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Youngjae’s Valentine

( Happy Valentines Day! This is actually my first sorta comic and it was trouble.. but I am glad to have finished it and give my fav otter a happy vibe. It’s a bit late but I hope everyone likes it ; u ; - N )

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

Daily Draw Day 3- The Couple

I was wondering what to draw today while watching The Amazing World of Gumball, and decided “Ya know what? I’ll draw these two!”

*sobs quietly* 

Good haul today after a short jaunt. The picture is a little blurry because i had to be quick - there were kids doing ccd in there, and i imagine the noise was quite distracting.

I did a straight drop down for quickness, which was a little higher than i usually do, but my superior strength hands were enough to outlast the impact

It has been so long since i’ve done some climbing, i really needed this. When i was on my way back and walking along the brick wall keeping the dirt from the road, the sharp dip sent my into a Kinetic Thrall where i sprinted until i couldn’t move any longer, drenched in sweat for i was in full jacket and darker clothes.

I was unable to get out and satisfy my Wanderlust for a while because of classes, but i’m dropping one that i had mistakenly been put in after finding iut i was missing 3 prerequisites.


Vulpes: This is…highly offensive 

WARNING. SPOILERS? @askspacesans @the-printers-jammed

Chalkbaby Little Eyes

☉ tiny baby ☉ trust issues ☉ tiny fangs ☉ rides on a little blaster ☉ doesn’t mind being carried around ☉ loves you ☉ call him chalk baby or LE

I would love it if you guys tagged/@ me into your posts in your lil adventures.

spoilers and stuff under cut (but baby LE care too. :D)

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BY THE PRIMES IT’S THE NEW YEAR. Exciting, is it not?? Come on, ya know it is. Because if it wasn’t obvious 2016 was an awful year and let’s face it, we all know it’s Barry’s fault because he screwed with the timeline and 2016 was the result. Okay, but in all seriousness I met some really awesome people on this site this year, and got to know people more that I had previously known!!! You guys made this year wonderful so thank you!! Let’s leave 2016 behind and welcome 2017 with open arms!! (Unless it too is an awful year than just PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME.)

Below is a list of people who made my 2016 wonderful!! Sorry if I forgot anyone!!! This was last minute-ish. Stay lit guys!!!

The special people:
 @abittangledup // @atmrobber // @backinaflcsh // @basquehoe // @capedfound // @clxopatradenile // @darkrccm (And basically all your accounts) // @dxdger // @enigmatie // @firstwescrvive // @gxfangen // @harlykinns // @i-junketsu // @luxenebris // @nevermaxinecaulfield // @nicknamesaremygame // @notimminent // @ofeterniiity // @ofsyntheticmemories (And basically all your accounts) // @purexpression // @quccnvictoria // @refutured // @sxrdida // @taneleertivanthecollector // @thenameisvibe // @underoosed

The ones who know how to keep it LIT:
 @alwaysxlate // @antiihero // @bansheecried // @bcbysiitter // @burninginmelodies // @bxdassbanshee // @callmekidflash // @coboltlane // @dappercobblepot // @deadlyscngs // @decoratedhunter // @dementedspeedster // @desxderium // @disasterdanvers // @dollfaced // @dontchahoney // @enchantiisms // @enolxenkeli // @everyturnanycost // @fcrmychildren // @feralenchantress // @filioprodigo // @flameiisms // @fleiimkepa // @forensicalchemist // @glittcr // @halfofxerxes // @harriscnwclls // @hxdaleksakomtrigedakru // @icymenace // @impcssibleodds // @iinyougo // @iphigeneiia // @irjswest // @islanddeath // @kingsleigh // @kingxfmischief // @lassowielder // @makeaname // @minshaytan // @misskringle // @motherofasgard // @murderousmrzsasz // @nerffighter // @newfrequencysamecry // @notatlas // @notvictim // @obscuruus // @ofblankexpressions // @ofboomerangs // @ofdwarfstars // @offershope // @ofunderworld // @ofwclls // @ophcliiaa // @phobiiia // @pupbar // @pussywhiipped // @pvnkrock // @pyrrhicmessiah // @redstreak // @saraqxeen // @sewernegus // @shauriofabydos // @shirtclad // @shrewdvisionary // @silvcrblood // @silverheartsilverskin // @sohelish // @switchcrafts // @talentforlying // @techpaired // @txssxract // @valarmorghulis–valardohaeris // @vcgabcnd // @venturedforth