did i give them to you

This is all only my opinion, nothing else, but being mentally ill doesn’t give you an excuse to expect people to forgive or accept your piss poor fucking apologies when you legitimately wanna apologize. 

like take some time to cool off whatever, I’m bpd, i’m schizo, I get it. but at some point if you KNOW you’ve done wrong and you genuinely wanna make up for what you did to the person you gotta give a decent apology that isn’t bullshit as fuck. 

you gotta listen to what other people are saying after you know you’ve fucked up, and address it instead of defending yourself for the shit you’ve done. being mentally ill isn’t an excuse to give bullshit apologies all the fucking time and expect people to forgive you and roll with it. people don’t owe us shit.

like, my parents are mentally ill, that doesn’t excuse them for the horrible shit they put me through lmao. And I’m endlessly furious with the piss poor apologies they give me, which paint themselves as victims for their crimes, and then they’re /mad/ when i don’t accept their apologies? lmao fuck off?

If you genuinely feel remorse and know you fucked up, make a decent apology, address the wrong you’ve done. otherwise imo don’t fucking bother. again imo it does more damage than good to give a bad apology than no apology at all.

like personally, i’m forgiving, I get people do bad shit, i get no ones perfect, a simple sorry is good enough for me, but when someone fucking paints themselves as a victim explicitly to pull heat away from their actions, when they absolutely aren’t, within their apology, and then expect you to forgive them… i’m only more angry with them lmao. 

like literally “I’m sorry for what I’ve done” is all you need to do imo lmao, no fucking added bullshit. and people will either forgive you or not: you have no control over that. 

you don’t have to grovel, you don’t have to defend yourself, it just is, accept it and move on. you have no control over whether they accept it or if they will move on.

i’m not forgiving someone for something when they give me a bullshit apology after they majorly fucked up. And I don’t have to.

✧ — Phantom of the Opera Prompts.

❛ My power over you grows stronger yet. ❜
❛ Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind. ❜
❛ Your part is silent, little toad! ❜
❛ Perhaps it is you who are the toad… ❜
❛ Flattering child, you shall know me, see why in shadow I hide! ❜
❛ Seal my fate tonight. ❜
❛ I hate to have to cut the fun short, but the joke’s wearing thin. ❜
❛ Let the audience in. ❜
❛ God, give me courage to show you you are not alone! ❜
❛ Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? ❜
❛ I heard as I’d never heard before. ❜
❛ What you heard was a dream and nothing more. ❜
❛ Those pleading eyes, that both threaten and adore… ❜
❛ That voice which calls to me and speaks my name. ❜  
❛ And do I dream again? ❜
❛ You have come here, in pursuit of your deepest urge. ❜
❛ I have brought you, that our passions may fuse and merge. ❜
❛ In your mind you’ve already sucummed to me. ❜  
❛ Now you are here with me. No second thoughts. ❜
❛ Past the point of no return. ❜
❛ What raging fire shall flood the soul? ❜
❛ What rich desires unlock its door? ❜  
❛ What sweet seductions lie before us? ❜
❛ Those who have seen your face draw back in fear. ❜
❛ Did you think that I had left you for good? ❜
❛ Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair! ❜
❛ You’ve past the point of no return. ❜
❛ You try my patience make your choice. ❜
❛ I gave you my mind blindly. ❜
❛ Wandering child, so lost, so helpless, yearning for my guidance. ❜
❛ Have you forgotten your Angel? ❜
❛ Wildly my mind beats against you… ❜
❛ Think of me, think of me waking, silent and resigne. ❜
❛ Imagine me, trying too hard to put you from my mind. ❜
❛ Can I ever forget that sight? ❜
❛ Can I ever escape from that face? ❜
❛ Past the point of no return - no going back now. ❜
❛ When will the flames, at last, consume us? ❜
❛ When will the blood begin to race? ❜
❛ I remember… there was mist. ❜
❛ Who was that shape in the shadows? ❜
❛ Whose is that face in the mask? ❜
❛ Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon! ❜
❛ Is this what you wanted to see? Curse you! ❜
❛ Now you cannot ever be free! ❜
❛ Come. We must return. ❜
❛ Those two fools who run my theater will be missing you. ❜
❛ No kind word from anyone! No compassion anywhere! ❜
❛ Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. ❜
❛ Lead me, save me from my solitude. ❜
❛ Say you’ll want me with you here beside you. ❜
❛ Anywhere you go, let me go too. ❜
❛ Can you even dare to look or bear to think of me? ❜
❛ Have you no pity? ❜
❛ Your lover makes a passionate plea. ❜
❛ Let your mind start a journey to a strange new world! ❜
❛ Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before! ❜
❛ Only then can you belong to me… ❜  
❛ You alone can make my song take flight. ❜
❛ It’s over now, the music of the night. ❜
❛ Twisted every way, what answer can I give? ❜
❛ Say you love him/her, and my life is over! ❜
❛ Now, let it be war upon you both! ❜
❛ See you later, because I’m going now. ❜
❛ This haunted face holds no horror for me now. ❜
❛ It’s in your soul that the true distortion lies. ❜
❛ For the past three years, these things do happen! ❜
❛ And did you stop them from happening? No! ❜
❛ Why have you brought me here? ❜
❛ We can’t go back there. ❜
❛ I can’t escape from him/her/them… ❜
❛ Raise up your hand to the level of your eyes! ❜
❛ Refuse me, and you send your lover to his death! ❜
❛ Go now, don’t let them find you. ❜
❛ I fought so hard to free you! ❜  
❛ Say you love me. ❜
❛ Your chains are still mine! You belong to me! ❜
❛ Wait! I think my dear, we have a guest. ❜
❛ I had rather hoped that you would come. ❜
❛ Free him/her! Do what you like only free him/her! ❜
❛ Does that mean nothing I love him/her! Show some compassion! ❜
❛ The world showed no compassion to me! ❜
❛ Did you think that I would harm him/her? ❜
❛ Too late for prayers and useless pity! ❜
❛ You little demon - is this what you wanted to see? ❜
❛ Farewell, my fallen idol and false friend. ❜
❛ Look around, there’s another mask behind you! ❜
❛ Please promise me that sometimes, you will think… of me! ❜
❛ Where in the world have you been hiding? ❜
❛ I only wish I knew your secret. ❜
❛ Who is your great tutor? ❜
❛ Why you spray on my chin all the time, huh? ❜
❛ The final threshold! ❜
❛ They say that this youth has set my lady’s heart aflame! ❜
❛ Go away, for the trap is set and waits for its prey! ❜
❛ There is no phantom of the opera. ❜
❛ Look, your future bride! Just think of it! ❜
❛ Please don’t, they’ll see. ❜
❛ But why is it secret? What have we to hide? ❜
❛ It’s an engagement, not a crime! ❜

(A/N): I’ve been listening to Postmodern Jukebox and I was inspired by their songs. I wrote it this morning and now, after I stopped thinking about some bad things, I was able to post this story. Enjoy! :)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader

Summary: Tony made (Y/N) sing at his vintage party even when she hates his parties. 

Warning: fluff

Words: 4200+


Originally posted by natpekis


               “(Y/N)?” Tony appeared next to the woman who was sitting on a chair in the kitchen, reading her favorite book – Anna Karenina. She was alone only for five minutes when someone-Tony-had to come to the kitchen and ruin the moment she had with the book. For the last four hours, somebody wanted something from her. She didn’t look at him, trying to ignore the man. “I know I’m annoying but I want to talk about the party I’m organizing this Friday evening,” he put an angelic smile on his face. “I know you love my parties and I know you are going to love the idea that popped into my head and that is why I know you will definitely come to the party.”

               She took a deep breath and lowered the book, giving him a look of pure annoyance. “Fine, talk, you have two minutes, not more,” she quickly checked the time on her wrist. The truth was, she hated Tony’s parties. They were loud with music that wasn’t her cup of tea; there were always a lot of people that made her uncomfortable. Wearing a slutty dress wasn’t something she appreciated and she definitely didn’t want men’s attention. Her only wish was to have one man’s attention but clearly, that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

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Sorry to bother you but I'm really worried. My mom was helping me unpack from college and she found my tarot cards. She got upset and she won't tell me what she did with them. Do you have any advice?

idk man that’s rough. give her some time, maybe find out why they made her upset?

I knew this guy my whole life

May 22, 2017

Honorable Donald J. Trump
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Sir:

A tragic event unfolded last week in the Town of Russellville, Alabama. An army veteran, an Afghanistan deployee, shot and killed his beautiful wife in front of her family and then after a brief slow speed chase turned the gun on himself. I attended his funeral yesterday.

Josh Stiles was a boy scout, a good student, a well-loved individual. In his last days, after battling PTSD, anxiety and depression on his own, he reached out for help. He contacted a mental health facility in Russellville, an inpatient center in Decatur and the VA. Russellville said he had to have an appointment, Decatur had no bed and the VA said “we’ll mail you some paperwork”. This is not good enough.

Our veterans give us all they have and we must not fail them. Two lives are lost because the VA did not say “come on in, we’ll help you”. Josh had his discharge papers in the truck with him when he died. Those papers alone should have been enough to get him admitted to a VA facility, or a local hospital to get the help he needed.

The epidemic of veteran suicides is a disgrace to this country. Those who keep us free cannot be left to cope alone. Mandatory counseling for an extended time for all those who have been deployed to a combat zone would accomplish two things - the veterans would get the help they need and because everyone would get treatment there would be no stigma attached. A mental health worker I know tells me that many do not seek treatment because they don’t want the diagnoses on their record. Mandatory treatment for those who stay in the military and for those discharged is necessary to prevent more of these tragedies.

It does no good to equip our military for battle and then fail to equip them for life after the battle is over. Our country is rich, please don’t tell me we can’t afford to care for those who make protecting us their top priority. I am depending on you to change this.


although tbh? each is very good on its own, and consumed altogether. esp bc theyre all concept albums! these are just the songs i never skip when they come up on shuffle.

danger days:

  • na na na
  • planetary (GO!)
  • party poison
  • save yourself, i’ll hold them back
  • vampire money 
  • zero percent (bonus track)
  • black dragon fighting society (bonus track) (this one is All Screams)

black parade:

  • the end
  • dead!
  • welcome to the black parade
  • cancer
  • mama
  • teenagers
  • blood
  • kill all your friends (bonus track)

three cheers:

  • helena
  • give em hell, kid
  • you know what they do to guys like us in prison
  • i’m not okay
  • thank you for the venom 
  • i never told you what i did for a living
Gotham 3x19 (long post)

Selina and Clone!Bruce’s fight was pretty badass.

And even as Alfred stops Selina, he very quickly realizes that something is wrong and that the real Bruce isn’t here.

Seeing Alfred kick not only Clone!Bruce’s ass, but also stab Kathryn’s hand, and yet again, be part of the Three Musketeers with Harvey and Jim, was so fucking hardcore (especially the hand stab, I did NOT expect that holy shit)

oh Selina, I know you care. You wouldn’t defend Bruce to his clone if you didn’t care what happens to him. I know you think he’s dead, and I know you are starting to think you should give up on trusting anyone if you just keep getting hurt, but don’t let his mistake damage your bond with him. Alfred was right; Bruce has been a loyal friend to you. You two care about each other. Please help them.

obviously, I know Alfred’s number one priority is finding Bruce, but what he said about Selina being just like her mom was kinda uncalled for. He doesn’t understand Selina; I dont’ know if he ever did or will.

oh Barnes being an overdramatic lil shit; I’m kinda over it. At least he killed Kathryn.

Jim, you should’ve sliced off his head, but a hand will do.

Lee, it’s not  your fault that Mario got infected; none of this is your fault. I suppose she could be blaming herself for having a rebound…but even though it was, I’ll say it again: she had Jim break up with her, she miscarried their child, she was trying to move on, she found Mario, tried to forget the pain, but it just followed her no matter what. And it culminated in bitterness and blame. I thought for a moment that her blaming herself would mean less blame for Jim, but nope.

also, now she’s infected herself with the virus. I think she just believes there’s no justice, and no good people, including herself. (Maybe I’m reaching but that’s how i see it)

no, Bruce. You can’t erase pain. you deal with it, you try to heal. You honor your parents memories while learning to be your own person. A person who will defend Gotham, not see it fall.

the best parts of the episode were Ed and Oswald teaming up. For a moment, it was like the murdery duo we all know and love, like old times. Both are overdramatic children who want revenge on each other, but for tonight, they were allies. Also, don’t underestimate Oswald, Ed. You don’t know everything he’s overcome.

it’s kinda bittersweet, seeing them briefly working together against a common foe…only to part ways knowing they will seek revenge soon.


Thank you all so much!! I know I say that every time I post these screenshots, but I truly do mean it!! Your comments give me life!! I love going back and rereading them throughout the week! I’ll let you guys in on a little secret…I actually rewrote that ending Sunday morning. I initially didn’t have him trying to protect her, but once I reread it, my original ending just didn’t flow! I’m glad I did because it seems you guys loved that part so much!! 😊💞💞💞💞💞

In the Heart of the Storm

hey guys its fonn, im sorry to say that this will be my last message from me in this blog.

Hey guys its been long! Its been a great two years since ive joined the fandom and I’m sadly to say this but:  

I’m going to leave the Undertail fandom. And I mean yes, the UnderTAIL fandom only. the spark of the fontcest ship doesn’t seem to give into me anymore no matter how much attention i give to it. To anyone who knows my main blog (from ‘fonyxion’ to ‘j-dith’ now) I’ll still be sticking in the UNDERTALE fandom but I won’t be much active as I was anymore.

To anyone who still wants to follow me even wherever fandom I’ll go you guys can still follow me on my main blog right above in this paragraph! ^^^

It’s been great guys since it lasted though and I guess I did leave you guys hanging with some of my 2 fontcest aus left unfinished and missing infos about them, but I guess I really have less motivation when thinking up things to draw here. 

And guess what, I’m stuck in pretty much too many fandoms by now more like 3-5 of them if you guys are wondering. And to all of the friends that I’ve made I’d still be following you and support you guys no matter what! I hope we can still be friends even though I lost interest in the undertale fandom anymore. (And my last comeback for the fandom is in my bucketlist in my mainblog if you wanna see).

And to anyone who loves my Taller!Sans AU and Hybridtail/tale AU and you wanted to keep it going on, you guys can still make fanarts and fanfic about it! I would really appreciate it if you guys still make stuff for the au but remember i won’t be doing those stuff anythe more. 

[If anyone by means who wants to takeover AU as for themselves and keep going on with it please pm me and I’ll give you permission to it. And if you want some information from the AUs that you want to use as reference, then you can ask me and I’ll probably only give the info that I’ve only made so far. First one who ask gets it guys]

So I guess this is it guys, depressing news isn’t it? Its official, Fonn is now leaving the undertail fandom. In about after three days im about to delete this blog and I do hope some of my contents here are still being reblogged around of tumblr so you guys can remember and see it!

See you guys. Love you. -F

Quick question...

I’ve seen a lot of peoples saying that Mon-El is already confirmed for season 3, but where did you found this info? Is this official? I have asked around but no one can give me a link. I’m curious because i wanna know who will come back.

Also the press release is not relatable given the fact that it mention Superman and Cat and none of them are regular.

if sana’s group of ,,,friends,,, literally did NOT pick up how upset and not well she was for a whole ten days… who are they to claim themselves a friend tbh

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Kazue Souma Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough for this precious cutie voiced by Kaji Yuki ♡ 

Took me like four tries to get on his route because despite getting full bloom the game kept on putting me on common route in chapter 5 T_T After many trials I realized it was because I did not pick help with Itou >.> 

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Cordelia short drabble

Omg I went CHEESY on this and I hate myself for it.

It’s a closet lesbian Cordelia AU drabble but I read over it and it drove me nuts with the fluffy shit.

Whyyyyyy did I mess up? I’ll probably fix it later since I was mostly goofing off.

If you have the password, you can read it. Or I’ll give the password to mutuals that like this post (as long as I trust them) since this is a private blog.

Kinda ripping my hair out at the cheese. Wtf. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

There’s no smut. It’s just some angst thoughts and misunderstandings.

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Wait why did you buy so many bananas 😱 There's like 30 of them! What are you going to make??

I bought them because I knew they were there!
My friend works in Morrisons and he messaged me saying that if I didn’t want them they were ALL going to waste!
There are a lot more than 30 there, 60 at least, and they cost me £4.15 all together!
I’m gonna see how many I can eat and give away and freeze before they expire because I don’t want them going to waste 😊

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Archer & Growl

“When I tell you to get in the shuttlepod, you do it.” The Captain stated, not even bothering to look at you as he paced his ready room. “That was a direct order, and you chose to disobey it.”

Despite Archer’s harsh, angry tone, you weren’t scared. Frustrated was a better word for it. “I was trying to-”

“It doesn’t matter what you were trying to do.” Suddenly, Archer was in your face, his eyes angrier than you’ve ever seen them. Maybe it was because the anger was pointed towards you, this time. “I give an order, and you follow it. Did you even think about what would’ve happen if you were killed?”

His voice slipped into something lower. More of a growl than a scolding tone. Under different circumstances, you would’ve pushed him up against the wall. But you bit your tongue to keep from saying something stupid. “I’m sorry, Jon.”

His eyes only slightly lightened up at your words, but not enough to accept your apology. “You’re confined to quarters until further notice.” Jonathan reluctantly added. “We’ll have to reschedule our dinner.”

Drabbles are closed


if that’s not a confession of love idk what is


guardians of the galaxy + favorite familial relationship

“Yeah, Quill turned out okay. Probably good we didn’t deliver him to his dad like we was hired to.”
“That guy was a jackass.”

My Jensen-Misha photo from jibcon8 this morning. I posted this already from the @fandomnatural account I was livetweeting from but thought I would stick it here too. As soon as I can scan a high res version I will do that too.

Background: All I said was, mostly speaking to Jensen, “Given the events of the finale, could you [JA] just give this guy [MC] a hug?” I added to clarify “Like you just got your best friend back.” I didn’t say anything about expressions or how to stand. I actually had been picturing more just a big ol’ happy smooshy hug w both of them smiling, but what they actually did blew me away. What was interesting was seeing them both silently settle on the pose & expression in almost slow motion, like they were both thinking about it. Jensen kept adjusting his face & head angle. That tragic sad frown appeared kinda like he clicked it on, and he then literally adjusted it twice, like “This frown? This one? No, this one,” and his head also started dropping down, and meanwhile Misha was like slowly tilting his head against Jensen’s (which I also had not asked for) and arranging his face into that incredibly touching mournful/resigned look. Misha kept looking at the camera but in Jensen’s final adjustment he dropped his eyes. (Good lord these guys are pros.)

So every nuance of expression & pose is from Jensen & Misha. I think this is Jensen’s real take on how Dean would look if he got to grab onto Cas again. (and I ended up with this weird certainty in my gut that Jensen had just given me a preview of S13)

The first time Damian gets kidnapped as Bruce Wayne's son

Thugs over video feed: “Okay man, just remember you have 24 hours to deliver the money or else the kid dies 

Bruce: "All right, but first I just want to talk to him please I need to know my little baby is okay *wipes away very convincing Fake Tear™* 

*camera pans to Damian, who’s tied to a chair but seems totally chill with the situation and even gives an evil grin when he sees Bruce* 

Bruce (yelling dramatically): "OH NO MY DARLING CHILD ARE YOU OKAY??”

Bruce (furiously whispering): “Don’t you dare hurt them do you hear me young man" 


"If you try to fight back at all I swear to god you’re grounded for a month when you get back" 


"Please don’t kill them" 

Fallon is not apolitical at all. He had Chris Christie on during the unfolding of the Bridgegate scandal, let Christie say whatever he wanted, and didn’t question him about it at all. They even did a stupid dance together.

And then he had the infamous ruffling of Trump’s hair, which I hope clings to him for the rest of his life.

In both of these instances, Fallon had powerful political figures on his show, and he gave them unfiltered access to his audience, letting them deliver whatever message or impression they wanted. 

By giving these two men (and others) this platform and opportunity, on the public airwaves, Fallon took an explicitly political position, and that position was “whatever these guys want you to believe is true, because look at how much fun we’re having! Let’s lip sync now!”

He may never overtly express a political opinion, but Jimmy Fallon is anything but apolitical.