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“we’re gonna take a picture of the whole group; just act natural.”

Now that i read a comment in a fic, something to consider:

How did Ladybug knew kissing Chat would break the spell in Dark Cupid?

The only thing she remembered to do that was that a True Love Kiss defeats dark magic or something like that.

Anyway, she knew kissing Chat was going to be a True Love Kiss. Or at least was sure enough that kissing him would be powerful enough to break Dark Cupid’s spell  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


I’ve been thinking about tattoo ideas for Nikolay. Tattoos in Trinitas are made from the golden blood of Tzar Slava, and they can get pretty elaborate, but Nikolay would probably go from something more understated.

help me pick //cries


Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.

so, enjoy my fun graphic xD but, as 2016 comes to an end, i want to recognize some people. on a personal level, 2016 has been a fantastic year for me. i was accepted into my education program, i started in my education program, i made friends at school, i made friends at work, i started in a new job that i actually really like. while 2016 has had many ups and downs, it’s also been a great year for me in regards to rping. i’ve just passed my 1 year and 5 months mark on this blog – the longest i’ve ever had an account for. i’ve just passed 1,750 followers – the most followers i’ve ever had before. i’ve made some really great friends, i’ve had some really great plots, and i’ve developed better as a person myself. i want to thank everyone who has been there along the way, who has helped me become the person i am today because without you guys, i wouldn’t be that person at all. so, thank you to everyone. this is in no particular order ( actually, it’s in alphabetical order but shhhhh )

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a few shoutouts bc these people are awesome. it ended up being beneath a cut bc it got really long. apologies xD

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resplendeo  asked:

what's your headcanons for avengers + SHIELD + basically every named character in the franchise daemons? I've been liking honey badgers recently. Also the whole tragedy and difficulties and inconvenience involved in fish/gilled daemons - separation, trauma (how many daemons settle within like 6 minutes' run of water, anyway), and just the expense and idea of a SHARK DAEMON HELL YEAH (sorry I got a lotta feels about SHIELD fish daemons)


*cracks knuckles*

(sidenote: i have only seen one episode of agents of shield. it’s…a work in progress, so i won’t be doing those characters)

i also have a huge post sitting in my drafts of this right now from like. SO LONG AGO.

okay so everyone knows my thoughts on steve and bucky. 

steve - black wolfdog hybrid with yellow eyes named Alessia

bucky - small silver wolf named Aneira (I think that was the name. I always forget)

okay okay everyone else i can switch back and forth on BUT THOSE TWO ARE SOLID

natasha - i honestly love her with one of those little lizards that look like fucking dragons and it likes to hide under her shirt collar. also i could see a black panther and a bat but the little dragon lizards are my fave. i also think that her daemon would be a girl  and her name would be Nakkita which  means unconquerable in Russian

clint barton - i'mma just come out and say that i am cheesy and love him with a hawk. i think that the circus would have had them stretched so that she could fly around and there are a lot of things clint hated about the circus, but this is one thing where he’s sorta grateful. clint has the ability to be able to use her eyes which helps his accuracy. Her name is Deirdra, which means wanderer

tony stark - HONESTLY, GIVE ME TONY STARK WITH A FOX ANY DAY. I dont mind the monkey headcanons, a lot of people give him a baboon. but RED FOX. literally known as the ‘devils creature’. super smart and sneaky and too curious for their own good. and her name would be Kinah, which is an Afghani name meaning strong-willed

bruce - i used to think i really wanted bruce with a wolf, but now i think he’d be really awesome with a little pig, super smart and easily bored and when bruce transforms into the hulk, i’m of the opinion that either his daemon disappears, or she turns into A BOAR. Her name would be Aaina which  means mirror in Hindi

phil coulson - i read this fic once where he had  a dingo and i’m forever sold. because dingos look like dogs except there’s something off, but you can’t exactly tell unless you look closer. and i think phil just looks like this bland paper pusher unless you look much closer and realize he’s pretty damn dangerous. SO. dingo. Her name is Coletta which  means victory of the people

pepper - a lot of fics i’ve read gave pepper a border collie, which makes a lot of sense because of how organized she is, and i so get that, but i like to give her an american mink because minks are known for how beautiful their fur is and plus they’re part of that weasel family, so they’re clever and sneaky and sort of underestimated. so. His name would be Ecaterina, meaning unsullied

Fury - I do think Fury would have a rottweiler, or this fierce fucking owl. like i go back between. but i love an owl because they’re sort of all seeing and so fucking knowing and just fury who thinks he’s allseeing and owls are predators and fury is scary and yeah. I don’t have a name for this one yet

Darcy - i read this awesome fic where they gave darcy a hyena daemon and honestly i can’t see anything else. just. hyena. and i think she’d also be a girl and her name would be Hasanna which means one who brings laughter

Jane - I think Jane would have a little spider that likes to sit on her head while she works. I’m not sure what kind of spider, exactly, but I want her to have a spider.

SAM - is it weird if i give Sam the bald eagle? because SAM. Sam is the perfect epitome of everything America wants to be. Like Steve is this far off American ideal, but Sam is the present day, best of Americ, who grew up in America at this time and turned out amazing, even going through trauma. And it’s funny that he’s called the falcon, but he’s got a bald eagle flying with him. (I also think his daemon would be male)

maria hill - maria has a tiny snake. this is my headcanon. like something small and really venomous and you better watch the fuck out. and he likes to curl around her wrist and just hang out there

Okay so, Thor and Loki are difficult for me cus i honestly can’t decide if they’d even have daemons! Also if they do have daemons would they be mythical creatures?? So.

Thor - I think Thor could have a sphinx or a phoenix, if he did have a daemon and it was mythical. honestly like either one, though I lean towards the sphinx because if Thor had a normal daemon it’d totally be a lion, and sphinx is part lion. and her name would be Kar, Nordic for gust of wind

Loki - so i go by what a lot of people say, that Loki has a huge snake if he had a normal animal daemon, basilisk if mythical. But I also super enjoy having Loki have a ramidreju, which is this half-weasel, half pig creature with horns.and her name would be Alfdis, nordic for divine

YO OKAY SO I HEAR YOU ABOUT WATER DAEMONS BUT I REALLY DONT HEADCANON ANYONE WITH WATER DAEMONS (except for i could actually sort of see it for jane! i could see jane having an octopus!)


✮ First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! ♥ I hope 2017 will be full of joy and happiness for all of you! 

✮ I realize I haven’t really been active here lately (or ever), but new year new chances, right? 

✮ This is my first follow forever ever, I thought this would be a good way to thank everyone who brightened my dash last year. You guys are all amazing!

✮ ✮  (also, i was iswearonouat before, in case i managed to confuse anyone which i’m sure i did)

i’m sorry if forgot anyone, it wasn’t intentional i swear.

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I finally finished all of my limited portrait commissions! 😎😎😎 (I’m pretty sure I did anyway? If I accidentally forgot anyone please hit me up), and I’ll be posting a little galley of all of them soon. I got one more regular commish to wrap up, so I thought I’d warm up with a painting of my kitty. 

why the hell i thought painting fur would be a relaxing exercise, i have no fucking idea


since pepper has a tendency of adopting smol muses, i might as well create a list (which is very likely to grow, “Pepper is the new Ange.lina J.olie” - shewolveriine)

though they are OC children of pepper they go here as well:

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name: Zoë
nickname: I don’t have one really
zodiac: Scorpio and sagittarius
height: 1.8 m
ethnicity: White
favourite fruit: Grapefruit and peaches
favourite season: Winter. Haven’t had a real one in three years unfortunately, but I live in hope.
favourite book: Cinder by Marissa Meyer. It’s amazing. If you haven’t read it, go read it.
favourite flower: I don’t know plants well, but I think peonies? Maybe another one that looks similar. Daisies are nice as well.
favourite colour: Blue and pink
favourite animal: Bears
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Hot chocolate, but it makes me feel sick, so tea.
average sleep hours: Not enough. (7 or a bit under I guess.)
cats or dogs: Dogs. But cats are great as well.
favourite fictional characters: I have so many. So many. Really anyone sassy and kickass and smart.                                                                                 number of blankets: Currently four, but one is folded in half, so five-ish.
dream trip: I kind of want to go everywhere, but right now I most want to go to New York to see the Great Comet.                                                                   blog created: Last November I think

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things I’ve heard while working in retail this summer starters.

“It’s supposed to equal $30?”
“No it’s supposed to equal $214.”
“1, 2, 3, 4– SHIT.”
“When the fuck did you get starbucks???”
“If that’s a fucking receipt my foot is going to be in your ass.”
“I forgot my keys!!!!”
“Did anyone find a phone?”
“Did anyone find a wallet?”
“Did anyone find a credit card?”
“What a cute baby!!”
“I hate children.”
“I think she’s shoplifted from here before.
“People suck.”
“Tell them we’re closed.”
“If it doesn’t scan it must be free right haha!”
“I want to speak to a manager.”
“I am the manager.”
“We are not staying here past 10.”
“I don’t get paid enough for this shit.”
“The bralettes look like they exploded.”
“Discipline your fucking child.”