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constructed emotional responses
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>my mom:</b> *tells me about the death of a family member who I am not close too*<p/><b>me internally:</b> ok gotta choose a good emotional response that I can mimic. Tears?? No, I can't fake cry. I can show surprise, because yeah I'm pretty surprised. Hmm, ask multiple questions. How? Where? Nice nice. Empathy? Nope, don't have the energy to do that. Sympathy? yeah I can do that, they meant a lot to my mom and I love my mom. In conclusion, shock and sympathy. Use that to cover the fact that you don't have any emotional response to her passing.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
me and my dealer

me: did ya get the good stuff???

dealer: yea i got the good stuff!!!

dealer: this what ya lookin fer?!


me: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NYCC Q&A speed round → [requested by:anon]

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

Do you ever just look into someone’s eyes…

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

Okay, but can we please speak about what happened when Peter first got caught on a „job“ (thieving) and taken into custody.

By that time, he is very likely still a boy, and since he had not been part of the Ravagers’ bigger jobs, he is fairly unknown to whatever kind of police caught him. They just hold him in custody because they can’t find out where he comes from, and he stole something rather expensive, and he also bit an officer. They don’t take him very seriously, but they also can’t just let him go, so they put him into a cell, bring him something to drink, and tell him to stay put.

And Peter is just like, this sassy little brat and comments, “Uh, you really should let me out, I’m gonna be late, and they don’t like it when I’m late.”

“Who? Are you in trouble, kid? Did you get kidnapped?”

“Nah, so, they kind of call it “picking me up”, but eh, not that important. Can you let me out please? They don’t like it when I run late.”

“Boy, if you don’t tell us where you are from and who you are talking about, then we really can’t let you out. You stole something. Do you even realize the amount of trouble you are in?”

And Peter smiles, actually smiles at the officer, and says, “No, but I know the amount of trouble you’re going to be in.”

And then it starts – there are shots being fired in front of the door, rough laughter and yells resounding, and over everything else, the sound of whistling?! And the officer reacts fast, he really does, but in the time he takes to dive for his weapon (because why should he keep his weapon on him when he’s only dealing with a child), the door already flies out of its hinges, and a bunch of Ravagers makes their way into the room, weapons raised and with very, very unhappy expressions.

A blazing red arrow cuts through the air, stopping with its quivering tip only inches from the frozen officer’s throat, and a rough voice bellows “QUILL!”

“I’m here!” Peter yells back.

“We found the kid, Capt’n!” someone calls helpfully in the same moment.

“Tullk, I just said I’m here, dude.”

Yondu stomps into the room, coat singed from blaster shots aimed at him, expression murderous until he spots the little Terran in the cell. “Darn it, Quill, what did I tell ya ‘bout getting caught?!”

“I don’t know – not to do it?!“

"Excactly. And yet I see ya over there, nice and caught.”

I almost got away, Yondu, come on!”

“Almost ain’t good enough, ya brat. Ya go back to ya duties on ship until I say ya can try again!”

“What?! No, that’s unfair! I’m never going to get better if you just…”

“Ya try and argue with me, I leave ya ‘ere.”

“…Okayyyy, back to ship duties.”

The shivering officer just watches, frozen and disbelieving, as the arrow zips away from his throat – he apparently has been forgotten in his corner – and vanishes in its master’s holster again. In the meantime, a scrawny Xandarian with a Mohawk opens the door for Peter, letting the kid out (“Kraglin, come on, tell Yondu I get to try again, yeah?” – “Naw, don’chu drag me into that, Pete”) and a Krylorian picks the boy up and carries him on his shoulders. The leader of the whole group is still bickering with the child (“Ya were late, Quill” – “I was caught, Yondu! You can’t blame me!”) as they make their way out of the busted door and down the hallway.

The last thing the lucky man hears, waving down the hallway, is -

“But Capt’n, a’ least we got our Terran back.”


“We probably shoulda get ‘im a coat, so they ain’t gonna mess with ‘im again, aye, Capt’n?”


“I get a coat?! AWESOME!”

“Quill, shut it.”

“Sorry. But I still get a coat, yeah?”

“Oh by the stars, kid, ya givin’ me a headache again.”

It becomes a very important rule all over the galaxy to be careful when dealing with a certain Terran child, because it is a known fact that there will be a whole Ravager troop not too far away, ready to bail the child out again.

(Thanks to @forgedobsidian for being such a source of inspiration, the ideas keep coming when talking to you. =D)

pen pals, part II [peter parker x reader]

part I / part 2 / part 3

a/n: this is so bad i’m sorry lmao thank u

summary: the school of reader makes a project about having a pen pal from a different country. reader gets assigned with peter and the two start writing with each other. they get pretty close, but just keep reaaading :))

words: 1368

tw: death mention, shameless roasting of an actor, who keeps playing the spider-man card lol

tags: @parkerplease (if u would also like to be tagged, just leave me a message!! xx)

The following day, Peter rushed into school, looking for Ned, who was just putting his stuff in his locker.

“Ned!”, Peter exclaimed, running up to him.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“She called me cute”, he whispered, a trace of nervousness within it.

“Who called you cute? Liz?”

“No! Y/N, my pen pal! From the project.”

“Oh, well…dude, that’s some great news”, Ned said with a smile, while Peter, never being this called by a girl before, was on the brink of a breakdown.

The two boys started walking to their classroom, when Ned noticed how tired and drained Peter looked. His face was drawn by dark bags under his eyes.

“You look bad. Did you even sleep that night?”

“No, not really”, Peter sighed, “I was thinking about how she thinks I’m cute, all the time. Ned, what should I do now?”

“I’d say go for it. Sorta.”

“How do you sorta go for it?”

Ned shrugged his shoulders. “Just keep going and see what happens. Like, don’t mess it up now. Maybe you could tell her you’re Spiderman!”

Peter shushed Ned, as he was nearly screaming the latter part.

“No”, Peter whispered harshly, “I don’t wanna play that card. I mean, it could be helpful, but I’m not that kind of guy! I can’t just casually walk up to someone and be like “Hey, I’m a superhero”. What idiot would even do that?”

Ned chuckled. “Well, I would do it.”

“Yes, you’re the worst at keeping secrets. I also think that she doesn’t even know the Avengers. I mean, she’s from Europe and has probably never heard of them.”

9 May, 17:43

Dear Y/N,

I thought a lot about how I should respond to your mail.

Peter laid back, on the verge of deleting the start of his email for the fifth time now. “No, no, no”, he muttered to himself and continued writing.

It’s nice to hear that you think I’m cute. By the way, have you ever heard of Spider-Man? He’s a friend of mine. A good friend. He’s basically an Avenger, that’s a very big thing here.

“No! Why would…someone even do that?”, he cursed at himself, deleting this part quickly. Peter sighed loudly, staring at the bright screen. He used to be happy about his life, the direction it went. But now, he had this feeling, that he was boring, too uninteresting to keep someone aboard. When he didn’t like the way he was, why should somebody else do?

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