did i just join a gang

Corypheus:  I grow weary of your constant interruptions.  The time has come to start my plan again anew, albeit without your infuriating obstruction.

Carver:  Yeah, well, I grow weary of your FACE, pal.  You’re not going to kill me.  You can’t because I am a Maker-forsaken HAWKE.  We don’t get defeated.  Not by dragons, demons, haunted houses, fifteen gangs of the same bandits, not by qunari with big sticks, and certainly not by you.  We proved that once already.

Corypheus:  Hmmm.  You claim your bloodline cannot be crushed by any means… but tell me, boy: Your father, my blighted jailer whose seals you destroyed to release me… did he not sire three offspring?  A sister, yes? And yet she did not join you in your quest. Weakness undoubtedly felled her just as it will do to you.


Carver:  Nobody talks badly about Bethany, asshole.  You know what I did to the last person who tried?


Carver:  Enjoy being Frosty the Snow-darkspawn, you freak.

Corypheus:  … you do realize it’s going to fall on you as well?

Carver:  THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER!  fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck



3 days of work finally done

i have been up for 30 something hours trying to finish this on time XD i wouldint have had the time to finish it tomorrow cause i have things i have to do

comet said that ink really wants friends so i thought that if he got a gift from a friend hed be so happy hed cry

just the gang being them self’s at au high messing with each other and having fun x3

also ink and the others are laughing at frisk because shes normaly shy but when she becomes friends with someone she opens up quite a bit but can revert to being shy and worry a lot if she thinks she did something wrong

they just like to mess with her when they can and it  annoys her

in my au frisk and ink become best friends and ink joins her little group  that consists of caesans medi and yusebi

frisk belongs to me

ink belongs to @comyet

yusebi belongs to @foreverafterall

medi belongs to  @sansy-fancy

caesans belongs to @eggie210

i hope you like it comyet! x3

if i forgot something on any of the characters then im sorry ill try to fix it when i can

as for the gift frisk made for ink

Ok some hockey days Sokol stuff I’ve been considering. He’s only 25 when he joins the payday 2 crew and he’s already got a considerable amount of crime under his belt. He was robbing banks and casinos before joining the gang and looking at that there’s no way he learned all that on his own. So he probably had a mentor right? Imagine it being one of the other guys on the SPB who left around the same time he did, who had a bit of a shady past but was basically saved by hockey. They just reached a point where they were fed up, Sokol had gone five years without a penalty. Imagine how much self control that would take, and the anger he was holding in at that point. His teammate had noticed and they talked, staying out after a party one night. It’s not serious at first “The teams starting to get annoying at these things, right?” “Yeah, they’ve changed.” “So have we.” “Yeah… you ever think about leaving?” “Leave behind hockey? All this money.. It wouldn’t be worth it.” “There are other ways to make money.” “Pft what are we going to do, rob a bank?” Sokol joked and they laughed it off but a few weeks later they were snowed in a hotel miles from home for a game and they just sat in a room and planned. By the time they were done they agreed to leave the team at the end of the season, pull off smaller heists till then, practice. Sokol couldn’t make it till then, he snapped during a game, they ran as soon as possible, pulled off a few bigger heists, moving from town to town. When Bain contacted Sokol he wasn’t sure he’d take it. The offer didn’t include his friend but it was too much to pass up. He ran again, didn’t look back.

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Okay I can see the potential in meihem if Junkrat did something to redeem himself, but currently, he's a bad person. He's literally a terrorist, you can't excuse his actions just because he had to live through some kind of nuclear apocalypse

Okay but can I excuse Widowmaker’s actions? She is a literal terrorist too. Or what about Mccree? He was in a gang of bad people before he joined Overwatch. Just about every character in Overwatch has a murdery past and they’re all making up for it.

As things stand now, no, Mei would never go near his stinky face. But if Junkrat really loved Mei, he would try to change for her. I really think there’s a lot of potential for character development there.

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Hello, I'm thinking about writing a story about a group of guys starting a cartel/street gang in modern day LA because I've always liked those types of themes and settings. I don't have much knowledge about it though and i was wondering if you would help? I'm thinking things like how do/did most gangs get started? How do gangs run and what's it like? or just anything having to do with the subject. Thank you.

No problem! Here are some resources I hope will help:
Let the pun fit the crime (Screwball’s song) lyrics

Decided to decipher them for those who can’t hear the video. :) May not be the exact line but I did my best to hear them.

look under the cut to read but there is spoilers! <3

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Ok, so Ash caught the three original starter pokemon and like

bulbasaur - self appointed guardian of the forest. only joined ash because he was told to and only under the stipulation that he could beat up pikachu first

charmander - almost died because his trainer was abusive and abandoned him. joined ash after realizing that there were people who did care about him


Can’t Help Falling In Love With You - Epilogue

Hey guys, thanks for being so patient! I wanted to get through one request before I did this epilogue.

Remember, requests are open! (I’d be willing to do some smut fic too shhh)


Four years later, Barry and (Y/N) had never loved each other more. However, recently (Y/N) was not allowed to be as active as she wanted to be. Instead, she helped Cisco and Caitlin in the cortex while Barry battled more villains.

Let’s just say (Y/N) wasn’t taking it well.

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What if Tatsuki were in Ichigo’s gang from the beginning?

As requested by anon. :)

You guys have no idea how much I wish that Tatsuki were a part of Ichigo’s main gang. I want it so much! So let’s talk about all of the cool (?) things that would be different about Bleach if Tatsuki had joined the main gang!

1. Tatsuki and Orihime would both develop super powers.

When that weird pimple-gun hollow attacked Orihime, Chizuru, and Tatsuki, Orihime ended up getting super powers in order to protect her friends. Which was awesome, and I wouldn’t want to change that. I’d just want Tatsuki to *also* get super powers at that time. Then they could protect all of their friends and random bystanders together!

Orihime: D-did the power of our friendship just give both of us super powers?

Tatsuki: I think so!

Orihime: We are so awesome!

2. Tatsuki would take the Yoruichi training very seriously.

Because after taking karate for so many years, Tatsuki knows how important training and practice is, and she’s very disciplined.

Yoruichi: Okay, guys. Try to recreate what happened when you first used your powers.

Tatsuki: [uses power immediately]

Yoruichi: Very impressive!

Tatsuki: Well….I have been practicing ever since I first got this power.

Chad & Orihime: [clapping]

3. Tatsuki would call Ichigo out on his shit.

Remember when Tatsuki punched Ichigo into a window for lying to her (badly)? I do. And I think it would be great if Tatsuki were there to constantly call Ichigo out on all of his shit.

Ichigo: I’m not coming. I have to stay and fight Ganju.

Ishida: K-Kurosaki! You can’t be serious!

Ichigo: I’m not going!

Tatsuki: I support you, Ichigo!

Tatsuki: Assuming you can beat me in a karate match without using our new powers.

Ichigo: We don’t have time for that!

Tatsuki: So you see my point.

4. Tatsuki and Orihime would be together in Soul Society.

In canon, of course, Ishida and Orihime were a team in Soul Society. But I like to think that if Tatsuki were a member of the gang, then she and Orihime would be the Soul Society pair. Both because I’d want to see more of their friendship (and what a good team they’d make!) and because when that sphere started to break up, there is no way in hell Tatsuki wouldn’t immediately launch herself straight for Orihime.


Ishida: Aw, man! Tatsuki-blocked!

5. Ishida and Chad would be together.

Which I suppose would mean that Ishida and Chad would stay together - Chad did momentarily catch Ishida in canon, and in this AU there’s no reason for Chad to throw Ishida back at Orihime. This, of course, means that Chad would be there for the Kurotsuchi fight. And so I invite you to imagine Maki-Maki trying to sling Chad over his shoulder and run away from the fight when Ishida asks him too.

Maki-Maki (crushed under the weight of Chad): B-bad idea!

Chad: Maybe I should carry you.

6. When the arrancar attacked, Tatsuki and Chad would fight Yammy together.

Later, after Rukia’s rescue, the whole gang would be back in Karakura Town when the arrancar invaded. In canon, Chad and Orihime arrived first on scene, and Chad tried in vain to fight Yammy while Orihime helped the injured. In this reality, Tatsuki would be there too, and she and Chad would try to fight Yammy together. Unfortunately, this would just mean that they would both be taken out immediately.

Orihime: Sado! Tatsuki!

Orihime: I have to help!

7. When Orihime got kidnapped, Tatsuki would lose her shit.

I mean, Tatsuki pretty much lost her shit even without knowing what had happened to Orihime, because she could sense that something was wrong. But in this AU, Tatsuki would know more about what had really happened, and that would only make her more desperate.



Ichigo: O-of course we’ll go! We just need to figure out a way to get there!



8. Tatsuki would fight Yammy in Hueco Mundo.

In Hueco Mundo, Tatsuki would of course need some fights. I suppose Tite Kubo could write a new privaron espada for her. But as for an espada fight, I think Tatsuki should fight Yammy. After all, her first fight with Yammy did not go well, and therefore she would need a rematch. In this AU, though, Yammy would need to actually be the #10 espada, not secretly the 0 espada. Which I don’t think would make many people *too* upset. Yammy’s #0 espada fight wasn’t even shown on screen, after all.

Tasuki: What’s this? You got both arms back, did you?

Yammy: Of course I did! Not that I need them both to crush you!

Tatsuki: Bring it!

9. Keigo and Mizuiro would be on their own against Aizen.

Later, when Aizen invaded the real Karakura Town and decided to hunt Ichigo’s friends for sport, it would just be Keigo and Mizuiro. 

Mizuiro: I’m sad that I actually have to carry someone this time.

Keigo: …this time?

10. Tatsuki would be part of the Orihime-Chad team in the current arc.

In the current arc, Tatsuki would be part of the Orihime-Chad team. In other words, she’d go to Hueco Mundo, and then hang out there while Urahara went to Soul Society. Then she’d show up with Chad and Orihme. And just for the record, I think Tatsuki would be fully supportive of Orihime’s new outfits. In the manga, Tatsuki did suggest that Orihime do something like that to seduce Ichigo, after all.

Chad: Doesn’t Inoue look nice, Ichigo?

Ichigo: H-huh???

Tatsuki: Hang on, I think I need to punch him into the window until he admits how super hot you are.

Orihime: Tatsuki no!


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