did i do the art source thing right

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Idk why but I'm somehow convinced you have a degree in computer science? I know u work at target but??

I do not have a CS degree, nor did I study it, I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Theatre Arts, though!!!! (which I am doing nothing with bc you’re right I work at Target)

That said, I…….. may or may not do a lot of things that are weirdly specific re: computers because I had a HUGE phase where I was into open source/free software and I ran Linux exclusively for a solid five or six years, like, not because I had any skill in programming whatsoever but because I believed in ~~FREE AS IN FREEDOM!!~~ and I used Linux out of sheer force of will. I’m on Windows lately but I still use a lot of Obscure™ programs and stuff that are in line with Free Software principles because.  I just.  I don’t know I’m a romantic deep down even about goddamn computers

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