did i do this right uhh

Bts reacting to finding you masturbating in lingerie in their room! (while you guys aren’t dating)


*comes stomping in when he sees you* “you could’ve just asked me if you wanted to do this here” “No reason to be so shocked this is my room baby. Should I finish what you started?”

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“Looks like someone’s caught red handed… should I put you in handcuffs or should I just restrain you with my own hands?” *he did a little eyebrow wiggle at his question* 

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*screams in surprise* “Oh it’s just you. You scared me. Do you need help? I mean I’m already here so might as well right?“ 

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"Well mamacita… this wasn’t the sight I was expecting but it’ll do for entertainment right now.” *walks towards you* “Mind if I join?" 

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*stands there in shock* "uhh-I-uhhh” *his whole face was red* *is actually frozen solid* (look at what you’ve done to him) 

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“Well looky what we have here,” *smirks* “you know this is my room? Or did you want me to find you? Either way I’m here, what can I help you with?" 

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*walks in* *sees what you’re doing* *runs out slamming the door in the process*"IM SORRY I DIDNT SEE ANYTHING UHM OKAY ILL UHM MEET YOU LATER OR SOMETHING”*leaves the entire household*

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Caged (3)

Synopsis: What happens when Loki meets someone who actually calls him on his bullshit instead of running and hiding?
Word Count : 645
A/N: Hit me up if I missed any tags guys. Sorry this one is a bit short, I just really wanted to post.

Part One - Part Two

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HuniePop Sentence Starters for all you sinners.
  • “Wow, okay. Could I get you to maybe take it down a notch? I’m right here.”
  • “Chill out for a second. You’ll be glad I showed up.”
  • “Oh my God, it’s worse than I thought, isn’t it?”
  • “I’d KILL to have tits like that!”
  • “Try not to be an ass for like…five minutes.”
  • “Thanks for the sex, homie!”
  • “It feels like I haven’t eaten anything in like a hundred and fifty years.”
  • "Is it weird that I like veggies so much?”
  • “What’s shakin’, bacon?”
  • “Oh my God, I could kiss you!”
  • “This is romantic as shit. Are you trying to seduce me?”
  • “That was a pussy drink! Hit me with something stronger!”
  • “What’s wrong? Seems like something’s bothering you.”
  • “Ohhhh, come on! Just try it on. It’s going to look sooooo cute.”
  • “You can’t keep all that boob to yourself, hun. It’s not fair to the rest of the world.”
  • “What’s cooking, good-looking?”
  • “You really are something else. You know that?”
  • “I have got to get something inside me. Food, I mean.”
  • “Let’s go win some stupid shit.”
  • “Can’t you just, like, chill out for once and, I don’t know, have fun?”
  • “What’s wrong!? Did I hurt your whore feelings?”
  • “Uhh, could you move please? You’re kind of in my way.”
  • “That’s fucking disgusting.”
  • “Okay, I’m here. So now what?”
  • “I literally cannot remember my name right now.” 
  • “Forgive me for saying this…but your body is straight bangin’.”
  • “Weakness? I’ve never heard of such a thing!”
  • “Fuck these birds, am I right?”
  • “Isn’t it funny how life is pointless and nothing matters?”
  • “That is a supremely nice set of tits. Ten outta ten!”
  • “What should we do about the fact that we’re desperately attracted to each other?”
  • “I just do whatever the magic fairy that follows me around tells me.”
  • “I need to pick up some condoms for our date tonight.”
  • “You look like you’d rather be anywhere else.”
  • “Flat chested girls make me sad.”
Black and White - Chapter 2

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 3227 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

“Okay, i’ll just say this here. You’re really cute. How about we take this upstairs?” Baekhyun queried.

You felt your heart drop slightly.

This. This was exactly what you wanted to avoid. What you didn’t want to happen.

You were flattered by his words, of course. But you knew they were merely nothing but empty words. Ones that held no meaning whatsoever.

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Lately I’ve been into breath of the wild, and of course that makes me ship Zelink even harder than I ever did before. So I decided to do an experimental drawing that turned into uhh this.
I based this off another picture, unfortunately I do not have a link to it.
Also, does anyone ever get that feeling when you draw something that starts off as shit and then it ends up looking way better than you expected? I didn’t even know I could draw like this but….yeah! Looks like my right hand and my brain surprised me today!

Synaptic Gap

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Kim Taehyung/V x Reader - Fluff, Angst, Sexual References

Words: 4.6K

Summary: (F/n) (L/n): perfect student, perfect grades, can’t seem to find the perfect person for a relationship. Kim Taehyung: university’s infamous fuckboy, longest relationship was two days, finds it difficult to commit to a relationship. Two people who long to be in a lasting relationship cross paths in one eventful party in an attempt to fall in love and change themselves.

Requested by anon!

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bro im deadass 👊❗️❗️hungry 🍿🍧🎂🍩 right now 🌶🌶 ya pizza 🍕🍕 wat u want??? 👨 lemme get uhh 🅱ONELESS PIZZA 🍕🍕 wit a 2⃣liter of coke 🍾🍾 FUCK 🗣 KIND OF PIZZA 🍕🍕 AND ✊ 2⃣liter machine 🅱roke 🖐 but we got 1⃣liter doe ❗️❗️ FUCK YOU MEAN 🤔🅱 IGHT LOOK 👀 LEMME GET DAT 👊🍕🍕 🅱ONELESS ??? uhhh ??? 🍕🍕🍕 dont got bones on em 🖐 ❌❌ 🙏 the FUCK 🤔 did i just 🗣🗣🗣 say then ??? U SAID 🗣🗣 LEMME GET IT 🅱ONELESS 👨🍳👨🍳 LI PIZZA GOTTA DAMN 🅱ONE IN IT 😤😤 yaii got bones 💀 in ya shit then 😩😩👊 NAH 😒 whats the problem ??? ☣☣😋 DICKHEAD 🍆🍆 name 1⃣ pizza 🍕🍕 dat got 🅱ONE in it 😒 JUST DONT 🙅🙅 PUT THOSE SHITS ✊ IN MY PIZZA 🅱RUH ❗️❗️❗️ how many times ⌚️⌚️ do i have to say it 🗣🗣 🅱RUH just explain 🗣🗣 to me how tHE FUCK 🙋🙋 pizza 🍕🍕 can be 🅱ONELESS ❗️❗️❗️ if it dont got 🅱ONE in it 🙋 ISS 🅱ONELESS 👊 son 👦 wat school you go 🏃🏃 to DAWG ⁉️ i dont understand the 😩 problem 😒✊ just make my shit ☣🅱ONELESS DEADASS ☣🍆 im deadass ❌ not making this pizza 🍕🍕 🅱

Video Diaries - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Reader.

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“Stiles, look at the camera!” You giggle, sitting on the ground in front of him.

He looks at you from his spot on the couch and he grins. “What do I say?”

You shrug and keep the camera focused on Stiles. “Anything.”

He sits up straighter and looks directly into the camera, pointing. “Y/N’s a dork.”

You laugh and shake your head. “Say something nice!”

Stiles repositions himself to look poised. “Y/N is a fashionable young lady.”

You laugh, turning to look at Scott and Lydia as they join in on the laughter.

“Stiles, I’m trying to get footage of senior year! You’ll appreciate this one day!”

Lydia snorts from her spot behind you. “Please, this is footage for your wedding.”

Stiles and you both roll your eyes and look at her. “We aren’t even dating.” Stiles says and you nod in agreement.

“Okay, fine. It’s not footage for your wedding.” Scott pipes up. “It’s to show your kids.” Lydia and Scott sit on the couch laughing as you and Stiles get continually annoyed.

“Scott!” Stiles snaps and Scott’s eyes have a quick flash of understanding before he quiets down.

“Scott say something nice.” You say and you focus the camera in between him and Lydia.

“I have a nice girlfriend..?” Scott holds his hands up in confusion.

“Okay, what about her?” You smile and zoom the camera in on his face, Stiles watching the viewfinder.

“Everything?” He asks and you nod. “Umm…her name’s Kira. She’s…pretty?”

“Scott McCall! You can’t even say nice things about your girlfriend?”

He shrugs. “I can’t help it!” You laugh, shutting the camera off. You finish out the night with teasing and laughter.

The next day you call Stiles, hoping to get some work done on the video just the two of you.

“Come over.” You tell Stiles, cradling the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you grab snacks from the kitchen.

“Are you busy?” He asks.

You wish he could see your eye roll. “Obviously not. I just want to hang out, maybe finish up your interview for the video.”

“I’m at the station with my dad…he says hi.”

“Hi, sheriff!” You yell, hoping he can hear. You hear him saying something to Stiles as you go to your room.

“Dad’s kicking me out so I’ll be right there. Do we have to do the interview today?” He says quietly.

“Stiles, come on! I did a video for Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year, it’s all been building up!” You sigh.

“Okay, I’ll do it today. I look like a bum though.” You hear him start his car.

“What are you wearing?” You sit on your bed, setting the camera up after putting him on speakerphone.

“A t-shirt, flannel, and sweatpants.” He mumbles.

“Which ones?” You have almost a complete memorization of his closet…which is fair considering how many flannels you’ve stolen from him.

“Uhh, the red ones..why?” He questions.

You mentally cheer as he speaks. The red ones make his butt look great…not that you’re looking or anything. “Just asking.” You grin, glad he can’t see you. “You don’t look like a bum if you’re wearing the red ones.”

“I think I have jeans at your house anyway.” He says and you jump in to save the day.

“Stiles, the video is waist up. You won’t even see your sweatpants.”

“Okay. If you say so. I’m pulling in now.”

“Okay, be right there.” You hang up and go to the front door, letting him in.

“How bad do I look?” He asks as he notices you looking.

“You’re fine. Come on.” You lead him up to your room and to his seat in front of the camera. You sit behind the camera and pull out the list of questions you made.

“Okay, so what’s your name?” You smile at him as he answers. “What grade are you in?”

He drums his fingers on his lap. “I’m a senior.”

You nod. “So, for the last 3 years I’ve asked you who you like. Freshman year it was Lydia, sophomore and junior year you wouldn’t answer.” You raise an eyebrow. “What about this year?”

He smiles very faintly and shakes his head. “No answer.”

You knew he wouldn’t say it was you but you’re still a little sad. You’re distracted for the rest of the interview, not paying much attention to the answers.

“Hey, uh..can we go back to a question? He perks his head up a little.

“Sure, which one?” You look up at him.

“The one about who I like..I uh..I have an answer.” He rubs the back of his neck as color fills his cheeks.

“Go ahead..” You bite your lip.

"It’s..I like Y/F/N Y/L/N. That’s my answer for sophomore and junior year too.”

Your eyes go wide and you drop your questions on the floor. “Stiles…” You whisper and he stands up.

You stand after he does, the two of you walking towards each other.

“You were always my answer to that question.” You say as he places a hand on your waist.

“I don’t know why I never said anything.” He sighs and puts his forehead to yours.

You look at each other for a minute before your lips meet. You close your eyes, wrapping your arms around Stiles’ neck and he pulls you closer. He kisses you passionately, the feeling of warmth surrounding you both. He picks you up and you wrap your legs around his waist as he balances you on the wall.

“Stiles…the camera.” You say softly and he laughs.

“You really mean to capture every moment, don’t you?” He smiles and puts you down.

You turn it off and take apart the tripod. “So…” You grin at him. “Where were we?”

Dating Bambam (Got7)

I had this done down to the tags and then Tumblr decided to ACT UP AND CRASH and all of it got lost :) No shade Tumblr but what a bitch move

  • when he first started liking you
  • he’d be a dog that barks doesn’t bite y'know?
  • he’d always tell the other’s about how he’ll do this and that to catch your attention
  • but the second you come around
  • he be sitting quietly in his seat
  • and say a high pitched greeting
  • one time he got you a drink
  • but he was so excited about giving it to you he drank it himself
  • and then when he saw you
  • he looked down and was like
  • ‘I knew something felt wrong about drinking it’
  • and whenever you compliment him let’s say for performing so well
  • he’d take it all cool like
  • “Glad you liked it haha”
  • but then later with the members he’d be like
  • “shE SAiD i diD WELL
  • and he isn’t bold enough to make moves on you but if anyone else was
  • lord he’d get pissed not even at you
  • but he’d be all petty and you’d cash him ousside and ask if he’s avoiding you
  • and he’d be like
  • “idk just didn’t wanna interfere with your special friend”
  • and you’d be like
  • “way to be an idiot :/”
  • and then he’d be like
  • “shit”
  • and decide it’s time it’s time to confess
  • and say sorry and he gathers his strength
  • and gets you a bouquet of your favourite flower and goes to your place and gives you a speech
  • “Y/N I’m sorry about being a weird asshole it’s just I like you and I am not a cocky and cool as I always pretend so I was scared you’d like someone else way more than me and that I’m just the weird boy trying to woo you. I am honestly sorry. I hope you can forgive me and accept me and my confession”
  • and you’re shook for a second because does he have a fever????
  • where did that serious Bambam come from whut?
  • But you smile and hug him and tell him you like him too
  • and he just fist in the air victory screech small wiggle of happiness and then he’ll get blushy like
  • “I’ll take you on a date tomorrow night okay?”
  • and you agree and he leaves
  • So that date he asked you to be his and you said yes
  • the moment you start officially dating his shyness is gone
  • new Bambam who dis????
  • he’d come at you with the dirtiest, cheesiest, dumbest pick up lines
  • and he’d ask his members if they were good
  • but not Jinyoung a rational member
  • he’d ask like Mark and/or Yugyeom
  • and they’d hype him up so bad
  • so he comes at you like
  • “Hey, hey Y/N, what do a candle and I have in common?”
  • “Tell me”
  • “You should blow us ;)))”
  • and you roll your eyes and he’d pout and get defensive like
  • So idk if you knew but Bambam’s second same is skinship
  • Kunpimook Skinship Bhuwakul
  • at least in a relatinship
  • he would be your damn shadow
  • no even closer
  • loves showing you off
  • doesn’t even care if his member will tease him
  • they probably did at first but then gave up bc
  • “Uhh Y/N and Bambam kissing, did I see right????”
  • “Yeah”
  • he would also like leaving small trails of kisses everywhere
  • and laying on your chest, butt, tummy
  • everywhere that’s not normal body consistency but softer
  • he would seek closeness and comfortability in a relationship
  • physical and emotional
  • like if he slept over and you’d be ready for bed cuddling and he felt you were still wearing a bra he’d frown and be like
  • “Free the nipple don’t be scared. Let your friends out”
  • and totally would burp and fart in front of you no shame
  • one time you two went out for a massive meal
  • afterwards he had an intense case of the shits
  • and you sat next to him holding his hand and petroleum jelly
  • and febreze
  • that’s how close you two are
  • so you know how when you are pregnant you need to ‘eat for two’
  • yeah when youu are dating Bambam you need to think for two
  • bc homeboy surely doesn’t sometimes
  • one time he asked you if you think it’d really hurts that bad if one applied  Sriracha on their anus
  • “Kunpimook Bhuwakul do not!”
  • he called you later that day
  • “Hey, funny story I just came back from a small trip to the hospital. Yeah I have like a minor burn on my asshole, could you by any chance get some of the prescribed cremes for me?”
  • when you think of Bambam what comes to your mind?
  • what is one thing he does??
  • he dabs
  • when you two meet
  • he dabs
  • when you get him a present
  • he das
  • when you take a picture
  • he dabs
  • once he dabbed after an intimate moment and you just stared into the void thinking about wether his life is really worth keeping
  • He would tell you about how he wants to take you to Thailand some day
  • and as that’s not possible from one day to the other
  • he would want to teach you a little Thai
  • you’d ask him to tell you what “Hello my name is Y/N” means
  • but instead he would teach you “I like the smell of ass, Y/N”
  • and then five minutes before you met his family for the first time he turns to you and is like
  • “Please don’t say a single one of the words I thaught you”
  • And he would show you Thai dishes and if it had let’s say meat in it
  • it could be beef and he’d tell you it’s duck dick
  • and then you look it up bc aT THIS POINT TBH
  • and find out he lied
  • “Bambam if you don’t stop it’s gonna be your dick let me tell you”
  • but fun and jokes aside
  • sometimes
  • especially when he was homesick, schedule was tough etc
  • he would just want to be held and cry a little
  • and if you were ever going through something
  • he would just hug you and hold you close and listen and advice you
  • you would really be each others rock
  • and other times you two would just lay in bed at night next to each other and talk about anythings that comes up
  • and one of these times you two talked about the universe and all the odds
  • and how you two were born at the same time and came to the same place and fell in love for each other
  • and how if you think about that it’s a small miracle
  • and he turns to look at you and
  • “I love you”
  • “I love you too”
  • for dates he would like chill and comfortable things
  • and he would like them in the later hours of the day
  • he would regularly want to take casual but ethereal™ couple goal pictures
  • that would take a minimum of 58 attemps each time
  • Overall: A relationship with Bambam would be an expierence to say the least. It would be full of jokes and laughter and he would not mind making a fool of himself if it would cheer you up. But he would have a serious side too, requiring you to nurture him, whihc he would give back as well. He would seek proximity and would let you into his deepest thoughts.

drew a couple more Bucs so i figured i might as well post them :^) guess what angle is my favorite to draw

zodiac horror story (part 2)
  • ig // sassasstrology
  • the signs are camping out in the woods. they're at a cliché, dark, scary old forest where the murderer always comes and kills people. let's see what will happen..
  • *
  • part 1: http://littlekingv.tumblr.com/post/158545307359/zodiac-horror-story-part-1
  • *
  • aries - male
  • taurus - male
  • gemini - female
  • cancer - male
  • leo - female
  • virgo - female
  • libra - female
  • scorpio - male
  • sagittarius - male
  • capricorn - female
  • aquarius - male
  • pisces - female
  • (that's ^ not really important, but if you want to know the genders of the signs i came up with, there they are.)
  • *
  • - previously on ''zodiac horror story''
  • ''virgo: this forest is scary as shit.
  • aquarius: your face is scary as shit.''
  • pisces: *screams*
  • cancer: PISCEEESSESEESS.''
  • - this time on ''zodiac horror story''
  • *
  • the signs are all traumatized by what just happened. did pisces die? is she still alive? who knows. the signs are sitting in taurus' tent, waiting for the perfect moment to come out.
  • taurus: well, aries, because i wanted to have a tent all for myself because i don't want to sleep with any of you in one tent. and it was really small and cute, i just had to buy it. couldn't resist.
  • cancer: then why are we in this tent and not in yours, aries? you have the biggest tent out of all of us.
  • aries: the tent is only meant for sagittarius and me.
  • scorpio: then don't fucking complain about being in the smallest tent. you are the one who doesn't want to share your big ass tent, so it's your fault that we are here, in this tent.
  • virgo: y'all know that we could easily move to my tent? my tent is the second biggest.
  • leo: what if the killer is outside?
  • aquarius: who the fuck said that there was a killer?
  • capricorn: she could've easily fell.
  • gemini: true, but can you also explain how she's gone all of the sudden and why she screamed so loudly?
  • aquarius: aliens.
  • sagittarius: guys, don't worry. she'll probably be back soon. gemini left too and here she is.
  • gemini: hehe.
  • libra: is pisces gone?
  • scorpio: *hits libra with a flashlight*
  • capricorn: so.. are we going to move from tent or what?
  • aquarius: i just want to sleep, man.
  • taurus: saaMEEEE.
  • cancer: should we just go outside and check if anything's outside?
  • virgo: yes.
  • leo: who's going first?
  • sagittarius: i will go first, i don't care 'bout shit.
  • sagittarius slowly peeks his head out. he crawls out of the tent.
  • sagittarius: no one's here! you all can come out!
  • everyone crawls out of the tent.
  • aquarius: hmm.. what time is it?
  • cancer: *grabs phone out of pocket* ehh.. 3:34 AM.
  • aquarius: OH MY GOD I WANT TO SLEEP.
  • scorpio: well, we aren't going to sleep until we find pisces. let's split up.
  • aries: what?! are you out of your fucking mind?!
  • virgo: why can't we just stick together..?
  • scorpio: if we split up, we have the chance to find pisces faster.
  • gemini: not if she's dead lol.
  • scorpio: she's not. she can't be.
  • capricorn: she can..
  • cancer: WE DON'T CARE. we're going to find her, whether she's alive or not. we can't just leave a friend behind.
  • sagittarius: well, she basically left us behind.
  • aquarius: can i just stay here and sleep?
  • taurus: yeah, can i stay here too?
  • scorpio: no.
  • cancer: wait, what if taurus and aquarius stay here and watch our stuff, and we are going to find pisces.
  • capricorn: good idea.
  • leo: can we just go already?
  • virgo: i ain't leaving if we are all going to split up. i don't want to go alone.
  • cancer: we ain't going alone. we're going in groups. you and capricorn will go that way, leo and libra that way, sagittarius and gemini that way and scorpio, aries and i will go that way.
  • virgo: ugh, fine.
  • cancer: great, let's go.
  • scorpio: and be careful y'all.
  • libra: yay, adventure!
  • all the groups are out in the woods, looking for pisces, not knowing where they are, or where to go. let's see how capricorn and virgo are doing out in the woods.
  • virgo: it's sooooo cold.
  • capricorn: i know.
  • virgo: why does this happen to us?! why, oh, why?!!!!!?!?!
  • capricorn: calm down! we're just going to walk around, head back and then we're just going to say that we didn't find pisces. end.
  • virgo: what!? i don't want to lie!
  • capricorn: well, too bad! pisces probably just left us because we didn't listen to her.
  • virgo: she wouldn't! she would've told me.
  • capricorn: maybe not.
  • virgo: she's my best friend. why wouldn't she?
  • capricorn: soo.. you're her best friend, still you don't want find her. okay.
  • virgo: what? who said that?
  • capricorn: you did. all you were worrying about is splitting up.
  • virgo: that's just because i'm afraid to go alone in the woods, okay?!
  • capricorn: you didn't even say anything when she went missing or when she screamed or when there was a blood trail on the ground.
  • virgo: i-i.. i don't know.
  • capricorn: of course you don't.
  • capricorn starts walking while virgo stands still, not knowing what to do or say.
  • capricorn: hurry the fuck up.
  • virgo: *sigh*
  • let's see how taurus and aquarius are doing.
  • taurus: i wish i had some pizza right now.
  • aquarius: oh my lord. why did you say that?!
  • aquarius: I'M HUNGRY NOW, THANKS.
  • taurus: i have chips in my bag if you want.
  • aquarius: yes please.
  • taurus walks over to his tent and grabs a bag of chips out of his bag.
  • taurus: *sing hallelujah*
  • aquarius: *sings with taurus*
  • taurus: do you want a drink?
  • aquarius: yes.
  • taurus: coke?
  • aquarius: yes!
  • taurus walks over to his tent again.
  • taurus: aqua, do you know where my mini-fridge thingy is?
  • aquarius: uhh.. no?
  • taurus: uughhhhh. someone probably stole it.
  • aquarius walks over to taurus to help him find it.
  • aquarius: uhhh.. maybe behind your tent?
  • they go behind the tent and they see a light in the distance.
  • taurus: hey, do you see that light too?
  • aquarius: yeah..
  • taurus: should we go to it?
  • aquarius: uhh.. i don't know man..
  • taurus: i'm going.
  • aquarius: w-what?!
  • taurus walks towards the light.
  • aquarius: fucking hell.
  • aquarius follows taurus.
  • taurus: heeyy, it's my mini-fridge and a flashlight!
  • taurus picks up the fridge and flashlight.
  • aquarius: phew.
  • aquarius walks back to the camp.
  • aquarius: *looks behind him* taur-taurus? what are you doing? why are you standing there? come on!
  • taurus falls on the ground with 4 knives in his back and one knife in the back of his head. he's.... dead.
  • aquarius: *screams*
  • scorpio: aquarius?
  • *
  • rest in peace taurus.. you will be missed..
  • *
  • stay tuned for part 3, and thanks for reading!
One More Time

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2,473

Warnings: Smut…and cursing! Metal Arm Kink because reasons.

Summary: Reader and Bucky like each other but they don’t know about the other’s feelings. One day when they are training, reader can’t stop “admiring” his arm. Smut happens!

A/N: I just felt like writing metal arm smut so ya. If you want part 2 let me know. Also, please tell me how my writing is!! Please…

Tagging @bovaria and @fvckingavengers because I dreamed a dream where my writing was actually not that bad and they might notice me…Notice me Senpais!!!

Update: Part 2

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As Bright As Lightning

Request: Can you do a Thor x Reader request where she was hit by lightning when he was showing her a trick and it kickstarts powers that were dormant which helps her as an avenger but Thor still feels bad and is really careful around her afterwards.. sorry if I already sent you a request but I’m an idiot and can’t remember 😂❤️ - @cornflax01

Word Count: 1700+

Triggers: lightning

A/N: GUESS WHO’S BACK BITCHES!!! I’m coming off hiatus and exams are nearly over, I only have 3 left and I’ll be all done by Friday evening. I’m so sorry this has taken so long, I actually had most of it done ages ago but I couldn’t get the last bit right.


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There was always a party when Thor came back to earth. It was mainly because Steve finally had a store of the only thing that could get him drunk. And, man, would he get drunk. But he wasn’t the only person who was more unsteady then usual. Thor.

You were relatively new to the team so you had never met the blond before. But tonight was a time for one of these parties. According to, we’ll, everyone Thor was a sight to be seen so you made sure you were too.

Your hair was done to perfection, sharp enough cat eye to kill a man and your Cupid’s bow invited anyone to steal a kiss from your lips. Twirling in the mirror, you admired your ensemble when you heard a knock at the door.

‘Y/N’ Wanda’s head popped around the door. ‘Are you decent?’

‘Well it wouldn’t matter now, would it?’ You laugh.

‘I’ve seen you naked before’ she shrugged. ‘I meant for the party, they’ve landed’ stepping into the room, she closed the door and sat on the closest object to her 

‘Oh, good- Wait!? When did you see me naked?!’

‘I’m curious about the human body’ she mentioned casually. ‘Come on

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Let's face It: Cisco Ramon was kind of a dick in Season 3

I truly love him like a son, but no one is perfect and he’s no exception
Throughout this season though, I’ve noticed that he’s been less perfect than he usually is. How? Well:
* He held a grudge against Barry for not saving Dante. This got to the point where it became petty and he was taking an unnecessarily long time to forgive Barry. While you might say that Barry deserved it for that and for all the other stupid and/or shitty things he did this season, I’ll remind you that Cisco views Barry as one of his best friends and like a brother. Barry, in the space of 3 years, had also been more of a brother to Cisco than Dante ever had in their whole lives.
* Related to the first point, but ALL THE DRAMA HE CAUSED DURING THE CROSSOVER. Oliver told him not to tell the others about Flashpoint and Barry changing the timeline until after they’d fought the dominators, because it would have distracted them from the battle ahead. This is exactly what happened when Cisco decided to completely disregard Oliver, and it proved just how petty Cisco was about the whole saga.
*He was unnecessarily mean to HR and Julian, who were both somewhat already struggling to find their respective places in Team Flash. Before you say that they deserved it because HR was a liar and Julian was a dick, I’ll remind you that Cisco’s behaviour towards them continued after HR proved his worth to the Team and Julian dropped his jerkass facade.
* Related to the above, he took his anger about Julian turning Caitlin into Killer Frost waaaaaaaay too far. Julian SAVED CAITLIN AKA CISCO’S BEST FRIEND’S LIFE, and Cisco was acting like he hadn’t a clue why Julian could possibly do what he did. Remember when Julian was stressing out about trying to find Caitlin while she was Killer Frost, and Cisco was all like “IF YOU WANTED HER HERE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN OFF THE NECKLACE!” UHH NO MATE IF HE HADN’T HAVE DONE THAT SHE’D BE FUCKING DEAD, I mean sure he had a right to be mad at Julian for not respecting Caitlin’s wishes but COME ON THAT WAS SUCH A STUPID AND BLATANTLY WRONG THING TO SAY.
* He told Team Flash about Caitlin’s powers without her permission and before she was ready to tell them.
* He was very pushy while hitting on Gypsy, always saying things like “I know you like me” even when he didn’t know for sure. It came off a little sexist to me.
* Likewise, he was pushy when he was trying to get Gypsy to tell him what her beef was with Abra Kadabra. He’s literally on a team made up exclusively of people with family issues and/or at least somewhat tragic backstories, he should’ve known better than to push her so hard.

Rant over thank you very much if you’ve gotten to the end. I still love Cisco very much, just pointing out his less than stellar behaviour this season.

The Beatles - Interview w/ Sandy Lesberg, 1965 (Part 1)

On May 9th 1965, the Beatles spoke at length with Sandy Lesberg at the Dolphin Restaurant in London, following a full day of shooting for their second feature film, ‘Help!’ The group appears to have an unusually comfortable and fun rapport with Lesberg, as they chat humorously about film producer Walter Shenson, and candidly about American news journalist Walter Winchell. 

In later years, Lesberg would describe his interview with the group as “…more like a rap session. All four Beatles were completely at ease. I tell a joke and Paul McCartney says, ‘I don’t think that’s very funny.’ There’s a lot of banter… They were running roughshod all over me, quite frankly.” (beatlesinterviews.org)

Q: Would you like to do a little bit of that song that you wrote for the picture, Paul?

PAUL: Uhh… I’ll tell you what, though. What we’ll do is we’ll promise to send you a copy just before it’s released. Right? So you’ve got the– That’s an exclusive. Isn’t it? I mean, that’s a favour.

Q: I’m not Hedda Hopper [columnist], I don’t need…

PAUL: (jokingly) Right. You won’t get it then. If you’re gonna be like that.

JOHN: If we thought you were Hedda Hopper we wouldn’t have let you in here… Hedda Hopper was coming in on her bike.

Q: (laughing) Did she ever interview you?

PAUL: She was at a party with a big hat. She’s great. Good. Good girl, yeah. In Hollywood.

GEORGE: She hopped past us.

PAUL: Hopped past, yeah. Who’s that other fella, though, that we don’t like?

JOHN:That other fella!” What do you mean, “that other fella”?

PAUL: (laughing) I mean… I mean, who’s that fella?

Q: Bye, Hedda.

PAUL: Who’s that fella? Walter Winchell!

Q: What about it? Did he interview you?

PAUL: Don’t speak to me about him!

JOHN: He’s stupid.

Q: Why is he stupid, John?

JOHN: He’s stupid ‘cause he just lies and writes a lot of trash.

Q: Have you ever met him, John?

JOHN: No, but he keeps writing things about Paul which are lies, y’know, so he must be off his head.

PAUL: I’ve said many a time that he’s just a bit off his head. I think he’s, um– I don’t know what’s happened to him, y’know. Everyone said he used to be good. But he’s– I tell ya, it’s just lies. He says I’m married, you see. And I’d like to say, Mister Winchell– Walter sir, if you’re listening– I’m not! (jokingly) I told him, didn’t I?

Q: Is that the lie he’s been telling about you?

PAUL: Yeah! I mean you know, that’s pushing it, isn’t it.

JOHN: But he goes on and on writing it, you know, as if he knows. He doesn’t know anything, that old Winch.

Q: Goodbye, Walter. (jokingly) I’m taking inventory of the people I’ve lost as friends on this show. 

PAUL: No, look–

JOHN: I like Hedda Hopper. She’s nice.

PAUL: Hedda’s great, yeah. Everybody else is great! 

Q: (laughs) 

PAUL: It’s not that we’ve got anything against Walter– is it, Walter! No, of course it isn’t.

Q: What, George? What, George says something I want to get– What do you say, George?

GEORGE: Walter Wimpy.

Q: Alright, bye, George.

AO3 Post

It’s literally ridiculous how much butter Bitty goes through, Dex muses as he and Nursey walk out of the Haus to go to the murder Stop’n’Shop.  They had known yesterday morning that starting in the afternoon, they would be hit with a nasty snowstorm (a foot and a half of snow plus a half inch of ice for good measure), so Ransom and Holster had gone out and supposedly stocked up on everything Bitty could possibly need for the next few days.  But then Bitty literally spent all of that afternoon and most of this morning stress baking and he was out.  And because Ransom and Holster had gone out yesterday that meant he and Nursey had drawn the short straw (well, actually Nursey had drawn the short straw, which means Dex had to come with him because there’s no way he’d make it to the shop on his own in this weather).

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