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Y'know about that wolfstar and remadora question in the afterlife? Just here to say that lets face it: even Lily and James would prefer wolfstar to remadora. Guess there's gonna be some fighting over there.

(( OOC: Will you guys shun me if I say I think Remadora is the relationship that lasts? 

Alright, here’s how I see things panning out, personally. Sirius and Remus would still be extremely close… the relationship would be just as important… but just in a different way. Also, there would be a deep understanding between the two of them that would allow for Sirius to move on… 

But the relationship between Tonks and Remus has grown past what Sirius and Remus created on a romantic level. 

I know there are a lot of arguments about Tonks and Remus’s “canon” relationship being toxic, but Jesus Christ… there were a lot of components that went into Tonks behaving the way she did… one of the main issues being that Remus was basically going out on suicide missions in order to avoid her… and not because he didn’t want to be with her… because he DID want to be with her! Because he wanted to and he couldn’t allow that to happen, because of his overwhelming self loathing and fear. I’m sorry… but anyone would get upset over that kind of bullshit, come on Remus. 

And I agree… Tonks shouldn’t have pushed him if he wasn’t ready… but they were in the middle of a war and didn’t know if they’d be dead the next day! Also, we don’t know how much back-and-forth was going on behind the scenes with Remus. One second he was probably allowing himself to have some happiness and fall into the idea of a relationship, and the next he was throwing himself into a den of wolves out of sheer terror at the thought. Remus has always been like that… even with Harry, wanting to spend time with him and talk to him and the next dragging himself away. Tonks was probably at her wits end riding this emotional rollercoaster with someone who hated himself for all the reasons she loved him. 

Once again… if someone doesn’t want to do something… they shouldn’t be forced… but when you’re watching someone destroy themselves for stupid reasons, it’s kind of hard not to try and push them away from the ledge and show them that their fears have no base to stand on. 

Also… speaking of toxic, can we talk about Remus and Sirius for a second!? The lack of trust between the two of them that tore them apart in the first place? Which was valid on Remus’s end… considering the “prank” incident with Severus… 

You can’t claim that Tonks and Remus wouldn’t work based on their relationship being “toxic” and not acknowledge how toxic the situation with Sirius was as well… 

Now understand, this is all coming from how I interpret the couples and how I HC them… but both of the relationships were important, both of them were genuine, but I don’t see the relationship between Sirius and Remus extending past Azkaban with everything the two had to endure. They were both too broken and had too much distance between them. Tonks brought a sense of healing, and she was willing to stick around even when Remus did everything in his power to push her away for the wrong reasons.

I’m not saying I like Remadora more than Wolfstar, I love both of the relationships for different reasons, but I don’t understand the purpose in taking away the validity of Remus choosing to be with Tonks in favor of Wolfstar. I know we don’t see a lot of the relationship development in the books… but I can definitely see how Tonks and Remus would be a good couple. 

There’s my un-edited brain dump… just my thoughts off the top of my head. So be kind all you avid shippers. ;) )) 

Since we’re on the subject of fake Infinity War leaks, just a heads up for this latest one that’s going around Tumblr.

Someone on Twitter posted this:

It was confirmed fake by another Twitter user who saw the D23 trailer.

And there’s also this if you want more proof:

This is Chris Evans in the movie Sunshine London (EDIT: My mistake - the movie is called London. The image comes up under the sunshine search though which is why I confused it). Do a Google Image search for “chris evans sunshine” and this is among the top images to appear. 

All they did was flip it, fill in his beard, change the colors, and shop his head onto Cap’s uniform.

The Plan


Everything has to be perfect.

That was the mantra Mike Wheeler had been repeating all day, the words running on a loop through his mind and falling from his lips at a rate that made Lucas want to buy military-grade earplugs.

Mike had shown up at his front door early that Saturday morning, a worn notebook in hand and a look of tentative exhilaration set on his features. At first, Lucas had thought Mike had come to ask for advice on the campaign he was planning for the following weekend, but after breakfast—Mrs. Sinclair’s famous buttermilk blueberry pancakes—the boys had clambered up the stairs to Lucas’s bedroom where Mike had revealed the real reason for the nervous energy he was exuding.

Sophomore year of high school and Mike was finally—finally—going to ask El to be his girlfriend. 

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Mystic Messenger Week 2016 | @mysticmessengerweek
NOVEMBER 7 x DAY 2 LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT – Option A: How the characters (or your favourite) fell in love with MC

Read from right to left!! ^0^

AAAAAH ;;;; Sorry I’m late!! But I reallly wanted to draw something for this day! I REALLY LOOOVE JUMIN (MY FAVOURITE) AND JUMIN/MC so I drew a scene from his route!! It’s not the exact dialogue though because I can’t remember very well from the top of my head… I also wanted to finish the last panel too but I ran out of time

I really need sweet fluffy things right now ;;;


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Hey Morgan! Can Euph please have 24 and 28 with Kookie pleeeease?

Anything for my great granddaughter 😘 …years later, sorry for the delay.

Requests are closed.-🐢💙🌞

Pairing: Jungkook | Jeon Jeongguk xReader
Genre: fluff
Words: 894

“Don’t bother coming to find me, I’ll be knee deep in Cheetos and Netflix.” + “I don’t like you, get out of my fort.”

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Five hours.

It’d been five hours since you walked into the door of your favorite coffee shop. Out of breath and hair a mess from the windy day, you were about to apologize profusely to your lunch date for being late, only to find that he hadn’t even arrived yet.

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Giants For Friends

Joe knew he was short.

Well not short, but short compared to his mates.

Because apparently he decided to be friends with flipping giants.

And for the most part, it didn’t bother him. For the most part.

Until his loving mates decided to be arseholes and tease him about it.

It did help that he had a normal sized mate, well actually, she was just a bit shorter than Joe, but that didn’t matter to him or to her.

If anything, they used to it band together against the giants they called their mates.

“Hey, babe, I can’t reach the bottle. Can you help?” Y/N called over to Joe, who was sat on the couch, editing a video. Josh and Caspar were over as well, sprawled out on other parts of the couch as well, their own computers open in their laps.

Y/N was in the kitchen making dinner for the three boys, after telling them that they had to finish editing their videos or they wouldn’t get any good.

It had greatly motivated them.

Pushing his computer to the side, Joe stood from the couch and padded over to his best friend, who was on her tip toes trying to reach the bottle still, even after asking him for help.

“You know I have a step stool for you, right?” He chuckled.

“Shut up and grab it.” She told him, sticking her tongue out at him.

“So mature, love.” Joe rolled his eyes but did as told, handing it over to him after.

“You sure that step stool isn’t for you, Joe?” Josh called out, a smirk on his face.

“Pretty sure he did buy it for himself,” Caspar added, “But he just claims its for Y/N.”

“Ah, that makes more sense.” Josh nods seriously.

“Ignore them.” Y/N mumbled, placing a hand on Joe’s arm. But he just shrugged, turning to the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

“Not the worst thing they’ve said yet.”

“Give it time.” She winked at him. “Now, back to editing.” She shooed him back out of the kitchen.

“You told me to come over here!” Joe laughed.

“And I finished using you. Now back to work, babe.”

“You two are precious.” Caspar wrinkled his nose as Joe sat down.

“Why?” Joe picked up his computer, shuffling until he got comfy once again.

“Because you call each other babe and love.” Caspar explained.

“Don’t start on that again.” Joe shook his head. On top of his shortness, their group loved to tease Joe and Y/N about their nicknames. They did call each other that, it had just happened naturally, but they were only best friends. Nothing more.

They just also called each other those names.

“Right, because why would she go for someone so short?” Josh laughed, “She wants someone who can reach the top shelf.”

“And is allowed on all the rides.” Caspar smirked.

Joe just rolled his eyes, focusing back on the computer in front of him, but he shifted slightly, the annoyance starting to roll off of him in waves.

And it was apparently noticeable to the boys, because they kept teasing him, directing their jokes at his height.

Just when Joe took in a breath to tell them to piss off, Y/N stormed over, eyes blazing as she stopped in the middle of the room, hands on her hips.

The three boys blinked at her in surprise, not used to seeing this anger on her face.

“Will you two stop it?!” She snapped at Caspar and Josh, turning her hard stare on each of them. “Joe is not short. He is the perfect height. Unlike you two giants. Have you ever thought abut that? Maybe you are both just abnormally tall. So stop calling him short. And I would date Joe, or someone Joe’s height, because that is the ideal height. Tall enough to reach stuff for me, tall enough that I have to stretch up just a bit to kiss, tall enough that I can tuck my head under his chin.” She paused, shifting her weight to her other foot. “Unlike you two, where I would have to practically jump to do anything, or go buy a bloody step stool. So give it up. And finish your editing instead of picking on Joe, or you won’t get any food.”

With a nod, she spun on her heel and marched back into the kitchen, leaving the three sat on the couch in shock.

Joe broke first, smiling as he let out a little laugh.

“Cheers, love!” He called out.

“Any time, babe!” Y/N winked over at him, stirring whatever she was cooking. Joe turned to look at Josh and then Caspar, who both had lowered their gaze to their computers, cheeks red.

“Not so fun being picked on for your height, now is it?” Joe asked, a smug look on his face.

“Oh, piss off.” Josh grumbled, but the two giants he called friends didn’t say anything else about his height.

Unsolved Mononokean Mysteries

Just like the meta list, this is mostly for my own reference… I just like lists a lot, okay haha.

 As usual, feel free to correct me/add anything I haven’t noticed (as of right now these are all off the top of my head).

Always editing, so check the original post if you’re interested!

  • What Ashiya’s whole deal is (seeing yokai (also why did he not notice any until high school), his last name, his powers, his personality change, hearing voices of yokai that no one else seems to hear)
    • Update: Abeno and Ashiya’s powers are confirmed to be the same, a power called “influence” that suppresses yokai. Still nothing on how/why humans get these powers.
  • Where’s Ashiya’s father?
  • Where are Abeno’s parents? Why/how did he start working at the Mononokean (at 7, no less)?
  • Where does Abeno live??? There’s been no indication that he actually lives in the Mononokean. Does he have a house/apartment? Related to above, does he have any family?
  • Why won’t he let anyone inside his closet? (lol)
  • How exactly did Aoi die? There are several heavily implied clues, but we haven’t gotten the whole story yet. (also is Aoi dead at all)
  • Why/How did the rumor about the second master of the Mononokean killing the first one start? Was it on purpose, or just what yokai assumed because the master changed?
  • What’s so special about the medicine that Abeno gave to Big Boss Scree? Why does he keep that one specifically around his neck? Why did he need it so urgently when he went to Koura’s place?
  • Why can’t Yahiko go to the underworld? Why doesn’t he want to?
  • Why are there foxes on the underworld gates? And why did their eyes open when Kinako was exorcised?
  • Why exactly does the Executive hate humans? Most other yokai seem pretty ambivalent.
  • How separate are the underworld and the mundane world?
    • Are humans in general common knowledge? Just like most of the human world has no idea yokai exist, do most yokai have no idea humans exist?
    • The Legislator says that there’s only a few select yokai who know that the master of the Mononokean is a human, and in exact words, “There’s no telling what would happen if [yokai] learned humans were in the underworld.”, but don’t all of Abeno’s clients know he’s a human? Abeno tells Mitsuchiguya (mask yokai) that Ashiya’s a human without any hesitance, so is it okay? Do at least some of Abeno’s clients think he’s a yokai?
    • How famous is the Mononokean, exactly? It’s popular enough to have a waiting list for its services, and Big Boss Scree says he’ll tell the whole underworld about it (to which Abeno replies that he doesn’t need more work).
Character Study-Pride Edition

Just a little something I wrote in honor of Pride season. I like to think Connor never did stuff like that till he met Oliver; here’s what’s going on in his head. Also, I like the idea that Connor’s middle name is Edward. Someone call Shonda and Pete. Make it a reality. Enjoy, and happy Pride to all!

Connor thought he’d never have this, that he’d never do this.

In fact, Connor thought he would never do a lot of things. He never thought he would be top of his class at Middleton, and working for one of the most renowned lawyers in the city. He never thought he would get his hands dirty rifling through file after file and case after case. Connor never thought that he would spend night after night with his colleagues pouring over evidence to try and find something to make client after client innocent when all the odds were against them.

He never thought he would chop up a body in the middle of the night, hands cracking and drying underneath his gloves. He never thought he would have to carry a body up an exorbitant amount of stairs, or that his teacher would yell at him to shoot her point blank.

Connor thought the nightmares would stop after he left undergrad. He thought the cold sweats were far behind him.


At the soft voice, he snapped out of his thoughts, blinking and remembering where he was. He looked to the man standing beside him, and another flood of thoughts entered his mind.

He never thought he would have a boyfriend.

Sometimes, when he catches himself alone in the bathroom—their bathroom, looking in the mirror, he has to laugh. Connor Edward Walsh, with a boyfriend.

His reputation at boarding school and college was one of legend; he was a heartbreaker, he didn’t “do” boyfriends he would say time and time again. It wasn’t his thing. And it never will be his thing. Connor Walsh is, has, and always will be, single. And he liked it that way.

Oh, how wrong he was.

Connor realizes how wrong he was when he goes to the farmer’s market on Saturdays, with an eager Oliver pulling him along, a list of ingredients in hand, laughing at his determination to find that particular herb Oliver needs for that one recipe he’s been dying to try. Or on Friday nights, sharing the hugest bowl of popcorn ever, yelling at the antics of the Housewives of New York or the idiocy of the chefs on Chopped. He realizes how wrong he was when Connor shuffles home after a particularly painful day, the stress and anxiety and life about to get the better of him and Oliver envelops him in his arms and doesn’t say anything; he just sees and knows and holds. And Connor holds right back.

He realizes how wrong he was when their limbs are woven together, sheens of sweat cover their bodies, and names get cried out like a chorus of angels and prayers kisses rain down on one another. And in the aftermath, warm bodies gravitate toward each other, and stories and jokes are shared under the dim light of the room.

Boy, he was really wrong.

“Hey,” Connor says back, gazing at the man next to him.

“Let’s walk around, we have fifteen minutes before the show starts,” Oliver says, grasping his hand.

Connor smiles, “Yeah, let’s go,” and laces their fingers together. He sighs when the cool breeze and briny scent of the waterfront fill his nostrils.

Connor’s smile grows as he catches sight of the dazzling display of rainbow around him; on flags, on shirts, on faces. Rainbows of different colors, standing for different things, all for equality and peace.

He laughs when he sees the group of guys whooping and cheering to the music playing over the speakers, and he joins in the cheering when he sees the drag queen decked out in a red sequined dress and six-inch heels. His eyes can’t help but well up slightly when he sees the two dads admiring their happily dancing daughter, rainbow tutu billowing in the breeze, a smile as bright as the sun on her face. They well up some more and almost spill over when he sees an old couple of wives, sitting in the grass talking to a couple of boys, holding hands like Connor and Oliver’s, who can’t be more than thirteen years old.

This was Connor’s first Pride. He had no idea what he was missing all this time. His head flitted about some more trying to take in as much as he could, and his heart skipped a beat at the amount of hugging and kissing and laughing and happy crying and love.


He wipes away a pesky tear that fell from his high at the reassurance that he was in love and was loved, truly loved by another. It wasn’t a dream or a scenario he made up in his head. The love he has with Oliver is real, and tangible; so physical that he’s walking right next to him.

Connor stops in his tracks and makes Oliver stop too.

“Wh–” is all Oliver can get out before Connor’s lips met his. Hands on his cheeks, the kiss, was tender, a seal of this reality around Connor.

“What was that for?” Oliver asked when they parted, foreheads touching.

“I just…I love you, a whole lot. That’s all,” Connor breathed.

Oliver smiled, “I love you a whole lot, too.” And they joined lips again, arms winding around each other, deepening the kiss.

Connor never thought he would have this, and now that he does, he’s never going to let go.

you are the air i breathe

summary: he first sees her up on a tree and wonders about her. and then he gets to know and befriends her. and he hurts her. and then she becomes the air he breathes.

word count: ~ 5,600

rating: t.

a/n: inspired by the movie “Flipped.” i also mainly incorporated about most of my favourite tropes ever, so yeah, that’s how it ended up being nearly 6k words, lol. title from “air i breathe” by mat kearney. image is some official art made for the book/movie. (except the editing/text, i did that, lol.)

They don’t meet on coincidental circumstances, but he first meets her on a tree, up at the top, staring out at the view.


She whips her head around. “Oh, hey.”

“So, love, what’re you doing up here?” he asks, scooting a little bit on the branch, his foot stuck between where a branch and trunk meet.

“Just the view,” she whispers, nodding toward the horizon. “Looks pretty cool from up here, especially in the morning for sunrise, or the evenings for sunset. A good way to clear my head from…uh, yeah, just a good way to clear my head.”

Her hesitance on that bit catches his attention, but there’s some underlying sadness beneath her eyes. Killian licks his lips quickly and nods, looking over out over the horizon. It’s like how Liam takes him sailing and they get to see the starry nights or the red and orange rays in the skies during sunset. “Aye, a spectacular view,” he agrees.

“What’re you doing up here, anyways?” she asks, swinging one of her legs back and forth.

“Curiosity of why you’re up here,” he answers with a casual shrug, smiling softly. “But now that you’ve mentioned it, I may come up here for the view again, as long as you don’t kick my arse back down.”

She laughs, shaking her head. “Right. But you’re welcome to climb up here, it’s not like I own the tree.”

He grins, climbing just a little higher to hitch his leg up onto a branch so he doesn’t have to do the entire half-sitting and half-standing thing. “So, you just moved here, aye?” He’s noticed, it’s not often people move into Storybrooke.

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