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Naga Boyfriend 2

Part two of my Naga story! Read Part One Here.I know some of your requested it for a while so I hope the wait wasn’t too long.

You stir in bed, reaching out and trying to find him amongst the pillows and throws. You pat about until you sit up, realizing he is nowhere to be found. You groan and get out of bed, hearing the sound of rain from outside the cave. You realize he’s gone hunting, like every time it rains.

It’s been raining more and more these days, and he’s been going out for longer and longer. You’re not sure why he’s hunting so much or why he feels the need to stockpile the pantry. He seems gung-ho about it so you leave him be to do his work. Although, you can’t help but miss him.

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Hi! I was wondering if I could request a fluff scenario of Wonwoo, please? Thank you! Btw I love your blog!!

This request gave me rather free hands, and I hope you like what I came up with ♥

The café was starting to get busier when you returned from your break to the register. You made a cappuccino for a middle-aged woman, and once she had thanked you and moved away, you saw a sight that was all too familiar and made the corners of your mouth tug upwards.

Wonwoo, a regular customer you remembered maybe the best of them all and who you had also seen at your university, didn’t realize it was his turn because he was too immersed in the book he was reading. It wasn’t exactly a rare occurrence for that to happen, which always made you smile, but what never failed to amaze you was that he had a new book whenever you saw him, which was a lot considering you saw him up to four times a week.

“Sir, your turn,” you said with an amused smile, and Wonwoo tore his eyes off his book in a blink of an eye as he lifted his gaze to you. Closing the book in his hand, a sheepish smile lingered on his lips for a mere second as he came up to you.

“Sorry,” he mumbled and stuffed his book into his bag and got his wallet out instead. You smiled and shook your head.

“It’s fine,” you said cheerfully, barely able to hold eye contact when you moved your gaze from the register to Wonwoo’s deep, almost piercing eyes. “So, a latte?”

He seemed thoughtful for a while, clearly contemplating if he wanted to get what he practically always got, but in the end he shook his head. “Make it a pumpkin spice latte.”

A small grin spread to your lips at the change in order. “Coming up.”

While making the drink, you could see from the corner of your eye just how badly he was itching to get his book out again; his fingers were tapping the back of the book and his eyes were shifting between the brown covers peeking from his bag and you making his drink. Not much later did he move his hand from the book to the hem of the black T-shirt he was wearing under a gray hoodie that he then began fiddling with.

When you finally got the cup to him, he flashed you one of the rarer smiles of his that affected you a bit more than you’d like to admit, the kind that showed his teeth and made his nose crinkle a little as he thanked you.

“See you again,” you said with a smile when Wonwoo had just turned around, and he looked back at you with a smaller smile, an almost playful glint in his eyes.

“See you.”

Most of the time the books Wonwoo was reading were ones that you had either never heard of or ones that you hadn’t managed to read just yet. So when he was reading a book you had actually read and had really liked the next time you saw him at the café, you couldn’t help but get a bit excited.

“I really liked that book,” you said, this time using a different method to get Wonwoo’s attention when he had, as usual, forgotten that he was in a queue that was supposed to move. He came up to you and chuckled, closing the book before moving his eyes to look at you.

“Yeah, it’s pretty interesting,” he noted, scanning you with his eyes like it was the first time he was really seeing you, which took you aback a little, but you didn’t pay much mind to it. “What was your favorite part?”

“It’s towards the end, so I won’t tell,” you giggled, and cleared your throat when you could feel the glare of the customer standing behind Wonwoo piercing through you. “Anyways, what can I get you?”

Wonwoo snorted. “A latte, and this time I’d like to drink it here.”

You raised your eyebrows, knowing very well that Wonwoo always ordered to-go, but made him the latte nevertheless. …And maybe you went a bit overboard with the foam (you swore you had intended to make a leaf or something, so where did the heart come from?), but Wonwoo smiled upon seeing it nevertheless.

“Thank you.”

Wonwoo sat down on one of the tables nearest to the register, and while drinking and reading the book a lot more absent-mindedly than he usually did, he found himself stealing glances at you. How had he not noticed how cute you were until today? Of course, he had always felt a bit… fuzzier after visiting the café, but he had never figured out why that was. Could it have been because of you?

Another thing he couldn’t wrap his head around was that you looked so incredibly familiar, but he wasn’t sure from where. He was so sure that he had seen you frequently somewhere else than the café, too, but where?

You could see the looks he threw at you, and the more you noticed him staring at you the more you felt your cheeks burn and the more you found yourself stuttering and tucking your hair behind your ear, even if it all was behind your ear already. Wonwoo smiled to himself whenever that happened, which only made you more nervous for a reason you couldn’t really name. After all, he was just a guy you saw at the café and university - you didn’t even know him, yet anyway!

Once a new term at the university started and Wonwoo stepped into his first lecture and immediately spotted your now rather familiar figure in the auditorium, his mouth opened on its own accord and he almost let out an audible “Oh.”

Without thinking about it too much, he walked up to you and tapped your shoulder, making you yelp and turn to look at him in surprise.

“Wonwoo,” you said dumbly, and he chuckled.

“You know my name, yet I don’t know yours?” he asked with a teasing edge to his voice, and before you could reply (and mumble that you did have a name tag at work, but you realized that the most he had usually looked at you was to engage in some eye contact), he had already sat down behind you.

“Well,” you said and turned around a little, so that you could still face Wonwoo, and instinctively tucked some hair behind your ear, “we had some lectures together at the beginning, and you were pretty active especially in the literature introductory one, so I kind of picked it up.”

Wonwoo nodded expressionlessly, but soon melted into a warm albeit small smile that almost took your breath away. Almost. “I knew I had seen you somewhere.”

“Took you a while to realize,” you grinned, and he nodded with the small smile still present on his features. “Either way, my name’s Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you properly, Y/N,” Wonwoo said, and you smiled as you nodded.

“Nice to meet you, too.”

Ever since your first actual interaction at university, you and Wonwoo seeked each other’s company on purpose on a rather regular basis. At first it was just agreeing to meet the next day at a lecture you had at the same time or walking home together, but soon it became a lot more than that. It didn’t take too long for the two of you to exchange phone numbers, too, when you realized that you wanted to talk a lot more than only the times you were at the same place at the same time.

You bonded over a lot of things: first over books, but soon after that came music and movies and just about everything else. Your personalities matched, too, and while Wonwoo wasn’t quite as quiet with you as he at first seemed, he did one day thank you for not minding the fact that he didn’t talk a whole lot most of the time. You had practically felt your heart soften at his words and the almost shy smile on his lips while his eyes had been aimed at the coffee in front of him.

“Of course,” you had replied, barely able to resist the temptation to stroke the back of his hand or something similar.

Time passed and fall turned into early winter, and you and Wonwoo had only gotten closer with each passing day. You’d studied together and gone out a lot with just each other as well as in a bigger group, and even movie nights weren’t completely unheard of (even though Wonwoo’s roommate Mingyu did always squint his eyes at the two of you whenever you slept over).

You had known pretty early on that you didn’t only see Wonwoo as a friend, but it had been fairly easy - so far - to act like he was only that and nothing more. What wasn’t as easy, though, was trying to figure out how Wonwoo saw you exactly; sure, he looked out for you and took care of you and seemed to touch you a lot more than other people and all that, but he did it all so casually that you’d never know, and for all you knew the only motives behind everything he did were only friendly.

Which would’ve been only natural, of course, because that’s what the two of you were - friends.

You were about to finish your evening shift at the café when Wonwoo walked in, this time without a book in his hands, and ordered two coffees to-go.

“Who’s the other one for?” you asked with a teasing tone, and Wonwoo let out a low chuckle while he leaned against the bar.

“Considering your shift ends in five minutes and I’m here alone, what’s your guess?” he said with a small grin, looking intently at your face to see your reaction. You froze for a couple of seconds before letting out a bright laugh, giving Wonwoo a quick look that was a lot shyer than you wanted it to be.

“Are you going to walk me to my dorm or something?” you asked with a quirked eyebrow, collecting yourself again while Wonwoo put his thoughts together.

“Or something,” he chuckled while paying for the coffees; the playful expression on his stupidly attractive face didn’t do any good to your heart that was already beating faster than normal.

You made the coffees and handed them to Wonwoo before reaching for the back of your apron, opening the bow you had tied it around your waist with at the beginning of your shift. “I’ll be right back.”

He nodded as he watched you head to the back room, and the time you spent changing some of your clothes and putting your jacket, scarf and all on, he spent looking around while trying to remain calm. Wonwoo might’ve rarely shown his nervousness, but oh, did he feel it.

Once you were back, Wonwoo handed you one of the coffees, and you headed out after saying goodbye to your shift manager.

“It’s cold,” you yelped as soon as you were outside, shutting your eyes for a couple of seconds as you let yourself get used to the sudden temperature drop. Wonwoo snorted.

“Yeah, it’s really warm in there. Here… not so much,” he said, slowly moving his eyes from your scrunched up face, which oddly enough looked cuter than ever, to the streets. You nodded and let out a sigh.

“At least the coffee’s warm,” you muttered as you began walking towards your dorm slowly side by side. Wonwoo worried his lower lip between his teeth for a while before finally opening his mouth.

“My hand’s pretty warm, too, if you’re interested,” he blurted out and burst into a laughter afterwards, while you looked at him incredulously.


Wonwoo shook his head, a wide smile remaining on his lips as he collected himself little by little. “Like, if you wanted to hold my hand, it would be nice.”

You bit your lower lip as bubbliness spread throughout your body, and slowly moved your eyes from the take-away cup to Wonwoo’s hand hanging by his side. Heck, you had held his hand before, why did it suddenly feel like such a new thing? “Would you like that?”

He stopped his steps and reached for your arm gently, stopping you, too. When you looked up into his eyes, you could barely hold in a gasp at the soft look in them as well as the warm smile that was spread on his lips. “Well, I like you, so I think I’d really like holding your hand, too.”

All you could do was smile dumbly at his words and lower your eyes - his ones staring into yours so intensely was just too much, as much as it did give you butterflies.

“I’d like to hold your hand, too,” you said quietly, reaching for Wonwoo’s free hand. He took a hold of yours quickly and squeezed it reassuringly, still smiling warmly at you.

“Do you have any plans for tomorrow evening?” he asked when you had continued walking, this time with your hands linked and happy smiles spread on your lips.

“There’s the play we’re supposed to go watch,” you said after a moment of thought, and Wonwoo nodded.

“Wanna go together?” he asked, slowly rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb. You chuckled lightly and turned to look at him, the familiar sight of his slightly crinkled nose and disappearing eyes making you feel warm and fuzzy enough to help you overcome the coldness of the evening.

“I thought it was a given.”

When you had reached your dorm, you and Wonwoo hugged like you usually did while saying goodbye - only, this time it felt tighter and more intimate than before, and it had already lasted way longer than your usual hugs, which had always been more on the briefer side. Had he always smelled that damn good?

As you slowly began pulling away from each other, you looked up at Wonwoo while playing with the hair at the back of his neck, and he ran his hands up and down your sides slowly.

“So,” he said amusedly, and you let out a quiet giggle, letting your eyes fall down to Wonwoo’s lips that were so invitingly parted.

“So,” you said back at him, moving your eyes back to his eyes and smiling brightly. Flashing you a small, amused smile, he closed his eyes and began leaning down, and you closed your eyes, too, puckering your lips a little as if preparing for a kiss.

Only, Wonwoo’s lips pressed on your forehead instead of your lips.

You let out a surprised sound, and Wonwoo laughed while pulling away, patting your back. “Not that fast, Y/N.”

You snorted and let out a defeated sigh, only to feel Wonwoo’s lips catch the sigh from yours, which made you hold your breath and your fingers curl against his neck, getting slightly tangled in his hair.

’Not that fast’?”

“I just needed a few more seconds.”

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On taking relationship advice from kindergarteners

I wrote a little thing for @oversaturated-ocean and our Alex/Eliza teacher AU! It follows on from their amazing fic, Staples and involves over enthusiastic kindergarten teacher Mr Hamilton attempting to start a relationship with the very kind and very pretty Nurse Schuyler. Which is a little tricky given that the last time they interacted, he fainted…

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Headcanons with obito, grimmjow, and Daiki finding out that their s.o.'s parents used to mentally and verbally abuse them by calling them worthless, stupid, ect. and picking on their physical features. BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND ALL THE HOE SHIT YOU POST! 👌💦👌

THANKS FAM!!!! and this is going to go under the cut because there’s some sensitive material involved!

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So Trayco is blond now??Is there any way we can get this into a getting tofether kinda fic?

Word Count: 665

“So not as easy as I thought,” Trevor stepped out of the bathroom after messing with the bleach for over an hour.

Jeremy burst out laugh and Matt just gave him a sympathetic smile.

“I told you it wasn’t going to be easy,” Matt raised an eyebrow, “Think looking this fabulous comes from a bottle.” Matt did a hair flip to accentuate the joke and got Trevor to give a small smile.

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League of Legends - Rakan’s Big Day

Summary: Vastaya magic and Fae magic do not mix well, as Xayah and Rakan soon find out when the charmer is hit by one of Lulu’s most powerful spells during a match.

[Inspired by @tinypancakes super amazing and cute Giant Rakan fanart! I’ve always had a thing for making my favourite characters BIG so having one of the best champs of all time turn into a giant lovebird? That’s right up my alley!]

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Bill ; i believe, It was about a month after dipper and the girls were on the Mindscape, i got frustrated with this heart beat thing ( i believe that i am currently SICK and forever will be) and i found out the source of said heart beat phenomenon was from pine tree so, i did the mistake of throwing him overboard while a mist was covering the orbit we were going through. Resulting in me finding out that He apparently has this… Ends justify the means kind of morality. so let’s just say it was both a thrilling and frightening moment for me and the crew. It was like an angel of death came, killing my men off one by one, or at least it looked like he killed them.

long story short… I fell for both this dangerous side of his that was like a silent reaper and his merciful side that was like an angel that looked at us with blessings, especially when i found out that my men were apparently still alive

he was simply Perfect for a lunatic such as myself that i couldn’t just let him go

(dipper is holding his ‘scavenging knife’  usually used for slicing acarcanian animal meat and skin, he caries it EVERYWHERE for just in case emergencies and since dipper was a scavenger his nails were made for climbing so they can sharpen at will making them kind of a deadly weapons, simply put dipper used the smoke from the mist to his advantage and stealth paralyze the crew members with a bit of a jab to the ribs/limbs (depends) with space jellyfish neuro toxins ) 

( hope u liked it anon also thankiiieeesss!! im glad u like my art!!)

Who is your bae? - Allah is my bae. *heart heart icon*

Hey, what’s up with some Muslim sisters these days? Putting up photos of Allah is my bae stuff?

Is this a new trend? I’ve seen it all over facebook and twitter, and it needs to stop.

Allah is not your crush. Allah is not your boyfriend. Allah is not your husband. He is your Lord. Do not call Allah of something He has not named Himself.

He gave us beautiful names of which He has mentioned in the Qur’an, of which He said to call upon Him (with these beautiful names) and yet here you come and you call Him of something that is so inappropriate.

Allah loves you, yes, He loves his slaves but this love is not a love for a lover! His love is more than that, this lover love is so minute to be compared to His Love for His slaves. 

Indeed, to call Allah of something He has not named himself or to that is such a lowly level (that you know in your inner souls) intended for His creations is inappropriate. 

Would you call Allah your Love, your baby, your Hun, your babe, your whatever endearment calling you have in your mind intended for your lover? If no, then why call Him bae? Is bae so different from all these?

Sister, if you have been hurt, you have been rejected, you are finding marriage so hard for you and you are trying to comfort yourself by putting in your mind that Allah loves you and wants the best for you… that is absolutely fine! but to go overboard and make yourself feel that He is your lover, that it is okay to have no man because you have Allah as your lover is not right!

We find from the stories of the Sahabiyyat Radiyallahu Anhum what we can call the most tragic and heart wrenching stories, losing a husband, losing a father, losing all her sons, all these sacrifices yet did you ever hear one of these great women call Allah as their lover just to comfort themselves!? No, by Allah, no one ever did.

Wallah, sisters I know well what you are going through, who didn’t go through heart breaks, failures and rejections in life, but to put such inappropriate thought in your mind is just not right.

Stop doing this, if you need comfort then go read Qur’an, read the seerah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam or read the stories of these great women and men that Allah Azza Wa Jall has chosen to be the companions of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

Did you even know what bae means in other languages? Perhaps in Danish? In Danish it means poop, so are you saying Allah is your poop? Astagfirullah. Fear Allah sisters. Be careful of things you post.

Do not just jump in into a trend just because you want to fit in, wallah, a Muslim sister doesn’t need to fit in the society, because she is a Queen, maybe not in this dunya, but Allah prepared a palace for her to abide therein forever in Jannah… So tell me, why would a Queen in Jannah try to fit in a world so lowly like this of dunya?

Let this be a reminder for the mindful.

May Allah keep every sister steadfast in her deen. Amin.


I’d lie

Will had looked everywhere around camp for Nico, the son of Hades still shied away from people and spent much of his time alone. His friends weren’t too worried about it, they told Will when he had asked about it, that Nico is still getting used to being around so many people all the time and just needs time to himself. Jason had noticed how down hearted Will seemed by this so he had told him that Nico seemed to find comfort in harder to reach places like someplace higher up.

So after spending most of the day searching around camp Will had almost given up until he remembered Jason’s tip about high places so Will took off towards the woods hoping that he wasn’t wrong about this. He looked up in the trees as he past wondering if Nico really did like climbing trees, he was about to call out for him when he heard something, was that singing?

I don’t think that passenger seat

Has ever looked this good to me

Will looked up to find Nico sitting in a tree not far off so he walked over

He tells me about his night

And I count the colors in his eyes


Wow he had a great voice, who knew?


He’ll never fall in love he swears

As he runs his fingers through his hair

I’m laughing ‘cause I hope he’s wrong



Will wondered why Nico would be singing a Taylor Swift song

And I don’t think it ever crossed his mind

He tells a joke, I fake a smile

But I know all his favorite songs


Why would Nico be singing this song? Did he like someone? Was it a guy? Wills heart jumped a little, if Nico liked guys maybe he would have a chance!


And I could tell you his favorite colors green

He loves to argue, born on the seventeenth

His sister’s beautiful, he has his father’s eyes

And if you asked me if I love him,

I’d lie


Will sat down at the base of the tree as he listened to Nico sing, a hundred thoughts and feelings running through his mind


He looks around the room

Innocently overlooks the truth

Shouldn’t a light go on?

Doesn’t he know that I’ve had it memorized for so long?


I’ve been waiting for you for so long. Will thought to himself


He sees everything in black and white

Never let nobody see him cry

I don’t let nobody see me wishing he was mine


Will hugged his knees to his chest, he wished he and Nico would have a chance together.


I could tell you his favorite colors green

He likes to argue, born on the seventeenth

His sister’s beautiful, he has his father’s eyes

And if you asked me if I love him

I’d lie


Will really wanted to ask who had Nico’s heart, and what it would take for it to be him.


He stands there then walks away

My god if I could only say

“I’m holding every breath for you…”


If you were gone I’d never be able to breathe again. Will wanted to say, thinking of the feeling like he’d been punched when Nico had said that he was leaving both camps for good.


He’d never tell you but he can play guitar

I think he can see through everything but my heart

First thought when I wake up is “my god he’s beautiful.”


You’re so beautiful. Will felt his face heat up, no way could he say that out loud.


So I put on my make up

And pray for a miracle


Will would pray to every God out there for the chance to be with Nico


Yes, I could tell you his favorite colors green

He likes to argue, oh, and it kills me

His sister’s beautiful, he has his father’s eyes

And if you asked me if I love him

If you asked me if I love him

I’d lie


Will let out a sigh too lost in is thoughts to realize that the song had ended, that is until he heard a gasp and with twigs and leaves raining down Nico fell out of the tree and landed right on Will. For a shocked moment the two of them just stared wide eyed at each other not knowing what to do until Wills doctor side kicked in.

“Oh Gods! Nico are you okay?! Are you hurt? You just fell out of a tree! Let me see!” He grabbed Nico’s hands inspecting them for any injuries praying that there were no sprains or broken bones. Nico’s mouth opened and closed a couple of times before he managed to find any words “I-I’m fine, Nothing hurts, I was just surprised. What are you doing here?”

Will paused, that’s right he had come looking for Nico to see if he wanted to hangout for a bit but had gotten distracted when he heard Nico singing. He cleared his throat a little nervously “Well I was looking for you, I uh, wanted to hang out with you, if you want to that is.” He could feel his whole face heating up. Oh Gods he was blowing this! He glanced up to Nico’s face and was a little surprised to see his cheeks dusted pink, wow he was so cute.

“O-okay.” Wait what? Did he say yes? “Really?” he couldn’t hide the note of hope in his voice. Nico pushed himself up and sat down next to Will, he nodded his head “Sure.” Will felt his heart soar, it was one thing to spend time with Nico while he was in the infirmary as his patient, and it was another for him to agree to just hang out like friends, especially when Will knew that Nico preferred to be alone.

“So… um, what would you like to do?” Nico asked. “Uh, um, we could just sit here, and you know, just talk.” Will said, Gods he was really blowing this! He just couldn’t stop wondering who Nico liked, probably someone really cool, ugh this was so stressful! Get a grip Will! He told himself.

“Sure, what would you like to talk about?” Nico had turned away slightly so that he wasn’t looking directly at Will. Before he could stop himself Will heard the words foremost in his mind tumble out of his mouth “You were singing a love song right? Is there anyone special?” He felt his ears grow warm, not doubt they were just as red as the rest of his face felt, he risked a sidelong glance at Nico and saw that his face was just as red. Will was mentally kicking himself but it was all he could think about so he couldn’t help himself. “Sorry, you don’t have to answer that. I was just curious.” He sounded so stupid Nico probably thought he was an idiot, he sure felt like one. Will put his head in his hands and leaned back against the tree.

“Yeah, there is. It’s… a guy.” Wait Nico was actually going to tell him? Will lowered his hands and looked back at Nico he was hugging his knees to his chest trying to make himself smaller. Will didn’t want Nico to feel like he needed to hide or anything so he smiled kindly “That’s cool, me too.” He thought that if Nico knew he wasn’t alone he might be more comfortable talking about it, maybe anyway.

Nico looked up surprised “Oh, um, that’s cool.” And they were back to awkward silence… great.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” It was a longshot but why not? “Okay.” Nico took a deep breath “I’ve known him for a while, but we weren’t really close before. He’s really nice and everyone seems to like him, but I don’t know if he’d ever like me back.” Will couldn’t help wondering who it could be, he’d have to be crazy not to like Nico back, he was so amazing. “I’m sure he would, you’re so cool. How could someone not like you?” Nico ducked his head down still blushing like crazy.

“Do you really think so?” his question was slightly muffled but there was so much emotion in it. “Of course I do. You’re a hero, you’re strong and brave, and you have really cool powers even if you do go totally overboard with them. How could anyone not like you?” Nico looked up at him a mix of emotions still in his eyes “You don’t think I’m creepy?” Wills heart clenched at that “Gods no! I’d never think that about you Nico! I love you!” Did he just say what he thought he did? Judging by the complete shock on Nico’s face the answer had to be yes. Maybe if he prayed hard enough to Hades the ground would open up and swallow him right now.

After a few moments Nico managed to speak again. “What?” Well too late now, the truth was out so might as well face the music. Will took a deep breath to calm his nerves as much as possible. “Yeah, I’ve liked you for a long time now. Like I said, you’re really amazing, and I felt like my heart was going to stop when you said that you were going to leave for good after the battle. So when I found out that you were staying here I was so happy and I swore to myself that even if you never returned my feelings I would still spend as much time as possible with you so that you never felt alone or unwanted ever again. So that you knew that someone did care and would always be there for you.” Gods now he was rambling.

“I like you too Will” it was quiet but he had heard it, Wills whole face lit up in a huge smile “You really mean that?” Nico gave a small smile and nodded “Yeah, I think you’re really incredible.” This time Will could have sworn he could fly he was so happy! Wait but that means that it was him that Nico was talking about before… “Did you mean what you said before?” again Nico nodded.

Will couldn’t help himself he threw his arms around Nico and hugged him tightly. After a moment Nico returned the embrace. They sat like that for a while completely content to just be there in the moment. Will leaned in and spoke softly into Nico’s ear “You’re a beautiful singer, you know that?” Nico hid his face in Wills shoulder but he knew he was smiling and couldn’t help grinning himself.

They heard the conch shell signal the time for dinner and pulled apart. “Guess we should head to the dinning pavilion with the others huh?” they stood up and started brushing the dirt and leaves off of themselves and then held hands as they started the walk to dinner. Will paused and looked down at Nico with a goofy grin on his face. “So I guess you really fell for me huh?” Nico stared at him for a couple of heartbeats before doubling over laughing. He wiped the tears from his eyes and tried to catch his breath, he pushed Will on the arm “You’re such a dork!” Will laughed and grabbed Nico’s hand again and lifted it up to his lips to place a little kiss on it. “But I’m your dork, right?” Nico smiled back at him. “You better be.” He said as they continued walking hand in hand toward the dinning pavilion where their friends would be waiting for them.

Too Wise to Woo Peaceably: A Bea and Ben Mix

i. flaws {bastille} ii sway {the perishers}. iii. she hates me {puddle of mud} iv. one week {barenaked ladies}  v. overboard {ingrid michaelson} vi. perhaps,perhaps, perhaps {cake} vii. when did your heart go misssing? {rooney} viii. the fear you won’t fall {joshua radin} ix. arms {christina perri} x. between the bars {elliot smith} xi. as you are {garfunkel and oates} xii. don’t let me fall {lenka} xiii. out of my head {fastball} xiv. fairytale {sara bareilles} vx. soldier {ingrid michealson} xvi. cruel to be kind {letters to cleo}  xvii. f.n.t {semisonic} xviii. be gentle with me {the boy least likely to} xix. dust to dust {the civil wars} xx. Skeleton {the front brothers} xxi. stubborn love{the lumineers} xxii. can you tell {ra ra riot} xxiii. she’s the blade {sugarcult} xxiv. skinny genes {eliza doolittle} xxv. bruises {chairlift}


{Cover Art}

note- if you hate limited skips the playlist should be avialable in spofity under the same name

edit- a lot of the love songs have themes of falling vs catching which was not intentional. it is interesting that I did that subconcously because I think it works for them

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your top 3 Hannigram fics?

Hands down my absolute favorite Hannigram fic EVER. Not just Hannigram, just fanfic in general. ANYTHING by Val and Megan though…  (ノ◎皿◎)ノ ☆゚・~ !!!~ ★゚・:,。゚・:,。° *my literal reaction* I could fill this list up with just their fics but that would not be fair XD 

It’s Red Dragon movieverse but holy hell on a hot plate it is AMAZING. It has Will torture and Hannibal to the rescue. Be still my pants.

Hannibal sneakily being a sugar daddy and Will unwittingly, unwillingly (but TOTALLY WILLINGLY) being a sugar baby.  Also check out Blackbird by same author. Or just anything by her. 

Gonna stick a few more in because well…BECAUSE I NEED TO PIMP MY FAVORITES!

Literally pic any fic, any fandom, and you have a 99.9% chance of being horrified (or not), a lot disturbed (or just a little) and a little turned on (or a lot). You WILL be left going “O_o I am never reading that again” and then running back to read it eleventy million times

I made the mistake once of reading this before going to the bathroom. I will not repeat that mistake again. This story is as funny the 5th time you read it as it was the first. Hell it gets funnier cuz you always catch one more thing you missed the previous time.

Marz has written some amazing Trans!Will fics as well as being the Puppetmaster of twinkyempath. Anything Marz writes is going to be smutty enough to set your underwear on fire as well as being filled with sarcasm, snark and humor

If you like Omegaverse/ABO this is the fic for you.  I used to NOPE!THE FUCK OUT of ABO but then this fandom and this fic and…I am hopelessly devoted ( tooo yooouuuuu)

Will is a Seer. Hannibal is a Fatebreaker. I can not give an adequate description of this series that would do it justice except to say Max does so love to stick stuff in a slow cooker and let it go forever. But boy howdy when you get that first bite… (๑☆‿ ☆#) Max is also the undisputed Captain of the USS Tristhad so you can feast well on it with him. 

  • telerafairlyreie and oh-dr-lecter are so insanely prolific I can only say to go their blogs and read ALL THE THINGS! If I am having a crappy day and need something light and short and sweet, 99% chance I will find it with one of them.
  • If you want Hannibal whump and/or your heart shattered into a million pieces, go to the-winnowing-wind. Ro is a horrid horrible who horrididly horribles and then feasts on our tears and pain to grow stronger.

Okay i went WAY overboard and did not even list all I wanted but those are the ones I most often turn to

3 years and counting: chapter 2

fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: oikawa/kageyama
well, i decided ultimately to do kind of a multi-chaptered thing for this and it’s just going to be oikawa being dumb and kageyama being even dumber bc those two living together is kind of a chaos sometimes.
in case you haven’t caught the first part, please read it here: part 1
warning: unedited! 

oikawa is silly and tries to make kageyama jealous but it backfires

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There's this scenario in my head where after the gigantic sand castle is built (from the Sand Castle short), Fushimi goes to further inspect it at night while everyone's asleep. He's just entered the castle when he suddenly notices Munakata by the entrance. Munakata offers that they explore the castle together, and for some reason even unknown to Fushimi himself, he agrees. Besides the sand castle, what do you think they'll talk about?

Oops I fic’d.

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I'm Sorry Part 3

~~Lynn’s POV~~

8 days later..

I’ve been living in a cheap motel, I found a job at Marshalls. I’ve been crying everynight while drinking alcohol, I’ve started smoking to relieve all the stress..

Every day is worst than the other, I can’t help but think negative. 6 damn years I’ve been with that son of a bitch, he never wanted to be with me, he just felt bad for me cause I had no one.

I’m not a person who takes things easily, who just forgets the guy and moves on. I loved him for 6 years, and he cheated for who knows how long..

I got up and grabbed my stuff out of the motel. My coworkers are in college and their looking for a girl to rent a room and I needed a place to live. I barely have any money and all the money I had I used it on the motel, gas and food. As I drove up the driveway I looked at the house, it was okay.. I noticed that the neighborhood was bad, like a bunch of criminals lived here. As I walked up to the house I knocked, and a brunette with barely any clothes and smoking a cigarette opened the door.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“Uh 2 of my coworkers said they needed a person to rent a room and I need a place to live.”

“Oh yeah, they were telling me about you. Lynn right?” She asked again

“Yeah that’s me”

“Well.. welcome to your new home.” She smiled. As I entered the house it smelt of pure cigarette.

“My name is Vanessa by the way.” I nodded and followed her.

“This is your room.” She pointed.

“Thanx, Uh whe-” As I turned around she was gone. I set my stuff down and started to unpack..

~~Justin’s POV~~

“This is your new house!” I told Lila as she entered my house.

“Oh my God babe, it’s beautiful! And big..” She smirked.

“Yeah, uh, my ex picked out all the furniture and everything..” I explained.

“Well we should maybe redo it, there’s somethings I don’t like anyways. And plus we don’t any memories of her right?” She asked.

“Uh.. yeah. Yeah your right.” God I felt extremely guilty, I never meant what I said to Lynn. That I would have a better life with Lila then I ever would with Lynn. Mimuters after she dashed out and drove away, I finally realized what I said and that she had absolutely no where to live and I don’t even know if she has money, after she moved in with me I told her she didn’t have to work. That I could take care of her and I would buy everything.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna go to take a bath wanna come with?” she smiled while playing with my hair.

“We could drink some champagne, listen to relaxing music and maybe after have some great sex” she smirked. Lynn and I would always have baths with champagne.

“Uh yeah. You go ahead and prepare it while I go get the champagne.” She nodded and walked up the long white staircase.

As I went into the kitchen, I opened the cabinet full of alcohol and noticed that all the alcohol was gone.. What?? There was bottles upon bottles in here.. where the hell did it go..? There was only 2 beers and a half bottle of red wine.

After a minute or two I realized that Lynn would drink a lot when she was heartbroken. Like her parents death, her brother, her grandparents.. and now me. She would always go overboard until I hid the bottles and starting helping her get better. God where are you Lynn!? I started blowing up her phone telling her to not drink all that liquor and apologizing.

I didn’t want this break up to end up bad, but with my huge mouth I had to break her heart even more. God Justin! Can’t you do anything right?

I just hope she doesn’t go overboard with this break up, she never took these type of situations well. Once she has fallen, it takes a long time for her to get back up…

♡♡Hope you guys liked Part 3!!😊😊 And if you are, I’m very glad😆♡♡

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Can I get an EXO reaction to you catching them cheating? Thanks love your blog!!

  • Xiumin - In that moment he’d probably be really speechless and he wouldn’t know what to say, and he’d just stand there staring at her, probably trying to voice out something but nothing would come out of his mouth. As soon as she starts walking off, though, he’d go after her and try to explain. I feel like Xiumin is a really loyal person and if/when he cheats, it would only be a one-time mistake - but obviously the girl doesn’t know that. He’d probably be really guilty afterwards especially when he tries to explain but she refuses to listen to him. 
  • Suho - Honestly Suho is one of the most loyal and good-valued (?) people in EXO and I can’t see him cheating under any circumstances, so if/when he does it’s a huge mistake that he didn’t intend to do or somebody probably drugged him or forced themselves onto him or something. He’d regret it so much and he wouldn’t know what to do because his mind knows it’s over and he can’t do anything about it, but his heart tells him to go after her and try to explain. If he does end up trying to explain to her though, he’d probably go overboard with the explanation because at this point he’s saying anything and everything he can to get her back. 
  • Lay - Again, I can’t see him cheating at all, so like Suho, if/when he cheats it’s a mistake that he really regrets. He would probably be really silent, because like Xiumin he wouldn’t know what to say at all. He’d probably stay quiet and apologise, because what he did goes against his own values anyways so he knows that he’s in no position to explain anything to her.
  • Baekhyun - He’d probably start trying to explain himself the second she walks in, and when she goes off he’d run after her and keep explaining too. For the next month or so he’d be really persistent and bombard her with texts and calls, begging her to take him back, but eventually he would realise it’s too late and that nothing could make it better anymore. 
  • Chen - He’d probably run after her and apologise over and over again, but he wouldn’t try to explain himself because he knows that what he did was wrong and that he has no right to explain himself after what he did. Chen’s a sensible person and he’d probably give her space, considering that he knows well enough that he did something unimaginable to her and she wouldn’t just take him back like that. 
  • Chanyeol - He’d be a bit like Baekhyun, being persistent with texts and calls and all, except he would let it go faster than Baekhyun does once he sees that she really doesn’t want to talk to him anymore and he respects that. He’d give her space and let her go because he’d realise how wrong what he did was and he’d probably feel like she deserved someone better than him. 
  • D.O - Another one of those people that I can’t imagine cheating, even in my wildest dreams, but if/when he does, he’d probably be really silent about it too. He wouldn’t chase after the girl or bother her, even if he still wanted her back, because that’s the least he can give her after what he did. 
  • Tao - He would probably run after her upon seeing her reaction and try to talk it out with her, but if he sees that she really doesn’t want to talk to him he’d probably drop it and act like a jerk cold boy who “doesn’t need her anyways” (even if in reality, he does). 
  • Kai - He’d give the girl some space for a few days, and eventually when everything simmers down he’d try to approach her. In that moment, if she still refuses to talk to him then he’d leave her alone, but if she does decide to talk to him then he’d take baby steps and try to calmly explain to her what happened.
  • Sehun - He would run after her but never reach the point of actually talking to her. He’d move to follow her but he would stop midway because of the thoughts running around his head. He would keep distance but also try to explain himself, eventually, but he’d be really wary to approach her.
So here's the thing about MCU Howard Stark...

While I don’t have a PhD in Iron Man comic book geekery, an easy Wiki and Google search pretty much gives us a comic book Howard Stark who is a complete and utter asshole.

(I’m going to carefully ignore whatever’s going on with Arno, because that looks like an epic clusterfuck all on its own and hey, one of the reasons I no longer read Marvel comics is because of all the continuities.  It drives me CRAZY and I’m the one herding plot bunnies upon plot bunnies.  Oy. Mama.) 

From what we know of him, he was a total shit disgrace of a father, someone who had fucked Tony up so much that Tony carries the scars of that forever.  I mean, seriously, I grew up on Iron Man cartoons, got reacquainted with Tony in the movie and from the first movie onwards, I was like, “Shit, dude has Daddy Issues up the wazoo.”

Now here’s the thing about MCU Howard Stark.

The thing about MCU is that it takes the Marvel characters and gives us the opportunity for a new iteration, a new continuity, which is slightly less packed with insanity-causing retcons and alternate universes and new titles and what-if’s.  TL;DR - easier storyline to follow.  But also, it gives us new opportunities to explore the characters.

To wit - Howard Stark.  Who was kind of charming in Captain America: the First Avenger. Who’s got the wit, suaveness, the genius and maybe, just maybe, he had the heart.  Who resembles Tony enough that it throws Steve off and of course, poor Steve will absolutely have to make the father-son comparison.  It can’t be helped.

CATFA doesn’t really show us a Steve Rogers and Howard Stark who are close buddies and BFF’s, but from what we do see, they get along fine.  There’s mutual respect here, at the very least.  Enough that Steve actually feels comfortable enough to ask Howard about women and “fondue." 

Because the last time we see Howard (at least in something that’s not an MCU short film), he’s desperately looking for Steve Rogers and he hasn’t given that up.  So, I ask, why?  Is it the burning need to bring the one successful experiment home?  Or is he doing things the way Tony does - being extravagant, going that extra mile for the people he cares about, even when it looks he’s going utterly overboard in the eyes of everyone else? 

The question that MCU Howard Stark makes me ask is - does Howard Stark have a heart?

And then, somewhere along the way, if he did have this heart, the essential humanity that Tony is so much better at showing, at being, how the hell did Howard lose it?  What the everlasting fuck happened that Howard screwed up so badly with his only son?  

Unexpected Howard feels.  GOD DAMN STARKS. 

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Hey, I was wondering if you had something nice about ichigo x rukia. I was upset (even tho I knew it wasn't meant to be cannon) about it not being cannon and about the not preferable ending and the unanswered questions everyone has. Thank you ouo.

Since I got this ask I’ve written this oneshot here, and done these drawings here. But for some additional IR cuteness, consider: 

- Ichigo taking Rukia ice-skating again when all is said and done

- Ichigo having to attend Shino’o Academy for a while bc he needs to learn kido and Rukia teasing him about it at every available opportunity

- Everyone in the gotei-13 being gossipy housewives re: when they’re gonna finally bang

- (Unbeknownst to anyone, they’re already banging. Their first time was in the Royal Realm and they’ve been banging ever since joke’s on everyone else) 

-   Ichigo and Rukia dancing in the rain on their wedding day (and all of a sudden, rain isn’t such a terrible thing anymore)

- Ichigo and Rukia’s kid being raised by the entire gotei-13. Kenpachi running around trying to fight Ichigo with his daughter hanging off his shoulder. Kyouraku calling Captain’s meetings while dandling a baby in his lap. Nanao trying to teach a one-year-old to read, because Nanao would. Uncle Renji being the coolest uncle in existence, begging his blacksmith friend (he has one in canon) to make tiny, baby-sized swords for the kid, much to Rukia’s horror (SHE’S THREE, RENJI, WHY DID YOU THINK SHE’D NEED A SWORD). Uncle Byakuya filling the kid’s room with admiral seaweed plushies. Rangiku taking naps with the kid, and Hitsugaya not having the heart to disturb them. Soi Fon having a ninja dedicated to babywatch 24/7, just because. Kiyone and Sentaro going overboard with the kid, because of course. Hanataro being the kid’s favourite. Iba bringing the now-puppified Komamura (shut up he’s still alive he’s just in puppy form) to play with the kid. Ichigo and Rukia being the most overprotective, proud parents EVER (that they SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN CANON, WTF). Just– I JUST!!!

I hope this helps, anon!