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Andreil Quits Smoking

so i somehow messed up answering your ask directly, but this was requested by @vexingcosmos! i’m sorry it took me forever, but i actually did some research because i know NOTHING about smoking. also, this got long. like…really long. 

  • it began as most things do, where the Foxes are concerned: with a bet
  • it’s a Friday night and the Monsters have come to Columbia, and for once, the upperclassmen were allowed to come along
  • Matt’s birthday was on Wednesday, and he just wants to hang out with his best friend and favorite human Neil okay let him live
  • so Neil *asked* Andrew and well…we all know how that goes
  • the whole gang is having a grand ol’ time
    • Aaron, Nicky, Allison, and Dan have been on the dance floor practically since the second they walked into Eden’s
    • Allison dragged a reluctant Renee out to join them within the first hour, and this girl can DANCE don’t fight me on this 
    • Kevin has been drunk since before they even left Sweetie’s (snuck in a flask, the little troublemaker)
    • he’s so far gone that he couldn’t even tell you who the first striker in Exy history to reach 1,000 goals was. he may or may not be aware that he is swaying.
    • Matt has been hanging out at the table with Neil and a rather annoyed Andrew
  • Matt has convinced Neil to take way too many shots for his tiny body to handle, but Andrew is there, so he’s trying not to worry about it 
  • sometime around the seventh shot, the rest of the gang makes their way over to the table
  • Andrew’s hand is on Neil’s thigh, and his pointer finger has been tapping incessantly for the past twenty minutes
    • and Neil can only take so much, even from Andrew
    • he stares at Andrew as subtly as he can (i.e. not very) in an effort to catch his attention
  • Andrew eventually drags his gaze over to Neil and lazily cocks his head to the side, as if to say what could you possibly want at this moment in time, Neil
    • Neil looks pointedly to Andrew’s hand and then jerks his head towards the exit
  • Neil is, of course, very unsubtle with all of this
    • Kevin turns to stare at them and says, in a barely intelligible voice, “if you’re gonna hook up, you could at least wait until we’re back at the house and i’m passed tf out”
    • Nicky laughs and says, “aww Kev c’mon, let the munchkins have playtime whenever they want”
  • Andrew is about to turn his whiskey glass into a weapon for the munchkin comment when Aaron suddenly pipes in
    • “nah, Andrew needs to take care of his other habit”
    • it is now very quiet in their group of normally very loud people
  • everyone looks to Aaron for him to clue them in on what he means
    • everyone except Renee, who has silently moved closer to Andrew just in case he really does decide to use that whiskey glass
  • Aaron continues: “you know what smoking does to your body over time, right? i assume i don’t need to go all Bill Nye on your ass and draw you a picture”
    • Aaron becomes Dr. Minyard when he is very drunk. trust me.
    • Andrew doesn’t say anything, just stares at Aaron. is he even blinking? probably not
  • “who am i kidding. you don’t care. you’ll just let this ruin you. i bet you couldn’t quit even if you tried” 
  • that gets everyone’s attention
    • Nicky: “did he just say the B word”
    • Allison: “looks like it’s that time again where i get even richer”
    • Matt, softly: “oh shit”
  • Neil is about to jump in and open up a can of whoop ass on Aaron when Andrew’s steady voice comes from beside him
  • “fine”
  • everyone, collectively: “WHAT”
  • Andrew rolls his eyes. “fine. i bet that i can quit completely within a week”
    • complete silence. everyone just stares. shock. disbelief. 
  • Andrew gets up and starts heading towards the exit, dragging Neil along with him 


  • Neil decides to join Andrew in Operation Quit Smoking
  • but two days into it, they’re both at their wits end
  • they definitely aren’t about try anything medication-related, for obvious reasons
  • after doing a bit of research related to natural methods like adding more of certain vitamins into your diet, Neil confronts Andrew
    • “you know we have to. we don’t have another choice”
    • “fuck you, i’m not doing that”
    • “Andrew. it’s our last option.”
    • [after a long, defeated sigh] “fine. but you have to ask him”
  • so Neil does the one thing he wished he’d never have to do with anything that isn’t Exy
  • he asks Kevin to help
  • when they wake up the next day, Kevin has printed out color-coded meal plans for both Andrew and Neil
    • Andrew Minyard does not cry. But let me tell you. Looking at that list of food options…it was an extremely close call.
    • on every single day, the breakfast item was a green smoothie
    • Andrew thought he’d rather just pay the entire $500 betting pool off himself
  • but Neil. precious, precious Neil. tells Andrew that they can definitely do it, and wouldn’t it be great to prove Aaron wrong and make him lose money that he probably would have spent on Katelyn?
  • so they pull themselves up by their metaphorical bootstraps and follow all of Kevin’s rules. every. single. one. 
  • halfway to their deadline, Andrew finally wants to kill everyone slightly less than he did yesterday. he marks this as massive progress. 
  • Neil didn’t really smoke in the first place, but he’s still having trouble finding something to replace that feeling he gets from the smell
    • he’ll be okay without it, he thinks. he has Andrew to keep him steady, to ground him when he feels like he could float away from reality for good
  • by the following Friday, the Foxes have gathered in the girls’ room to hear the final word and settle their bets
  • Kevin has become the official referee of this particular bet
  • everyone waits in suspense, heartbeats flying at the thought of all the cash they are either about to lose or gain
  • Kevin takes his role seriously, as he does everything else
  • “i declare that, as of this day at 4:27 pm, Andrew and Neil have gone three consecutive days without one cigarette. i predict that they will be able to continue resisting, if they keep following my suggested guidelines”
    • the last bit is said with a hard look at Neil and Andrew. of course.
    • Allison, Matt, and Dan don’t try to hide the smug looks on their faces as Aaron and Nicky hand over entirely too much for a bunch of college students to bet with
    • Renee chose not to participate, but her new bruises say that she’s been helping Andrew cope all week
    • Aaron grudgingly looks back to Andrew, holding out his hand with his share of the winnings
    • Andrew just stares at him. blinks. turns around and walks out the door. 
  • Neil edges out of the room to follow him up to the roof while everyone is arguing over who gets Andrew’s share, since he’s obviously not taking it
  • Neil reaches Andrew and sits beside him with their shoulders touching
  • they’re looking out over campus when Neil turns to Andrew
  • “i’m proud of you”
  • Neil gets a disgusted scoff and a hand pushing his face away in return
  • “you’re still a junkie”

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Does anybody smokes (besides, I'm assuming, Thomas)?

Thomas: Actually I did smoke till a few years back. But I stopped after James asked me to.

Joan: Sorry but smoking is kind of a touchy subject for me… Let’s just say they don’t write “smoking will kill you” for nothing on german cigarette packs. So please! Don’t smoke!

Smoking Buddies

“We’re never gonna quit it.”

A yawn escaped from my lips. I was in my roof; on one hand there was a joint, on the other, a bottle of vodka. I couldn’t feel anything, it was all numb. I tried to feel the burn sensation that vodka used to cause me, but nothing. I tried everything that came into my mind, but not even the pot was helping. 

For a few more minutes I didn’t move. I kept sat down, watching the sky as I exhaled the smoke. I couldn’t see almost any of the stars; all I could see up there were the city lights. Somehow, I hated that. I had always loved laying down to see the stars, it made me feel so small but so big. They were small but I was even smaller so I could see a lot of them. I know, it just makes no sense.

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Who do you think out of the sp boys from most likely to least likely would smoke?

(Disclaimer: Smoking is bad, mmmkay. Don’t do it kids.)

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I was reading tfios again and I came to  the part where Augustus first takes out a cigarette and Hazel starts yelling at him for smoking and I was thinking what if Augustus actually did smoke and he was just like oh fuck I really like this girl how do I bullshit my way out of this umm A METAPHOR!! Yeah that sounds pretentious enough!! Nice one Waters

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guilty pleasure: pretending to smoke but would never actually do it but the aesthetic is so nice


I actually did smoke cigarettes but I quit about two years ago- but there’s always a craving and I don’t know what it is with tobacco and cigarettes because it looks so damn sexy but is actually so damn gross. 

Musicians - Parker Cannon

**WARNING: Smut ahead!**

I ran my hand through my hair and took a deep breath. Sweat beaded on my skin almost all over as I put my bass back where it belonged. Tonight was my band’s first day of tour with The Story So Far, and our set just finished. I instantly paid my attention to the man that emerged from the dressing rooms at the small venue, wearing a Rotting Out t-shirt and a backwards ball cap, as well as a pair of skinny jeans. I’d always had a little crush on Parker, just looking at his appearance and seeing how he acts in interviews. I watched as his lips pulled in a smile as he stared back at me, walking straight towards me.
Once he approached me, he held out his hand. I softly took his hand, and we shook hands. It was a little awkward for me, but once he spoke, it wasn’t. “Hey, I’m Parker.” He said with a smile. I slowly nodded then said, “I’m (Y/N).” Smiling while I said it, Parker pulled his hand from mine. “You did great out there. I watched most of the show, and heard it all. You don’t miss a note, do you?” He asked, chuckling softly. I laughed, and nodded. “Thanks. And, nope, I never do.” I told him, giggling a bit. I was taken off guard when our drummer, Colton slapped me on the back. “Great show, fuck-wit.” He told me, and I knew he was just joking about what he called me. We always did that to each other. “You too, jerk-off.” I said back to him, slapping his arm as he left. Colton laughed and looked back at me, giving me one of his award winning smiles, before winking. I wondered what the wink was for, but then I remembered that he knew about my small crush on Parker. I looked back at Parker and he looked a little confused, but a smile held on his lips. “Do you two have a thing going on, or..?” He asked me. I gave him a weird look. “Colton?! No!” I laughed, “He’s like a brother to me.” I told Parker, smiling back at him. He nodded, then bit his bottom lip. “Sorry,” he laughed, “I thought maybe he was flirting with you.” Parker said. “I would hope not.” I giggled. I quickly went over to the cooler filled with waters and beers, and grabbed a bottle of water. I made my way back to Parker, and he smiled softly. “Do you want to hang out for a while after the show?” He asked me, and there was a hesitance in his voice. “Sure!” I exclaimed, smiling back. “Awesome, well, I’ve got to go get ready.” He told me. I nodded, and he smiled brightly at me, before turning around, and heading back towards the dressing rooms. I only laughed, shook my head, and helped the guys get all of our stuff out of the way and back to the trailer.

I watched TSSF’s set from backstage, and I guess I never knew how crazy their crowds get. Only a few people would stage dive while we played, and we have a lot of crowd surfers, but never a crowd like theirs. I must admit, it made me kind of jealous.
Once they ended the show and came backstage, I walked to Parker slowly. He was drinking a water, but once he saw me, a certain light came to his eyes. A smile pulled on his lips after he removed the bottle from them. “You guys did great out there.” I told him, smiling back at him. “Thanks.” He said, grinning. “I’ve never seen a crowd so crazy. I think that’s awesome, but I am a bit jealous.” I told him, just joking around, and slipping him a wink when I said that I was jealous. He laughed, and boy, did I find that I love his laugh. It was a bit contagious, and a grin held on my face. “Hey, Parker, we need your help!” Kelen yelled from fairly afar. I looked back at Kelen and so did Parker. “Just a minute!” He yelled back. Then, he faced me, and a grin came to my face. “Well, I guess I’ll talk to you later.” Parker sighed. “I’ll be on my bus. Just come whenever, I’ll be there.” I told him, before softly slapping his arm, before walking out. I felt him watching me the whole time until I walked outside.
Just after changing my clothes and getting a glass of champagne, there was a knock on our bus door. I quickly made my way to the door and as soon as I opened it, I saw a less-sweaty Parker in a change of clothing. An immediate smile came to my lips, as well as his. “Hey, that took less time than I thought it would.” I told him. He chuckled, “Come in,” I said, gesturing for him to come in. “Oh, well, I was actually hoping we could hang out outside for a while..?” He said questionably. I took a sip of my champagne while he said it. “Sure, that’s fine,” I told him, “but, please, feel free to come in while I fix myself more champagne.” I told him, before turning around and jogging towards the small kitchen area of our bus. I heard him walk into our bus and as I looked up at him while pouring champagne into the wine glass, I saw him looking around. “Wow… Your bus is really nice.” He said, before looking at me. I smiled as I put the bottle of champagne down, then closed it. “Yeah, we all put a good amount if money into it so we could get it. It’s great for me, being a girl and all.” I told him, laughing as I picked up the glass. He laughed with me before following me back out of the bus, while I slipped my phone in my back pocket. He closed the door behind him, and we started to walk around the back parking lot. “So, why did you want to hang out outside?” I asked him. He was hesitant, but when I looked at him, he spoke, “I just wanted to get away from all of the guys, so we could get to know each other a bit since we just met.” Parker told me, but I could have sworn I saw him blush a little. “Alright,” I said, smiling as we sat down on the curb at the back of the lot, and I rested my back against the wooden fence. I took another sip on my champagne before we began to talk.

I found that Parker and I have a lot in common as we talked for hours, and quite frankly, I had lost track of time. Out of nowhere, he asked me a question that was rather surprising, but at the same time, it was only unexpected. “Do you smoke weed?” He asked me as I set down my empty wine glass. I looked over at him, and I had to think about it before I answered him. I’ve smoked weed a few times, but the last time I got high was 6 months ago. “Uh, well, I’ve smoked it a few times, so yeah, kind of.” I said, laughing while my cheeks flushed. He looked at me with a grin on his face and adoration in his eyes. “Don’t be embarrassed,” he chuckled, his voice in a different tone than it had been earlier. His tone of voice surprised me, because it had a loving/adoring sound to it, and I really didn’t know how to react to that. “Do you want to smoke with me?” He asked me, smiling softly. “Yeah, sure.” I told him, smiling back. He grinned, and I watched him take a blunt and a lighter out of his pocket. I watched him as he lit it with the lighter, then put it to his lips. After he took a drag off of it, he handed it to me as he blew out the smoke. It had been so long, I had to remember how to smoke it before I actually did puff on it.

30 minutes later and we were higher than kites. We were lucky that our buses were staying at the venue until morning. I had never felt so free and careless. Recently, I’d been so tense, and the weed released all of that tension and weight on my shoulders.
I got up from my spot on the curb and giggled while dancing around, twirling and softly moving my hips to no music at all. I just felt…amazing. Parker looked at me, astonishment in his tired-looking eyes. He chuckled, and I sparked up an idea that I almost knew he wouldn’t go along with, but it was worth asking. “Dance with me!” I said, grinning at him as I twirled in a quick circle. He laughed and shook his head, “I don’t dance.” He said, looking very unsatisfied by my idea. I sighed drastically, then grabbed his hands and pulled him up. “Don’t leave me hanging when you’re the one who got me high.” I told him, smirking softly. He only smiled, and as time went by, he gave in to me and my childish games.

Later on, I woke up past 11, in the next state. I sighed as I rolled over onto my back in my bunk, then ran my hand through my hair. Either I still have a buzz from the weed I smoked last night or it just really relaxed me and released all of my stress, because I still felt weightless.
As I got up and out of my bunk and got dressed quickly, I heard the guys’ voices coming from the back lounge. “Do you think she had sex with Parker last night? She was gone for a long time.” I heard Colton say.
“I don’t think so. She came back stoned.” I heard our vocalist, Matt say.
“I saw them out there, for a while. Not to say I was spying on them, I just saw them sitting on the curb, talking, then I saw them smoking. And she made him get up and dance around with her..it was a little weird.” Our lead guitarist, Zack said. Listening to them talk about me felt awkward and it hurt a little bit, so as soon as I finished getting dressed, I put my hair up in a messy bun, slipped on my Vans and put my phone in my pocket, then left the bus.
I walked out towards the front of the venue we’re playing tonight and already saw a small line of fans waiting at the door. I decided I’d go out there and say hi, and as I walked towards them, I saw them get excited. “Hi, (Y/N)!” I heard one girl say. I immediately walked to her, “Hello!” I said, just as enthusiastic. “Could you sign my shirt?” She asked as she wore one of my band’s shirts and held a silver sharpie in her hand. “Of course I can, love.” I said, smiling as she handed me the sharpie. She pointed to the spot on her shoulder and I signed there for her. I couldn’t be happier to meet our fans and sign things for them.

After spending an hour talking to fans and signing things for them, I headed back to our bus. But, halfway there, I was stopped by the same man I danced with last night. “Good afternoon.” He said to me, smiling. I only smiled at him, and nodded, as a gesture to say it back. “Where were you going?” He asked curiously.
“I was just going to go back to my bus. I just got done meeting fans and signing things.” I told him, smiling softly.
He softly nodded, then bit his bottom lip. “Would you, maybe want to go into the venue with me? I wanted to look around and see where we’re playing.” He said to me.
“Yeah, sure.” I said, nodding and smiling back at him. And, with that, we walked side-by-side towards the venue.
While we were walking out onto the stage, I looked out at the empty venue where the crowd will be later. Parker stood next to me and stared too, but then I turned around and examined the stage. When I had my back turned, I felt Parker’s hands on my shoulders. I just passed off what he was doing until he tucked my hair, that had fallen from my messy bun, behind my ear. When I felt his breath on my neck, I felt the need to speak up. “What are you doing, Parker?” I asked him nervously, butterflies filling my stomach as my heart began to beat much faster. I felt his lips on my neck, “Thought I’d leave a few marks… Colton told me you love hickies..” He mumbled against my skin, before placing soft kisses to it. My breathing hitched, “What else did he tell you?” I asked him, my voice almost quieting down to a whisper. I felt his lips pull into a smirk against my skin.
“He told me that you like it rough… And, that you have fantasized about having sex in a dressing room..” He said against my skin, sending shivers down my spine. “That you love biting..” He whispered in my ear, before nipping on my jugular. I couldn’t stop the small, breathy moan that escaped my lips. He slowly rubbed his hands down my sides as he started sucking on my neck, and nipping my skin after every flick of his tongue on my neck. “He even showed me where your sweet spot is..” he whispered, before he started to leave open-mouthed kisses exactly on my sweet spot. “You have no idea what you’re doing to me right now..” I breathed.
He chuckled against my skin, “Oh, I think I do.” He said as his hand rubbed over my hip, before slipping under the waistband of my jeans. My heart fluttered and I could feel myself just melting in his hold. His seduction was unlike any other way that I’ve ever been seduced, and to be seduced by him made me hot all over.
I quickly turned around once he pulled his lips from my neck and quickly grabbed his hand. “If you don’t fuck me in your dressing room, I will be a very unhappy girl.” I said as I lead him back towards his band’s dressing room. He laughed, and I could tell he was having trouble keeping up with my fast pace of walking.
As soon as we got inside the dressing room, I shut and locked the door behind us. He took me by surprise when he grabbed my hips and pushed me up against the door. I let out a small gasp when my body hit the door, but my gasp was cut short when his lips caught mine. As his lips moved with mine and his tongue briefly massaged my own, he pressed his body against mine. Slowly, he grinded his crotch against my thigh, just below my crotch. My stomach turned and I quickly gripped the hem of his shirt. I pulled away from his lips and quickly pulled his t-shirt off, then, he got me out of my own. As my hands traveled down to his jeans and his belt, his hands groped my breasts through my bra while his lips pressed back to my own. Still, he grinded his crotch against mine as I quickly unbuckled his belt. The small bit of friction on the front of my jeans added just enough pressure to my crotch to please my clit. I couldn’t stop the moan I let out against his lips. That made his lips form into a small smirk as we made out, and he put more pressure on my crotch with each grind. I started slowing my responses to his kisses as I got his belt off and threw it to the floor, then started to unbutton his jeans, all while he kept pleasing my clit with only grinding against me. Suddenly, he bit my bottom lip and pulled it, making me gasp. He chuckled, then let it go, before pressing his lips back to mine. His still hands on my hips moved down to my jeans and he quickly unbuttoned and unzipped them. Just as I started pushing his jeans down, he pulled away from my lips. I let go of his jeans as he knelt down and pulled my jeans down and off after I slipped out of my Vans. He also got out of his Vans and stood up, and that was when I fell down to my knees. I looked up at him as he watched me, biting his bottom lip. He pressed his palms against the door and pushed himself back a bit as I started pulling his jeans down. After getting them off of him, I slipped my hands just inside the elastic waistband of his boxer briefs. I heard his breathing hitch as I pulled his boxers down at a teasingly slow pace, even though I could feel the huge wet spot forming in my panties, and the feeling in my lower stomach that pushed me to want him even more.
As soon as I got his boxers off of him, I took his rock hard member in my hand and rubbed him up and down slowly, glancing from his member to his face. I watched the pleasured expression on his face and saw the lust in his eyes just before he closed them. I decided that while he has his eyes closed, I’d surprise him a little. I leaned forward, then softly ran my tongue over the head of his dick, before wrapping my lips around him. He instantly let out a gasp/moan at the warm touch of my mouth on his dick. As I started to bob my head a bit, sucking him into my mouth, he let out a breathy moan. I looked back up at him and my eyes met his. I watched as he licked his lips, before biting down onto his bottom lip as I continued to suck on him, going down further. I could tell he was trying not to moan too much, but I knew that he couldn’t hold it back when I ran my tongue along the underside of his member, then trailed my tongue all the way to his tip as I pulled my lips off of him and stopped sucking him. Just like I’d expected, he made a sound, but instead of moaning, he made a small whimper. His whimper made my stomach flop and I immediately stood up, grabbing his arms. “I need you, right now.” I told him, in my most seductive voice. He smirked, and with that, he took control of me. As he walked me back to the couch in the dressing room, he pulled one arm from the hold of my hands. Quickly and skillfully, he unclasped my bra. That made me wonder how many girls he’s had sex with, but then again, I really didn’t care at the moment. Once he got me to the couch, he pushed me down onto it. As he stood over me, I quickly slipped the straps of my bra off of my shoulders and tossed it to the floor next to his feet. I watched as his eyes darkened at the sight of my exposed breasts and I couldn’t stop the smirk that came to my face. Once he looked back up at my face, I bit my bottom lip and gave him a desperate, seductive look. He quickly made me lie down before he straddled me. Before I could make another move, his lips were back on mine and his hands were gripping my lace panties. We instantly went back into making out, and I couldn’t deny that he is a great kisser as his tongue softly massaged my own. I lifted myself up a bit as he pulled off my panties, and I found myself gasping and having to pull away from his lips when I felt him massaging my clit. The pleasure was intense on my very sensitive clit, and considering that I haven’t had sex in months, I really needed him right now. “Parker,” I moaned, “No time for foreplay.” I gasped as he slipped a finger inside of me. My eyes met his once again and I saw him half-smiling/half-smirking. He quickly spread my legs then lifted them, and I took it upon myself to tighten my legs to his waist, but not wrap them around him. One of his hands held my hip while the other guided himself into me. With just his tip inside of me, I moaned. He thrusted into me slowly, then nearly pulled out. He made three short, small thrusts before he slammed into me. I couldn’t stop myself from gasping, and I let my hands find their way to his back. He started to thrust into me at a normal pace, but every thrust he made was harder than the last, and it drove me crazy. I feared I was being too vocal, with all of the moans that he made me make, but when he started groaning, I knew that it was okay. “F-Faster..” I breathed as I dug my nails into his skin. He made a small groan, before starting to thrust into me faster. The intense pleasure left me quiet except a gasp as I dragged my nails down his back, leaving many scratches. He threw his head back, both of his hands getting a tight grasp on my hips then lifting me up slightly. With the small change of angle, Parker was hitting my g-spot with every thrust and I whimpered, moaned, and nearly squirmed under him. I haven’t felt this much pleasure in so long, words couldn’t describe the feeling. I moved my hands to his chest after leaving more scratches on his back. I moaned with every thrust he made, and I slowly clawed at his chest. “F-Fuck, Parker, I’m getting close..” I breathed, leaving my hands on his shoulders. “Me too,” he groaned, and I watched as his hands rubbed up my sides. He rubbed his hands over my breasts, before he wrapped his hands around my neck. I knew exactly what he was doing. “He also told me that you’ve never been choked,” he said, then groaned as he continued to thrust harder into me, “and, that you’ve always wanted to be choked while you came.” He finished, then moaned. I couldn’t stop the moans I made before his hands tightened around my neck. I couldn’t gasp and scream out like I felt the need to, but I moaned as loud as I could with the lack of air, as my orgasm traveled through me. The pleasure of the orgasm was more intense than any other orgasm that I’ve ever had. I stared into Parker’s eyes, moaning as I came down from my high, and as I tried to breath. Just as I was coming down from my high, Parker let go of my neck and gripped my hips. As he stopped thrusting into me, I felt his hot liquid filling me up. “Oh fuck, (Y/N)..!” He whined as he orgasmed, and it was the sexiest way I’ve ever heard my name.
Our breathing was heavy and unsteady as we came down from our highs, and I wrapped my arms around Parker’s back as he laid over me. I bit onto my lip as he started leaving open-mouthed kisses on my neck, trying not to moan at the little shocks of pleasure on my sweet spot. After leaving 7 kisses on my neck, he pulled back, then gently pulled out. I was just about to say something to him, before his lips pressed back to mine. We made out for another minute, before he pulled back and smiled at me. I was nearly speechless, but I found the words to say. “That was the best orgasm of my life.” I told him, giggling a little. He chuckled, then picked himself up off of me and walked to his pile of clothes in front of the door. I watched him as he put his boxers and jeans back on. Sighing, I stood up. My legs felt like jell-o and I stumbled as I picked up my bra and panties, and tried to put them on quickly. Just after Parker put his shirt back on, he picked up my shirt and jeans. He turned to me and saw that I was unsteady on my feet. He burst into laughter, but then he smirked. “Oh, shut up.” I said to him, taking my clothes. He watched me put them back on in silence, then just after I put my Vans back on, he grabbed my hand. I’d had my back turned to him, but quickly turned to face him with one pull of my arm. His other arm wrapped around my lower back before stepped forward. I let my eyes close as he leaned in, and just as his lips pressed to mine, we heard laughing outside the door. Parker smiled against my lips as we kissed, but me..I was embarrassed and scared that anyone had heard us, or even saw us somehow. After kissing Parker for nearly 10 seconds, I pulled away. I pulled from his hold silently, then walked to the mirror in the dressing room. I quickly fixed my hair, and pulled my it up in a messy ponytail with the hair bow I used before. As I walked back towards Parker, he gave me a quick smile, before saying, “You first.” With that, I walked out of his dressing room, and we didn’t speak again for the rest of the day.

Today is, unfortunately, the last day of our tour with TSSF. I sat on our bus, scrolling through Twitter. I have had so much fun on this tour and I could never want it to end. I’ve grown to know and become friends with all of the guys in the band and all of the guys in their crew. I’m definitely going to miss everyone. As for Parker, I think I’ll miss him the most. I’d hate to say that I’ve formed a crush on him after having sex 4 times on this tour, but I couldn’t stop myself. The last time we had sex was so passionate and it wasn’t rough and nearly meaningless like the first 3 times. I found myself thinking about all of his beautiful features instead of listening to the guys talking around me.
“(Y/N)!” Colton screamed, bringing me out of my thoughts. “Yo, earth to (Y/N)!” Matt yelled in my ear. I pushed him away from me and pushed my phone in my pocket. “What?!” I asked irritably, giving both of them glares.
“Geez, calm down. We figured you’d want to come party with the guys from The Story So Far and their crew. We’re going. Did you forget about the end-of-tour party?” Matt asked, seeming annoyed by my ill mood.
I sighed, calming myself down. “Yeah, I totally forgot about it.” I mumbled, before standing up. “Lemme just get dressed. You guys go ahead, I’ll be there soon.” I told them as I walked to my bunk. “Alright, hurry up!” Zack told me, before I heard all of the guys leave the bus.
Finding the right clothes to wear took a lot longer that I’d expected. I finally decided on a red and black plaid button-up with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows, super skinny jeans, and black Converse. I then simply put my hair up in a messy ponytail, but it looked really good. After putting on mascara, eyeliner, and my favorite lip balm, I shoved my phone in my pocket and started to walk towards the front of the bus. I gasped, then quickly turned around. “Perfume, how could I forget perfume?!” I exclaimed. I quickly got out my best smelling perfume and sprayed it only twice on my chest. I looked in the mirror one last time, then smiled. With that, I walked out of the bus, locking it behind myself.
Just as I was about to start walking to where the party is, I was stopped. My heart jolted in my chest as Parker stepped out from the front of the bus. I put my hand over my chest, “Damn, Parker, don’t scare me like that.” I said, catching my breath and giggling. He chuckled, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to, uhm, talk to you real quick.” He said, and I could hear the timidness and nervousness in his voice. I gave him a weird look. “You’re usually so confident when we have sex,” I laughed, “Why are you nervous? What’s going on?” I asked him, concerned. He walked to me, chewing on his bottom lip. “Well, uh, since today is the last day of the tour, I just wanted to tell you…” He started, but he trailed off. I nodded my head slowly and stepped closer, gesturing for him to keep going. “Well, I, you see, I’ve been holding in these feelings since the first day we met… That first time we had sex, was like, a dream. And, the last time…words can’t describe how much it meant to me. Basically..I’ve fallen in love with you, (Y/N).” He told me, and the nervousness in his voice made me want to laugh, but at the same time, it made my heart swell. A wide smile pulled on my lips, but I waited, because I knew he had something else to say. His eyes glanced from my own eyes, to my lips, then to the ground. Hesitantly, he looked back up into my eyes, “Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked me hopefully, looking even more nervous, but a soft smile held on his lips. Usually, I would never want to be tied down by a relationship, especially after my last one, but with my growing crush that I have on Parker, I can’t possibly say no. “Yes,” I told him, grinning. That made him grin too. “Yes, of course.” I said as I latched onto him, wrapping my arms around him tightly. He hugged me back, softly burying his face into my neck. I hugged him for a long few seconds, before pulling back. He looked into my eyes as my eyes fell onto his lips. Just as I looked back up into his eyes, he leaned in to kiss me. I leaned in too, and as his lips pressed to mine, I felt it. I felt the sparks flying for the first time that we’ve kissed. The other times have been steady making out, nearly useless kisses, but this time meant so much more. Our kisses, filled with so much passion, and he kissed me back with love.
After kissing for what seemed like minutes, we pulled away from each other. “You look and smell great, by the way.” Parker told me, smiling at me. I giggled, said a small thank you, then grabbed his hand. “Let’s go.”

A/N: So I finally got this one up! I’ve been working hard on it, and it was the imagine that I originally planned on posting last night, but if you look at my last post, you’ll see why I didn’t post it last night. I really hope you guys like this! Feedback is always HIGHLY welcomed and appreciated! Enjoy! :)

Okay, so I got relly inspired by @shay-gnar ’s blog (which is awesome) aaaand this is pretty much the outcome of that inspiration😅
(I kinda failed at the hair the first fifty-something times I tried to draw it so I ended up with this😓)

so…….I said I’m gonna draw something for “ Succession - ‘Kitten and the Don’
And…here, have the first fan fan fan art @lumiere-and-luna!
I think you know where is this scene. lol

I tried to draw the front of the Don but….it’s like everything looks cute in my hand, and I’m like frustrated about that.

So, have a Don’s back instead! Might as well try it next time.

gastersans oringinally from borurou.
The Don from ut mob @nyublackneko

Also tomorrow’s my midterm. Ha Ha

does anyone else get really excited when they see a url from a really tiny/obscure/nonexistent fandom? it’s like i’ve recognized the signet ring of a secret society, except instead it’s a notification that says “none-of-this-nonsense-please liked your post”

me: *writes literally three words* 

me:…….I’ve earned a tumblr break 

anonymous asked:

how cool is it that DeviantArt did a post about your OUaT art?! I love that someone over there is a fan of both the show and you. hope you get a ton of followers!

They actually did it??? O—O

HOLY SMOKES. I remember a rep. asking me about it, but I didn’t think they went ahead with it. Woah okay, I’m going to go check this out…

Thanks for the intel… I feel like I have my own badass covert agents..with great taste in TV shows.