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I DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE TO ASK: I bought an iPhone at Target today & got along with the 'Tech Target' employee. When the transaction was wrapping up, she pulled out a support card and wrote her number on it. We're both women in our late twenties and I don't think I came off as tech clueless. When I asked if she did this for everyone (how would she have the time??) she sort of hedged and said she and the other tech guy did it on occasion. Did I just get a girl's number or am I totally misreading?

I’m not sure why you picked me but I’m thrilled. You 100% just got their number and if you don’t give them a ring I will be personally so disappointed in you. If you go on a date I will mail you a roll of stickers, no questions asked.

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I bet Ahsoka and Anakin had a secret handshake

this is absolutely canon, if you don’t think that anakin and ahsoka did a convoluted 5 minute long handshake after every mission that ended with them simultaneously flipping off obi wan (that was a later addition, mostly because obi wan was always sighing loudly next to them when they were doing it ) then idk what to tell you except You’re Wrong

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Sorry if this is a silly question, what's the difference between song writing and publishing credit? Like wouldn't a song they worked on give them song writing credit and then publishing credit because it was acutally published? I would assume you get song writing credit for writing it whether it gets made or not? And you get paid for that? I'm really sorry for this dumb question! And did you mean monetarily Louis gets the most money from these two sources?

A song’s royalties are split into three parts: performance (the artist), writer (the songwriters), and publisher (the people who license the song).

The artist gets nothing when a song is played on the radio or performed live, songwriters and publishers get all of that money, but when a song is sold or streamed, the artist gets the lion’s share of the money from a sale (or their record company does, but that’s another post).

Songwriters have publishing companies and they work about the same way that record labels work for artists. They promote the songwriter’s songs, collect and distribute the money earned from plays or sales, and if the songwriter is not self supporting already, they sign deals where the publisher gives them an advance on possible future sales.

Out of that advance, the publisher keeps the publishing rights to a song. This means they can license the song to an artist to perform it, or they can approve the use of the song in a commercial/tv show/movie/etc.

Established songwriters have their own publishing companies, so that they get both the songwriter share of a song and the publishing share and then they just pay a third-party company to collect royalties for them for a fee instead of giving them ownership.

As for Louis and Just Hold On, the songwriters on that song are split between PRS (who do not have public records), ASCAP, and BMI (who show ownership and splits but not all of them and not in the same way).  So, from what I can tell, Louis owns 37.5% of the song’s publishing and songwriting royalties, Steve has 30%, and the other three credited writers split the other 32.5%. It also looks like Steve and Louis evenly split the songwriting royalties, but Louis gets more in publishing (I won’t swear to this since some of the info is hidden, but that’s how it appears).

Performance royalties are probably split evenly between Steve and Louis, but I have no way of knowing that for certain.

Hope that answered your question.

  • Todomatsu, leaving with Atsushi: Don't wait up!~
  • Osomatsu, restraining Karamatsu who's trying to dive at the window to watch them: When did you get like this?
  • Karamatsu: What do you mean, my brother~? I've always been like this.
  • Osomatsu: Karamatsu, if I find out you've been scaring away hot guys who want to give me money I'll fucking kill you.

Nerve Endings Ch. 17 preview, as promised (gonna try to post by the end of today or tomorrow):

“You didn’t need to give me this,” Yuuri said.

“I did.  I should have months ago.  You’ve always deserved them, more than…more than anyone else.”

“Still, I know—”

“This was for me too. I needed to know that I could.  I needed to…let go.”

“Victor,” Yuuri said, squeezing his eyes shut and letting the tears fall.  He hugged Victor closer, though there was no space left between them.

“Marry me,” Victor said, and Yuuri’s eyes flew open.  “I know it’s silly, you’re already wearing a ring, but I never really asked you, and—”

“Yes,” he said, with the ease of simple certainty that he rarely felt about anything.

  • *Nagoya*
  • Yuu: "Mika, I hate vampires. I hate them with a passion. But if it's for you, I don't mind giving my blood if that means I can stay with you a litle while longer."
  • Mika: "...Okay, if you say so."
  • Yuu: "-.-"
  • *Village of beginning*
  • Yuu: "Hey, if you're a vampire and I'm a demon, then we're both not humans. That means we match."
  • Mika: "Yuu-Chan, this is serious! Be at least a little more concerned and *keeps talking about Yuu becoming a demon being not a good thing*"
  • Yuu*thinking*: "...Did he even listen to me or is he really that oblivious? Guess I have to be a little more direct..."
  • *A little while later*
  • Yuu: "Oh, sorry. Everything around me back then just got drowned out since I was too busy looking at you to see anything else."
  • Mika: "..."
  • Yuu*thinking full of expectation *: "Could it be that he finally...?"
  • Mika: "...Yuu-Chan, you really should be more cautious of your surroundings."
  • Yuu*mentally cursing*: "God dammit, Mika! Take the fucking hint already!"
  • *At Ferid's mansion*
  • Yuu*fed up with Mika's obliviousness*: "For fucks sake! I don't care about the world! If it means that I can turn you back into human then I'll gladly sacrifice every single living creature in this world!!!"
  • Mika*in disbelief*: "...Yuu-Chan, could it be that...you're in love with me?"
  • Yuu: "Have been for the past three months but thanks for taking the hints I've been giving you all the time!!!"
  • Mika: "???"

I just got back home. My mom smiled and said. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I huffed as usual, “What useless thing did you buy this time?”

I head into my room and I see it. I see a God’s gift standing on my desk.


Here I go again fanboying over Kung Fu Panda stuff.

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So, i'm ace and a while ago i was in a relationship, for a long time i didn't even realised they always complained about me wanting to just cuddle because they actually wanted sex. I'm mentally ill and this person help me through very difficult times and now that i'm by myself i can't help but wonder if i should have tried to feel the way they did and give them what they wanted. Maybe my life wouldn't be se lonely.

Giving someone something you don’t want to give will never be good for you. If it’s the last of your M&Ms, you aren’t going to be too hurt by it, but sacrificing your own boundaries for someone else is going to make you feel awfully lonely in a whole new way. And can lead to some really abusive situations. I know it sucks and hurts being lonely, but I think you did the right thing. Maybe their will be someone else later who you are willing to do those things for because they make it feel safe and okay in a way you didn’t know was possible. Maybe their will be someone else later who is thrilled with all of the cuddles and doesn’t want anything else besides your company. Don’t settle on someone who doesn’t make you happy just because you want company. It might pay in the long run.

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They look so soft. When they faced each other I got so happy. These boyfriends are too much to handle.

Hi!!! <3

they are so soft… they are so cute… when they turned around to face each other:

Me: *whispers* closer.. 

Me during the whole thing: *smiling* now cuddle

They are honestly just adorable little dorks! When they were talking about being silent with friends didn’t mean being awkward, reminded me of 2jae so much!!!!!! because 2jae at some point after if you do era, they were so distant and quiet but the glances give it away and i’m just! that’s what they were referring to, them not being awkward even when silent.

And when Jaebum kept glancing over at Youngjae everytime, but he probably remembered there was a camera and didn’t want to be so obvious.. BUT!!!!!!! YOUNGJAE DID NOT CARE! YOUNGJAE LOOKED AT JAEBUM THE WHOLE TIME except when he announced to ahgases !!

and also youngjae reaching for jaebum’s hand.. not the phone?


AND LASTLY!!!!!!!!! When they said Which member can’t express feelings well, and as you may know, i have been talking about how Youngjae always hides his emotions and hides his sadness and can’t express his feelings. And i may at some point said that Jaebum shows his emotions but by accident because he is awkward at expressing his feelings…

When Youngjae picked himself.. Jaebum picked himself… And i was just: no wonder these two want a “sign” or “q” from each other because they will never express their own feelings (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚ 

Ok ok, last one i promise haha when Youngjae picked Jaebum as the most loyal member, and then Jaebum was like, “then i’ll pick Youngjae”, and ONLY JAEBUM HAD A REASON AND NOT YOUNGJAE adfjghkdjlhjh

But anyway, i love 2jae ^^ i love that they have this [under the same blanket] bonding since the beginning of Got7 <3

Sorry i vented out on you <3 and for being so late to responding! love you! <333 take care <3

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Hi ^_^ yey requests are open! Can you go headcanon for tobirama, Kakashi and makishima where she asks them if they want to do the do in a public place and she teases them like "accidentally" touching their privates or something like that? 😁

This is pretty of similair to some other headcanons I did for Tobirama and Kakashi so I’m a little lacking in the creativity department for these, sorry


•You’re just not gonna get Tobirama to be down for public sex that way tbh. Too risky. The minute his s/o puts her hands anywhere near his dick, he jumps and snatches her wrist and gives her this “Don’t you ever do that again what the hell what makes you think this is okay” look

•He does admit though, if she dirty talks him a little with some persuasion, like “Don’t you want me, Tobirama?” it is a little tempting. But unfortunately it’s still not going to cut it. Tobirama can’t go for public sex unless he’s a little drunk or just intensely horny and that’s not bound to happen often

•That being said, this doesn’t mean he won’t get hard. And he’ll panic and want to rush home. In which case, if she still wants to try and go for the dick, it’s much easier to get him in the mood when he’s not in the public eye


•Kakashi isn’t completely opposed to public sex. If she’s persuasive and seductive enough, he’s down

•He might not let on to that though. The first time she reaches down to touch him he kind of shrugs her off, but doesn’t say anything. Second time she does it, he shrugs her off again 

•He looks aloof, possibly a little annoyed, but on the inside he’s dying. Trying real hard not to get an erection, because he knows that would just encourage her

•Kakashi’s plan is to just chill out until the right opportunity presents itself to drag her into a bathroom or the nearest private place, if he’s even in the mood. For example, changing room sex in a clothing shop is just ideal for Kakashi. Perfect mix of risky public sex, but still a little private enough for him


•She’s not getting anywhere with Makishima tbh. Just not going to happen. If she even tries to touch him, he’ll shove her hand away and give her a hard, annoyed look

•Makishima is not a man you want to play with. He just doesn’t enjoy these type of antics. Sexual stuff in general is just not his forte. He’d only consider it in private, so there’s no way he’ll entertain anything in public. Just not going to happen. Ever

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Salty because I'm not the kind out person who throws their sexuality out there every second sentence, but if I don't remind people (one friend in particular) that I'm Gay For the Girls they ~conveniently forget~

ooooh that’s the worst. I think that’s part of WHY we developed that whole “I’m gay did you know I’m gay, oh what am I having for lunch, some gay with a side of gay” thing, because people like to forget it, and it’s good to give them a reminder. But for some people it’s not their personality, so I wish that your friend didn’t “forget” your sexuality like that.

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Is it possible to have learned to suppress traits without having been bullied for them? I may have been teased a little but nothing too much but I always seemed to have an instinct that these things are just things I need to hide and that I have to blend in. Do you think maybe I'm just forgetting times in which I was made fun of for certain traits that led to me suppressing them? Or is it possible to learn to suppress for other reasons?

It’s possible to learn to suppress them simply through observation. Kids are smart and will pick up on a lot more than adults give them credit for. As a kid you likely noticed that some of the things you did were things that no one else you knew did. You may have noticed that kids who were different got picked on by others. Through this observation you could have concluded that the things that were different about you needed to be hidden in order to avoid being bullied. This could have all been subconscious. 

So yes, it is possible to suppress autistic traits for reasons other than bullying/abuse. 


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larries have said for MONTHS that louis will get a dagger and he did. not a coincidence. and the 2 week rule? not a coincidence. almost every time one of them is photographed, the other one will be photographed too the same day. not a coincidence. and i already told you about the arm thing. he was holding out his arm the exact same way the girl was holding, so he wasn't giving the thumbs up to any of those fans. again, not a coincidence.

The two week rule doesn’t exist.

Louis and Harry haven’t been in the same continent on some occasions for practically a month, yet you guys will turn around and go “These photos are clearly fake and set up and Louis and Harry were secretly together so the two week rule exists”. And we’re talking continents here. Not even cities.


You will lie and claim that because you didn’t get continued proof one of them was in a continent that they secretly flew over to see the other one for a day before flying back out. That’s a fantasy. You are fantasizing that. Nobody is telling you to come up with a theory like that. Louis and Harry aren’t begging for their lives to be spreadsheeted like that so you could theorize about when they have the time to fuck each other throughout an entire year and that everytime they’re not seen we should assume they’re together. That’s something you have made a choice to do and in order to do so have been forced to invent various fantasies about what they were doing off camera and claimed those fantasies as a hardcore reality so much to the point you believe it’s actually a sign from Harry and Louis themselves to keep believing in their relationship to the point of harassing everyone in their lives about it in 2017. They have 100% not asked for you to believe this theory or encouraged you in it. 

Louis and Harry don’t show up on the same day, you guys will only make a huge fuss when they are spotted on the same day, while ignoring every other day when they’re not. Your confirmation bias is off the charts.

Can you tell me where the “Larrie is real and please harass my siblings for 7 years” sign is from? What tattoo was that? Where’s the one that’s “Please interpret every tattoo I get as a sign that a child doesn’t exist”? 

Can you tell me why Harry got a half a heart tattoo with the KOL guy and why I shouldn’t therefore believe he and this guy are engaged in a secret sexual relationship that debunks the entire Larrie fantasy? 

Half a heart on your chest with another man >>>>> every single Larrie tattoo, to the point you all used to fantasize one of Louis’s chest hairs was the matching heart. So you can’t deny you don’t believe it’s an important tattoo when you had masterposts about it proving their love just months back.

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Did you give thank you notes to your rotation PIs? I completely forgot for my first one, which I still feel bad about, and I kind of want to for my second one, but I have co-PIs and even something as simple as delivering a handwritten thank you note to them and what I would write in it makes me so nervous. My coworker who's kinda a suckup said when he rotated with one of the co-PIs, he gave him wine! That's nothing I would feel comfortable doing, lol. What do you think is appropriate? Thanks!

I just thanked them in person at the end of the rotation. Like, “Thank you so much for letting me rotate through you lab and taking the time to mentor me. I had a great experience and learned a lot and I hope to keep in contact with you about a thesis lab or being on my committee, and also to keep updated on your awesome research!” Something like that, pretty casual. It’s usually during my last meeting with them where we discuss if the lab is right for me or not, so the thank you is usually at the end.

Thank you notes are nice but at least in my university/program it’s not the established culture. And wow wine?? That’s def not required and tbh if I was a PI I’d feel a little awkward receiving such a lavish gift from a grad student. But idk, it really depends on the PI (like if they’re used to being buttered up like that?) and the program’s culture. 

Ask around your program, see what the other grad students in your year are doing. But honestly I feel like a thank you in person is appreciated enough :)

If anyone else has anything to add please do!

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The fact that you placed "Stronger Than You" in the list of Rin's fav songs makes me think that he might ACTUALLY love Steven Universe, being the sweetheart that he is. He probably also cried when Pearl sang "It's over isn't it?" (I totally did xD), or in the episode "Storm in the Room", when Steven spent some time with Rose :'C

omGGGG - RIN TOTALLY LOVES STEVEN UNIVERSE!! (He actually got Shiemi to binge watch it with him and so now she’s a big fan too!!) He totally loves the songs and can be found (frequently) singing them in the shower cause he’s a doof c’x <333 The show gives him so many feels sometimes he just has to lay there and contemplate it - you know? (He’ll never admit to crying because of Steven Universe … but he totally has) 

Changmin as your boyfriend

A/N: this isn’t so long but I wanted to write more Boys24 things and I had this as a request from a while back 

Originally posted by orneryrps

  • The snuggly and caring type
  • Lots of backhugs where he doesn’t let go
  • Gives you flowers every once in a while
  • Forehead kisses, a lot of them
  • Is really shy about you coming to see him perform
  • But he loves it if you tell him he did a great job
  • Would giggle if you tried to imitate his rapping
  • He would find it adorable
  • He would also playfully rap to you in everyday situations
  • And about the silliest things, like wanting to order Chinese food or not bothering to take out the trash
  • You would be really good friends with Jinseok
  • Also Yonghyun
  • Every time they come to hang out, it would get wild
  • But you always end up laughing so much
  • Changmin has a really sweet heart and would love to make you smile
  • So whenever you’re sad he tries to be funny to cheer you up
  • Or he might just wrap his body around yours and hold you close
  • Definitely the type to stroke you hair
  • “Are you using a new shampoo?”
  • “Did you- Did you just smell my hair?”
  • “Yes, and it smells damn good.”
  • Playfully hitting him when he’s being a dork
  • Things either get extremely soft or extremely heated past midnight
  • It all depends on the amount of the amount of energy you have
  • In heated situations, he would tell you how beautiful you are and cover every part of you with kisses
  • In the soft cases, he would let you rest your head on his chest while watching a romantic movie
  • In sunny days, you would have picnic dates together
  • Beforehand, you would make lots of food – like cupcakes and sandwiches and smoothies
  • And then you would sit at a quiet place under a tree, in the shade
  • He would grab your hand and kiss it a lot
  • It feels safe for him

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Love that BNHA kids piece you did! Did the commissioner share explicitly whose children they were?

Yup; she gave me a brief introduction of the kids before I drew them out! Okay so, the one on the left is Bakugou Kazumi (Katsuki’s daughter) and the one on the right is Midoriya Yuudai (Ochako’s and Izuku’s son)! If you wanna know more about them, go talk to @simply-nerdy-gal; I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to give you more information about them!

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Elena help I have a crush on my friend but they're really not interested and I need help getting over it. (They actually did try to go out with me upon my request, but it isn't working, I just have to break it off.)

Oh god I’m not good with this kind of shit? Um okay- my suggestion is probably find someone similar to them in the way you’re attracted. You have a crush on them for some reason- looks, personality, something. If you don’t have a reason then the crush will pass. If there is a reason, find someone else that has that same reason.

That’s the best I can give my dude. I’m not good with love at all.