did i just prove that elliot's back

Project TARU, Part 2: A hand comparison

EDIT: Check out Part 1 of this little forensic science journey if you’d like: http://aquabreeze.tumblr.com/post/39590997051/project-taru-using-the-powers-of-photoshop-to-figure

So since I couldn’t figure anything out from the reflections, I decided to do a hand comparison.

Now, who are the main suspects here? If we’re in the realm of some plausibility, it’s either David Hayden, Brian Cassidy, or Elliot Stabler.

First, let’s look at the hand itself:

Notice the light-colored hair on the wrist of mystery man’s arm. Also, notice the shirt that he’s wearing: dark blue with a checked pattern. If we were to go by this picture alone, we might be able to rule out Hayden, because from the little we do know about him, he’s very clean-cut and wouldn’t wear something like this. And based on how wrinkled it is, my guess would probably be Cassidy, but I guess it could be Elliot as well. And granted, we know so little about Hayden that it could just as easily be him.

So I scoured the internet for pictures of the hands of the three suspects. First, I looked up David Hayden:

Zoomed in:

Looks somewhat plausible. I wouldn’t call it an *exact* match, but it’s certainly similar. Also, we saw mystery man’s right hand, and this is Hayden’s left.

Next I looked up Brian Cassidy. It was very difficult to find a good picture, so I found a video of “Rhodium Nights”, fastforwarded to when Cassidy comes in and took a screenshot. This was what I got:

Zoomed in:

I think we can safely rule Cassidy out with this picture. Cassidy’s hands are far more vein-y than mystery man’s. This picture is kinda low-quality, and again, this is  Cassidy’s left hand, not his right, but I think the veins rule him out.

Last, but certainly not least, I looked up Elliot Stabler. Pictures of his hands were already up on the Elliot Stabler tag, so I grabbed one of those. (I used a picture posted by eat-sleep-streep. All credit for this picture goes to her and her awesome blog.)

And I was like “…Ohmygod. …It can’t be… IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME.”

Zoomed in:



Nononono, this is just my wishful thinking, there’s no way.”

So I put all the pictures side by side.

………..And guys… I think we might have a winner.

I mean… look at mystery man’s hand. Look at how the thumb curves in after the knuckle, while Hayden’s thumb curves out.

And since we’ve already ruled out Cassidy due to the veins in his hands, that just leaves…

I swear I wasn’t looking to find this. I’ll readily admit I’m an Elliot fangirl and an EO shipper, but I wasn’t expecting to find what I did. I was expecting to find it was Hayden or Cassidy. I wasn’t expecting this at all.

Now I very well might be wrong. I’ll accept that. But… I mean, based on this alone, I- I’m not a scientist, I’m just a girl with photoshop… If I’m wrong, I won’t be surprised, but the evidence suggests that…

I don’t want to break the internet, but…

…I think Elliot might be back.