did i just jinx it


“I’m gonna be a grandmomma fang again! How many?”
“Trust me mom, I don’t plan for more than 2 or 3 kids. I know Will would probably want more than 1,” Evelyn tells Veronica.
“Why not more than 3?”
“I don’t think we could handle more than 3,” Evelyn laughs.
“Hmm..alright. I could always help. I am your MOTHER.”
“Yes, I know and if we need your help, we’ll ask.”
“Fine,” says Veronica as she and Evelyn get up.

#ooc ok here comes the direct-but-still-indirect-and-vague open plea for anyone who has considered saying anything to/with sollux or me to please go right ahead. start anything up or talk to me if you have any ideas…. im starting to feel like his routines are going around in circles while i simply nervously stalk follow the threads of people i want to talk to but dont have the guts to do anything with yet.
even if youre not sure you have an “in” quite yet, talk to me about ittttt….
okay this is about to descend into whining so im cutting it out here.