did i just use a got reference

Me Before Power Rangers (2017): I like the Power Rangers. You know, I used to catch a few episodes as a kid. It always looked real cheesy, but I enjoyed the few I watched. But I wasn’t ever like obsessed or anything. Hell, I didn’t even know their names. I just referred to them by the color of their suit. I didn’t even know they had names. 


so i just realized that lena has always referred to lillian as “mom”

until this episode. where she referred to her as “mother”

“what did mother do now?“  “when lex ran the company mother was on the board” etc.


like, we knew that they never had a great relationship, lena references it many times over, and lillian shows us this, but even through all that, lillian was always Mom. it’s only now, after she got kidnapped and gaslighted, that lena finally stops calling her that.



“That shit-face! This was my favorite shirt he tore with his stupid whip!” You exclaimed in anger, referring to the Ghost Rider that whipped you on your back while trying to protect Stiles from being taken again. “Why didn’t you tell us you got a huge tattoo on your back, missy?” Stiles asked in a dad-like voice, while you were sat on a chair with Scott behind you taking care of your wound in his house. You turned your head a little to look at Stiles and gave him a death glare. “Not only did I save your ass-” “Okay, I’m sorry. I’m just glad I’m back with my family.” Stiles said and looked at the pack.

Hamilton — Take a Break  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Take a break!”
  • “It’s good to see your face.”
  • “I know I’ll miss your face…”
  • “I cannot put the notion away.”
  • “I’ve got so much on my plate.”
  • “I wrote this poem just to show it.”
  • “Your son is nine years old today.”
  • “Run away with us for the summer!”
  • “I’m afraid I cannot join you upstate.”
  • “Do you have to live an ocean away?”
  • “I trust you’ll understand the reference.”
  • “I have a sister, but I want a little brother!”
  • “Screw your courage to the sticking place!”
  • “You and I can go when the night gets dark!”
  • “I’ll be there in just a minute, save my plate.”
  • “It changed the meaning. Did you intend this?”
  • “They think me Macbeth, and ambition is my folly.”
  • “I’m a polymath, a pain in the ass… a massive pain.”
  • “I know you’re very busy. I know your work’s important.”
  • “There’s a little surprise before supper and it cannot wait!”
  • “Sit down with him and compromise. Don’t stop ‘til you agree!”

I was calling around the LGBTQ+ alliances and groups all over North America to schedule a tour for an artist who was LGBTQ+… and one place referred to itself as the GLBT something something.

I got a guy on the phone and we literally were back and forth, both referring to the same community, but he would use GLBTQ and I would use LGBTQ. I could hear the frustration mounting in his voice as I refused to submit to his cock by continually referring to it at “LG” instead of his preferred “GL”. How dare I, posesser of a vagina, stand up to him and his mighty schlong?

look i prefer “lg” too but what… what did i just read

Well I just got my mythymoo post featured on a video. Apparently I need to stop being butthurt about a fucking slur being used. And of course he made a ‘did you just assume my gender?’ joke. Even though that is used to demean trans people. I can forgive the use of ‘trannies’ being used to reference transcendence but I will not just allow people to use a slur whenever they want. Yes it’s used to mean many things but so did gay and so does f*g. But guess what if you say f*g in front of a gay person most likely they will be uncomfortable with that.

Sorry for the small rant it just frustrates me how casually he talks about it.


Armored Spider-Man paper cutout 

This one is pretty obscure, based on an outfit that debuted in Web of Spider-Man #100 and… ceased to be used the same issue. It’s come back in video game form as a bonus costume and appeared in a cartoon once, but that’s about it.

So why did my three year old son want me to make it? Well, the farmer’s market we sometimes go to is connected to a flea market that has a used toy store. There he found an old Armored Spider-Man toy that he adores. Thing to note: he will not let anyone refer to it as “Spider-Man”. You always got to go with the full name “Armored Spider-Man”. He was also sometimes go with his even fuller name “Armored Spider-Man that I got at the market”.

So he’s wanted me to make this one for awhile, I just had to figure out how. Cutting each of those squares in his costume would be impossible since he’d want me to use metallic paper, and those don’t cut and glue well in small sizes due to their thickness. But the thickness allowed me to do something else: dig into the paper to indent the design. I used the flat edge of scissors to do that, since I didn’t want pencil lead on the paper. I think it worked out well.

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How did you chose your name?

i made a list of names that i liked, and just thought on it for a while. I tried to imagine how i would feel if someone referred to me with them. I got close to the name “Matthew”, so went by that online and actually came out to my family using that name. After a bit i realized that name just… didn’t feel right?? So I remembered how i had asked my mom what she would have named her other son if she had one (this was before i had come out tho, the name was on said list) and she said “Spencer”!  So, i told my sister and she started calling me that instead. It just felt a lot more like me. It clicked right into place, and now i can’t even think to go by another name! 

The Year in Review

Hey tumblr! Today is my 18th birthday, and the one year anniversary of getting my first digital drawing tablet. It’s been a year of ups, downs, experiments, and improvement. So to commemorate my tablet’s first birthday, I want to go through some highlights (and lowlights) of my art progression.

The first drawing:

Ah Wes Weston. My Phandom muse. All things considered, this didn’t turn out too bad. I knew nothing about layering at this point though, so the outline is pretty shaky. Also, there’s my old logo. That cursive H…. yep. 


In May, I successfully completed the prompt for every day of the Danny Phantom art month, Phanniemay! This is probably my favorite. It was for the Ember day, and I did some experimenting with paint. 

First screenshot redraw:

Over the summer, I got into a lot of new animated shows, including Star vs the Forces of Evil. This blood moon ball redraw took longer than I’d care to admit. Layering was still unknown to me, so everything on here had to be perfectly contained. 


And then the big day came. After 4 months of painstakingly coloring everything on one layer, I finally discovered the layer option. And thus my life changed forever. I felt I had achieved a new level of art when I finished this piece.


I’ve probably created more fan art for Voltron than anything else in my life. This draw the squad edit happened the day I started watching it. I immediately fell in love and had to draw this ASAP.

Current logo:

This drawing of young Keith and Shiro isn’t particularly notable, other than the fact that this is the first drawing to have my current emls479 logo in the corner. 

Most popular drawings:

Oddly, what went viral on my tumblr often didn’t on my Pinterest and vice versa. So I’m going to post my most popular from both sites. 

On tumblr:

These Galra Keith redraws were by far my most popular drawing of 2016. 

On Pinterest:

This draw the squad edit was most popular. I guess Voltron fan art is the big seller.

Biggest improvement:

This is a Danny Phantom OC named Gage. I redrew him pretty recently and thought the comparison was pretty neat. 

My favorite drawing so far:

This Space AU Dani I whipped up recently is probably my current favorite. 

So there you have it! Some major milestones of my digital drawing career thus far. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and grow and am excited to see what improvements this year will bring!

Psst, commissions are open here

Figure Skating/Yuri on Ice AU Kirk, from @onedamnminuteadmiral’s brilliant fic, Fire and Ice.

She mentioned this AU and then I gave her a totally different prompt, thinking she’d have no time to write this and I started drawing this because I knew that it needed some sort of something dedicated to it… and then she wrote it anyway! So, serendipity.

@onedamnminuteadmiral It’s actually fitting that you said you wrote the second chapter instead of cleaning the house, as that’s exactly what I did with this as well. I now still have a messy bedroom but I got to try out a new brush set and I’ve never been happier with something I’ve drawn. Priorities.

I had to reference a picture of Shoma Uno so so carefully for this. The pose was waaaay more difficult than I originally thought and in the end I used a grid to get everything right orz. 


Poor Komack needs a stressball.

Poor Spock just needs a boyfriend some love and attention.



16 years

They/he/she, don’t really care

5,3 or 160cm (let’s love small people)

Uses sign language (can talk perfectly, but they got selective mutism and just talks to Chara)

Don’t like to open their eyes

Cinnamon roll?


18 years


5,9 or 175cm (and because I restrained myself, I was about to give them 179 cm 8′D let’s love giants too)

Tsundere af (ok not that much but kind of)

Smokes because they thinks they looks cool

Always with their headphones

 See strange things in dreams.

Has forgotten something important. 

It was time to pack up our things and go home. John, Pete, and I walked back to Vale Road, Pete helping me carry the tea chest which I was to leave at Ivan’s that night. Fortunately the storm had abated.

“Well, what did you think?” asked John, directing the question at both of us.

“Think of what? Oh, you mean how the day went,” Pete said, knowing all the while that John was referring to Paul McCartney. Pete answered the real question: “I think Paul seems okay, he’s pretty knowledgeable about chords, words, and the like but I got the impression that he was a bit of a show off. You know, playing the guitar around his back like that.”

“Well, I didn’t think he was pushy,” John replied. “He was just showing me what he could do, that was all. If that’s being pushy then I’m glad that he was.”

—  Len Garry, John, Paul and Me: Before The Beatles. (1997)
DL OC 31 Day Challenge - Day 21

Question: What is your favorite subject at school? Do you like school?

“oh um well in the rabbit clan there was no school so my mother taught me from old school textbooks that she got my father to go collect for her. I think my favorite subject was what she came up with to replace something called gym class. She found a large open field and had me run around it. I actually had a lot fun doing so.” -giggles- “I used to try and chase butterflies until I tripped on a rock and got mud in my mouth. Anyways silliness aside I enjoyed that time. I think I just didn’t like English. I was terrible at learning language skills for years. I did finally get a grasp on it but I still have to reference the book sometimes when writing something.”


Y’know I don’t know why I never posted it here on Grumblr but DID YOU KNOW I’m actually ON the Xavier: Renegade Angel DVD?!?!? Well I am.

I made a beautiful MS Paint thing (as is my wont) for their Damnesia You fan submission episode and it turned out to be like 45 seconds too long so I sent them a shortened version that cut out most of the best jokes.

I FAILED and did not get into the episode, but then they went ahead and contacted a bunch of us LOSERS and said we could be on the DVD extras. The problem with mine was there was a reference to PREGO pasta sauce and they wanted me to submit a version that got rid of it (I think they could’ve gotten away with the reference but I guess the legal people were just coverin they ass).

I DID and also actually asked them if I could send them the full version of my vid since the one they had was less funny and good. Amazingly enough, they entertained my nonsense and let me submit my longer version with the Prego joke cut out, but then, for reasons I’ll never understand, they opted to go with my longer version but simply cut the animation abruptly right before the Prego joke. So that’s what’s on the DVD.

So this is the uncut version. It’s really beautiful ok.

Please notice there are parts where I forgot to give him a snake hand thank you.

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Miranda has never said Blake who in her concerts and you can't blame her for what people in the crowd say...good grief people don't believe everything people say on Twitter bc it's certainly not happening in any videos I've seen from the concerts or periscopes. She's really no longer concerned about that part of her life. Just last night she said she was thankful for all the shitty times bc it's led her to this great place she's in now. She's moved on just as Blake has.

Like I said, she did pose for a picture with those signs. So I think that’s what the anon was referring to, but they just over exaggerated. I mean Miranda does mention her divorce most concerts and says “I got the hell out of Oklahoma” during Little Red Wagon so it’s not like there aren’t references to Blake implied, but it’s just to get a reaction out of people during the show. Apparently divorce is a great prop to use 😂
I don’t think either Blake or Miranda are too concerned with each other anymore. I read a quote from an interview with Gavin Rossdale about how he still loves Gwen and basically wants her back and I’m just really glad that Blake and Miranda aren’t like that…

ok why do Jinyoung and Bambam look like they’re gossiping in class & got stopped by the teacher:

jinyoung: “bitch let me tell you the TEA on what that hoe JB did the other day – yes he’s still fucking youngjae! i KNOW!”

jinyoung : “girl YES he really tried to act like he didn’t take me out for meat just last night…”

bambam: “bitch wait! I thought he took you for Ramen, don’t lie!”

jinyoung : “that ain’t the meat I was referring to!” [insert loud ass class-disturbing cackle]

2 minutes later…

teacher: “okay imma need ya’ll to shut the fuck up and focus on these F’s yall got instead of that “T” or whatever cus ya failing”

jinyoung : [is hurt af] “….he really didn’t have expose us like that tho.”

Going DoNUTS

FINALLY, after 10,000 years, here it is. My writer’s block finally let up enough so I could finish this! 

Request for @queenofdragons6 – solo original Sans stuffing, with a heavy focus on belly size and rubbing. 

I’ve been sitting on this little scenario idea for a while now, so I decided to use it for this. Who was the culprit? Hmm, we’ll never know… 

Not sure how well I did with the size descriptions, buuuut I tried. And I apologize to everyone who isn’t a backwards American like me, because my frame of reference is the Imperial system, and everything is measured in inches here. 

Further requests are closed.  

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Where does Thorin get these bracelets from? He doesn’t wear them during the barrel escape, and I can’t imagine Bard giving them accessories like ‘I know that you only need warm clothes, but I guess they’ll look good on you’. They are probably Thorin’s own, but where the hell did he hide them? And where can I get them

I also bet that they have ameaning - Thorin only wears jewellery with some significance, like his rings. Maybe this problem gets solves best in fanfiction … *aggressively looking for a pen*

@thearkenstone-ck: I hope you don’t mind me using you screen cap, but it’s the best reference material I got. So just for academic reasons :)