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modern au

Steve: hey siri, how to adopt your girlfriends brother and his friends?

Nancy: what

Steve: what

Siri: *on full blast* looking for “how to do you adopt your girlfriend’s brother and his friends”



Steve: i can explain 


Steve:  *sprints in opposite direction*

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For the angst/fluff prompt: "Do you hate me?" Dick and one of his brothers, either one can say it! <3

Ha. Fluff. That’s a good one. Enjoy the angst.

“Do you hate me?” Dick asks, his chin on top of his knees. His eyes never leave Tim.

Tim closes his eyes and leans back into the couch, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

It’s the first time since Dick came back permanently from his undercover assignment that the two of them could just—sit here and talk. And, when Dick had said talk, Tim hadn’t really thought they were actually going to talk talk. He’d just thought it was a ploy to get back on Tim’s good side. Maybe a bribe or two, a few hugs and smiles.

Instead, Tim gets a big brother who looks so lost. A lump grows in his throat the longer the words linger in the air between them.

Do you hate me?

“No,” Tim says honestly, and he opens his eyes to meet Dick’s on the other side of the couch.

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No Such Thing

Summary: You and Bucky have been friends for a while now.  How is it that neither of you know what the other does? (Artist!AU)

Word Count: 1482


Author’s Note: This is my submission for @whotheeffisbucky AU Writing Challenge!  I picked the artist!AU because I have no self control.  It went in a little bit of a different direction than I had planned, but here it is!


Originally posted by buckingoffthebed

You had met Bucky a year ago, just before graduation.  You guys had one of those really casual friendships where you could hang out and talk for hours, but…you weren’t sure what exactly Bucky’s job was, just that he worked with his best friend.  Now that you were thinking about it, did he know anything about your job beside the fact that your boss’s name is Tony?  

It wasn’t that you didn’t care about what he did for work, but there was so much other stuff to talk about. And to be honest, after a long week, the last thing you wanted to talk about was your job at Stark Art Gallery. It seemed like Bucky was of the same opinion, because he never brought up work either.You thought about all of this as you got ready for another day on the job.  The ringing of your phone brought you back to reality.


“Hey, doll.” You felt an easy smile grow on your face at the sound of his voice.

“What’s up, Bucky?”

“Want to meet up at the coffee shop when you get off work?”

“Of course!”

“Alright, see you then, doll.” You could hear the smile in his voice.

“See ya!”

The call ended, but a text came through almost immediately.  It was from Miss Potts, Tony’s fiancée.  She had been on a small business trip for Tony, visiting a young new artist to be featured in the gallery.  Apparently, he was on board and would be bringing his portfolio for Tony to view – today.

You flew into action, getting the rest of your belongings you would need for the day and hurrying out the door.  You loved your job and Tony was a great boss, but you would need to be on top of everything today if Tony was going to be discussing business with this artist.  To be a Stark Artist was a big deal. And Tony was kind of intense. So not only would you be taking care of the rest of the gallery, but you also had the task of censoring Tony so he didn’t scare the kid away.

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Okay so I cant get this out of my head

There are certain parallels to Jack and Sam. Which is mainly why Sam thinks Jack’s not evil. Sam knows that there was a time when because of his powers Dean thought of him as monster and this is the very reason he wants to nurture Jack, because he knows his powers can be used for good.

The last scene in 13x2 when Dean and Jack are having a conversation it reminded me of John Winchester.
This is where my JohnxDean Vs DeanxJack parallel comes in.

In this episode we got Jack imitating Dean again and again (which is noticed by Dean as well as Sam. It was ballantly obvious) something which Dean did with John and if I take it in deeper it was because Dean wanted to please John. Something which is mentioned when Dean and Asmodeus (shifted into a woman) are talking.

It’s very clear that Dean right now is suppose to be Jack’s other father figure. Jack craves for Dean’s approval the same way Dean did for John’s.

One more point for the Sam and Jack as parallels is that Dean was suppose to kill Sam when Sam turned dark (which obviously Dean could never do) the same thing was repeated in 13x2 where Dean says he’ll be the one to kill Jack if he turns bad (which I think he wont do)

Anyhow these were just my thoughts. @elizabethrobertajones @tinkdw I’ll leave the rest to the experts

Scandal Finale Season 7:03

“Day 101”

Everything about this episode was so raw, I loved it. I applaud Shonda and the Scandal Writers because this was definitely a gem of an episode. This is Scandal content I like to see. A Fitz centered episode? In this economy? Praise GOD, cuz only he answered our prayers 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

“Where’s 💋 Olivia?” “#Olitz 4eva”

So we open up with Fitz riding in his SUV heading somewhere(?) and me and him both spotted some Olitz fans with these signs‼️😜💃🏽 hey now! omgggggg that was a moment! Shout out to those two. It was a man and a woman! They the real MVPs! They were representing for us Olitzers 🤗 but Fitz kinda gave a little smile but it was so quick you almost missed it my mans is lowkey sad 😒 and we all know why.

Vermont 😩🤧

Ommmahgawd he walks into the house and it looks warm , it’s really pretty but you can just feel the emptiness. So next Fitz is in bed watching Tv, a news show reporting on how President Grant just came to Vermont and they were wondering if he would be like Jimmy Carter and blossom out of office or fade away like George W. Bush? And then someone said “can you imagine such a charismatic lightning rod figure thriving in a small town, being a regular joe? 👀 and then the black man was like na fuck all that I wanna know about that kiss‼️ lmao leave it to a black person to wanna know some tea! 😂😂 but I’m with him tho. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Olivia sis what’s good? But seriously Fitz definitely won’t fade away, we just not gone even entertain that idea 🙅🏽 don’t ever disrespect Fitzgerald Thomas Grant like that 👊🏽💢

I’m a grown man😎

Fitz woke up and fired everybody lol, he says he has been cared for , for 8 years, he wants this freedom and to be able to do things for himself. Including making turkey sandwiches which are his favorite. And my mans said he gone drive his damn self 😂😂 Fitz was not playing with these folks. In the car while he’s driving he was jamming to Rihanna “Needed Me” but you know ABC so they covered it up with “shake ya groove thang” 😂😂😂 so we at the grocery store , Fitz and Olivia and that front lawn kiss is on every newspaper and magazine. Fitz buys groceries but he didn’t activate his card , lowkey didn’t even know how to swipe it 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️ then he called the card to activate and I’m guessing the woman told him he didn’t sound like how he look or something cuz he was like “sorry to have let you down” lmao aye tell that wanch she can square tf up! 😒 don’t play him like that! And did yal see how the cashier was posing for the pictures 😂 I would have done the same thing, hell get my good side! (Also 👀 I want one of those magazines. )

🙃Cooking with Fitzgerald

Lmao yal Fitz burnt that chicken a couple times before finally getting it right. He had to eat a burger after that first burnt chicken 😂😂 I appreciate this tho because he gets to be domestic and that’s what he wanted to do for a long time. So I’m glad he finally got a chance to. That was really cute to see him like that.🤧 Although he wanted to be domestic with Olivia but I’m not gonna go down that road right now. 🙃

Fit actually went running, and we all know he use to hate that! But looks like he wants to keep in shape, or maybe he’s trying to find things to do to keep his mind off the fact that Olivia ass is not there in Vermont 🤧 👐🏽ik ik , I said I wasn’t gonna go there but let me just say real quick that’s it’s only been 5 minuets into the show and I can already see Fitz is lonely without Olivia. And of course we all know how she’s been doing without him 🤦🏽‍♀️ can yal please just let these two souls be together damn they so miserable without each other. But anyway we see days go by and Fitz is doing this same thing over and over. So tonight he’s watching tv and a young man is getting interviewed. He’s protesting, he’s sleeping underneath a statue of a man who is celebrated as a hero but was a slave owner/ rapist. General Raymond Sist. He raped black slaves he owned and imprisoned his own children. And this young black man wants to know why isn’t it documented? Why as a young black person do we have to celebrate these type of people? 🗣pause. This is one of the moments I applaud the scandal writers. Yes speak this truth! In school we grew up and still til this day they teach about these type of people and always sugar coat the bull shit that they did. I love how they portrayed this moment. If we gotta learn about these people make sure you tell all the things that they did. Including the racist, sexist and misogynistic things. They love erasing history.

So Fitz turns off the tv and opens up a package that Marcus had sent from his belongings. It was a gun 👀 and the way he was acting with it I was like hold up are we finally about to hear/see a flashback to the time he tried to kill himself? My first reaction :Bitchhhhhh hol up‼️ this gun! Is this like a hint of how he tried to kill himself that one time😱😱😱😱 GIRL‼️

Lmao Marcus said fuck Mellie he all in the club in Cuba grinding on a woman 😩😩😩 Marcus is the new Stella do ya hear me 😂😂

Marcus heads to Vermont: Marcus and Fitz are running together and Marcus shows Fitz where his Museum is going to be built, they share a moment. Now we back at the house and on the tv a reporter is talking about Mellie and Fitz was like she might need my help. Marcus tells him that out of respect he needs to wait before he tries to help Mellie, the new President with anything. Because she’s trying to step out of his shadow. Once again the gun is mentioned Marcus says he didn’t know Fitz owned a gun and Fitz tells him it was a gift. And then Marcus brings up Olivia 👀☕️

Marcus wants to know how much is Olivia gonna be featured in Fitz library. Marcus tells Fitz that Olivia worked in his White House, Advised him and Ran his campaign, lived with him and was Americas 1st First Girlfriend. She stood tall in front of the American people and assured them Fitz was good to go when he had got shot. And now she’s the chief of staff to the president that succeeded him. Olivia is Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé, Oprah, and Sistah Souljah all in one. Marcus goes on to say “Olivia is important to the people, the world, they care about Olivia. There was a house with Olitz in Christmas lights.” 😜😜😜💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 ayeeeee we lit! Who ship keeps getting mentioned? #Endgame that’s who! And after this conversation I picked up on something Fitz is trying not to think about Olivia, he wasn’t tryna hear what Marcus was saying about her having her own wing in his museum.

Fitz: you’re basically telling me I’ve been reduced to nothing but a man who loved a woman.

Marcus: welcome to the plight of almost every successful woman in the history of mankind.

🗣pause. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 say that shit Marcus! Women have always always always been reduced to just a love interest or her accomplishments have to ride off on a mans! Speak 👏🏽 scandal writers are on 1 with this episode seriously 😏

Bar Scene: “hoods and tiki torches” yes scandal writers 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Marcus was like I need to know where the black people at in case some shit popped off! Also, Fitz isn’t ready to work. And I personally feel like it’s a lack of motivation. Olivia was a big part of his motivation, at least that’s how I see it. And when Fitz was like “I let go”

Me: 🗣you lying. I know you lying, you know you lying , secret service know you lying, hell TOM, wherever his ass at know you Fitzgerald are lying.🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

Lmaooooo I knew they ass was gone get into it‼️Lmaooooo wait! Real quick can I just say that my man Fitz got heart 😜 he threw the first punch lmao and Marcus didn’t back down! Yal I was screaming and laughing at this damn fight 😂😭😂😭🤦🏽‍♀️ but honestly I saw them arguing coming I just didn’t know it would end up in a fight! Lol. I mean they both been bottling up their feelings and it just exploded 💥 but they gone get closer after this, ain nun like a fight between friends lol! Although they did say some harsh shit to each other but it was the truth and it needed to be said.

Fitz was miserable and being lazy and he wasn’t doing Olivia justice unless he give her her own wing and celebrate that bad ass black woman that she is! I don’t care how you feel about Olivia she is a fuckin BOSS and she gets shit done. Her methods are sometimes on the deep end but she be making moves. And Marcus ass wants power and he jumping on anybody bandwagon to get it lol which is fine do you and get it how you live ! Just don’t be a fuck boy 🤷🏽‍♀️ and I like when he said “a black woman held you up” ☕️👀 Yal know Fitz my baby but yesss give my other baby Olivia her fuckin credit! She inspired and made Fitz and that’s no lie. He wanted to be great for her. He wanted to be able to do things but Olivia pushed him to it. 😎 remember the 100th episode.

🗣they not Olitz 😂 soooo I guess Mellie and Marcus were tryna have an Olitz moment with the phone call , lol no. But I will say this you could tell they had things to say but they didn’t. And Although Marcus probably does miss Mellie, he only called her so she could talk him into staying by Fitz Side.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fitz got a Red eye, ain’t no black eye 😭😭 soooo how Rowan sneaked in the house? 🙄😒 where tf was security? Listen if you have not watched this episode go watch it now! The whole time Rowan was talking I was just like “I’m suppose to feel sorry for this bitch? 🗣HA , I don’t!” And let me tell you why. 🗣He is pure grade A Shit! I can not stand his manipulative ass. Now that Olivia is in control he wanna be a caring father? Now all of a sudden he gives a damn about how he raised her? Child please. Where is the worlds smallest violin 🎻 I need it. “The Woman we love is slipping away.” Well damn don’t you think you pushed her to this. Had it not been for Rowan lying and standing in Olivia’s way, making her feel powerless time and time again she wouldn’t be this fuck’d up‼️🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ yal them fake ass crocodile tears *que in Joceline “I cun not I cun not”* it’s crazy how he hated Fitz so damn much but now you in his room begging this man to save your daughter ☕️ I love tears for tea.

So anyway yal know Fitz 😏 he got pumped up and was ready to make some shake all because of Olivia. This is what happened: After Rowan left , Fitz is sitting outside the house in a rocking chair. There were two, I’m guessing the other one was for Olivia 🤧 but I’m not gone start lol. Ok so Marcus pulls up , he gets out and walks to Fitz. Fitz is holding a gun and Marcus is like ummmm what yu doin? Lol Fitz tells him he Father gave him that gun, when he became governor. And he tells him Cyrus once told him that when he wasn’t president anymore and the lights were off of him, he would take that gun and blow his brains out. (Fuck You Cyrus) Marcus is like you’re not gonna do that right? And Fitz is like Na kid I got shit to do 😂 ok fr he was like No. and then he tell Marcus he throws a mean punch and Marcus was like I can barely move my jaw. They laugh and make up. Fitz: Marcus is Olivia Pope everyone’s world or just mine?

😭😭😭🤧 why did that touch me? Like why does this man love for her makes me so emotional? 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Tony is one hell of an actor🤗 I legit love him frfr, his portrayal of Fitz needs to go down in History, right along with Kerry’s portrayal of Olivia.

Fitz tells Marcus he needs to go to Washington for a while but before he does he wants to “do some meaningful ” Marcus knew what time it was he was like “I’d be happy to help you with that sir.” and I was like yesssss my boy is back! I knew what that meant, He got some pep in his step! And he ready to go handle business. Fitz and Marcus goes to where the young black man is sleeping underneath the statue. President Fitzgerald Grant encourages him to keep fighting as the young man had just told him he felt like giving up. And so Fitz hugs him and gives him gloves and he thanked him for his service and tells him good luck. And before Fitz leave he was like sir selfie for the gram 🤳🏽 mane I fell out laughing 😂😂😂😂 Fitz threw up the peace sign and everything ✌🏽

🗣pause ok another moment to applaud! Yal remember not to long ago how people were protesting and getting these statues knocked down? 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 good job scandal for including this!

Finally Fitz is off to Washington and of course we end up right where we left off on the previous episode where Fitz is at Olivia’s door and she comes out of the elevator and gets SHOOKEN to her core 😜 so next week we will get to see her reaction and hopefully get some tea on what really happened between them and why they asses ain’t been talking because they did not explain how we went from kissing in front of the world to not talking once he landed in Vermont 😒🤦🏽‍♀️ but overall I enjoyed this episode I loved that it was Fitz centered and I love how they were not afraid to step on some toes in this episode! Can’t wait for next week, hope it’s another goodie!

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Sammy’s snores, Dean can deal with. He has had enough time to learn to ignore them over the years the brothers have had to share shabby motel rooms. Somewhere along the way, Dean even started to appreciate them, seeing them as a constant reminder that his little brother is alive and (awfully loud, though still) breathing.

Dean’s currently wrapped in a thin, scratchy blanket and tries his best to finally fall asleep after an exhausting day of hunting. He’s sharing a motel room with Sam and Cas, and it’s the first time they are doing that since Cas fell and became human. Both brothers had their fair share of awkward moments trying to teach Castiel basic human actions and proceedings. Sam tends to let Dean take over, arguing that he and the former angel have always had a better relationship and it would be less awkward for both himself and Castiel if Dean would handle those situations.

He taught him how to shave, how to properly wash himself, how to deal with pain, sickness and wounds. But until this very moment, trying to fall asleep in a room with Cas, it never even occurred to Dean that Castiel, who is eons old, could have difficulties falling asleep.

He’s been human for almost two weeks now, surely he would have told Dean if he had had troubles falling asleep all this time?

Dean has had to listen to Castiel rolling and tossing around in his bed for about 30 minutes (though it certainly felt more like two hours) when he finally decides that he has had enough of this.

Yes, Dean might be grumpy and tired and a little out of his mind when he gets out of bed to do what he has been considering doing for the last 30 minutes, but he still shuffles over to Cas’ bed. He doesn’t turn on the lights, just quickly scans the bed in the sparse light that is coming through the motel room’s window to make out Castiel’s form underneath his blanket.

The thing is, Dean has been thinking about this exact situation for years. He knows exactly what he’s doing and what impact it might have on his relationship with his best friend, but at this point, he simply doesn’t care anymore.

The hunter climbs into Cas’ bed, lifts the blanket, moves underneath it and shuffles closer to the body next to him. He hears the gasp that leaves Castiel’s lips as soon as he registers what is happening, feels the minty breath brush over his face, but he ignores it in favor of enveloping his best friend in a hug and gently brushing his hands over his back.

“This okay, Cas?” Dean murmurs against his face, closing his eyes and praying to whoever is listening that he didn’t misinterpret all the signs he thought to have seen over their time together. That he isn’t overstepping Cas’ boundaries right now. That he won’t be thrown out of the bed in the next few seconds.

There is no immediate response, though Cas snuggles into his open arms and presses his face in the hollow between Dean’s neck and his shoulder, inhaling deeply. Dean doesn’t need more confirmation than that, so he tightens his hug and brushes his cheek against Castiel’s soft hair.

They don’t really need any words to settle things between them after that, they never did.

But, lying here in the silent gloominess of this dirty hotel room, they do exchange a few words.

Cas breathes a choked “thanks” against Dean’s neck, who in turn answers with a gentle “whenever you need me”. They settle it with an almost reverent, careful kiss and it doesn’t take more than two minutes for Castiel to fall asleep in Dean’s warm, safe embrace. 

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Honestly, what I want most for Jack right now is to have Cas, so Cas can sit him down and tell him he believes in him and tell him about the human who also had powers, who heaven and hell and Lucifer himself tried to manipulate, who was told he was destined to do horrible things. And all the great things he did instead. That human is their friend Sam, and Sam believes in Jack, too.

Oh my gosh this is the most beautiful thing. You are wonderful.

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I recognize that this question is going to be hard to answer because there are so many possibilities but what is your absolute favorite thing about Finn?

Anon, why must you torment me like this? Alright, how about I give a physical and a non-physical feature?

Firstly … his eyes. Not only are they the loveliest shade of dark brown, they convey so much emotion. I could look into them forever and never get bored. His fear, his happiness, his anger …

And for the non-physical feature, I love the care he possesses. He was raised to be an emotionless monster and yet? He saves Poe “because it’s the right thing to do”, and he keeps asking Rey if she’s alright. When they’re blasted on Jakku and he is the one hurt … what does he do? He asks Rey if she’s alright. I’m crying already thinking about this lovely, lovely man and his capacity of kindness. I better see him being taken care of and worried over in the next movies like he did over his friends.

Lockwood & Co. Regency AU for @ironsilversaltandtea and @thebedazzleddementor.

I did my best to get the clothes right and definitely watched the whole five and a half hours of the Pride and Prejudice miniseries with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth for, uhhhhh, research.

(I’m thinking I might do at least Holly and George too. Stay tuned.)

These days

I took last week off work to hike and do house projects (I did more of the former, which was the right thing to do, looking back). I took a lot of photos and I’m eager to share with you my adventures (I only hiked or trail ran new places I had never done before), but it feels too much like a project and so for right now, patience. 

I sit on a Board for solar work in the State and I had been feeling pretty uninspired lately (and also a little overwhelmed with being the only woman in a sea of older men and the subtle messages I sometimes have to deal with in that situation). Yesterday we had our first in-person board meeting in a while, and I left feeling surprisingly positive and inspired. My view from the meeting was 4 stories above the capital building, looking out at the shiny copper dome and what used to be the State Planning Office. It was a poignant moment. 

A girlfriend of mine is friends of friends with my exes current girlfriend. She told me that the ex tries to be unusually friendly to her and her husband now (he was not friendly to them when he was with me, she correctly pointed out), and when he approaches them she doesn’t acknowledge his presence. Thank god. Thank god someone is willing to take a stance on abuse. We are friends but we aren’t necessarily very close; I immediately felt deep respect for her. You shouldn’t get to abuse women behind closed doors and then go on being the “friendly” and “fun” person in the public eye. I don’t know how people can stay close friends with someone after they found out what he did. I am struggling with this with another friend. If it’s not ok for Trump to do these things, why is it ok for your friend to do it? Is it because it was behind closed doors and people assume there are two sides to every story? Is it because it doesn’t affect them directly? Is it because it’s easier to assume that somehow there were equal roles in “bringing out the worst in each other”? I am struggling with how to maintain an intimate friendship when their friendship with my ex is a trigger for me. It takes me right back to being afraid and overwhelmed and worried that people wouldn’t believe me because he is “friendly” and “fun”. Fuck abuse and how in some ways the manipulation and mind games never totally go away. I have such deep gratitude for my high school girlfriends who so clearly put their line in the sand on abuse and never second guessed me when I finally felt safe enough to share some of the truth (although admittedly, even writing this feels uncomfortable). 

I was at a party with my ex and my high school friends a few years ago. My friend told me, when my ex and I split up, that a friend of her husband came up to her at that party and said “he’s an abuser”, and pointed out my husband. She knew nothing at the time of what happened at home, and she stiffly denied it. When I finally broke down and told her the truth the following spring, she remembered that moment and shared it with me. I don’t know how he knew, maybe he was a social worker who had learned the body language of both parties and read the cues, but I’m grateful for that man too, that someone out there saw it so clearly when I was struggling to find my voice. 

I am grateful for the therapist I was seeing at the time who told me, despite the fact that maybe she shouldn’t have, that of all the couples she saw (she was mainly a couples therapist) and the terrible fights they were having before they came to her, or were still struggling with, and the range of troubles, no one else was on the level of my exes verbal abuse. That was such an important moment for me, when I finally realized that I could trust my instincts and I was right that something was terribly wrong with my ex and it wasn’t my fault; it wasn’t normal, even for couples who were deeply struggling, and it wasn’t ok. 

I guess I have just been in need of some serious truth telling, and this platform has always been a safe, positive space for that to happen.

The late summer/early autumn unseasonably warm air has come back for another long stretch so I am running most days and feeling happy and healthy. I have been working hard over the last year to figure out how diet and lifestyle can support a healthy mind and body, and I think I have been hugely successful, especially in the PMS department. It really comes down to avoiding sugar as much as possible (this is probably the most important thing), cutting way back on caffeine (almost as important, and tea if you can is much better than coffee in reducing moodiness and anxiety), regularly drinking a really nice, gentle mix of herbs, tons of water, good sleep, avoiding or limiting alcohol during PMS, and regular exercise. Cutting out empty carbs as much as possible and eating healthy fats and proteins goes hand-in-hand with that. Having awesome friends and a deep, supportive, accepting love also does wonders.

I’m mailing in my passport renewal application today! I’m so excited for January and going out of the country for the first time since late 2014!

Wishes of peace and joy for you as we enter the cooler seasons, the holidays, the shorter days, and the longer nights. 

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even though damon ended up kissing elena and sleeping with her, in 3x11 damon defends stefan "You know, Stefan won this round for us today. He pushed Klaus to the edge and Klaus blinked" "Well, his method sucked" "Still, we needed it" in 3x10 he tells her stefan saved his life and in 4x06 damon tells elena everything stefan was doing was for her. That's Damon saying "Stefan did it because he loves you", without needing to say the exactly words "he loves you"

Yeah … none of that really matters to me when Damon undercuts being “honourable” with doing something that disregards boundaries and hurts his brother afterward. Why the hell would I care that Damon says that Stefan saved his life in 3x10 when right after he kisses Elena? Why would I care that in 3x02 he tells Elena that Stefan saved his life when he basically tells her to dump him when he gets back because he wants her to remember all the things she felt when he was gone? Damon defending Stefan to Elena isn’t Damon defending Stefan to Elena, it’s Damon being like OK I will do the right thing to say I did it and that gives me license to disregard boundaries afterwards because at least I did the right thing 30 seconds ago. Nah.

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What's sad is that they look like they have actual skill, but they have to rely on tracing or very heavy referencing. But no, if you did call them out, you would not be The Bitch, you'd be in The Right. That is YOUR art that YOU busted your butt on, put YOUR time and effort in. You have every right to tell them something.

You’re right though. It’s just this person in particular is a pain to deal with and is quick to play the victim, even if they’re guilty and are doing things that bring this kinda stuff upon them. SiGHs we’re doing something about this soon, it’s just tough bc I’m out of town rn. So friends are gathering what’s needed currently. It’s just so weird because he called out someone last year in a public fashion about being a complete rip off of my art? But I guess since he knows I’m the non-confrontational type that won’t necessarily do much even if it’s happening and addressed given that scenario from last year, he’s taking advantage of this and is just milking this for every penny he can get. Which feels even more shitty. “Ash isn’t gonna do anything so I’m just gonna keep doing this lol”

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LOL at Maril's response to Jamie and Claire always being the focus of the show. Since when? S1 first half? You can't tell me that they didn't hear the complaints about S2 and know that it was universally panned among critics. Seems they didn't learn the lesson for the beginning of S3 either ( did you read the NYT review?). I hope to hell they get the back half of this season right because S4 is a long way off and between that and the sideshows fans will tune out.

Self-serving privileged production crew; have no idea how to listen and accept constructive criticism. Since when is feedback from the fanbase a dirty thing? They always act like fans should put them on a pedestal for doing a job they are being paid to do.

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Can I do another one for the ship-meme? Kukui and Burnet!

Like said, of course you can! I love these two nerds :’)

send me a ship and i’ll tell you who

001. . . . kills the spider

(in a world where spiders are not pokemon) Neither! I hc they love everything living so much that even a spider has space in their home :D

002. . . . proposed

Could be both but hmm gotta make this decision… Maybe… neither did a ‘traditional’ proposal. They just were casually talking, and getting married was just quickly brought up like ‘we should totally do a thing x when we are married’ ‘wait when are we gonna get married?’ ‘I dunno but I thought… you do want to get married right?’ ‘of course! But… we haven’t really talked about this… so… we probably should.’

003. . . . kissed the other first

(first kisses are my fave things, I’d love to read a fic about this) Hmmm Kukui? Kukui believes in the power of /showing/ how he feels instead of saying it first so one time when he’s watching Burnet reading her notes near him, he just suddenly feels a lot of affection towards her and gets up, takes the book out of her hands and smacks his lips against hers.

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anonymous asked:

Thoughts on timecanary in season 3?

I have to admit, I don’t think it’s likely to happen in canon at this point in time.  I think the characters have a great platonic relationship, or at least they did in seasons one and two.  I hope they might be able to work that out in season three once Rip starts actually filling the team in on why he’s doing this stuff and what he’s keeping from them this time. 

But in terms of a romance, well, I think Rip may have a bit too much on his plate right now while Sara seems to be going in other directions.

That doesn’t rule things out in the future of course.  And I still intend to enjoy all the fanwork that the TC fans create.  This is just my take right now.

Ravenclaws probably have, overall as a house, the worst grades in the school tbh.