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Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.

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kk i keep seeing around that Keith is Galra???? did i miss something?? (i mean there was that one time towards the end up the season, but was it confirmed? ) ((also sorry i only message you about Voltron >->)

Message me about Voltron, I do not mind. Oh, and no, it’s not been confirmed, people just have jumped on the bandwagon for the theory. Which is fun because I really enjoy it. Here’s what we’ve got so far ‘going’ for us potentially with pictures to go along (not in order of significance, but in order of appearance/concept): 

1. The ‘energy’ telling Keith to search coming from the blue lion. 

So far only lions belonging to their respective owners have been able to ‘communicate’ with the others. Some have hypothesized that the quintessence in the lions connected with Keith’s alien side (Galra or not), making him more prone to sense it. Now, Hunk could track the energy with the Geiger counter, but when the thing was brought up, Keith had no idea what the fraunhofer line was and it had to be explained. So that means he probably sensed it organically. 

2. Keith’s eyes

It’s only a small thing, but the other humans have what could pass as naturally occurring eye colors, while Keith’s are… well, purple. A color commonly connected to the Galra. Not only that, but the only other characters with purple tinted eyes are connected to the Galra somehow (though most Galran’s have the bright yellow ones). Could be nothing, but hey, at least they are pretty.

3. The Handprint Scanners (Important)

Multiple times the other characters are required to use Galra Tech to get these hand scanners to work, including other aliens. 


Shiro (Caption is important):


But Keith just puts his hand on one and it works. 

Okay, that’s not suspicious at all.

In case you aren’t sold, here’s Shiro’s Galra hand interacting with an identical panel to Keith’s.

4. The ‘burned/broken hand’ from Galra Magic

That doesn’t look like a normal burn to me, or even the right patterning for a bruise. It follows the path of the magic, where it would leave the body like an electrical shock, but a burn is a burn, and would be colored red, not purple. There’s the chance that it’s colored due to the magic alone, but with everything else, Keith’s skin color changing to match the Galra’s is something to consider.

He healed upon coming into contact with the quintessence, but since we haven’t seen anyone interact with that personally other than it being a ‘life force’ we don’t know if this means anything special.  

Also, when Shiro is hit with something similar, his body doesn’t absorb the energy like Keith’s does, and instead has a recurring wound:

5. This infamous and foreboding line:

Enough said.

6. Keith’s knife and the dagger wielding double agent. 

Okay, first off, why would they give Keith something, have him look at it during the ‘wake up scene’ and then never have it serve any other purpose? It’s a unique looking blade, but the hilt, where any distinguishing feature might be, is wrapped. People have already speculated that it could be a link to Keith’s parents and it might be a stretch, but this is just fun so… Galra dad anyone? He did let down the barrier for seemingly no reason at all. (I remember suggesting this as a joke right after I first saw it, but…)

Just an animation choice, but the symbol on the hilt is in the middle of the screen for an extended time more than once. That probably means it’s important.

7. Symbolism of Note:

  • Keith’s Red Lion’s starting place with the Galra, while all of the others are elsewhere.
  • Shiro (the body of Voltron) having a right arm (Keith’s position on Voltron) that is Galran.

Also, if Lance’s comment in the first episode about betting the reason the Galra could find them was “Keith’s fault” ends up being foreshadowing, I’m screaming.

Good Lord.. Can we EVER get a break??

Alright so regarding the Jackson thing, I’d like to say my piece. Personally, I’ve stanned Jackson for a while now and I know this not the first time he’s made a problematic ass mistake.

He pulled this bullshit a while back..

Apparently this was some sort of edited pic of him done by a fan. But, for some reason he posted it to his Instagram… He apologized for it later though.

I accepted this apology because he seemed sincere. But then, he did it again...

I just found out about this one and man… No words.

So, the reason why I included these two incidents is to tie them into this dread lock thing he did recently.

I truly do wonder what changed with him. Like the whole reason he apologized for the first blackface pic was because he saw how much it offended others. People educated him in the comments and he realized what he did was wrong (or so we thought, because he ended up doing blackface again).

So now, the current shit I woke up to this morning…

Pepsi, of all company’s, of course it was Pepsi… *eye roll*

So, people of course criticized him when he posted this on his Instagram. And people also came to his defense. As expected, some pulled excuses from their ass saying how “other kpop idols do this all the time!”. And, “He probably didn’t have any control over the hairstyle, it was most likely picked out by the company.”

I was inclined to believe this too, but then…

*Deep sigh*

 As you can see above (and probably have already seen all around the internet) he said that this hair style was his decision. So, claiming that it “wasn’t his fault” is out the window.

Real quick, I’m gonna tell you guys my opinion on non-black people wearing black hairstyle’s. I don’t have any real problem with it, unless they act like they created it. If you’re trying to claim something cultural that is obviously not yours and/or you’re purposeless mocking it, then yea.. it counts as cultural appropriation. Personally, I think dreads and braids look tacky af on these idols lol. But, others have a different opinion on the matter and believe that just wearing these hairstyles is cultural appropriation. And I respect your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it entirely, I’m not gonna be an asshole and bash you just because I may not agree/understand your pov.

My real issue is with his statements. He is very unapologetic about it and totally dismisses his own fans opinions as “hate”. People are out here trying to educate and let him know that what he did offended them/others. And he doesn’t seem to care as he says, “you are on the wrong page.” His “sorry, not sorry” attitude is very shocking to me. And it’s sad to see him using this beloved excuse of “others do it all the time, so why can’t I?.”. As if people don’t dislike when other kpop idols cultural appropriate. I really don’t know what rock him and some of ya’ll are living under cause..  And wasn’t it just last month his fellow member, Jaebum wore the same hairstyle? I sure saw people bashing him. But the difference between him and Jaebum’s situation is that, JB doesn’t have a huge internet presence like Jackson does. I mean the man is barely on Instagram. Also, Jaebum didn’t comment on the hairstyle, making it seem like he probably didn’t get any real direct criticism. And this is the main reason why I’m having a issue with Jackson now. His comments on it are very insensitive.

He’s not looking at the whole picture here and brushing this off as if it’s nothing. And he tries to sugar coat it by saying that, “I have love and respect for all RACE”. That must include all races, except for black people. Because, right now he’s not showing that “love and respect” for his black fans who are letting him know that what he did/said was offensive and inconsiderate. He’s just looking at it as “hate”, just like these “stans” who like to jump on the bandwagon of defending their fav to the death.

The second tweet rubs me the wrong way especially because, again he’s sugar coating and saying all these seemingly nice things. But, at the same time he’s ignoring what people are trying to tell him. And saying, “this is a complete misunderstanding” is just his way of debunking what people are trying to explain to him.

That’s how ignorance works, some people are just too stubborn and believe that their opinion is the only one that matters. Blinded by their own ideologies, refusing to see it in another light, in another persons shoes. I bet my ass he wouldn’t appreciate non-asian (or non-Chinese people in general) wearing a Cheongsam.

I shouldn’t be surprised though. After all he hangs out with this dude…

For those of you who don’t know him, he’s kind of a male version of a groupie. You can find him hanging around the rapper Tyler, The Creator. Also, this dude Ben allegedly once said that, “Kpop isn’t for black people.”

But then again, he stays flip flopping so it’s best to chalk him him up as an ignorant mess.

LIke wtf ??

Anyways, this post is getting too damn long.

In conclusion, Jackson is currently cancelled in my book. Unless he issues an apology (which I’ll be surprised if he does), I’ll judge on my own behalf if I feel it’s sincere or not. But, in the mean time ya’ll can have fun coming at each other and fighting opinions with more opinions. As if getting mad at others for being mad about something that doesn’t concern you is gonna do anything except make you feel “entitled” in some way…

Pic from pixiv Ann Takamaki tag (I’m having trouble locating the link ! Will be updated accordingly!)

Jumped on the VK bandwagon due to requests for VK Ann ❤️ I don’t like posting these types of pics, however I took some shots that aren’t really lewd or anything XD idk how I did it! I HAD TO DO THIS FOR TOP GIRL ANN THO XD Especially after seeing the art! I was super nervous about posting this but it literally just looks like a sweater in my pic… thank god lol

june 15, 2017.

this was going to be a cute little post about how i jumped onto the mildliner bandwagon, but the studyblr community isn’t just about successes and aesthetics.  it’s also about celebrating every person’s hard work, and to pick up others when they fall. no studyblr is perfect, and no person behind the screen is perfect either.

i’ve finished all my exams except for one, and i did not get the scores i wanted.  i got scores ranging from 70-100% on all of them, and i’ve been feeling pretty down because of it.  however, i know i can do better and i’m trying to pick myself up and study for the next exam i have. 

just wanted to thank all the people who have been supporting me!!

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Hi there! I was wondering if you could do a prompt of Betty showing up to school dressed in those 50s style polka dot dresses, red lips with 50s curled hair and Juggie just completely lost of words/smitten with the her. I've been having this idea ever since his retro dream sequence.

This was a cute request! I made it a short one, but I hope you still like it! 

A/N: I’m pretty sure that homecoming/spirit week is primarily an American tradition so in case you’re not sure what it is, I left a description under the cut.

Jughead crumpled up the Spirit Week poster, tossing it into the trashcan across the hallway before turning back to Archie to roll his eyes at the dozens of classmates strutting past them in their poodle skirts and rolled up jeans and leather jackets.

“I loathe this week,” Jughead muttered, leaning against Archie’s locker as he grabbed his books from the bottom shelf and shut the door. “Why does the Homecoming committee think that dressing up in outfits from decades of which we weren’t even a speck on our parents’ radar, shows any shred of school spirit whatsoever?”

“It’s called fun Jughead,” Veronica pointed out, coming up from behind Archie and making room for herself in the circle that was forming around them. “A word that remains to go unused in your ever-growing list of extensively useless vocabulary terms.”

“Excuse me for not jumping onto the bandwagon of senseless high school traditions,” Jughead spat, gesturing to his normal uniform of a plaid shirt and dark jeans. “But just because I chose to come to school today without my saddle shoes and denim on denim ensemble like Archibald over here doesn’t mean I have any less school spirit than I did yesterday.”

“You don’t have any school spirit,” Kevin reminded him. “Ever.”

“My point exactly,” Jughead told him, turning away from the group and crossing his arms over his chest defiantly.

“Well I think the fact that the sophomore class got the 50′s as their decade is a fabulous excuse to test out my vintage cat eye sunglasses,” Veronica pulled them from her purse, slipping the black-rimmed frames onto her head and striking a pose. “What do you think?”

“Holy Audrey Hepburn reincarnated,” Kevin gasped, a hand moving up to rest dramatically over his heart. “I’m dying.”

“Come on, Jug, it’s all in good fun,” Archie reminded him. “We could use it after everything we’ve gone through lately. Plus we get out of sixth period for the assembly so it can’t be all bad.”

“Now that’s something I can get spirited about,” Jughead admitted, smirking at Archie as Veronica and Kevin fawned over her outfit with ear-piercing oohs and awes.

“Where is Betty by the way?” Archie wondered, glancing around the hallway for any sign of his long-time best friend.

“She said something about helping her mom with some project at the house,” Jughead explained. “Cryptic and terrifying as that sounds, I’m glad they’re spending so much time together lately.”

“So am I,” Veronica agreed, her lips twitching up into a smirk as she turned to raise a mischievous eyebrow at Jughead. “Plus, I know all about that little project and trust me, you’re going to die when you see it.”

“Why do I find it increasingly difficult to trust your judgment on these sorts of things,” Jughead muttered, his brows furrowing together as he met her smile with a skeptical frown.

“No really, you’re going to thank me,” Veronica assured him, turning her gaze away from her friends to scroll through her phone as if nothing was out of the ordinary.  

“Oh so now you’re the one solely responsible for this secret project that no one else has heard of until now,” Jughead teased, picking at a chipping fleck of paint on Archie’s locker as he narrowed his eyes at her.

“Obviously,” Veronica scoffed, rolling her eyes before opening a text message on her phone and throwing her arms out to the side dramatically. “Shhh! Everyone, I just got a text from Betty. She just got here.”

“Great, she can help me at the Blue and Gold before homeroom and-” Jughead started to say, but was immediately cut off by Veronica turning his body to face the double doors that led into the school from the parking lot.

His mouth dropped open, and the world went dead silent around him as he focused on the golden-haired beauty standing in the doorway. It was as if she had been plucked straight from a 1950′s sitcom, her black and white polka dot dress swishing around her legs as she turned to greet a few of her friends at the door.

“Whoa,” Jughead breathed, his heart beating wildly in his chest as the sun shone in from the window, reflecting beautifully on her curled hair and creating a glow around her head that he had never quite seen before.

“Oh my god, she’s like a blonde Natalie Wood,” Kevin muttered from behind him, watching in awe as Betty made her way over to the group. “I love it so much.”

“Hey guys, what’d I miss?” Betty asked, her smile lighting up her entire face as she turned to face Jughead.

“Jughead was just telling us how much he hated Homecoming week,” Veronica filled her in, her eyes dancing amusedly as she observed Jughead’s bewildered expression at the sight of his girlfriend looking so made-up. “Do you still feel that way, Jug?”

“I think it’s starting to grow on me,” Jughead mumbled, his breath catching in his throat as he took in her entire look from head to toe.

“That’s what I thought,” Veronica smirked, linking her arm through Betty’s and quickly pulling her closer to Jughead. “No man can resist Betty Cooper in a vintage, one of a kind, straight out of her grandmother’s wardrobe, polka dot dress.”

Veronica pushed Kevin and Archie away from the couple to give them some privacy, leaving them to stand alone by the lockers, gaping at the other with goofy grins and fast-paced heartbeats.

“That dress,” Jughead breathed, his gaze dropping down to the silky fabric that was pulled in slightly at the waist, accentuating her curves in the best ways possible. “It really suits you.”

“Oh this old thing,” Betty brushed off the compliment, smoothing down the front of the dress with her hands and smiling up at him. “It was just sitting at the front of my closet, practically begging me to wear it today. No big deal.”

“Well you look beautiful,” Jughead told her, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear and glancing down to meet her smile with one of his own.

“I think Jughead finally found his school spirit,” Archie pointed out from across the hallway, watching as Betty took Jughead’s hand in hers, leaning into one another as they laughed flirtatiously against the lockers.

“And he only had to travel back to 1956 to find it,” Veronica smirked, twirling her sunglasses around with her fingers and shrugging. “Who knew.”

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Bite Me (Part 7)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (no pairings yet)

Warnings: violence, a baby smidgen of angst

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,414

A/N: This is the seventh installment in my first ever fanfic series. It’s an easier read than 6 (sorry yet again), but is mainly focused on a flashback…so you win some you lose some haha ☺ It’s just the slow burn way. Love all of you loyal readers!!! And for those just jumping on the bandwagon – Welcome! These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)

My first dating experience occurred when I was well into my twenty-third year. Uncle Jay needed some rare plant for a weapon he was cooking up, so he’d sent me into town to visit his buddy at the local greenhouse. Arlo came with me, like he always did, sticking close to my right side and matching my pace, ears alert and tail gently wagging. He would bump my hand with his nose occasionally while we walked through the streets, asking to be scratched on the head. I was always happy to oblige.

The small bell above the door gave a happy jingle as I walked through, repeating the sound as the door closed behind me. I scanned the small front lobby and did my best to view the greenhouse area through the small square windows of the double doors leading out to it. The place appeared to be empty. I was heading to the small office door on my right when it suddenly swung open. The man that exited was tall, well built, and probably not much older than I was. He was slowly flipping through papers when he noticed me.

“Oh hey!” he flashed me a white smile, “Didn’t see you there. What can I help you with today?”

I frowned a little, “Um, hi. I’m actually looking for Jeb. Is he around?”

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Scandal Season 6 Finale, My thoughts

*Clears throat* Hello Family and Friends of the deceased, we are gathered here today to lay rest to our dear Sister and Friend Olivia Carolyn Pope. *All around the church sniffles, weeping and sorrow filled cries could be heard* It saddens me to be up here but let’s remember the good things Sis Olivia did and who she was before she died and let Rowanka live.
(Rowanka is the name Katrinapavela gave Olivia when she goes all Rowan on us and I liked it.)
☝🏽Yes I just had a funeral for Olivia. ☝🏽Yes shit got real last night. ☝🏽Yes I got emotional AF last night, I think I got teary eyed on 3 different scenes. I’m not gonna do a scene by scene of the Finale , I’m gonna speak on the Characters, in no specific order. Honestly this was a good ass season finale and I really liked it 🙃except 1 specific thing happened and it ruined the whole episode for me. Yes that’s sort of a contradiction but I 👏🏽said 👏🏽what 👏🏽I 👏🏽said 👏🏽. This episode literally hurt my feelings and it’s nothing new cuz it’s Scandal they always hurting feelings 😭😭 damn you Shonda! 🤔TBH I would have been ok with ending Scandal with Fitz presidency I honestly don’t wanna see anyone else as president 🙎🏽🖕🏽🙄 but whatever I’ll get over it, still not jumping on Mellie’s bandwagon
Ok let me start before I get dramatic!

Abby and Quinn: They finally made up and I’m glad. Abby literally has no one but Olivia and OPA she wasn’t going anywhere but back home to OPA! Quinn is pregnant and Abby is gonna help her raise her baby , it was real cute when Abby said “Over a cliff.” 🤗 ☝🏽Now let me just say Quinn kinda got on my nerves because this ho thought she was gone run away to live a normal life without telling Charlie she was pregnant! Bitch you have no right to do that, it’s his baby just as much as it’s yours and you dumb if you don’t think this SPY could find yo ass! Let’s not forget Charlie was a top dog at B613! And she thought she couldn’t work at OPA because she was going to be a mom🙄🤷🏽‍♀️ GUHHHH Women all around the world been doing this! Women make boss moves even as Moms I was like who tf wrote this 🙃Women work and still be great Moms we don’t need that bs narrative out there But thankfully she came to her senses!

Huck: Wanted to go with Olivia. 😭😢 I told yal Loyalty is a man named Huck. But she told him she needed him at OPA and that she would be fine.

Mellie: Continued to show that she was a white privileged woman 🙄 ok so when did Mellie say she wanted the White House all her life? Because what I remember was her saying some about being the wife or some shit but anyway it was a lie. They tryna push a new narrative on Mellie and I’m sorry but it’s to late. Mellie ain’t worked for shit and that’s just that! Olivia and Cyrus about to run D.C. and Mellie whose the puppet President now? 🤦🏽‍♀️Yal her first act as president she signed some papers that she did not even read! 😶 and you thought I was gone be on board with this fuckery? 🗣ISSA NO.

Cyrus Rutherford Beene: ☕️🐸Pulled off the finesse of the Century. 🤓Brains of the illuminate. It was Cyrus Motherfuckin Beene! Way back when, I knew it was Cyrus because I kept saying he wanted to be President but I got distracted by Ponytail and Peus and I was like well maybe it’s a new bad person coming but nope! It was Cyrus sneaky ass 😂

Luna 🕷black 🕸widow Vargas: 😎 Head illuminate but still a #2. ☝🏽Oooooweee Homegirl nobody fucks over Olivia and get away with it. Olivia gave her a pill to peaceful go meet her husband in the afterlife 😬 yikes. I tweeted and said Luna Vargas was in with the illuminate, and I said it because she jumped the bandwagon to quick! How you go from saying Mellie didn’t win , your husband did to Yes I’ll be your Vice President 🙅🏽 nope ain fall for it! I knew she was in on I just didn’t know she was actually the head! Yea Cyrus was the brains but Luna was the head! Luna teaching us to kill husbands 😝

How to make an illuminate: So Cyrus gets into Luna head , Luna hires Marie Wallace to kill her husband, Marie Wallace hires Ponytail aka Samantha bka Gertrude and Peus to do the job. From what I gathered nobody knew about Marie Wallace actually being Maya Pope because there is no way she would have let them threaten Olivia at all. When Maya found out what was going on she came to town to rectify shit! I love how unapologetically black Maya is! From that powerful ass monologue to actually being there to save Olivia, Maya proved she is the better Pope parent.😌 She truly loves Olivia and she forgave her for choking her and everything because she knows that she caused Olivia some damage growing up motherless. Maya even told Eli you can’t half ass raise Olivia and think she gone come out whole 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
☝🏽hunny Maya had time and she was right the entire episode she was right! When she got captured so easily I knew Maya was innocent there’s no way she would have been that easy to find!

Maya Pope aka Marie Wallace bka The baddest bitch: Maya’s monologue was the gospel truth and it was foreshadow for Olivia. Maya really did come back in town to save Olivia 🤗 and yal when Maya started singing those old negro spirituals I hollered! I told yal she’s unapologetically black! “So much for black girl magic” “girl bye, I’m ya momma ain no fooling me” some of her lines from last night. I would rewatch the episode so I could give yal what she actually said in her monologue but I’m still a lil sensitive 😢 forgive me. But anyway she talked about how she and other black women and black mothers are the backbone and stepping stole for everybody, how we always saving everybody but whose saving us? About how Black Women do everything only to have it taken away by a white girl with bamboo earrings 😩🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 yaaasssaauhsabalobooshhhh! 🗣Maya you better speak that word, let him use you sis, go AWF, go AWF! 🙌🏽 I told yal, Maya 👏🏽had 👏🏽time 👏🏽 she read Everybody to the filth hunny! (And now that I’m thinking about it what other show is going to do this when Scandal goes off 😔. Read America and throw shit in there faces, we still out here facing issues that need to be addressed through television!) but anyway Maya came to D.C. and shook the table 😎

Eli: Fragile masculinity couldn’t accept that maybe Maya was right, almost killed her 😤 but let me also say this he showed Fitz some respect in this episode. He waited until Fitz was in the room to do anything, he let Fitz make the calls and throw shots and he even went to Fitz and told him that Olivia needs him to balance her out. 😭 yal! Wait a minute 😭 do you know what just happened? Eli…Rowan went to Fitz and told him that his daughter is getting to powerful and she needed Fitz to balance her out 😯 but Eli Isn’t this your dream? For Olivia to be the most powerful in the room? Clearly he sees that he was wrong and he tried to nip it but in reality he set off a chain of events.

Fitz: Was about to give up his life to save Olivia. Fitz signed an order to reinstate b613 so he could save Olivia 😰 yal my stomach dropped and my eyes started to water. B613 is not for Fitz… Eli told him that he would be perfect for running it because Fitz is a good man and he could do better. 🗣fuck that! No! I was literally shaking because we all know and the horrors of b613 I could not imagine my baby Fitzgerald doing this devil work. He deserves peace and happiness, Fitz would have lost his soul. The evil things you have to do and become *sighs* Which brings me to ….

Olivia: 😔 I cried, and I didn’t even know I was crying until I felt my eyes burn. I was so distraught, disappointed and hurt. As soon as Fitz left that darkness took over and her light was not there to counter/balance it. And to be honest 🤔 it was Maya fault lowkey. She told Olivia “Go take back your baby(the White House) and Olivia was about to disagree when Maya said “You half me and half yo crazy father can’t nobody win against you” Yal the wheels started turning in her head 😒 next thing we know she giving Mellie dumb ass papers to sign but we all knew what those papers were ughhhhh Not my Olivia. Yal that shook me up! Because the same reasons I didn’t want Fitz to do it I damn sho didn’t want Olivia to do it. It hurt my feelings and I’m still trying to process but yal know me I had to sleep on it and come back to it. I get it. Olivia is on a power trip and she has to get it out her system. And this is it, being command of B613. I should have seen it coming honestly from her saying “You don’t take Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope takes you.” To Maya’s monologue about how black women save everybody. And that’s the exact reason why Olivia did it, to save Fitz(she told Rowan “You’re not gonna have a hold on Fitz.”) and the republic and to have power. She hates feeling powerless and when Luna Vargas damn near took the oval from her well it pushed her 😔 so yea that’s the reason why I didn’t like the finale because Liv became command 😕.
Olivia always thinks it’s her responsibility to save everyone 😤 but it’s fuckin not! 🤦🏽‍♀️*tries to collect myself * Black Women always gotta be captain save -a-hoe! Like ya momma said “whose gonna save you?”
And let me just say Maya told Olivia to get her big head ass out the way when she was tryna shoot Luna but at the time we didn’t know Luna was bad 😂😂☝🏽😩 black Moms always gotta crack a joke no matter what the situation 😝😂😂

My Precious OTP Olitz: We had 4 Olitz scenes 😍😍🤗
1.He was concerned and her wellbeing because it was her mother who was the “terrorist” even in the mist of all that was going on, he took time to ask how she was feeling. This is a man who knows how to care for his woman 🤗 *swoons*
2.Get. Over. Here: Olivia went against his wishes and released her mom, he went to his room and she’s but ass naked ready to give it to him. He starts going off on her and she like no fuck that lets fuck!
Olivia: Get. Over. Here.
Fitz: you are very bossy
Olivia: and you love it
Fitz: *takes off shoes and jumps on bed on top of her.
Lmao Yal Fitz looked like such a white man when he said “you are very bossy” it was so funny I couldn’t do nun but laugh! 🤔 for a 56 soon to be 57 year old man the way he jumped on top of her tho 😝 sheesh Tony let me breathe!
3.You saved me: I told Yal Fitz almost became command but Olivia went to him and was like I was going to ask you to stay with me but not like this. She let him know that B613 would ruin him and she couldn’t stand by and watch him become her father…. so of course he listens, he always listens to her so at this point he’s getting ready to leave but he’s with her. And he lets her know he cancelled the order and he can’t stay because he has to work on his foundation. She plays it cool because well she didn’t wanna show emotions, her back was turned away so he couldn’t see her face but she was literally crying out for this man to stay and be her light and save her from herself. She wanted him to save her! He says goodbye without a hug or a kiss
4.It was an honor Mr. President: literally as he’s walking towards the plane “Mr.President” yal I screamed I was like yes yes girl go 👏🏽 get 👏🏽 your 👏🏽 man 👏🏽 she walked then ran to him and they kissed and I bullshit you not I thought she was getting on that plane and going to Vermont 😭😭 ik ik Ima damn fool!
They kissing and paparazzi taking pictures!
Fitz: the cameras
Olivia: I don’t care
Soft smiles and more kissing.
Olivia: it’s been an honor Mr.President
Fitz: the honor was all mine.
Yep I cried again. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 beautiful simply beautiful. She ran in the light to the arms of the man she has loved for in the dark, out in the open in front of everybody. She knew the world was watching and finally after all this time she didn’t care! She freely and openly showed her affection and it was beautiful. I know I make a big deal out of it when it’s Olivia showing affection because it is a big deal. She’s choosing for herself and being honest with herself in those moments. So yes I clap and scream loudly in Olitz when Olivia does things on her own accord 😘 that’s Bae and she deserves to grasp love with her own hands.

Predictions: 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙎🏽💆🏽
About season 7 I honestly don’t even know what to expect well let me say half except. Because I do know a few things: Olivia is going to do some developing(Good and Bad), Fitz is going to save her and I do believe OPA will as well. Abby going back to OPA, she had power, it corrupted her and she left it behind. Quinn being pregnant: she is going to have everything Olivia thinks she couldn’t have love-family(baby)-power. Olivia will see firsthand from these examples and on top of that Huck and Fitz gone be on her ass once they find out she lost her mind. Olivia is stubborn it’s not gone happen overnight but they will save her. They gone have to convince her she needs saving first. Mellie and Cyrus gone stab Olivia in the back. Cyrus gone stab Mellie in the back. Olivia- Cyrus- Mellie all in positions of power is not gone be a walk in the park , it’s going to be a power struggle frfr, and a little blood gone get on everybody’s hands! OPA gone thrive and I honestly hope everyone gets a good ending they deserve it. After Fitz save Liv, I want Olitz together and we get at least 2 or 3 happy episodes 😩 it ain’t to much to ask after this roller coaster we been on since 101! But anywhooo lemme leave on a good note:
🗣 Olitz ain’t dead! 😏😌 we just begun.

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((Why did you keep tagging stuff enano gigante?))

//IT’S AN INTERNAL JOKE BETWEEN ME AND MY FRIEND, we jumped on that bandwagon of giving Richjke an artsy name like P1nkberry or Cinnabun or w/e and we just gave it that, it literally just translates to Small Giant pfff

Between me and @corals-art-and-stuff gotta tag my friend give her the proper credit ily Evy
Iron Fist is good

Look, the show has issues because the comics and the character has issues. The original character was made to exploit the Kung-Fu movie craze. BUT the show itself is pretty darn good, they do their best to tone down the whole white savior thing and address the issues of the character through Finn’s brilliant portrayal. And look, it still has problems, but at-least they tried. In my opinion they did a pretty darn good job too. Now this is just my opinion and I cant speak for everybody, so if you don’t like it that’s fine. But still, I feel like some critics are having a knee jerk reaction and are jumping on the bandwagon of hate here. And over all else theirs no reason to attack the actor, Finn seems like a nice dude. 

So here I am hopping into this Djinn bandwagon, species created by @ask-the-french-olive and it was just too adorable to resist!

So here’s Mani, a shy young man that tries his best to be strong but ends up confused on what he should really do. He’s also good at confusing others when he talks, jumping from a subject to another without noticing it himself. He’s overall a sweet boy though. c: 

I hope I did it right and that I didn’t forget anything!! If I did please let me know!! ;w;  P.S: I love this species so much ^3^ 

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Have you seen the sudden rise of post about Jin being mistreated and underappreciated all of the sudden?? How did y'all just now notice this?? he been under di bus for 4 years.

yes and i’m not even reading what these bandwagons are saying anymore,, my mans has been getting underappreciated etc. and you’re meaning to tell me that people are just now figuring that out? ,, like i realized that from the jump,, it’s annoying tbh.

we gone be alright tho

everyone is making sappy posts about the friends and people they’ve met in this fandom and i want to jump on the bandwagon because i have a lot of love for folks out there and i need them to know this??? I honestly had no idea this show would have as much of an impact on my life as it did, but thanks to skam i’ve met so many amazing, beautiful, talented, wonderful people that i am endlessly grateful to know. So thank you to this show, first and foremost, for giving me such a mindblowingly wild experience - it really hasn’t been boring at any step of the way! - and thank you to the friends i’ve made along the way. You have honest to god changed me for the better <3

So first of all, some shout-outs are in order for the folks i already knew before y’all dragged me into this hellhole:

  • @boxesfullofsanasmiling - ME BEING IN THIS FANDOM IS ALMOST ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT, OKAY??? Here i was naively thinking i was never gonna pick up this show and then you had to go and tell me “oh yeah they handle mental illness really well actually”??? how dare you. but also in all seriousness I am very glad you convinced me to do so, and that you were here with me every step of the way. I am so, so incredibly lucky to have you in my life. My totally official spouse, my partner in all things writing related, my best friend. I love you with every inch of my heart, lyds <3 <3 <3
  • @rumpelsnorcack - the entire other reason i’m in this fandom, i s2g i need friends who will get me into less soul-consuming shows??? But also I seriously cannot thank you enough, you have been with me through at least three fandoms’ bullshit now so I’m pretty sure we can face pretty much anything at this point. I can talk to you about literally anything without judgment, and that’s honestly incredible. Thanks for putting up with my endless rambling, and for always being willing to talk to me about our boys <333
  • @pronouncingitwang - i guess technically i dragged you into this hellhole aksdjnaskjnda BUT I”M SO GLAD YOU LET ME OKAY???? You are one of the most amazing supportive people I know. Your messages [and your adorable face] never fail to brighten my day. thank you for sticking with me through…….. so much bullshit. You are wonderful and ilysm <3 <3

Now for the friends I’ve met through this beautiful mess of a show:

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My Love

[reposted] i wrote this in an hour, may or may not have been influenced by lee hi’s my love. it’s vxmc, mild angst at the best, i promise. this was me jumping into the VxMC but V is still in love with Rika bandwagon.

You still love her, don’t you?” was a question that you always found at the tip of your tongue nowadays. The words were just begging to be let out from the constraints of your lips, wanting to be spoken out loud, craving to be answered and denied. It wasn’t that you doubted the love that V had for you. No, you were sure the man loved you as he claimed he did. You just weren’t sure if it was the kind of love that you had wanted from him, or if it would ever amount to or surpass the love that you had for him.

V and you had just sort of fallen together after everything settled, and normalcy returned. The two of you met halfway, perfectly fitting into the gaps that each other had quite snugly. You helped him around, and he helped you around. It all happened gradually, slowly. Finding out that you were in love with this man that for so long you thought was unattainable was scary, voicing it out and taking a risk and a jump was even more so. You had never thought in your wildest dreams that this would be possible. Everything was perfect for the most part.

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I’m a big fan of these “Last Lines” graphics that are going around, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I’m sure there are plenty of other much better Rainbow Rowell versions, but here’s my contribution.

Yes, some of them have more than one sentence, so they’re not technically the last linE, and also I took out some “he saids” to make it look pretty.

But yeah….

I <3 Rainbow Rowell just a wee bit.

I’m also now super paranoid that these aren’t in fact the last lines at all. I did check my books so I’m pretty sure I’m right.

“Alison’s not like that anymore, she’s changed!”

Yeah, but you were all shipping her with Emily way before she did. Emis*n didn’t happen because Alison changed, Alison was changed to make emis*n happen. Stop acting like anyone who hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon is just being cruel and unforgiving.