did i ever mention how much i loved

  • Graham Norton about random audience member being interviewed: Ugh whos this guy all bless him he's a bit awkward isn't here i don't even like him i-
  • Interviewer: So you did you like most?
  • Guy: Ooh England!
  • Graham Norton: Did i mention how much i love this guy best audience member ever so good so pure my all time fave

everafterhighfangirl  asked:

Hello 😄 I just found your acount and I love it 😊 How RFA + V & Saeran would react if they figured that MC is famous ice skater?

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m grinning like an idiot, and I apologize, if this isn’t very good, I don’t know very much about ice skating.


  • He’d be so in awe of MC
  • He’d skip class to watch them practice, and would always be very encouraging towards them
  • He would practically take place as their coach
  • He honestly wouldn’t shut up about them
  • “Did I ever mention, my girlfriend?” “Yes, Yoos-,” “They’re a ice skater, very famous too. The look so beautiful when they’re dancing on the ice.”
  • Get a life Yoosung


  • He would be stoked
  • It’s so good for him to have a workout partner!
  • He would ask them to show him the workout routine they do to stay in shape
  • In return he would help MC work on upper body strength and stamina
  • He loves to dance MC’s routines on land
  • Even more he loves to watch MC on the ice
  • His fans love the two of them together


  • This little sweetie
  • She would practically become their manager
  • She’s always making sure that MC has proper balanced meals
  • It’s worse than the whole RFA put together
  • She loves watching practice and is a huge fan
  • She was a fan before they met
  • They get MC’s fan at the café a lot, and MC comes out to greet them every time, thanking them for their support


  • He builds a skating rink in the building.
  • And hires the best coach money can buy
  • He doesn’t really mind that MC is famous, if anything he is relived that they know how to deal with the paparrazi
  • He’s always worried about one of MC’s fans developing an obsession and becoming a stalker
  • Convinces MC to have security guards around them whenever they go out


  • He spent a lot of time watching them practice in the apartment on the CCTV
  • He’s cosplayed as MC before
  • Runs a fan bot for them
  • He’s always really embarrassed when MC makes a comment about him to the press
  • Uses his hacking skills to destroy any haters who gives them stress


  • His favorite activity is watching MC on the ice
  • He loves the colors that bounce off their blades when they land a jump
  • He takes so many photos of MC while they’re skating
  • He loves the harsh contrast of temperature between them when he embraces MC when they come off the rink
  • V deserved better


  • He didn’t know when he chose them
  • But once he was rescued from mint eye MC showed a video they had Seven take of them skating a routine
  • He cried
  • “What is that?” He had croaked while MC wiped away his tears. “It looks like the sky, but you’re on it. You look so happy.”
  • He loves to watch them
  • Never wants to leave while they’re practicing
  • He absolutely hates when MC is in a competition because he doesn’t want his cause of his happiness to be shared
  • At the end of each performance MC dedicates it to him

I am so so so proud of Jimin, we all know how shy he gets when he has to speak in English and how it affects him that he can’t fully express himself to us international Army’s but he sang a whole verse and chorus in English! He did that!

He mentioned in the skit how he didn’t think his contribution was very good but our Mochi did brilliantly and we are all sooooo proud of him and love him more than he can ever imagine