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“I always love working with Ryan.”

“I’d like robron to be back on ‘cos I like kissing Ryan.”

“I’d love to work with Ryan for many years to come!”

“Ryan is just great to watch on screen isn’t he?! So good!”

“I try to find different words for Ryan ‘cos of the amount I’ve said about him in the past because he’s just great to work with.”

[Talking about robron success] “I think its down to Ryan coming in and so strongly playing this character, which was already a recognized role. Its more of a credit to him than me.”

“Ryan is a very, very talented actor- particularly in the emotional stuff.”

“Ryan was the only one who was amazing enough to steal your eye at the audition stage. I knew he was the one.”

“I could never imagine anyone else playing Robert. Ryan has done a great job and I’ve enjoyed watching us develop.”

“Ryan’s a good kisser, I quite like it!”

“As corny as it sounds, the relationship between us has come on- not just with Robert and Aaron.”

“Ryan’s given his own edge to Robert, which I am so proud of him for, as a colleague and a mate.”

“It’s a testament to Ryan. I’m very proud to work with him. He’s been amazing and he’s a good lad.”

“Credit where credit’s due, Ryan Hawley’s come in and he’s been absolutely amazing. He’s kept his feet on the ground and his head above sea level.”

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{Long live Danny Miller… The #1 top fan girl of Ryan Hawley}


This broke my heart and i am crying once again. Aidan is toooooo precious for this world.

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“I was always one of those kids that just liked music in general, and I always wanted to pick up the nearest instrument.”

Happy Birthday Niall James Horan 13.9.1993 ~ 13.9.2014

Watching ssw just reminds me how much I miss the Robert/Rebecca friendship, they really complemented each other very well, having a lot of the same materialistic desires on common, both having flirty and charming natures, both scheming and devious, both having a difficult but ultimately loving relationship with their family, both being very hedonistic, and Rebecca realising that while this was true, Robert was now also a lot more down to earth than he used to be, more caring, committed to those he loved, this leading to her accepting she needed to back off, that she could put her feelings to one side because he loved Aaron and friendship was all Robert was offering, and they worked, they really worked as friends, they were there for each other and it was what they both needed… and it’s just such a shame all that got thrown away for cheap ooc nonsense and two ruined character developments


Oh noooooooo this is the sweetest thing?! Thank you so so much @it-williambush (it won’t let me tag you!) This was such a lovely surprise! The hats are all so beautiful and the cats love the treats! And thank you so much for the little treats for me and Alex too!!!! Thank you!!! I did get a bit emotional about this haha!


chensoo (chen-d)’s couple talk from second box

credits to kyungsoo_lover ! 

Its been 47 days since you left, I’m not counting anymore. Sure, my heart still pounds that tiny bit faster when I see you, my eyes linger on your face longer than they should, and thats okay.
You broke down a thousand walls when you walked out, ripped my heart into jigsaw pieces and set my lungs on fire, I don’t know what you expect but I have always been so much more than what you saw in me.

I saw the world in you, but you will never be anything more, than an inkblot on my page, a story only worth reminding myself about when someone better comes along.
You were merely a spec of dust in my galaxy, 222 pages of my life, and thats okay.
I am an entire book, A thousand thunderstorms rolled into one, I am a natural disaster, built to take on more than whiny boys, whose eyes resemble oceans, and freckles resemble constellations.
You, are just a pretty face.

You provided a service, filled with shitty half assed excuses on why I wasn’t worthy of your time.
Maybe you should have worn a watch, taken notice of what you had, realised your time wasn’t so special after all.

I wasted the last 42 days of my life on a cliche, the idea that I needed you around, when I have never needed anyone who does not need me.
I have never needed anyone who doesn’t care enough to stick around after the fallout.
I have never needed you.
You were something I wanted, something I thought I was lucky enough to get, but god, I could never, have been so wrong about someone.
The hopeless romantic side of my brain kicked in, and you became this character, someone I fell in love with, but all you were was a disappointment, a shitty one liner, a half written symphony.

I spent the last 5 days realising you are everything wrong with a breakup, heck, you were wrong with our relationship too. You are promising to be “friends” and a “soon” that never comes. You’re an “I’ll miss you” but not enough to do anything about it, you’re a promise to “be there” despite the fact you don’t know where there ever was.
You’re a pretty face, a character I can easily erase.
I have spent 42 days wishing you would come back, and maybe all of that time I knew you never would, but in the past 5, hell, maybe even in the past 47, I have learnt more about you, then I ever did, in the 222 days I spent with you.
And I sure as hell, do not like the person that you have become.
If that person is you at all.

—  269 days ago, if they told me it was going to end up like this, I sure as hell would not have invested myself in a storybook character.

Favorites of Theatre - Stark Sands

A 10 min ode to how much Nanase Haruka treasures Matsuoka Rin: the Drama

That might as well be its title, seriously.

please forgive me guys it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to ramble about these two idiots and the drama cd nearly killed me so

Everything about that track spells just how much Haru enjoys Rin’s presence and how special their bond is to him. He literally treasures every little thing Rin does or says. This guy soaks up every little detail about Rin as if he were a sponge (even ridiculous things like his hand writing for crying out loud).

Everything, from the most meaningful stuff (Haru outright forgetting to take a bath, his smile as he watches Rin sleep, his wariness when asking if he would be leaving early in the morning and then saying he will join him, etc) to the more circumstantial details (letting Rin borrow any shirt - including one that’s obviously special to him-, saying he can borrow the book - a book Haru obviously didn’t even want anyone touching -  if he really wants to, so on so forth) does nothing but highlight it. 

Rin complains, teases him, flusters him and Haru meets Rin halfway every time. He teases back and initiates the teasing himself at times (that teasing tone he has when he asks Rin if he can sleep without his pillow will be the death of me I swear). Rin doesn’t listen and Haru lets him get away with it and plays along. And through it all: Haru is happy.

SO happy. 

I love how we can hear it in the way he addresses Rin, but even more than that in - you guessed it - the little smile he gives as he sits on his bed and watches Rin sleep. What has most likely been a hectic day has come to an end, and Haru is left with a small moment of quiet. And what he does rather than trying to rest or even sigh tiredly is watch Rin, who is soundly asleep, and smile. Because it’s rewarding.

It’s rewarding to have Rin there. It’s rewarding to spend time with him. Their little arguments, eating together, everything was rewarding to Haru.

It’s no wonder Haru wants to lengthen their time together by joining him in his morning run I mean jesus

does anyone else have a secret headcanon that han and leia were terrible, awful parents who ‘tried’ certainly but didn’t do anything great for their child

han who couldn’t figure out commitment and was trapped in this cycle of running away and coming back when he missed his family too much, and young ben feeling like he’s not good or important enough to keep his father around him

leia who was so busy with the resistance she hardly had any time to spend with her son (who couldn’t be brought with her into dangerous missions and had a constant target on his back and must be kept mostly isolated for his own safety).

ben growing up feeling lonely and abandoned by the people who were supposed to love and care for him. who literally handed him off to his uncle as soon as he was old enough because, let’s face it, they don’t want him, he is a liability and a burden to them both. young ben with so much rage and hurt inside because if he was better somehow he wouldn’t be left alone like this.

and what does the light side of the force encourage? Calm, control, do not feel things too deeply, ignore your own pain and misery as they are not significant and without purpose. accept it, understand it, the reality of who you are, unwanted. your feelings alone are and can not be valid. Also, lets face it, just how good would Luke be at looking after a large number of children?

and then Snoke comes along, telling him it’s okay to feel angry at his parents, at the world, that this is a good thing. It’s okay to hurt and be mad because that is something you can turn into thrilling, terrific power. Look at your grandfather, look at what he achieved. Is there really any point to the Resistance? To the light? It’s taken away the mother you should have had, it’s decades of dedication without achievement, with nothing. What has the light side ever accomplished for anyone?

But the dark side, oh the dark side. Look at how the First Order thrives. Look at their achievements and their accomplishments. Look at the legacy Darth Vader left, just waiting to be continued. Look at who you can become.

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Is it just me or in the new episode, when Emily said wheels up, I cried like a baby? Did anyone else get emotional?

i cried too ((: there wasn’t even anything that sad but it’s just my family is so fucking happy and wow

"Fuck. I just said that out loud." | ashton irwin fluff

A/N: these are the type of things that go through my head at 11:54 at night. enjoy. :-)

[ “Fuck. I just said that out loud. ]

You and Ashton have known each other your entire lives. In fact, you guys dated for about a year. Then 5sos took off touring around the world, and he broke it off with you. You ended on good terms however, and remained best friends.

You were extremely surprised when he asked you to join him for the summer portion of the sounds live feels live tour. You were shocked; but couldn’t object. It was a once in a life time opportunity, and you were more than ready to spend two months traveling the United States with your best friend and all his best friends. You were going to have the best time of your life.

The only thing was, it was also going to be the most painful time of your life.

You never got over Ashton. To this day, you knew deep down that you still loved him, and seeing him sweaty, shirtless, and banging his drums like there’s no tomorrow didn’t exactly help to dumb down your feelings.

But now you knew you didn’t have a chance with him. He was an internationally known rockstar, and you were just his unknown, untalented, ex girlfriend/best friend. That’s what was so painful about the whole experience.

Tonight was the third to last show you would be with them before you went back home. You were currently backstage with all of 5sos, jamming out to some Mayday Parade to get them pumped up. They go onstage in about an hour, and they wanted to be ready.

After listening to half of ‘Monsters in the Closet’, they all began to walk off to their dressing rooms to get ready.

”(y/n)? Wanna come with me?“ Ashton asked. You heart fluttered as he smiled at you.

“Yeah!” You replied awkwardly. You were usually okay around Ashton, but for some reason tonight you felt so nervous around him; like you knew something was going to happen as soon as he asked you to come to his dressing room.

“How are you doing?” He asked you as he began to shuffle through piles of clothes.

“I’m really good. It’s crazy to think that I’m here though. I will never be able to thank you enough for taking me with you.”

There was a pause when Ashton stopped to put on a shirt. You felt yourself staring at him, but quickly looked away after he made eye contact with you.

“Do you…do you remember when we dated a couple years ago?” He asked out of nowhere. He walked closer to you.

“Of course I remember. We had some of the best times.” You laughed. “Like that time we tried to sneak out of your house at midnight through your sister’s window but she caught us and told your mom.” He laughed now too.

“Then there was also that time on our 6 month anniversary when I made you that dinner, but the pan was too hot when I grabbed it and dropped the whole thing on the floor.” You both laughed even harder. “We had a lot of good times together.”

You sighed. “And how could I forget our first kiss?” You said slowly, barely even aware that the sentences coming out of your mouth were out loud. “I still remember the feeling of your lips on mine.” Your eyes went wide. “Fuck. I just said that out loud.”

“Yeah.” Ashton laughed. He lifted your chin with one finger. “I remember that feeling too.” He said before crashing his lips to yours.

So many memories flooded back of all the kisses you shared in the past. This one topped them all. When you pulled away, you stared into his eyes.

“I missed that so much.” You said, feeling yourself getting emotional.

“I did too.” He moved a piece of hair behind your ear. “What do you say we have more good times together?” You smiled.

“I would love that.” Yoy replied wrapping your arms around his waist and kissing him again.

  • Emma: I want to help
  • Regina: you can't, you just lost your man, you're too emotional
  • Emma:
  • [one day later]
  • Regina: I want to help
  • Emma: you just lost your man, maybe it's better if you don't, you're too emotional
  • Regina: HOW DARE YOU

we’ll be waiting, holger, so come back soon to us…


Look what was waiting for me when I got home today ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe how lovely @fantakoi​‘s Closer is! I just spent the better part of the past two hours trying to work through my feelings about this after reading it twice. From a technical standpoint it’s well paced and developed. The illustrations are all wonderful, the layout and everything from the characters to the scenery having clearly been given ample attention during the creation process.

I also really appreciate the attention to detail… things like the prints on Hinata’s shirts (all really cute by the way) and the blush you could see on his neck when his back is towards the reader that once~ The inside of the front and back covers were a nice addition as well, I wasn’t expecting that and was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed into and sent off from the book with a range of expressions on those tiny Kageyama’s and Hinata’s ^^

What really made this for me though was the fuurin (randomly gets personal here). I bought a fuurin while I was in Arashiyama the first time I went to Japan, I don’t have a porch or anything so I knew I wouldn’t be able to hang it outside even during good weather, so I have it hanging in my house and tap it every time I pass - no wind obviously. I don’t know if everyone has heard one before, but fuurin make a very clear, wistful sound – not piercing like the sound of a shakuhachi or trembling like a kokyuu – but crisp like mountain air. And to me personally it evokes something akin to longing. As I was reading Closer, in those still moments I could practically hear that fuurin, the pure resonating “ting.”

In the note at the end the word fantakoi used was pining, and whether she’d meant to or not, between the fuurin and the elegant introspection on Kageyama’s part, I really felt that yearning as if it were my own. And there’s nothing better than becoming so invested in a work that you feel it in your bones. So thank you. Thank you so much for all your efforts in putting together this book, it truly is an achievement to be proud of and I’m honored to have it on my shelf.

If anyone has the opportunity to pick up this book, I highly suggest that you do.