did i ever mention how much i love this show

guess who decided to work on a genderbent design of their skelesona instead of answering asks of actually finishing past unfinished artworks?



okay but this snl truly had everything

  • Leslie in multiple sketches where she was hilarious and I love her
  • Weekend update jokes which didn’t suck?? (mostly)
  • Kate as RBG
  • Pete Davidson on Update (did I ever mention how much I love and support him
  • they didn’t cut the goodnights!!! which I know isn’t a huge thing but idk I just love seeing the cast after the show’s done
Who Killed Markiplier 3

This one was hilarious as well as insightful and I love the Colonel’s little input of Jumanji in there I love that film so much.

But, my first thoughts:

Why was there no lightning when George said murder?

How many other people have died in that house and what does it mean?

How did Celene just know when to show up, and what exactly are her powers? She mentions to Damien that “there’s more to this world than you could ever hope to imagine, I just had my eyes open to a small portion of it.”

There are so many connotations to this one sentence, especially considering what happened to Celene at the end of the episode. The aura around her looks extremely familiar, the red and blue, the fuzziness, it’s very Dark like. We know Mark has already dabbled with characters that don’t obey the law of physics, so whether or not this has anything to do with existing egos, he could be playing with it again.

Damien seems extremely distressed by Celene’s attitude, and he doesn’t want to leave her alone. Why? Does he know something isn’t right with her and he wants to keep an eye on her? Or are they in on something together? She doesn’t seem all that keen to spend time with him, she wants the viewer more than anyone else.

And George has clearly seen this happen before, considering he’s not been inside that house for fifteen years. Celene says that the murder is a footnote in a larger mystery, and it seems to be taking a more paranormal turn, which I actually love tbh. What if the murders open up something in the house, something inside it that isn’t human?



And when you have the vision, you see the future, but everything else you saw was the past, things that had already happened going backwards until you saw George, the Detective pointing a gun at him and Chef holding a light. And the scene is very specific, with “Employers come and go”, so George clearly knows more than he’s letting on. 

I have a feeling Celene isn’t there to help, but to unlock whatever is inside that house. Damien seems genuinely confused by her change in attitude and her being well versed in the arcane arts, and from the pictures from Chapter 2, he’s known her for a while at least.

She wants to speak to Mark, and yet nothing she does brings anyone any closer to speaking to Mark, it seems like she’s trying to use us the viewer to gather information that can be used in the future. We saw another person, which immediately got every single person apart from Damien and the Colonel and the butler of course out of the house, because that meant another suspect. She never made it clear why she had to remain there, and she was adamant she didn’t want Damien to stay, but after his emotional plea, it would have been strange for her to force him to leave.

So what is Celene truly after? 

What’s her true connection to all this?

And what’s really going on inside that house?

My half of an art trade/collab with @sugarlantern! I’m so blessed, I love her art

Leon showing off his sweet nail polish that you can’t see because this has no colour yet

nickysmum1909  asked:

Could you please write #108 with Finn Balor?

#108- “I’m glad you’re mine.” (Finn Balor)

From this drabble list

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

(Finn’s POV)

           Oh, how I loved the way your face lit up when you saw me walking through to the main gates of the airport terminal. The bright twinkle in your dark brown eyes were one of the major reasons I was proud to be home and back in your arms for the next month.

           “Finn, baby! You’re home!” you cheered, jumping into my arms. “I missed you.”

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dating lili reinhart | (would include)

Originally posted by thebugheadfanatic


- lili always showing you her exorcist trick with her neck

- “baby no! i told you it freaks me out”

- taco bell -all- the damn time

- facetime

- lots & lots of texting

- dating the actual meme queen

- always running them by you

- “is this one good babe?”

- “its hilarious”

- because they always are

- spending majority of your time at lili’s apartment

- moving in

- movie days

- ordering in -most- of the time

- but when you don’t you alway cook for her

- “im good with taco bell babe”

- pet names -a lot- of them

- impromptu singing

- being absolute goofballs

- recording each other

- taking silly snaps

- insta lives -all the time-

- “yes yes i know my girlfriends super hot”

- stealing all of lili’s clothes -especially- her caps

- movie nights

- comforting her with her anxiety and depression

- staying in a lot

- especially when she’s feeling down

- you cancel your plans and buy icecream and tounsit on the couch and watch rick and morty

- singing along to the theme song -loudly- and defiantly off key

- cuddles in the bed

- and on the couch

- you literally cuddled everywhere

- even in between takes

- or when someone else is filming a scene

- proud girlfriend™

- flying to vancouver from la often because you miss your girl

- buying her flowers and surprising her on set

- letting her take you around vancouver on her days off -rarely-

- getting along with the whole cast

- especially madelaine and camila

- spending a lot of time with the three girls when you’re back in LA

- coachella with he riverdale gang

- lili taking you as her date to the wrap party

- drunken karaoke

- drunken makeouts

- “i totally ship beronica”

- always wearing each others clothes

- pet names

- long car rides blasting lady gaga

- lili’s lowkey obsessed with gaga

- having a special playlist thats filled with both yours and lili’s favourite songs

- dancing around your shared apartment in your underwear

- “you have a cute ass”

- going with lili to majority of her interviews

- pulling faces off screen to try and slip her up

- open relationship

- proud lili™

- going on joint photo shoots with lili & cole

- camping with the boys

- baking

- food fights

- bite watch reality tv

- watching ever episode of riverdale -multiple- times

- “did i mention how adorable you were in miss stevens?”

- banter!banter!banter!

- teasing -oh god- so much teasing

- pda

- forehead kisses

- neck kisses

- body kisses

- lili commenting on all your ig pics

- visa versa

- playing with each other hairs

- “i miss your brown hair”

- puppy dog eyes 24/7

- getting lili a puppy -well- mostly you because you get so lonely when she has to leave

- celebrating season two pick up on a flight back to ohio

- lili showing you around her home town of cleveland

- her family loving you

- her mum always cooking for you

- meeting her sisters and getting along really well with the both of them

- getting to meet her god daughter

- lili taking a butt load of pictures

- getting to baby sit

- “oh my god, my baby and my baby

- her freaking pups

- so much face licking

- so many cuddles

- happy lili

- cleveland lili

- more live streams

- airplane cuddles

- mandatory taco bell after the airport

- catching up with cami and mads

- girls nights w/ lots of wine and chocolate

- going to events with lili

- protective lili™

- slow dancing

- salsa dancing

- drunk at 2am dancing

- challenging her to a game of pool

- winning

- and being super stoked about it

- hikes

- long tiring hikes

- watching the sunrise

- lili finding a new love for photography

- always being behind the lease

- and all over lili’s instagram and tumblr

- beach days

- working on your tan

- “damn lili, you really wear that bikini”

- laughing -all- the freaking time

- cussing like sailors but not being able to control it

- watching sherk when one of you is feeling down

- “there literally nothing that icecream and sherk cannot fix”

- lili always being right

- stealing the camera from lili and taking a billion shots

- polaroid cameras

- having the film pinned up behind your bed

- photo booth strips

- giggles

- laughing so hard your stomach aches

- helping lili through the hate

- tweeting out and showing them who’s boss

- being a foodie and wanted to go out everywhere with the girls

- “i just want taco bell”

- “what about veggie grill?”

- “madelaine we aren’t going to freaking veggie grill and lili don’t even get me started on taco bell

- "im down with whatever”

- “thank you cami- maybe i should swap girlfriends”

- jealous lili

- apologetic girlfriend

- make up sex

- visiting museums together

- tagging along to mexico

- eating something that isn’t taco bell for a change

- helping lili read lines

- and prepare for press days

- trying to squeeze spoilers out of her

- “so do you know who shot fred?”

- “yes for the hundredth time yes- and no i will not tell you”

- “well does he die-”

- “baby i swear to god if you ask one more time-”

- coffee dates

- because lets face it lili gets no where near enough sleep

- trying new things

- because it’s good for lili’s health

- trying yoga together

- strong advocate for personal space

- your phone being filled with photos of her

- and the same with her

- her vancouver apartment is filled with photos of you

- hating long distance

- but being so in love with your girlfriend

M!Robin/Soren C-S Support

Written by  starciti


Robin: Aha! There you are!

Soren: Excuse me?

Robin: You’re Soren, are you not? Tactician of the Greil Mercenaries?

Soren: That depends. Who’s asking?

Robin: My name is Robin. They say you’re a brilliant strategist, you know.

Soren: Are you trying to bribe me? Flattery is not going to get you anything.

Robin: Peace, Soren. The only thing I want to ask of you is a moment of your time.

Soren: I’ll have to decline. I’m busy at the moment, as you can see.

Robin: Oh? Too busy for, say, a game of chess?

Soren: Chess? Why would I want to play chess with you?

Robin: I’m a tactician myself, you know. And I want to see for myself if you’re as good as they say.

Soren: There’s no need to spend time playing chess, if that’s all you want. If you’re truly so stubborn to be convinced, I suppose I can allow you to look at previous plans of mine.

Robin: I appreciate it, but that’s not what I meant. I want to beat you in chess, Soren.

Soren: Is that so? In that case, don’t bother. You’ll lose.

Robin: Are you truly so afraid of a challenge?

Soren: Quite the opposite, I’ll have you know. But if you’re so desperate for me to prove it to you, I will. As I said, though, I’m busy. Prepare yourself for a swift defeat.

Robin: You’re on!

[Robin and Soren have reached support rank C.]


Soren: Checkmate.

Robin: … Yes, it certainly is. Again.

Soren: You’re surprised?

Robin: Believe me, I wish I was.

Soren: It’s good that you’re not. I told you the first time you challenged me that you wouldn’t be able to best me.

Robin: Don’t remind me. You said it would be a swift defeat, and you weren’t lying…

Soren: I don’t tend to if I don’t have to. You are an interesting opponent, though, I must admit.

Robin: Well, thank you, I think. But I still can’t wrap my head around this. How do you manage to win every time when you open with the same move? You should be predictable, but I just can’t figure it out.

Soren: Hmm. Robin, you know why you keep losing, do you not? It’s painfully obvious.

Robin: What? No, I have no idea. What am I doing wrong?

Soren: Well, tactically speaking… nothing. Your strategies are sound, almost impressive; all you really lack is one thing.

Robin: Oh? And what would that be?

Soren: Sacrifice.

Robin: Excuse me?

Soren: I don’t think you should be surprised. My victories have been swift and plentiful, but look at how many pieces I have, and compare it to your own.

Robin: Ah…

Soren: Are you starting to understand? You’re too quick to throw away strategies because they risk sacrifice. Sometimes, that’s just something you’re going to have to accept.

Robin: I see… well, if that’s the case, then I think I’m going to have to admit a permanent defeat.

Soren: So soon? And after you were so intent on defeating me?

Robin: Well, if the one thing I’m missing is the one thing that I refuse to gain, then I suppose I never will beat you.

Soren: Why do you refuse to accept it? Sacrifice is necessary for the greater good of the army, at times. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you begin to emerge victorious.

Robin: Soren… I won’t deny that you’re a genius when it comes to tactics, but that’s just not something I can accept. These may just be pieces on a chess board, but in battle? That pawn is someone’s life. Someone with a family, with friends, with people who love and cherish them… Any soldier understands that there’s a risk of death, but if I can save someone’s life, I will. That’s not something I’m going to be able to change.

Soren: I see.

Robin: I’m sorry. I know I should take your advice more seriously.

Soren: No need for apologies. You’ve taken my advice and thought it through, and decided against it. Neither of us can change that.

Robin: Right… Well, thank you for your time, Soren. It’s been fun. Perhaps we can continue to play together after this, just for the sake of playing.

Soren: Hmm. I’ll consider it.

Soren: …

Soren: … I swear, that man gets more confusing by the day…

[Robin and Soren have reached support rank B.]


Robin: Soren? Are you sure you’re feeling alright?

Soren: What? Yes, of course, I’m fine. Why do you ask?

Robin: Well, you seem… distracted. You usually call out your moves as you do them, but you’ve been silent for the past few turns. I’m getting worried about you.

Soren: I… I suppose there is something on my mind.

Robin: Oh? We can set aside the match for a bit, if you’d like to talk with me about something.

Soren: I’ve just been meaning to ask you something; are you still frustrated by the fact that you can’t beat me because of your strategies?

Robin: Well, I mean… it’s certainly frustrating. My tactics work on everyone but you; I think I deserve to be at least a little perplexed.

Soren: I see. That’s exactly what I was afraid of.

Robin: Excuse me?

Soren: Your tactics are nothing to be frustrated with. You’ve mentioned in the past that you have a close relationship with the members of your army back home, correct?

Robin: Of course. The Shepherds are practically my family.

Soren: This is exactly what I was referring to. Tactics like mine, they’re effective, but I’m not exactly well-liked because of them. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Robin: Soren…

Soren: But you, Robin, you have nothing to worry about. Your strategies are effective, your men trust you; you have everything a tactician could ever hope for. It’s everything I could ever hope for, certainly.

Robin: Soren, you’re a wonderful person and a brilliant tactician. You know that, right?

Soren: I’m afraid that not many others share your sentiment. If we’re done with this, it’s your move.

Robin: Yes… of course.

[Robin and Soren have reached support rank A.]


Robin: Hello, Soren. Are you busy?

Soren: I always am. But I can spare some time for a match, if you’d like.

Robin: Perfect. I’ve set up the board, if you have some time right now.

Soren: You seem eager.

Robin: Playing with you is always a pleasure, after all. You want the black pieces, I take it?

Soren: It is customary, with us.

Soren: …

Soren: … Robin. Why is there a ring on my pawn?

Robin: Heh, of course you would notice so early. I don’t know why I expected anything different.

Soren: I asked you a question.

Robin: A question that I’m sure you know the answer to. You’re very smart, Soren; surely you can figure out why I’m giving you a ring.

Soren: You must be joking.

Robin: Er… excuse me?

Soren: You can’t be serious, Robin. You can’t… you can’t want to… to —

Robin: Soren, I love you.

Soren: H — Huh?

Robin: You heard me, I know you did. Soren, you’ve taught me so much — about myself, about you, and not to mention about chess and tactics… I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much from one person. You never cease to amaze me; you’re brilliant, and I know you’re a big softie under that cold front you put up.

Soren: Robin, you…

Robin: I want to keep learning. I want you to keep teaching me, showing me things that I’ve never seen before. After all… you’ve already taught me how to love.

Soren: …

Robin: Wh- Soren, are you crying?!

Soren: You… you really are serious, aren’t you?

Robin: Well — yes, of course I am. Why would I lie about this?

Soren: People lie all the time, Robin. It’s what they do. But you… you’ve never lied to me. You’re truthful, you’re determined, and so kind I don’t understand it, sometimes.

Robin: I don’t lie to the people I love, Soren.

Soren: No, I didn’t think you would.

Robin: Soren… If you don’t feel the same way, you can say so. This will probably be our most awkward match yet, but you don’t have to say anything you don’t mean.

Soren: Hold, Robin. You didn’t let me finish.

Robin: …

Soren: To be brief, I’ve not been shown much kindness in my life. The only person who’s ever been nearly as kind to me as you would be Ike. But you show a kindness that’s much different than his. You treat me as your equal, and yet you care about me with a sincerity that I’ve never seen before. It’s… it’s not something I want to let go of. You’re not something I want to let go of, Robin.

Robin: Wait, does this mean…

Soren: Yes, Robin. I will marry you.

Robin: Soren, that’s… ha, that’s amazing! I think you may have just made me the happiest man in Askr!

Soren: An overstatement, I’m sure. Though, I hold the same sentiment.

Robin: I’m glad to hear it. I swear to you, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that I stay by your side.

Soren: That’s all I could ask for. Thank you, Robin. I… I love you.

[Robin and Soren have reached support rank S.]

A Movie Date

REQUEST: Can you do a scenario where reader and Jungkook go to see the movie Beauty and the Beast and reader gets cold during the movie (stereotypical date) and he gives y/n his sweatshirt?

Summary: After a lot of consideration, you let Jungkook take you out on a second date.
Type: Fluff
Members: Jungkook x Reader
Length: 949 words

~Admin Rated M

Originally posted by min-ty

“I don’t think I should go.” You nervously confess.

“What are you talking about?! Didn’t you say this guy was perfect? Tall, handsome, legs to die for?” your friend says with a wriggle of her eyebrows.

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askadragonite  asked:

Morgan: Rawr, that sweater STINKS! Submit to the great and powerful Morgan and you'll earn a much BETTER sweater to show your loyalty to the powerful dragon that they are! Roar!! It's machine washable and really fluffy, yesss!

It’s an offer I can’t refuse!!! FREE STUFF!! Just tell me what to do big boss, I’m all ears!

(The stupid little cat submits to Morgan’s rule!… But not before he rambles on about how much he loves dragons.)

That Thing (Remix)

Originally posted by nekovstokki

Featuring: Yoongi, Suga (BTS)
Genre: Fluff
By: Admin S

As requested (kind of) it’s not necessarily a continuation of That Thing featuring Namjoon, but it’s in the same universe and kind of at the same time. You can read it alone or together =)

Also just a note. I love Haruman (Just One Day) by BTS and especially’s Yoongi’s rap, so this is written with that in mind~ 

In which Yoongi gets tricked into confessing by Hoseok…which turns out to be not so bad at all.  

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Did I ever mention how much I love the episode ‘viva el nomicon’ because

  • Debby Kang
  • Randy acting all cool because he’s 'in the zone’
  • Randy and Howard trying to speak Spanish
  • The little misunderstanding whether their mark is F or si 
  • Debby Kang
  • Howard actually speaking Spanish properly
  • Nomicon’s mean shloomp at the end

anonymous asked:

hello! i really admire you art, and you inspire me a lot. your art has motivated me to draw again after years of art block. i want to know, who are your art influences? ^_^


Thank you for your message! And I’m glad you started drawing again! ‘v’
I actually replies similar question once, but short answer: For compositions in these drawings with backgrounds and all, I’m mostly influenced by John Howe and Donato Giancola (to embarrassing extents, I’m pretty sure I have some works with a composition too similar to some of their works), for characters & poses - by Alphonse Mucha and Egon Schiele
Also not sure how much it shows but for a very long time I was extremely infatuated with art of Ricardo Bessa and http://ohgross.tumblr.com/

(and also, I tend to get influenced by whatever I see so like, all of this)

necess-cereal  asked:

Tbh, the question I ask myself the most is: Does Oda know ZOSAN exists and what's his opinion about it? .... Maybe it's his OTP?

Believe me, he’s the most mysterious mangaka in this world lol you can’t and will never have a chance to guess it right about what he’s thinking of.

But in commercial way, I guess in a very very very high percent that he knows. Oda knows about the existence of ZoSan (aka Zoro x Sanji or even Sanji x Zoro or just the higher level of relationship between these two more than just friends which made up by fans).

He would not know it by himself like kinda shipping things (He’s not a SA/YA mangaka, don’t daydream about Oda get ZoSan in boylove ship), but his secretaries work in his sponsor side/commercial companies will mention him. They might tell him, not just about ZoSan but about other ships too, other things that come from One Piece’s fans. Because, manga isn’t just a masterpiece combine with artwork and writing, it’s futher an industry in Japan. But I don’t think Oda will ship ZoSan or in some purposes drawing out their interaction in manga for us fans, like kinda fan services. He’s not that type, he just makes everything perfect for One Piece - an adventure shounen Manga. He just know about the existence, that’s all.

If you’re telling me about ‘just friend’ of best friend, friendship between Zoro and Sanji when you call out ZoSan in your ask, then I think Oda, he more than just knows about it. He created it. (so that everytime people tell me that Zoro and Sanji hate each other and I’m kinda ‘wait whut, whut did ya say? did you really read the one piece?’)  He perfectly created them, put them in the very strong bond of best friends and rivals in which they fight to understand each other. Their relationship had been showed out very clearly through the Little Garden Arc, metaphorically hidden in the story between two Giant Warriors Dorry and Brogy.

They fought a lot but then gave the very great honor to each other through each day, each moment they had - to the edge of wanting to die under each other hands if they have to, not under any other opponents. OR to die for each others. 

I don’t know how strong Oda thinks about the friendship of ZoSan or how strong he wants to show them to us, which level, which depth, but I’m sure know through many canon details, he wants to show us fans a very very simple but important thing - Zoro and Sanji are not hating each other. Beside in volume 2 of One Piece, Oda did said that he was inspired very much, ever since he was a young boy with a book named Vicke Viking which affected much to the One Piece he created, and what we got here is:

fine, Oda.

very fine.

the way of caring for each others. deeply.

The ending of Thriller Bark is so ton of explosion ZoSan feel so I won’t mention it again here.

I just love how Oda did, I really does. And in my subjectively personal opinion I would say they are a pair, Oda created them a pair. No matter that word ‘pair’ is come from ‘One True Pairing’ (aka OTP) or not. Just read as much SBS as you can and you can get me right when I’m telling that Oda created Zoro and Sanji as a pair like how he love to answer the question about his pair. OMG he even gave out a little time to count how many times of his pair calling each other by name or nicknames

Beside (again) after the new cover of volume 78 of One Piece was informed I got a thought that may be Oda got his fetish in putting Green and Yellow as a pair of whatever (I don’t even know, just a pair okay?)

Sorry for this very damn long post.

TRB in Chicago: My Experience

Hello! I had mentioned the other day that I would be documenting my experience at the BTS concert if anyone wanted to know about it! So here is my experience seeing the concert and also meeting our boys!

Ok….I wanna start off by saying that that has to be the best night of my life. BTS are such showmen and I can’t imagine a better performance from them. Not only was I in the pit, but I also participated in the hi-touch which I’ll get into later.

I just need to saw that the ARMYs at this concert were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. My best friend and I met a really nice girl who sat next to us in the pit and everyone around us was so nice. Every time we managed to bump into each other, everyone was so kind and apologized right away. There was no pushing or anything and I’m so proud to be apart of this fandom.

Now I’m gonna get into the individual members and my experience with them during the show:

Jungkook: Oh my. I have to start with him first because as soon as the lights turned on and I could see him, I lost it. He is soooooo much more handsome in person. Pictures do not do him justice. He loves to make faces and make lots of eye contact with the fans. He would wave and laugh and ugh he was such a breath of fresh air. His English was some of the cutest stuff I have ever heard. He kept telling us he loved us. He also was one of the members that lost in rock, paper, scissors so he had to do aegyo which was basically a lot of cute butt shaking. There were also many VKook moments so that is always appreciated.

Jin:….I don’t think there are enough things I could say about Jin. Being my bias, I was awestruck when I saw him. He may not be the best dancer in BTS but wow he can really perform. He did lots of aegyo and really shined during Just One Day. During that song, he brought out a rose and continued to play with it during the next song. He was shaking the rose to the beat of our light sticks and the rose stem broke in half! He was so cute and confused just staring at it xD He just ripped off the stem and continued his motions….that is until it slipped out of his hands and fell behind him. He is so precious OML. Also, during one of their talks, he mentioned how much he loves Chicago’s pizza. He said it was really delicious and thick…that boy has a way with words xD I could just talk about him forever no lie. I also swear he looked and pointed at me (probably because I was taller than everyone around me) but I could have been mistaken.

J-Hope: He was probably the most impressive live in terms of stage presence. He always hovered on our side of the stage so I always a pretty good view of him and he always looked smiling and happy to be there which really warmed my heart. J-Hope is my best friend’s bias and like I said I THINK Jin looked at me but I KNOW J-Hope looked at her. We both noticed and about died. Also, during Cypher Pt 3 and one other song I can’t really remember which, he sprayed his water all over everyone in the pit. We got hit both times and I really needed it considering how hot it was xD The second time he threw his bottle, I didn’t realize it landed on my seat until the girl in front of me turned around and reached behind me to get it. I was pretty sad but I still got sprayed so I am content. J-Hope and Jimin are like the Kings of fanservice too. Many many butt smacks and cuteness. They were super adorable together. The cypher had to be the most pumped up thing I’ve ever experienced because J-Hope really knew how to get the crowd going. I also about died because they started into cypher pt 2 which is my favorite BTS song of all time but they led it into another song. Such teases. Anyway, he was just an all around amazing person. He even managed to change my mom’s bias from V to him xD

Suga: Going into this concert, I’ll admit that Suga was one of my least favorite members, but after seeing him in person my whole outlook has changed. He is so much prettier in person! I was shocked by how different he looked in person rather than online. His bone structure is seriously no joke. Plus, him being blonde just added to his beauty. He completely slayed the cypher and I was surprised by how great his rapping sounded live. He was the other member besides Jungkook who lost in rock, paper, scissors and had to do aegyo. He was incredibly adorable oml. His English was also suuuper cute. At the end of the concert, when they all were talking, he said he loved us and not to forget him. It made me wanna cry ;-; I was really impressed with his whole performance, but I have more to say about Suga during the hi-touch which I’ll get to in a bit.

Jimin: I just wanna say, I don’t know what people are talking about when they say his abs are gone. They were very much there I assure you. They may not have been as defined as before, but I died all the same. I’m also super happy I got to see what was left of his red hair. He was just so pretty ugh. He is the biggest tease ever as well. He came over to our corner and started to lift his shirt but then stopped and smirked. What a butthead I can’t deal. Regardless, that boy was phenomenal. He can freaking dance. Him and J-Hope both were insanely good dancers. I was blown away. Also, those people that say Sehun has the best booty has clearly never seen Jimin in person. I mean…good lord that boy needs to stop wearing tight pants. It’s not good for my health. He was another member that made a lot of eye contact and smiled a lot. There was girl in front of me with a Jimin sign that had his face on it and he saw it and smiled real big. It was precious. Him trying to pronounce Chicago just made me really happy too. Even though they aren’t perfect with English, all of their English was on point. You could tell they really practiced to impress us.

V: This goofball was cracking me up. He kept awkwardly crab walking (I guess that is what I would call it) around the stage. He was just really fun. He tied his bandana around his head and under his chin to look all cute and omfg he was such a cutie. I’m sorry but he really was. He also was over on our side a lot so I got a good view of him and he is also really handsome in person. They were all incredibly handsome but he was one who really showed off his good looks. During Tomorrow, he was the only one I would watch. He absolutely slayed that choreography and anyone who has seen a fancam of it would agree with me. I was not ready for that at all. He also may smirk a lot in mvs but that’s nothing compared to him in person. That boy is a smirking fool. He just loves to tease everyone and he definitely accomplished that.

Rap Mon: He was so nice! Oh gosh he was so sweet to all of us. Considering he knows the most English, he spoke the most to us and talked about how much he loves Chicago. He talked about how he loved Chicago ever since he was little because of Michael Jordan and all of the other basketball players he looked up to. Suga agreed with him and did a little basketball pose which was adorable. Rap Mon was also another member that wasn’t my favorite before but I love and appreciate him so much more now ;-; He really does a great job performing. You can really tell he puts his all into dancing. Just watching his face will show you how passionate he is. It made me really happy. I also wanna mention that his dimples absolutely destroyed me. At the end of the concert, he laughed a lot because we were so loud and oh my gosh those dimples. Ugh. He is just so fabulous and he’s such an amazing leader. He proved that to us tonight.


After the show, we exited the pit and waited for everyone else in the theater to leave. We then sat in a group in the empty seats and waited as they sent in the group snapshot winners. After they were done, they sent us in in groups and we walked through in a single file line.

I just wanna say that all of the boys were super friendly and happy even after performing a whole concert. I have to applaud them for making it such an enjoyable experience for everyone. Now for the individual members. While the whole hi-touch was very short, I do have some things to note about the members.

Suga: Ok, I wanna mention Suga first because he was first in line and an absolute SWEETHEART. Normally, you think of Suga and you think of the laid back cool one that doesn’t care about much, but on the contrary, he was probably the one who cared the most. In my eyes atleast. He was very delicate with his handshake and he was so thankful for everyone there. I said thankyou to him and he grabbed my hand not like a normal handshake but like….how do I describe it….like you see in Disney movies when the prince grabs the princess’s hand? Ok that sounds really dumb but it was like that. A very delicate handshake but he had a heartwarming smile that just made me so happy. His hands are also super soft like wth do you use boy I need some of that. He also struck me as someone who really respects his elders because my mom went with us through the line and thanked them and she was in front of me so I saw her interaction with him. He held her hand for a long time and was really sweet thanking her a lot for coming. He just seemed really polite with her and it warmed my heart. He was the member that made the biggest impression on me in that hi-touch.

Jimin: Rather than giving a delicate handshake, he gave everyone a very friendly high five. Almost like one you would do with a buddy that you haven’t seen in awhile. It wasn’t just a boring highfive, it had some grab to it. He was very cute and smiled big. Unfortunately, our interaction didn’t last a long time so I couldn’t say more than a thankyou to him ;-;

Rap Mon: I knew he was tall but I didn’t expect that tall. I know they stood on an elevated platform but he was still very tall. He had a very nice handshake as well. We also smiled and the dimples happened and it was intense. He was very nice and sincere.

Jin: Aaaaah this boy will be the death of me. He also pulled a Jimin and did a high five. His was rather clumsy though because I almost missed his hand completely xD But he was still extremely cute saying little yeahs and thankyous to everyone. And, I know he may not be fond of his hands, but I thought they were so cute ;-; His flaws make him perfect.

Jungkook: He was another member that made a big impression on me. He was so bright and happy thanking everyone. He was probably the most vocal with his thankyou. He was very high pitched and peppy. He made me smile a lot. I also could barely look him in the eye because he was so attractive like….ugh.

J-Hope: Awwww this kid ;-; When they say he is sunshine, I mean he is literally sunshine. He smiles so bright and it brings light into your life. Not to mention he is a total sweetheart. My best friend was behind me in line and since her bias is J-Hope, needless to say she was nervous. But when we got to him, he shook her hand and called her an angel. IT WAS SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST THING. He just never fails to brighten up my day.

V: And once again with this kid and smirking. I can’t handle him at all. Not even a little bit. He slapped my hand and smiled while kind of scrunching his face in a playful way. Thank goodness he was last because I don’t think I could have handled much more after that. He was such a nice cutie.

All in all, the concert was such an amazing experience. Like I said, it was the best night of my life. I will never forget it. I’m sorry this is so long! I really wanted to share everything I experienced with all of you. I’m also sorry if there are any typos! I am typing this and it’s currently 2 am so I’m quite tired. I just wanted to type it while it was fresh in my mind. Please forgive me. But regardless, I hope you all enjoyed this and I’m so happy the boys had a good time in Chicago! I’m so proud of them!