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Yuri Plisetsky and a Lesson on Emotional Range

As someone from the social sciences, I just love, love, LOVE Yuri Plisetsky. He is a precious emotional goldmine. If there is one character I would like to narrate my life, it’ll be Yurio, because you KNOW he’ll come up with out of this world creative ways to tell you how you are the piece of shit who matters and deserves to be happy in life.

Here are the conflicting (but perfectly healthy) and beautiful smorgasbord of emotions I imagine this precious boy has for certain characters of the show.

Yuuri “Katsudon Piggy” Katsuki

Same name, interesting | good step sequence, I want to see him do a perfect skate | WEAKEST PERSON I KNOW FUCK | want to beat him | shit want to beat him in everything | can’t take him losing to others | PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST | gay disgusting Russian-hero-stealing fuck | fuck this guy | sorta fond of him | talk about him to Grandpa all the time

Viktor Nikiforov

Role model | person I admire the most | but I have had it up to HERE that he wins all the time | he even got Katsuki wtf is nothing sacred | isn’t he old enough to die yet JUST FUCKING DIE ALREADY | but thanks for the record-breaking choreography, I guess | will surpass him someday

Otabek Altin

Most okay guy I met | appreciates how great I am, which is pretty cool | can be trusted | will cheer for him, I want him to beat everyone else | still want to beat him in competition, though | and he better want to beat me, too

BONUS: Mila Babicheva

Slut | sister I never had

Lol, who/what did I miss?

Fragments - Part 3

Word Count: 1837

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, canon divergence

A/N: The next couple parts are probably gonna be similar to this. It’s mostly flashbacks. Getting to know the reader and her past relationship with Dean and the other characters. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be tagged you can add yourself Here

Fragments Masterlist

C’mere Pumpkin.” Bobby hoisted you up from the ground onto his lap in the recliner. “I wanna talk to ya for a second.”

“Ok, Daddy.” You turned to face him, looking him in the eyes.

“Remember I told you we were gonna have some guests over? Sam and Dean?” You nodded and smiled, excited to have someone your age coming over. Your dad told you Sam was just a little baby but Dean was the same age. Having someone to play with excited you but made you nervous all at the same time. You never had any kids your age around. “I need you to be nice to Dean, ok? He doesn’t talk much or at all.”

“Why not?”

“Well, Dean’s mom…she died.” You let out a tiny gasp and widened your eyes. “Kinda like your mom.”

“You mean a monster killed her?” Bobby nodded sadly and ran his hand through your hair, saddened that you knew about monsters at such a young age. You didn’t know all the details yet, but you would some day. A demon possessed your mother and Bobby had to kill her. You only knew that much because you’d seen the changes in your mother, including her black eyes staring you down.

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035. boxer!you x jin

035. “your stray red item turned my whites pink.”

If there was one thing that Seokjin loathed for you to have in common with someone he calls your other half of the ‘brat squad’, aka Jeon Jungkook, it would be the fact that the both of you are also the ones that make up ‘white all day everyday’. The amount of white clothes you have is indescribable and Seokjin can only imagine how much bleach is used when you want to get all of them cleaned. Let’s not even talk when the two of you talk about getting more white shirts and Seokjin has one thought like the rest of the world.

It’s… a white shirt… why would you need fifteen of the exact same thing?

In this case, in the case where Seokjin is in love with you and isn’t able to voice his thoughts when it’s with your own hard earned money, he can’t argue when you look real good in anything especially white. So it was like a knife poking at him and also a feather gently stroking his skin. Regardless, there are times where he absolutely adores it and borderline wants to burn your whole collection of white clothing.

Today was the day that Seokjin prays for his life when he’s somewhat grateful to receive a text from someone who once spent a thousand dollars with his card on food.

jeon kook [3:23PM]: hyung, i’m giving you a heads up before you die that y/n is pissed and she’s on her way over to beat your ass

Kim Seokjin may be the CEO that everyone fears but they’ve yet to meet Y/N, the other half of CEO Kim… who is one of the few who could get him on his knees and he’d do it in a heartbeat.

kim jin [3:23PM]: what did i do?

jeon kook [3:24PM]: sent a picture

Seokjin anticipates for the worst of the worst but only the worst that’s not even measured in that category becomes a reality when his eyes blink a few times too many at the same image that won’t go away.

All your white (or what used to be) shirts now in a light shade of pink and he’s saying it’s light because that’s exactly what he’s going to say when… when…


He dodges when you fling something red at his way and he snaps over his shoulder to see what looks like a balled up handkerchief that squelches to the marble floor. Still wet, soaking with your anger like the words seething past your teeth and he can only do so much as to release a breath and looking away from over your shoulder as the door closes, sealing him far from anyone’s sight.

“Just in case you wanted your red handkerchief… that completely ruined all my white shirts,”

“Y/N I get you’re mad but I can explain-”Seokjin didn’t know it was possible to do three things at once when you lunge at him: breathe, scream and run, “I’m sorry!!!”

((”this is a little too much don’t you think?” seokjin asks, past three bottles of bleach he’s carrying during the walk back to the apartment.

stopping in your tracks and turning to look at him with a cocked brow, he quiets down and whispers a soft i love you before you ignore him to continue walking.

seokjin’s steps are heavy as he trails behind you but they get lighter and lighter when he manages to hear the words you mutter under your breathe, thudding his eardrums with delight.

love you too, idiot.))


It is exceedingly difficult, but not impossible, to reason with a drunk person.

A drunk and heartbroken person, however, is a different story entirely.

“Leo,” Henry murmured, ducking his head low and nudging the hat towards the prince with a new level of desperation. “Wear it. Please. Before someone recognises you.”

Prince Leonardo, heir to the Southern Kingdom, wealthiest young royal on the continent, and currently in the running as drunkest person in the tavern, took a moment to lift his bleary eyes away from his glass. When his gaze locked with Henry’s, the young valet made the terrible mistake of hoping that he’d made a breakthrough, and he quirked his lips in encouragement.


Henry sighed, resigning himself to spending time in the rougher side of town for the foreseeable future, but apprehensive nonetheless. Leo was still in his regular clothes. In other words, his wealth was obvious to anyone and everyone. Nobody this side of town wore blue, for it was the colour of nobility, of royalty.

They were bound to attract attention sooner or later.

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A Chris Motionless Imagine

Word Count: 2,113  

Warnings: smut, language

~ Requested by @imjustareject99 // I hope you like your imagine! 😄 ~

You were now walking to your friend Balz’ oddities shop. You lived close by, so you went there quite often. Balz had invited you over earlier in the day. He told you that he and Chris were hanging out and that you were welcome to join them. You happily accepted his offer, since you were always up to hanging out with them.

Balz and Chris were both long time friends of yours. You had met Balz when you two were in middle school, meeting Chris not long afterwards. The three of you had lots of similar interests and hobbies. You got along well too. However, you had one m problem.

A couple of years ago you started to get feelings for Chris. But that was not the problem. The problem was that Chris seemed to see you as more of a sister than a possible girlfriend. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if you weren’t falling for him, but you were. You were falling for him big-time. You had already tried a couple of times to get Chris to maybe see you in a different way, but all attempts failed.

Today you were feeling a bit impulsive, so maybe you could finally figure something out. You eventually came across the sidewalk that lead you to Balz’ shop. You turned and there it was, just around the corner. You looked inside of the front windows. Balz and Chris were standing with their backs to the entrance, talking to each other.

You fixed you half white, half black hair and smoothed out your fluffy skirt. Then you opened the shop door and walked inside. The sound of the door bell caught Balz and Chris’ attention. They turned around, smiling at you. Chris waved, greeting you.

“Hi Lina!”

“Hey!” You reply to Chris.

“Hey Coffin Cutie.” Balz says, calling you one of your nicknames.

You chuckle, then say hi to him.

“What are you guys up to today?” You ask.

“Well, until Chris came I was setting up some new taxidermy items that we’re now selling.” Balz tells you.

“Cool. What about you, Chris?”

“Not much, I just plan on hanging out with you guys. I was gonna write music, but I don’t feel too creative today.” Chris says.

“Sounds awesome. Hopefully you’ll feel more creative tomorrow.” You reply, smiling at Chris.

Chris smiles back at you, making your heart beat faster. His smile was so amazing and you loved to see it.

“Hopefully.” Chris says.

The three of you made conversation for a while. You talked about music, your current life events and other small talk. After a while Chris had to go use the restroom. You and Balz were left alone. You wondered if you should tell Balz about how you felt about Chris.

You knew that Chris would be back shortly, so you hurried and made an impulsive decision. A decision to tell Balz how you felt. Maybe Balz will help me out, you thought.

“Balz, can I tell you a secret?” You ask.

“Um, sure.” Balz replies.

“Well….I kind of maybe have feelings for him.” You say quickly.

“Wait what? For who? Chris?” Balz says with the same speed.

“Yes…” You reply, slightly nervous of what he would think.

“Holy shit, I knew it!” Balz says, laughing.

“What do you mean?” You ask, surprised.

“Oh, come on. You two are always low-key flirting and stealing glimpses at each other!”

“Wait, Chris too?”

You were taken aback from Balz last comment. You knew that you sometimes flirted with Chris, but did he really flirt back sometimes? Had you really not noticed? Or was Balz just mistaken?

Before Balz could reply, you both turned your heads. The sound of the bathroom door opening and closing caught your attention. Chris walked back into the room. You and Balz acted as if you had just been talking about normal things. You quickly wiped the surprised expression off your face.

“I’m back.” Chris say, making a dramatic hand gesture.

You smile at him and chuckle. Balz just smiles, keeping silent.

“What?” Chris asks Balz.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about something.” Balz tells him. “Do you guys wanna go out to eat somewhere? It’s about time for me to close the shop.”

“Sure, that sounds good. What do you think, Lina?” Chris asks you.

“Yeah, that’s a great idea!”

A few minutes later you all walk to a nearby diner. Once you get there, you are seated quickly. You sat at a booth near a window. Usually you would sit with Chris on one side and Balz would sit on the opposite side, but today was different. Balz seemed to have some plans of his own.

You sat down first. While Chris wasn’t paying attention, Balz swiftly took his seat next to you. Chris soon turned, expecting to sit beside you, but instead saw Balz in his place. At first he did not think anything of it. He sat down opposite from you two.

The waitress came by and you guys ordered your drinks. After that, Chris started to feel a little bit jealous. He tried to deny his feelings of jealousy, but he couldn’t. He wanted to be the one sitting beside you. That’s how it always was, why did it have to be different today?

“You ok, Chris?” Balz asks.

Chris looked up from the ground, his eyes meeting Balz’. You looked over at Balz, who was smirking slightly. You were shocked when his arm draped over your shoulders. It was then that you realized what Balz was doing. You looked over at Chris, then back at Balz.

“Yeah, sorry. I just got distracted.” Chris says, shaking off his jealousy and embarrassment.

You all were saved from an awkward silence when the waitress came by with your drinks. You let out a sigh of relief. You exchanged looks with Balz, confirming your suspicions. Balz was trying to get Chris jealous. You didn’t really see the point in that, since you didn’t think that Chris liked you that way, but you decided to go along with it anyways.

The three of you made conversation while waiting for your food. You kept noticing Chris glaring at Balz’ arm, which stayed around you the entire time you were there. You just acted innocent. During the time that you guys sat there, Balz did little things to piss Chris off.

He would play with your hair and flirt with you. Balz’ flirting wasn’t low-key, though. He would flirt in a much more obvious way. You played along, thinking that all of it wasn’t having an affect on Chris. Your food came and you all finished quickly.

When you all were finished and had paid the bill, you left. Balz got up, allowing you to also get up. You felt a large hand take hold of your small one; you looked down, expecting it to be Balz. But it wasn’t, it was Chris–the man that you had intense feelings for.

As you all walked outside, you glanced over at Balz with wide eyes. He chuckled quietly, winking at you. During the walk back everyone was silent. Chris’ hand held yours strongly, making your heart beat fast. You couldn’t believe it! Did Chris really actually like me? Was Balz right? So many thoughts swarmed your mind.

When you three made it back to Balz’ shop, you didn’t go inside just yet. Balz asked you and Chris if you wanted to come and hang out at his house, but Chris quickly replied before you could even say anything.

“We can’t, Lina’s coming over to my house to help me with something.”

“With what? Maybe I can help too.” Balz suggests, purposefully getting on Chris’ nerves.

You could practically feel Chris’ rage and impatience.

“You know damn well what I mean, Balz.” Chris says, his voice stern.

“Yes, I do. I’ll let you guys off the hook now.” Balz says, smirking.

Balz winks at you before walking back towards his home. You felt a little nervous, but not for long. Chris pulled you along with him as you walked back to his house. As you came closer to his house you couldn’t help but feel enticed.

When you both finally got to Chris’ house, he unlocked the front door. You walked inside first. You got exactly what you expected from Chris; he came in and shut the door, pinning you against it. His lips smashed onto yours, kissing you fervently. You let Chris take complete control of you.

Shortly after things got heated, his tongue entered your mouth. You let it explore your mouth. You moaned into Chris’ mouth and took note of every sensation. This was something that you had wanted for a very long time, so you wanted to appreciate every moment of it.

You and Chris quickly moved upstairs, still kissing as you stumbled up the steps. Chris towered over you with his height, making his dominance even more arousing. Soon you were inside of his bedroom.

Once you were in Chris’ bedroom, clothes started landing on the floor. First Chris pulled your shirt off, taking a moment to stare at your body. Next you took his shirt off. Your bra was the next clothing item to disappear. Chris stared wide-eyed at your bare breasts before continuing. You bit your lip as he walked towards you, making you back up.

You soon hit the end of Chris’ large bed. He walked even closer to you, staring at you with an intense hunger in his eyes. Chris gently pushed down onto the bed. You moved back some and then he crawled over you. He then removed your skirt, revealing your sexy lace panties.

You licked your lips and then Chris kissed them hard; he just couldn’t resist. You moaned into his mouth again, which really turned him on. Chris then took off his jeans, kicking them onto the floor. You looked down and saw his large erection through his boxers.

Your lips collided again. You both kissed passionately as Chris’ hands roamed your body. Soon he began kissing your body, down to your pierced hips and belly button. He moved down to your wet core, going agonizingly slow. You were now extremely aroused.

Chris didn’t tease you for too much longer. He himself was desperate for some more action. His tongue soon dived into your core. You let out a loud moan, shutting your eyes. The pleasure began to build up quickly as his tongue moved faster. You tightly gripped the bed sheets.

The cool metal of Chris’ lip piercings heightened your pleasure. Your orgasm built up fast, Chris continuing to eat you out vigorously. You let out several breathy moans, only making Chris even more lustful.

Soon you came, moaning loudly. Chris licked your pussy clean. You two kissed again, then Chris slipped on a condomn. Afterwards he lined up to your entrance. Chris pushed into you slowly, making sure that you were comfortable.

Once he was assured that everything was alright, he began thrusting into you. Chris started at a good pace, soon getting faster. You moaned and let your hands explore his toned and tattooed body. Chris moaned in a low tone as he came close to his climax.

The sound of your moans filled Chris’ home. His hand went down to rub your clit. Chris knew that he wouldn’t last longer and wanted to make sure that you came first. His thrusts grew sloppy, but stayed at a good speed. Your walls closed around his cock, your climax emerging.

You whimpered before a loud moan escaped your lips as you came for the second time that night. Chris came shortly after you, groaning in a low, husky tone. You both rode out on your highs. When Chris laid down beside you, his chest quickly moved up and down. You both took a minute to catch your breath.

Once you had slowed your breathing down, you turned to kiss Chris. Your lips pressed onto his shoulder, then onto his neck. You soon reached his pierced lips. Chris wrapped his strong arms around you, pulling your warm body closer.

“You do not know how long I’ve waited for this.” Chris says breathily.

“I’ve wanted you so bad…for so long.” You say.

“I guess we should’ve done this sooner, then.”

“Yeah, definitely. At least now we know how we feel about each other.”

Chris nods. You both kiss again.

“So…will you be my girlfriend?” Chris asks you.

“Fuck yes.” You reply, smirking at him.

You two made out, things quickly getting heated once again. Soon it was time for round 2. ;)

Luckiest Son of a Bitch

One Shot
Dean x Reader, Crowley
Summary: Crowley kidnapped you, and he won’t do anything, because he knows something you and Dean don’t.
Warning: Language, kidnapping, and blood? (I mean how can you watch the show if blood freaks you out?)  
Word Count: 1414

It was shivering as I stood there with my hands tied above my head in Crowley’s dungeon. I pretty much lost feeling in my arms because of how long I have been down here. The only thing keeping me alive, is the thought of Dean coming in a saving me from this monster. I’m alone in a cold, dark dungeon and all I long to do, is to be with Dean in the back of baby and to feel his hand on my neck as he kisses me softly.

I have been here for two days, but it has felt like two weeks. All I remember is being in the bunker with Dean, researching and then the door bursts open. I don’t even know how they got into the bunker itself. I then remember Crowley snapping Dean away as a hard fist smashed onto the top of my head.

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That Would Be Enough (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: This has been in my google docs for months and I found it again this morning lol. It was like two paragraphs away from being finished. Sooo, I finished it. Originally this was going to follow the song more closely but it kind of got away from me once I started lol. But yeah, this fic is vaguely inspired by “That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton. Also, I’ve never been pregnant or had a baby before so most of my knowledge comes from seeing other people I know do all this lol. So, I’m sorry if there are parts that are inaccurate.

Word Count: ~2871

Warning(s): Mentions of canon typical violence (this is post-fight), Pregnant!Reader, Enhanced!Reader (accelerated healing, healing abilities, high endurance), Vague Medical Stuff, Slight Angst, Fluff, and I think that’s all?

Originally posted by stevies

I was on top of an empty medical supply crate, I think, nursing a nasty cut on my arm and intermittently looking out over what was left of the city. Mostly I was just staunching the bleeding as I waited for the cut to seal itself, I was pretty lacking in the energy department after the fight so my healing factor was a little slower than normal. I was a few blocks away from the Tower, too tired to head back just yet. Another world-ending battle over New York City, I mean, what else is new? We took a heavy hit, of course, but thankfully it seems like the city is mostly intact. The team, on the other hand, had seen better days. Everyone was alive but clearly more than a little shaken up. They had just gotten back from a month-long mission when the attack started and I had wanted to tell him then but I didn’t get the chance.

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submitted to dragon-ball-meta:
As a gohan fan and someone who hasn’t gotten to DBS yet- i just want to thank you for the meta on everyone and the fandom’s nonsense. And because Gohan’s my fav, i fear the TLDR will be about him lol.

You’re definitely on point about people forgetting how horrific fighting cell was for Gohan- not because of the cruel things Cell did, but what Cell’s cruelty brought brought out in himself. Like a lot of his fans loved watching him beating the crap out of Cell, because he looked cool, not considering that the character itself didn’t actually like it afterwards. I’d go as as far to say that once it was all over, and he’d broken the news to Chichi about Goku not returning, He’d be actually a little/ very ashamed of the whole fiasco. If he’d killed Cell straight out, he could have prevented his dad from dying. He could have prevented Vegeta having to watch Mirai Trunks die. Goten could have grown up with his dad instead of everyone in their family waiting years before ever seeing Goku again.

That to me is one of the reason why he avoided training during the original time skip, besides not really enjoying fighting, training, at least early on during the timeskip, would remind him of the year he spent exclusively with Goku in the HBTC, and he didn’t really need more reasons to feel guilty about causing his dad’s absence. I also think that part of the reason he genuinely enjoyed being saiyaman as a teenager, because it’s in a lot of ways the antithesis of all his experiences in the show. It was his own thing, relatively easy and light hearted and had nothing to do with all the various villains he grew up having to fight. During then, he could be the opposite of what he was during at his lowest (the angry pre-teen that thought he was helping everyone, by being cruel, serious and malicious while playing with Cell who played with everyone else’s life). As Saiyenman, he got to do actual good without any of worry of getting into that same head space where he could get out of bounds. And I don’t just mean the cruelty in Cell arc- I meant his bad habit of getting cocky and playing with his opponents instead of fighting genuinely. It’s cropped up twice whenever he’s juiced in DBZ, and If i remember correctly, it’s also what got him eaten by Buu. Hopefully with Picollo + Krillen’s + Goku’s pointers, he’ll avoid that this time around in DBS. (Or not, lol, multiple character development in story telling is better than singular)

So kudos also on your rants/discussion on Gohan, because Extra-Gohan fans tend to want things from him at the expense of his character + other characters. And while angst and introspection never really fit with the original DB + DBZ storyline, outside of a point to overcome. I’m glad to hear, at least with Krillin in DBS, that we are getting more exploration. Genuine Character development and your thoughts on it have given me reason to re-consider on passing on the show in any case.

Hey there, thanks for the friendly line.

You’re pretty on point with your observations, I’d say. Add to that Gohan really preferring not to hurt anyone and it’s fairly self-evident why he wouldn’t emphasize (or really want much to engage in) training. Even as Saiyaman, he’d typically just bop an enemy real quick and incapacitate or KO them without any sort of extended violence.

As for his cockiness, Piccolo actually did directly address that Episode 88.

So kudos on spotting that as well. :)

And I’m glad to see you’re reconsidering passing on the series. Hopefully you find the time to watch and (hopefully) enjoy.

Imagine upsetting Negan when he sees you reaching for Daryl during the round up.

(I had a Carl request before this one but it’s not done yet…I had finished this one first so i’m posting it first…hope you all like it and it is as requested. Instead of posting the preferences tonight I’ll post them tomorrow :D Yay for Negan being slightly creepy XD and poor Daryl :(  gif not mine/ found it on google) 

For the past few weeks, Negan and the Saviors had been looking over you and your group without your knowledge.


The moment he looked at you he was smitten. He noticed how nice you were and how resourceful you are to your group.  He somewhat became obsess with you and everyday would spend a few hours to check on you, even your name had actually been the only one he learned  

He loved almost everything about you, the only thing that bothered him was your relationship with Daryl, or the guy with long hair as he would call him.


Looking through binoculars he saw you on a supply run.  One of his men had ask him “Spying her again?”

“Yeah…she’s just so pretty…and not to mention impressive…I mean she kills walkers with no hesitation! I’m going to need her in my life!”

"So…when are we going to get them back for what they did?”

“Soon…don’t worry…I’m just letting her enjoy her freedom a little longer!”

He said laughing and smiled until he saw that Daryl  was trailing behind you. 

He saw you running back to Daryl ,as you were quite ahead, you grabbed his arm and dragged him with you. He saw you laughing and you trying to make Daryl smile. He immediately frowned and put the binoculars down.

His men were shocked and asked “What it is Negan?!”

He glared at them and grind his teeth in anger. He then told them “She’s with that guy again…the one with the long hair…She’s smiling and grabbing him…Who the hell could he be for her to care so much!”

The men looked at each other and stayed silent. The first time Negan had evoke a similar statement, one of them had said that the guy you were with was most likely your boyfriend and he didn’t take it. Negan had beaten the man for thinking and saying it and, since no one would ever say what they thought about you and Daryl.

Negan looked through the binoculars again and it frustrated him even more seeing as you were both smiling now. It had been like this each time you were outside the walls of Alexandria, you were always accompanied by Daryl. He smashed the binoculars to the ground and said “Let’s get ready to catch them…in a few days…we’ll go with the plan…make sure you bring him to me alive!”

They all nodded.

As he walked to his car he mumbled “Enjoy your freedom…Y/N…” under his breath.

After Denise died, Daryl had been distant from you and had left Alexandria on his own to avenge her. You wanted to go after him but the others told you to stay and help Maggie.

However, the next morning Daryl and the others hadn’t been back, it worried you but you still had hope to see them again that day.

You were helping with the guarding of Alexandria, when suddenly Enid had come to you running for help.

Maggie was feeling sick and luckily Rick and the others were there to bring here to the Hilltop colony to get treatment.

You went along with them and let Father Gabriel take the charge of the defense of Alexandria.


Along the road, you had been stopped multiple times and each time made you more anxious.

By night, there was only one route left and you had all decided to take it by foot in order to get away from the men following you.


As you walked in the forest, you all suddenly heard whistles and as you all started to run you suddenly got surrounded and had come to a stop.

You were all nervous about what was about to happen. A man came towards you and ordered you all on your knees, even Maggie. Others came closer and took away all your weapons. They suddenly brought Eugene and it shocked everyone.

You followed the orders and stayed silent. They suddenly dragged Michonne, Glenn, Rosita and Daryl out and it shocked everyone even more.

The moment you saw Daryl injured you wanted to go to him. You suddenly got up and said “Daryl!”

He looked towards your direction and said “Y/N…” As he was forced on his knees.

You tried to get to him but was immediately forced by the man behind you to stay on your knees.


Negan was in the RV and had been looking through the window. He had witness what you were trying to do and it angered him. He slammed his fist on the table and thought of just going out there to take you away with him. 

However knowing that his men would lose respect for him as a leader he calmed himself down and made sure the moment he heard the knock he wouldn’t just walk over to you and grab you.

The man went to knock on a RV and suddenly he came out.

He chuckled and said “Pissin’ our pants yet?”

He walked over and continued “Boy… do I have a feeling we’re getting close! Yeah…it’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon!”

He looked all over and the moment his gaze met yours he sincerely smiled at you. He stared at you for quite a moment until one of his men cleared his throat. It immediately awaken him from his daydream and asked “Which one of you is the leader?”

His man pointed Rick and said “This one…he’s the guy…”

Negan got closer to him and said “Hi…you’re Rick right? I’m Negan and I do not appreciate you killing my men…”

The moment you heard his name, you knew something was going to go wrong.

He had then started to walk along the line and talked about his people that where killed and  how he wanted all of you to work for him.

“I want all of you to work for me! Now I can’t do that if you’re all dead! Now can you? I’m not growing a garden…but you killed my people! A whole damn lot…more than i’m comfortable with…” He said looking at Rick

Looking over to Daryl he continued “and for that…for that you’re gonna pay!” and laughed.

Hearing his words you knew what he meant and immediately tried to get closer to your dear friend.

Negan noticed you by the side and said “Don’t! Stay where you are…” 

He walked closer to you and said “Don’t try and save him…don’t beg me…the choice depends on Lucille…”

He said while showing his baseball bat to you. The sight scared you and it made you shiver in fear. Your breathing became ragged and it made Negan uncomfortable. He wanted you but not in a state of complete fear of him, in that moment he wanted to take you back at his place and just take care of you, yet your reaction had also upset him and he wanted to shake you to get your attention away from your friend. 

He had to walk away from you to control himself and went to where Daryl was. 

He laughed and said “And I think…she wants to beat this one…”

You then immediately told him “Please! Don’t! No…no…no…please…” Shaking your head and on the verge of tears.

His smile immediately disappear and suddenly his frustration won over. He exploded and it was clear to everyone how upset he was.

“What did I told you! I said to not try and save him! Why the hell! Would you even beg for him! Does he really matters that much to you!”

Everyone was shock, the whole time Negan had an impressive composure about the situation but now here he was upset over someone reaching out for their friend.

You had tears in your eyes and pleaded him “Please…just…don’t hurt him anymore…he’s already injured…he doesn’t need…”

Daryl cut you off and said “Y/N! I’m fine…better me beaten than you…”

Negan turned his attention to Daryl and said “You shut up! ”

He turned back to you and said “And you…I demand an answer from you…what is he to you? Why does it matters so much if I beat him! I’ll just get him out of his misery!”

“He’s…my friend…I…” You said having a hard time to breath.

Before you could finish Negan cut you off and said “I don’t wanna know about the rest! I don’t care anymore…”. He closed his eyes and slowly shook his head as he walked to try and calm himself down.

He got in front of you. He crouched down to eye level with you, he grabbed your chin and said “Soon… you won’t need him…”

His words made you anxious and you shook your head in denial.

He stilled you by tightening his grip and then whispered in your ear “Because you’re mine…”

He looked back at you with smile and told his men “Get her in the car! She doesn’t need to see this…”

“No! no!”

They grabbed your arms and got you to your feet. You struggled to get out of their grasp and begged for your friends life along the way.

“Please! this doesn’t have to happen…! Let them go!”

Negan looked back at where you were and said “I’m sorry…Y/N…but I have to punish your friends…and you…”

He held his bat in the air and was ready to swing. 

Your and your friends screams could be heard throughout the darkness.

Astray -Part 28-

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His body simply moved, living in the feeling for skin against skin and seeking his blood over his knuckles. The sounds were muted from his ears, only focused on beating Jimin. His fists transferred the pain he felt because of him into his face. He lost control, his mind becoming animalistic; protecting what he believes is his and only his.

Not her too. Not her too. You can’t have her too, you selfish bastard.

“Jeongguk!” He stopped, his fist so close to hitting that bastard’s jaw and he was pulled off. The sound of your scream shocked him out of his mindless state and he looked at you. You had tears in your eyes, not looking at him but the man that laid on the floor with a smug smirk. You helped Jimin up, checking his face and worrying about him.

What about me? Why not me? Do you know what he’s done to me? What he’s done to us? Why are you touching as if he never did anything to me?



“Quit staring at me like that.”

“I don’t even know who you are anymore, Jeongguk. I know Jimin is wrong for flirting with your girlfriend but she let him.”

“I’m sick of this. I’m sick of you always defending him. He flirted with her after he left you. He left you. He didn’t even give you a second glance and yet I’m in the wrong? For what? I’m just protecting who I love.”

“So that means you can act like a gorilla? Beating down everyone that touches what’s yours. It’s funny. You’ll fight for her but you didn't…”

“Y/N, don’t.” He grabbed her arm, making her bite her lip and look down. Why does he still have a power over you when he left you?

“I’ll take you to the infirmary, Jiminie.” She shot him a tearful gaze before taking along that bastard to the infirmary. He punched the closest wall, pain shot from his knuckles down his arm and he held his fist. He sunk to the floor and sat down.


“Leave me alone, Mira.”

“Why did you…?”

“You’re my little sister and he’s a scumbag.”

“I like him.”

“You what?!”

“It was when I came up here, I saw him practicing in one of the empty rooms and I fell for his grace. He’s kind, sweet but he’s so stuck on Y/N..”

“What’s dad going to say?”

“Do you really think he cares about what happens to me?”


“Nobody is there for me. Maybe I’m some hormonal teenager but I know that this isn’t some infatuation. I really like him, oppa.”

“Even after what he’s done to me?”

“He’ll made it up to the both of us before he can stand a chance. This isn’t about me though, what was that before?”

“I was mad that he was about to take away something that I care about again. You’re an annoying little sister but I didn’t want him to take you away from me. You’re the only thing I have now.”

“You haven’t lost her yet, oppa.”

“Didn’t you see the way she looked at me?”

“That was hurt in her eyes,” he listened to her, knowing she hadn’t finished speaking, “she was hurt that you were ready to fight for me, ‘your girlfriend’ but you didn’t fight for her.”

“I don’t understand women.”

“That’s why you have me, your personal translator.” She bumped shoulders with him, making him laugh a little at the large smile on her face. She looked like Ronald McDonald with that face and he looked at his bloodied knuckles. These fists… He easily became lost in the way his fist connected with Jimin’s face, his body only aiming to causing him pain and nothing else.

“Let’s go home.” The bus ride home was spent looking out the window, Mira singing along to her music off key and he compared her voice to a dying whale which got him a death stare and a punch in the shoulder.

“Jerky brother.”

“Bratty sister.” He had the last word as they exited the bus and climbed up the stairs, seeing you fumbling with her keys. You looked distracted, skipping over your keys a few times before opening your door.

“You could have said something, stupid.”

“Sometimes, I want to hit you.”

“I want to hit you all the time, though.”

“You, have no respect.” He pinched her ears; he enjoyed knowing that he could temporarily tame her with a simple pinch of her ears and she would immediately quiet herself.

“You’re low.”

“It’s not my fault that you’re short and you decided to flaunt your ears, my fingers are itching to pinch at them.”

“That sounds sick, you perv.”

“That’s your interpretation, I meant I like when you can’t sass me.”

“I’m not that sassy.” She mumbled to herself, the both of them knowing that was definitely a lie but he overlooked it and went into his room. He grabbed some clothes, changing in the bathroom and Mira taking over his room. He lied down on the couch, Mira coming along to sit on his chest and he kept hitting her back until she removed herself from sitting on his lungs.

“There’s other seats, Mira. Do I have to train you as a house cat?”

“That’s offensive. I can never be domesticated.”

“I’m sure a leash and a few tugs at your tail will change that.”

“That’s just abusive, oppa.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, Mira.”

“Cruel. You’re cruel.”

“You almost crushed my lungs with your body.”

“Are you saying I’m fat?”

“You’re not as light as a feather–”

“Oppa, you’re terrible.”

“Thanks, I’ve been working on being evil. It soothes my dark soul.” She rolled her eyes, sitting in a chair and he looked up at the ceiling. Mira was complaining about girls in her classes, talking distastefully and he stared at the ceiling.

I don’t even know who you are anymore.


It’s funny. You’ll fight for her but you didn’t-

“Earth to Oppa.”


“For someone who has two sets of ears, you’re still a pretty shitty listener.”

“Well, you’re just talking about some girls in your classes. I don’t really care about them.”

“Maybe Unnie is better off without you; you’re not good at least acting like you care. You’re just like ‘yawn, I’m bored’ and it’s insensitive.”

“I thought honesty was the best policy.”

“That’s what guys that don’t get girls say.”

“But I get girls.”

“Oppa, you have this ‘lone wolf’ complex and no girl wants to taint that plus you look like a Goth minus the eyeliner. I mean all black every day. Ever heard of colour, oppa?”

“Ever heard of respect?”

“I’m trying to help you, you jerk. You make me want to wear a hat to cover up my ears, you sadistic-”

“I dare you to finish that sentence, Mira,” she scoffed, crossing her arms and he continued, “By what? Helping me get another girl? All I want is Y/N. When all I can think about is Y/N. She liked when I was a lone wolf, while I looked a Goth and she didn’t leave me until I pushed her away.”

“You’re such a sap, it’s a little sickening.”

“You like Jimin, little miss emotionless. Plus, were you blushing when Jimin was flirting with you?”

“Shut up. This isn’t about me; it’s about you and your terrible fashion sense.”

“Okay, Fashion police. Just give me a ticket and go.”

“No, this needs my direct intervention. We’re going shopping tomorrow.”

“Mira–” Yet again, a knock on the door interrupts his sentence and Mira skipped to the door. She came back with two boxes of pizza and opened a box. She shoved a slice into her mouth, gooey cheese sloppily hung from her lips and she made eye contact with him.

“Oppa, weren’t you the one who taught me that staring is rude? Wait,” she scooped the stringy cheese into her mouth, wiped her mouth and he still stared her down.

“When did you order pizza?”

“While I was changing.”

“With what money?’

“The pizza guy has a crush on me and I just give her a peak on the lips.”


“I’m not judgemental, oppa.” She ate another slice and he just digged in, there was no point in trying to figure the whole story. It was going to be harder to get answers especially when she had her favourite food in front of her. He watched one of her stupid dramas, hearing his sister gush over the main actor and he wasn’t even that good looking.

“Can you shut up Lee Jong Suk? His lips are bigger than his career.”

“He has the perfect pout, his eyes are dreamy and he isn’t a grumpy pants unlike someone.”

“I’m not grumpy.”

“Whatever you say, oppa.” She covered her ears, looking back at him and he kissed his teeth. She fell asleep halfway through his favourite movie, her head resting on her hand and he watched the rest while he ate another slice. He lifted a sleeping Mira who mumbled quite a bit in her sleep, mostly Jimin’s name and calling him an asshole that he smiled at.

“Sleep tight, baby sis.” He laid her down to which she mumbled, ‘don’t let go of me, you dickwad’, it tempted him to give her ears a good yank but she cuddled into the pillow with her hair messily covering her face. He pushed it back and went back to his couch.

He turned his head on the couch cushion before falling asleep.

“Oppa~ Wake up!”

“YAH, wake up or I’ll,” she paused before thinking of something, “kiss you!”

“I’m up!”

“Oh, thank god. I don’t think I would have went through with my precious lips on your disgusting face.”

“I have a handsome face. Where are your glasses, Mira?”

“One, ew no you don’t. Two, I wear contacts now. Now, up.”

“What do you want from me on this Saturday morning? More food? Just eat leftover pizza.”

“I made myself breakfast because you took too long to wake up, it’s really hard.”

“Of course it is for you, spoiled brat. Do Oppa a favour and let him sleep.”

“What kind of annoying younger sibling would I be if I didn’t bug you? In all seriousness, we’re going shopping. Like right now.”

“No, we’re not.”

“Yes, we are. I need to make you a proper member of society and a guy that Unnie can take out without having to claim you’re her friend’s brother to spare herself the embarrassment of calling you her boyfriend.”

“You’re very shitty at pep talks, you know that. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep at how cruel you were to me, Mira. Oh my pitiful life.”

“I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, oppa.”

“I don’t appreciate being woken up before 12, Mira. Go by yourself and don’t spend too frivolously.”

“Oppa.” She whined and he turned over, only to have Mira pulling on his arm.

“Let go, Mira.”

“Oppa. Come on.”

“You’re so annoying.”

“I know. Can you please come?”

“I dress perfectly fine.”

“No you don’t, you need this intervention.”

“Dear god, my life has been noisier since you came here.”

“You don’t have to live, oppa. You can be revelling in the finer things in life.”

“Wise words coming from you? Have I really hit rock bottom or am I dreaming?”

“Is that giving me the go ahead to pinch you?”

“No, you psycho. Let me enjoy this dream a while longer.”

“Oppa. Let’s go, now.” He felt her body weight on his back and his face being squished into the pillow.

“Will you get off my back if I do?”


“Fine. Now, get off my back.” She got off his back, letting him get some oxygen and he changed into a white top with black jeans.

“You need to get out of this 14 year old end stage, be a man Oppa.”

“I am.”

“That’s what you think.”

“Hey!” She started speed walking and he chased her outside. It turned into a race, Jeongguk sneaking up on her and tickling her sides while she laughed uncontrollably.

“What did you say about me, Mira?”

“S-stop, you’re so childish.” She tried to shove him off, only making him tickle her more until the bus showed up. They showed their bus passes, sitting in the back and he looked out the window. Mira put an earbud in his ear, listening to soft piano.

“Since when do you listen to classical music?”

“It helps me fall asleep. Plus that other oppa made it for me.”


“He said I was an angel and would do anything for me.”

“Fucking creep.”

“Oppa, I’m an angel.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re the sprawn of Satan with that mouth of yours, traumatizing me since the day you could speak. I miss when you were cute and couldn’t speak.”

“You were only 2.”

“So? Best two years of my life.” She hit his arm as he laughed and they rode the bus to the mall, Mira dragging him off the bus. He walked lazily, already feeling the weight of the shopping bags that he had to carry. She took him into a store stocked with crisp dress shirts, suits and other formal wear.

“Mira, do I look like I’m made of money?”

“Stand still.” She held up a shirt to his chest, the colour an atrocious shade of green and set it back on the rack.

“Doesn’t match your eyes, hm.”

“Are you listening to me?”

“Oppa, it’s not that pricey.” He grabbed a random shirt off the same rack and checked its tag seeing it was a 50 dollar shirt, pulling Mira by her wrist out the store before a sickly sweet sale associate convinces her to make him try on that ridiculously expensive clothing.


“I didn’t want to agree to this but at least try not to make me broke, Mira?”

“No promises.”

“We’re going to home.”


“Fine, then I’ll leave and lock the door when I get home.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me, would you,” he looked away and before meeting her eyes with a smirk on his face, “you’re so cruel. Fine, I’ll try to find good and cheap clothes, Mr. Stingy.”

“I have to feed this mouth.” He pinched her lips, getting a hard slap to the shoulder and he tugged at her ears. She pouted, walking away from him and entering another store. He followed her into the store, seeing less formal clothes but it was different from his usual style.

“Look, over here Oppa.”

“Oh, are you two dating?” The associate approached them faster than the other store and he smiled at the both of them

“Never.” They both said at the same time and the associate cleared his throat.

“She’s my little sister.”

“Ah, I see.” Clearly you didn’t, since you were foolish enough to think that a girl like her would be my girlfriend.

“I’m afraid my brother had committed such a fashion crime that I have to buy him a new wardrobe. Can you help me pick out a few styles?”

“Of course, that’s what I’m here for.” They started tossing outfits at him, making him almost drop from the weight and they shoved him into a dressing room. He grudgingly wore the first outfit, annoyed by the amount of pastel there was and showed the crowd as if he was a model in a fashion show.

“Oppa, why is your walk so sluggish?”

“Quit picking out me and let me get out of this.”

“It’s not right for him; he looks a zombie that just got a rainbow to thrown up on.”

“You’re right, next.”

“You’re bossy and sassy, I like that.”

“You better not be flirting with my sister.

“Oh, scary. Cute butt tho.” He went into the dressing room as they both laughed and he changed into 3 more outfits, all being sent back because it “didn’t match his complexion”, “he made it look more Goth than usual”, and everyone’s favourite, “you look stupid.”

“Can you two pick something?”

“Oh my god. Oppa, for once in your life, you actually look presentable.” She grabbed the collar of the jacket, fixing it before smoothing out the jacket, he felt dumb. He was wearing a blazer with a white shirt, black jeans and his converse. He hated anything that seemed formal, the last time he put on a suit was to his mother’s viewing.

“You’re literally the worst little sister ever. Can I take this stuffy coat off–”

“Oppa, it fit you perfectly. Doesn’t it, Minhyuk?”

“You’re a first name basis with the sales associate?”

“My job is not only to sell you great clothes at an affordable price; it’s to help you find that fashionable confidence. You might have the look but you need the attitude and some people need clothes to pull out that prowess.”

“Plus, Minhyuk is amazing. Finally, a man that understands the different between princess and asscher cut.”

“A- what?”

“I’m sorry, Minhyuk. My brother is like one of those artists that disconnect themselves from reality so he’s not as culturally educated as I am.”

“It’s okay, but artist? He look like a total jock with those muscles.”

“I know he’s so lame.”

“I’m right here–”

“So, yes to this outfit?”

“Ring us up. Oppa, go change back into your clothes.” He sighed, changing as Mira told him to before walking up to the register and paying. He was surprised at how cheap it was, probably due to Mira being best friends with the associate and he didn’t question it as long as he didn’t have to break the bank.

“Can we go home now?”

“No way, you need a new haircut.” Haircut. New haircut. He dropped the bag, breaking off into a sprint before Mira jumped on his back, locking her arms around his neck. She wrapped her legs around him and he still tried to run away.

“Oppa, please. Let me make you over.”

“I’m not one of your old Barbie dolls, Mira. I don’t need a haircut.”

“I know just the place okay, and they know about us. Come on, please.”

“They won’t cut too much hair, right?”

“Of course, I promise.”

“You lied to me.”

“It’s not my fault you’re gullible, Oppa.”

“And what did you do to my hair?”

“I freed your forehead, you look so much better.”

“I’m not thanking you.”

“Do you know how much money I put into you?”

“I do, it’s nothing.

“Let me correct that, do you know how much time I put into you?”

“I didn’t ask for this–” She placed her finger on his lips when he saw you walking into class, you looked pretty drained and Mira pushed him in front of the classroom.

“You’re such a jerk, Jeongguk. I’ve given you everything and you just take me for granted. I was desperate enough to want attention from someone that I even went to Jimin because he acknowledges me unlike you.”


“Don’t, Jeongguk. Let’s not see each other anymore.” Did she really have to be the one that dumps me? I could have dumped her much better but hopefully this stops Y/N and me from hesitating toward each other.

He entered class, going through the whole lesson looking at his easel and stealing glances at you. You still ignored him, probably still upset at him for hurting Jimin and he just went home. He gave Mira some money to stay somewhere else for a few nights, wanting to coax you without any distractions. You were standing outside your door when he came into view of his door and yours. He watched you scramble to get inside but he stopped your hand.

“I missed you.”

It’s now or never

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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 17/?

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Today, I fucked up... by illegally (and accidentally) crossing the Malaysia/Singapore boarder

So this happened yesterday, not today.

I am a junior in college doing a study abroad program in Singapore for 4 months. This past weekend, me and some of my friends in the program attended a music festival in Malaysia for 3 days. Had I not spent a fat chunk of my study abroad budget at overpriced American fast food chains in Asia all the time (Did you guess I was American yet?), then maybe I would’ve been more willing to pay for a flight to Malaysia for the music festival like everyone else in my group. Instead, I took the bus.

To preface a little bit, I woke up at around 5:30am Monday morning to catch the bus home while my friends slept off their hangovers for another few hours before their flight. You can imagine I’m feeling pretty beat up at this point, but I still manage to drag my (rather nauseated) self to the bus station. I board and we hit the road back to Singapore while I begin what seemed like a well deserved nap. Wrong.

About five hours into the drive we hit customs. Everyone is required to get off the bus and go inside to show their passports to the Malaysian customs officers (there are two separate borders you need to pass–one for leaving Malaysia and one to enter Singapore. This was the first one.) As I’m walking off the bus, I reach for my passport in my jacket pocket and notice that it’s missing. Hoping that somehow in my hazy, morning state I managed to slip my passport into my duffle bag, I asked the bus driver, who appeared to be a Malaysian native and couldn’t have been older than 18, to open the bag compartment situated underneath the bus.

It’s important to note that this bag compartment was not at floor level. It was about 7ft x 11ft and about five feet off the ground, which required me to physically lift my body up into the compartment and crawl my way to the very back where my bag was situated. I zip open my backpack and wah-lah! The passport is there and I can nearly taste the sensation of liberation when I noticed the door of the bus compartment slowly closing. My first thought was–“this bus didn’t even have air conditioning, why on earth does it have automated bag compartment doors?” But, my second thought was “Fuck.” I try crawling back to the door before it closes (this was seriously some Indiana Jones shit), but I’m slowed down too much by the weight of all the bags of people successfully crossing the border at that very moment. I’m now stuck in a pitch black space, with my knees on the ground and my head pushed up against the ceiling.

“Play it cool. Those doors are going to open up at any moment” I thought. I yelled, cursed and even threw up a little bit in my mouth at one point (not sure if from nerves or hangover. or both. definitely both), but the door did not open. I think you can guess what happened next.

The fucking bus started moving. The people going inside began exiting on the other side of the building (and technically the opposite side of the Malaysian border) so the bus began crossing the border to let the passengers get back on and continue. I’ve been in this bag compartment for about three minutes at this point. The bus stopped momentarily, presumably to speak with the customs officer, then continued on. At this point, I’m starting to think maybe the smart thing to do is just stay quiet. I don’t speak Malay so jumping out of the bag compartment on the other side of the border at this point just wasn’t something I thought was a good idea. Welp–that’s exactly what happened.

Once the bus came to a standstill, the doors began opening again while other passengers returned to the bus. Before the doors even managed to fully open, I sprawled out of the compartment and landed on all fours. I lift my head up to find none other than about 30 very confused and frightened foreign bus passengers gathered around that are now all screaming for what I presume was help. About 30 feet away I can see a divide in the crowd taking place as a Malaysian customs officer is charging in my direction and yelling for his colleagues. I am about to shit my pants at this point and honestly just wish I had pulled the trigger earlier that day so that I could have felt less hungover and more mentally prepared for this moment. I was still struggling to process what had happened in the past few minutes and in an attempt to avoid getting tackled to the ground (by a man I must admit was really only about 5'7") I closed my eyes and put up my arms. With the customs officer only about 10 feet away, ready to take my white ass down, to my rescue came none other than…the 18 year old Malaysian bus driver!

But, in that moment, he was not an 18 year old, scrawny teenage boy that had locked me in the bus compartment. He was an 18 year old, scrawny teenage boy that had locked me in the bus compartment AND spoke Malay! He stopped the customs officer dead in his tracks and made up for the problem he created in the first place. At this point, he must have realized that he trapped me under there and was able to explain the situation.

After getting driven back to the other side and being required to go through customs the right way this time, I successfully and legally crossed the Malaysian border. Walking back to my seat, the bus driver offered me an extra rice & chicken microwavable dinner for the ride back as a gesture for the whole “I forgot you were underneath the bus so I closed the doors” thing. Apology accepted. I walked to my seat in the back of the bus with mixed reactions from the other passengers who had front row seats to the show. I sit down in my aisle seat and stare at the back of the seat in front of me for about five long seconds before the man next to me turns and says, “That was great. You were really…in there”

Tl;dr - My bus driver accidentally trapped me in the bag compartment while crossing Malaysian/Singapore customs.

by yourmomdidntthinkso

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Betrayed- A Sehun/D.O Scenario (part 3)

Part 1, Part 2

You woke up that morning, with your eyes still closed, and a warm feeling around you. You smiled, still sleepy, and snuggled against the source of warmth.

“Morning sleepyhead…” You heard D.O’s gruff morning voice greet you. Your smile extended, as you opened one eye to look at him.

“Hey… Sorry, did I fall asleep on you last night?” You asked him, the smell of cocoa still present in the room. He smiled at you with those thick, heart-shaped lips of his.

“Yeah, but it’s alright, I fell asleep soon after.” He told you, kissing the top of your head, as you moved away. He wasn’t planning on telling you he played with your hair for 15 minutes while he watched you sleep, because that would be creepy, and he didn’t want to risk anything.

You stretched out into the sofa, yawning, while D.O went to the kitchen to fix some breakfast for you both.

“Oh, by the way, if you want to change your clothes, you are welcome to pick whatever you please from my wardrobe.” He yelled at you from the kitchen. You smiled, because you loved wearing D.O’s clothes. They always smelled like him, and they were just a tad too big on you, but note as big and baggy as Sehun’s.


Ah…. The memories flooded your brain again, and you felt that small tug in your heart that signaled you still cared about that jackass, even if it was just a little bit. He cheated. He cheated on you with your best friend. You’d never forgive him. You slapped your forehead loudly, making you ow, and rub it gently straight after.

“SOO! I left all my stuff there. I need to get it back somehow! I need to find a new place… Ag Soo there is so much I have to do!” You yelled out in frustration, tugging at the hair on the top of your head. Kyungsoo came out of the kitchen holding a frying pan, and pointing it at you.

“First of all, I told you, you can stay here as long as you need. You are more than welcome, it will be like being roommates. And if you want I can have the boys go get your stuff, I’ll go with them. Do we need to take boxes? I’ll ask Kai to help me.” Kyungsoo offered with a smile. Your heart did a weird thing. Was it a flutter you felt?

“Really? You’d do that? Ah… Yes, we will need boxes. Not too many, I didn’t have that many belongings there after all, it was Sehun’s house. Don’t… Don’t tell the others… Just take Kai with you… Maybe Chanyeol oppa and Baekhyun oppa too. I don’t want everyone to know about Sehun’s betrayal  yet… it’s humiliating.” You told Kyungsoo, who nodded, he understood what you meant. It was embarrassing enough to be cheated on, but by your idol boyfriend? With your best friend? It was mortifying.

“We’ll get your stuff for you, don’t worry.” Kyungsoo assured you, kissing the top of your head again, before returning to the kitchen to cook breakfast for you. Your heart did the weird thing again. This time you were sure it skipped a beat. It couldn’t be… could it? Kyungsoo was your friend…

You were helping Kyungsoo clean the kitchen after having breakfast with him, when there was a loud, frantic knock on your door. You walked towards it, dressed in one of Kyungsoo’s t-shirts, and the smallest pair of sweatpants he owned.

You opened the door, and were shocked by what you saw. Sehun was standing there, with his lip split, and his eyes black and blue, and he looked terrible.

“Sehun what are you doing here?” You asked him, your voice higher than you thought was possible. You felt rejection towards him, you already disliked the fact he was in your eyesight.

“Y/N… Come back home.” Sehun breathed out, staring at you with those dark, intense eyes of his.

“What? Why would I ever come back with you?” You replied, crossing your arms over your chest. Kyungsoo appeared behind you, curious, cautious, and panicky. He knew it was selfish of him to wish you would blatantly reject Sehun, but he also knew it was the best option. Sehun had already cheated on you once, who knew how many times he had done it before…

“Come on Y/N… You are being ridiculous. Come home. It was just sex. It meant nothing. It was just sex. I promise it won’t happen again.” Sehun told you, trying to convince you, but instead, it made the anger inside you boil.

“Just sex? Just sex? Are you that lowly and pathetic Sehun? You slept with my best friend. You betrayed me, betrayed my trust. You promised you would only love me. What ensures me you won’t just cheat again once you are given the chance? No Sehun. I can’t go back to you. Sorry. Please leave.” You told him, attempting to shut the door in front of him, but Sehun stopped it.

“Aren’t you going to ask what happened to me?” He asked again, trying the tactic of pity. He needed you back, he didn’t know why or how, but he couldn’t afford to lose you. You were the best he had ever had, the best he could hope for. Your friend had been fun, but she wasn’t you.

“I wasn’t planning on it.” You spat, pushing the door a little harder, but Sehun was stronger.

“Kai beat me up.” Sehun told you, pushing the door further to your side. Your body instinctively let go of the door in surprise, but you composed yourself quickly.

“Well, that’s got nothing to do with me. It’s not my concern. You can talk it out with him. Now if you excuse me, I have things to do. Kyungsoo and Kai are coming later to get my stuff from your place, and God forbid there is even one small thing damaged, because I will make you pay.” You warned him coldly, staring into his eyes like you were looking at the weather forecast.

“Oh I see how it is. You use my stupid mistake to change dicks to one that you fancy more. Well, be happy with D.O, you are both as lame as each other. Ey Kyungsoo, when you sleep with her next time, just remember I was there first.” Sehun spat out, and although a part of you knew he was just saying out of spite, because he was hurt that you would not return to him, and he wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted, the other wanted to punch him in the face for being so disgusting.

You slammed the door in his face, and turned around, sliding down it, until you had your knees against your chest. You hugged them tightly, and began sobbing, your body shaking with each cry.

Kyungsoo immediately ran to comfort you, wrapping is arms around you, and placing soft, gentle kisses on your head.

“Don’t cry Y/N… Please don’t cry over him… he doesn’t deserve your tears… We’ll pick up your things and you won’t have to see him ever again if you don’t want to… Please, just don’t cry… You are too pretty for that.” Kyungsoo spoke softly to you, as he held you tightly in his arms. You let out a choked laugh, and looked at him, with tears still in your eyes, and your face red and puffy.

“Are you implying I look ugly when I cry?” You joked, and Kyungsoo smiled, glad that you weren’t hurt enough to lose your sense of humor. He laughed, as he ruffled your hair.

“Idiot. You never look ugly.” He told you honestly, and you felt your heart flutter. Kyungsoo thought you were pretty, and for some reason, it made you blush. Thank the Lord your cheeks were already puffy and red from the tears, and he couldn’t notice.

“Soo… Thank you for being here for me. It means a lot to me. You really are the best. I love you.” You told him, placing your heart on his chest, but you couldn’t hear the way his heart skipped a beat the moment those three words slipped through your lips. He felt blissful.


Daryl Dixon Imagine

You’re in the line up when Daryl is chosen to get killed. You try anything to save him from certain death.

word count: 1279

approximated reading time: 7 minutes

Love. I never understood how something to fragile could make you feel so powerful. I really wished it didn’t. Sacrificing your sanity wasn’t worth it. Sacrificing your life even less.
I sighed deeply. Love made us do the most ridiculous things and yet everyone kept running, with open arms and a smile, into this disaster that was human emotions. I had always taken pride in not being one of these people. Sneered at them, pitied them at best. Never could I have imagined what love did to a beating heart, a heart like mine.
Until I met him, until looking into his gleaming eyes got me right in the middle of some god damn romance novel. Me! The one person who always swore black and blue to never ever fall in love or do something extraordinarily stupid for another human being. Me! The one person who valued survival over love. Little did I know what family could mean. What love could do. Move the proverbial mountains at least. Or so I thought.
“Please!”, I screamed throwing myself between Daryl and the baseball bat, blood dripping from my lips. The heavy taste of iron in my mouth I spit blood in front of Negan’s feet. “Take me, not him.” Oh, how love changed me. My own survival suddenly unimportant in the face of the possible death of a loved one. No… not a loved one. The death of Daryl, the only person I loved more than life itself. I heard him moving behind me, heard the rustling of the blanket that he was covered in. Maybe he would die from blood loss anyway. Maybe we would be together rather sooner than later. I swallowed hard. “Please, let him live.”
“Why the fuck should I!?” Negan had a murderous look in his eyes as he glared at me. A bloodlust I hadn’t seen ever before.

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Captain Morgan and Happy Endings : Steve Rogers/Captain America

Originally posted by master-of-duct-tape

Author’s Note: I was honestly laughing was too hard when I got this request. I do sincerely apologize to anyone who dances or knows how to do this… I give MAJOR props to you all. 

In my honest opinion, I sort of had a hard time writing this. But in the end I had so much fun writing it, it was such an odd request for me. <3

Word Count: 963


Request: Anon

Reader x Steve reader twerking on Steve and him getting teased.

(I love you, thank you. ~Widow)

Loud music and willing bodies filled the Tower’s living room. Accompanied by wishful glances and sorrow filled drinks, two of the mightiest Avengers sat glumly in their seats.

You watched as your close friends and colleagues mingled about the room. They all seemed to be bursting with positive energy when talking amongst each other. The only friend that seemed to be talking with you was a Captain named Morgan and he sure did love to converse with you.

“Y/N.” You turned to see the striking Natasha Romanoff. She gave you a knowing look which you dismissed with a goofy grin. “How much have you had, L/N?”

Your eyes casted down towards the surprisingly now empty glass. “How many Captains do we have on this team?”

“Only one, Y/N.”

“Times that by four, Romanoff.” You giggled.

Natasha had only shook her head, she knew how much you were going to hate yourself in the morning, so deciding it was for the best, she tried to guide you back to your room.

That was until you heard your favorite song blasting through the speakers. You stopped Natasha with a loud gasp, she of course thinking you were hurt and turned quickly around to see if you were alright. But the bright, drunken stupor on your face told her otherwise.

“Nat! I love this song!” You pulled away from her, your eyes set dead on the one Captain of your heart.

She watched your slightly wobbly body move across the room towards Steve. As much as she wanted to stop you, this doubled as a lesson to not drink so much, and for the two of you to finally show your true feelings.

Confidence. Confidence was all that you were feeling at that moment, along side with about half the bottle of Captain Morgan. Yet, it was mainly the confidence you were feeling when moving towards Steve.

His eyes were always on you from the moment you arrived to the party. But nothing could compare to the gaze he held when you grabbed his hand and pulled him up from his seat. It may have been the alcohol effecting your system, but you swore you saw red flush his face as you dragged him to the dance floor.

You could feel the rest of the Avengers’ eyes on you as your hands made their way up and down Steve’s chest; you circled him as if he was the prey of the night, and you were just looking for something delicious.

The beat coursed through your body as you danced against Steve. Jokes were thrown left and right towards Steve’s flustered self when your lower half began to bounce rhythmically against him. You turned your head slightly to see just how red Steve was. His mouth was agape and his body frozen from the sight of you.

It soon became a blur as your dancing soon stopped, and so did the rest of the night.

Pounding thumps rattled your brain awake, your body soon joining the rest of the awakening. Groaning lowly you made yourself get up from bed. You looked over towards the nightstand to see a glass of water and painkillers.

‘What happened last night?’

Without missing a beat you grabbed the bottle and water then downed what was needed. When you had felt that everything wasn’t spinning as much you trudged forward towards the kitchen.

It was incredibly too loud and bright in the kitchen for your hungover state. Yet as you moved further into the room everyone had started to hush their voices and quiet their movements.

“Did you have fun, Y/N?” You turned to see Clint smiling widely behind his cup of coffee.

Tony had nudged him and continued, “Yea, I saw that you were jamming hard.” The snickers of the two only confused you further into oblivion.

Deciding it was best for you to ignore them you had begun to make your morning coffee. It became increasingly harder when they started to pester Steve with seemingly playful questions.

You were still maintaining your stance in the two’s jokes until Tony had hit the last nerve, “Y/N has a pretty poppin’ butt, huh Steve?”

You slammed your mug down onto the kitchen’s island, your eyes narrowing dangerously towards Stark.

“Alright! What happened last night!” No one had dared open their mouths to answer you, and with each passing second you grew more tired of their shenanigans. Eventually you got tired of waiting and asked the A.I. “What did I do last night that was so bad, F.R.I.D.A.Y?”

Instantly the feminine voice spoke, “You had apparently twerked, as Mr. Stark puts it, on Mr. Rogers.” It was quiet, too quiet for your taste now. “Would you like for me to bring up the footage?”

“No!” You yelled, effectively silencing the A.I. for the moment. It was quiet once again as everyone looked between you and Steve. That was until Steve’s face bloomed with red that everyone began laughing loudly.

This was the embarrassment of all embarrassments, not only did you manage to embarrass Steve, but you were highly sure of damaging any chance of a real relationship between the two of you.

You had looked at Steve, the own heat of shame spreading throughout yourself. “Steve, I - I am so sorry, I had way too many drinks, I didn’t mean to-“ Steve had risen his hand, cutting you off immediately.

“It’s okay, Y/N.” He was still blushing profusely. “I was just hoping we would be in a more private area when you decide to move like that.”

Steve’s bold flirtatious remarks silenced the team quickly.

You smiled widely, “How does this Saturday night sound?”

“Seven o’clock, okay?” He questioned.


I’m laughing at myself tbh 


I’ve had a rough draft of this tucked away for a super long time, and I finally got around to finishing it :) 


She really shouldn’t be doing this at Granny’s, Emma thinks, with everyone right outside. Have they noticed that she slipped down the hall? Did Killian realize she was gone yet?

He probably has.

Oh God.

Her heart is hammering, beating so hard that it hurts as she watches seconds tick down on her phone screen, one by one. After what seems like the longest last five seconds, her timer hits zero. She puts her phone down on the counter, and moves her gaze to the object in her other hand.

The object with two tiny lines on its tiny screen.

Oh God.

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Dark Fate Ruki Ecstasy 09 Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Master Post     Ecstasy Prologue     Ecstasy 01     Ecstasy 02     Ecstasy 03     Ecstasy 04     Ecstasy 05     Ecstasy 06     Ecstasy 07     Ecstasy 08     Ecstasy 09     Ecstasy 10     Ecstasy Epilogue     Heaven 03    

-Scene: Forest-

Kou: *pant*… …*pant*… …! I can’t believe we’re stuck playing this game of tag… …!

Yuma: Just run! Today, we got that other guy on our tail. He’s fast and ferocious, right!?

Shit! If that guy can fly, it’ll throw us off… …!

Azusa: *pant*… …*pant*… …Sorry, I can’t… …I don’t have the energy to fly anymore… …

But, Shin-san’s behind us… …? I don’t see him… …

Kou: What the? He isn’t. … …Did he give up?

Yuma: Who knows… …When wolves hunt, they can chase their prey for miles.

???: ――Heh, you know your facts well. Kudos to you.

*Shin Punches Yuma*

Yuma: GAH… ..!!

Azusa: Yuma!!

*Yuma Collapses*

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: honestly aoyagi and junta deserved to go to the interhigh much more than imaizumi naruko, or onoda did. they'd been training for it for a year longer and had yet to experience success on any kind of national stage. i know that imaizumi wanted to avenge his loss to midousuji but he had a stellar track record that nearly drove junta to quit bicycling. having imaizumi beat junta one more time felt like a slap in the face to everyone who ever dreamed of surpassing someone who made them feel worse about themself. also, having aoyagi and junta both get injured during the race felt like a cheap way to make onoda, who really should be more likely to get injured considering his inexperience, look cooler than he should be. i love onoda but i would even accept him not racing in the interhigh if it meant junta and aoyagi got to live out their dream of racing with tadokoro. in short aoyagi and junta were cheated thank you very much
Love and Coffee

A fill for the “kitchen fun” square on my stevetony bingo card.

The once full of Avengers Tower stood empty.

Tony lived there, of course, because it was his home. But Steve still felt like a guest on a quick visit until he found another place to live in.

There were no Avengers after Wanda—Steve didn’t want to think about it. The Avengers were gone and that was it.

A part of him delayed flat hunting; he didn’t want to be alone and he didn’t want to leave Tony both. Steve suspected Tony wasn’t dealing with the Avengers disassembling any better than Steve himself.

They’d have to talk about it, eventually, but it was too soon. For both of them.

Steve sighed and started preparing his morning coffee. He was fully aware the scent would bring Tony Stark from the dead, much less the restless sleep he was getting lately, so he made a double portion already; the way Tony liked it, rich and deep. Steve would just add milk and sugar to his own mug later.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long until Tony walked in the kitchen, clad in only his pyjamas pants. They hung low on his hips, as if he was losing weight. It was also evident in the visible line of his ribs, in how thin his wrists seemed.

Steve felt a pang in his heart. He should’ve—done something. He wasn’t sure. Tony was an adult man, he knew how to take care of himself . . . it was just that sometimes it didn’t seem like he wanted to.

Steve wanted to hug him, but settled for pouring him a full mug of hot coffee.

Tony basically inhaled it, and then stick his hand holding the now empty mug in Steve’s direction. Steve obediently refilled it.

Tony smiled. “I think I love you,” he said, and drank the other mug, much more slowly.

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Daily preferences #131

Numbers 60 and 73 requested by anon. Enjoy!~


That’s been a few weeks your best friends were annoying you with that guy in their class who, in their opinion, would be perfect to you. He was pretty tall, handsome, smart, funny and kind. And even though you had never seen him, not even in a picture, your friends were already shipping you with him.
But this evening, they ran to you, telling he should text you tonight. And he obviously did.

“Hey! My name is Jimin, I’m your best friend’s classmate. I heard we could get along pretty well… So here I am!” He simply started the conversation and you were happy it was not too awkward at first.

Yes; at first. Because as everything was going well between the both of you, you decided to date each other on a Saturday afternoon. It was simple yet a huge step for your relationship though you only talked about random and boring things. Yet, this second date was completely different.

“Tell me one of your secrets.” You playfully asked as you looked straight at him, biting on your lower lip to keep you from smiling.

“A secret, uh?” He accepted the challenge. “Well…” He breathed out heavily. “I want to make you mine.” Jimin smirked, knowing your heart would skip a beat in this precise second, yet he said it anyway.

“What is your most prescious dream?” You managed to destroy the silence.

“Making that secret known by everyone, and it would be even better if I could boast because you would really be mine.” He did not even blush nor stuttered once.

“If you insist; I’m going to be yours.” You furiously flushed before taking his hand and press your lips against the ones you were staring at for the whole afternoon.