did i already tag star wars


The fic itself is a bit much for me, but the basic premise of “Mini Clones” is a straight shot directly up my alley, because shrinking is actually my favorite fandom trope second only to de-aging :Dc

The armor is still pretty half-assed, but at least it’s half an ass better than nothing but phase I shinies. Edit: Aaaaand I put Fives in Echo’s armor. Smooth.

Hi! My inbox suggests to me that there is some confusion on this front, so just to clarify:

  • Yes, I still watch the show
  • I don’t particularly care about the show
  • but the show is excellent gif fodder to me
  • I am filming a tywin/joanna miniseries in my head, did u see that shot of the woman’s hands reading from the seven pointed star and look at all these targ ships sailing off to the stepstones in the war of the ninepenny kings, ISN’T IT GREAT, LITERALLY THIS IS ALL I CARE ABOUT
  • (usually) the gifsets I reblog from the show fit (broadly? loosely?) into my interpretation of ASOIAF, either what has already occurred in the books or what I personally think will happen in future books
  • every time I go into my tracked tags, I postblock all of the show things that don’t fit into my personal interpretation of ASOIAF
  • … I postblock a lot of posts.
  • I actively avoid 99% of show discussion, I do not want to see it, I do not want to engage with it, I  A M  T I R E D. I get nothing out of 99% of show discussion, and if I get nothing out of something, I stop doing it
  • if u ask me about the show, I’m probably gonna tell you something along the lines of “I have nothing left to say about the show, let’s please talk about the books instead!” or I’m gonna just go off on a book discussion anyways without you asking
  • worldbuilding nerdery sucks me in, it’s the one percent, i can’t help myself, it’s like crack to me, i’m ashamed, don’t look at me
  • I do not care what anyone associated with the show says 
  • (unless they are paraphrasing GRRM because I am greedy for ASOIAF spoilers)
  • (srsly someone get me a bumper sticker that says “I brake for ASOIAF spoilers” cuz truly, i will go out of my way for any and all asoiaf spoilers)
  • I get intensely annoyed whenever the show spreads false info about asoiaf 
  • (also targaryens are NOT FIREPROOF!!!!!)
  • TLDR - i really just want the next book but these are some nice visuals to look at in the meantime when the lighting allows me to see them

I hope that this clarifies my weird relationship with the show and now I can just link to this post everytime this comes up, thank u, xoxo, I hope you’re all having a nice day/evening, let’s enjoy ASOIAF together!!!!!