did i even get the quote right idk

i suppose it’s just frustrating to see harry having taken this long to “"address”“ an issue many have with him and even then it’s still just another lazy instagram post with a caption completely irrelevant to the content. whether muna saw the outcry or not (let’s be honest, they did) it took them less than a day to hop back upon that stage and hold the poster up when it wasn’t even their issue to begin with. they just saw a wrong that needed to be righted and did what they had to. meanwhile it’s been nearly a week and we’re on the second (if you wanna count that first london one) insta post from harry. and i’m still somewhat grateful for it, cause at least he’s making an attempt where others may have let it be swept under the rug, but i gotta say it’s disheartening to see the lgbt community (rightfully!!!!!) celebrated night after night after night just for showing up, whereas essentially one person had to organise an entire blm fan action by themselves only to get ridiculed, ignored, and let down not only at the concert but for days on end at this point. and the amount of people i can imagine going, "see? he did/said something, he’s not a racist, stop complaining” is just as alarming. because aside from those who have taken this situation to the extreme, in my opinion, i don’t think anyone truly believes he’s racist. just like i don’t think anyone believes he’s ableist, or homophobic, or transphobic, or ageist, or islamophobic, or misogynistic, etc etc, despite his not outright saying much about those other issues either. at least for myself, i would have dropped him ages ago if i suspected any of the above. it’s just the fact that this particular issue, blm, was brought explicitly to his face and he didn’t give it the same treatment he’s been giving random men in the crowd and the colorful flags/items of clothing he’s been ripping away from folks just to whip them around on stage. that’s what blm is about, equality, and it didn’t receive that. still hasn’t received that. i’m supposed to be content with an instagram post when i know if i go to his show(s) i’ll see much more than that where rainbows and pregnant women are concerned.