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(A rough) Translation of the new SKAM part ‘Pride’

Text message to Even:
Hi, I’ve been washing stairs for 6 hours and am dying of ODW overdose. What did you do today? It was nice seeing you yesterday, wanna hang out?

E: Hello my little friend! Hi!

I: Hey

E: I have a small prize for you since you were so good and paid your rent today!
I: You have a prize for me?

E: Yes. You want it?

I: Uh, sure.

E: Okay, I’ll let you choose a hand.

I: Uhh, right.

E: Choose left.

I: Then I’ll take the left..!

E: Voila! For you.

I: Oh, an air purifier..! Funny.

E: Yeah, it’s one of those with a nice smell of lavender, which I thought you could have here in your room..

I: Thank you very much.

E: ..in case you’ll have that…guy..that guy Even over again. Or whatever his name was.

Eskild and Isak in unison: Uhm..

I: Eskild.

E: Yes?

I: I guess I can tell you that..there’s kind of a…thing, between Even and me. We’re…uh, fooling around.

E: Really? That’s…That’s  so cool, Isak. Hey, it’s absolutely fantastic.

I: You’re not surprised.

E: Isak, the first time I met you, you were sitting by yourself in a gay bar at 02:00 in the morning and you didn’t want to go home.

I: I’ve told you I didn’t know it was a gay bar. (pause) But it doesn’t mean that I’m gay.

E: No, I mean, it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that you’ve found someone you like.

I: There’s nothing wrong in being gay, I’m just not like..gay gay.

E: Okay, how do you mean?

I: No, you know, like you.

E: Okay? And..how am I?

I: You do understand what I mean. You speak openly about sucking dick and Kim Kardashian and lavender. I mean, I totally respect that you take that whole ’gay package’ all the way, but it’s just..like, I’m not like that.

E:Like, I’m not trying to go all out with any ’gay package’. I’m only trying to be myself, Isak.

I: Yeah, god, I understand. I didn’t mean to…Of course you are just being yourself. What I mean is it seems that…everyone associates being gay with  being that way. And that’s kind of a bummer, for those who are not like that. So it’s not like I’m gonna use mascara or tights or go all Gay Pride just because I like Even.

E: Okay, let me..tell you one thing about these people you don’t what to be associated with, Isak. About the people who have put on tights and mascara and gone out to fight for the right to be themselves. These are people who’ve, up through the years, chosen to stand their ground even while being harassed, experienced hatred, who’ve been assaulted and killed. And it’s not because they are so extremely keen on being different, but because they would rather die than be someone they’re not. That, Isak…takes courage on such a completely different level than what most people are able to understand. And I.. I believe that before you’ve fought that battle yourself, before you have had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful about putting yourself above Gay Pride.

I: I didn’t mean to put myself above it.

E: Yeah. Yeah, Isak, you did. (Pause) And now I don’t really feel like talking to you any more, so now you can…sit here and think about what I’ve told you.

Text message from Even:
Hi. It was nice seeing you too. I don’t know, but maybe things are going a bit too fast..I know that it’s my fault, but I need some time, I’m sorry.

(ODW = Operation Day’s Work, look it up I don’t have the energy to explain..!)

Lately I’ve been into breath of the wild, and of course that makes me ship Zelink even harder than I ever did before. So I decided to do an experimental drawing that turned into uhh this.
I based this off another picture, unfortunately I do not have a link to it.
Also, does anyone ever get that feeling when you draw something that starts off as shit and then it ends up looking way better than you expected? I didn’t even know I could draw like this but….yeah! Looks like my right hand and my brain surprised me today!

The Boyfriend/Girlfriend tag! (Luke Edition)

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[So! this is a new section i just came up with, y/n is a youtuber basically and they are doing a normal tag! you can request any tag you’d like with any of the 5sos or all time low boys. enjoy!]

1. Where did we meet?

“Uhh” he mumbles scratching his barely visible stubble and thinking “it was a the Vanity fair party, am i right?” he answers unsure. 

“No” i laugh “not even close, Luke, how was i suppose to get into a party full of celebrities?” i roll my eyes “it was at the nice guy babe” 

“right right” he says nodding “i was drunk, and we danced, it was a really fun party” 

“and we ended up at my apartment, super hangover and sleeping it off” i laugh looking down at my phone. 

“and! We had the best Netflix and chill of the history” he finishes the story “Next question” 

2. Where was out first date?

“We never really had a real date before dating” i clarify pouting a bit.

“No, it was all going for coffee or just hanging out at each other places” he agrees to complete my point “But we had a date after we started dating, though, i think that was our first one” 

“uhh yes” i smile at the memory “you wore this really nice suit” 

“and you wore a dress” he continues 

“We went to this really fancy Italian place near his house” i say “i loved it, they had live music, tables outside, live music, lights everywhere, very romantic…” 

“and the pasta was incredible” he adds making me chuckle “and the tiramisu, babe, remember the tiramisu?” 

“oh yeah” I say resting my head on his shoulder “it was so good, we need to go back there soon” 

“Will do” he says smiling to the camera and caressing my head. 

3. What was your first impression of me?

“Be honest” i say after reading the question out loud. 

“First impression.. “ he says thinking a bit “again, i was really drunk that night so i don’t remember much, but i think it was that you looked like that kind of girls that don’t give a single shit about anything, very bold and shameless, but you turned out completely different” he says ruffling my hair 

“Aw thanks” I smile “Actually, my impression wasn’t too different, before we even talked to each other, my friend said to me that you were some kind of rockstar and you’re in a band, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘this guy is an asshole’” i say chuckling “but you aren’t babe, don’t worry” 

“Good to know” he chuckles.

4. When did you meet the family?

“it was a cold day..” he says in a dark tone causing me to laugh loudly. 

“Shhh” i shush him pushing him lightly while laughing “Don’t tell it like it was a bad thing!” 

“it was embarrassing” he laughs, taking my hand “We had like, what? a month together?” he says and i nod “Well, her family was throwing a big barbecue and she brought me, everyone was so impressed..” he says still not believing it “i don’t think I've ever answer so many questions in my life!” 

“oh c’mon” i roll my eyes “they were excited i finally introduced them to a boyfriend, you are the first guy i ever introduced to my family” 

“i’m honored” he says, leaning his head a bit. “When did you meet my family?” 

i smile “Last year actually” i tell to the camera “on Christmas, we had a lot of fun, his mother is a sweetheart and his brother is my soulmate” i joke watching how his jealous look turns on “we’re like the same person, aren’t we?” 

“Oh! don’t you say?” he says throwing his head back and groaning “Literally i think I’ve never been so bullied since you guys meet each other”

“They just jokes” i say putting my hands around  his waist and hugging him “i love you” 

5. Do i have any weird obsession, if so..what?

“She has this strange obsession with everything Harry Potter” Luke says cringing a bit  “i mean i like it too, but you like it a bit too much baby” 

i shrug “So what?” i pinch his cheek “i love it, don’t bully me” 

“I am not” he chuckles letting go on my hold “what’s my weird obsession?” 

i look at him and shook my head “i hate that you literally have none” i groan and roll my eyes “I’ll just say you have an obssesion for trashy tv, let’s move on”

6. How long have we been together? 

“2 years!” i say cheering “and a half” 

7. Do you have a tradition with your gf/bf? 

“When i am not touring, yes” he responds before me “but we always change though, we never stay on the same routine” 

“yeah” i agree “We used to do pizza Saturday nights, but now we do Netflix Fridays” i say. “Sometimes we even do date nights every week” 

“yeahhh they’re a bit complicated though” Luke shrugs “i like Netflix Fridays” 

“I like them too” 

8. What was our first roadtrip?

“Does the tour bus counts?” i ask unsure of this question. 

“I think so” Luke says sliding his arm around my shoulders “if it counts then i think it was when we toured America and you came by” 

“And if not then it was when we drove to Vegas” i complete for him “it was a fun trip” 

“our trips are the bests trips” 

9. What was the first thing you noticed about me? 

“Your tallness” i laugh ruffling his hair. “i am not very tall so when i saw you i was shook” 

he rolls his eyes, it was typical of me to me talk about his tallness, sometimes he found it annoying “the first thing i noticed about you is your hair” he says brushing his fingers against it “i like the color is so nice” 

“Thanks baby”

10. What is my favorite restaurant? 

He points me “anything with good sushi” 

i point him “Anything with good music and steak” 

11. What do we argue about the most? 

“Pff, we don’t argue” Luke says looking at me. 

“And that was sarcasm” i laugh “we don’t really make big arguments, but what we definitely argue the most is about either me or you taking to long to get out of the house for events or whatever” 

“Yes” he nods “i reconize it, sometimes i take some time but you are the winner, my friend” 

“No i am not” i gasp “you always start to dress up so late, i swear you do it on propouse!” 

“No i don’t!” he pouts “next question”

12. Who wears the pants in the relationship? 

“I do” i say with a super big smile on my face. 

“I do” he says moving to the side on an intent of pushing me out of the sight of the camera. 

“Stop it” i chuckle. 

13. If I’m watching tv what am i watching? 

“You are always watching friends” i say to Luke leaning my head back on his shoulder and looking at him. 

“Correct” he nods “And you are watching American horror story lately so that’s my answer” 

“you’re right!”  

14. What is one food i don’t like? 

“Is there any food you don’t like?” he asks me while i put my phone down. “i think the only thing I’ve seen you don’t like is Pickles” 

“yeah, i hate pickles” i cringe “and you hate pork” 

“Ding ding” he says “we have a winner” 

15. What drink do i order when we go out to eat? 

“Alcoholic? or nonalcoholic?” he asks 

“Both, go” i say pointing at him. 

“You love ice tea” he says, looking at the camera “and you also always order any kind of fruit cocktails that are on the menu” 

“oh yeah” i say smiling “i love pina colada’s and daiquiris, those are my favorites” i wiggle on my place, moving closer to him “you are a big beer guy, you always order that, but, you also like soda a lot” 

he turns to look at me “There’s one specifically that i love, can you guess?” 

i furrow my brows and shook my head but he gives me a challenging look that makes me give up and answer his question. “Fanta?” 

he sighs and shoook “Coke, babe, is coke” 

“Aw, i knew it!” i say pouting.

16. What size shoe do i wear? 

“I don’t know!” i say loudly and shrug “is not like i borrow your shoes like i borrow you hoodies” 

“aw, babe c’mon” he chuckles “even i know your shoe size” 

“Oh yeah? what’s my size then?” i challenge him. 

“7″ he says without thinking twice. 

“Damn it!” 

17. What is one talent i have? 

“Well you sing, and play instruments” i say like it was the most obvious thing on earth “Duh” i roll my eyes “i don’t think i have any talent, to be honest” 

“Yes you do” he says pulling me closer “you can draw really nicely, i like it a lot” 

“Do you really?” i look up at him. 

“Of course, babe”

18. What would i eat every day if i could? 

“She could eat chocolate all the day if she could” Luke says almost without thinking “(Y/n) has the biggest sweet tooth I’ve ever seen” 

“that’s true” i agree “but i actually don’t know what could you eat like all the time” i say thinking “Maybe nachos? with dip” i raise my eyebrows looking at him. 

“Yeah, I’ll give it to you, nachos and dip is awesome for me” 

19. What is something you do that i wish you didn’t?

“You always repeat what other people say” i say laughing because this is something that sometimes was annoying of Luke and that at the same it was cute  “When something makes you laugh, you always repeat like the last phrase, all the time” i say leaning my head on his shoulder and laughing. 

“What? i don’t do that” he says almost offended. 

“ you do babe, you do” i say, sitting up straight and giving him a little push indicating him to say his answer. 

“I wish you weren’t such a picky girl for everything” he says “but it is not that bad actually because most of the times the choices end up being good, but sometimes is a bit annoying” 

i shrug “yeah i get it” 

20. What can i spend hours doing? 

”Reading” my boyfriends say “your book collection is huge baby” 

“thanks” i smile “you could spend the entire day just doing nothing” i chuckle “you work a lot, you deserve a lot of breaks”

21. If I could live anywhere, where would it be?

Disneyland,completly” i say and he rolls his eyes, also laughing at my response. 

“Hell yes” he says likcompletelyserious “Everyone watch out, we’re taking over that castle” 

“we’re taking the lead over the entire park!” i joke, exclaiming and faking an evil laugh that ended up being a real laugh, being with Luke making this is so fun, this is the kind of moments that make me love him more and more everytime. 

end up the tag guys! please you can request any kind of tags you could think of with any of the guys and ill make them ! that’s a promise, hope you loved this one and have a great day/night!

stole this tag from @merriann cause yolo

nickname: basically just variations of my actual name within various degrees of dumbness

sign: saggitarius 

height: well i was 162 cm when i last checked

last thing you googled: oui oui mon ami je m’appelle lafayette (?!! i wanted Aaron Burr, Sir lyrics but i don’t know why i didn’t just look up the song title lmao)


last movie i watched: i just rewatched 1991 Beauty and the Beast today :’)))

what i’m wearing right now: uhh a black t shirt and khaki pants and very warm socks

what you post: musical & cartoon shitpost, art, memes + useful stuff

what did your last relationship teach u: FCKING RECOGNIZE TOXICITY

religion: that’s complicated, i’ll skip it

average hours of sleep: i try to get 8 but i’m not doing good so mostly it’s around 6

favorite color: hard to answer!

lucky number: 13 because i’m an edgelord + i was born on friday, 13th and i tell that to everyone, everywhere 

how many blankets do you sleep with: 2, but one of them always ends up around my head lol

dream job: *in a small voice* animator

tagging: I’m Afraid To Bother People Even If It’s Just A Tag Game

but if anyone of my mutuals is willing to do this, I’ll be all  👀 👀 👀

askbladetech  asked:

Uhh. Do you mean tradition as a whole or just your favorite traditions during the holidays? Because there are some traditions that did NEED to go away in order for humans to progress over the years. *Cough slavery cough no women rights cough gays can't get married cough* oh excuse me.

It’s obviously the second one. I mean, it could be misinterpreted, but I really meant it the way that if you have a silly holiday tradition, you should keep it.


askduelistyugi  asked:

Kaibs? Dis is Joey. About yesterday.....you, ah, you didn't mean any of it- right? You were just high? Ya don't really think about dat stuff- do ya?


Did I meet you yesterday? Uhh… I assure you I didn’t mean anything I said, even though I don’t remember saying anything to begin with. Wait, did I tell you you’re a mutt? If I did, I meant that. Besides this, no. I don’t think anything else about you, especially not the things you’re speaking of. Whatever they are.  

queen-of-all-the-fandoms  asked:

"Winslow Schott, you do *not* get to saw I'm 'crabby' right now. If I seem to be in a bad mood, it's because *someone* decided to drag all the way to the DEO, first thing in the morning before I had a chance to have breakfast, without actually giving me a reason!"

“Winslow Schott, you do *not* get to saw I’m ‘crabby’ right now. If I seem to be in a bad mood, it’s because *someone* decided to drag all the way to the DEO, first thing in the morning before I had a chance to have breakfast, without actually giving me a reason!”

Winn winced at your tone. “Uhh, I’m sorry [F/n] it was an emergency.” Looking up at you from his desk chair.

“And why did I have to come along?” You were straight up pissed. He made you come here and all you’re doing is standing around.

“Well you always say you wanted to see the DEO and I figured hey why not now?”

“Yes I said that, but not at 5 in the fucking morning!” You were really crabby from lack of sleep. Otherwise you’d be more level headed about the situation, but if there’s one thing you’re not.. it’s a morning person.

“I know and I’m sorry. How about I make it up to you by taking you out to breakfast. Then we can go back home and take a nap or watch a movie? Sound good?” He had stood up to look in your eyes and hold your shoulders.

Your expression softened, realizing your behavior. “Yeah that’s fine, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell I’m just–”

“Not a morning person yeah I know” chuckling before he kissed your forehead.

“You’re too sweet Winn” you smiled at home.

Sitting back down and focusing on the screen he effortlessly said “Yeah I know that too” eliciting an eye roll from you. But also a laugh, the thing he was going for.

‘Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next lines (incase I want to do more than five)’

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nickname: Uhh I hav many but Peach is th most common ! 🍑

zodiac sign: cancer🦀

height: around 175cm I think lol

last thing googled: do worms have a head lmfaooo

fave music artists: Steely Dan, Rammstein, Emeralds n 2814 ! 💎

song stuck in my head: Steely Dan’s Third Wolrd Man. Its rlly good

last movie watched: the last film i remember watching is Vertigo lol

what are you wearing right now: a white sweater, black jeans, boots and star earrings ⭐️

what do you post: vaporwave mostly and also fashion and makeup Sometimes !

why did you choose your url: Glorienschein means halo in German! I rlly lov angels and germany bsjdjhd 👼

do you have any other blogs: Yea I do, hav four that I use lol

what did your past relationship teach you: let’s not talk about that

fave color: I really love warm tones, especially orange and gold ! ⚜️

average hours of sleep: 5-8

lucky number: Numbers dividable by 5 ! Also seven !!

fave character: uhh I rlly rlly lov pariston from hxh…

how many blankets you sleep with: 1 to 3 !!

dream job: I’d really love to be a concert pianist hdhdgd

I’m tagging: @honeypudding, @stelario, @sanjuubyou, @steelydan n @irljimmy !!

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 Nicknames: Farah                                                                                  Zodiac: Scorpio                                                                                      Height: 5′1″

 Last thing I Googled: “gotham ao3” - Looking for Nygmobblepot fics lol
 Song stuck in my head: Dirty Laundry by All Time Low                            What am I wearing right now: black and yellow top, jeans

 What do I post: 99% Nygmobblepot. 

 Why did I choose my URL: I’m studying biology. Mycorrhizae are fungi that  have mutualistic relationships with plants. Tbh I just love the way that word  sounds. So i always thought to myself that I should use it as a username  whenever I heard it in class.
 Religious or spiritual: Atheist. But I don’t judge people if they are religious.
 Fave colour: Uhh .. does black count?
 Avg hours of sleep: Maybe 7.
 Lucky number: 6
 Favourite character: Hannibal and Oswald
 How many blankets i sleep with: One.
 Dream job: Something involving genetics research. Or maybe genetic  engineering … or personal genomics. 

I’m still kind of new here and don’t know many people. So i won’t tag anyone …


my honey @bigfag tagged me in like a uh describe urself in 6 characters thing and these are the characters ive picked uhh idk its hard to differentiate the characters u wanna be like and the ones u are actually like but i think i did a good job here 

i tag uhhhh @angelsip and @grooveyle even tho ik u guys arent gonna do it lmao i jus dont wanna seem like i have no friends

im gonna list the characters under the cut

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Cloud started when he felt a tug on his back pocket. He looked down and saw a lot of green. 

“Uh…kid,” Cloud started, “I don’t think you should be here right now.” 

The kid just pointed across the field. Cloud followed his finger to an enormous man covered in armor. 

Well shit. 

“Look kid,” Cloud started again, “You really might wanna get out of here before it starts getting ugly.” The kid just shrugged happily. Cloud drew the Buster Sword. 

Cloud heard a sword being unsheathed right next to him. 

“Uhh…how old are you?” Cloud asked. He had to be like…12. The kid just smiled. 

“Do you even understand a word I’m saying?” Cloud asked. He got a nod and another smile. Cloud resisted facepalming. 

“Just…stay behind me okay?” Cloud said and rushed forward. 

The man in armor (did he have green skin? What was with this place and the color green?) anticipated his attack. The force of it pushed him to the edge of the arena. Cloud’s opponent caught himself before he fell. 

Then an arrow flew past Cloud and knocked him down. Cloud watched him fall before turning back. 

The kid in green was holding his bow rather proudly. 

“Nice work, kid,” Cloud said, he tried to bite back a smile, “That’s a weird hat though.” 

That got a laugh. 

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Nickname: none rly..my mum calls me “holly berries”
Star Sign: libra
Height: uh  170-something cm tall!
Time Right Now: 4:47pm
Favourite Music Artist: mikitoP or kikuo
Last Movie Watched: primal fear
Last TV Show Watched: king of the hill…me n my bf are watching it all again
What Are You Wearing Right Now?: hooters t-shirt+briefs
When Did You Create Your Blog?: i remade mid  last year? i think. ive been on and off this website since high school though..
What Kind of Stuff Do You Post?: uhh aesthetic things+things i love+bad jokes
Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: nsfw+dark aes sideblog and art blog.
Do You Get Asks Regularly?: not rly? i msg ppl i care about on other platforms tho
Why Did You Choose Your URL?: my good friend helped me think of a cool kin url for me
Gender: idk
Hogwarts House: dunno
Pokémon Team: is this only 4 pokego? if so i dont play it ;_;
Favourite Colour: red, orange, purple
Average Hours of Sleep: idk tbh…not much
Luck Number: 7
Favourite Characters: my tekken mains, my ovw mains, silent hill protagonists, the entire cast of mgs1
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With?: one
Dream Job: forensic scientist or criminologist. maybe freelance artist.
Followers: 166. it fluctuates bc i block bots/im inactive for long periods of time

i tag any1 who reads this who feels like doing somethin!

Rules: Tag blogs you’d like to know better
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Nickname: Amarie
Zodiac Sign: el cancer
Height: 5′ 7″ ?
Gender: lady
Time Right Now: 11:57pm (lol I have a proposal due in the morning)
Last Thing Googled: “speed bump vs speed hump”
Favorite Music Artist: The Pretty Reckless at the moment
Song Stuck In My Head: Love-Hate Heartbreak
Last Movie Watched: X-Men Apocalypse I think?
What Are You Wearing: The cute anchor sweater I got on vacation and my lipstick pj pants
Last TV Show I’d Watched: The Code is on right now
What Do You Post: funny text posts mostly. maybe a teeny bit of fandom stuff.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Why Did You Choose You Url: Friends used to call me a sheepdog because my bangs were always in my eyes, and Night Vale
When Did You Create This Blog: Uhh idk I think I was probably lonely
Religious or Spiritual: No?
Favorite Color: Pink
Average Hours of Sleep: Bro I range from like 4-12
Lucky Number: 4, 11, or 43
Favorite Characters: This is not nearly specific enough.
Following: Mostly text posts, partially fandom
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: I sleep on top of my sheets and comforter, under two fuzzy throws.  I have like a dozen pillows though
Dream job: Playing with babies all day
Tagging: double stealing “whoever the last ten unique blogs in my notes is” 

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[ Jared extended imagine ] VyRT.

Original imagine: Imagine: Jared doing a special VyRT violet session to officially introduce you as his girlfriend to the Echelon.

Author: A.Wölf.

{ Anon request }


-Are you doing a VyRT violet right now, Jared?

Jared looks at you with his eyes widened and turns around to face a cabinet and take out a mug.

-Uhh…yeah. How do you know?

-I’m psychic. Did I not mention it before? Well, I’m following you on twitter, dummy! You’ve been quite promoting it the whole day. –You say scrolling on your phone.

Jared pours coffee into the mug and hands it to you.

-In fact, I have to go set everything up for it.

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I was tagged by @diamond-balloons thanks for fueling my attention meter ily

Nickname: Uhh RJ. Usualy people just call me by my name

Sign: scorpio

Height: 5′2 [i may have shrunk since last checked]

Last Thing You Googled: “peeing on laptop”

Favourite Artist: do you mean art or music?? if its art, idk, i like what everyone creates. if its music, i rlly like twenty one pilots but i also know almost everything about gorillaz

Last Movie I Watched: I watched Finding Nemo earlier today

What Im Wearing Right Now: some sweat pants with “BULLDOGS” on the ass, and a dark blue T shirt

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You?: When it comes to long distance relationships, try your best to listen to their problems too.

What You Post: twenty one pilots, memes, video games idk bro you tell me

Religion: Its kinda hard for me. I believe in God cause I’m scared not to.

Average Hours of Sleep: it ranges from 3 hours to 18 hours 

Favourite Colour: dark green


How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: technically 2 but i use one of them to lay ontop of

Dream Job: i wanna get paid for being depressed

I don’t have a lot of people to tag, but from the top of my head @callidior @530862 @twenty-one-flightattendants if you guys want to! also if you read this post you can just say I tagged you if you wanna do it ;3c

Ace Cecil
  • Night Vale Citizen: Sooo, how was your vacation? Good?
  • Cecil: Oh, yes. Absolutely perfect.
  • Night Vale Citizen: Haha, Carlos did say it was gonna be GOOD.
  • Cecil: Yeah...uh-hm. Why does everyone keep bringing that up?
  • Night Vale Citizen: I bet you two didn't get much done though, am I right? *nudge nudge, wink wink*
  • Cecil: Uhh...it was a vacation? What would we have been doing?
  • Night Vale Citizen: ...
  • Cecil: I did get to see a dog the size of a car, though! It was really...neat!

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Name: Jimmy
Nickname: I have been called Jim, Goose, G-Man, And maybe some others
Star sign: Centaur
Height: 5'8"
Time right now: 12:28 am i can’t sleep
Last thing you Googled: flobox
Favorite music artist: Green Day
Song stuck in my head: “Maybelline” by Social Distortion (Chuck Berry cover)
Last TV show I watched: Jeopardy it was on so i just watched and got a total of 9 correct
What I’m wearing right now: thin shorts and a tank top
Do I get asks regularly: nope
Why did I choose my url name: If this name is ever taken when I’m creating an account then i need to find my password because it was me
Gender: male
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Pokémon team: Uhh, the blue one (mystic?) go was pretty weak so i stopped playing
Favorite color: whatever looks good
Favorite characters: Solid/Naked Snake, my XCOM team, Ralph Wiggum, and more i’m not thinking of now
Dream job: musician would be awesome but i have like 5 views on my songs so I’m pursuing science Number of blankets: on a good night, 4, but it’s so hot in California that i usually have to cut down
Number of followers: no idea.

I tag @cause-i-love-feeling-dirnty @pikhatechu @hellothereimbatman @lastchancepack @hitchin-a-ride-to-suburbia @lxkeyhxney @waltzfordeborah
Idk it’s been a while since I’ve been active so just do it if yoo want

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  • Nicknames: Rey
  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 5′3″
  • Time right now:  3:30pm

  • Last thing you Googled: This picture of a man eating popcorn to use in a group chat

  • Favorite music artist(s): :)

  • Last song stuck in my head: Uhh I’m not too sure, but the last song I listened to was the Hamilton sound track soo

  • Last movie: Oh god I haven’t watched a movie in a while… Was it Moana? Maybe?

  • My fab outfit: I usually just wear a loose t shirt and jeans.

  • When did I create this blog: 2 years ago? 3?

  • The trash I post:  Right now I’m super into Mystic Messenger but it varies between anime, games, memes…

  • Do you get asks regularly: Not at all ^^

  • Why did you choose your URL?: It was a joke with an old friend of mine. We thought that “boo-bees” was just such a hilarious pun. It really isn’t tho… anyway. Boobees was already taken and so I just added the apple ‘i’ in front of it and called it a day.

  • Gender: Girl

  • Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff-le

  • Pokemon team: Valor, but if I could go back and change it I’d chose Instinct
  • Favorite color: Cold colours, like blue, purple and green. I hate yellow, orange and brown.
  • Dream job: I want to work in the animation industry. 

  • Number of blankets: I usually sleep between 5 and 7, depending on if my bed is made or not, and the season.

  • Followers: I think I just hit 200? 

  • Tagging: @weebtrina @koneko-manga @sarafinascomplex

160730 Jimin

*Why don’t you sleep?I’m doing the same thing because of you guys
(pic shows:Vstar-BTS/Idol Gift-26000 packs of chicken/Reason-Therefore I can eat chicken with every ARMY at the concert)

*Uhh what did I do?Talking about chicken makes me hungry.I’m going to sleep now

*kekekeke I’m really going to sleep right now.Thank you for doing that well.kekekeke I should get out fast then you will go out right?Good night