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Hi hi hi i just found your art blog like 2 days ago because i'm practically obsessed with the beatles right now (even tho i've liked them for years) and oh my godddddd I LOVE UR ART SO MUCHHHH like you seriously make me want to start drawing again. i think the first time i saw your art it was on instagram?? im not sure if you have one right now or that you did but that's what i think correct me if im wrong and i remember thinking like "pffft, beatles slash..." and now im in slash hell thank u

oh boy, i DO have an instagram, but i hardly update it 8^[ so haha maybe someone else was uploading my art that you saw? well its fine, as long as they put a source! and they aren’t somehow intensely profiting in some other way in their life with… Beatles Shipping Art of all things.


@oil-tears !! A while ago you posted this, and I loved it so much that it made me write the first fanfic I’ve made in over a decade.  (Fucking shit this fucking show).

LATER EDIT: I hadn’t realized how heavily I referenced this comic by @ket3 , so I’m adding it in as inspiration now!! I loved it even more than I thought I did XD (thank you @aisuryuu for pointing it out!!)

Here’s the next part ^~^


“Dinner Conversation”

    Takeout, again. There hadn’t been any sales lately and Genos couldn’t make anything with what was left in the fridge. He had offered to go out and get something, but it would’ve been at least another hour before the food was ready and Saitama was starving.

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Why the hell are you so popular in the first place? I looked through your art and it's just full of anatomy errors and cruddy shading. Yet it has 500-1000 notes? I work just as hard and serve out just as much yet you get all the glory for no reason whatsoever.


Yeah my art is shit. Yeah it’s full of anatomy errors and whatnot. It ain’t the hottest thing to look at. I don’t know why I have so many followers and notes half the time.

But it seems like you’re shitting on my traditional art and expecting more from me. Understandable seeing how the notes are so high. Things with high notes must have high quality, right? However, did you happen to stop and think that maybe the shading isn’t perfect, that maybe the colors are shit, that maybe the lighting is off sometimes, all for the main reason that I’m dirt poor and can hardly afford the right pens or pencils?

I adore art. I strive to be the best I can be. But I’m very limited. If I sketch something in my notebook, then mess up the inking, I can’t start over. Because if I redraw it, I’ll run out of ink faster. And my ink pens are my main source of materials that I need to do the things I do. Sometimes my lighting appears yellow on the pages, or sometimes it’s slightly blue. I don’t have a scanner. All I have is my phone. And I rely on the light around me. The lighting at my school, the light in my room, sometimes I even go outside to take the pictures of my art to get just the right lighting. But half the time the lighting is shitty because my only real time to draw is late at night when my mom is asleep. And I want to share my art as soon as possible. But all I have is a dimly lit lamp that is my only source of light. I can’t just post a black page; you wouldn’t be able to see anything. I don’t have the right art supplies because the art supplies I require are simply not in my budget. And I don’t want people to buy me art supplies because I feel like I don’t deserve to use them when there are people out there who are far more experienced with coloring and shading.

I hate my art sometimes. I don’t like how I draw hands. I don’t like how sometimes my wrist cramps up, causing me to have a shaky grip on my pens, which fucks up the inking. I don’t like how I don’t have any colors to use so when people want to draw my own characters, I have to keep explaining in lengthy details on exactly how they look, when I could just slap a digital reference drawing in the reply and say, “Here.”

I can’t do that. Because even though I have a tablet, I can’t use it. First of all, I’m terrified of using it because it’s so new and the newest model. But I also don’t have a computer to support it. It’s because it’s too slow or doesn’t hold enough storage. I want to practice on it, but I can’t. My mother doesn’t understand that our computers literally are so old, that it takes fifteen minutes to load any online drawing programs. Plus I haven’t even set up my tablet in the first place, so even then I still couldn’t use it cause I don’t want to set it up and break it.

But that’s beside the point right now. The point is, despite all these problems, despite the quality sometimes being like shit; I still get support and I still make people laugh. That’s why I keep drawing. Because it makes people happy and think, “Well, I can’t do digital art so I most likely won’t go very far in my artistic ability. But if that chick with only a pencil and pen has a lot of notes and popularity, yet she doesn’t even have one digital drawing, maybe it isn’t hopeless for a traditional artist to go far.“

I’ll stop drawing eventually, seeing how it isn’t helping my grades any time soon. But for now, let me learn from my own mistakes on my drawings. Let me have a little fun. Let me share my stuff to get approval from what I don’t get at home. Just because I have more followers or more notes or whatever, doesn’t mean your talent is worthless. It has yet to be recognized. That doesn’t mean your art sucks. You just have to keep trying and someone will find your work and really develop a liking for it.

But nobody is gonna give you a glance if you keep shitting on other artists who are genuinely trying to get better at their art. Stop being a jealous prick and pick up your damn pencil.


Alright nerds, time to take a lesson in how to source or how to spot a source.

1. Mangacaps, Screencaps, and Gifs.

More than likely the original poster of a mangacap, screencap, and/or a gif will be the original creator. HOWEVER this is not always true. Manga and screecaps aren’t so easily claimed as one’s own unless they are edited in some way shape or form, and in most cases they will be marked with the original editor. BUT gifs will usually have a watermark or url of some kind to indicate the original creator, which will help you spot if it is from the original poster or it is reposted. Always make sure you check the gif for a watermark of some kind, and if you are still unsure, check the one who posted it and look for a variety of things like ‘my gif’ or 'my edit’ in their tags.

2. Properly sourced posts.

These posts will have a link to the original artist either right in the post or in the corner [corner sources cannot be removed so if it is pixiv or deviantart it is most probably correct] HOWEVER even if a post is properly sourced always check and see if that artist gave permission for it to be posted. It just takes a few simple clicks and a bit of translating in say Google or something like it. 

3. Original Artwork.

This is hard to spot sometimes because it is easier to steal. To know if it is from the original poster, most people tag posts as 'Art by OP’ to give an indication. You can also check the original poster and they will have something like ’—doodle’ or 'myart’ or any variation of those tags to let you know that they are the creator. BUT people will still try to steal it and claim it as their own, so if you are still unsure you can try and search the image in Google and see what comes up!

The example art can be found here.

4. Unsourced Art.

This is painfully easy to spot. Most of the time people will just post the picture and that’s it, with maybe one or two tags. There will not be a single source or indication, and many times people will tag it with 'no source lol’ or 'couldn’t find the source xD if you know it please add it to this post!’ Bottom line, if you don’t know the source don’t post it.

These are NOT sources:

  • Zerochan.
  • WeHeartIt.
  • YOU if you did not draw it.
  • Twitter [unless you know they are the original creator]
  • Photobucket.
  • Tinypic.
  • Pinterest.
  • Rebloggy [unless you’re sure it’s their own edit; rebloggy works much the same way tumblr does]
  • Google+
  • Facebook [unless you know they are the original creator]
  • Any sort of image hosting site.

These ARE sources:

  • Pixiv.
  • DeviantArt.
  • Twitter. [be sure to check if they drew it]
  • YOU if you drew the art or made the edit.
  • WorldCosplay.

Always remember to ask the artist’s permission if you wish to post their art or make edits of it. Do not repost an artist’s hard work and claim it as your own.


You see that lovely piece of unsourced Tsukishima art up there? Well, I’m gonna teach you how to source it.

First step: Right click on it.

Second step: Click on 'Search Google for this image.’

It will take you here;

Third step: See how none of these are sources? Oh wait look, there’s a Tumblr link! Click that. It takes you here, to the lovely original artist.

And if you scroll down a bit …

Oh look, there it is! And it has a Pixiv link.

Click on that. It’ll take you to the page. With the original work. Which should’ve been linked to.

But wait! Should I be posting it? That’s a good question. Go ahead and click on their Pixiv username. It will take you here;

Oh but it’s in Japanese! How do I know if I can post it? SImple! Right click and find the 'Translate to English’ or whatever your native language is and click that.

This should happen.

[this is the link to said source by the way]

Now, even if it doesn’t readily say that you shouldn’t post it without permission, YOU STILL NEED TO ASK.

Aaaand there you have it, how to source and spot a proper source!

falling away with you // a kawoshin fanmix

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falling away with you - muse // i always knew - the vaccines // all these things that i’ve done - the killers // crooked teeth - death cab for cutie // flowers in your hairthe lumineers // evil and a heathen - franz ferdinand // call me back - the strokes // everything will be alright - the killers // collect call - metric // stay with me - sam smith