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High school is absurd.

Listen y’all. I recently saw a post about things that happened at some other persons high school. I will say it was weird, but my high school takes the crazy cake I think. Let me give you a quick run down on some different goings on.

1. Classes just had no curriculum so teachers made up assignments.

2. Because of that in my forensics class I got hundreds on assignments like watch CSI or catch a fly

3. Same forensics class, just also we watched a pig decompose for six weeks.

4. I once spent an entire class period tied to the desk on the floor trying to escape. No one helped me. The teacher did not look up from her desk. I have video evidence of this once so please hmu.

5. A friend once turned in a paper that just had the word llama written on it 100 times and she got a 100 on that paper.

6. One of the english teachers turned out to be a porn star one year

7. I took a Spanish class where surprise the teacher only spoke english.

8. In some digital media class the kid next to me just made an animation of Obama riding in a car while a pig did cartwheels in the sky. He too got a good grade.

9. In that class we all just played games and my entire row would have competitions. Not like normal games though. Our big game was a game where you had put all the states on the map in the correct place. We did it so much I got to where I could do it in 45 seconds. 

10. There was a security guard that no one liked so kids would regularly just flip over his golf cart. 

11. He also once let me leave the school, but then wouldn’t let me back in to go to class.

12. One year a bunch of kids convinced the librarian that they were going to turn the library into a pool and she had a mental break and quit.

13. The color guard won the world championship contest and literally no one cared. They barely had an assembly to tell people about it.

14. One day some kid pulled the fire alarm so everyone went outside for a while until they figured out the truth, so we went back in. Ten minutes later there was a scheduled fire drill so everyone went outside again for a while. Then we go back in and within the hour there is an actual fire so we all return to the outside. 

15. I learned how to make a bong out of literally anything one day in my biology class. The lesson only took a few minutes that day, so my teacher decided to tell us about how he once caught a kid with a taxidermied raccoon that he made into a bong. Then he told us how to do it with anything.

That is just some of the wild things that happened. If you want to know more I will happily tell you. I think my school inspired Greendale Community College.

To Kill a Mockingbird was set in the late 1930s (according to my good for nothing English teacher). When I was reading I came across this page describing the teachers attitude towards Scout’s ability to read. Then I realized that things like this still happen today. It’s been 80ish years since the 1930s.

When I was in pre-k the teachers would not allow me to check out books like Junie B. Jones that was well in my reading level. My parents had originally wanted me to skip a grade but the school district would not even give me a chance to take the test because I was “too young”.

The next year I moved to a different school and they allowed me to skip the first grade. Still these teachers wouldn’t let me get chapter books because they were too long. When I started bringing my own books to school the teachers would take them up.

When I was in the second grade I began to write in cursive because my mother had taught me the summer before. The teacher asked me to stop because “you can’t learn that until the third grade”. My cursive had been screwy and I’ve been out of practice since.

In the third grade we were asked to write a story for a writing competition that was at least 2 pages long. I wrote 8 pages and when I got feedback I was told it was too long for a third grader to write.

In fourth grade my friend entered a water bottle rocket project for the school science fair. She used the basic physics formula d=.5at. She was told she wouldn’t be winning the science fair because it  was too advanced.

In the fifth grade for my science class we kept journals that were graded and held all of our notes. Points were counted off of my notes for writing H2O instead of water.

In the sixth grade I was told I couldn’t get books above my A.R. reading level (a 11.5) even if I wanted the challenge.

In the seventh grade my math teacher failed me om multiple assignments because I didn’t solve the problems the same way that she did them in class.

In the eight grade I took the freshman English class and was accused of plagiarism on one of my essays because my use of language was too much like an adults.

My freshman year I was told that the free verse poem I wrote for my English class was too long, A free. Verse. Poem.

This year (my sophomore year) I have been reprimanded multiple times for skipping steps on the essay organizers my English 3 teacher sets up, even though in the end my essay fits all the criteria. 

I have gotten in trouble in my world history class because I would point something out in her teachings that she didn’t mention. “That’s for me to teach, quit disrupting the class.”

And these are just a few of my experiences with the fallacies of the American Education System.


[4.5.2017] days of productivity: 13/100 🌹 april study challenge 2-5/30

i have a huge math test today and I’m dying inside. at least my school has free breakfast food…. the parfaits are my religion!

“favourite teacher/professor and why”

my ap english teacher and my school’s english stream history teacher! they’re both very kind to their students and treat them like equals, as well as making jokes in class and not shying away from current events (we talked about american politics sooo much in ap lang that we literally had a cake on the election day and dubbed the teacher’s daily political complaints ‘trump talks’). they also teach my favourite and best subjects, so that helps too.

“one time studying paid off”

probably that time I went into my grade 9 science exam with and 80 something and came out with a 90.

“why did you make a studyblr?”

to help me focus on my school work and keep me motivated and prepared for university when it comes to that.

“handwritten or typed notes?”

handwritten! I don’t have much technology, so i handwrite everything.

“Even the bravest can cry”

Heeey! I’m back :’D I did it! And everything is thanks by three rl friends (if they weren’t there, some of my final projects wouldn’t be done) 

Uh… I’m going to post here some stuff I haven’t posted here yet (maybe a long post?) HERE WE GO!

I was playing with colors and drawing myself is very relaxing though. I don’t really like pink but it looks great with my skin color haha

Drawing at Business English class (got a new teacher! I think she is pretty)

More pencil/pen doodles. Except that pencil girl with too much details, she was something harder than a doodle xD I was practicing all the art styles I know to do since middle school ^^

that’s it at the moment. I’ll be back later c: 

I almost leave “Bach” instead of “Back”, it’s very funny when your sister played Johan Sebastian Bach’s piano partitures once XD

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My last week was really hard.We had 8 test at school. 1 test on Monday (History), 0 tests on Tuesday, 3 tests on Wednesday (Maths, Biology, Geography), 2 test on Thursday (I.T, Chemistry), 2 test on Friday (Hungarian grammar, Physics). We didn't have any time to relax.I don't trust my teachers anymore.Okay, only my English teacher, because she let us study on her lessons, when we were supposed to study English. What's your opinion about teachers giving too much things to study for their student?

[MTK: Mh… to be honest, as much as I agree that it was too much stuff to study… it depends on how much time you had… I mean.
If you did those things in a very short span of time, then it’s too much; but if it has been some time since the first lessons… I guess that studying regularly would have been helpful and make things easier.

It depends; but I guess it was really too much in your case regardless, unless the teachers were kinda stuck with time and the subject’s schedule? Sometimes, even the teachers have it hard, teaching all the stuff in such a short time. I remember my Italian literature teacher, whom I loved very much because of her passion in what she teaching, who was always sad that she had to skip some authors or passages in order to give us a general knowledge about everything.]

My Tutor (Calum Hood Imagine)

I looked down at my English homework, not understanding any of it. I groaned in frustration. I was usually good at English, but these past weeks have been absolutely terrible. I was failing the class, and it sucked. I had straight A’s in all of my other classes, and a D in English. Goodbye Ivy League schools. 

I was pretty much prepared to become a hobo.

But I didn’t understand why I was doing so bad now. Hell, my teacher probably hates me. I bit my bottom lip and sighed. I looked up only to face the back of Calum’s head.

Ah yes, Calum Hood, the hot, sexy transfer student from Australia. 

If there’s one thing that I did understand, it would be the fact that Calum is hot as SHIT.

There wasn’t a day where I’d desperately wanted to talk to him. But considering the person I am— antisocial, I bailed out because I got too nervous. 

I didn’t have many friends, and I preferred it if it stayed like that. I was never one to talk much, and if I did, I was probably warming up to other people. But that rarely happened.

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Kiss Me

High School!Au Series

Word count 1371


“Wonwoo oppa, Wonwoo oppa, wake up!” 5 girls say sweetly to the sleeping boy. 

Jeon Wonwoo was the handsome, secretly smart, emo, sleepy head of the school. You stayed around in the nurse’s office often and helped out with the kids who got hurt. It was also a good way to get out of classes. Wonwoo slept in the nurses office a lot and he also skipped classes. At least you had an excuse while he just sat and laid around. But having these girls cooing and giggling about how their ‘precious oppa’ was so handsome didn’t help you and your sanity. 

“He finally woke up, I thought he was dead.” One girl states as the others nod. 

“Oppa will you walk me to English, we have it together remember.” Wonwoo is barely listening to the girl as he sits up and yawns. 

“I thought you liked Jeonghan, you were calling after him this morning weren’t you? And besides, I have to stay here.” He says as he chuckles. 

“How dare you , n-nothing’s wrong with you anyway.” She yells. 

“Yeah but I-” He begins but you cut him off. “He has a note from the nurse to stay here. Can you give this to your English teacher for him?” You say as he holds back a smirk.

 “Humph, fine then I’ll go walk with Jeonghan oppa.”She says as her posse´ follows behind. 

“Thanks, Y/n I really needed it that time.” He says getting up and fixing the bed he was sleeping on.

“No problem, I wanted them to leave just as much as you did.“ You say laughing.

You were both good friends. You both liked garden club, English, and food. As much as your at the nurses offiice he is too. You talk about your dreams and have super deep conversations. Wonwoo was a deep thinking teenager full of poetry and idea. One of the many reasons why you like him. He was also so nice to you and brotherly as well. 

“Well, since I’m not heading to English and you’re excused as well from your 4th-period class lets go to the garden club on the rooftop. He grabs his bag and yours as well. 

“Y/n lets go. Mingyu's skipping laps today so hell met us up there.” He says beckoning you to come with him.

 ”Of course, he’s skipping.” You say and you both chuckle. 

Then he just stares at you smiling and you blush staring at him back wth big eys and a tinted pink face.

You know you’ll never be with Wonwoo because he’s too popular. You popular as well but he was chased everywhere by girls. The garden club made you happy you loved flowers and all kinds of plants and so did Wonwoo a bit too much. 

“MY FRIENDS; THERE YOU ARE!”  He screams as he drops your bag and his and runs to the plants. 

“Younghee I missed you.” He points to a little carrot plant. 

“I’m your friend too, you know.” You say crossing your arms. “Yeah, and me too,” Mingyu says coming up from behind you. 

”Sorry guys I can’t help it they make me happy,” He says coming back to high-five Mingyu. 

After small talk is exchanged you sit on a bench on the rooftop and eat a snack that you got from the lunchroom. The two boys sat next to you an kept asking for some 

“Hey can we have a bag of chips.” The two boys say in unison. 

“If you want it go get it.” You say throwing the bag of chips behind you. 

The two boys get out of their current seat and run to get them. Mingyu grabs them first and now there’s a pouty Wonwoo and a happy chomping Mingyu. 

“Ha, I always win.” Mingyu screams as he chomps way.  

“Says the boy who can’t even do  a few laps.” Wonwoo mutters as Mingyu sinks his head.

 “Hey its harder than it looks.” Mingyu exclaims with a voice full of pity. 

You’re laughing at the boys bickering and go backwards falling on your back. “Oww, that hurt,” You say rubbing your back.

 “Do you need to go to the nurse. Mingyu asks. 

“No, I’m fine don’t worry.” You say sitting up.

 The 5th-period bell rings after the three of you talked for the rest of the time and then you a went back downstairs. 

“Y/n are you sure you’re fine?” Wonwoo asks patting your head. 

“Wonwoo, I’m fine don’t worry. “

You say. Let’s head to lunch.”He says pushing you in front of him and into the lunch room. 

“JIHOON YOU LOOK ADORABLE IN THOSE HEADPHONES!” Mingyu exclaimed running to hug the boy. 

“Let me go you ugly giant! I’m listening to music so leave me alone.”

He says as everyone backs off. You sit down at a table and then the basketball teams captain comes over dribbling a ball.

 “Hey Y/n,” he says slapping your back. 

“Ow,” you say as you spit out thewaer you just drank. 

“Seungcheol hyung Y/n fell on her back earlier,” Mingyu informs Seungcheol as a look of dismay crosses his face. 

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry Y/n I can’t believe I did that I should have been more careful.” He says as he hugs you. 

“Can I have someone’s jacket I just got water all over my shirt.” You say covering your upper body.

 Then Wonwoo takes a hoodie out of his backpack and hands it to you. You nod at him silently thanking him.

 “I’m gonna head to the nurse I’ll be right back.” You say getting up. 

“I’ll go with you,” Wonwoo says walking behind you. 

“Y/n can I talk to you for a moment,“ Wonwoo says catching up to you.

 "Yeah sure.” You say stopping and leaning up against the closest wall. He stands in front of you and takes your hands.

 “Y/n will you be my girlfriend?” He says and with a deep sigh and breath he says.

 “I love you so much ever since we started hanging out I loved you. Everything you do has me falling for you every day. I never knew I would want to be with someone this much, so how about it, you know, you and me?”. All of that made you melt and your heart began to love him even more than you already do. 

“Wonwoo, I love you and yes I’ll be your girlfriend, I’ve liked you a lot too and I want to be with you.” You say hugging him. You both laugh and continue hugging. 

Then he bends down and your heads are now level with each other. “Wonwoo you have a scratch on your face, when’d you get that?” You ask staring at his face. “I don’t know Y/n, but kiss it to make me feel better.”

 He says smirking. “You didn’t even know before I told you, it must not hurt.” 

You say crossing your arms. “Kiss it, babe please?” He says. Hearing abe out of his mouth was music to your ears. 

“Fine Wonwoo, one kiss.” You kiss his cheek and you both laugh. 

“See now I’m all better, your kiss cures me.” 

He says wrapping his arm around your waist.

 “I love you.” He says. 

“I love you too”. You say as he laughs and you blush.

Then you see Seungcheol standing to the right of you and you both turn to him and he says. “Wonwoo if you’re going to be cringy and corny from now on even though you already as very much so, you’ll be off the basketball team,” 

Seungcheol says pointing a finger at Wonwoo. 

“Sure hyung you need me on the team just as much as I  need Y/n admit it,”

 Wonwoo says making Seungcheol fake gag.

 "I love you Wonwoo no matter how corny you are,”

 You say and you look up at him with the most loving gaze. He returns it with the same look and you both head back to tell the others about your new blossoming relationship

-Written by Admin Jai hope you enjoyed Let’s all hope that our Wonwoo gets better and healthy! Wownoo fighting!

(Translation) Koisuru Henshuusha vol. 1

恋する編集者シリーズ  01 はつ恋。(R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18)

CV. Nakazawa Masatomo

T/N: More like a somewhat-detailed summary rather than a full translation, I guess. As per usual, my Japanese isn’t my first language so don’t hesitate to correct me if I got anything wrong.

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16.06.16|| Just finished my little English homework for today. I also did my French exam on Tuesday and it wasn’t too bad - I analysed the questions with my teacher afterwards and think I got in some pretty good points! Also I loooovvvee my midliners they are so pretty and make everything look so good. Also my writing is so much neater since using the 0.38 Muji pens! More revision at the weekend for my English mock exam next week so more midliner action to come!

  • <p> <b></b> I will always “act like a girl”.<p/><b></b> I will always put my hands on my waist when making a point, cross my legs when sitting comfortably, and swing my hips when walking too fast. Things I was taught by my aunt who wanted boys to like me, for she did not want me to be alone.<p/><b></b> I will always pause after making a statement, refrain from vulgar language, and talk with my hands. Things I was taught by my sister who wanted me to find someone who cared for me as much as she did, and taught by example.<p/><b></b> I will always add too much detail to a story, ask too many questions, and wait too long to speak after someone. Things I was taught by an English teacher who thought my writing was beautiful, but my voice not so much.<p/><b></b> I will always flatten my hand to check my nails, sneak into bathrooms too often to fix my hair and clothes, and carry items in bags rather than pockets. Things I was taught by my mother who saw the potential in me, and wanted others to see it too.<p/><b></b> My voice will always go higher when I yell, my feet will always walk in a line, and my smile will always hold a hint of the person I once felt comfortable inside. Things I was taught by my grandmother who wanted to brag about her grandchildren, so took pictures and videos of me demonstrating what she taught.<p/><b></b> Things I was taught by people who only wanted the best for me. Things I was taught by people who did not know me.<p/><b></b> I will always take up space when sitting in public, demand attention with my voice, and refuse to be interrupted. I will always dress how I want instead of worrying about fashion and slouch when I walk. Things no one taught me, so I became my own teacher.<p/><b></b> I will always “act like a girl”, but I am not a girl. I am nonbinary. I am agender. The color outside the lines, the parabola in the grid of everyday life. I am everything that falls just outside of understanding.<p/><b></b> I will always “act like a girl”, but regardless of what I do, I will always act like me.<p/><b></b> And I am not a girl.<p/></p>

tbf my english teacher did a really good job editing my paper but also having to confront the fact that i actually wrote this shit is making me feel way too much physical pain

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Oh man let me tell you about my friend Jackson. I'll abbreviate it to J. So J is about 5'4? Not sure, exactly, but he's short. Short, round, greasy black shoulder-length hair. I know you're expecting a fedora but J was not a fedora-mlp boy at all. He was quiet, very awkward, laughed and blushes a lot. You know those cute little anime girls? Moe or some shit? Somehow J was the male version of that. This year, though, he got into BDSM. I don't understand how...he's a virgin you see. But he keeps

making weird jokes about it. Not smooth jokes. Jokes where he had to repeat it again and again because no one could understand his mumbling. He started wearing a lot of leather, too, which I guess fit the style he was going for but honestly just made him look like a tire. So yeah he’d start shoving it into conversation too much and it got awkward and now we don’t talk as often. One time he had a rant about self-sodomy (his words) with a broom handle. In English class. Where did th kinkiness come from? Who knows. That’s high school, I suppose. Happy little cute kids discover wierd loves. “Straight” men find themselves to be bi. Students find bloody pads in school hallways. Et cetera. It’s all part of life, isn’t it? Oh speaking of found things let me tell you about the sandwhich bags. The health teacher (not the previously mentioned sex expert) told us that the reason anal was bad is because the area is inhabited by shit, which can infect your dick and make

m-make what

Texts I've Gotten From The Signs

Aries: I love and admire u too OH BTW did u see that mother fuckin punk lmao nasty ass

Taurus: what if a vortex came into the room and sucked everyone up and our English teacher just sat there smiling while listening to meditation music

Gemini: is it worth it? can i put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it?

Cancer: boys r gross date girls *2 months later* girls are gross date boys

Leo: let’s just call him… pancho. hey pancho! PANCHO LISTEN TO ME.

Virgo: *continuous memes*

Libra: I was a horrifying child

Scorpio: I care about you so much I’ll change for you I won’t act obnoxious in public I’ll respect people when I’m around I promise please I want love from you

Sagittarius: bleu, you and I both know that us not overthinking things is just a concept.

Capricorn: I thought that pic said Wiz electrocuted Africa. No need for Zeus or anything. Poseidon can just chill. hades have fun down there.

Aquarius: *i text them 3 paragraphs about my feelings* …..? sorry?

Pisces: you’re beautiful please don’t let him make u think otherwise

Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake - Hero’s Journey and True Love Mythical Arcs

First, the Iliad was a red herring. I mean, not completely, because Bellamy is Achilles (love for his sister is his greatest weakness), and there was a war/siege between Troy and the Greeks (Arkadia and the Grounders). However, my followers, the Iliad is not this seasons main literary allusion. Nope, our central literary allusion is something else, and it is a clear road map for this seasons beats, characters, and character arcs.

In this post, I will not only prove that the Iliad was a red herring, but I will also prove that Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake are being positioned to parallel the greatest mythic love stories of all time.


If you proceed, you’ll never unsee what I am about to tell you. Your faith in Clarke and Bellamy will never be shaken, but then you may never feel surprise in the future. Therefore, all “Ye Who Enter Here” beware that this is a spoiler.

Jason frickin Rothenberg, I and my friend, Abby @the-ships-to-rule-them-all, cracked your code! I think you’re a genius, by the way. Sorry, I’m sharing this with the world… but not really ;-). Here we go:

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If i was on the writing team of gmw, season 4 would start off with a homecoming dance episode and dtr ALL the ships right off the bat. What would be your ideal way for gmw to start off if we do get a season 4???

Cory not being their teacher anymore would be my main focus for an S4 opener.

Riley needs a legit Feeny-type figure in her life—old or young, doesn’t matter. If it were me, I’d do it a bit like GM Gravity. I’d gloss over ship stuff and the “what are Riley and Lucas now?” question while also briefly establishing that it’s in question (due to ambiguity in IDF/GB; maybe Lucas has been gone all summer so it hasn’t been sorted yet). I would have the episode focus primarily on Riley initially VERY MUCH SO resisting not having Cory for a teacher anymore and then accepting the change/kinda bonding with the new teacher by the end of the episode.

Cory’s not a good mentor for Riley in the Feeny-style sense because being her actual father messes with it. Plus…sometimes it’s almost like Riley expects Cory to “teach their lives” into being whatever Riley thinks their lives are “supposed to” look like. She needs someone who can shake her up and open her eyes, and Cory just ain’t it…although he’s doing a little better about that here in the back end of S3 than in previous seasons, most notably in SHT/TRW so far.

And Jacobs did say once that Cory might not be their teacher after S3…

I would KILL for Frankie Stechinno to be their new “main” teacher, teaching English Lit instead of history. But Frankie is probably waaay too much to hope for, so I’d settle for a shift from history to lit. Maybe they could port Harper over from JQA…

My name is Jay and this is a long, and yet still incomplete story of my life (kinda). If you have any questions, just ask.

Right now, my life is pretty good. I’m in university, in my dream city. My job is to perform and teach poetry in schools, theatres, festivals, and anywhere else people want me to. I’ve published a book of my work, won awards, and, most importantly, found amazing supportive people to be my family.

But my life hasn’t always been this good. As a child I grew up as a young carer to my disabled mother, trying to do everything that needed to be done, and failing miserably. My father was rarely there because he worked stupid hours, and when he did come home he immediately left again for the pub. My parents always drank a little too much, it got worse in the last few years and I won’t go into it, but suffice to say, I’m teetotal. 

My home was never really a supportive atmosphere, and because of that I had a lot of issues at school, I acted out, got into fights, got suspended, and bullied, and generally fucked up a lot. As I got older though I decided to try and fix my shit, I stopped fighting, and with the support of a great English teacher, and some great online friends, I started writing poetry again.

Apparently, I was quite good, because within a few years I was getting paid gigs across the country, at arts centres, and theaters, and music festivals, and though my birth parents never appeared at a single one of my gigs (and even occasionally mocked my line of work) it seemed to be going ok.

Then, about a year ago now, I came out as Transgender to my birth parents.

They did not take it well. The only reason they didn’t throw me out was because if they did people would ask questions and they’d have to admit I was transgender, which was not a thing they were prepared to do.

But I had very supportive friends, and a lot of people reached out to be parental figures to me, and, oddly enough, I never realised just what parental figures really were, until those guys showed up. Some of the more notable figures were:

 Kate, who besides being my online mother for years, (seriously, it’s been forever) also gave me an amazing little brother in the form of her son, who I’m slowly introducing to Firefly via skype. She has been my rock for so long I can’t imagine a life without her. I know for a fact I would not be alive and typing this if she hadn’t been there through some of my toughest times.

And, famously (in Tumblrs eyes) Tony and Sarah. These guys were amazing, Sarah is an animal behaviourist and often takes abandoned animals in, so when she found out how much of a pair of dicks my parents were she immediately decided that she would do the same with me (within the limited parameters of me having to stay in my home city and finish my exams) and that her and Tony would be my parental figures from now on. Though they are both insanely busy they always find time for coffee, or a family day out, or a fancy meal, or an evening out somewhere, or even, as once happened, a day of farm maintenance. If I ever need anywhere to go, when I was still at home and under the toxic thumb of my parents, or even now that I’ve got out, I know that I can go to their home or farm and just be at peace in the countryside. And I know they are both a message or call away, Sarah is always there for me, sending me advice and congratulations, and always, always, saying just the right thing (she’s crazy perceptive like that), and Tony is less reliable at answering, but more hilarious and his advice is generally full of dad jokes, puns and swear words, which you sometimes need. It’s lovely.

My birth parents ignored me on my eighteenth birthday. They did not say a single word to me, it was as if I didn’t exist. But Tony and Sarah sent me a cute card with penguins on it, a present of awesome DVD’s (and Sharknado) and a tonne of love. In return, on their birthdays I did the same - kind of - Tony got shit DVD’s but Sarah got a poem that made her cry. From the moment Sarah found out about that she told me that if I wanted to, I was to describe them as my parents, because they could not understand how my birth parents could be so shit. That gesture, those few words, meant more to me than anything else in the world. The next time I saw them they spent the whole day introducing me to people as their son, something I never thought I would hear, as I knew my birth parents would never introduce me as their son. But Tony and Sarah did.

Because Tony is a reasonably well known actor, when interest in my book was big enough for it to be published, I asked him to write the foreword, and he happily obliged. It’s dedicated to Kate and Sarah, because I felt that my three favourite people, the three people who supported me, and made me believe in myself enough for this insanely awesome thing to happen, deserved to have their names on my greatest achievement forever.

Then I graduated high school. Kate stayed up all night, ignoring timezones so she could be there for me when I got my results, and I got good results. I got out. Though I had to leave my dog behind, I escaped to Bristol, the city I have wanted to live in for some time, and I left my birth parents shittiness behind. I’ve not heard from them since. I’ve heard from all of my surrogate parents though. Tony and Sarah still parent me like no tomorrow, and their daughters got in on the act too. It’s like I’ve just fallen into this pool of love and support and family, and if you had told me this a year and a half ago, I’d have said it would never happen.

Recently, I won a national award for my poetry. The night before the slam (a poetry competition) I went to see Tony in a play in London, his daugher Em was there too, afterwards we went out and I was showered with so much luck it was as if I could drown in it. It must have done something because I came back home to Bristol with a winners trophy. I messaged Tony the night after the slam with a photo of the statue and the words “Your good luck wishes must have done something.” a few days later he finally checked his messages, and he FREAKED OUT. He posted the photo on his facebook and twitter pages, raving about my success, I got a phone call full of excited rambling and congratulations, and I was amazed. Because here was that thing I had never had, but always wanted, a proud Father. And he wasn’t my father by blood, but by choice, and that made it all the more special for me.

You see, I came from a fucked up, nearly expelled, often starving, kid, who lived in a filthy house with no food and parents who didn’t give a shit, and often put alcohol before everything else. And now I’m a university student, with an amazing extensive surrogate family, a published book, that has sold in twelve countries, a national award for my spoken word, and a feeling of hope for the future.

My name is Jay, and I may have come from nothing, but I will go on to greatness, with the support of my many, many parents. Because life gets better, it really does, and sometimes, when you least expect it, it gets amazing.

So if you are considering giving in, giving up, stopping pursuing your dreams, or just stopping living, think on this: So did I. But I pushed on, and now I’m happier than I could have ever envisaged. And yes I may still have depression, and night terrors, and a constant fear that I will never be good enough. But I am loved, and I am free, and I am doing what I love. You can have this too. Be brave. Be you. Live.

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/longsufferingsigh "I rescued this kitten on the way to school, please hold her why I beat this guy's ass."

“Lay off Gary, he’s not even a senior!” Leo was sick of Mitchell thinking he could pick on anyone smaller than him. Especially someone who was as tiny and harmless as Chekov. Mitchell sneered at Leo and went back to shoving Chekov around.

“What are you going to do about it McCoy? I heard one more fight and you’re going to be expelled. And Chekov can take it. Can’t you kid? Wasn’t courage invented in Russia?”

The younger boy winced at the pinch Mitchell landed on his side.


Mitchell turned to face the new voice. The military brat who had transferred there just a few weeks ago. Jim, according to the introduction their english teacher had given them. “Bug off, man.”

“What the hell did this kid do to you? Come on, Mitchell you’re too smart to pick on kids like this.” Jim had something tucked into his jacket that Mitchell was eyeing warily. Not much was known about this kid, who knew what kind of crazy shit he would stir up. He could have had a gun under his jacket for all they knew. The thought made Leo’s blood run cold.

“Fuck off, Kirk.”

Jim sighed and turned to Leo. “Here could you hold this so I can beat this guy’s ass?” Jim proceeded to pull the smallest, dirtiest kitten Leo had ever seen out of his jacket.

“Uh… Sure.” He took the kitten carefully and cradled it in his own jacket, trying to sooth it while it mewed pathetically after Jim.

The fight itself wasn’t particularly long. Chekov scrambled away and Jim managed a solid punch to Mitchell’s jaw while he was distracted, putting him to the ground and leaving Mitchell yelping. From there, there were a few hasty promises to leave the smaller kids around and then Jim was coming back to Leo’s side.

“Hey thanks, man. I found her in a ditch on my way to school and I couldn’t just leave her out there you know?” Jim took the kitten back, pressing her face to his and cooing at her softly. The kitten started purring right away and nuzzled against Jim’s cheek.

Leo couldn’t help but stare. “Uh, yeah. That…makes sense.”

Jim grinned at him and tucked the kitten back into his jacket. “You’re McCoy, right? We have english together. I saw you doodling the skeleton on your notes, labeling it. Pretty cool.”

“Thanks. Thanks for standing up for Pavel, by the way. I would have jumped in but…”

“Yeah, I heard you’ve already had issues with a few fights. You don’t seem the type of guy.”

Leo shrugged. “I don’t like bullies. You don’t seem like the type of guy to rescue a kitten on the way to school.”

Jim chuckled and bumped his shoulder against Leo’s. “That’s just because you don’t know me yet.”

Leo was pretty sure he had just gotten himself into a whole mess of trouble, but as far as he could see he got a life long friend to go along with it.

Then again, see as the way Jim lingered when their hands bumped together, maybe there would be a little more to it than that.

Today we were in Music and our teacher was like “You have to compile a playlist of five songs that describe you” and I’m just like “okay if this is just between you and me I’m sure I’ll be fine” but then she adds “you have to present one of those songs to the class and explain how it relates to you”

And I’m sitting there just wondering if I could bullshit something about Let It Go when my friend just turns to me and “I only listen to anime songs what do I do”