did i get the quote right

Jeans at a wedding

Person a and b are getting dressed to go to a friend’s wedding

Person a-“ugh I hate dressing up, I feel so weird ”

Person b-“but you look so cute”

Person a pouts-“whatever, at our wedding I’m just wearing jeans, way more comfortable”

Person b turns and looks at them -“you cant wear jeans to a… wait what did you just say?”

Person a-“yeah, well it’s my special day, so I should get to dress how…. their eyes widen realizing what they said "shit, I didn’t mean like right now, but I like thinking about it, fuck I just scared you didn’t I”

Person b opens their mouth but person a isn’t done

Person a gets nervous-“I know it’s early and we’re not ready but fuck I want to marry you one day, no pressure or anything, fuck now I’m rambling and….

Person b interrupts with a kiss -"its okay, I get it, but if you wear jeans at our wedding im leaving you at the alter ”

Person a smiles

Everyone~I’m back! The Demon Lord has returned~

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Fufufu, are you wondering where I went, what was I doing? Actually~I was supposed to be away but a certain someone kept me online for a while, so I took the opportunity to shed my responsibility!!!

Ah but it didn’t work (bargaining, snuggling and pouting all failed! And so did talking seriously!!), my You and Haru are as stubborn as me, and I quote, ‘Let me get this straight. You’re a perfect Shun for me.’ (Isn’t my You sweet~?) and my Haru wants to see me in the spotlight so here I am.

Ah no please don’t misunderstand, I love all my cute Procella members, your self-introductions and honesty, but I prefer to watch from the sidelines you know? I prefer to be in the background supporting you all~as said in my self-introduction, I am a human observer after all. So I was thinking to get another Shun so I could observe at my own leisure my beloved Procella~I could still join you know! I could be Manager Dai! (What do you mean it doesn’t suit my personality and this isn’t roleplay~?)

But of course I understand that Procella is mostly formed around me and my You said they won’t be You if I won’t be Shun (yes my You is super sweet and dedicated hehe~) and where else could you find another You? Finding a You – someone so direct and honest and blunt and tsundere but so sweet~is almost as hard as finding a Hajime.

Ah yes. Hajime. Everyone, I have an announcement to make. We have a candidate for Hajime. A very strong candidate. You can feel the Ou-sama aura even online (no Ou-sama, you can’t convince me otherwise).

Haru and I had a conflict of interests though. So we agreed to wait. Six Gravity is up to Haru, but Haru wants me in on the decision even though I’ve done my job with Procella, so we discussed.

Hajime is a very good Hajime. In fact they’re such a good Hajime they have several Shuns (I kid you not) and a Shun they like the best (whom I was trying to convince Hajime to be Shun – Hajime~wouldn’t you be more comfortable with a Shun you know – but Hajime said they’d run away, eh I want to run away too you know?) and a Haru.

Hajime is like a real Hajime but they already have their own Shun and Haru so we thought, maybe they’re not our Hajime?

But Six Gravity is up to Haru and Haru likes Hajime, and Haru said (and I agree) that a Hajime is hard to find and Haru gets along well with Hajime and Hajime doesn’t mind being our Hajime (Haru, did Hajime agree? You never told me. Oh wait Hajime said they’d leave the decision in our hands, I remember now). But Haru also wants me in on the decision (Haaru you want too many things *pouts*)

But I don’t like making decisions you know? And apparently Haru doesn’t either (wow, I think Hajime would be good to have Haru what are we doing lol don’t snuggle make a decision because I can’ttttt and I don’t wannaaaa and Six Gravity is up to you I don’t want more responsibility thank you very much)

So Haru said to wait for Fate. Literally. That if a Hajime appeared, another Hajime might appear (even though I told Haru there have been no duplicates). I said, how long are we going to wait Haru? Fate can be cruel you know.

And Haru said to wait until 24th November, Shun’s birthday.

Splendid decision Haru. This Shun can’t and doesn’t want to decide so let’s wait for Tsukiuta’s Shimotsuki Shun’s day of birth to decide for us. Perfect, since we’re deciding on a Hajime.

And it just so happened that it was 12.12AM with 12 days to go to Shun’s birthday – or my birthday.

Tsukiuta has 12 characters.

Perhaps it really is Fate?

Ah but I don’t mind waiting for fate, in fact I prefer it. Making decisions is troublesome and I prefer to go with the flow~like the wind. My motto is ‘If it’s supposed to happen, it’ll happen. Whatever happens, happens. If it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be.’ Or something like that. Sounds like Que sera sera (Whatever will be, will be)? It’s a coincidence~I’ve thought of this way long before I knew the existence of Shimotsuki Shun.

And if fate doesn’t bring another Hajime to us, then this Hajime is our Hajime.

(Because apparently to Haru since fate brought a Hajime to me without me knowing they’re like Hajime, fate might bring another Hajime~? No wait Haru, fate already brought a Hajime so how can fate bring another Hajime? But whatever you say my dear sly fox)

So, whoever ends up being Hajime, and me who can’t be changed (*smiles wryly at Haru and You*) – we won’t be like Hajime and Shun, I think. So don’t worry Hajime, there’ll be no admiration from this Shun. I hope you’re more reassured. *chuckles* If you do end up joining us, I hope you’ll be comfortable with that knowledge? It is after all, very hard to impress me. Even if people have said they admire me, I’m not even the slightest bit impressed by myself. As I said, I’m a Shun from his days before knowing of Hajime. I’m not like the Shuns you know so you don’t have to worry about that. Ou-sama.

Anyway, we haven’t decided yet (we’re bad at making decisions remember) when Six Gravity will be formed. But since I formed Procellarum in November, Six Gravity might be formed in January next year, 2018? I don’t know~it’s not my responsibility~

But we’ll – or rather Haru – will officially choose our leader Hajime on 24th November, Shun’s birthday.

parallels in Hamilton that DESTROYED me when I realized them
  • “Eliza!” / “And her eyes are just/(helpless)/and I realize three fundamental truths at the exact same time.”
    • As Angelica’s thoughts shift from her own feelings to her sister’s, her words (“eyes,” “realize,” “I”) start to aurally evoke the name Eliza. How crazy is that?
    • cf. “…and my time’s up/wise up/eyes up…” “rise up/rise up/rise up/Eliza!” Just goes to show how similarly Alexander and Angelica think and process. Which leads me to my next point…
  • "He will never be satisfied. I will never be satisfied” / “That would be enough.”
    • It illustrates so clearly the dynamics of the Alexander/Angelica/Eliza triangle.
  • “I made every mistake.” / “You did everything just right.”
  • “There’s a lake I know/in a nearby park/you and I can go/when the night gets dark.” / “See them walking in the park/long after dark/taking in the sights of the city.”
    • THIS ONE KILLED ME. I only realized today. Eliza finally gets what she wanted, but in the worst possible way.
  • “Raise a glass to freedom.” (Laurens) / “Raise a glass to freedom.” (Hamilton)

tl;dr: Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius. Give him all the awards.

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Hospital Starters
  • [ Requested by Anon about a week ago. Warnings for blood, suicidal thoughts, and medical stuff. Thanks! : ]
  • "Hey, you're awake!"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "You hit your head. There was so much blood that I got scared."
  • "Don't try to get up. You're safe here."
  • "I hate this place..."
  • "How could you do this to yourself?"
  • "The world didn't give me a choice, and now, I'm suffering even more!"
  • "You really came..."
  • "I told you I would be here when you woke up."
  • "How many tests did they do on you?"
  • "If I wasn't drugged up, I could tell you the names of every test they do in this place."
  • "When are they going to let you leave?"
  • "They said that I'll be here for a few days. Maybe a week."
  • "What happened to you? You have so many things sticking out of you."
  • "That's what happens when you're dying."
  • "It's probably time to change those bandages..."
  • "You aren't in pain, are you?"
  • "You were in an accident. You almost didn't make it."
  • "That would explain why I feel terrible."
  • "I thought you were dead..."
  • "I'm not dead, am I?"
  • "I didn't know it was this bad..."
  • "I may not live much longer..."
  • "I'm dying..."
  • "You can't die! There has to be something they can do!"
  • "I'm too far gone for any surgery to fix me."
  • "I want you to know that I'll miss you most."
  • "Don't say that! I don't like it when you talk like this..."
  • "I just want it to happen so I don't have to think about it all the time."
  • "I wanted to say goodbye to you one more time."
  • "If you don't get some sleep, I'm going to hit this button and tell a nurse you're bothering me."
  • "Don't abuse that call button!"
  • "You know that button only works every five seconds, right?"
  • "Maybe if I push it hard enough, more will come out."
  • "I get to come home today."
  • "Did you fill out the release forms yet?"
  • "They hooked me up with a bunch of prescriptions. I'm gonna be high as a kite."

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Hi! New around here... May I ask what do you like about Madancy? Mads sure seems to fancy Mr. Dancy, Hugh.. not so much )=

My dear sweet baby fannibal, I need to stop you right there. 

Since you say you’re new, I’ll help you out.

“Well, it came about because one of the things that was very important was that Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter have a likeability, not only on screen but with each other. The fact that Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are very good friends in real life cinched the deal, in my mind. That was important because I knew it was going to translate to screen. We wanted the audience to like these two men liking each other.” — Bryan Fuller on how he ended up casting Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“Hugh Dancy was the first actor cast and that made the project all that more appetizing for Mads Mikkelsen, who knew Hugh and worked with him in the past and rightfully adored him.— Bryan Fuller (x)”

“Me and Hugh (Dancy) were two of the knights (in King Arthur). So we were sitting for half a year on horseback and we became friends way back then. It’s just been a gift. We’re doing a show like this where you’re working so close together. It’s nice to be comfortable with each other, and that was just a gift that it turned out to be me and Hugh”— Mads Mikkelsen 

“Mads is a remarkable combination of things. He’s more than capable of fighting for what he wants. He’s amazing.”— Hugh Dancy

“Well obviously what I’m going to miss is just sitting down in a chair and having chit-chats with Hugh Dancy.” — Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal S3 (x)

“It’s great. The very first time we sat down, talked about the show, Mads came up at the conversation. I worked with Mads nine years ago now on ‘King Arthur’. Completely different. Could not be more different. But during that period I got to know him and really like him. As a man as an actor. And had followed his career ever since then. I knew it was going to be great. That relationship is so complicated and interesting. It has to be believable. That’s one of the highlights of the show for me.” — Hugh Dancy

“So, spending that much time with a fellow actor, as I knew I would do with Hugh, it was just a fantastic gift that we knew each other. We are not only in the room, but to a degree, we have to be emotionally naked in certain situations.” — Mads Mikkelsen spoke about friendship with Hugh and cast (x)

(Mads Mikkelsen from Red Dragon Con, post)

(Hugh Dancy, The Path interview, post)

He’s worked with the actor Hugh Dancy previously and agrees that such a genuine friendship lends something special to their on screen relationship. “It was a great gift for both of us, that we were able to spend some much time together on the show. We were kind of in a boat of insecurity from the beginning, but it was nice to have a friend there, if you go down or you stay up. To be able to be comfortable with someone in a room, day in, day out of filming, 12 hours a day, was an extreme gift for both of us. We found a way of working together really fast. Hopefully I’ll get to spend time with him during the third season as well, but if not I’ll just have to go drink some beers with him!” — Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“I would say an actor like Mads, but there aren’t any, there’s just Mads.” — Hugh Dancy during the SAG Foundation interview (x).

And finally:

“Collaboration with Mads, who I love, who’s a wonderful actor and incredible partner in that respect “ — Hugh Dancy on what the show means to him

Hugh has become one of my very, very, very good friends. We knew each other from before, but it’s been so intense to spend three seasons together. I was there when he had his first little baby. It’s been a fantastic journey. We were just very, very lucky that we ended up with each other. Imagine if we had ended up with someone we didn’t like.” — Mads Mikkelsen (post)

Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are friends. I’m not sure where you got the impression that they aren’t or that one dislikes the other.

Mads likes Hugh. 

Hugh likes Mads. 

They’re friends.

And their amazing chemistry and friendship (and various aesthetic reasons) is why I ship the fleet of ships that belong to Hugh and Mads and their characters.

So, after all of this, if you’re interested in some more Mads and Hugh liking each other and goofing around together goodies, check out my tag ‘danish crumpet’.

A world where widowmaker gets asked this a lot
  • Sombra: Widowmaker, you had a husband right?
  • Widowmaker: Oui, I did.
  • Sombra: You killed him right?
  • Widowmaker, slightly annoyed: Oui.
  • Sombra: …did you eat hi–
  • Widowmaker, shouting into the com: NO I DID NOT EAT HIM SOMBRA GET ON THE OBJECTIVE
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dating peter parker would include...

dedicated to my harrison bestie anon in hopes it makes them smile :) also yes it’s really fuckin long i’m sorry i just love peter parker and have a lot of feelings

  • you actually hate to tell the story of how you two met because it’s mortifiying oh mygod
  • peter, however, loves to watch u blush about it even though it was only really embarrassing when it happened
  • taking the subway to school like every other day, you obviously had spent too many hours on the internet so u were tired as hell 
  • so tired you couldn’t grab the pole in time when the subway stopped
  • and you in an ungraceful manner, tripped, stumbled and fell
  • into his lap
  • his l a p 
  • you still get red cheeks when remember just how embarrassing it was
  • oh my god! i c-can’t believe that- i-i, i’m so so sorry- h-holy shit–
  • peter did find it extremely awkward but your mortified and blushing red face was so much more adorable 
  • n-no, it’s fine– d-do you want my seat?
  • o-oh no, it’s alright. i’d just like to crawl into a hole somewhere. sudden amnesia works too.
  • a cute girl with wit and oh my is that a nerdy shirt????
  • from them on, you had his entire heart 
  • yes i will totally be writing a full on imagine for this
  • you guys weren’t friends for long if u know what i mean 
  • like you had already face planted into his lap so you skipped most of the awkward interactions
  • you were kinda like ‘ah what the hell’ 
  • you did it while you guys were walking home together, like usual
  • hey peter, can you hold this for me?
  • yeah?” 
  • and you just grabbed his hand, grinning at him with wink 
  • cue the cutest blushing from peter 
  • peter goddamn nearly had a heart attack but couldn’t stop smiling the entire walk home 
  • he was really sad when he reached your building 
  • but then you stood on ur tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek so he wasn’t that sad
  • eventually kisses on the cheeks became kisses on the lips & it wasn’t official but you two just knew
  • let’s be real, peter is the worlds biggest dork so movie marathons are so common
  • i mean everything– star wars, back to the future, jurassic park, like man you name it 
  • and if u were a nerd too, then oH boy he would just be in a constant state of heart eyes 
  • he would be anyways but extra heart eyes if u geek out
  • c’mon pete, hurry that cute lil ass up! it’s rogue one!!
  • oh my god, please marry me right now.
  • you guys definitely try to quote movies as much as possible
  • i love you” ”i know *intense blushing* diD YOU JUST–
  • he has a such soft spot for when you guys marathon disney movies not that he tells you that
  • something about you lighting up & singing along makes him go !!!!!!! inside
  • no you two never perform disney duet songs together never ever have you done that why do u ask
  • (your favourite one to perform is hakuna matata because its a goddamn classic and peter gets so into it)
  • (breaking free from hsm is a close second because damn can peter hit those notes when he really tries)
  • peter parker is such an admirer like you dont even know
  • he could stare at you for hours and its pretty much what gets him through the day tbh
  • in fact, he has all your birthmarks and freckles committed to memory because shes so pretty i can’t deal with this
  • he blushes SO MUCH when you catch him staring
  • but lets be real, you were staring at him too
  • he blushed even more when he found that out because oh my fucking god she was staring at me do i look weird is there something on my face
  • but when you’re like no you goof, i’m admiring youu get 
  • he just never stops blushing 
  • he! would! try! so! hard! at everything 4 you
  • baking? hell yeah he’ll bake for u
  • singing? eh he’ll give it a go (but only for you)  
  • dancing? he hates it but he loves to watch u laugh and smile with him so he does it anyways (even if he sucks)
  • speaking of dancing
  • peter loves it when u dance
  • especially when you stay over and he wakes up to you dancing around the kitchen or his room 
  • his favourite is catching you off guard when you’re grooving to some 80′s song
  • babe– cutting himself off with his own laughter, i don’t think that’s dancing.
  • he loves to tease you about your funky dancing because seeing his girl blushing is like his second favourite thing
  • (the first being your smile because it completely melts his insides and everything is better when you smile at him)
  • you also love it when he’s teasing because all you have is pout and suddenly peter’s showering you in kisses 
  • peter is such a sucker for kisses
  • actually he’s such a hopeless romantic & lover of cliches like
  • constantly bringing you flowers he finds on nightly patrols? check 
  • stopping so you two can share a cutesy kiss in the rain? check 
  • dumb pick up lines that still make you laugh? check 
  • tbh you both do pickup lines
  • hey, hey y/n, are you the square root of -1? because you can’t be real 
  • he just giggles at you from the bed
  • except when you do it, its a different story
  • hey hey hey, peter 
  • hmm?” 
  • are you related to yoda? because yodalicious.
  • peter just falls off the bed 
  • you don’t even ask if he’s alright, you just cut straight to laughing at his reaction
  • s-shut up! this isn’t because of your pick up line!! i was startled! 
  • even though he’s trying to hide his face in a pillow, you can see his pink cheeks
  • sure, peter, sure. 
  • aunt may is both a blessing and a curse to both of you 
  • because she spills BOTH OF YOUR SECRETS
  • like you can’t ramble to her about peter because she will tell him everything
  • with you in the same room 
  • oh peter, you’re wearing that shirt? i know y/n loves it, she was talking just the other day about how she find it so hot– 
  • peter secretly really wants to know what you said about him 
  • but aunt may does it to peter too and he hates it
  • “seriously y/n, you should hear the things he says about you, i swear he’s turned into some lovesick–”
  • makeout sessions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • you both l o v e them 
  • funnily enough, peter is the one who usually starts them 
  • hey y/n, you’ve got something on your face, let me just– *kisses you all over you face*
  • because he’s more than ahead in his classes, ‘study dates’ really means makeout not that you mind though  
  • peter loves kisses everywhere
  • forehead kisses
  • nose kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • eyelid kisses
  • back of the hand kisses
  • all the kisses
  • his absolute favourite kiss is the one he receives from you in the morning when you’ve stayed over
  • he’ll play with your hair softly and you’ll yawn & stretch and catch him gazing at you 
  • and you just smile and lean up and kiss him 
  • it never fails to make peters heart stop and when you pull away he just goes nooooooooooooo and pouts till you kiss him again 
  • it’s especially hard when you have to leave or part ways after school because peter turns into a needy lil boy
  • one more kiss! one more! 
  • peter you’ve said that seven times now!! 
  • you literally have to push his away, giggling and grinning, because otherwise he’s going to be late 
  • i swear to god parker, it’s only one class! 
  • and of course you know about him being spidey
  • you actually found out by accident 
  • you were searching thru his closest for something to wear when you stumbled across it 
  • tbh you thought it was a really dedicated costume at first
  • so you put it on and it was so fucking baggy man
  • hey peter! look at me, i’m the spider man! thwip thwip! 
  • except it was the real thing so 
  • y-y/n!! where did you find that??? 
  • don’t worry, i’ll keep your spider-man obsession a secret, peter.
  • but when you accidentally web peter’s hand to the wall, you figure out this suit is the real deal 
  • holy shit!! holy shit! you– you’re, this is the real, oh my god, you’re the spider-man!  
  • peter just panics because you’ve webbed him to the wall and he can’t actually do anything
  • no! no i’m not!
  • you freak out for like another minute before you gather your senses enough 
  • peter parker, do not play with me right now- are you spider-man?
  • would you believe me if i said it was a very detailed halloween costume?
  • after cutting him free, you squeezed him into the tightest hug because you were so goddamn proud of him 
  • but also because oh my god how many times had he risked his life and had you not known???? 
  • oh my god, this is so wicked i can’t believe you’re spider-man–
  • you can’t tell anyone! 
  • shh, you know i wouldn’t but holy god! you have to tell me everything
  • you’re not mad i didn’t tell you?” 
  • pfft, i’ll only be mad if you don’t tell me now.
  • yes i also want to make this an imagine
  • yes, you’re the one who patches him up which always ends in cuddles
  • basically you get to shower peter in constant love and affection because he would do that and more for you 
  • he’s just the perfect boyfriend??? 
  • i want a peter parker

*They’re playing the game where whoever blushes first loses when the other person says I like you*

Mini: I like you Tyler

Wildcat: Please I know that. It’s my turn now

Wildcat: I love you Craig Thompson

Mini, blushing furiously: This is….. so unfair…omg


Cartoonz: Ohm I li-

Ohm: Stop

Cartoonz: But I really li-

Ohm: No.

Cartoonz: Then you start! Say you li-

Ohm: Impossible

Cartoonz: C'mon, I know you like m-

Ohm: Just-

Ohm, blushing: I just can’t say I love you, you asshole!

Cartoonz, with finger guns: You lost


Terroriser: I love you Moo Moo

Moo: What did you just-

Terroriser: I said I loooooove you, sweetie

Moo: I hate you

Terroriser: Oh yeah you just can’t play this game

Moo: Okay then, I’ll play your game

Moo, really close to Terroriser: I love you Brian.

Terroriser: Okay I give up. My lost. Now, stop.


Basically: Man, I like you

Scotty: Actually, I love you

Basically: I’m so fucking in love with you too

Scotty: I love your eyes

Basically: I would kiss you right now

Scotty: Did I say you have a nice ass?

Basically: I just love your abs, so hot

Scotty: Dude just marry me already

Basically: Of course. Can we skip the wedding thing and go to the honeymoon

Scotty, getting irritated: Sure I’ll show you something you’ll never forget

Basically, also irritated: You. Me. Bed. Now.


  • Yoosung: Hey Saeyoung, I need some dating advice.
  • Saeyoung: Just because I'm dating MC doesn't mean I know how I did it.
  • Soldier-76: What are you two Barbies crying about?
  • Reinhardt: What the-?!
  • Mercy: Jack? We thought you were dead!
  • Soldier-76: Nonsense. I was merely napping.
  • Reinhardt: But how did you get out of there? I tied you up and poured concrete on the grave! Just in case you came back as a zombie.
  • Soldier-76: Yes, but you made one crucial mistake. You left me with my spoon.
  • Reinhardt: No!
  • Soldier-76: That’s right! I ate my way out. The soft earth was like a delicious butterscotch brownie to me.
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[A thunderstorm going on outside]

Lauren: I don’t understand how you’re 20 and still scared of a little thunder.

Camila: I am not!

Lauren, while removing her shirt and bra: Okay then, if you are, I know something that can calm you down..

[Dinah comes bursting inside their room and in the bed between the two]

Lauren, covering up with the blanket: DINAH, WHAT THE FUCK?!

Dinah: Thunder buddies for life, right Walz?

Camila, snuggling into Dinah: Right.

[Lauren falls off the bed while trying to completely cover up]



“It was certainly the plan to have him be a love interest and what happened very quickly was in that “Master Plan” episode, they have a conversation in a bar. And I wrote this thing into [it] where Ben says to her very casually, “Like you want to run for office someday, right?” and she says, “Yes, how did you know?” He just sort of blows past it, and the idea was like he’s just kind of got her number… he just kind of gets her, he understands her and who she is and what her goals are.” —Mike Schur

on failure

I know you’re feeling so gutted right now, I know that you’re probably reevaluating everything you’ve ever wanted, I know how your self esteem has probably dropped 6 points on the cartesian plane of your existence. But let me tell you something I wish I was told 24 hours ago. You can do better. You will do better. Sure, mope for a bit, cry, take some time off but get right back into it. Look over your mistakes, create a tally of the types of mistakes you’ve made and find the source of these mistakes. Silly errors… lack of practice? Mind blanks… did you know the content without cues? Have a notebook where you write down all of this feedback. It’s time to get back up and hit harder than you’ve ever hit before.

What’s Love Got to Do With it?

Your opinions are so interesting… So I ask you, what you think about Furuta’s love for Rize? What was revealed recently with Mutsuki makes me think they are same in a some way, I mean a twisted love and unhealthy obsession in a one-sided.
Asked by Anonymous

An interesting question posed to me in an ask that I’ve decided to turn into a full meta because I think the asker is missing that Furuta and Mutsuki are not the only ones with unrequited love this arc. Luckily I’ve drawn up a chart.

Why all of this unrequited love all of a sudden? Is it because Ishida wishes to write a Shoujo manga with corpses, and has decided to convert the last arc into one? It goes deeper than that, so let’s analyze it under the cut. 

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Lance: Hi, we’re here to speak with–

Druid: I’m sorry, Haggar’s not seeing anyone right now.

Lance; Oh, that’s alright, we’re from the union.

Druid: The what now?

Lance: We represent workers in all magical industries, both Galra and civilian. Are you feeling at all degraded or oppressed?

Druid: I… a little?

Lance: Do you even have dental?

Druid: What’s dental?

Lance, turning to Hunk: They don’t even have dental. Alright, we’re just gonna have a look around. Oh, and, uh, it might be best if Haggar doesn’t hear about us just yet, you know what I’m saying?

Druid: Of… of course. Go right in.

Hunk, as soon as they’re out of sight: How the actual fuck did that work.

Lance: Hell if I know, but let’s get to work.

The Signs as Eddie's iconic quotes:
  • Aries: I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!
  • Taurus: Yeah, I’m saving them for your sister.
  • Gemini: Did you see my loogie? It's the mass, it's always the mass.
  • Cancer: I’m about to have a fucking asthma attack.
  • Leo: You know what these are? They’re gazebos! They’re bullshit!
  • Virgo: I mean, he’s bleeding all over and you guys know there’s an aids epidemic happening right now as we speak.
  • Libra: Get me my bifocals. They’re in my second fanny pack.
  • Sagittarius: But, but, how do you amputate a waist?!
  • Capricorn: Why don’t you shut the fuck up Einstein because I know what I’m doing.
  • Aquarius: I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!
  • Pisces: Oh shit. Oh god. Oh fuck.