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Idk if this has been elaborated on already, but how do the others find out how old Ann is?

I don’t remember if I actually published it but I did think about it- Ann asks for a fake ID since the others have one and he wants to fit in, and Logan says he doesn’t actually know Ann’s birthday. “Today, actually,” Ann says happily, and Logan says that he feels bad that none of them knew and he’ll have to get Ann a present tonight, then asks how old he’s turning. Ann tells him that he’s now eighteen, and Logan drops his pen in shock and calls Patton right then and there.

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Hey guys! I was so busy today that forgot to take a normal picture of my study process and decided to post this one. Idk if it’s a good idea, but let it be, okay?

On the weekend I was using my ipad to make daily posts, but today after opening my tumblr on the computer I realized that they didn’t published and I already deleted photos from all of my devices… 

Anyways. My weekend was a mess, but still I did some tasks from my study routine. Furthermore, the weather was brilliant (AT LAST) and I went out with my friends. We went for a long walk through the city center, ate some yummy street food and the other day headed the one of the most famous art museums in Russia. We enjoyed every minute of it! 

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Hi Rose! I'm so glad that you're back ^^. I don't know if you heard about the interview with Isayama talking about Mikasa, there was much fuss about that. What do you think of the interview?

yes ofc I did! I was here and I witnessed all that mess and I was so close to break my hiatus and add my two cents but then my fellow shippers were handling it well so I let it slide. 

Here’s a funny story though: I knew about that interview months ago! 
like, early this past summer! 
I didn’t say anything because knowing it was from the figure monthly anime-centric magazine I knew it wasn’t that relevant when it comes to character’s relationships unless it was clearly stated that they are talking about the end of the series, if you read closely all the relationships statuses are outdated. 

      [ the first time was when @kuchen-ackerman found bits of the interview online and yes at that moment we freaked out a bit because we didn’t know where it came from, funny thing though is that we didn’t freak about the “like a mother” thing but more about the “he’ll start to move away” part because it wasn’t well translated so it kind of implied “moving away” rather than “becoming less dependent”, which is more accurate.

      I let it go for a while and then later  @suniuz mentioned something about it again, and I confirmed from @fuku-shuu that it WAS indeed the figure magazine! and this where all my worries dissipated, Especially when suniuz gave me a more accurate rough translation. 

since then I literally forgot all about it because there is nothing about that interview that is new and shocking, all that was mentioned were things already established up to chapter 50 so … ]

but still when it was published the violent reaction from the fandom did make it uneasy for me, so my reaction was basically this: 

About the content of the interview :

people already talked so much and I agree with many things that have been said, but I’m still going to word it my way I guess.
there’s nothing about this interview that’s shocking or new!

1- Eren’s feelings: Idk about others but it was clear for me that Eren’s feelings aren’t romantic at this point, I’m sure a lot of eremika shippers were aware of this fact, and it’s like .. no big deal! what his feelings are now don’t define any other possibility in the future.
like Idk why Antis were happy and assuming we’re so shocked, we are not all delusional! we knew what it is, Eren ain’t about that romance life at this point. and it’s cool! we like to entertain the still existing possibility.  

2- Eren will start to grow when he becomes more independent? all good stuff man!
more so, this is… something that actually already happened/happening! Isayama said I’ll draw that scene. he didn’t say I’ll imply that in the story to consider it vague, he said A scene, that’s … chapter 50! it was the only major scene making a clear shift in their relationship, and since then we clearly see the difference.

- and let me say I actually love Isayama’s wording for this!
      - If he said Eren considers Mikasa like an overprotective sister, Even if he wouldn’t mean it in a literal sense, people would still take it literally and would’ve screamed about how they were right all along, and how Eren and Mikasa have actual sibling relationship!
      However, he said Mikasa’s “presence” is like a mother! Mikasa can never be Eren’s actual mother, no one can take this literally, so this description is obviously figurative at best!
Isayama is actually a smart man, from the very beginning he completely avoided using the word siblings in any context regarding Eren and Mikasa, he clearly doesn’t want any confusion in this regard.

- so it’s quite funny for people who claim that, because another thing is that Isayama said “rather than a lover”, and if you’re not a delusional shipper, this is a mere fact for how things are at this point rather than a negative revelation.
     because when you see a guy with his sister, you don’t say “rather than lovers they have a sibling relationship” because the possibility of being lovers isn’t even there to begin with!
so saying this, he is actually admitting the presence of a possibility, which is again NOT surprising either considering how he wrote their relationship from the start.

       when I look at this interview now, it’s almost crazy to think that all this drama happened because of it, there is nothing in it that’s drama worthy!
But I admit that even I, -and I believe I’m usually logical and collected, was unable to think properly because all of the hate and the emotional bullying the fandom was receiving, I was reading everything and its quite sad, and I felt even more bad for people who were directly dealing with it!

we have a beautiful ship in our hands, don’t let anyone puts you down or fills you with negative thoughts about it ^^.