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If I were your mom I would have smacked you too if you made me go through that horrific feeling of Cas dying only for it not to be true.

Hahahaha.. I know what you mean. To be honest it was more of an…. Experiment >:) 

For the past 6 months my parents (who are both priests) have been binge watching the show. They say it is now their favourite show!
But I wanted to know just how much they had gotten invested in the show and I thought 12x12 was the perfect opportunity to test this! I knew they would be sad but I didn’t realise how sad they would get! 

(Accurate representation of me and my parents when Cas was dying):

I know, I know it was really evil but I did promise never to do it again and they both forgive me for my sinful ways :) 

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Oh, dear, I feel terrible-

I forgot to do something for passing 50 followers !
Of course I just got twenty new followers yesterday because Gnat and Zach did some sort of torture method to get them here–
Uh, if you guys think my art is worth all the trouble of going through this.. I make ze contest like Gnat did. (IM SORRY FOR STEALING AN IDEA I FEEL LIKE A JERK PLEASE FORGIVE ME)
Rules/WTF is Going On:
-I draw you stuffs if your name is picked by my picky thingy. (Coded on Scratch)
-You must be following me to enter.
-I don’t draw porn please–
-Don’t worry, I know how to draw bodies. c”x I just prefer drawing shoulder and up because I can put more detail into the lovely face.
-Like this post and then choose to either submit a picture of a cat to my inbox or ask me, “Where you hiding this junk?” c;
-I’m sorry, it’s just traditional art. ;n; 
-PM me questions
First place/to be pulled:
-=Up to 3 characters
-=Shading optional
-=(All of these should have easy enough backgrounds. x”D)
-=Up to 2 characters
-=Shading optional
-=Up to 2 characters
-=Shading optional
-=One character with optional shading
-=1 character
-=Uncolored (Just lineart- but it can have a rainbow background ;D Just the lineart can be really cool when you get creative.)
        To see examples of my art, just go to my art blog. c”x I feel like this post is way too long already because I’m using the space very inconveniently.

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Did you ever used to steal underwear from guys you liked or thought were cute? If you did, do you have any fun stories?

On my old blog we had a discussion about that. Do you guys think we should discuss that on here again? I have to admit I did do that before. If we start the discussion I’ll share a story or two.

happy bird, flustered bird, protective bird

Describe Your OC
  • 1: their voice
  • 2: their smile
  • 3: their greatest achievement
  • 4: their insecurities
  • 5: their shortcomings
  • 6: how they deal with grief
  • 7: how they like to dress
  • 8: what they like to eat
  • 9: their theme
  • 10: their fashion sense
  • 11: their family life
  • 12: their romantic life
  • 13: their embarrassing memory from years ago
  • 14: how they react to burning their tongue on food
  • 15: how they react to a brainfreeze
  • 16: their dreams
  • 17: their ambitions
  • 18: how they sleep
  • 19: their reaction to betrayal
  • 20: their reaction to a mystery love letter
  • 21: how they react to pain
  • 22: what they're like on two hours of sleep
  • 23: how they act when they're sick
  • 24: what motivates them
  • 25: why you enjoy them

Tbpd/hpdfw “I’m going to be super outgoing and loud in public to make people like me but then later feel like I was super annoying and regret it with the entirety of my being”

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him


[TianShan Week]

Day 2: Dear One

a loved one, a sweetheart(well, more like the devil lol); both dear to one’s heart.

Oops, this is late– I started this when I got back from work last night but I fell asleep midway drawing it ^_^; Since I’m already late, I decided to take some time to make it look a bit more nicer!

It could of done with a few more panels but… X_x There was a scene I had in mind where the mother knows about the jacket because she’s the one who does the laundry in the house :P Oh yeah, can’t forget about that big sandwich! XD


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)


Color Palette Meme

Killua Zoldyck + Winter Colors asked by @tachibana–chan


Sangwoo in Chapter 18


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