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Uncle Gerry’s Family Fun Zone

by reddit user Red_Grin

This is a lengthy story but it is worth it:

I didn’t know Will could draw, I remember thinking as my friend’s hand quickly moved across the page. And then I looked more closely at Will’s impromptu sketch, and I immediately regretted it. I tried to unsee it. I shifted my attention to other things around me, anything at all that wasn’t ink on the page: the blur of Will’s hand, the beads of sweat gathering at his temples, the gentle autumn breeze creeping through the crack of the window.

Don’t look at the page. Just don’t look at it.

But I knew I had to. So I looked. And it was worse than I expected. Much worse.

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☆ Sentence Starters ☆
         Lost & Found

  • ❝ How did you find me? ❞
  • ❝ Do you know the way out? ❞
  • ❝ We’ve gone in at least three circles now. ❞
  • ❝ Are you absolutely, one-hundred percent sure you know where we’re going? ❞
  • ❝ Did we make a wrong turn? ❞
  • ❝ Which way should we go? ❞
  • ❝ This place wasn’t on the map… ❞
  • ❝ Um. Where are we? ❞
  • ❝ Look what you did, genius. We’re completely lost! ❞
  • ❝ Where’s the map? ❞
  • ❝ We might be here a while, so get comfortable. ❞
  • ❝ There you are! ❞
  • ❝ Did you really think I wouldn’t be able to find you? ❞
  • ❝ You stand out too much to not be found. ❞
  • ❝ Do you need directions? ❞
  • ❝ Why did you stop following me?! I was so worried! ❞
  • ❝ It’s been 84 years since I was last at home… ❞
  • ❝ Why should I follow you? You’re the reason we got lost in the first place! ❞
  • ❝ I hope you’re good at pathfinding… ❞
  • ❝ I thought you were marking the trees, now what do we do?! ❞
  • ❝ This doesn’t look familiar… ❞
  • ❝ Are. You. Sure. It’s. This. Way? ❞
  • ❝ You do realise we’ve just walked in a giant circle, right? ❞
  • ❝ Oh, look! Right back where we started! Good job! Moron.. ❞
  • ❝ Time to start fresh and build a new home here instead. ❞
  • ❝ Help! I’m trapped! Get me out! ❞
Love you but I’m leaving

Part 1

Michael Gray x reader

Request: A micheal gray x reader where he absolutely adores her (his wife) but polly doesn’t like her and tries to break them up until she realises how happy the reader makes michael?xx

Note: I got so carried away it will be in two parts now!! 

You are woken up by the sun burning through your window creating a frame of light over your fiance. His strong jaw line clenched and unclenched as he dreamed. You traced his chest with your fingers, his soft skin comforting to touch. You watched him as his eyes flickered open adjusting to his settings, smiling when he saw you staring at him.

“What are you looking at?” he smirked, pulling you closer and turning around to face you. You leaned forward pushing your lips against his as he ran his hands down your back and through your hair. You pulled away slightly as your face rested into a more serious expression.

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Hidden Rooms - Part 2

Part 1 

Jughead has followed a mysterious new girl to a room that provides students with escape. He starts to learn more about the girl to only find himself infatuated with her.

Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 2,578


Taglist: @sgarrett49

It was the final bell and I was off to my locker. As I turned a corner, there she was again. She was leaned up against the wall of lockers and upon seeing me, perked up from her position.

“You knew where my locker was?”, I gave an eyebrow.

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Had some help from @poemsbymole with this one. (she also helped with ‘Somebody Else’)

This is for my new friend. U know who u are. Super fluff reader x Lynn. 

Originally posted by gaybandmember

“Hey, baby.” Lynn greeted you sweetly, leaning over the couch to press a kiss to your head.
“Hey.” You said, trying to sound cheerful.
“What’s going on?” Lynn asked, immediately sensing something was wrong.
“Nothing. Just the usual.” You said, wiping away the last of your tears. Lynn looked angry for a moment, her eyebrows furrowing.
“Sorry, I’m fine..” You said, sitting up so that you didn’t look as upset.
“No. You just don’t deserve this. To feel like this. Come on.” Lynn reached for your hand, pulling you up into a bone crushing hug. You chuckled softly, the ache in your chest still present. 

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anonymous asked:

"I knew they didn't like me, anyway."-ace, ith mas

Boa Hannock better give me back my money.  Ace thinks sourly as he stomps down the crowded street. His dark scowls scares away anyone in his path though he hardly notices “Guaranteed love” my ass.

He should have known better when Luffy of all people recommended her. His brother was many things but a sage in love he was not. Hell, rumor had it he was immune to Boa’s potions himself even after the gorgeous woman tried them out on him.

Ace had hoped it was due to his brother being thick headed and dense but alas it seemed her love potion really wasn’t as strong as her reputation claimed. He was an idiot for thinking it would work. 

And now half of his latest paycheck was wasted on useless colored water bottles. He stops in front of a store, the words Gorgon Sister proudly displayed for all to see. His scowl grows darker. She better give it back.

The bell hung on the door dings cheerfully as he shoves it open. Marigold perks up from where she is slouching behind the counter. She was the one who sold him the bottles a few days ago, gossiping about her older sister’s crush on his little brother.

“Hello, Ace!” She smiles and he feels the urge to calm down wash over him unwillingly. Because if he’s not angry he gets sad. He feels the back of his eyes burn from both frustration and sadness. 

He wipes away a few that fall but he refuses to let the sob building up in his chest come out. 

Marigold’s face softens “What can I do for you?”

“I want my money back.” He manages to say through clutched teeth. “It didn’t work.” 

The woman’s face changes to one of overwhelming disbelief like she can’t even imagine Boa’s creations to fail. She looks so baffled Ace feels a little better for believing it would have the desired effects. 

She leans forward, eyes on the bottle he is holding so tight his knuckles are white.  “Did you follow all the directions correctly on the lable-”

“ “I knew they didn’t like me, anyway.”  He cuts her off staring hopelessly at his shoes trying to not break down right there and then. After a few seconds of  slow breathing, he raises his eyes back to her face “But I thought..this was my chance to…to get them to love me.”

She bites her lip looking at him with so much pity it burns.  “I can refund you but I have one question for you ,Ace before I do.”

He nods slowly suddenly hollow and uncaring of his money. He thought this would make him feel better, but it didn’t it made it worse. 

“Are they blond?”

The question throws him for a loop not at all what he was expecting. “What?”

“Cause if they are- they’re coming this way.” She points behind him to the large window leading out into the street where they could see Marco and Sabo pushing their way through the crowd.

Sabo is holding what seems to be chocolate hearts in his arms while Marco is struggling to keep the flowers his carrying in order from their running. They stop when they see him and the biggest hopeful smiles Ace has ever seen on both males blooms to life on their faces.

Ace is left speechless.

“Oh, honey,” Marigold giggles next to him while Sabo trips on his way to the store Marco managing to catch himself at the last second. “You didn’t need a love potion. Seems to me like they are already under your spell.” 

The Spaghetti Incident (Or How Cas Got Banned from the Kitchen)

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing desperately wanted to know the story of the “spaghetti incident” described in The Little Things. So here it is. Can also be read as a stand alone one shot.

Warning: Destiel, smut, rimming, oral sex, humorous cooking situations

Word Count: 1950ish

A/N: I love writing Destiel. So much. Hope you all like this one too.

Cas had done everything right, and he was rather proud of himself, if he was being honest.

Sam was gone for the whole night, promising not to be back before dinner time tomorrow. The table had been covered with an actual tablecloth Cas had splurged on, two candles between the empty plates, waiting to be lit.

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a short story

last year i took a drawing class for anatomy, and i failed, no matter what i did, i followed directions, payed attention, took notes and followed strategies and still failed! and i was a year long class, it was hell for me, even the teacher said i was a lost cause and a failure, after that i…lost the passion to draw entirely i did doodles and tried to work on projects but when i started, thought back to what my teacher said to me and stopped and scrapped it, i scrapped about 500 projects

i just needed to get this out of my system

tachibanyan  asked:

I kinda stumbled on your blog but I love it!!How about imagine how the Shephard guys would react after saving you from a fatal blow in battle. Please and thank you~

Ahhhh I love this one so much!! Thank you, and I hope you stay! <3

I keep forgetting who the male shepherds are goodness I need a list

I misunderstood it at first (hence the huge delay because I am a twit) , so erm, have an angsty one in the near future

My teacher always did say I can’t follow directions properly

Chrom:  “Not on my watch,” he grits out as he roughly shoves you aside and parries the enemy’s sword with Falchion. In a test of strength, Chrom overpowers them easily and ends their life. Before you can thank him, he almost crushes you in his embrace. You both smell of sweat and dirt, but being held by him feels like bliss.

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Uncle Gerry’s Family Fun Zone.

I didn’t know Will could draw, I remember thinking as my friend’s hand quickly moved across the page. And then I looked more closely at Will’s impromptu sketch, and I immediately regretted it. I tried to unsee it. I shifted my attention to other things around me, anything at all that wasn’t ink on the page: the blur of Will’s hand, the beads of sweat gathering at his temples, the gentle autumn breeze creeping through the crack of the window.

Don’t look at the page. Just don’t look at it.
But I knew I had to. So I looked. And it was worse than I expected. Much worse.

Will had sketched a near carbon copy of those wartime Uncle Sam posters, except not quite. The suit was there. Bow tie, check. But no Uncle Sam head.
The Uncle Sam body had the head of a goat.

The animal flashed a welcoming, toothy smile. A hoof pointed at me, nearly coming right out of the page. But it didn’t want me to join the U.S. Army. No, this goat-headed creature had something else in mind:
I want your kids.

Under that declaration, in slightly smaller letters, it read: At Uncle Gerry’s Family Fun Zone! Opening soon!

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  • Do I Follow Them?: YES
  • Why Did I Follow Them?: @salesmanofhappiness pointed me in the right direction
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: YAS
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: AU where Fi is reincarnated like Zelda and Link, and grows up alongside them and their peers on Skyloft.  When she is reunited with the Sword and takes up her job again she regains her memories and it is a Struggle but trying not to die while Link saves the world is a v distracting job.
  • A Song For Our Muses: idek know man I’m only good at picking songs for ships
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: not yet they haven’t interacted so idk
  • What I Think About The Mun: we haven’t talked much personally but from what I’ve seen 12/10 A+ human bean
  • Overall Opinion: YAS
  • Blog Rate: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10+

the ship of dreams

[snoop dogg voice] let’s take a journey

ziall is fun loving full of laughs, hugs, and kisses ahem let me show you


zayn’s a bit obsessed with carrying niall i mean who can blame him and jfc HE CARES HIM SO EASILY LIKE ITS NOTHING


complimenting each other (✿ ♥‿♥)



listen to wot im sayin they can’t stop touching each other

the beep beep boop (how they declare their love for each other)

proof niall is zayn’s favorite

can’t keep my eyes off you

you’re just to good to be true



finally quite possible the greatest ziall pic of all time 


Prompt: Makoto bakes cookies and gives it to Gou for White Day. 

Happy White Day everyone! In the interest of time this is unedited.

For words-in-wind 

Makoto was walking extra slow that day.

And it was weird, not walking home with Haru for once, but he insisted. You like her, right? Well, here’s your chance. Just go for it. Makoto smiled. He wasn’t even surprised when it happened. It was just so typical. Because it didn’t matter what he did, he could never hide anything from Haru. And yet, that wasn’t the reason why Makoto’s legs were failing him, why, despite his stature, he was finding it so hard to keep up with her. He shook his head. No, it was something else, something a little more personal.

Wow, I didn’t know you could bake, Rei!

His smile fell at the memory, remembering how Rei handed it to her just before they all left the pool, remembering how her eyes lit up when she opened the box, when she said with utmost sincerity, Wow. They’re beautiful, Rei.

And they really were. Perfect, really.

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firebirblawyer  asked:

Could you tell me how you are playing AAI2? I REALLY want to play it, but I can't find out how.


Okay first you need to download an emulator, which basically is an application that allows you to play DS games on your computer. The one I use is DeSmuME, which works really well with AAI2. You can download it here: http://desmume.org/download/

Next, you need a Japanese ROM of the game, which you can get from EmuParadise here: http://www.emuparadise.me/Nintendo_DS_ROMs/Gyakuten_Kenji_2_(J)/138974

Just click that link (it should be orange) that says “download link,” then click the link it takes you to and you should be able to download it from there!

It’ll be in a compressed file, so select everything in that file and click “extract” and move it to an easily accessible place, such as on your desktop

Okay, so now you have the emulator and the game, so all you need to do is patch it!

The patch can be found here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/ace-attorney-investigation-2-prosecutors-path-final-release.367451/

Scroll down to #3, and you can either choose BEAT or Xdelta (I’m pretty sure I did Xdelta)

Just follow the directions below those links for whichever one you choose, and you should be good!

After you’ve got the ROM patched, make sure it ends in .nds and if it doesn’t, just rename the file and type .nds onto the end of the file name (for example, I named mine AAI2.nds ). Now, a bunch of folders should have been created when you downloaded your emulators, such States, Roms, Battery, etc. Move the AAI2 ROM into the Roms folder.

Then you just have to open your emulator, and click on the button in the top left corner that looks like a blue floppy disk. Then, find your Roms folder that the ROM is in, open it, AND PLAY IT

Then, when you want to save, hit the enter button on your keyboard, and save just as you would on your real DS.

Also, just for your convenience, the controls for the emulator are as follows (button on DS —> button on keyboard)

A —> Z

B —> X

Y —> A

X —> S

L —> Q

R —> W

Start —> Enter

Select —> Space

Touchscreen —> Mouse

I don’t really know how good I explained this, so just ask me if you have any more questions!


Not to emulate miss Deborah Downer but despite how horrible 2016 was for everyone, it was a monumental year for me. My depression was at an all time low, my body is in a better state than its ever been, I had an internship, I picked up hobbies, I made actual real life friends who care about me, I helped jumpstart a queer Muslim group for our area, I had a threesome for the first time like… I’m still working on being a good, reliable, better person but 2016 has been the biggest turning point for my development.

Miss @blooming-white-tea and @ghannoum tagged me for this selfie thing but did I post any selfies? Do I follow directions ever? Me… Iconic tbh. I choose my own destiny.

I talk to like three people on Tumblr and two of them have already done this lmao so @poovellamkettuppar @zamzamafterzina @fird0os and @kinghardy to prove I’m not sexist ladies I want to see your pretty faces please!!