did i just shatter all of your hearts

Why So Lonely?

Aries: I thought you were my guiding light, but all you did was blind me

Taurus: To me, you were everything, but to you, I was nothing

Gemini: I guess I never grew up and realized that stories don’t end the way they do in the damn books

Cancer: You promised you’d find me, but I guess we both got lost in the maze

Leo: I can’t even say that I love you, and I don’t even care enough to apologize for it

Virgo: You had all your priorities but apparently I wasn’t one of them

Libra: Love is a two-way street, and we both decided to take different paths

Scorpio: Your brown eyes were just brown eyes until I fell in love with them: my heart was just a heart until you left it shattered on the floor

Sagittarius: You promised you’d fly with me, but all you did was tie a chain around my ankle and pin me to the ground

Capricorn: This place seems much quieter now that your noise isn’t here to fill up the space

Aquarius: Being with you it felt like mind control, and it made us out of control

Pisces: Because I still can’t believe I lost my mind over someone who wouldn’t even mind me at all

Broke Me

Teen Wolf - Isaac Lahey
Note: here’s a oneshot it’s idk kinda sad I guess. It’s also very short.
Triggers: cheating?

The feeling of betrayal is so unexplainable, it’s worse when it’s someone who you’ve given your all to. It’s like suddenly your body becomes glass and starts cracking from the heart and then shatters to a million pieces. No possible way for someone to pick up every sliver, every shard of glass and put you back together. Betrayal, it’s never expected, there’s no warning, you just happen to walk in on it. As you did on a Wednesday night after school.

Excitedly, you quickly yet carefully drove to your boyfriend, Isaac’s apartment. You haven’t seen him all week, he would occasionally send you a text saying he’s not feeling too good, or he missed you. You could no longer wait until he was back to health, you missed him just as much. A surprise visit from you would surely make him feel a bit better. Unfortunately it was you who was hit with a surprise as you entered Isaac’s home.

“Hey isaa-” you stopped mid sentence. Your cheery spirit fell and tears rushed down your face without hesitation, your vision turned glossy from the tears and the two bodies on the couch melted together even more so.

“I can’t believe this, I can’t believe you” you said, wiping your tears away. You will not show weakness to the one who hurt you.

“Y/n.. I can explain” Isaac said, pushing the girl off of him.

You laughed, with teary eyes. “Explain? I don’t think there’s much you need to explain, this is quite self explanatory” you spit.

“Just please give me a chance to explain myself” Isaac pleaded “this” he pointed backwards, toward the couch “this was a mistake” he claimed.

“A mistake… Having sex is a choice, Isaac” you half whispered

“Y/n, please just listen to me” Isaac sighed

“Did you willingly take your clothes off for her?” You asked

“Y/n, wha-”

“Just” you couldn’t look at him anymore, you looked off to the side “just answer me, Isaac and I will leave because you clearly have found someone better” you said

“Don’t be ridiculous, I love you” Isaac said.

You flinched at his words, how dare he. How can he tell you he loves you after all this.

“You, what?” Anger started running through your veins. “You do not love me” you spat “and I’m sorry I ever loved you” with that you exited the apartment with a slam of the door and completely broke down outside. Tears running down your cheeks as if it were water running down a river.

The next few days went by and you had done your best to avoid Isaac. Word had gotten around school quickly and you hated seeing the sympathetic look girls would give you in the hallways.

You had become numb, things became routine, and you would avoid conversation or people all together. Until the end of the week you had encountered Isaac in the hallway. He looked miserable, his hair was a mess, his eyes no longer looked full of life, instead they were sad, red, puffy, and bags under his eyes. His lips seemed to have formed a permanent frown. As soon as Isaac made eye contact with you, his posture straightened and he quickly made his way to you, in which you reacted quickly and rushed in the opposite direction, hoping to get lost in the crowded hallway.

“Y/n!” Isaac shouted. The people in the hallway slowly started backing up to the lockers, and started watching the scene. Drama lovers you cursed in your head.

You closed your eyes, took a deep breath, and turned around to face Isaac.

“Oh thank god, Y/n. Please please forgive me, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I just keep picturing you leaving and how I hurt you” Isaac pleaded, trying to reach out to you.

“That’s because I did leave, and you did hurt me” you said trying really hard not to break down right there and then “you broke me, Isaac”.

“Forgive me, Y/n” he whispered

“Would you forgive me if you saw me in bed with someone else?” You questioned

He didn’t answer, he just looked at you blankly, as if you were not capable of cheating on him.

“That’s what I thought” you said and walked away, leaving your relationship there with him to cherish, because he had destroyed it for you, and you couldn’t look at the ashes of something that meant the world to you, something that was once so beautiful.

Protection// Im Jaebum(Part 7)

Originally posted by got7kings

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Supernatural, Vampire

Summary: After being saved from an absolute stranger, you find yourself in a different world; A world you never knew existed, a world where you find yourself less protected than before.

Author’s Note: I hope you all enjoy~

xoxo Sara


You felt your heart shatter at the boys words. Was he telling the truth about Yugyeom? Would a person who you barely even knew of take the fall for you if he knew you were safe and sound with his ex-teammates? Did he really go out of his way and leave them just so he could try and see you again?

You looked at Bambam with sad eyes, watching him intently as he took in a deep breath. He turned away from you, rubbing the back of his neck slightly before sliding his hands into his pockets. “That’s why I don’t like you. Even though you didn’t intentionally do it, he left the team because of you. He left me, because of you. And now i’m all alone here. Him and I were best friends. He was the only friend I had for a long, long time, even before I was turned.. He was the only person I had before then, and now that he’s gone, I get this pain in my chest whenever I think about him..”

“I’m sorry, Bambam,” You whispered, looking down as you felt your heart clench,, “I’m sorry Yugyeom went after to me, even after all of this time of not seeing me. I’m sorry he left me because he thought he would be able to see me. If I were you, I would be mad at me too. Have you ever tried to contact him after the fact?”

“We had to cut off all contact with them as soon as they were inducted into the Kin. We had to move bases once or twice because they kept finding out where we lived. This is our third base since then. Jaebum was the one who suggested we live here even though we found a cheaper and better apartment a couple of hours away. Now I see why he did that.”

You sighed softly, sitting down while gently pulling on his hand, attempting to get his attention as you stared up at him.

“How can I make you forgive me? I don’t want there to be any harsh feelings in between us. Because honestly, you seem like a pretty nice guy, despite the mean demeanor you put on whenever I come into the room.”

“Could you bring Yugyeom back to us?” Bambam said, looking away from you, but sitting back on the couch next to you. “I know you can’t. That was more of a rhetorical question. I guess I could work more on trying to accept you and not hate you, but it’s going to be hard.”

You looked down at your hands, sighing gently. “Bambam, I don’t know why, but I get this feeling that everything will be okay soon. With time, of course.”

“What do you mean everything will be okay?”

“I mean… Your team. If something major happens, I think… I think the team will be okay. Maybe you guys will reunite one day.”

“What? Can you like, tell the future or something?”

“No,” you chuckled softly, looking at your hands, “Like you said, you get a feeling when you think about Yugyeom? I get a similar feeling, only when I think about the future of your team.”

The stayed quiet for a few moments. “Can…Can you show me a picture of Yugyeom? I mean.. I’ve seen a picture of him in my head from an old memory, but I didn’t really get a good look-or maybe a good memory of him.”

“Why?” Bambam hissed, his cold demeanor showing up again after you thought you had finally ended it,, “Are you going to try and seduce him like you somehow got Jaebum? Oh wait, you can’t see him because he went after you already.”

“Hey,” you said softly, resting a hand on his shoulder, his shoulder becoming more tense at your touch, “Don’t speak to me like that, please. I’m trying to bury whatever is happening between us so you and I can both be happy, and so Jaebum and Jackson don’t shout at you anymore. “

Bambam looked at you through his peripherals, letting a soft sigh fall from his lips before pulling out his phone. “Alright, fine. I’ll let you see a picture of him.”

He opened his phone and went through his photos, until he settled on one with what seemed like his former team. He zoomed in on one with dark blue, almost black hair, who had his arms around both Bambam and Youngjae while he smiled.

“That’s him,” Bambam said, placing the phone in your hand, “He’s dyed his hair since you last saw him though. He usually has red hair.”

“Ah,” you chuckled softly, nodding at Bambam as you looked at the picture, “Yeah, I remember his face now. I saw him sitting on the couch in one of the memories I had of him.”

“Him and I used to watch you,” Bambam explained, “But it was mostly him. I would just run out and get us food, because he never wanted to leave you alone. He really cared for you as if you were his younger sister, because he never had any family members besides his mom. It kind of explains why he was so avid on looking for you, because of the fact that in his mind, you’re the only living family member he has left.”

After a moment, Bambam sighed, taking the phone out of his hands, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Hit me,” You said, rubbing your hands on your thighs, ask me anything.”

“If somehow,” Bambam rubbed his hands over his face, “If somehow, your feeling is right, and we do come together as a pack again, and this is high-reaching, I know… But if we do, Can you please treat Yugyeom as if you were his actual sister? Whenever he thought about having no family, he would get really sad, and he’d even cry sometimes. It really hurts, seeing him hurt, because him and Youngjae are some of the happiest people in our team. So, if we were to become a group again, and you were to not treat him as if he was your brother, he would be really hurt. And I don’t want to see him hurt like the way he was when he lost both you and his mom. I don’t want to see that Yugyeom  ever again.”

“But wait,” you paused, “Didn’t you say that you two got turned together? I thought that… That his mom was a vampire as well? How does that work?”

“Well, technically we didn’t get turned together, but I say that because he was the one who turned me. See; vampires age slowly, and we stop aging at around thirty, maybe a little older. We age ten years every one-hundred years. Yugyeom was one-hundred and sixty when I met him for the first time, still. I was only seven, though. He became like an older brother figure to me, I guess. Does that make any sense?”

“No,” you sighed, sitting back, “But i’m still interested. Continue.”

“So, he was one-hundred sixty. But when I turned seventeen, he turned one hundred-seventy. So he was technically seventeen because every ten years they age one year, since they age ten years every one-hundred years. Now does it make sense?”

“Oh, yeah,” you nodded softly, “So what happened? Did you ask him to turn you?”

“I did,” he nodded, “I wanted to be a vampire, very badly. They say that becoming a vampire is one of the worst things for you, because you have to watch everyone you love die off eventually, but in reality, I had no one else in my life besides of Yugyeom. So I asked him to turn me. It didn’t hurt at all, surprisingly. I think from the team, I was the only one to technically be turned, but that’s besides the point. I asked you a question.”

You looked at him softly, suddenly understanding as to why he had such an attachment to Yugyeom. “Alright Bambam,. I promise to treat Yugyeom as if he were my older brother. .”

“Thank you,” Bambam smiled slightly, quickly wiping it off of his face, “That made me hate you a little less.”

“Hey, it’s progress isn’t it?” You asked, smiling at him as you bumped your shoulder with his.

“Now, I didn’t know much about the vampire queen before I was turned,” he sighed, turning to you slightly and lifting his legs up slightly from the ground, tucking them in between you while his hands went to wrap underneath his knees, “What was she like?”

“My mom?” you asked softly, looking over to the piles of books Youngjae had brought you.

“From what I read… My mom was a scientist. She was a very well-known scientist in the human world, and aparetnly well-known in the Vampire world as well. But before she had tried to infuse her blood with the plasma of a vampire, she was never really intrigued into that. It’s when she met my dad-”

“Was he the king?” Bambam asked softly.

“No, he wasn’t the vampire king or anything like that,” You hummed, “My dad saved my mom from a vampire attack while she was working in her lab one late afternoon, or so I read. The Kin had broken into her lab because they had heard that a scientist in the human realm had come up with a serum that could eliminate all fighting cells in the body within seconds, and kill her prey.That scientist was my mom, which is kind of ironic because from the personality things and traits i’ve read about her, she seemed as if she wouldn’t hurt anyone. She didn’t do this on purpose, which is why when she found out that something that she created did that, she completely got rid of the serum. But The Kin attacked her anyway. My dad was a vampire who was active in the human realm, among one of the strongest here, and was set out to stop any active Kin members if they were a flight-risk and could potentially hurt someone. So my dad took my mom away before she could be physically attacked. And they fell in love. But he refused to turn her into a vampire, because he didn’t want to have her live with the curse he lives with.”

“He lived with a curse?”

“Not a real one. It’s like what you said before. He didn’t want her to live with the fact that she would eventually have to watch everyone, including her mom, die at some point. And he knew she couldn’t handle that. But they stayed in the Vampire realm with him, working on more science and serums that she believed, would bring both realms closer to peace. And with those Serums, she corrected the evil Kin members, but she didn’t do it with all of them, which is why The Kin was able to somehow to re-hatch itself after a while. My mom was able to take the throne after mostly eliminating The Kin, and because she was sweet and kind to everyone in the Vampire realm. But then… The Kin came back and killed both her and my dad and took over the throne. And now… That’s what the Vampire realm has turned into. And The Kin are looking for me now, because they think that since i’m her offspring and I have Vampire aspects that can be awoken in me by being turned, that I can somehow come to power and rule the same way she did. But I don’t think I would ever be able to do that.

“And why not?” Bambam said softly, “From what I see now, you seem very positive about almost anything. And you seem super nice as well.”

“Aw, does this mean you don’t hate me anymore?” You giggled gently, “That makes me happy.”

“I hate you a little less I said,” Bambam mumbled, “I don’t like you yet. But as I was saying… You seem fit to rule a kingdom. And with Jinyoung, or Jaebum by your side, i’m almost positive that you can do anything, especially rule another realm..”

“I don’t understand how i’m destined to be with two people,” you sighed into your hands, running your hands through your hair, “I just don’t understand it. Maybe there’s a book on it somewhere, but I would have to wait for Youngjae to get back so he can get me more books from the Vampire realm.”

“We can go to the library,” Bambam said to you, looking around slightly, “You know, none of the boys are here right now. It’s just you and me. And the boys said that they won’t be back until later tonight. Jaebum says I can’t handle the light, but I can.”

“What are you trying to get at, Bambam,” you said hesitantly, watching as a devious smile found its way to his lips.

“I say, we sneak you out. Just for a little while. I’ll come with you, because I can handle light well despite what Jaebum says. As long as we don’t stay out until late tonight, and you can quickly get your book, I think we can pull it off.”

“But, what i-”

“Sh,” Bambam hushed, standing up from his seat, “The Kin won’t catch you, (Y/N). I’ll make sure of it. Jaebum says i’m weak, but i’m stronger than I look. If anyone tries to come near you, I will protect you, and I promise you that. We’ll be quick, in and out, no one will even notice that we are gone!”

You shook your head slightly, “I don’t know Bambam…”

“Come on,” Bambam whined, taking your arm and pulling on it. “Let’s do it. Or are you too scared?”

You broke my heart; you hurt me. Again and again and you knew what you were doing. You knew you were shattering my heart, but you didn’t seem to mind. Maybe it was all just part of your plan. Telling me that the most important thing you wanted to do with me was to fall in love and work through everything no matter how tough it would be. Maybe killing the only one who has ever cared about you like I did, was your plan. Build it up, make it seem like everything’s alright, like you had feelings for me and then tearing it down and breaking my fragile heart piece by piece. You were watching as I held on tighter and tighter while you were slipping away little by little.
—  I was in love with you, but you killed me. ( @andrealynnxoxo )

I wish I could walk away unaffected,  

Just like you did.  

Instead I was the one who left with all the bruises on my heart ,

 And who was stuck with all the left over love.

Your surface was merely scratched, while I shattered. 

When did your heart turn to steel? 

Teach me how to feel less like you do.

Because I can’t live without her

Bill Adama (Battlestar Galactica, Sine Qua Non)

Trust Bill Adama to shatter your heart into pieces and leave you stunned and in admiration with just one dialogue. All it took him was one line to tell that Bill Adama had his limits. Laura Roslin was that. Sine Qua Non

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I wasn’t the one who left. So do not come running back to me months later saying that you regret what happened between us , and that you miss it. The ending of ‘us’ wasn’t a joint decision. It was yours. Purely yours. I tried to fight for us , I fought until my heart shattered. You let us go so easy. Do not think that you can come back so easily. I am nice and polite and I will always care because that’s the type of person I am, But you will never get another chance. Nobody has ever been so terrible to me. Chances are that I’m just pretending we’re friends and that all is okay, because I know how much it hurt me what you did & the things you said , and I could never want to ever put someone else through that. So I will answer your texts occasionally & ask how you are, but please don’t mistaken my kindness for forgiveness. As I will never be able to forgive you.
—  what goes around comes around. (hellolondonlover)
Letting you go is not an easy task. It was never been easy for me to see you walked out of my life. I never want to see you slowly drifting away from me. But since i really love you that much, i decided to give you your freedom because you were the one who asked for it in the first place. All i did was to fight for you but it’s really hard if i am the only on who’s fighting. I was willing to give you everything even sacrificing my own happiness just to make you happy. I can’t do anything, i still want to hold on but there’s nothing left for me. Your happiness is the only thing that really matters to me that’s why i just let you go even though seeing you walks away from me will only make my heart shattered into pieces.
—  letting you go
I hate you, I love you || c.h.

The pain seemed like it was too much. The lies, the drama, the fighting, the drunkenness, the boy who captured your heart with his deep chocolate eyes changing before your own eyes. He’d become a whole new person, all because of his growing fame, although you would regret to admit it. “You’re just a selfish bitch! You don’t care about my dreams!” he’d yell, alcohol flooding his veins and eyes clouded, all his inner feelings spilling out onto you. “You don’t care! You don’t give a damn about how I feel!” was the only response you could come up with. Grabbing a mug you’d bought him for a random occasion, just because you loved him, he threw it at the wall, shattering it just like your heart. Even though it was just a cup made of glass it still hurt because it felt like he was destroying your heart carelessly. Did he even love you anymore? You couldn’t tell. “I guess you don’t need me anymore do you? You can just move on to someone else.” It came out soft, like a whisper, but that was all it took to clear his once clouded mind. “Move on? No I, I could never what, oh my..baby” by the time the words slipped from his mouth he fell apart, the stress of trying to hold himself together in front of you becoming to much. “It’s just so..” he choked out in a sob “so hard..I can’t lose you..I’m..” another sob, “I’m so sorry.” A salty tear fell from your eye, but it was quickly wiped away, you weren’t going to cry. “I just..are you really calum?” you mustered that one sentence before it all exploded, breaking into sobs like your boyfriend in front of you. “I really am Y/N..I need you,” he mumbled, pulling you into his warm embrace. 



I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked. I just wanted to send a little note your way. No, I’m not writing this to complain about how you ruined my life or shattered all of my dreams. I once thought you did those things, but looking back now as a married woman, I realize the exact opposite is true. That’s why I’m here to say thank-you. Let me start by thanking you for treating me poorly. Although I know I didn’t deserve that kind of treatment, it taught me to respect myself and hold higher standards when it came to choosing a companion. You showed me the importance of looking for someone who cared for me enough to work hard, lend a helping hand to those in need, speak with kindness and even do those things you considered “outdated” and “uncool” – like asking my dad’s permission to date me, opening the car door and respecting my body and purity.

I can’t help but think back to all of those times you bailed on me after we had already made plans for a date night. Often it was just an hour or two before we were supposed to go out. I know, I know, the guys invited you to hang last minute and you just couldn’t say no, right? I remember the sting of not being a priority in your life. I remember holding back the tears when you called to back out, and I certainly remember letting them flow as I read yet another text filled with excuses and broken promises. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank-you for those times, too.

You may be wondering how I can truly be grateful these things, as rotten as they were. I mostly appreciate them for reminding me of how blessed I am to have a husband who loves me completely and fully as a man should love a woman. He works hard to provide for our family, isn’t “too cool” to pray with/for me, speaks with grace and treats me like a lady – not a piece of meat or a trophy to show off to his friends.

I don’t know where you are today or what your life may look like, but I hope these past experiences have taught you a thing or two as well. My prayer and greatest hope for you is that you’ve learned the importance and value of being a gentleman, living a life rooted in kindness and considering others as a priority above yourself. I don’t hate you, and although I certainly can’t say I miss you, I just had to set free the pain I allowed you to build in my heart so very long ago.