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I really wanted to try doing a more realistic portrait again so I used my beloved DnD character, Marf the Monk. 

TONS of new experimenting in one drawing! Especially coloring, brush use, and lighting. I’m really hype because I finally got the “colorizing a black and white painting” to work out and while the grayscale may have taken ~10 hours to shade, it only took about one hour to color! I’m definitely going to practice this method some more because I’d love to be able to offer examples of this style for commissions.

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Could you maybe show us an evolution of your drawings? (Even before this blog?) I love the fact that you are self-taught. I'm not good at drawing but I would love to give it a go, but I would appreciate some motivation by seeing your evolution (if you don't mind)? Big fan! x

Well, basically all digital art that I’ve drawn is posted on this blog, or at least on my dA account :) Although I did delete a few! So I guess I can bring them back… *cringe*

Okay so… In 2015 I got really into Harry Potter and was inspired by all those fanartists, so I tried drawing some stuff of my own. I didn’t have a tablet yet, I was just trying the waters, seeing if digital art is even something I’d be interested in. Here are Hermione and Draco’s portraits I did in mid-November 2015 (I think I was drawing with my mouse, or I might have been using a touch pen on my Asus laptop that has a touch screen, but it’s very tough to work with, not like a tablet at all, no pressure sensitivity, no precision)

Ugh the cringe…. :D

I mean if you scroll to the very bottom of my dA page you’ll find more stuff like this, if you’re interested.
But yeah, those portraits are pretty much the first digital drawings I’ve done.

Continuing with portraits, 4 months later (mid-March 2016) I did Hermione and Draco again, this time already using my graphic tablet and also using references:

Already much better! Yet, to me, still cringy :D I haven’t yet redrawin these portraits (I am planning to), but if we look at my newest portraits (from Ravenclaw set since that one’s the latest, it was completed in February 2017 which is almost a year later from the previous ones), you can see that I have improved a lot too!

They look so much cleaner, every brushstroke has much more purpose, there’s more symmetry and logic and all those things. I like how my portraits changed, not sure how others feel :)

The biggest change in my art was me starting to use references. It helps so much with getting proportions and perspective and body movements right.
And then it was just all about continuing to learn and polishing my style through practice and frequent drawing :) As I did more and more portraits, it sort of felt as though I’ve always been doing them the same way, as though my portraits look the same and no progress is done, but as you can see, during one year, the way I draw changed, or rather got a bit better and precise, so while it didn’t feel as though I’m improving as I’m drawing, when looking back, the progress is visible.

So just take your time :) Miracles won’t happen in a short period of time, especially if you don’t draw at least a couple of times a week (last year in spring-summer I drew like 5-12 drawings a week, so that totally made a difference). You will improve, I promise, but looking at other artists’ art, trying to figure out how they did it, trying out different tools, and learning from references will surely speed up the process of making progress. So yeah, I hope this helps a little :) Sorry I only showed portraits here, I just thought they’re good to show art evolution with since I drew so many of them. Good luck mate! <3

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I've seen you say a couple times that you don't see or that you're disabled. Do you mind talking about it? I ask because I am an aspiring writer and it is really hard for me. I wanted to know how you managed or what it was like?

I don’t mind talking about it. It’s something that made me who I am.

When I was about 12, my health sort of started to eat itself. I suddenly had a ton of allergies, and there were days I couldn’t get out of bed. I got sick all the time. In freshman year of high school, I suddenly couldn’t see. For a long time a thing had been going on in my eyes, but I guess I didn’t think it was abnormal until it made it impossible for me to see. Basically this hole was kind of growing in my eyes, but it was more like a rainbow.

When I started having trouble with colors and detail vision, my mom freaked out a bit, because at the time, I was an award winning artist who had ideas of going to college for art. Then I started tripping over things, hitting my head, having trouble with depth perception. Then I got sick, and I mean sick.

I spent about 23 hours a day in bed. I had almost constant migraines. I had pain in my entire body. My skin turned yellow. I went to every kind of doctor you can think of and was tested for everything there is. One day, I had about 12 vials of blood drawn. No one knew what was wrong. The eyes weren’t that big a deal at first, because it seemed like I might have something really serious. The first couple of eye doctors I went to kind of looked at me and said “Oh it’s nothing big.” I actually had one guy tell me that my brain was just shutting off my eyes because I wasn’t using them properly. Yeah.

Then finally, my mom took me to a friend of our family who happened to be an eye surgeon. She did a free exam. I’ll never forget it because it was the first time anyone believed me. I’d been told by doctor after doctor that there was nothing wrong with me. I’d been referred to therapists, told I needed depression meds, told I was just going through a phase or needed attention. Then this doctor put on her head gear, looked into my eyes…took off the head gear…got new head gear…looked into my eyes…took off the headgear…got hand held tools…looked into my eyes…and then stared at me with her mouth hanging open.

“I can’t see the back of your eye,” she said. And suddenly the world simultaneously healed itself and flipped upside-fucking-down for me.

Then it was all about my eyes, the one symptom we could see happening. The one that was the most dangerous. But by then it was too late.

What happened is pretty simple: I apparently have some weird recessive DNA. It triggers certain bizarre immune issues at puberty. My immune system decided to attack my body. The eyes are a delicately balanced system. They show symptoms first. My immune system attacked them with a vengeance. They swelled up like balloons. Normal eye pressure is about 14-17. Mine was at a 22 at its best. It put a tremendous amount of pressure on my Retina, specifically my macula, cutting off blood flow like when you sit on your foot. You know those little shadowy things that float across your eyes? They’re called protein floaters. My eyes had produced so many of those that the doctor could not see through them. It was a fog.

They had to find a way to map my eye, to track the damage. Cue the eye exam from hell. I have always been, even before my autoimmune disorder, deathly allergic to melon. Any kind of melon. But now I was allergic to all sorts of shit, fruits vegetables, all kinds of crap. My dad is allergic to contrast dyes. So when the retinologist suggested this dye-based eye exam that is kind of like a CAT scan, my mom said “no”. See, they inject you with this dye and then they flash this weird light in your eyes. It causes the dye to glow, and then they can see the things through the fog. My mom told them I was too sensitive to stuff for that to be safe. The doc assured her they’d put a butterfly in my arm, meaning the vein would be kept open, and a syringe of benedryl was set on the counter. They’d never had anyone react, and they needed the pictures or there was nowhere to go from there.

So they put this dye into me, and it was like I’d been injected with fire, but there was no way around it, and to me, I knew they only had about 90 seconds to get the images they needed. So I sucked it up. finally the burning began to spread. Suddenly my back felt like I was being stabbed, and I suddenly couldn’t speak. I tapped my hands on my mom, then began sneezing spontaneously. My mom lifted my shirt, and I had quarter-sized hives. The nurse said “Stop sneezing on the camera”. Yeah.

My mom went ballistic. The doctor flew up the stairs and gave me the emergency meds. I slid into a dissociation state and nearly out of my chair. They had to prop me against the camera for the next couple minutes and reinject the dye. No other way, you see.

They did this test every few months for a few years.

But then there was treatment. Not much they could do, except try to get the swelling under control. Only way to do that was corticosteroid injections in the eye. Yup. A needle in the eye. No, they don’t knock you out. They numb the surface of the eye with the same numbing drops they give you for the exams and then they come at you with a needle, tell you to look down and to hold still. And you fucking do.

I was 15 when that started.

I went to experimental clinics, labs, and joined studies. I dropped out of those. Why? It’s pretty simple. The first day I came to the exams, I was kept waiting for over two hours. I was taken into a room. I was left there. No information, no talking. Suddenly a man came in followed by a group of people, all in lab coats. He started moving me around like I was a doll and talking like, “The patient presents with…the patient this, the patient that…”

I shoved him back and said, “The patient’s name is Kristina, and she is 16.”

He finished his exam, and when he left, after the students had gone, he took two Q-tips, dipped them in that pink shit your dentist uses to swab your gums before an injection, and SHOVED them under my eyelids with a cocky smirk.

The patient will never be an snotty little bitch again, I guess.

So yeah. Fuck those guys. They gave me two injections in one day, which no one had ever done before, because it was almost impossible to function with two pimple-like bubbles on your eyeballs.

Still my health was bad. Then all of a sudden, when my mom had given up, It just wasn’t anymore. Suddenly, I was fine, and all that was left were the eyes. I went back to school, except now I was blind.

In a few months, I’d lost about 80% of my perfect vision. I was photophobic. I got horrible and constant headaches. I walked with a cane. And not a single fucking teacher believed me, except my civics teacher, who had gone blind at a young age due to some other weird eye disorder, and my physics teacher who was deaf. I had teachers send me to the office for wearing my sunglasses (with a note on file). I had teachers get on my case about having an audio recorder and CD player for my books. I had teachers call me names, make fun of me, make me leave class to photocopy their notes larger, so that I missed the lecture the notes were on. I had teachers take my medications which had to be in my possession because of their time-sensitive nature and constant administration and hide them in their desks as punishment for asking questions or demanding help. I had classmates pick on me, but luckily, I was well-liked, and I was an officer in the ROTC. I even excelled there in spite of my vision, because my Captain believed in my leadership skills.

I always tell this story because I think it is funny. We had this special boot camp we got to go to if we were in the upper ranks of the ROTC. If you joined the military after high school (which I could never do) you got a higher paygrade for having gone through it. Almost like taking a couple JC classes in the military. It was grueling and all physical fitness, obstacle courses, PT, classes, guard duty…fucking blah. Our unit was allowed six participants. I sort of figured that it wasn’t really fair for me to go, even with my high rank (a company XO). To my complete fucking shock, my Captain recommended me to go, cutting out a classmate (and ex) of mine who was higher in rank. The boy went ape-shit. He went on and on about how unfair it was. He even went to the school board. My Captain made his reasons clear; he told them that the academy isn’t about military sponsorship. It’s about skills and quality. He didn’t care if I had a disability. In his eyes I had more innate ability than anyone there because I had worked so hard just to be where I was. The boy was angry. I told my Captain I appreciated the gesture, but honestly, we ought to make it fair. I told him that we should train to meet the PT standards, and that if this kid could make his, but i couldn’t make mine, he should go. I made mine. He didn’t. He complained about that too. At the last minute, we were told one extra person could come because another school had lost one. So he came anyway. The whole time he bitched about me being there. When I got there, the real military officers gave me shit like you wouldn’t believe, because they weren’t used to dealing with disabilities or recognizing that they can’t discriminate against high schoolers by law. The commander of the unit tried to dress me down in front of everybody for wearing sunglasses. I was pretty pleased with myself for telling him off but still sounding respectful. He kept saying “Take off my glasses”. I told him they weren’t his. They were mine, by law, and that if he had a problem with that, he could consult my attorney, the DOJ, and the doctor who prescribed them. He tried to fuck with me. I didn’t say anything except to ask him if he wanted me to have a migraine, because that’s what taking the glasses off means. He was so confused by me he walked away and called my Captain over. There were words. After that, he came up to me once or twice, almost like a test, to ask me if I needed him to slow down or if I was getting around alright. He wasn’t being nice. He was egging me in a condescending tone and with very bullying language. He’s a drill instructor, and you know what, that’s his job. I told him I was fine. But I made a decision: I wasn’t just going to make the female PT marks. I was going to test out of this fucking place at the male PT marks. And I fucking did. That boy…had an asthma attack on the track (I had asthma too, but I worked my ass off while he coasted on his “boyness”) and failed. At the certificate ceremony, the commander came up to me and said I had really impressed him, and that it was a shame I couldn’t enter the Navy. I thanked him, but what I wanted to say was, “Go fuck yourself and take the NAVY with you”. I ended up the Battalion XO Senior year. This would have given me a guaranteed spot in Westpoint if I could have taken it. My Captain cried when he told me he was sorry he had to give it to one of our Company XO’s. I told him that it was best for everyone, because I am not the type of person to enjoy taking orders. I had learned that about myself.

He laughed.

Around Junior year I got people to pay attention. My doctors got the DOJ and the Social Security people involved. A woman came to my school and enforced compliance in a tone of voice I’d never heard anyone but my mother use. She threatened to rain brimstone down on them if they didn’t give me what I needed, and things changed.

My parents wanted me to take a full scholarship to a local school, but I wanted to get away. So I did. I wanted to travel abroad, so i did. And when I was 19, they perfected one of the surgeries they had been working on the entire time I’d been struggling with this.

See, the injections had brought and kept the swelling down, but that meant that the fog was still there (since ocular fluid doesn’t replace), and the structures in the eye had been stretched all to shit, and were laying in my eye like melted plastic wrap. The old surgery was like a blind man hacking with a machete, but the new surgery used fluorescent dyes to track movement. Dyes that wouldn’t kill me. The old surgery had a 50-50 shot at complete loss of vision and made you lay on your face for three weeks. The new was fool proof and took 45 minutes. So, I got one eye done. They swapped out all the fluid and replaced it with saline. They peeled the distorted membrane off the macula. They stitched up my eyeball and gave me a sick metal eye patch. Looked like a fucking space pirate. It was rad.

But the blind spot is still there. The cataracts caused by the steroids are still there. The scars are there.

A few years later I had the other one done too.

My college was great. It took a lot of work getting all my reading done, about 500 pages minimum, per week, done via audio. I used to spend hours at the pool table in our residence hall, listening to my books and practicing. I got pret damn good too, at pool. It was difficult taking notes or working with a note taker. It was scary traveling by myself. It was hard to get people to understand there wasn’t anything WRONG with me. Just that my eyes don’t work even though it seems like I’m normal and fine, and like they should. People always think to be legally blind you have to be completely blind, and they think you’re not going to be able to defend yourself. I’ve been targeted by pickpockets. I’ve been followed by scary dudes. I’ve been treated like shit, laughed at, and accused by full grown adults of faking to get privileges, all because I can look at the place where their head should be and smile at the blank spot there. All because I can walk down a flight of stairs with a few neat tricks I know that have nothing to do with a cane.

But shit…you probably didn’t mean to ask for my life story. I’m going to get back to the point. My writing. What has it done for that? Like how can you be a writer if you can’t fucking see? Technology. It’s been amazing. I can use a computer same as anyone. The Kindle has been a fucking revolution for me because for the first time in a decade and a half I could read without pain and suffering. Just…all the things it does have made life so much easier than it used to be. It got me out of bad relationships with people who used my disability as a control. It gave me a little bit of confidence back. It helped me know I could handle myself.

And really, I think my vision loss had a lot to do with my writing. In some ways it gives me different perspective, sure, but it’s more than that. I was undeclared when I entered college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought about history or sociology. My mom had a degree in that and she was an English teacher. I wanted art history, but what the fuck was the point in that? Couldn’t see a damn thing. And then I had a class in poetry, and shit…That made sense. I’d always loved language and writing. Always been okay at it. Dorte stuff but never thought about doing it for a living. But then it was like yeah…yeah I’m gonna fucking do that. Just like when I decided to meet the male PT standards.

If it is in you. If you love it. If it defines you and possesses you, it does not matter how fucked up you are. You will find a way. You don’t have a choice. You are that thing. And you’ll adapt. You just have to let yourself. You have to keep pushing. You have to learn how to handle frustration. you have to train yourself into stamina. You just keep going. I’m nowhere near as successful as I want to be. I’m still going. I hope I get even better. I hope I can say things that make truth more obvious, or that help people put words to things they have always wanted to say.

I don’t need my eyes to be a fucking firestorm. That’s just me. Eyes don’t mean shit.

So keep going. Keep doing whatever you need to. Do it better and better. Bend yourself around it. People who see you struggle will think they’re lucky, but you and I know the truth: they’re not even close to the kind of strong you are. Not even a little bit.

Pretty Little Liars 7x20 Til Death Do Us Part - Thoughts

I literally just finished watching the finale and A-List Wrap party right now. I have not seen a single comment about the finale, I don’t know how it was received, at all. Sorry if these comments are just reinforcing what everyone else has been talking about for the past several hours, because again, I have no idea what everyone is saying. Here are my thoughts! 

- It did not feel like a series finale to me and I cannot pinpoint why. I felt the goodbye scene at the end was not strong enough. Sasha said that they had to keep re-filming that scene because she was crying too much when she said “this feels like the end of something” - well, I think they went with the take that had not enough emotion, to the point it felt like a regular line and it lost its power. Not just this line, but in general, I never got a sense of “farewell PLL” from this episode, unfortunately. Not saying it’s a bad episode, but, I didn’t get that sense of “thank you and goodbye Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily, Alison and Rosewood”. 

- Marlene said that there is one question she cannot wait for fans to find out, but she can’t tell us what this question is without telling us who AD is. What the hell could be this question?



- I’ve always said Pretty Little Liars is a two-part show: half a romance show, other half a mystery show. They really demonstrated that tonight, by having almost a very equal divide between the romance and mystery. The entire first hour was romance, and the entire second hour was mystery (plus farewells). The first hour, I was shaking my head. “This is not good. Not good at all.” Sure, there were some cute scenes, like Emison’s proposal, but there was too much fluff in the first half. The second half, it really kicked off. 

- So, my theory ended up being so damn accurate, what the hell! I can’t believe it! Even though Spencer’s twin was my foremost suspect going into the finale, I still ended up being shocked, because of the simple fact that they went with it almost exactly exactly exactly how I said! Not just the who, but also the why! I even got the name Alex Drake! 

- Okay, so I got the part wrong about the twin having helped Charlotte play the game from season 3 onwards. And honestly, that is my biggest complaint about the finale: AD started playing the game after Charlotte died, period. Again this is my biggest complaint and this is where the finale fell flat for me. Technically, PLL could have ended with Charlotte’s reveal in 610. Everything we got with Alex Drake’s story, was purely an extension because we got renewed for more seasons. I just know there will be people saying “ugh I’m so mad that AD has no connection to pre-time jump” and yes I fully agree, and that’s my biggest complaint too… but my response is: weren't the extra 2 years nice? Sure AD is irrelevant to seasons 1-6A, sure that is incredibly underwhelming and no where near as good as the fan theories… but we got an extra 2 years of PLL in our lives because of this extra, final A story? I’m grateful? #alwayslookingforthepositiveside

- I do not understand Ashley’s comment. Quote “you finally get to find out who A is, who’s been torturing us for the last 7 years”. Girl… it was just a month or two, in Rosewood time. 

- Am I the only one who never really felt a sense of danger, or intensity? Weird, since it’s the series finale, and literally anyone could’ve died. It’s not like we had another season, and I knew Spencer was safe from dying. Yet, I never truly did feel like Alex would win the fight. I can’t take PLL villains seriously for some unexplainable reason.

- I really liked the flashbacks that explicitly showed us the scenes where “Spencer” was actually Alex. That was great. I wanted more flashbacks to earlier seasons, however. (I did appreciate that they played some music from the pilot, though!)

- THANK YOU MARLENE for not doing another Charlotte reveal where A sits around crying all episode, trying to make us feel sorry for them. Sure, Alex (nearly said Twincer!) had a sad story, but she embraced her sadness, and it fuelled her anger to take over Spencer’s life. That was really good. I loved seeing Troian walk around with an axe. Bless. 

- I was surprised we didn’t hear of Radley (as a sanitarium). Honestly, thank god.

- I think the motive is the strongest we’ve ever had, of all the A’s so far: Alex was so jealous of Spencer so she wanted to break up the girls, yet her threats only made them closer. Therefore, she decided, “why break them up, if I can just become Spencer?” That is so evil and I love it. 

- I EVEN CALLED IT that there will be a scene where someone holds a gun to Spencer and Twincer, and they have to prove who the real Spencer is. I LOVED that! 

- I have a feeling that once I finish typing this, the first word I’ll be seeing people use to describe the motive is cliche. Especially the above mentioned scene about not knowing which Spencer to shoot. It is a bit cliche. (”I’m Buzz Lightyear!” … “no, I’m Buzz Lightyear!” Toy Story 2.. anyone? That’s where my mind went, lol) An evil, jealous twin is a tad cliche. I can’t defend that. But within this world of PLL, it worked well I guess. 

- Sorry Troian, I wasn’t too convinced by the British accent unfortunately. But my gosh you slayed the rest. WHY COULDN’T WE GET AT LEAST ONE SCENE WITH TROIAN IN THE HOODIE!? That was a real shame. I get that it was set one year later, but… still, Alex should’ve wore the hoodie for a scene or two. For satisfaction’s sake, and it’s also just iconic for PLL. 

- SHOUTOUT TO A FOLLOWER OF MINE WHO MESSAGED ME AFTER THE AIRPORT SCENE IN 715 SAYING THAT TWINCER SOUNDED BRITISH. HOW DID YOU GET THAT PART TOO!? “Are you going someplace?” sounded very British, I agree, but I never picked it until I was told to listen for it. Genius.

- We even got it right as to who Wren was shooting: Twincer, so that she can look like Spencer. Gosh, is there anything we didn’t predict?

- Bethany who? Eddie who? Seriously though, I’m going to spend hours editing my unanswered questions list. We got a lot. You can say whatever you want about the finale, but you can’t say we didn’t get answers. Like, c’mon. If you’re saying we didn’t get answers, you’re the type of person who complains over nothing and is just impossible to please. Every word that came out of Alex’s mouth was golden. We had rapid fire Q&A with Alex and Spencer. I’m not saying this finale answered 7 years worth of questions; I’ll probably find some unanswered things once I start going through my list. But… You. Can. Not. Say. We. Got. Zero. Answers. I hope that when I finish this post, I don’t see people spreading such stupid negativity. 

- Wren died? How? Why? That was unnecessary. This finale really lacked a major death. I wanted to say OMG to at least ONE thing, and unfortunately, I couldn’t. Not one thing shocked me.

- Am I the only one who thought Wren’s involvement seemed a bit forced?? What are the actual odds of Wren running into Alex at a bar in London? Seriously? But whatever. I’m so glad he played a role in this, and a damn big one too. 

- So ALEX was the British person Mary was talking to on the phone in 701!!!

- I loved the scene between Alex and Charlotte!!

- I found it really really random that Alex started messaging Mona 1 year later. They had just moved on and all of a sudden Alex is back to start to reveal herself. Maybe I’m forgetting something because that was just weird.

- I was disappointed that there wasn’t a major reason Alex took Ezra. I was waiting for them to reveal a mind blowing alliance between the two but then it slowly became obvious that he had just been kidnapped and wasn’t on the friendly side with Alex. 

- Melissa’s mask was just pointless. That was pure fan service to MelissA theorists. (And also to throw us off for a bit.) And I knew Melissa wasn’t AD since there’s no way they’d reveal Uber A so randomly at a picnic like that. I knew it was a mask.

- I got dollhouse vibes when Spencer (or Ezra?) said “we’re still underground”. I thought that was creepy!

- Seriously… they make reference to the mums getting out of the basement, without actually giving us an answer??? “Do you remember how we even got out of there?” said Veronica. It would’ve been better to leave that dialogue out completely. Teasing fans over something they’ll never get, is far worse than acting like it was just forgotten. 

- Did Veronica know that Spencer has a twin, since she made a comment in 4B about not knowing who is coming down for breakfast; Spencer or her evil twin? They really made it out as if no one knew about Alex.

- Wren is the father of Emison’s baby!? That was so subtle, the way Alex said it. WHY!? That makes no sense. I’ve noticed that this show is really big on “who” but not so big on the “why”. I’m just going to assume that Wren was the only male she had “access” to, to pull off the stunt, so she used Wren simply out of convenience. That’s all I can think of.

- So Ezria got married, Haleb is having a baby, Emison is engaged with twins, and Spoby is??? I was really really shocked actually that one ship is still left up in the air. It’s not a sad ending, but it’s not happy either. Maybe that’s the one thing that doesn’t get answered that Marlene was talking about.

- That last scene with the recreation of ‘that night’ should NOT have been the last scene of the entire show. If Freeform wants to launch a spinoff, fine, go ahead, but how dare you cut to the end credits after that scene. Call me fussy, but I call it passion. The final scene of the show should have been Mary and Alex stuck in Mona’s dollhouse. Cut to the credits after that closeup on Alex (Which, was brilliant by the way, and aligns with Janel’s comment of Mona having her own unique happy ending.)

- The wrap party was boring. Just saying. It should’ve been the 6 liars (yes Mona too) with Marlene, sitting in Spencer’s barn, talking about the making of the finale, any questions that couldn’t get wrapped up, favourite episodes, etc. I finished the finale and thought “it’s okay, I still have one more chance to farewell the show since the last scene didn’t do it for me!” and nope, this third hour was no better.

- FULL CIRCLE HOW??? Can someone name one thing that happened, that can be classified as “full circle”??? In my mind, full circle means Alison dying and the girls having a sleepover in the barn!?

- Overall, this is how I summarise the finale:

It did not feel like a finale. The first half was boring, even for a series finale. The goodbyes were not strong enough, and I did not feel like I properly said “thank you” and “farewell” to my favourite fictional characters ever. The scene with the girls at the end was far too short. The AD reveal was very predictable for me and other dedicated detectives, but I think other fans across the world will be pleased since it wasn’t actually that obvious. The motive was great. Troian slayed. But, coming from a person who also has a non-rhotic accent (Australian), I felt put off by Alex’s accent. The final scene was just stupid, I’m not watching a spinoff - the final scene should’ve been Mary and Alex. We got a shit ton of answers, but, as I’ll soon see when I go to my list, I don’t feel like it was everything. But absolutely, most things, yes.

In 3 words: slow, predictable, fun. 

Here’s my theory where I correctly solved Alex Drake

Here’s my farewell letter

  • <p> <b></b> "How did you two meet?"<p/><b>Cas:</b> “Dean stabbed me.”<p/><b></b> "What has been your worst fight?"<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Probably when Cas became God and killed a whole bunch of folk…and then I tried to have Death gank him…Not our finest hour.”<p/><b></b> "When did you realize you were in love with each other?"<p/><b>Dean:</b> “I guess it started when Cas betrayed Heaven for me. I began to realize something was off with the way I grieved after the whole Leviathan thing, but I think I accepted it in Purgatory. I was going to tell him once we made it home, but…”<p/><b>Cas:</b> “I have always loved Dean, I just didn’t know how to recognize the emotion for what it was. Once I became human, though, it was harder to ignore.”<p/><b></b> "Who initiated the first kiss?"<p/><b>Dean:</b> “I-well, he-“<p/><b>Cas:</b> “We were on a hunt, Dean had been knocked out. I thought he required resuscitation, but in the last moment he opened his eyes and we stared at each other… I don’t know who moved first.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “It was mutual, I think.”<p/><b></b> "Who was the first to say ‘I love you’?"<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Oh, we haven’t, uh-“<p/><b>Cas:</b> “The depth of our feelings for each other cannot be adequately expressed through such a simple phrase.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Right. Actions speak louder.”<p/><b></b> "Who is the little spoon?"<p/><b>Cas:</b> “We are not cutlery of any size.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “No, as in- never mind. I am, okay? But just because Castiel’s wings can wrap around the both of us.”<p/><b>Cas:</b> “Oh, you are referring to our intimate hugs. I enjoy those.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Shut up, Cas.”<p/><b></b> "Who proposed?"<p/><b>Cas:</b> “Dean did. He was very romantic.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> “Dude, I’ve got a reputation to uphold.”<p/><b>Cas:</b> “Of course. Dean did not take me on a walk through a beautiful flower garden filled with bees, nor did he serenade me with his guitar at a fountain. He did not make a picnic lunch with naturally sourced ingredients. He certainly did not give a very beautiful speech when he went down on one knee, and he did not choose perfect matching rings.”<p/><b>Dean:</b> *links their hands together so both rings are showing* “You’re still not very good at this whole lying thing.”<p/><b>Cas:</b> “That’s okay. I already have what I want."

so i just realized that lena has always referred to lillian as “mom”

until this episode. where she referred to her as “mother”

“what did mother do now?“  “when lex ran the company mother was on the board” etc.


like, we knew that they never had a great relationship, lena references it many times over, and lillian shows us this, but even through all that, lillian was always Mom. it’s only now, after she got kidnapped and gaslighted, that lena finally stops calling her that.


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i?? love the way you draw chub people??? and thin people??? and im having so hard trying to figure it all out and i just??? how do u do it so well

you can find tutorials on thin people Literally Everywhere so i just did chub

tHIS IS SUPER QUICK AND BASIC THO and doesnt cover every body type bc a proper tutorial on this would be long and more in depth than i have spoons for rn but its a little like ?? guide thing i guess idk

you got three basic body frames across the top (shoulders and hips equal size, shoulders wider than hips, hips wider than shoulders) and then how the chub distributes down the side (apple, hourglass and pear)

basically its just like. curves and smooth lines, still following the basic frame of the body. use references to see how fat is affected by gravity and stretching and squashing and stuff cause it helps make it look a lot more realistic. muscle doesnt change much, it just gives you a bigger frame to work on to begin with and makes the overall frame look more solid, so if you’re gonna draw buff chubs id sketch the muscle out first

i thhhhink thats it? i hope this is useful 0:

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Y'know, the style of your sona reminds me of the art style they use in lion king. By any chance is that where you got the inspiration? Or is it just a coincidence?

Well, The Lion King was the first fandom I ever participated in, and Jass was the first OC I’ve made for RPing. They were originally a white lioncub, and the hair tuft comes from a bad attempt to use Simba as reference :D

I never did learn how to draw in TLK style well tho…

[ALL ABOUT SHINHWA COMPANY] - Chapter 1. About SM Entertainment

The History of SHINHWA’s Relationship with Entertainment Companies:

Original author: 미코 MIKO [2013.12.29]
Original post: http://blog.naver.com/secgarden/150182106794

Chinese translation: 海天月夜 [2015.06.02]
Chinese post: http://www.weibo.com/1251889924/CkJ1Gdqjc?from=page_1005051251889924_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime&type=comment#_rnd1488141816655

Chinese translation: Bestshinhwa [2015.09.01]
Chinese post: http://www.weibo.com/p/1001603882403276969902

English translation: xsterois [2017]

Chapter 1. About SM Entertainment

It’s not unfamiliar that Shinhwa debuted around the end of 90s, at the blooming period of the creation of ‘idol’, and being called ‘First Generation Idol’.
After H.O.T and S.E.S, leading the idol entertainment companies, they were SM Entertainment’s third product.

About Shinhwa’s audition

The above image is ranked by the date Shinhwa members joined as a trainee.
We don’t have to talk much about what happened before debut, in short:

Andy who was living in America formed a dance group with few Korean friends, joined a dance competition and got casted by Lee Sooman. After that he was picked as the final member of H.O.T, but gave up due to his mother’s worry about debuting at a young age, hence went back to America.
After a year, Lee Sooman met Andy again in LA and brought him back to Korea.
(At this time, some believe that Andy is already chosen as a Shinhwa member, but it’s unknown whether if it is a rumour among fans or a rumour from Lee Sooman.)

As a foreign student, Shin Hyesung was casted in a SM audition held in LA.
It was in 1996, and was the same year that Lee Sooman met Andy again, and according to Andy as a trainee that time, after listening to Shin Hyesung’s vocal, Lee Sooman exclaimed “It’s really great isn’t it”.

Eric same as Shin Hyesung, was casted though LA audition. Although he joined the audition as suggested by Andy, he already met Lee Sooman in the past. And according to Lee Sooman and Andy, Eric was already popular among Korean students at that time.

Lee Minwoo studied at Jeonju Art High school, he joined Everland Dance Competition with friends and got casted by a SM manager. (His friend who was also casted as a trainee wasn’t able to become a Shinhwa memebr but debuted through other entertainment company)

Junjin studied at Ogeum High School who was already famous for his dancing skills. And through sunbae Ahn Chilhyun, H.O.T Kangta suggested him to be a trainee.

At last, Kim Dongwan was popular as a band vocal in Whimoon High School. He also gained the title of ‘Whimoon’s Moses’ (Meaning that wherever he walked past, students separated a road like Red Sea for him.)

tvN The List 130311:

About Kim Dongwan at Whimoon High School

Different companies wanted to get Kim Dongwan in and they even sent special manager for him, knowing all his schedules following him around to get a chance (as reported by DSP relations). Until one day Kim Dongwan was unexpectedly casted by a SM manager on street, while holding a big teddy bear for his girlfriend.

None the less, they gathered as trainees and after one year to few months of training, only six were chosen to debut as Shinhwa’s final members.

People call them SM’s mischievous icon.

Different to other idols with a mysterious concept (especially SM’s H.O.T and S.E.S),
arguing with fans outside the dorm, getting drunk, bringing a television to play games at broadcast stations, escaped dorm but got caught and all received punishment, etc.
Until now these were remained as legend stories in the industry, and you can find these easily on different humour-sites as Shinhwa’s history.

Therefore even after 10 years, I believe that their weird and extraordinary stories will remain on the internet. And that because of the contrasting image to other idols during such time, their unique image brought them to the exposure in variety.

In 1999, Shinhwa’s 2nd Album (T.O.P) brought them a late-coming huge response, forming the unique passionate fans, and achieved their goals.
In the 5 years of contract period, even though there were various incidents (especially the life threatening accidents).

They continued in striving and working hard, showing a different style with every album.

At that time, I also thought their story will conclude with a happy ending…

With the passing of time, 5 years of “idols’ maximum survival time” went by, Shinhwa and SM’s contract came to an end in 2003.

During that time, groups debuted before Shinhwa or debuted at similar time declared disbandment, even without an official announcement, the members left and worked in different fields.
At that time, the running period of idols were expected to be around 5 years, and the number of albums was also ended at 5.
However, Shinhwa in 2002 released their 6th Album. From that time onwards, they began slowing breaking the limits of idols.

Recalling SM Entertainment sunbae idol groups, in 2001 due to conflicts between members and company, H.O.T went in a status of “half disbandment”.
S.E.S in 2002 disbanded according to members’ will, and debuted as solo singers.

And in 2003, when everyone expected SM’s third child, Shinhwa will go through the same path as the other idols.

But as we all know, such expectation did not came true.
Before talking about Shinhwa’s next decision,
let’s look into their experience in SM Entertainment which may considered as a turning point.

Chapter 1.5. Shinhwa Promoting as 5 (2001)

When Shinhwa released their 4th Album in 2001, without Andy, promoting as 5 members is what everyone knows. Andy also mentioned it on a programme himself, and as what we know, it was due to his personal issues.
But the truth is, recalling the incident in 2001, it was not just solely a personal uncontrollable case.

Andy’s Activities on Hiatus

[Author’s NOTE: Although I do not know how much this incident has impact on Shinhwa, this could fully represent how they realised the actual relationship between the group and the company.
And this is also the incident which made Shinhwa fans lost trust towards the company, and that it is not totally irrelevant to the future conflicts.
Below is according to my recall of the situation and rumour during that time+ what was reported on media+ Andy’s future explanation.]

One day, KKFS (Korea Kent Foreign School) was rumoured to have students from high status families getting into university with no qualification.
And in this school there were two popular idols.
They are S.E.S’s Shoo (Yoo Sooyoung) and Shinhwa’s Andy (Lee Sunho). (S.E.S’s Eugene was a graduate from this school)

Reporters who were starving for news did not miss this chance.
News on TV and newspaper all brought the two names out.
At first, it was “an idol member”, and then it became “S.E.S’s Miss Y and Shinhwa’s Mr L”. Later, they even reported with their real identities. People who heard about the university entrance scandal began to judge and blame them. 
Of course, this also happened in the fandom.

(For reference, I was only 4th grade at that time, just began liking Shinhwa, but still am able to remember this shows how big impact it brought…)

About this incident, if we start from the conclusion, the school which had an university entrance scandal, happened to have a foreigner student Andy (with foreign residence). Andy was 12th grade at that time, applied and got accepted for Hankuk University of Foreign Studies on English. Shoo also was accepted in university already.

However when the news broke, the spotlight of the media went onto “idol’s improper university entrance scandal” (in reality they just happened to be a student there) instead of the “high status family scandal”. Whereas the universities which were at the centre of the scandal, used “not qualified” as an excuse to cancel KENT students’ accepted university application.
Of course, from the the surface their reason made sense. KENT was not a proper high school course, hence they were not qualified for university application from the start.

(I need to point out that, not only Andy and Shoo, whether all Kent students did got blamed due to “not qualified”. For reference, all foreigner high schools are recognised as proper high school course now. But it was only not recognised during that time.)

Therefore the high school education was not recognised, concluding with a Junior high graduate, cancelled university entrance.

Then it would be great….

Due to the KKFS incident, a lot obstacles were created to Andy.

1. As Andy’s education was not recognised, Andy’s past 3 years studying at KKFS as a student was rejected. This created a problem to Andy’s reason to stay in Korea. Hence before his identity was made clear, the business activity (=as a singer) became impossible.

2. Male adult who is not a student, by principle is required to receive military health check, and before that travelling is forbidden.

Therefore, until Andy got the military health check, he was forbidden to leave the country. It would be great ending like this, receive the military health check and solve the legal problems. But to make thing worse, Andy’s “personal issue" broke out. Andy’s mother in US suddenly went really ill.

For reference, Andy was born in a single parent family, without any male parent, it means that he is responsible to act as the father’s role. Andy as his mother’s guarantor was really urgent to travel back to US, but due to what happened in Korea, until the travel ban is removed, he could only wait.

During such process, Andy even made a lawsuit about the university application was inappropriately cancelled. Some may misunderstood his action, but he did this not because of to escape from the military check, but instead if he could resume the “student” identity then the travel ban would be removed and he could rush back to US.
But at last it did not succeed.

Also, rumours began to spread everywhere. From Andy leaving out of the dorm, to become missing, temporary leaving the group, withdrawal from the group, and even rumour on suicide.
(About attempt of suicide, at that time the company explained it was because of taking excessive cold pills leading to gastric spasm, and was sent to the emergency. I personally think such issue is still questionable, but it is not a significant point here, so I will end this here.)

2001.05.10 Voice Message from Andy

Afterall, Andy successfully received the military check and due to not qualified education (finally as Junior high graduate), and was decided as “reserved placement” in military, he left all rumours behind and quietly left for US.

2001.05.10 [NEWS] Andy’s Military Position

After few months, Shinhwa came back with their 4th Album.

Without Andy, as 5.

What ironic is, Shinhwa with one member less, the album received well results, it’s actually really popular among the public. People started to give them more recognition for trying the un-idol-like concepts.

Some even said that ‘Hey Come On’ is the next level in music.
And ‘Wild Eyes’ as the continuing song, received even greater reaction than the title song.

No matter if it is music, variety or the media reflected that Shinhwa could be perfect as a 5 members group.
But this did not make people satisfy because of the subtle atmosphere.
Some fans appeared to not care but feeling lost, and some fans even accepted that Andy is already not a member.
Shinhwa seems to realise that before the return of Andy, they have the responsibility to stay in their position and try to make Shinhwa better.

However looking at Shinhwa promoting without him, Andy thought that he no longer had a position in Shinhwa.

Due to Andy’s inability to support the hospital fees (US hospital fees are different to Korea’s ones), he brought his mother back to Korea after few months. Looking at Shinhwa striving forth, began to feel the distance in between, or began to feel the guilt that may block Shinhwa’s development. He did not go back to the dorm but instead hid in a college building somewhere in Seoul.

Not getting a haircut, not shaving, shower with cold water, only able to sleep with soju and aspirin.

After that, as what we all know, Andy returned back to Shinhwa.

After Shinhwa’s 4th Album promotion, Shinhwa Changjo’s 5th Fan Meeting was held. It was the biggest event among all fan meetings held, and the venue was Jamsil Main Stadium. According to Andy, that day Lee Sooman contacted him and told him to join the fan meeting. 
Andy at the waiting room heard the fans shouted ‘Lee Sunho’ even without him on stage, teared up. 
To hide the weeping eyes, he borrowed a pair of sunglasses, and stood in front of the fans after a year.

When the fan meeting was coming to an end, Andy appeared at the last encore stage, greeted everyone shyly.

Shinhwa, once again returned as six.

However, even just naming this “after experiencing hardship, Andy returned to Shinhwa”, the impact this incident brought is definitely visible.

The point is, the person who called Andy to join the fan meeting is Lee Sooman, from this aspect both Andy and the fans were thankful for.

But the question is, this company called SM, left Andy out during their 4th Album promotion, appears to be doing a kind of experiment.

When Andy is not in Korea, leaving him out, released a new album.
Using the finished recording, and re-record it as 5 members, and making it into an album with 5 members. [-> Do anyone know where this is from?]

Idol groups were normally with 5 people, even with 5 voices, they were flawless no matter if it’s album or variety, the appearance of the 5 members were perfect.

The members did not mention Andy as much, called Junjin as the ‘maknae’ and called Shinhwa as ‘5’.

From all these actions during the promotion, could SM be trying this out to make Shinhwa as a 5 members group? People already made such assumption.

Also, about Andy’s rumour, fans complained that SM did not handle it well.
In reality, Shinhwa’s fanchant during 4th Album promotion, determined to add ‘Lee Sunho’, showing how much they anticipate Andy’s return.

But about Andy’s news or his future decision, SM did not voice out any opinion. When Andy was bothered by rumours before the military check, and the situation was so bad that he even went to the emergency, SM did not state clearly that Andy was not related to the university entrance scandal, and did not show a strong will to solve Andy’s problems.

2001.04.23 A Letter to SHCJ on Andy’s Rumour

At least this is what fans’ thought. (If SM actively solved the problems, the fandom won’t split).
At such situation, SM still promoted 5 members Shinhwa, created fans’ further distrust towards the company.

Of course, with Andy’s return, the saying of “5 members Shinhwa” became solely a rumour, or you can call it SM’s failed tactic.
Even if the rumour is true, that SM tried to take Andy away and make Shinhwa as a 5 members group, then this project was not only an experimental failure, but it brought unexpected negative impact to SM.

Using this incident as an example, not only Andy, SM can ignore their personal will and change the members of Shinhwa at any time.

Shinhwa could no longer be 6 at any time, even the group’s survival is uncertain, this is what the members clearly realised.

Back to 2003.

Even though it was revealed after a long time, H.O.T and S.E.S disbandment was mainly due to contract renewal. H.O.T’s situation was due to members’ individual contract renewal, conflicts and misunderstanding grew, leading to disbandment.
S.E.S’s situation was SM tried for individual contract renewal, but due to contract problems, conflicts grew, and finally announced disband while at the top position.

Same as the two previous groups, before contract renewal, the company began to secretly seek individual members.
The first person who got suggested for contract renewal was Lee Minwoo and Shin Hyesung.
Lee Minwoo since debut was in charge of choreography, lyrics and song writing, these various areas, showing a strong individual talent.
Shin Hyesung is Shinhwa’s main vocal, from the collaboration with Lee Jihoon, it showed that he is strong enough to become a solo vocal.
In another words, SM saw their ability to step out of the ‘idol’ limitation and became a ‘musician’, hence chose them for another contract.

However, witnessing other groups’ unwilling disbandment,
continued promotion while treating one member as non-exist,
Shinhwa objected the company’s action, and decided to betray (?) SM as 6, making such significant decision.

End of Chapter 1. About SM Entertainment
Next: Chapter 2. About Good Entertainment

Letterman Jacket (egobang)

That picture of Arin that has been circling around today gave me ideas. So have some high school au fun!!

tw; implied drug use.


Arin never really cared for any sport, but the football coach came to him anyway. He knew since he was a bigger guy they ‘needed someone like him on the team’, and after several months of getting hounded, Arin agreed and spent his summer in the hot sun with a bunch of other sweaty boys. He did admit that aside from the heavy equipment and being sweaty all the time, he did enjoy playing. He wasn’t a star athlete like the Quarterback, but the kids on his team did genuinely seem to like him, at least on the field and locker room.

It wasn’t until the season started that Arin noticed someone at almost every game. He had wild crazy blue hair and looked like…someone who was on a certain hallucinogenic.  He would always stand by the fence separating the field from the seats and watch the games. He was on the taller, lankier side, and wore tattered jeans, converse shoes and a flannel shirt. His clothes would change of course, but that outfit seemed to be the most consistent.

He really wanted to go and speak with the boy, Arin wouldn’t admit it outloud but he was cute. Its not like he ever could with his coach yelling at him. He would always look back and stare at the blue haired boy, he always stared back. It was on a cold October night that Arin decided that, at half time, he was going to talk to him. After his huddle with his team, he checked to see if anyone was looking and jogged towards him. The boy seemed surprised that Arin approached him.

“Hey.” The boy said,

“Hi.” Arin replied.

This was stupid. What he was doing was stupid. He has no idea who this kid is, or even if he went to this school. The boy definitely smelled like smoke, very earthy smoke. His eyes were only slightly discolored but were a beautiful shade of brown, like smokey quartz.

“I-I’m Arin.” He introduced himself.

“Dan,” the other replied.

“I see you at almost every game.”

“Yeah, my sister is one of the cheerleaders.” Dan said pointing to a girl who looked similar to himself.

“Oh, I didn’t know.” Arin was getting nervous and half time was almost over.

“Hey, after the game wanna grab something to eat? I’m dying for some chinese or something.” Dan said and Arin took his chance.

“Yeah! Sounds great! Meet you in the parking lot after?” Arin asked and Dan nodded.

“Meet you there. You win this game, i’m buying.” He told him, and that was all the motivation Arin needed to give it his all.

They lost, they lost badly. Their coach yelled at them in the locker room for messing up on basic plays. Arin was thinking about quitting, he didn’t much care for the sport anyway, and the yelling was wearing on his nerves. He packed up his gear and walked out to the parking lot, looking for Dan. How hard was it to find a tall blue haired kid, right? He eventually saw him standing under a tree by a red pick up, he was smoking…something.

“Hey! You lost so guess that means you’re paying.” Dan greeted him.

“I thought you said you’d buy!” Arin argued as he hopped into the passenger’s side.

“No. I said if you win I’ll pay. You lost, you buy.” Dan told him as he got into the driver’s seat.

“That wasn’t part of the deal.” Arin argued as he began to drive.

“I have altered the deal, pray I don’t alter it further.” Dan said in a gravely voice that wasn’t his own.

“Oh my god did you just use a star wars reference on me!” Arin laughed.

“Hell yeah I did. You fuckin’ like that shit?” Dan giggled.

They joked the entire way to the restaurant. Dan took him to a nice looking chinese place that was nearly deserted on a friday night. They sat down, ordered their food and sipped on their tea and water. Arin didn’t really know what to do or say. Dan was funny and very charismatic, even cute, it made him flushed. Dan told Arin about his passion for music and how he has been trying to make his own band for years. He needed people to play instruments, since he could only barely play the bass mostly, and preferred to sing. Wow, he was a singer. Why was Arin getting so flushed at the idea of Dan being on stage, looking as beautiful as he did, singing. Wait, what? He shook the thoughts away.

Dan asked about Arin, what his likes were, dislikes were, and when Arin talked about being an artist, Dan looked confused.

“If you are more focused on your art why are you playing football?” He asked.

“Because the coach wanted me on his team since I’m a bigger kid.” Arin explained but Dan scoffed.

“That’s no reason to play. If you don’t like it you should quit y’know?” he said and Arin nodded.

“Yeah, and I want to, especially after tonight.” He admitted.

“Yeah I feel ya. But hey, you’re decision on what you do or not.”

They were quiet for a little bit longer, just eating there food, smiling at each other.

“I’d like to see your drawings sometime, if you want.” Dan said after a while.

“Oh!…Yeah I can show you, only if you sing for me!” Arin said which made Dan laugh.

“Sure I’ll sing for you. Anytime you want.” Dan said. Arin really shouldn’t be blushing but he is.

Arin paid for their food, after Dan outright refused since their ‘agreement’ and went outside. A cold chill hit them like a wall and Dan nearly doubled over.

“Not good with cold are ya?” Arin asked. Dan, who was visibly shivering shook his head.

“Not at all.” He told him. Arin, as if by reflex, took off his letterman jacket and threw it over Dan’s shoulders. He looked surprised at the sudden warmth and looked at Arin, who has his arm around Dan.

“Let’s hurry up to the truck.” Arin said and Dan nodded.

“Yeah…okay.” They huddled together for warmth as they ran to the truck. Both of their cheeks were red, whether is was from the cold, or they were actually blushing, neither of them could tell or want to know. At least for now.

001; in lecture
write down any key terms, facts, and formulas.

if you can write while listening, copy down one or two examples if your teacher does any. if you can’t do those at once, watch the steps instead of writing it down. it’ll help you more to understand how the problem is done than it will to see the solution in your notes.

002; after class
if your teacher assigns homework problems, do them the day you learn the material. it’ll help reinforce your memory and the content will be fresher in your mind.

if you aren’t assigned problems, do some anyway. you can find some online easily - just Google “<insert your topic here> practice problems”

start memorizing those key terms and formulas. you often memorize formulas through repeated use, so keep practicing!

003; troubleshooting
need help? ask your teacher if you can. 

you can go on Khan Academy or some other online resource (I have a resource master post here

you can also ask friends or parents, if you can be sure they’re knowledgeable enough with the subject matter to help you.

004; before exams
start reviewing weeks in advance! during the semester you should make a master list of the topics that have been covered.

your textbook most likely has practice questions for the end of a section, or you can find those questions for your topic online. pick a couple of random ones from each topic and print them out as a practice test. set up everything in test condition - nothing on your desk but a pencil and eraser, a silent room, and a timer set for however long your exam period is.

then grade it with a red pen if you have an answer key. for anything you got wrong - check your work. did you make a silly mistake? promise to be more careful. if you’re rusty or forgot something, refer to the previous homework, notes, and examples you have organized somewhere. (you do right?) if you just don’t understand, refer to troubleshooting.

if you don’t have an answer key, just note which concepts you’re rusty with or don’t understand.

005; during exam
i have an exam advice post here

if it’s multiple choice use that to your advantage. there are many many ways, for example you can guess and check eliminate implausible solutions until you have just 1 left, etc. just use the multiple choice format well.

check your answers! check check check check check

check everything, even every little bit of arithmetic because small errors are usually what throw you off. you can also check by doing the problem in reverse, for example substitute your solution back in after solving an equation. 


“That shit-face! This was my favorite shirt he tore with his stupid whip!” You exclaimed in anger, referring to the Ghost Rider that whipped you on your back while trying to protect Stiles from being taken again. “Why didn’t you tell us you got a huge tattoo on your back, missy?” Stiles asked in a dad-like voice, while you were sat on a chair with Scott behind you taking care of your wound in his house. You turned your head a little to look at Stiles and gave him a death glare. “Not only did I save your ass-” “Okay, I’m sorry. I’m just glad I’m back with my family.” Stiles said and looked at the pack.

To @shinyzango& @themarginalartist •w•

I have made Ink!Henry!!!

ANGST. (right . _ . ?)
*I give credit to these two wonderful peeps! *
(btw: I would like follow them ~ w ~ if you haven’t already.)


-Turtle ♡

Originally posted by dailyskyfox

[EDIT: I also want to credit and give my thanks to @themarginalartist since I have used your own sketches of INK!Henry for a reference also to know how to draw him and stuff, I’m sorry if i was suppose to ask first to get approval to use your art, i have sent an ask but i don’t think i ever got a reply back so i drew on. I’m sorry if I did but i just wanted to credit you for that.]

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Shallura, "sweet dreams." Help the poor boy sleep.

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

Allura might not have been an expert it all things human.  Not yet, at least.  There were a few areas where she would consider herself an authority, such as how to make one human in particular completely lose his cool.  But that didn’t take an expert.

Still, she was pretty sure that two cycles was a long time for a human to go without sleeping.

“I’m fine,” Shiro insisted, not even looking up.  That might have been strategic, though.  Allura had commented that morning on the discoloration under his eyes, not unlike a pale bruise.  Shiro had waved her off then, too.

Allura hummed thoughtfully, watching him.  Normally, it was a personal thrill to have him sprawled on her bed so casually.  It had taken weeks of gentle prodding and suggestions to get them to this point.  So now he relaxed with her, doing his work in her room, relaxing back against her pillows like he belonged there.

Which Shiro did, of course.

But today, it was nearly painful to see him in such a comfortable place, forcing himself up and ignoring his fatigue.

Which meant something needed to be done.

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So last night I was thinking about color theory and how much I like @jorgesantiagojr‘s Mob Psycho 100 pinup, and wound up coloring it for fun!  (Luckily I got to wimp out on rendering since Jorge did so much of that in the inks, haha…)

Since the original illustration was inspired by Akira, I was thinking about how the movie used a lot of red-green color contrast, but just used that thought as a springboard for palette experimentation rather than looking up any reference or trying to match Akira’s style.

The inevitable (Pt.6)

Genre: Mafia!BTS

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary:After Hoseok is sick of you moping around after your break up and Yoongi overworking himself he made a plan to put you guys together. Despite surprising you with the sudden meetup you come to terms that maybe it was okay to move on already. He’s a mafia member with a short temper? Well, nobody’s perfect.

Pt.1 // Pt.2 // Pt.3 // Pt.4 / Pt.5

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Sitting in the waiting room felt like forever, just trying to know if your best friend was okay. You wanted to pace around the room but didn’t want to disturb the other people so you sat still, your hands shaking in your lap. A pair of shoes replaced the flooring that you had been staring at and you looked up to see your boyfriend. 

“Y/N, sorry im so late the traffic was awful. Are you okay?”

With a nod, Yoongi came and sat down next to you. You felt his hand place itself over yours. The feeling of his warm hand was comforting but you still felt like bursting into tears.

“He doesn’t deserve this….this is all my fault…” You mumbled.

“How in the world is this your fault? You didn’t tell him to go pick a fight.” 

“No but things have been awful between me and him ever since-…..Forget it.”

Yoongi’s eyebrow cocked as he sat up straight, knowing what you were implying.

“Ever since we started dating? Wouldn’t that make this my fault as well?” Yoongi said, sternly. 

You stayed quiet, not wanting this to turn into a fight. You only wanted to focus on Hoseok. 

“Well it’s not your fault or my fault. All this stuff that’s been happening was something we couldn’t prevent. We can both sit here and think of all the things we could have done but Y/N, one of us was bound to get hurt. We’re in a gang! That’s how things work. No matter if you were still single he still goes out there and gets into fights. We can’t change things now, we just have to accept them for what they are.”

You flipped your hand over so you were holding his properly, keeping a tightened grip.

“I know…I’m just scared…”

His eyes softened and he sat his back against the plastic waiting room chair. He used his other hand to reach around, leaning your head on his shoulder.

“So am I. He’s one of my best friend’s too and I hate this just as much as you do.”

Yoongi was right. About everything, in fact. He’d known Hoseok longer so you couldn’t imagine how he would feel losing him or what kind of wondering thoughts he was hiding in his head. You were so focused on your own loss you didn’t even think about how Jungkook was doing or how the rest of the gang felt about the whole ordeal. You knew what you were signing up for but you failed to realize that Yoongi wouldn’t be the only one you needed to worry about.

“I know, I’m sorry. How are you feeling?” You asked, looking up at him.

“Better. We made a pact not to call the police for anything nor to use 911 so without you he probably would have died there.”

“Does this gang really mean more to you guys than your lives?”

Yoongi shrugged. “We made it a rule years ago but ended up abiding by it. Without each other there isn’t much of a point. We’re kinda all we got.”

“You have me..” You interjected, making the corner of his mouth rise as he smiled. 

“But I almost lost you. The look on your face said it all, especially when you didn’t look at him when I approached.”

“….I wasn’t really going to break up with you. I just thought maybe it was the only option, right now.”

Yoongi leaned closer to you, pressing his lips against your cheek to return the warmness in your chest. It was probably exactly what you needed in this moment. You took notice that your hands finally stopped shaking and it felt easier to breathe. 

“Well, it’s not and even if you did, I wouldn’t give you up without a fight.”

You felt yourself smiling back. “Wow, my hero.”

One of the nurses approached the two of you, holding her clipboard in hand. 

“Are you here for Hoseok?”

You instantly rose to your feet, nudging Yoongi.

“Uh, Yes and Jungkook. Are they okay? Can we see them?”

Yoongi placed a hand on your arm to get you to calm down and not hound the nurse with questions before she was able to speak so you stopped, listening. She didn’t look like she had good news on her mind but you tried to not rush to a judgement. 

“Yes, we placed them both in the same room and it’s the first door on the right when you walk down the hall.”

“Thank you so much.” 

“Y/N!” Jimin yelled, running over to the three of you. You saw the rest of the members walking behind him, looking a little less than happy to be there. One of them specifically wasn’t looking too happy. You moved past Jimin, rushing over to put your hands on Namjoon’s chest.

“Wait. Please don’t yell at him. We haven’t even seen him yet and he was seriously hurt.” You begged.

“Do you know what he did? He almost got himself killed along with Jungkook! Jungkook only followed because he looks up to him and he knew that.”

“I know, I know but you can yell at him later. Please…do this for me?”

As much as he tried to be the toughest you knew he had a weak spot for you. You never knew why but you always sorta felt he was like an older brother towards you. He would always try to have your best interest but sometimes came off too protective. Nonetheless he caved, moving your hand off of him.

“Fine. Hurry up and go see him.”

You smiled, grabbing Yoongi’s hand as you two rushed off to the room. With a few small knocks on the door you entered the room. Hoseok looked up to see the two of you in the doorway. He turned his body away from the door. 

“Hobi? How are you feeling?” You asked, sitting down on his bed next to him. 

“I’m fine….I’m sorry I worried you so much. I was trying to avoid shit like this because I already know how you get.”

Your hand moved up to his hair as you played with it, knowing it always cheered him up. 

“You did worry me you idiot. Why would you go out and pick a fight?”

“I don’t know. I felt like everyone else has something going on and I thought if I could get us more territory then they would notice me doing something for once. I shouldn’t have dragged Jungkook into this either.”

You scoffed. “You should tell that you Namjoon. He’s pissed.”

Hoseok let out a small laugh, knowing the trouble he was in.

“Yeah I’m sure. I’m sure you had something to do with him not coming in here and killing me himself.”

“He’s only like that because he cares so much about you guys. Without him you all would be everywhere doing god knows what.”

“I know. Thank you, Y/N. I owe you one for saving my life.”

You smiled. “I’m just happy you’re okay.”

Yoongi held back his jealously as he saw you two being close since he knew everything that happened. He knew pretty much the whole situation but there was one thing he couldn’t figure out just yet.

You excitedly turned to Jungkook, sitting by his side.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you, Kookie. How are you feeling?”

Jungkook shrugged.

“Probably better than Hoseokie-hyung.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. You’re still hurt and I’m not letting you get up off this bed until you’re better, you hear me?”

Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh, seeing you trying to baby all these gang members. You really did have a way to sneak into their hearts unexpectedly.

“Yes, ma’am.”

While you and Jungkook were chatting away, Yoongi knew he only had a few minutes before the other members joined in so he had to make it quick. He looked at Hoseok directly.

“Why did you do it?”

Hoseok tilted his head in confusion, knowing he’d already explained the fight a millions times now in front of him. Yoongi shook his head, trying to tell him that wasn’t what he was referring too.

“Why did you set us up? You’re so obviously in love with her.”

His eyes widened and he checked to make sure you weren’t listening but he also seemed as if he expected Yoongi to catch on.

“Because she’s so obviously not into me. I thought I could push her off on someone else more suitable without me giving it much thought but-….I got in the way anyway. I got jealous and idiotic in the end and it took me this long to realize it doesn’t matter. I just want you guys to be happy. I care about both of you, I love both of you. So it kinda worked out in the end.” He said with a weak smile.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “I hate it when you do this shit. You act like you’re being nice but you’re still putting yourself down. Damn it Hoseok, You deserve to be happy too-”

“And I will be. Stop worrying about me for once. Even when I thought I was going to die I didn’t tell her how I felt and that means I truly want you to be together. I can always find someone else. Hell, if a gang like us is all slowly finding someone then there hope for me too.”

Yoongi gave a nod, looking down at Hoseok’s bandaged up arm.

“I’m sorry this all happened. I should have picked up the phone…I should have noticed something was wrong.”

Your ears perked up hearing him say those words. Yoongi was feeling guilty but back then he was trying to calm you down. It was impressive he was able to successfully do so while hiding his own fears. It also made you a bit worried that in the the future he’ll bottle things up.

“It’s over now. Now I’m just waiting to get my ass kicked by the leader.” The younger one laughed.

Yoongi let out a chuckle himself, seeing Hoseok finally smile.

“Just promise me something.” The older one added.


“Promise me that you won’t let it get this far again. I want to be there for you just as much as I do for the other members or Y/N.”

Hoseok’s face lit up with a smile.

“Yeah, I promise.”

Seeing them getting along felt like you were finally able to breathe after holding your breath for so long. They used to be so close before all of this and you were glad that it looked like they were able to work things out finally. Before you could even say anything you heard the door open as the other 4 members came into the room. It wasn’t as tense as you had expected to be, in fact they all just seemed happy the both of them were okay. For a gang, they sure just seemed like a family.


END (Finally.)

Hamilton — Take a Break  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Take a break!”
  • “It’s good to see your face.”
  • “I know I’ll miss your face…”
  • “I cannot put the notion away.”
  • “I’ve got so much on my plate.”
  • “I wrote this poem just to show it.”
  • “Your son is nine years old today.”
  • “Run away with us for the summer!”
  • “I’m afraid I cannot join you upstate.”
  • “Do you have to live an ocean away?”
  • “I trust you’ll understand the reference.”
  • “I have a sister, but I want a little brother!”
  • “Screw your courage to the sticking place!”
  • “You and I can go when the night gets dark!”
  • “I’ll be there in just a minute, save my plate.”
  • “It changed the meaning. Did you intend this?”
  • “They think me Macbeth, and ambition is my folly.”
  • “I’m a polymath, a pain in the ass… a massive pain.”
  • “I know you’re very busy. I know your work’s important.”
  • “There’s a little surprise before supper and it cannot wait!”
  • “Sit down with him and compromise. Don’t stop ‘til you agree!”

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Why does it seem that Bakugou doesn't mind it when Izuku calls him Kacchan? haha why doesn't anybody else in class 1-A call him Kacchan anyway?

i wrote a meta about this here

as to why the other kids don’t call him Kacchan… well. it’s just a silly nickname that Izuku gave Bakugou when they were kids. it’s a form of familiarity between them. the other kids don’t have any connection to that nickname. it’s just a thing between Izuku and Bakugou because Izuku couldn’t say “Katsuki” when they were 4.

it’s also probably because none of the class were very close to Bakugou until recently, and they just got used to calling him “Bakugou” 

i mean. in Japan, using first names/nicknames is a Big Thing and shows familiarity, which is probably one of the reasons how the class realized that they knew each other as kids. (tho Izuku did mention that to Ochako, and it’s possible it leaked from there). most of the time tho, people just refer to each other by their last name because it’s respectful.

Tsuyu and Bakugou are interesting cases, because Tsuyu prefers to have her friends call her by her first name and to call them by their first names, to show that she cares and thinks of them as friends. 

Bakugou, for the few people he does refer to by name, he doesn’t use suffixes at the end (”-kun”,”-san”, “-chan” etc) and instead just calls them by their name. this is considered pretty rude, and/or also gives the impression of familiarity. Bakugou, i’m sure, just does that b/c his language is rude overall, but it’s an interesting thing to note

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Hey so I'm making a comic of my own and i kinda got REALLY inspired by you and i love your drawing style. So I was wondering if you would let me kinda use a lot of references from your character Dex, but the old designs.... like, I really like the way you did the hair. It'll be just the hair. Super exited for Skull Kidz! tho.

I’m happy to have inspired you!  Please go right ahead, Dex’s hairstyle by itself isn’t anything special. I firmly believe referencing is important in the art world, despite what some people may think. But do be careful in how much you reference someone else’s work, there’s a line between referencing and stealing.

Thank you for supporting Skull-Kidz! I hope to finish the concept art soon.