


my tears are stained black from my eyeliner and mascara

my hair is a mess from my hands running through

my throat hurts from all my screaming

i had painful thoughts of you

i can’t seem to calm myself

and i don’t know what’s true

what you said was all lies

and i’m still not over you

you did me wrong so many times

and i’m still coming back

thinking of you is in my agenda

even though it’s been erased

i remember the first time i read 13 reasons why. i was 16, and in troubles. nurse recommanded me this book. at the time, i just got out of a abusive relationship. i had to stay in an addiction shelter because all of the shit that happened to me made me depressed, and suicidal. i had a permission once a month. i could go back to my family just for 48 hours and pretend to be fine. like nothing happend to me. but once, i did it. i took a bunch of pills and drink half of a bottle of vodka to try to end the pain. luckily, my mom came home earlier this day. i was already unconscious, but my heart was still beating. i woke up in a hospital bed, alone. my family, they were forbidden to see me. when i asked the nurse for how many hours, she smiled and said “sweetie, no one will visit you for two weeks”. three days later, when they thought i was recovered from what i did, they asked me why. i just said i couldn’t face it anymore. that all of the hits i took from him destroyed me. that i couldn’t take it anymore, that i was afraid to see him and go through this again. that i wanted the pain to leave. forever.
that’s when they asked me if i ever thought of my folks. “how do you think they will react?”, “i don’t know” i said.
“their lifes are never gonna be the same. they will ask themselves if they could have done something differently”, “i don’t care” i said.
And i meant it. By this time, i didn’t freaking care about what they would have feel if i really did it because all i care about was to be in peace.
Then, i went back to this addiction shelter. I still had the same nurse. When i saw her, something was different. She didn’t wear that eyeliner anymore and her hair were not as shiny as they were. She looked real tired. She came to me and gave me that book. She said “read it. don’t act like you’re her. act like your parents, your classmates, your friends are her parents, her classmates, her friends. you’ll see the pain you’ll cause if you don’t fight this.”
So i did read it. all over again over those two weeks. And i never try to kill myself again. Not that i didn’t want to end the suffer anymore but because i didn’t want to start their suffering.
So thank you Jay Asher, for allowing me to live my life.
Now, 6 years later, i’m okay. Not everyday, and it’s okay. There’s always be bad days. It’ll be a part of mde for the rest of my life, but i’m okay, i got over this darkness.

In preparation for Welcome to the Madness
  • Yurio *mumbling*: Can you help me with my makeup?
  • Georgi: Huh?
  • Yurio *scowling and mumbling a little louder*: Can you help me with my makeup?
  • Georgi: What? You need to speak up, Yuri.
  • Georgi: Well now you've gone and hurt my feelings. I don't think I want to help you anymore.
  • Yurio: Fine! I'll just ask Mila--
  • Georgi: No wait, come back! I'll do it! She doesn't know the first thing about eyeliner!

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Have you seen what the fandom is complaining about recently? I'm talking about Lea and how he "shouldn't be forgiven by Kairi because he doesn't deserve it". What do you think? Honestly, the whole thing is making me sad if not completely upset...

Yes, I’ve been holding my tongue because it really is leaning into the discourse ™ but it’s so gosh dang annoying so I will comment.

1) Lea deserves redemption, and forgiveness. Yes absolutely.

Did Axel do bad shit? Yes. He did. So did most of the other nobodies. But he also attempted to do good shit.

He took a hit from Saix so Kairi could run (Manga). In game helped Sora and apologised thru Sora for hurting Kairi. He has shown already he feels regret for what he’s done.

Lea meanwhile, sought out Isa, his best friend who he essentially disowned as a nobody right away, went and helped mickey while also pledging to use a keyblade. And saved Sora.

He may not be broody like Riku, but Lea is trying his best. The story doesn’t necessarily have to have him fall into a pit of despair to prove it. If anything, that would be even worse.

What I want Lea to show us is he isn’t Axel anymore, and to see him apologize to Kairi just like Sora told him too. Please. (I’ll be furious if it isn’t in game because it’s a big frikkin part of his development. Anyway.)

2) Kairi deserves the right to dislike Lea.

Knowing they’ll end up friends doesn’t mean that won’t happen, but it will be ridiculous if we don’t see it, because it’s another aspect of her character we’ve only seen in tiny bursts. Distrust, anger, forgiveness, understanding. And really, it will be detrimental to the development for both their characters if we don’t see it.


All that being said, I do think them being friends and KNOWING they will be is pretty much the greatest thing since the ffvii remake was announced.

It meanS we get a fucking awesome kickass red heads from radiant garden. And with Lea “too much fucking screen time” memorized around, we’re basically assured to get a hell of alot more Kairi in 3.

I think it’s a good thing for both their characters. Lea will be around someone that knows his shitty past and isn’t going to stand for bs, while Kairi will not only be off the island but with someone that isn’t going to let her get left behind.

The fact their not exactly the closest means we’ll have RIPE OPPORTUNITY FOR CHARQCTER DEVELOPMENT from both of them while they hang out. What class type is kairi? What eyeliner does Lea use? How did he end up a nobody? Does Kairi remember radiant garden? Are they going to get to do their own thing while Sora saves the world’s and Riku goes on a date with mickey??

The possibilities are not only endless, but exciting, and I’m not about to let fandom wank ruin my fun, and neither should you, anon. Take it for what it is and worry about the issues when 3 comes out. Have fun with their possible friendship. It’s what kh is all about.

One time in freshman year of college I was walking with a friend who like, had visible tattoos and piercings and colorful hair and cat-eye glasses and winged eyeliner, and someone walks up to her and is like “hey, do you know where I can get some adderall?” and she’s just like “yeah” and gives this lady a phone number and the girl’s like “thanks” and my friend is like “no prob.” So I ask “did you know her?” and she’s like “nah, I guess I just give off that vibe?”

And I wondered for a while what vibe I gave off but then a year later the same thing happened to me on the bus, when a stranger came up to me and, totally out of the blue, asked to help him set up his PS4 just by describing the process to him from memory while he took notes. I don’t have or know how to use a PlayStation.

INTP: Yesterday at a party, one of ESFJ’s friends told me that I was looking “pretty”.

INTJ: Why do you say that in such a suspicious tone?

INTP: That’s what I did yesterday, I looked suspiciously at her and said “thanks” sounding unconvinced.

INTJ: You useless human.

INTP: You’re not better than me. Anyway, she said it was the eyeliner that suited me.

INTJ: …?

INTP: I didn’t know what to say and I just replied “Oh really? I never thought I’d be complimented for my inexistent make-up skills”.

INTJ: And then?

INTP: Silence. Just awkward silence.

Youtubers AU

For @carryon-countdown!!!!! In which Simon and Baz are both beauty you tubers who couldn’t be any more different

  • Baz is a beauty guru that is honestly slightly terrifying to watch. 
  • He always scowls at the camera like he just fucking knows you’re putting the eyeliner on wrong and his is so sharp it could cut someone.
  • He only uses the best of everything, and his looks are ridiculously editorial. Cranky and Cool is his #thing. He always ends up looking unreal, with dark green metallic lip and dark purple eyeshadow, flawless skin, sharp ass cheekbones he spends hours on with his Kat Von D Shade and Light palette
  • IRL he’s an economics student in London with a really posh flat, and he uses Excel to organize his entire fuckin life, like don’t even diss Excel in front of him
  • His filming area is Minimalist™, grey desk, grey walls, all his makeup and brushes organized by brand on the wall behind him. 
  • He doesn’t even do an intro, he just blinks at the camera impassively for a couple seconds before he just starts in with the tutorial. But it isn’t even really a tutorial because he just expects you to KNOW how to bake your undereye concealer. Like, I’m telling you, watching him is stressful and intimidating 
  • But he somehow has taken the beauty world by storm, and he has 3 million subscribers that he rarely interacts with except to critique their technique when they tweet him a pic of them recreating one of his looks: 
  • “Did you use lipliner? I can see some bleeding in the corner smh. Try better”
  • Then there’s Simon.

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Beauty King

Summary: Nothing has been stopping Dan from making a makeup video but himself. So he does. Simple as that.

Word Count: 2,645

Warnings: Mild swearing?

Notes: So this has been sitting, finished and edited by the lovely @cantcatchmegaythoughts, for weeks now, but I’ve been so busy with AP exams and prom that I kinda forgot about it. So without further ado I give you my makeup Dan fic! I hope y’all enjoy, and leave a response in my ask if you get a chance, please!:)

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What?? red eyeliner N? Mint outfit?! What did I miss, where are the images???? Am I not following enough vixx blogs?! 😭😭

ughh the eyliner

and the mint suits

girl they have killed it again. these were on realvixx on twitter so if u follow rovix, he’ll kill u with pictures like this but at least go out knowing vixx stays legendary 

  • me: *in a crowded mall* oh no i can't find the emos
  • me: *clears throat* PETE WENTZ SUCKS
  • me: found them
Anchor - Luke

so I haven’t done a Luke one in a while so I decided to do one, this will only have 2 parts - 3 at most.

You know what’s interesting the way people move through crowds at parties. How people who have never spoken to each before become the bestest of friends by the end of the night. How people who aren’t supposed to be close with each other are left in compromising situations after one too many drinks. How someone always walks in on a private moment. I can tell you I experienced that last two, just last night.

A banging at my bedroom door caused me to knock my eyeliner pen and caused it to go in my eye temporarily blinding me in my right eye. I curse loudly and move to my door.

“what?” I yell opening the door.

“easy princess, Ashton wants to know where the playlist is” Luke leans in my door way. Ah Luke my brothers best friend since he was 5, Luke who threw me into a pool when I couldn’t swim and had to jump in after me, Luke who has managed to screw over every relationship I’ve had, Luke who know has fucked my eyeliner.

“I don’t fucking know” I said rubbing my right eye, rubbing off any make-up that was left.

“well that’s helpful. What did you do to your eye?” he asked with the casual grace of a feline.

“I got eyeliner on it when you banged on the door” I slammed the door in his face and made a move to redo my make-up when Luke’s voice came through the door.

“don’t blame others for your mistakes” my scream was the only answer he’d receive which sent him chuckling back to the tv room.

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can u do an sg wedding drabble pls??

maybe a little sneak peak into the novella/one shot perhaps: 

the flowers were wrong. rather than the bouquet of wild flowers, that would be similar to the flowers harry gave her all those years ago, she was holding a bouquet of roses. she didn’t ask for much from this wedding, she didn’t have the big dress or the grand venue, she didn’t need it. but all she wanted was the flowers to be right. after everything that had happened over the past year, she felt she deserved her perfect bouquet. 

“it’s okay, it’s okay,” she kept telling anne and leanne over and over again while she sat in the small office that had become a makeshift dressing room. “roses are just as beautiful,” she insisted. 

the florist hadn’t been able to find the right flowers in the short amount of time she had, so she gave them a free bouquet and apologized profusely. elle wasn’t going to complain. 

“it’s your wedding, love, it should be perfect.” 

elle stared at the picture of a judge’s family on his desk and took in the plethora of law books around her and frowned. “it’s okay.” 

the more she said it, the more false it sounded. she didn’t want anyone to hear the quiver in her voice so she excused herself, taking her makeup bag and blasting off something about having to reapply her lipstick. 

she left the courthouse, not straying much farther than the small garden that rested in front of the walls. 

“running out on me already?” 

she looked up at the sound of harry’s voice, watching as he walked down the steps in his crisp black suit with the pink bowtie and semi-see through lace button down. he looked incredible. she grinned. “yeah, my cab is already on its way.” 

when he got closer to her, his face fell. it was clear to him that her eyes were glistening, something was wrong. “what’s wrong?” she shrugged. he wasn’t having it. he cupped her cheek and brushed his thumb at the skin under her eye. “it’s the flowers, isn’t it?”

“i wish it weren’t,” she leaned her cheek against his hand, turning slightly so her nose rested against his skin. “i don’t know, i just, it’s one thing we have control over, the fucking flowers. i couldn’t do anything about my job, i couldn’t do anything about the baby, i couldn’t do anything except fuck everything up, and I just wanted the right bouquet.” she didn’t hesitate to wrap her arms around him, smudging her makeup and probably ruining his suit, but he didn’t mind either. he never did. 

he had to shut his eyes tightly to prevent tears from spilling. it was hard for them, trying to figure out how to welcome a new life only to lose it in the blink of an eye. and every day, his heart shattered knowing that ellery blamed herself for it. 

“will you keep watch,” he asked. 

she pulled back, eyeliner smudged, remnants of foundation on harry’s jacket. “what?” 

“keep watch,” he muttered again, kissing her cheek quickly before letting her go and turning to the bed of flowers next to them. 

“harry, what are you,” elle yelped when harry pulled one of the flowers from the ground, “harry! that’s rude! and destruction of property, what are you doing?”

he looked up, “just keep watch!” 

after a few minutes of staring down at harry and around for any type of person who would yell at them, harry stood up, standing next to her and smacking a kiss to her cheek while holding out a bouquet of roughly pulled flowers. “i know they’re not technically wild, but i think they’ll do.” 

she teared up again. “i think i should call and cancel my cab.” 

harry giggled. “i wouldn’t have let you get in it, you’re stuck with me.” 

“wouldn’t have it any other way, unfortunately. thank you.” she sniffed at the flowers. “i love you.” 

“i love you too.”  

What I expect my drunken texts should be: Something angry or embarrassing that I will regret in the morning and I’ll have to apologize for

What my drunken texts actually are: “Hey, did you know if you go into the bathroom and turn off all the lights and say “Maybe he’s born with it, maybe he’s high as fuck” 3 times in front of a mirror, 19 year old Pickles will crawl out of the mirror and teach you how to do your eyeliner.”

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RFA! and V and Saeran's reactions when they're completely oblivious to MC's feelings even though they make them super obvious (and it's painfully obvious to the others) to the point where another member literally has to say, "MC likes you, do something about it"? Sorry if it sounds weird, but I'm in this situation right now and I find it so hilarious.

This should be fun! This is in an AU where MC doesn’t get together with anyone before the party, and all the dialogue takes place at the party. Sorry if it’s a little cringey ≧◡≦ I hope you like it~


  • at the party you were trying to flirt with yoosung and he was utterly oblivious

MC: “Hey Yoosung, you look really cute today!”

Yoosung: “Thanks MC, we all had to dress up for the party so…”

MC: “You like gaming, right? Do you want to game together sometime?”

Yoosung: “Well, you could get a LOLOL character and try to join a guild, but it’d take a lot of work and if you’re a beginner, I’m not sure it’ll be that easy. You can do it, but it might take you some time to get to my level.”

MC: “Do you want to watch a movie together?”

Yoosung: “Yeah sure! We can all go after the party, it’ll be fun!”

  • seven was crying with laughter nearby, and yoosung asked him why he was laughing so hard
  • so he pulled yoosung aside and told him that MC was having impure thoughts about yoosung, thoughts of… holding hands!
  • yoosung was so flabbergasted and embarrassed, because seven of all people had to point it out to him
  • he doesn’t approach you right away, but he slowly starts to consider his feelings for you and damn he’s hooked
  • so eventually he starts flirting back and having his own impure thoughts holding hands, how utterly scandalous!

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Engraved pt. 4

<– Engraved 3 | Engraved 5 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 5940
Warnings: Sexual references? Fighting, blood, injuries, FORESHADOW CENTRAL YAYA.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader
A/N: LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! nope i did not tell anyone i was dropping this today, not even you @oh-beyond whoops!

Read HERE on AFF or here on tumblr!

When an opportunity strikes where you get to be with the guy you’re maybe interested in for a whole night, and get to dress up a little sexy without it seeming weird, you should always take that opportunity. So right how you were getting ready for a night at the club, picking out an outfit. Was it better to show leg or to show chest in this situation? Chest probably singe you’d be sitting down a lot.
From your closet you pulled simple black skinny jeans and strapless top. You had to look the part going to EXO right? Even if you were there to work.
Xiumin had called you, asking if you could come over and take a balcony shift. Because Kai had poker night with his ‘colleagues’ so that meant Chen had to take care of the balcony. But since D.O. was injured he couldn’t work downstairs and had to take balcony shift. However, Xiumin didn’t want him to do anything serious with that cut still healing, so he asked you to babysit. And yes, he phrased it like that. “Come take a balcony shift and babysit D.O.”
Like you hadn’t done enough by saving his life right? But you liked Kyungsoo, he was nice and good company so you didn’t really mind.
You put on your usual makeup, dark but not too thick. Just lining your eyes, filling in your eyebrows and putting on some shade of lipstick that matched your hair. With care, you changed your smiley piercing from a circle to a banana, because you wanted to. The rest of your piercings were well in place, and looked good. The shirt left your collarbones completely exposed and you wondered if you should get them pierced. Like Jongin and Sehun.
The annoying sound of your phone ringing interrupted your thoughts and you went to pick it up. “Angel.” 

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I went to my first kickboxing class tonight, for a number of reasons:

  • I need to do SOMETHING about my sedentary lifestyle and weight
  • A rapist who promotes sexual assault somehow got elected president??? and I feel less safe than ever
  • I want to be Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena Pentaghast when I grow up

It’s at an MMA studio, they have a kickboxing section and MMA section. The class I did was a bag workout, but all the instructors are competitors, so they know what they’re doing. 

Things I loved about this class:

  • The staff was really supportive
  • One of the other participants greeted me after the class
  • The class consisted of me and 7 other women


  • This isn’t a “Women’s” kickboxing class, it just happened to be all women
  • The instructor did not go easy on the class because they were women
  • Everyone is really enthusiastic

There was:

  • An experienced woman, a good foot shorter than me, who has been doing this forever and who has thighs made of iron and fierce eyeliner who could snap me like a fat twig
  • A pudgy middle aged woman who did much better than me despite how hard it clearly was for her, pushing herself the whole time
  • A young lady, amateur, covered wrist to ankle and wearing a hijab

And so on. They’re all beautiful and I love them. 

if ANYONE needs me from now on i will be off lurking in the shadows of the grandiose Viennese opera-house over which I bitterly preside; wearing some staid yet theatrical menagerie of straight-cut black satins and cloying ruffles and far, far too much eyeliner; wondering if i remembered to take my 18th century Lexapro – alas! i did not – and stewing in angry doubt over my skills as a composer with a great verve and cold intensity; refusing all pleasantries and most conversation; all the while snarling in petulant silence at any interlocutor who dares speak the foul name of that cursed upstart, Mozart, in any sort of complimentary manner; pondering that sacred place where music and death come together in uneasy secret and failing to pretend that i wasn’t literally just crying in a bathroom; doing god knows what with a knife

Fake Love - Part 1? - S.M

Everything in my life is… well I don’t know… fucked? Faked? Fake thing suck, fake friends and all the other typical teenage shit like: Typical teenage leaving my assignments to last minute, typical teenage hiding things, and typical teenager sneaking out. but the question is will is ever get caught? I don’t know. Some days I want to and some days I think I would be killed if I did. I But tonight is probably like nearly every other I will wait till 9:30-10 and my parents will be asleep and if my dad isn’t it I can pass it off that I need to pick Steph up because she got stranded at her boyfriend’s and they had a fight – now this lie isn’t completely fake, I have had to pick her up 3 times because of this. It already 9 so I deicide to get dressed afterall I know what im wearing I just have to do my makeup. My make up is really great, my eyeliner is perfectly winged and I was stoked when I got them matching first go. It’s funny they match the little freckle I have above my right lip. I have dark brown lips on today and ive curled my hair. I pull on my short black velvet dress my mum likes to say that it looks like a nightie and I couldn’t care because of the way it feels against my skin. I pull over my jacket that my sister likes to say makes me look rich – but I got it for $20 on sale. I pull on my gladiator shoes and walk out the door with my eyes in hand. The parents where sleeping so that was a bonus. I get in my little white car and pull out of the drive way.

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