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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???

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Who was everyone's first celeb crush? I'm curious!

If I told you guys mine, you’d kill me.

dear budding freelance writers

first off: i’m not a lawyer. this is all accurate to my knowledge but i’m not formally educated or trained in most of this, i just work around it and pick some stuff up

look i’m currently suffocating under crushing debt so i was like ‘hey i’ll see if there are any magazines taking submissions’ cause i may or may not get chosen but at least its something i’d be doing anyway and timelines and genre restrictions never hurt a girl

i ended up on this page (upwork) looking for “ghostwriters” and it’s laughable to downright insulting.

such as: “Hello, I produce [REDACTED]. So if you are looking for a recurring job as a freelance writer you came to the right place! Here is what I need: Someone who can be a good researcher. Don’t plagiarize. All books are run through plagscan and copyscape. They need to be 100 percent original. Timeliness - The faster you produce these (with quality) the more jobs you will get. This job will be recurring if you do a good job. I will pay a maximum of $10 per 1000 words. Lastly, by accepting this job, I will own all the rights to the book. This includes characters, places etc. I own all the rights. Thank you!”

there were SO MANY OF THESE. look. i work in intellectual property for my day job. so here’s the thing: if you, a creative, does a “work for hire” agreement, like the one above, that means anything you produce under this agreement does not belong to you. you have effectively “sold” your intellectual property aka the story and all is defining characteristics - people, places, plot.

WORK FOR HIRE AGREEMENTS ARE NOT BAD! i see a lot of pushback against them on tumblr which is baffling to me because in the real world they’re how many creatives make money - by selling their creativity. with tv shows, for example, their characters and plots and what not do not belong to the creator of the show. they belong to the network of the show because they paid for them. writers of episodes don’t own the creative content of those episodes - the network does. because the writers are “work for hire” aka they’re getting paid specifically for their creative content.

work for hire agreements are usually the most advantageous when the payer is hiring the creator for the execution of a project rather than the creation of it. for example: hiring a writer to create a story out of a detailed outline, or an artist to draw something under strict specifications. the more creativity aka intellectual property the creator must generate and ultimately sell the rights too, the higher the pay should be for the work. (should. i’ve seen instances where pay is less but something else is gained - like different rights or credits - and that’s equally as acceptable as long as it’s what the creator wants. the creator should gain something equal to the value of what they are selling. obviously)

so the idea that $10 per 1000 words of pure original content is in any way shape or form acceptable is absolutely ridiculous. most literary magazines, which pay way more, get some form of publication rights but you the author retain all ownership rights. they’re not paying you for your intellectual property, only their right to display it without you suing them for infringing on your rights as a creator and owner of original content.

know your worth. know your value. i don’t know how many of these ridiculous ads actually get takers, but please do not answer any of them.

your ideas and writing and talent are worth more than pennies

Title: Bloom
Pairing: Kimberly/Trini (Power Rangers (2017))
Words: 4.5k
Rating: M; really more like T but I like to be safe.

Trini never thought she’d run into “them” at Angel Grove Community College, but it seems like her luck will never get better.

Then they find the power coins, and Trini realizes that “they” aren’t so bad.

Especially not Kimberly.

(AU where all the Ranger things happen in college rather than high school, without the extremely short Rita timeline.)

And to the other anon who sent me the hate message: I am not publishing it because I will use your message to IP block you. I have no patience for people who hide behind anon messages to accuse me of things that aren’t true.

If you consider my (properly tagged) screenshot posts so annoying and spammy, and you “used to respect me”, I did you a favor: now you won’t have to see them again because you won’t be able to interact with me anymore.


I started painting minimalistic busts of my OCs a few weeks ago and I just now finished the most important ones and (because I realized that all their hair colors combined made a rainbow) I decided to post them here in lieu of actually being able to draw them in Pride colors.

The focus of this art was to paint something simple, yet interesting, as if they all were wiped of their facial features, but still kept the thing you would notice first about them besides their hair. 

From top to bottom we have:

Kieren: Red streak in hair

Bunny: Freckles

Lucifer: Wavy hair

Genesis: Bright Green eyeshadow 

Glitz: Gold dots under what would be the eyes

Lilac: Purple lipstick

Acrylic paint on paper. Taken with a phone camera.

“Then I stepped off the edge of the roof, right? And when he saw me hovering there, he was terrified, so I floated down until I was right in front of him and said, ‘Stranger things have happened.’” Damian paused, hand over his mouth to conceal his grin. “And then he turned himself in. Which was a little bit disappointing, to be honest, but I guess you can’t have everything.”
“That’s awesome!” Shazam exclaimed, leaning further across the table. Behind his rack of samples, Bruce was smiling too— he wasn’t spying exactly, but he would prefer not to interrupt. They were getting along, and he wanted to hear the rest of the conversation.
“One of the best parts was meeting the regulars, you know, because they would have this moment where they saw me, and you could see them wondering— Can they all do that? Have they always been able to do that?” Damian sighed. “It was great while it lasted.”
“So I guess you really miss having your powers?”
“Well…” Damian tapped his fingers thoughtfully against the table, looking out at the patch of space visible from the Watchtower window. “It was an advantage. But do I really need an advantage? Obviously not. I’m just as capable now that I’m back to normal.”
Bruce wasn’t sure that “normal” was the right word for an eleven year old assassin who had recently returned from the dead, but he wasn’t about to point that out. Those superpowers had been a problem— one more thing to worry about. He was glad they were gone.
“He’s cute,” muttered a voice from behind him. Bruce turned around to face it— Diana.
“He needs more friends,” Bruce told her, as Damian and Shazam continued to chatter away.
“Is that why you bring him up here?”
“That and I can’t actually stop him from coming.” He motioned her up to the gap in the shelf that he was using as a peephole. “He doesn’t like to be left out.”
The two of them stood side by side, focussed on the conversation in front of them.
“You have like, the coolest job in the world,” Shazam said.
“Basically. It’s fine for now.” Damian pulled a batarang out of his belt and spun it idly across the table.
“What’s cooler than being Robin?”
“Being Batman. I’ll get there eventually.”
Bruce felt Diana nudge him in the ribs. She raised an eyebrow at him and smiled.
“You really think you’re going to be Batman someday?”
“Of course. Somebody has to be in charge.” Damian bent down to examine the scratch he’d put in the table. “Nobody in their right mind would let Hood anywhere near the cowl, and have you ever met Red Robin?”
“I don’t think so?”
“Well he’s an idiot, so that wouldn’t work either. I was born to be Batman, and if my father ever dies, I will be.”
“If?” Diana whispered. Bruce shrugged, vaguely flattered.
“His grandfather’s been alive for a few centuries, and a month ago, he rose from his own grave. Mortality is a fluid concept right now.”
Diana put a hand on his shoulder. “He wants to be just like you.”
“He wants to be better than me. I think he could manage it.” Bruce smiled fondly at his son from behind his rack of samples. “I should get him home.”
He strode out into the center of the room. “Robin? Time to go.” As Damian turned towards him, Bruce grabbed one of his wrists and swung him one-handed out of his chair, catching him by surprise. Damian dangled a few inches above the floor for a couple of seconds before Bruce set him down.
“Come on,” Bruce told him. “Time for bed.”

Anon requested JLA + Damian’s “I’m going to be Batman” speech 

@lingfanweek day 1: scars

he’s a lingering shadow of his past and she’s been replaced piece by piece by something alien but maybe they can feel like home again. together.


as requested, some nick and charlie (x) in their early days :)

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Oooh I got another angst for you. A scenario Bokuto and s/o who is diagnosed with this illness where she loses her eyesight overtime. She is hospitalized for further tests and Bokuto keeps her company everyday. She is super cheerful when everyone visit her but turns out when Bo left she bawls her eyes out abt how she won't be able to see Bo in tux or what their child would look like etc.

Okay, the ending is kinda really angsty.

“Oh? Since when have you been wearing glasses?” Bokuto asks curiously one day when he sees you walking around the house with glasses. You smile up at him before returning to your task, “I just got them recently. I guess my eyesight is getting worse.” You lightly chuckle as you explain.

“That’s okay though,” Bokuto responds as he hugs you gently and playfully, “I still think you look very pretty.” You giggle when he plants a big kiss onto your cheek shortly after.

The two of you thought it was a harmless eyesight problem, but over time you found yourself running into the wall or table because of your sight. “Ah, sorry.” You’d mumble whenever you ran into to something and Bokuto knew he had to get you medical attention.

“Bokuto I don’t think this is necessary,” You explain as you place your hand on his, adjusting your glasses slightly. He gave you a sad smile and shrugged his shoulder, “I’ve just been worrying about you a little, your sight seems to be getting worse.”

“Maybe I just need stronger glasses,” He leaned over and rested his over yours, “I don’t know, maybe.”

“(Name)?” You quickly looked at Bokuto before the two of you stood up and walked through the door, following the lady as she led you to an eye chart to test your eyes.

“Okay, just a quick test. Could you use this to block your right eye?” You nodded and held the little contraption against your right eye, covering it and making the world around you a little more blurry. “Okay, if you could please tell me the letters of the fifth row please?”

“Oh, wow okay,” You answered as you tried squinting your eyes to see the letter better. “O…T…F…B…A?” You looked over at her as she wrote down notes and Bokuto gave you a smile and you thought you did pretty good.

“The doctor will be with you shortly,” She says as she closed the door behind you. You sighed and looked at Bokuto, “Did I get those letters right?” He let out a nervous chuckle, “Umm..You got them all wrong.”

“All wrong?” You looked down at your hands and sighed, maybe your eyes were worse than you thought. Soon the doctor came by and got on straight to the computer, clicking away at information before turning towards you.

“Alright Miss (Name), I have some bad news for you,” Your eyes widened and you gave them a small smile, “Any good news?” You asked warily, but the shook their head, “Unfortunately not.”

Your heart began racing as you held onto Bokuto’s hand, “It turns out that you have an illness that will affect your eyesight causing you to go blind over time. That is why you’re having problems seeing now even with glasses.” 

Your brows furrow as you looked down at the floor, obviously distressed from all the information coming your way. “How long will it be until I lose all my sight?” 

“From what I’m seeing, a month or more is all it will take.” You nod and thank the doctor as you sit quietly in the chair processing the information. “We will keep you in the hospital a while longer to run more tests on your eyes to see if there is any possible way to treat this. If we’re not careful this illness could spread around your body.”

You were admitted to the hospital the next day and the doctors did not waste time running tests with your illness. With each passing day, you could slowly tell your eyesight was slipping away from you and it hurt Bokuto just as much.

A month has passed since and you were still in the hospital, just a week or two away from getting discharged from the hospital. 

You laid on the hospital bed quietly as Bokuto sat beside you, holding your hand gently, “Is there anything I can get you?” He asked and you shook your head, taking your glasses off, “I’m fine, thank you though.”

“I hope you didn’t mind but I invited some friends to come visit,” You smile over at him, “That sounds nice; I miss all of our friends.” 

Even though you looked at him, he knew you could barely see him anymore and with each passing day, he was scared of you never being able to see him anymore.

“Hey! I’m here!” Kuroo exclaimed as he entered the hospital room with gifts in his hands, friends following behind him. You immediately smiled from the familiar voice and felt something being pressed against your hands, “Flowers for you (Name)~”

“Aww, how lovely! Thank you very much Kuroo!” You respond as you ran your fingers gently across the petals. Kuroo looked over at Bokuto and noticed how distressed he looked. “Hey, don’t let it get to you.” Bokuto nodded at his words and smiled.

“Tsukishima? Is that you?” You ask, squinting your eyes as Kuroo pushed the tall blonde over, “Yeah..” You chuckled at the male as he observed you on the bed, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling great thank you for asking,” You let out a happy sigh from being surrounded by your friends. 

They stayed for an hour or two, talking with you and updating you on life while you listened happily. Bokuto was always intrigued with how you managed to stay positive and happy when you were already going through so much.

After the left, you sighed happily and placed the bouquet of flowers down on the table beside you as you folded your hands and looked over at Bokuto’s blurry form. 

“Is something the matter Bokuto?” You ask and he shook his head, pulling out the chair beside you to sit in it. “I don’t know, I’m just kinda scared.” “Scared? Why?” 

Bokuto sighed, “I’m scared that you won’t be able to see the rest of our future with me. I know how much you had already planned out, like our wedding or the name of our kids. You might not even get to see how they look!”

“Hey now, don’t worry so much about the future or you’ll forget what’s happening in the present. It’s just an unfortunate event, don’t get so worked up okay?” You place your hand on his cheek and feel his tears roll off your hand, a frown forming on your lips.

“I know, I’m sorry. I just want you to be able to experience all of this with me.” You pat his cheek playfully, “And I will. Even if it doesn’t happen the way we had always wanted, I’ll still experience it with you.”

Bokuto looked over at you and smiled, bringing his hand to hold yours, “Thank you for helping me stay positive (Name), you’re amazing.” He kisses your forehead and you giggle, “It’s only because you’re here supporting me every day.”

A week passed and it was almost your discharge day. You were sleeping soundly on the bed while he slept on the chair beside you, his head resting on the bed next to your legs. The room was still dark with the lights off and the curtains and shades closed.

You sat up and stretched your free arm, yawning in the process and your shuffling movements woke Bokuto up. He looked up sleepily to see you sitting up and looking around a little distressed, “Babe? Are you okay?”

Your brows arched sadly as you turn to where his voice was coming from and your hands reached out for him, “Bokuto? Where are you? I-I can’t see anymore.”

Alexander Hamilton v. Edward Elric

Right now I want an FMA Hamilton AU, because I realized that Ed and Ham have a lot of things in common (big surprise…I have a type). 

EDIT: additions courtesy of @kawaiidegger

  • Born somewhere very far removed from the major political capitals they would end up
  • Their fathers walked out on the family, apparently for no good reason
  • Their moms died of an illness, and their fathers notably failed to come back and take care of them
  • Joined the military because they thought it was the best (if not only) way to get what they really wanted
  • Achieved a lot at a young age, and appeared even younger because they are…
  • Small
  • Rash, and occasionally self-destructive
  • Martyr complex
  • Extremely hardworking, dangerously ambitious