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Zalfie party // Jack Maynard

I really enjoyed writing this one, as the request was simple, yet intricate at the same time. I hope you like it, and thanks for requesting [who ever you were ;)]

REQUEST: Hiii❤️ could you do a jack imagine where him and Y/N go to the Zalfie no social media party and everyone sees their cute moments like dancing together or sharing ice cream, a lot of those things. ❤️❤️ thanks

WORDS: 1165


Music blasted from the speakers as you and Jack danced to the music. You were on the way to the Zalfie house, to attend their ‘no social media party’. All guests had to leave their phone in cars, if driving, or in the spare bedroom upstairs. No one was allowed to use any social media at all, nor have their phones on them. It was a pure activity for friends to get together and have fun (and celebrate the fact that Zalfie moved into a new house). You were in the passenger seat, Jack driving. In the back was Joe and Caspar, who also danced to the songs played on the radio.

Despacito came on, and yourself and Joe groaned. It was an agreed between the two of you that the song absolutely sucked. But seeing your precious boyfriend get down to it, you couldn’t help but laugh. He bobbed his head crazily, tapping his hands on the wheel in time with the beat. You couldn’t help but just casually start dancing too. By about half way through the song, all four of you screamed the lyrics, yelling gibberish when the foreign lines came on. “Hey, did you know that the English version is a literal porno song?” Caspar chirped over the ending of the song. The three of you laughed at Caspar’s words.

“Hmm. Good to know” Joe nodded, taking in Caspar’s words. Jack continued to drive, and you all split into conversations of your own. You were having a relatively normal conversation with Jack while Caspar and Joe had a strange one in the back. All you heard was them saying something about positions, after that you zoned out. Yourself and Jack talked about how good the concept is of having a ‘no social media party’ and that you guys should host one later in the year, too. It was an awesome thing to do. Everyone these days are looking over at their phones, having posture problems… so hosting this party was an amazing idea.

It wasn’t until you rolled into the driveway of Zoe and Alfie’s house, that you got really excited. You were happily shaking your shoulders as Jack parked in their yard. The four boys chuckled at how excited you were, but you didn’t care. You hadn’t seen Zoe (nor Alfie) in months! You all got out, making sure to leave your phones in the glove box of the car. Jack gave you a small kiss on the head before you ran up to the door, knocking happily.  Zoe flung open the door, engulfing you in a huge hug. Alfie came up and gave the boys a ‘bro hug’, before letting them inside. You continued to hug Zoe happily. When you pulled away, she held you at arms width away. “You look so pretty, Y/N!” she cooed. You thanked her, a small blush on your cheeks. You gave Alfie a quick hug too, saying your hellos.  Zoe put an arm around you as the two of you walked to the back yard. It was beautiful. There was a hammock in the corner, and a huge tent about 10 meters away. You gasped slightly when you saw it, and so did the boys. They instantly ran down, Alfie close behind. They ran straight into the tent, Jack nearly falling most of the way. You smiled at the stupid guys.

Zoe turned to you, wiggling her eyebrows slightly. “So… you and Jack?” she asked, smiling.  You nodded as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “4 months next week” you told her. She jumped up and down happily. She was a lot like you, Zoe was. The two of you would get excited about almost everything. You hadn’t seen her in months, but before that, you saw her literally every other week. She knew about your think with Jack- as it was only a thing at the time- but you haven’t actually seen her since you started dating him. She was so happy for you, you could tell.


Jack laughed as he threw an arm around your shoulder. The party had really started to begin. There were so many of you guys; Jim, Tanya, Marcus, Zoe and Alfie’s assistants and more. You were having so much fun, just talking and having a good time. You were sitting on the outdoor seats right outside their conservatory with Jack, Joe, Zoe, Alfie and a few other buttercream members. Music played from the speakers scattered around the garden. A familiar song caught your ears… Despacito. Everyone screamed, a mix of happiness and being annoyed. Everyone began to dance in the middle of the yard, including all the people you were once sitting with. Jack held a hand out to you, “Want to dance, my love?” he asked, giving you a small smirk. You rolled your eyes, accepting his hand. He took you out onto the grass and started dancing. It wasn’t proper dancing, he was just being stupid. He started to wave his hands above his head, acting like a lunatic.

“You look like one of those inflatable doll things outside of car dealers!” you squealed, laughing. Jack also laughed, but not as much as you. You were laying on your back, rolling around. Jack scooped you up, and sat you upright. You squealed slightly, high on life.

“C’mon, babe. Get yourself together,” he smiled. You gave him a big kiss on the forehead, before continuing to giggle. He just laughed at you. “If only I had my phone, I would be totally recording you right now, you nutter”

You finally settled down after a few minutes of just sitting there, laughing at yourself, still envisioning the inflatable doll. Jack was eating an icecream, and you instantly wanted some too. “baaaabe” you said, smiling. He turned to you,


“Can I have some please?”

“some what?”

“Icecream, you belland” you beamed. Jack handed the icecream over to you, expecting you to give it a small lick. Instead, you gave it a big lick up the side of it. Jack groaned slightly,

“You got it all slobbery!” he laughed. You nodded, going to have some more. He took it back, continuing to eat it himself. You pouted at him, while Conor simply sighed.

“You guys are too cute, please leave,” he said. The two of you shook your heads, staying where you were.

When Jack was finally distracted with talking, you took the cone out of his hands, taking another lick. It took a while for Jack to realise that you took it, but when he did, he nicely asked for it back. You stuck your tongue out at him, giggling. You ran down to the hammock, swinging in it. By the time Jack got down and finally got it back, there was none left.

“Y/N, I love you, but I really wanted that icecream,” he sulked. You just smiled at him, giving him a kiss.

“You’ll be right” You said.

Are You Alone?

There were a lot of advantages to working in a small, three person office; no gossip, no drama, and a grateful, genuinely kind boss who recognized how vital her two employees were to keep things running. There were downsides, too, like not having anyone new, or at least different, to talk to for forty hours a week and the generally slow nature of the business, which meant I probably spent more time surfing the net than I did doing actual work.

In the beginning, it was pretty much ideal; I did the work that came my way and then spent the rest of my day doing whatever I wanted (within reason, the boss lady still liked to believe I was being productive). After a couple years, however, it had started to get pretty old. The job was dull and unfulfilling and I got zero satisfaction out of it, but I was far too loyal to Tanya to leave, so I was stuck in a sort of limbo.

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Being a famous YouTuber, and dating Tom Holland would include…


  • Not being able to comprehend the amount of followers you have; you used to be so excited to reach your first 100 subscribers a few years ago
  • Making a video of you pranking/scaring Tom, while being dressed in his Spider-man suit
  • Playing the ‘Touch My Body’ challenge with Tom
  • “Y/n, please don’t tell me that’s your boob. Your parents will kill me.”
  • “Tom, that’s my knee.”
  • Having to dress up in funky costumes all the time when you go outside with Tom, since he’s a famous actor and you’re a famous YouTuber
  • “Oh my god, are you Y/n L/n?”
    “Nah, people just say I look like her a lot…”
  • Tom being slightly jealous of all your YouTuber buddies, especially the guys…
  • “Tom, Dan is just a friend, and Troye is gay. And Jim is married to Tanya.”
  • Joining NigaHiga is one of his ‘I Dare You’ videos
  • “’Lick the toes of the person to your right.’ Alright, Ryan, feet up.”
  • Doing the Yoga Challenge with Tom, and he’s better at it than you are
  • “How the hell are you bending yourself in that position?!”
  • Trying to game with PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier
  • “Okay, we’ve got three of Slenderman’s pages so far, now- HOLY FU-”
  • Joining Anthony and Ian in their Smosh videos when you’re close by to where they live
  • “Every YouTuber Ever, featuring Y/n L/n, so sit back, and relax!”
  • Going on The Ellen Show together with Tom
  • “So, you’re a YouTuber, and he’s an actor. What’s that like?”
  • “Competitive. Very, very competitive.”
  • Visiting Tom on the set of Spider-man: Homecoming, and vlogging videos of him and the cast on set and while acting
  • “Hey, Zen, say hi to the camera!”
  • “And over here, you can see a rare specimen of Tom Holland, extremely vicious and hard to catch.”
  • Doing the boyfriend tag with Tom in one of your videos
  • “Where did we first meet?”
  • “I think you were working on the set of Billy Elliot, and then we just sort of bumped into each other.”
  • Going to Tom’s movie premieres and his Comic Cons as his date
  • And Tom joining you whenever you go to VidCon
  • Tom introducing you to the Avengers cast: RDJ, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Don Cheadle, Chadwick Boseman, Samuel L. Jackson, and everyone else
  • And you just stand there, trying your best not to scream and fangirl and cry
  • “Oh my god…”
  • Going to SDCC with Tom, and him dressing up as Spider-man so nobody knows who he is
  • And you usually cosplay as Gandalf or Dumbledore
  • Filming baking videos with Tom
  • “Is the cake meant to be black and green?”
  • “I’m pretty sure we were making a strawberry cake, Y/n.”
  • Visiting Tom and his family all the time, where you always have tons of fun
  • “You better run, because if I find you, Paddy Holland, you are going to be tickled to death.”
  • Hanging out with the British YouTubers, who are pretty much your best friends
  • “Zoe, I don’t know how to do your magical make-up techniques. Are you some kind of wizard?”
  • “Baking is fun, Tanya, but if I eat any more sugar, I’m going to explode.”
  • “I think Nala’s pissing on me, Alfie.”
  • “Caspar, wait, no-”
  • “Tyler, as much as I love you, I’m not going to dye my hair rainbow, no matter how much you beg me.”
  • “Troye, every time you sing, an angel is born.”
  • “Phil, I know you don’t like Eliza Pancakes, but we can’t just kill her off.”
  • “You know, I’m starting to like James more than you, Oli- I’m joking, I’m joking!”
  • “Marcus, you suck at Australian accents.”
  • “I love you too, Louise.”
  • “Joe, I think it’d be better if you didn’t scare the absolute shit out of Oli again.”
  • “Louis John Cole, we are not going to hike up a mountain as a ‘fun challenge of the day’.”
  • “Jack, Finn- Well, sorry, but I can’t tell you two apart, goddamnit!”
  • “You’re like a giant, cuddly teddy-bear, Jim.”
  • “You should keep your curly hobbit hair, Dan. Your fangirls would appreciate it.”
  • Helping Joe out during one of his Dare Sugg videos
  • “It has returned. Dare Sugg. But today, I’ll have a friend to help me out: Y/n!”
  • “This is going to be painful and fun at the same time, Joe. I’m looking forward to it.”
  • Doing a bunch of different videos with Tom’s brothers
  • “Today I am here with Sam, Harry, and Paddy Holland. The amazing trio, the golden siblings. Oh, and Tom’s here too.”
  • Loving your life as a YouTuber, because honestly, who wouldn’t?

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Halt & Catch Fire premiere thoughts...

I know no one follows me for this, but I need to share…

  • I love that CalNect is inhabiting Mutiny’s old space. Miss the old woodwork though.
  • I get CalNect is a play on “California” and “connect”, but I’m not a fan. It’s awkward in the mouth. Cardiff, Mutiny, Parallax, even MacMillian Utility had more poetry.
  • only AGGEK is worse, but at least they acknowledge it.
  • on the other hand, I love Pilgrim. Too bad it’s doomed.
  • how on earth did Cameron convince Tom she should still work directly with Joe after revealing the affair?? 5000 miles or not, connection is connection. That had to hurt.
  • Joe and Gordon being BFF and camping!! ⛺️  (It was the straw that broke the Donna/Gordon back.)
  • Flashback to season 1 garage. Misty watercolor memories.
  • Ozzie.
  • Hawaiian names.
  • I love how this show weaves in real tech innovation like AOL, Mosaic and the live coffee pot.
  • “Ryan,” and Joe’s subsequent face.
  • Donna’s watch is so ominous. Love it.
  • Cameron bringing beer and chips to Gordon’s Blue Man Group blowout. So clueless and sweet. 
  • Gordon seems so happy and healthy and it makes me terribly nervous for the future…
  • “with AOL coming to town, all of this seems overly optimistic.” So do we think Diane and Bos know Gordon is working on borrowed time? I feel like they wouldn’t be quite as critical if they did…
  • “The Cameron Howe.” That’s right Joanie, no Howe-Rendon in my mind either.
  • After 4 years of radio silence with everyone (except maybe Gordon?) I’m so happy to hear that Cameron’s been in contact with Gordon, Joanie, Haley?, Joe, and Bos for the past 3 years in some capacity or another.
  • MacKenzie’s gorgeous line reading of “You’re mad at me,” with that happy birthday song tinkling in the background. Perfection.
  • Still can’t get behind Chris Lowell even in wordless cameo. He’s just not my bag.
  • “Someday you will ache like I ache.” ☹️ I just want Donna and Cam to hug it out.
  • Cam’s “Battle mode?” face. 😏
  • Gordon and Cam playing Mario makes me almost as happy as Logan Echolls and Heather Button playing Mario, and that’s saying something.
  • “by myself for 3 years!” Lee’s hair really is awful, but it perfectly captures where Joe’s at in his self imposed exile.
  • “A website of websites!” Joe gets so excited about things and it’s frustratingly engrossing.
  • Gordon giving Cam a talking to and trying to keep his besties from imploding each other is so endearing. Also, that hug. 💗
  • I’m glad Gordon and Donna haven’t let each other go. I still root for them.
  • “And Cameron loves to shit out rainbows to distract from her asshole behavior.” “Wow.” Priceless.
  • I love how Donna steers her team, but doesn’t hand them the idea. She’s so sneaky!
  • Tom left her! Man oh man, how did these dummies last 7 years!! Answer: Tokyo
  • “Divorced?” Cam jumps to that so quickly. And Joe’s not slow on the follow up.
  • “It all feels like this weird dream.” To me too, Cam. To me too.
  • Cam and Joe talking about how much they love baths just makes me picture them trying to take one together and the inevitable lanky limb tangle that would ensue. Extremities everywhere! 🛁
  • The way Cam cradles the phone/Joe’s voice before she falls asleep.
  • JOE DIDN’T HANG UP!! Never going to be over it. Ever.
  • “Well, I bet you were one of the only babies with a chiseled jawline.” “No, there was one other kid, but we fought to the death.” Bwahahaha
  • I like Tanya. I hope she gets what’s hers in the end.
  • Haley is adorable. And the actress looks so much like Scoot, but with Kerry’s perfect skin. Great casting.
  • I love that Gordon was talking to yet another one of his daughters in a car when she bursts out crying. All Clark’s (and ex-Clark’s) cry in cars apparently.
  • “I think it involved gangs.” The whole Fresh Prince exchange was just PERFECT.
  • “Got all those flaws taken care of.” I really wonder if we’ll ever meet Cam’s mom. I’m so curious, but don’t want Cam to get hurt.
  • “This big, fat, bald baby just sloshing around a manatee’s tummy.” John is in rare form here.
  • (Cameron trying to parse out her thoughts.) “I never thought about you as the kind of guy that needed more.” (Joe looks befuddled and mildly injured.) “Alright.” This exchange is so strange and inconclusive and I think it’s really intriguing.
  • The camera angle and Lee’s hands during “huge and imposing” are so lovely.
  • I feel like kids will definitely come into play again before this story is through…
  • I’m so happy that Joe and Cam are back on good terms. I love them as a couple, but more than anything, when all is said and done, I just want the core 5 to be friends. They all love each other so much. They should have each other.
  • “Drill down.” What a tool.
  • “Put my goddamn face through his goddamn fist.” Oh, Gordon. The impending doom looms…
  • Oh Bos, what did you do? 😣  I know you’re feeling out of place in the world, but you’re only supposed to risk financial destitution on your brain trust of geniuses. Not real-estate yahoos! 
  • Gordon calling Haley ‘Bug’ is the cutest.
  • Scoot’s line reading of “That pony is dressed like a little pink cowboy,” is also the cutest.
  • “And not to ruin the moment, but I really, really gotta piss.” Made the moment.
  • Joe staring at Pilgrim Cameron staring at the sky when he can’t stare at actual Cameron staring at the sky. 
  • The return of Cameron in a red sweater. All the S1 feels… 
  • “So, do you know what you think want?” Well, if that ain’t a loaded question. I don’t think she really does, but I hope for both their sakes she’s careful with Joe no matter what. She’s got most of the power for the moment. I’m rooting for them and they’re so fragile with each other. I’m really excited to see them happy though! Even if just for a little while. I want all my yokels happy!!
  • I can still hardly believe we were gifted a final season. I’m so unendingly excited for everything to come (even the inevitable pain).

Things I’m particularly looking forward to… 

  • Cam and Joe looking like dumb puppies in love.
  • Scenes with the OG3, Joe and Haley, Cameron and Joanie, Gordon and Joe BFFing some more, Cam and Donna getting back to BFFing, Cam and Bos, Donna and Joe (an underrated and underutilized dynamic if you ask me).
  • That camping scene from the preview with Bos, Joe, Cam, and Gordon all chilling. Just add in Donna and my happiness would be complete.

Things I’m not looking forward to…

  • Gordon’s inescapable health decline.

GIFs I would make if I could make gifs…

  • A parallel of Gordon telling Joe (S2) and Cam (S4) to move on with their lives and the corresponding hugs.
  • A parallel of Cameron telling Joe how much she admires his talents (S3E9) and Joe telling Cameron how much he admires hers (S4E1).
Parties Can Hurt Sometimes Part5 (Dan Howell)

This chapter hits me in the domestic feels between Dan and (y/n)! 

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part6 Part7 Part8Part9 

“You kissed him!?” Exclaimed Zoe a bit too loud for my liking

“Shh Zoe” I said pulling her away from a group of girls near us so they couldn’t hear “Please don’t be so loud what if someone hears you?”

“I’m sorry but I’m just shocked” She said as we kept looking around the shop “You guys kissed and you’re telling me this just now. I mean why didn’t you told us on Sunday?” She asked referring to herself and Tanya

“Because I knew you would both freak out and start asking not only me but Joe as well for the details and I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable.” I said shrugging as I took hold of a cute flowery bowl “It’s bad enough I pretty much rejected him, I didn’t want him to also feel uncomfortable with you guys asking him about it. Do you like this one?” I asked Zoe still holding the bowl

“It’s adorable and you’re right. He doesn’t need that not after you rejected him” Zoe said chuckling

“Zoe it’s not funny” I whined letting out a small chuckle myself “I feel really bad about it but still I couldn’t just lie and tell him I felt the same besides he knew it would have been a lie”

“I know, don’t worry too much about it. But you sure you guys didn’t do anything more than kiss?” She teased

“Oh my.. I shouldn’t have told you anything I knew this would happen” I said as we both laughed, looked around a little more and then went to pay for the things we got

It had been exactly a week since the Gleam party and I was currently staying at the Zalfie house hold. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell Zoe about my kiss with Joe but I had been so busy and focused on other things that I kind of forgot to tell her. It was good to talk about this with Zoe because apart from her I really didn’t know who to talk about it with. Phil was off the list by a long run because if he knew that meant eventually Dan would too and I wasn’t sure I wanted Dan to find out at least not right now. Not to mention that Phil would go crazy on me because of it, asking if it had anything to with me trying to forget about Dan and much more in the lines of that which really wasn’t. Kissing Joe felt great, I don’t regret kissing him for a second but I did feel bad about rejecting him after all he is a really good guy and an amazing friend. Things would be much easier with me liking Joe instead of Dan and I wouldn’t be stuck in all this mess and would have lost one of my best friends because of it.

“We’ve never been to this place before” I said as we sat down on a table near one of the windows

“I know, Mark and I came here the other day and he said you would probably love the place” She said as we opened up our menus

“Of course he did. Speaking of I’m yet to buy the last few presents of him for Christmas” I said looking through the menu and seeing what sounded like a really good meal

“Have you finished buying everyone their presents or is it just Mark?” Zoe asked laughing a bit

“I have the main presents for most people but I’m yet to buy other presents. I mean how am I supposed to know what to buy Alfie?” I asked her shaking my head

“I know, I still find it hard to get him something for Christmas every year” She said to which we both laughed, putting down our menus our waiter made his way to us taking our orders and going to get us our drinks “You’ll know what to get him, he even likes silly gifts”

“Good to know” I said as our waiter came with our drinks

“So who else is left then?” She asked taking a sip of her drink

“Well there’s Phil, Anna.. Umm Dodie, oh and Dan..” I said looking at my drink

“Have you talked to at all?” She asked looking at me with a half smile “I mean you guys were going to spend Christmas together weren’t you?” She questioned

“We were supposed to, it was the plan but things change, plans change. I mean I could always go to Dodie’s, she’d invited me before” I said remembering the small party Dodie and a few of our friends did at her place

“It’s not the same (y/n), this was a big deal. I mean you were going to spend Christmas with his family” She said with a bit of a frown

“We were but it wasn’t a big deal Zo, really. We were friends and that’s all we ever were. I mean I have known him for nearly three years now if he had feelings for me he would have told me” I said shrugging

“Yeah just like you told him how you love him” She said with a raised eyebrow making me squint my eyes

“Touché but things are different now. He has a girlfriend that I believe he really really likes, we are no longer friends and to tell you the truth I don’t think we’ll ever be friends again” I said dabbing the inner corners of my eyes to stop the tears from falling

“Don’t say that. You just have to give him some time to calm down” She suggested

“I have given him time. Two weeks to be precise and he’s yet to talk to me. Zoe I think it’s time we just accept the the truth and know that Dan and I are no longer friends and probably never will be again” Sitting straight I cleared my throat and looked at her “Now could we please just talk about something else?” I asked hoping she would stop asking about Dan

Thankfully she changed the subject and we talked about everything and anything. She mentioned there was a video idea she wanted us to do later today if not tomorrow to which I said yes and loved the idea. Soon after our food arrived and Mark was right I did ended up loving the place and wanting to come back whenever I had the chance.

************ ************************

Three months later

Three months, I still couldn’t believe it’s been three months since we’ve stopped being friends. It definitely felt weird to say the least, I tried so hard not to be in a place were I knew he would be. Phil and I had come with a system when it came for me to being at their apartment, he knew I wouldn’t want to be there when Dan was so I would only be there on times he would be out or at Samantha’s apartment. Throughout the months I had to slightly interact with Dan about 5 times just normal things like when I was about to leave and he got home earlier than expected but nothing more than that. That was until today, I was currently on my way to their house trying my hardest to get there as fast as possible. Getting woken up at 2 am with a phone call is always annoying but hearing Phil’s worried voice I was more than awake and ready for anything he had to say. The fans knew about Dan’s existential crisis but never to what extend they would go, there were times like this one were it was too much to handle for him. It wouldn’t be a funny ‘oh you’re having another existential crisis’ it would turn into him curled up in a corner crying his eyes out over everything that went through his head. It would usually take Phil hours to finally calm Dan out, a few months after we’d become friends Dan had one of his crisis and I was so worried I tried to help in anyway possible, at the end I’d managed to calm him down. Kneeling in front of him and making him look me in the eyes would calm him down a bit after that I would hug him on the floor as he made our limbs intertwine in every way possible so I was as close as humanly possible to him. That I learned was the only way I could calm him down and I would do it for as long as needed because I hated seen him like that. So naturally when Phil called me about half an hour ago asking if I could come help because Dan was having an existential crisis I didn’t hesitate as I got out of bed and got sort of ready, by that putting on a onesie and getting into my car. I didn’t care that we had stopped being friends, I still loved him and cared deeply for him no matter what.

After a few minutes of  finding somewhere to park and a few more of going up the stairs I finally made it to their front door taking deep breaths as I knocked on the door. Soon after Phil opened the door letting me in as he guided me to where Dan was, getting inside Dan’s room I saw him in the right corner near his bed letting out sobs as he hugged his legs making my heart break seen him that way. Phil smiled and nodded at me as he left to probably the kitchen to get some water for Dan. Slowly I made my way over and knelled down making him acknowledge my presence.

“Are you okay?” I asked with a sad look on my face

“No..” He breathed out as I noticed how much he was shaking

“You’ll be okay. I’m here now and you’ll be okay love” I said putting my hands on either side of his face so he could look me in the eyes “I’m here now, okay?”

Looking me in the eyes for a bit he then slowly nodded as he opened up his arms and got himself into a sitting position so I would sit on his lap. Getting closer I straddled him and hugged his neck as he hugged my waist as tight as possible but not to the were I couldn’t breath.

“Do-Don’t leave ple-please” He stuttered out between a sob making me pull away slightly so I could look at him

“I’m not going anywhere Dan” I said caressing his cheek “I promise okay?”

“Okay..” He said pulling me closer again so my head was next to his

“Please stop crying, you I hate to see you cry” I said hugging him a bit tighter

We stayed like that for probably two hours, as I was starting to fall asleep I heard Phil talking to someone making me straighten up and pull away from Dan who was confused as someway along the time he had fallen asleep. Getting off of him just as Samantha came into view making me frown as to why she was here at this time of night.

“Hey Danny” She said walking toward where we were sat as I got up I saw Phil near the doorway “Hi (Y/N)” She said smiling at me then looking back at Dan

“Hi.. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but what are you doing here? I would’ve thought you’d be asleep at this time of night” I said getting up and starting to walk over to Phil

“Oh I know but Phil had called me but I didn’t get the missed call until later” She sitting down on the bed as Dan got up

“You called her?” Dan and I said in unison

“I was desperate. Dan was bad again and I didn’t know what to do” He said shrugging

“Well now that you’re here there’s no need for me to stay. Besides you’re better now, right?” I asked Dan as he just looked at me

“I am better but you don’t have to go” He said as he walk over to where I was completely ignoring Sam

“I really should go.” I told him once he got in front of me “Besides remember what you said? To you, we’re no longer friends..” I said looking down at the floor then back at him “I’m glad you’re better now. Goodnight” I said to him and Sam as well

I got out of the room with Phil behind me as we walked towards the door. Saying our good nights I started walking down the stairs and headed back home as I could still smell Dan’s cologne on my onesie. If I missed Dan before I definitely would miss him even more after spending the last few hours cuddled up to him. Once home and in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about a few things one of them being the thought of what would happen for Christmas after all. What would I do now that I wasn’t going to Dan’s parents? Would I spend it alone getting drunk and being sad of myself or would I go to Dodie’s and have a fun evening? Had Dan told his parents Samantha would be going instead of me? I felt bad because I loved Dan’s parents and was really looking forward to spending Christmas with them but now I couldn’t no matter how much I tried.

Abusive Boyfriend (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hi darling! I was just wondering if you could write in imagine were y/n gets badly abused by her boyfriend and she doesn’t want any of her friends to know, but somehow joe finds out and he’s all protective and worried about her (he’s in love with y/n), and I’d like for you to come up with the ending! If you want to write this I’d love to read it! Btw love your blog!!❤️


You tried to cover the blue mark by your eye with concealer but it was still pretty obvious. You sighed before deciding to leave the bathroom you were hiding in. Just as you left the bathroom, your best friend Joe appeared from his room. You were hanging out with your best friend Joe for the night as it had been a while since you last saw each other.  

“You okay?” Joe asked and you gave him a false smile and a nod. It was obvious that Joe didn’t believe you but you ignored him and walked into his room and placed yourself on his bed. You had known Joe for 3 years now and he was your absolute best friend. You could tell each other anything… or… that was until you got a boyfriend. At first he was the kindest guy ever but slowly he turned more aggressive. He had started to beat you 2 months into your relationship. You had tried to break up with him several times but he threaten you and your family so you had to stay with him. You had never told Joe about it but you knew he was beginning to pick up on it. Especially with all the red and blue marks you “accidentally” got from walking into trees and your cat scratching you.

“Y/N, something is wrong,” Joe said whilst looking at you with a worried look. You tried to look away to hide the blue mark on your face.

“Everything is fine, Joe,” you answered. If your boyfriend found out Joe knew… you weren’t sure what he would be able to do to you or Joe. Joe placed himself in front of you on the bed and tried looking at your face.

“Stop Joe,” you said but Joe gently turned your head so he could see the blue mark properly. He started to rub the concealer off and he looked at you with sadness in his eyes.

“Is this that boyfriend of yours? Y/N, why haven’t you told me?” Joe asked and tears instantly appeared in your eyes. You felt so vulnerable and scared.

“I…It’s nothing,” you stammered before rushing out of Joe’s room.

“Y/N!” Joe yelled before running after you. You could feel your legs give in under you and you fell to the floor in tears. Joe wrapped his arms around you as you sobbed into his shoulder.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m not gonna let him hurt you anymore,” Joe whispered in your ear and his words made you feel more calm, but you still felt powerless. You knew your boyfriend would do something horrible if he found out that Joe knew.

“I’m scared Joe,” you admitted in between your sobs. Joe continued comforting you and his arms around your shaking body helped a bit. It felt weird that Joe now knew and you were beyond scared what would happen know. You could suddenly feel Joe tense up and you looked at him still with tears in your eyes. His eyes were like fire and his fists were tightened.

“I swear to God if he ever lays another hand on you I’m gonna kill him,” Joe said and is was obvious that his angry stage was emerging.

“I don’t know what to do,” you said and looked at Joe for some kind of guidance.

“You’re going to stay at mine and I’m gonna figure it out, okay? Don’t worry about it,” Joe assured you but you looked at him with a worried look.

“I don’t want you to get hurt, Joe,” you said as another tear rolled down your cheek. Joe smiled at you before gently touching your cheek.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m a big guy, you know,” Joe said jokingly and even though you felt so depressed you couldn’t help but laugh, and right there you realized how much you really loved Joe. You should have told him from the beginning what was going on and maybe you wouldn’t have been so vulnerable and sad.

“Come on gorgeous. You need to lay down in my bed and I’ll make you some tea,” Joe said with a cute sideways smile and you smiled back at him. Something came over you and you suddenly moved your head closer to Joe’s and placed a deep kiss on his lips. You had no idea why you did it but it felt so right in that moment. You looked each other in the eyes and you both smiled before Joe left a kiss on your forehead.

“Come on,” Joe said in a calm voice and he helped you up from the floor and into his bed. You snuggled up under his duvet and Joe placed himself on the edge of the bed. He intertwined his fingers with yours and you haven’t felt this safe in a really long time.

“I’ll make you some tea,” Joe whispered but you shook your head.

“Please stay,” you said and looked directly into Joe’s eyes. He smiled at you before he joined you under the duvet. He pulled you as close as he could to him and you kissed his jawline before snuggling your head into his neck. Joe placed a kiss on your forehead and it felt amazing just being with him. For a short moment you forgot all problems and you just enjoyed finally feeling loved and safe.

Sun, Sea and Friends in Santorini - Joe Sugg Imagine

Hi! So this is a joe imagine that I wrote and to be honest I am a little insecure of it and I would really like some feedback to know if I should continue on with it! Thank you xx


You had just finished packing away your toiletries and clothes into your rather large suitcase. Your hair was pulled up in a high ponytail and you were dressed in your airport trackies and your comfortable white t-shirt and of course you were sporting your favourite trainers. Today was finally the day that you’ve been anticipating for so long! Today was finally the day you were heading off to sunny Santorini in Greece with your best friend Tanya Burr! You honestly couldn’t wait to head out of the rainy, cold, autumn city of London and head straight to the sunny land of Santorini where you’ll be able to put your worries of work behind you, and focus on building yourself a tan, having a dip in the pool, heading to amazing, golden sand beaches and overall spending some time with your best friend and her fiancé.

Actually, it wasn’t just yourself, Tanya and Jim that we’re going to Santorini. Originally it was, just the three of you heading off for a relaxing two week vacation, but Tanya recently told you that her friend and also fellow youtuber Zoe, also know as Zoella and her boyfriend Alfie needed a much well deserved break that has been long over due, and the news then spread to one of Tanya, Jims, Zoe and Alfie’s other close friends, Marcus and Niomi. Honestly, you didn’t mind one bit, although knowing that you were the only single girl there, it did make you feel like a black cloud amongst white ones. You were a rather shy girl. You never had much confidence in yourself, although you had a great sense of humour which every one of your friends really admired and enjoyed. You always managed to crack a corny joke that would make anybody laugh, but when it comes to meeting new people, you get rather timid and quiet. Overall though, you were very excited to meet Tanyas friends and you would hopefully make friends with over the next two weeks.

Your flight was at six in the evening, but unfortunately, due to the other couples having meetings and last minute packing, they would be taking another flight over to Santorini so it was just yourself, Tanya and Jim. You rolled your suitcases out of your apartment and locked up the entire place before you made your way outside of the apartment building with your two suitcases and your carry on satchel.

“"Y/N!” You heard a loud squeal which made you turn around instantly to see Tanya racing towards you, dropping both of her own suitcases and enveloping you in a large warm hug. “Tan!” You beamed hugging her back just as tight and you watched Jim over her shoulder as he groaned at Tanya for dropping her suitcases and bent down to pick them both up. “I can’t believe after all the waiting and marking days off on the calendar, we’re finally heading on holiday!” Tanya smiled brightly while pulling back. You both jumped up and down excitedly, allowing the excitement to overtake you for now. You knew that when you would meet the rest of Tanyas friends, you would definitely turn back into your shy self.

“Neither can I! And you’ve been here before! I’ve never even travelled as far as Greece, this is such a new and exciting experience..I’m so excited Tan! There’s going to be so many things to do! Beaches, swimming, ice scream, sun bathing, relaxing!” You babbled whilst Tanya nodded her head quickly in full agreement with you. “Trust me Y/N, your going to absolutely love it..I can feel it..” Tanya winked laughing her adorable laugh. “Oi! You can both have a wonderful chat on the plane over there! But if we stand here all day, we’re not going to have the opportunity of having that chat!” Jim chuckled shaking his head and began packing the suitcases in the boot of the taxi. “Oh hush!” Tanya giggled while leading you both into the taxi to continue the conversation. Yourself and Tanya sat in the back and began making plans and having a general catch up while poor Jim was left listening to the taxi driver tell his whole life story.


You arrived at the airport and in good time. You all checked in your suitcases and you were currently sitting down in the waiting area whilst Tanya and Jim went to grab some coffees for themselves. You scrolled though your Twitter accounts and even managed to message your mum who texted you ‘Have a great time and a safe flight over, we will miss you and remember no boys! Xxx’ You rolled your eyes playfully and laughed to yourself knowing your mum was always one for joking. Maybe while you were over in Santorini, you might make friends with a cute boy. You shook your head at your thoughts and sank back against your chair. This holiday was for relaxing, making new friends and overall just enjoying yourself and letting go of the stress and worries you have on your shoulders.

Time passed and it was now ten to six and you were sitting in the plane beside Tanya who’s telling you every detail of what you would be doing in Santorini, for example, like heading to the beach, going for evening meals, heading to an amazing spa and shopping! You couldn’t wait! It all sounded so exciting and you just couldn’t believe that you were actually heading off on holiday, it all felt so surreal.

“Passengers please put on your seat belts and get yourselves comfortable as we are now heading off to your destination. There will be air hostesses walking up and down the aisles and they’ll answer your questions or get you food and drink. We hope you enjoy your flight with us today.” The pilot announced over the planes intercom, the engine roaring to life. You relaxed back against the chair and gazed out the window momentarily and watched soar off into the sunset to your holiday destination.


Yourself, Tanya and Jim have arrived in Santorini and wow, this place was absolutely amazing! There were beautiful exotic flowers everywhere, the sun was beaming down on you and there wasn’t a cloud in the beautiful bright blue sky. You were currently sat in a cab, driving to your holiday home. Tanya was taking many pictures with her professional camera and you laughed at her excitement. You couldn’t believe that you were actually here! Never, not even in your wildest dreams would you have ever imagined you’d actually be on holiday in such a beautiful country.

You arrived to your holiday home and gasped, your jaw dropping at the sight before you. There was a beautiful white house with two large double wood doors. Yourself and Tanya squealed with excitement and you both raced inside before you both jumped and screamed in shock. “SURPRISE!” shrieked six people popping some party confetti. “You guys are here!? What!? How!? Oh my gosh!” Tanya gasped whilst wrapping her arms around all of the six people immediately. You tilted your head in confusion knowing you only thought it was two couples going to be here with you. You smiled shyly and shoved your hands into your pockets whilst watching the sight before you take place. “Let me introduce you to Y/N” Tanya smiled making all of them line up. “This is Zoe and Zoe this is Y/N” a petite brunette with blonde highlights and shortish hair smiled at you whilst shaking your hand. “It’s so nice to meet you! Tanya never shuts up about you!” She giggled whilst looking at you. “This is Alfie..” Tanya nodded to a tall guy with jet black hair slicked back. “Hey I’m Alfie..Its nice to meet you..” He grinned shaking your hand. “This is Marcus and Niomi..” You smiled at the couple who both shook your hand. Marcus was rather tall and was sporting glasses and Niomi was if average height. She had beautiful long hair. You instantly felt insecure, you were going to be living and be surrounded by three beautiful girls whilst you were wearing a no make up look today unlike the rest of the girls. You looked down at yourself and shuffled along to the next person. “And this is..Joe?” Tanya seemed surprised herself. “Hi I’m..Joe..Its really nice to meet you..” A soft voice spoke out, you looked up to the stranger and felt your breath catch in your throat.

Tactical Mistake

Part 1 of A+ Secrets

Summary: A certain off-limits professor comes into your work the day after a night of flirting.

Word Count: 1966

Warnings: None

A/N: I started this series the same week I started this blog. For some reason, around Christmas time there were a lot of Professor!Dean oneshots and series and I just kinda needed my own Professor!Dean. But back then I couldn’t finish a longer story to save my life (Thank you Spotlight for showing me that I could!) and now that I can, I’m having some very Professor!Dean feelings again so… And once again, enjoy the angsty backstory. One of these days I might write something without angst.

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

“Jody, do you have Frank’s chart from yesterday?” You asked your coworker. “I need to double check his refraction. I think I put it in wrong.”

Jody rifled through the stack of charts next to her. “I think so just let me—here it is!”

“Great, thanks! I’ll bring it back as soon as I’m done.”

“Don’t get too distracted,” she replied knowingly.

“Distracted?” You replied cautiously. There was no way she could know what happened in your mythology class yesterday. Or, rather, after your mythology class yesterday. And again at the bar that night.

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Joe Sugg imagine || Eiffel Tower. ||

Anonymous said:

Could you do an imagine where there’s a YouTuber trip to Paris with zalfie and Caspar etc. And Joe proposes to y/n on top of the Eiffel Tower and everybody else knows he is going to do it and then they all celebrate?? Love your imagines!!!

- - -

“We are … The biggest lot of tourists right now.” You muttered standing in a line up for the elevator to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, most of you had, had intentions of walking up the tower until you realised how lazy most of you actually were… And tired. Even health kicked Marcus had shaken his head at the stairs and stood behind Joe and yourself holding hands with Niomi.

“Cute tourists, though.” Tanya glanced back at you with a bright smile, Jim’s arm was around her waist lovingly.

“Very cute.” You agreed with Tanya who always looked so bubbly and happy.

“Yeah, but I’m married to the cutest one – no offence, guys.” Alfie said grinned from the front of the line waiting for the elevator to come back down from the top, he lent in and gave Zoe a quick kiss who blushed a soft pink and giggled.

“Oh you wish, Deyes.” Caspar rolled his eyes scoffing at him, while smiling. “Everyone knows Josh and I are THE cutest.” He put his arm around Josh’s shoulders pulling him into him as Josh struggled to free himself, jokingly of course – they weren’t together.

Everyone laughed, except Joe who just kind of smiled a little bit, which made you curious. Joe hadn’t been acting entirely like himself since you all arrived in France yesterday morning.

“Are you okay?” You asked him, like you had asked him this morning and yesterday evening and afternoon, feeling like was wrong he wasn’t telling you about.

Which concerned you since Joe told you everything, you had been together for a very long time and the best of friends before that since you were children.

“Fine – just kinda tired.” He answered you, before biting the edge of his bottom lip and glancing back to his phone, “jet lag, maybe.” He wasn’t looking at you, knowing you knew that was a horrible reason.

Your eyebrows knitted together, France was only an hour ahead of England. “Okay…” You said lowly, just accepting the answer.

Getting into the elevator, “here we go, guys!” Jim said holding his vlogging camera at himself with a big smile. “Eiffel Tower!” He exclaimed and everyone seemed to cheer in excitement. “Aren’t you excited, (Y/N)?” Jim turned his camera on you and Tanya giggled a little before trying to stop herself.

“I am … SO excited!” You said bubbly trying not to let the way Joe was acting wreck your short Youtubers trip to France. “Paris est tres beau!”(Paris is very beautiful) You said, being fluent in French you were ecstatic when a France trip came up.

“Hear that guys? She’s SOOO excited.” Jim turned the camera back to himself with a smirk and he winked at the camera, “why did you just wink?” You asked uncomfortably feeling as if you were missing something significant.

“I didn’t! … I mean, something in my eye.” Jim said smoothly casually looking away from you. “Right…” You said eyeing him suspiciously before the doors opened letting you off of it.

You walked around trying to avoid getting in peoples photo, while in awe of how beautiful the view was. “Oh my gosh!” You said standing close to the railing look out onto Paris.

It was beautiful, “wow.” You whispered, “Selfie!” Zoe came up to you grinning brightly, you put your arms around each other and she snapped a picture of you two both smiling.

“Babe, will you take a picture of me?” Joe asked carefully with a smile, “of course.” You said as he held out his phone to you, he stood by the edge fixing his leather jacket and his hair.

“Joe, you look fine.” You laughed a little bit at him, opening the camera on his iPhone, you held it up.

“Shit, shoes undone.” Joe said disappearing from the phone’s camera frame quickly. “Joe, you can’t see your shoes in the picture!” You laughed, taking the phone away from your face to look down at him.

You almost dropped his phone as your eyes widened.

Joe was on one knee, holding a red velvet looking ring box opened at you, the diamond inside of it glittered from the Sun above you.

“…” You tried to say something but no words came from your mouth as you kept staring at him and he looked the most nervous you had ever seen Joe in his life.

“(Y/N)…” He trailed off, clearing his throat; “I usually don’t have trouble with words… As you know, I talk – a lot.” He said which made you let out a small breathless laugh and a half nod. “But finding the right words to say right now … It’s been a struggle. Not because there isn’t a ton of things I wanna say… I just want this to be memorable. - I mean right now it’s starting off like every other speech, I think.” He stammered.

“I love you, I think you know that. But I plan on spending the rest of my life letting you know that I do, from bringing you a morning coffee to kissing you good night before we fall asleep and everything in between.” He smiled as you were melting into a large puddle.

“I can’t say that life has gotten better since you walked into it – because you’ve always been in my life since I can remember. You’ve been my best friend my entire life and my life has been amazing, I think that’s because you’ve always been there.” He winked at you.

“I was going to write a list of things I loved about you – but I couldn’t find a roll of paper long enough. Then I was going to make a video listing everything I loved about you – but there wasn’t a memory card big enough. I just want you to know… If you say yes, to the next question I’m going to ask you – I promise, no one will work harder then I will to remind you how much I love you and cherish you.” He smiled carefully.

“(Y/N), will you do me the biggest honour of my life and marry me?” He asked now, watching you – his eyes scanning through yours.

Everyone was silent around you, eyes on you waiting for your answer to Joe who was waiting nervously.

You brought your hands up wiping some tears from your eyes, nodding quickly. “Yes! Yes!” You said quickly and relief washed over Joe as he stood up quickly and cheers surrounded you both.

Joe walked up to you, smiling he took your left hand into his and carefully slide the ring onto your ring finger, looking up at you he had tears in his own eyes of happiness.

You both breathlessly laughed at each other, before he put his arms around you, pulling you close against him, your hands held his face as you kissed him deeply.

Joe picked you up off the ground carefully as you were both still kissing and he spun you both around lightly in happiness, before setting you down again.

“Hey – hey, don’t cry.” Joe whispered seeing more tears streaming down your face and you sniffed. “Sorry.” You whispered, before you both kissed again, pulling away you glanced up seeing a stream of confetti floating down around you both and you glanced behind your shoulder seeing your group of friends with handfuls of it throwing it upon you, they were all holding a single red or pink rose,

Zoe stepped up first grinning. “Joe loves your eyes.” She said softly, kissing your cheek as she handed you the rose, “welcome to family.” She added walking by you as Alfie came up to you, “Joe loves your smile.” He handed you another rose, winking at you, walking on to join Zoe. “Joe loves your laugh.” Tanya said, hugging you close before she handed you a rose, grinning.

Each of your friends had come up to you, smiling and telling you something Joe loved about you and handing you a rose until you had eight roses, four pink and four red.

You were in a state of awe and shock, turning around seeing all your friends standing by Joe, who was smiling brightly, holding four more roses, two red and two pink.

He held them out to you, “a girl needs a complete dozen.” He smiled at you. “Oh my god.” You whispered, taking them carefully. “You guys knew!” You clued in at your friends who were all smiling and recording, “of course we did!” Caspar laughed.

You had all come to the Champagne bar on the top of the tower to celebrate, “thank you guys, so much – this as been amazing.” You couldn’t find the words to show how thankful you were, you were sitting of course beside Joe, holding hands below the table.

“You’re welcome, sweetie – we love you. We were honoured when Joe asked us to be a part of this.” Tanya smiled as the others nodded.

“Thank you.” You said again feeling like you couldn’t say it enough, you turned your head looking at Joe, you smiled and puckered your lips slightly as he lent in kissing you quickly. “Love you.” He said softly. “Love you, too.” You smiled.  

What If?

Anonymous asked: Are you still taking prompts for one-shots? If you are can you please make a cute phan/tronnor/jaspar crossover thing by any chance? Thanks!

A/N: here we go, let’s hope you like the way I did this! I wanted some high school au for once, so this is what y'all are getting. it’s a lil cheesy but still 😁


Joe Sugg was popular. In fact, one of the most popular boys in school. Girls fawned over him, teachers loved him (to an extent; who could really stay mad at Joe Sugg even after he flooded the classroom?), and he had tons of friends. He wasn’t the first Sugg to have a reputation, his older sister was beloved by everyone in the school. His friends, the other ‘popular kids’, consisted of Alfie Deyes, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, his sister, and Louis Cole. There was one other friend he had, one that didn’t exactly fit into the popular kids; Caspar Lee. Sometimes he didn’t know where Caspar stood, what friend group he really associated himself with. Joe knew he wasn’t one of them, the popular kids, but that was where his knowledge ended.

Dan Howell was far from popular. He was nerdy, but he embraced it all (no matter how other people treated him). He was snarky, got decent grades, and kept himself to a small group of friends. Louise Pentland, Jack and Finn Harries, Cat Valdes, and Phil Lester. Oh, god, Phil Lester. That boy was practically an angel and they had been best friends for as long as Dan could remember. That boy was also blind to how his best friend really felt.

Connor Franta was what they called a social butterfly. He was artsy and adored photography, and could get along with just about everyone. His closest friends included Tyler Oakley, Lilly Singh, Bethany Mota, Hannah Hart, Joey Graceffa, and Marcus Butler. His best friend was Troye Mellet, the boy who sang beautifully and Connor had no idea how he ever got so lucky to have the boy from Perth by his side as his partner in crime.


Caspar Lee leaned against the lockers, listening to Tyler, Troye, and Zoe. Now, all of them were from different groups, but Caspar didn’t seem to mind it too much. Zoe was close to him, even though he wasn’t exactly popular, and both Troye and Tyler had made friends with him rather quickly. He smiled, laughing along to what they said. Something along the lines of a party Zoe went to the weekend before, when Connor came up next to the group.

“Hey, what’s up you guys?”

“Zoe was giving us all the details of some party she went to last weekend,” Troye replied, smiling over at the older boy.

“Ew, I heard that party sucked.” Tyler shook his head, arms crossed with a grin. “Don’t know how she had any fun.”

“Piss off, Tyler,” Zoe laughed, pushing strands of her hair away from her face. “I’ve got to go meet my brother and friends, I’ll see you later, Caspar.”

“See you, Zoe,” Caspar called after her, smiling. “I’ll see you guys later.” The taller boy gave a wave as he pushed himself off the lockers, walking down the hall.

“I’d say it’s about time for us to go, y'all,” Tyler said, turning to his two best friends. “If Connie Frannie didn’t find us so late we could chat more.”

“Hey! I got held up with Bethany and Hannah.”

“Oh, honey, I’m teasing!”

Troye nudged Tyler’s arm, laughing. “Let up, Tilly, it was an easy mistake.”

“Mistake my ass, Troye boy. I thought you’d be on my side!” Connor laughed, shoving his best friend’s side as they started walking away.

“I always am, Con!”

“You’re such a liar, Troye.” Connor laughed, before taking the opportunity to hop on the taller boy’s back. “Take me to class!”

“Oh my- fuck, Con, give me some warning before you jump on my back!” Troye grinned, holding the older boy up.

“See you next period, Ty!” Connor called, laughing softly as they headed down the hall.

Tyler grinned, shaking his head. “Those two idiots.”


Joe found himself daydreaming in the middle of class, staring off into the distance. Also at someone, but that wasn’t the point. Okay, maybe it was, but who could really tell? He snapped back into reality when a friend of his clapped in front of his face.

“Hey! Earth to Joe Sugg. Come back down from space.”

He blinked, his head jerking back slightly as he made a face. “What is it, Alfie?”

“Dude, you’re staring into space. Again. Or…maybe it’s at that girl over there.”

“Fuck off, Alfie.” That earned Joe a laugh from his friend, and he glanced towards the other side of the room again, his eyes landing on the same person as before. Joe found himself smiling, watching the way the person went about their work. It was endearing.

“Joseph Sugg, are you checking him out?”

Joe sat up straighter, his cheeks heating up as he looked over to Alfie with a glare. And Alfie had that god damn shit-eating grin on his face. “Once again, fuck off, I’m not checking anyone out.”

“That blush of yours begs to differ.”

“Shut up!”

“Mr. Sugg and Mr. Deyes, please pay attention. You can have your conversations after class.”

Both Joe and Alfie looked up at their teacher, nodding (both of them fully embarrassed) and mumbling an apology.

“I swear to god, if you weren’t dating my sister and we weren’t friends, I’d punch you.”

Mr. Sugg. Quiet, please.”

“Sorry, sorry. I’ll keep quiet.” He glared over at Alfie, watching the other boy grin back at him. The laughing from the other side of the room didn’t go unnoticed by Joe either. He knew that laugh; Caspar Lee.

The class ended early, leaving ten extra minutes for the students to talk. Alfie was sat on top of Joe’s desk, nudging his friend.

“You were totally checking him out. You literally always do.”

“Alfie, he’s a friend, don’t get the wrong idea.”

“Hey, at least you’re not denying it. ‘Cause you practically eye-fuck him all the time.”

“I do not!”

The pair continued to bicker, something catching Joe’s attention that made him stop talking.

“He looks like a fucking pineapple.”

He and Alfie both turned at that, finding the owner of the voice; Dan Howell. Dan was talking to Cat Valdes and Phil Lester, the trio glancing over towards Caspar and laughing to themselves.

“The fuck is his problem? That’s unnecessary.”

Dan raised an eyebrow, having heard Joe’s comment and looking over at him. “Is there something you want to say to me?“

“Yeah, any reason you-”

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down. We don’t need to cause a scene,” Phil said with a bright smile, sitting in the desk Dan sat on top of and pushing his wide-rimmed glasses up. He nudged his best friend, as if to tell him to just drop it.

Alfie looked down at Joe in his seat. “Joe, you look like you’re about to punch Howell. Chill out. Besides, that’s not even an insult.”

A blush overtook Joe’s face; why was he suddenly this protective over Caspar? Sure, they were friends, but he never expected to get affected by something that insignificant. Alfie was right, Dan’s comment was harmless. So why was he suddenly so ready to defend him?


Dan Howell stood at his locker after class, switching his books when he felt someone nudge his shoulder. He glanced over his shoulder, smiling a bit when he saw Phil.

“Hey, Phil. You prevented Joe from punching me earlier, thanks for that.”

The way his best friend smiled warmed his heart and gave him butterflies as he laughed. Phil Lester was practically an angel, and yet no matter how hard Dan tried, Phil didn’t see how he really felt towards him.

“Of course! You’re my best friend, Danny.” The nickname sent shivers down Dan’s spine. It would have made him feel good that Phil used that nickname, but the rest of the sentence made him frown. Phil really did only see him as his best friend, and that hurt Dan’s heart to think about.

“Dan…Dan, what’s wrong?” Damn Phil’s ability to read him like a book.

The bell rang, students heading off to their next class.

“Everything’s fine, Phil, don’t worry. We have to get to class.”

“We can be late. Tell me what’s going on. I care, Dan, you know that. I wanna help.”

Dan clenched his fist, shutting the door of his locker. Did he really not realize it? Phil wanted to help, but he seemed so clueless to the situation at hand. “You’re absolutely clueless,” Dan muttered, glancing up at Phil.

Phil’s eyes widened in confusion. “Dan-”

“No. No, it’s been years, Phil. Years! And you’re still absolutely fucking clueless! You want to help, but you haven’t been able to even acknowledge it.”

“Dan, talk to me. What are you on about?”

Dan ran a hand through his fringe, letting out an irritated sigh. “You want to know? Fine, I’ll fucking tell you. It’s been years, and you haven’t noticed that I see you in a fucking different way. That I feel something you clearly don’t. You haven’t realized how god damn obvious I’ve been. Phil, I’ve-”

Dan let out a surprised gasp when he realized what was happening. Phil Lester was kissing him. And it was far better than he ever imagined it would be.

“Dan,” Phil mumbled as he pulled back, lifting a hand up to cup his cheek. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”

Dan’s heart raced, his eyes widening in shock. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“‘Cause I didn’t know if-”

“If I really did like you, right?”

Phil laughed. “Yeah. I’m a bit oblivious, but I promise I did notice! I just…didn’t want to get my hopes up.”

“You’re such an idiot.”

“You love me.”

Dan smiled wide, his dimples were clearly showing as he gripped the fabric of Phil’s flannel. “Yeah. I do. Oops?” He mumbled and laughed softly, tugging the older boy back in to keep kissing him. Skipping one class wouldn’t hurt too bad.

A pair of boys came down another hallway, one of them peeking around the corner.

“Look! T, they’re finally a thing!”

Troye looked around the corner with a wide grin as he saw Dan and Phil making out against the lockers. “Finally. Looks like Tyler and Marcus owe us money.”

Connor laughed softly, nudging Troye’s shoulder. “Hey, be happy they came to their senses. Yes, we had a bet, but their happiness is much more important and precious, don’t you think?”

“You’re such a fucking sap, Con.”

“You know you love it.”

Troye rolled his eyes, looking back at Connor. “I never said that.”

“But you were thinking it!”

Troye laughed, shaking his head. “You’re such a dork, oh my god.”

Connor smiled, kissing his cheek. “Your dork and your best friend. You can’t get rid of me.”

“Wow, using the best friend card on me!”

“Of course I am. Come on, let’s go. We don’t want to interrupt them.“

“Am I carrying you ag-” Troye didn’t get to finish his question as Connor jumped on his back. Again. “Of course I am,” he laughed.

“I’m lazy today, deal with it.”

Troye rolled his eyes and smiled. His best friend and partner in crime was an absolute dork, but he still loved him with all his heart.


“Joe, you like him! Stop denying it!”

Joe could have sworn that he heard that fifty times in the past five minutes. His friends were trying to get him to admit it, but Joe was far too stubborn.

“Tanya, come on, you can’t be serious.”

“We all see it, Joe.”

Zoe sighed, looking over at her younger brother. “Especially when you two are always all over each other at parties, that’s kind of hard to miss.”

“You basically fuck around with him, and you can’t keep messing with his head,” Alfie pointed out. “He’s your friend, you can’t take that for granted.”

Joe turned to Alfie, then to the others. “How did you know about that?”

“Joe, we see you two at parties. Also, we see how you look at him,” Jim replied.

Tanya nodded, resting a hand on Joe’s shoulder. “There’s a party tonight. You should talk to him about all this.”

Louis chuckled. “You’re not that subtle. You have to own up to this and stop messing with him. Either you want a romantic relationship or you want to stay friends, but you can’t lead Caspar on like this.”

Joe ran a hand through his hair, frowning. Leading Caspar on? Shit, he hadn’t thought about that. He and Caspar were basically friends with benefits, they fucked around at parties, they had fun. But Joe hadn’t realized that it could really impact Caspar, or himself, this way.


The music could be heard from outside. There were clearly tons of people there (everyone who was anybody was inside that house and then some). It’s a party thrown by Mamrie Hart herself. Of course it was like this.

Joe navigated through the house, having gotten a text a few minutes earlier.

From Cas💛: come find me, just got here a few minutes ago ;)

With that text, Joe was on the move. Who knows where Caspar could be? Certainly not Joe, this was a giant guessing game. The kitchen was where Mamrie herself stood with Tyler Oakley and Hannah Hart, the three of them giggly and taking shots.

Check. Not there.

Joe slipped through into the living room; tons of people were in there. He recognized that girl Louise talking to his sister and Alfie. He saw Connor and Troye laughing, the older of the two had a drink in hand. They were off to the side of the room, and at least they were having a good time. He could hear them talking, laughing and teasing each other.

“Ooh, Connie Frannie, getting drunk!”

“I am not! Besides, someone has to be the designated driver for Tyler. You’re not even old enough to do it, Troye boy.”

“Give me like, a year, love, I’ll be driving all you around.”

Joe’s nerves were getting the best of him. He wanted, no needed, to find Caspar.

“If you’re looking for the pineapple, he’s not down here.”

Joe turned around swiftly and was faced with both Dan and Phil. He was staring at them in shock; how the hell did they know he was looking for Caspar?

“Stop staring at me like I’ve just sprouted fucking wings, Joe, he’s somewhere upstairs,” Dan repeated, raising an eyebrow and pinching the bridge of his nose. “It’s your friend, clearly you’re looking for him.”

“I…thanks, Howell,” Joe muttered before he was heading out of the room.

“He acts like he’s not obvious about it, especially at parties.”

“Says the one who only realized earlier today that there was something more between us.”

“Hey, I said I was sorry, Danny,” Phil laughed, nudging his best friend.

Dan rolled his eyes, smiling and elbowing Phil’s side. “You’re an idiot.”

“But I’m your idiot.”

“That just makes it sound worse.”


Joe took two steps at a time as he made his way up the stairs. He was lucky he didn’t trip and fall. That would have been an interesting story to explain to Caspar. He saw Joey Graceffa and Ingrid Nilsen with Ricky Dillon, Lilly Singh, and Daniel Preda as he searched for the younger boy. He gave them a quick hello and a smile, opening the door to one of the rooms.

“What took you so long?”

Joe let out a laugh, smiling up at the taller boy as he shut the door behind him. “You made me search the whole fucking house. Caspar, the only reason I found you quicker was because Dan mentioned you were up here.” He watched Caspar laugh along with him, taking a step forward and tugging Caspar closer by the belt loops so they were almost touching.

Caspar tilted his head to the side, confusion covering his expression. “You look like there’s something wrong…? Maybe?”

Joe chuckled, shaking his head as he looked down at his hands. “Cas…what am I to you?“

“That’s a weird question, Joe.”

“But a genuine one, you fuck.”

Caspar smiled, his cheeks heating up as he thought about it. “My super popular best friend that makes out with me quite a bit.”

“What would you say if…I didn’t want to fuck around with you the way we do anymore?”


“I’m not pranking you, Caspar. I…I just- god, never mind, maybe I shouldn’t-”

Caspar cut him off, closing the gap between their lips. “Talk to me, Joe. What the hell is going on?”

“I just…I know all this is fucking with your head. And it’s messing with mine too. I don’t want to keep leading you on like this, Caspar, it’s really going to end up hurting both of us if we don’t do anything.”

Caspar frowned, clearly worried as he cupped the shorter boy’s cheek. “What do you want, Joe?”

Joe let out an irritated sigh, looking up at the taller yet younger boy. “You, Caspar, I want you. But I can’t let our relationship stay the way it is right now. We can’t keep making out and fucking at parties when we’re lonely.”

“So…does this make us official, then?”

“Honestly? I have no fucking clue. But this is way better than friends with benefits.”

“Promise you’re not pranking me?”

“For fucks sake, Caspar-”

“I’m just checking!”

Joe smacked the taller boy’s chest lightly, laughing. “You’re a goddamn idiot, Caspar Lee,” he mumbled, leaning up to kiss him and pulling Caspar down with his arms wrapped around his neck. He felt Caspar push him back towards the door, locking it and pressing Joe up against the door to keep kissing him. With the door locked, the pair could get down to what they always do; just now…it was official.

Things finally seemed perfect.

Universal//Joe Sugg

Requested by anon:
I really love your writing!! Could you do another Joe sugg imagine where you and Joe are together and you and the other you tubers (zalfie, janya and narcus) and you and Joe are just being really cute whilst waiting for rides and stuff please also involve Caspar thank you 😊😊

Sure anon. I like this request it seems cute so I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much. x

Theme parks had always been one of your favourite things as a child, and as you grew up that fact didn’t change. You especially loved visiting with your YouTube friends who always made everything 10 times more fun. Someone all 9 of you managed to cram into the back of a taxi on the way to the theme park. You were visiting Universal, somewhere you’d always wanted to visit, and you couldn’t pass up the chance now that all of you were staying in a hotel barley 10 miles from it.

Everyone clambered out of the taxi cab, and once you’d all sorted how much everyone had to chip in (complete nightmare) you took your boyfriend, Joe’s hand, and your group began to enter the theme park. For a minute your inner child took over and you jumped up and down, letting out a screech of excitement. Joe, still holding onto your hand turned and chuckled at you “I think someone’s a little excited.” He joked and you grinned at him. “What can I say, my inner child decided to make an appearance today.” He gave you a huge smile, before bopping the end of your nose with his index finger. “You’re so bloody cute, you know that right.” You nodded in agreement. “Oh don’t worry, I know.” You winked, and soon you were at the front of the line, so paid and entered the theme park along with everybody else.

After a bit of deliberating, you decided on a ride to go on first. The followed the crowd as you, Joe, Jim, Tanya, Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Niomi and Caspar raced to take your place in the rather lengthy looking line. You were sure that you had never seen so many people vlogging at once as everyone got there cameras out at first chance to update their viewers. You did the same. “Hello everyone, so as I said earlier we are now at Universal studios.” Joe then came and rested him head on your shoulder. “Oh hello.” You said, a little smile creeping onto your face. “Hello.” He replied kissing your cheekily softly. “Oh god, you two are insufferably cute!” You turned the camera to face Jim who was looking to you with a sly smirk. “I mean it’s adorable but totally enviable.” You chatted to Jim with your vlogging camera a little more, before placing it back into your bag. Joe then took you by surprise by wrapping him arms around you from behind and nuzzling his nose into your hair. “I love you.” He says simply, and you reply. “I love you too Suggy.” You then turned around in his arms to face him, as you leaned up against the metal railing one either side of the Que. His arms were still wrapped tightly around your waist. You reached up slowly to place a gentle kiss on his temple, before brushing through his fluffy hair with your hand. The line began to move forwards so you and Joe broke apart and linked hands instead. PDA was never something that had bothered you anyway. “You scared babe?” You asked, leaning back up against the railing, placing one hand on his. chest, the other on the railing to hold you up. His hands going to either side of you on the railing to hold himself up. “A little.” He admitted, you knew fully well about his rollercoaster fear. “It’s okay you can hold my hand. I’m scared too.” You whispered. Your loving gaze was broken by Caspar gently pushing you forwards. “Yes this is all very sweet but the line just moved and I want to get on this ride. You hadn’t even noticed that Caspar had been stood behind you by himself. "Aw Casp, I didn’t even realise you were there, I’m so sorry.” You said, genuinely feeling bad. “No it’s okay, I’m used to it now.” He said, fake crying and wiping under his eye. Both you and Joe let out a laugh. “I keep telling you I can give you some girls numbers who are very eager to meet a handsome single guy.” You punched his arm jokingly.
“Oi, less of the handsome you, I’m the handsome one.” Joe insisted and you smiled. “Of course you are honey.” Joe smiled satisfied. “And besides, Caspar is too much of a slut to get a girlfriend.” He joked.

After everyone had taken their turn on the ride, you went on a couple more, before deciding to go and get something to eat. Everyone squashed into a large booth in a cute little on site diner. Joe sat on one side of you, and Zoe on the other. “Hi Y/N I feel like I haven’t really got a chance to speak to you today.” Zoe began. “I know, how are you?” You asked. “I’m good thanks. How are you doing, Joe not driving you crazy yet?” She asked. You were so glad you and Zoe had such a great relationship. You actually met Joe through Zoe. She introduced to two of you to each other and you hit it off. “Hey I heard that!” Joe exclaimed, peeking his head around you to glare at his older sister.

You enjoyed what you claimed to be ‘the best hotdog’ you’d ever eaten, and sat sipping on your milkshake. “Where are we gonna go to next?” Niomi asked, taking a look at her map. “Ooh can we go to the Harry Potter part?” Tanya chipped in. “Yes yes that’s one thing I really really want to do!” You nearly shouted. “Alright baby calm down!” Joe said, giving the top of your thigh a pat. “Sorry.” You giggled, grinning at your own excitement.

So that is where you went to next. You stood up and took hold of Joe’s hand. The hot sun was beating down on you, “it’s so hot!” You exclaimed on your walk over. “Like you.” Joe chuckled, at your turned to glare at him to show that you were not impressed by his cheesiness. But you couldn’t help but let a little smile slip through.

When you reached the Harry Potter attraction you couldn’t contain your excitement. You jumped around, looking in every shop window, Joe had to help calm you down. You managed to buy your own wand, before everyone decided to go on the Hogwarts express ride. “I can’t believe I’m going to Hogwarts!” You exclaimed. “I’m going to see Draco Mafloy!”
“Yeah and he’s gonna steal my girl which I’m not happy about.” Joe grumbled, as you and everyone else entered the compartment. “Don’t worry Joe, not even Draco Malfoy could take your place in my heart.” You said, placing your hand on your chest over dramatically. “That’s my girl.” He said. Before pressing his lips to your in a soft kiss. “Excuse me! No physical contact on the Hogwarts Express please.” Caspar joked, putting on his best British accent. “Marcus burst out laughing from beside you. "You just got told.”

A/N: I hope this was okay anon. Don’t forget I do take requests for anything in my bio. ☺️

Vidcon Love - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part Four)

“So Y/N and Joe? Sitting in a tree? K-I-S-S-I-N-G?” Zoe smirked giggling along with the girls as she sang out the rhyme making you nudge her under the table since Joe was only three tables away from yours. “You were both so cute, I even ship it..he looked very happy just wrapped right around you..” Niomi smiled warmly at you whilst she sipped on her fruity tea. You shook your head and sighed. “We’re just friends!” You exclaimed taking a bite from your sugary cereal you asked the waiter for. “Sure babe, ‘just friends’” Louise grinned at you making you roll your eyes as she gave you a suggestive look and winky face to match her words. “We are though!” You at least tried to explain but no matter how hard you were trying, the girls were catching on to your secret crush on Joe. “Well you looked like a couple to me this morning! Did he kiss you goodnight? Did you guys hook up?” Tanya chimed in asking question after question making you choke on your sweet tasting cornflakes and causing your cheeks to heat up from firstly, the shock of almost choking on your cereal and secondly because of Tanya’s questions that were making the girls bubble up with laughter. “You girls are unbelievable!” You giggled taking a sneaky peak over to Joe, who was engaged in a deep conversation with Alfie and Jim, which made you wonder what they were talking about.

Occasionally, when the girls were wrapped up in their own worlds of conversation, you’d glance over to Joe to find him stealing small glances at you which earned a good few nudges from the boys beside him, but that went unnoticed by you. “C'mon Y/N..you so like him..” Zoe smiled sipping from her tea as all the girls turned to face you again with cheeky looks plastered across their proud faces. “Your both really close, your like the female version of the boy..C'mon just admit it..We all see you stealing glances at him..” Zoe smirked mischievously wiggling her eyebrows at you. Your throat ran dry and your pulse increased in speed, you were considering on telling them as a wave of courage washed over you the way the waves from the sea wash over the sand. You parted your lip just about to tell the girls that you do have a crush on Joe when suddenly Jim apologised to interrupt the conversation to ask Tanya for the room key. This created all of the boyfriends to gather around the table giving you an easy access to scurry away from the girls and their questions. You lost your confidence on telling the girls and you doubt they saw you run since their boyfriends were distracting them. You had to run upstairs to your room to grab your camera anyways and your purse that you somehow managed to leave behind.

While you were journeying your way down the corridor to your room on the eighteenth floor, you suddenly heard a few loud gasps. “Y/N! Oh my gosh it’s you!” You turned to see five girls standing there shaking with their hands covering their mouths. You smiled warmly at them and waved. “Hi lovelies!” You beamed as the five shaking girls slowly made their way over to you. “Oh my gosh! We love you so much! You’re our inspiration! C-can we get a picture with you?” One of the girls spoke up for all of them as the rest stared at you in complete awe. You smiled brightly at all five girls, “Of course! No problem at all! I love meeting my subscribers! It means so much to me that I’ve inspired you..I honestly don’t know how though! I’m not very inspiring!” You blushed and watched the girls take out their phones and some bounce up and down as they disagreed with you and your words. “No Y/N, you’re so carefree and so happy about everything and you never take anything for granted and you always put others before yourself and I find that so, so sweet..and you always put the biggest smile on our faces! You’ve helped me grow in confidence after I watched your video ‘Girl Issues and Dealing with Confidence’ and I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you for that! I’m so happy your my idol..” One girl you discovered her name to be Laura, smiled at you as her hands shook and she almost had tears in your eyes which made you tear up with happiness from he sweet words which made your heart swell up with joy. “You’re all so sweet..I don’t know how to thank you..You and every other subscriber have given me the chance to meet you all and take on new opportunities that I’m so thankful for and I don’t know where I would be without you guys..so thank you so much..” You smiled widely at the girl and gave her a large hug. You took individual selfies with each girl and you made sure that all the girls got a lot of selfies since the poor things were shaking so much, so you tried your best to relax them. You were pouting in some, smiling in others, making crazy double chin faces, and you even took pictures with the girls of you hugging them. And last but not least, you all gathered close together and took a large group picture.

“Thank you so, so, so much Y/N! You’re so sweet! Thank you for everything! Gosh, your even prettier in person!” One of the girls squeaked out as you hugged them all. Your heart was exploding with happiness now and the smile on your face just couldn’t get any bigger at this point! “I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all of your kind words! Thank you so much for your support! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here today..I hope to see you all at vidcon..your all so gorgeous never forget that!” You smiled hugging each girl close, just as you were saying goodbye you heard another voice, an all too familiar voice. “Y/N! I left my camera in my room! And my key! Have you got the key?” Joe asked rushing down the corridor to you and the girls all suddenly froze while Joe came speeding down the hallway to your hotel room. “Oh my gosh! Are you dating!?” One girl gasped with excitement as Joe stopped at your door. “No” “no, no, no, no” you both said in sync as the girls looked at you both in curiosity and shock before they started to whisper about how much they shipped you. You blushed deeply and you could have sworn you saw Joes cheeks colour pink. “J-joe..do you think we could get a picture with you? If it’s not too much trouble..” One of the girls with soft brown hair asked holding her phone up, the rest of the girls doing the same. Joe chuckled and crossed his eyes and made one of those dorky faces he likes to pull at the cameras and when he meets his subscribers, “Of course we can loves! Our selfies are going to be so much better than the selfies you took with this lady though, so she better start improving the selfie game..” Joe smirked and allowed a low chuckle slip pass his lips whilst he poked your cheek making the girls erupt it into 'awhs’ and giggles. “Hey!” You laughed shoving Joe back and you seen him slip you a wink. Joe took many selfies and pictures with the girls before you both waved goodbye to them and grabbed your things inside your room.

“They were lovely..very sweet..” Joe grinned walking downstairs to where Vidcon event was being held. “They were so nice..so cute and adorable..they were just so shy and then when we started taking pictures they got a lot more confident..” You spoke feeling yourself smile at the thought knowing your always in your element when surrounded by your subscribers since you consider them your family. “I wonder if there’ll be any {your/ship/name} rumours..” Joe let out a small chuckle while grinning sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah..I guess it looked real since we are sharing a room..” You agreed nodding your head, taking deep breaths to try and calm your quickly beating heart that was racing at the idea of you and Joe being in a relationship. You couldn’t let him know that you had a crush on him! Heck! He’d laugh in your face if you told him that! You had to bite the inside of your cheek to calm yourself and your wild imagination down.

Yourself and Joe walked down the hallway into the Vidcon convention together, making small talk about breakfast and where you’d be eating later with the gang but as soon as you walked through the entrance to the convention, your ears were engulfed by loud screams of your ship name with Joe. You looked around the room and even saw some fans with t-shirts with some selfies you took with Joe back in the day and under the pictures it was your ship name with Joe. Your eyes were as wide as two flying saucers, you instantly turned to Joe and watched him scuff his shoes against the floor with a timid smile on his lips. You began walking down down the small red carpet towards your table and seen many girls taking photos of you both.

“You okay? You seem a little..surprised..” Joe whispered very quietly, it was so quiet you almost didn’t catch it. Your breath was still caught in your throat, you didn’t think in your wildest dreams that people would be dressed in shirts with yourself and Joe and begin chanting your ship name with Joe. “I’m fine..I’m just..shocked..I didn’t think there’d be that many people here..” You lied, smiling up to Joe. You were shocked about the shippers that shipped you and Joe. You just still couldn’t believe it. Did that many people want you and Joe to be a couple as much as you did yourself? Yourself and Joe parted from one another and made your way to your tables and already you saw a large line of people waiting for you. Your heart was racing with excitement and for the moment, the thought of you and Joe being in a relationship was pushed to the back of your mind and right now, you were focused completely on your subscribers.


Vidcon Day one was a success! You met hundreds and hundreds of your subscribers! You chatted to them about your channel and what make up you used. You talked about fashion and your favourite bands, and you took hundreds of selfies! You answered their questions and wiped away many happy tears and you even managed to vlog many of your subscribers and most of your day but the one thing at least every one of your fans said to you was 'You and Joe are so cute, please get together!’, 'Are you and Joe dating?’ 'You and Joe are my OTP!’ 'Joe is so into you! You can see it when you video together..’ You couldn’t believe how many people shipped you with Joe and every time someone mentioned Joe to you, your heart couldn’t help but do backflips and somersaults. Joe was pretty much in your entire day, and to be quite honest..you didn’t mind one bit.


It came to eight o'clock that evening and you were getting ready in your hotel room. You just finished running your lipstick across your lips and you smiled, very happy with your new fresh makeup. You changed into a white skirt and a black crop top while Joe was getting ready in the bathroom, you slipped into your black stilettos and gave yourself a check over in the mirror. You took out your vlogging camera and turned it on before smiling at the camera. “Hi lovelies! So now I’m just after getting ready for dinner with the crew..I’m wearing just a normal white skirt, it’s almost like a pencil skirt..as you can see it’s straight but smooth..I got this in..River Island a few weeks ago and I’m wearing a black crop top from River Island also..I got my shoes from New Look..” You smiled pointing to the camera to the mirror in your hotel room to show your viewers your outfit, you pointed the camera back at yourself and smiled widely.

“We’re all going out to way at this really cool-” “Y/N! I just got a text from Zoe saying that they’re all leaving for the restaurant but we can meet them there, the place-…woah..” Joe froze holding his phone in his hands. You twirled around on your heels to see Joe leaning against the wall with his jaw dropped. He was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a black t-shirt which you adored on him, because it really showed off his eyes and it gave you a great view of his muscles. You watched Joe’s eyes travel up and down your body as a smirk tugged at his lips. “You look absolutely gorgeous..” He smiled at you, and you felt yourself melt under his words as your cheeks coloured pink. 'Seriously Y/N, you really need to learn how to control your blushing’ you thought as you looked down to the floor and pushed your hair down around your shoulders.

“Thank you Joe..You look quite dapper yourself..” You laughed lightly and turned off your vlogging camera before you took up your clutch and slipped your camera, room key, money and phone inside. “No seriously..You look breath taking Y/N..” Joe whispered taking a small step towards you, his hand slowly and cautiously reaching out to your arm. Your breath caught in your throat, as his free hand began to caress your cheek “You look dazzling..just like the stars..” He talked so quietly, while gazing into your eyes warmly. “But your so much more beautiful than the stars..” He smiled pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear. You couldn’t believe this. Firstly, Joe took great care of you during your flight here to LA. Secondly he made sure you were comfortable with sharing a room and then he offered to sleep on the sofa just for you, but ended up sleeping beside you and getting tangled and cuddled up under the sheets together and now..now he was caressing your cheeks like they were made of fragile glass. Your heart was racing incredibly fast, it was so fast that you genuinely thought it was going to jump up right out of your throat.

“Y/N..I..Oh my god..this is harder than I thought it was going to be..” Joe muttered to himself while tracing gentle patterns into your skin and keeping his gaze on you. You knitted your brows together in confusion and tilted your head to the side. “What is it Joe? You can tell me darling..” You spoke out softly, placing your hand over his one that was resting on your cheek. You were struggling to breathe because of the nerves in your stomach. “I know if I don’t tell you this..I’ll just end up regretting it..But Y/N..I..” Joe mumbled out and sighed in defeat when he couldn’t find the words to say to you to express how he’s feeling and to tell you what’s on his mind. You parted your lips to speak but were instantly pressed up against the wall and shut up by Joe’s lips pushing against yours. Your eyes shut to a close and you felt shocked by his kiss and gasped into his mouth. This felt so magical and overwhelming at the same time. Your arms instinctively wrapped around Joes neck and your fingers ended up threading through his soft fluffy hair. Joe’s hands travelled down to your hips and smoothly placing themselves on the small of your back. Your lips were pressed together deeply with Joes and your lips moved in a gentle sync. You could feel the adrenaline pulse through your veins like electricity and your ears ringing with fireworks. Even though you didn’t want to, you both pulled back to catch your breaths.

Joe was smiling like a proud, confident Cheshire cat. “Y/N I love you..and I have now for years..but I didn’t know if you felt the same way..” He trailed off catching his breath but a smile still evident on his lips. Your heart was exploding with utter joy and happiness and your smile couldn’t grow any wider. After years of crushing in him and dreaming of being in a relationship with Joe, it was all coming together. “Does this show you that I’ve been feeling the same way for years?” You grinned questioning him before you pressed your lips to his. That night you arrived to the restaurant hand in hand, and made your group of friends erupt into large cheers and your subscribers were more than excited! They even got your ship name trending as number one worldwide for three days, and that is how your beautiful relationship blossomed with your boyfriend Joe Sugg.

The End.

Here’s the ending of Vidcon Love! I really enjoyed writing this! It was so much fun! I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing every part! Thank you all so much for reading, liking and messaging me your thoughts on my story, because it really gives me the motivation to write more and it means the world to me! I have plenty more Joe Sugg imagines coming if you’d like to read them?

I’m currently writing http://mrsniamhymurs45.tumblr.com/post/122619753120/sun-sea-and-friends-in-santorini-joe-sugg this new Joe imagine which I’ll be updating really soon if you’d like to read! Thank you all so much for your amazing kind messages! You’re amazing! I love you all xxx

Imagine for roofthatcherjoe 

You and Joe have been for dating for a while now, and you both really loved each other.  Zoe and Tanya can over and bombarded you with tons of stuff like a new outfit and makeup.
“Come on we don’t have much time!” Zoe says pushing you down into a chair.

“What is going on?” I ask sitting down.

“You’ll find out its a secret.’’ Tayna laughs.

After about 20 minutes they both finish my hair and makeup. Okay now go change into this.  It was so fancy.

“Awe you look so cute!” Zoe cheers.

“Alright we have to go!” Tanya says grabbing my arm.

We run out the door and into the car. Tanya sits in the back with me and puts a blindfold on so I can’t see anything. 

“Seriously guys what is all this?” I ask.

“We can’t tell you!” Zoe laughs.

I groan and wait. We drover for sometime and then I think we finally reached out destination.

“Okay don’t take off the blindfold just yet.” Tanya says.

I step out onto a street and wait for their approval.I probably look so stupid right now.

“Okay now you can take it off.” I hear Alfie say.

 I take it off and I see Joe standing there in a tux and smiling at me. I can’t help but smile. I walk over a hug him tight. 

“What is all this for?” I ask.

“It’s for you.” He smiles. “Let’s go.”

You guys went to go have dinner at the nicest restaurant I’ve ever been to. We laughed and had a wonderful time. After dinner we went to walk in the park for a bit.

“So why all this?” I ask.

“Because I wanted to show how much I love you. I really do appreciate you all the shit you put up with because of me. You’re wonderful, and I couldn’t be more happy then when you said yes to being my girlfriend.” He smiles. “The girls and Alfie did most of the planning though.”

“I love you so much.” I smile.

“I love you too love.” He says leaning down to kiss me. 


Hi i hope you like it! Sorry for the wait guys I’ve have 2 more requests to get through! But i hope you enjoy! xx

( sorry it’s short)

Dear B,

Wow. I can’t believe it’s actually been a year since we started this blog. I still remember searching through the Zalfie tag and finding your blog. I was intrigued by your theme and soon messaged you, not sure if you would even agree to talk to me. For all you know, I could have been some catfish, but you took the leap, and for that, I will always be grateful. It was crazy how fast of friends we had become and I’m so glad that I can call you a sister and a best friend.

I remember when we first tried our editing skills, which was probably some of the worst edits in the history of Tumblr. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We came in blind and I’m glad I had someone to experience this with. With this, we learned about GIMP GIFs, and the Photoshop. It was crazy how amazing your edits are now in comparison to the shitty black and white edits with subtle hints of color here and there. I remember just spending countless hours on my plane ride home from Canada just editing pictures and putting them in our drafts.

It’s crazy to think that it has only been a year when we first started our blog. It’s crazy to think that we were overjoyed the moment we hit 100 followers and the endless nights we would spend just waiting until we hit our next thousand. We never did it to brag. This blog was our baby and we were just so proud that we have come so far since the beginning. I never thought our blog would ever become something that I couldn’t imagine my life around. I thought it would be something I’d come look at every once in a while, but I can’t imagine a day without checking up to see if we got new messages, if you posted something funny in the drafts, or see people talking about YouTubers.

There is something beyond this blog and it’s you. Without you, there would only be M. Without you, there would be no pointless-zoella now. Without you, I would have lost hope when it came to life and school and so many other things. You motivated me to be a better person. You showed me tough love, but you were so gentle with me. You love me like a sister and you care for me like family. It’s great to have you around. Without you, there wouldn’t be funny posts in the drafts or edits that came out poorly, like the Tanya Burr one that I can’t stop laughing at. Without you, we wouldn’t have beautiful edits as our sidebar. Without you, I would have not been able to make it through this year on this blog. Without you, I would have been much more sad.

I remember the times where we Skyped until late in the morning and the time we stayed up until we hit 10,000 followers. It’s crazy to see how far we have come and how far our friendship has come. I know we don’t have the time to speak as often now, but I hope you know that I treasure you and this blog oh so much. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings us. Thank you for being such a bright light in my once dark life. I love you to the moon and back, Cereal.

- Your Dimple

To all our of our followers and friends,

We cannot thank you enough for the amount of support you have given us. Thank you for sticking around through all the changes we have made with our blog as well as ourselves. Thank you for always sending lovely messages to us or just telling us about your day. We honestly appreciate the love that we receive. We won’t forget the late nights we spent answering tons of asks about crush advice or when you guys would share your crush stories with us. It’s crazy to think about the close relationships we have formed with some of the people in the fandom. Cheers to this year being an amazing one for you and having more years to share with you guys on this blog.

- B and M