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I’m Here Now [M.C]

This was requested by Anon. Hope you like it!💛 

“Wait, wait start again!”

“Michael, do you seriously not remember the handshake we’ve been doing all tour?”

“I promise Y/N. I’ve got it this time.”

Michael held out his fist to initiate the little routine you two did just before he went on stage every night.

“Just don’t mess up the set okay?” you teased after the final high five.

“Don’t worry,” Calum scoffed, “he will.”

After a brief, playful scuffle Michael returned his attention to you.

“I’ll see you out there?” He asked under his breath

You gently stroked your fingertips through his whispy locks and nodded.  

A crew member poked his head into the dressing room, “Alright boys, time to go!”

Michael turned to leave but back peddled when he felt your hand pulling at his.

His quizzical eyes met yours, “Are you okay?” He asked with a concerned tone in his voice

“Um…Yeah…I just wanted a second alone with you.”

A grin lit up Michael’s face as he leaned into you, his lips relentlessly layering into yours.

The same roadie came jogging down the hall, “Mike c'mon! She’ll be here when you get back!”

Michael cupped his hand around the nape of your neck, softly twisting his fingers into your hair, “You sure you’re alright?”

“Even if I wasn’t, you have a show to play,” you reply, “Don’t worry about me.”

Just then, the band’s tour manager, Don, stalked into the room, “Michael you have to go to stage,” he said sternly.

“I know, I know.”

He shrugged on his guitar and pecked one last kiss against your forehead. As he passed through the door Michael whispered at a level he thought you couldn’t hear, “Can you just do me a favor and watch over Y/N while I’m gone?”


“Don, you really don’t have to stay with me.”

He had led you out to your seat on the lower floor with one of the band’s bodyguards. Don ignored your words so you tried once more, “I don’t need a babysitter. I’m just standing here, watching the show, nothing’s going to happen. Don’t you have work you should be doing?”

He looked over at you, then to his phone, which was riddled with text messages.

“Go!” You urged

Don nodded and disappeared under the stage just as the house lights fell.


Typically, you took one of the unoccupied seats near the end of a row but this show was near capacity; almost no empty seats to be found. Tonight you were seated alone in the middle of a particularly raucous group. You were able to tolerate their pushing and shoving through the first few songs; they were excited and you completely understood. But around the middle of the set, the alcohol started flowing. One of the women routinely vanished every few minutes and reemerged with paper trays full of frothy beers.

 Their cheers got louder and longer, their dance moves progressively got sloppier, and soon you felt like the arena walls were falling in on you. The breath caught in your throat and didn’t release. The vice-like feeling around your windpipe began the blur your vision. Your knees buckled from underneath you, the tattered vinyl folding chair behind you broke your fall. You tried to calm yourself by pulling in a few long drags of smoky air through your nose but it only made your head fuzzier. Despite the pins and needles pinching in your extremities, you fought your way into the arms of the bodyguard who was assigned to your row.

“I Ju…st need to g…g…et bac..sta…ge,” you gasp.

The man’s strong arm kept you upright and led you all the way to the couch in the band’s dressing room.

Curled up against the cushions, struggling to level your breathing, you heard a few roadies informing Don of what happened.

“Has this ever happened before?” One of the younger women asked.

“Yeah,” Don answered, “a couple times.”

“Well, what do we do?”

“Michael’s the only one that can ever calm her down.”

“We should tell…”

Don cut her off, “No. He needs to focus on the show right now.”


Your eyes fluttered open at the faint sound of someone yelling. As the voice grew closer you were able to identify it as Michael.

“Where’s Don?” He demanded angrily

“Mikey, just calm down for a second.”

“Don’t ‘Mickey’ me! I told you to look after her! You could’ve at least told me in my ear that something was wrong!”

Don’s voice remained steady, “Tell me that you wouldn’t have dropped your guitar and rushed back here.”

“That’s beside the point Don,” Michael continued the shout, “You know how she is when this happens! You know she’s scared and you know that she needs me!”

You rolled over to see him fuming through the doorway.

“Michael, stop” you utter.

He turned on the heel of his sneaker and the second your eyes locked, his entire demeanor softened. In three strides he closed the distance between the two of you. He dropped to his knees next to the sofa, stroking his calloused fingertips over your temple, “Shhh I’m here now Y/N”

You scooted yourself back and Michael filled the empty space. His gentle embrace cradling you against his torso. One of his thumbs slipped under your shirt and ever so slightly traced your spine, his gaze never leaving your face. You rested both of your hands against his chest as a few stray tears fell from your eyes. He pursed his lips as if here were coming in for a kiss. At the last minute, he poked his tongue against the tip of your nose. A small giggle flitted from the back of your throat and an inevitable smile parted your lips.

“There she is,” Michael cooed, “my beautiful girl.”


There there

So I made a post thingy about some of the reporting of the figures for Ghostbusters - not saying it was good or successful, literally just a commentary on how similar numbers are being reported. And some folk argued with what those numbers meant and that’s fine - there’s definitely room for nuance there (though I still see a stark difference in tone of reporting).

Ooooon the flipside there’re all these dudes responding with this primal yowl that it’s a horrible movie and why won’t people admit that it’s a horrible movie and why can’t people see is bad and everyone THEY know agrees it’s bad and why do we keep saying it’s good? And I’m just like… *pats* It’s like when a little kid comes to you crying and when you ask what’s wrong they lift their hand and there’s some green paint on it and you’re all “Okay, so we’ll wash the paint off then” but for some reason that just upsets them more and they start crying harder still and you’re all “Wait what happened?” and you know there’s some way in which this all makes sense to THEM and the green paint has this way greater significance and its removal will NOT help, and you’re pretty sure you could fathom it out if you spoke to them a bit about it but eh, their face is covered in teary snot so talking to them is bubbly and gross and they’re probably going to forget about it in ten minutes anyway, so you just take them inside and clean their hand and give them a Bond movie. I mean a lollypop.



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but seriously who would’ve thought that a few posts and loving your amazing writing (*cough* Emma *cough* purgatory *cough* THAT BEAUTIFUL SAM POV THAT MADE ME REALLY TALK TO YOU AND IS STILL A FAV *cough cough cough*) and a gif war would lead us here? i mean…just like dean and cas we’ve grown super close and i barely remember not having you in my life now :D and it’s only been a year woah!

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okay i’m going a little crazy (wink wink ^) on the gifs here, but being serious now.  When we first met I had just started living alone and working a customer service job I HATED, and I didn’t really have any friends, let alone ones who talked to me often.  Going to break and seeing a new gif from you in response made me laugh when I was frustrated, and I was much more relaxed plotting what exactly would be my response when I finally made it home.

Then later when we started actually messaging each other and it felt less like “look here’s someone to play flirt with and live out some (PG) destiel wishes” and more “look, you have a friend now!”  Talking back and forth and me teasing you that because you were studying law you should’ve been Sam and your very emphatic response and proof why you were Dean ;) Truth was I just wanted to be Dean because I was always Dean in rp but now I’m so glad to be Cas with you :* And then! Especially when we bonded over Sarah, because THAT was the catalyst for a number of jokes and opinions with the two of us :)

I seriously go back and read these all the time!  And then we started emailing and literally talking about whatever….remember when I sent you my OCD planning of the storage unit I was moving everything into?  I executed it perfectly btw ;)

And then!  Getting the opportunity to find a way to let you watch the season finale for the first time ever as it premiers?  Honestly I was so happy just to see your excitement, I would’ve still been happy if the ending we feared had happened after all.

And now we have some more wonderful friends and a skype group where we talk almost every day and play cards against humanity and have movie nights and have even written real life letters to each other (still can’t believe you love letters as much as i do!)…and I could not be happier to have you as my Dean…and as my best friend.  Love you girly <3

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I just don't understand how this "relationship" works when they are never seen together except for press, ever. Everyone is so quick to forget that she did streetcar and while he was here, lived in Brooklyn and was never spotted with d ever!! It's not easy to hide like that in New York if they were seriously in a relationship! I do want them together but how are they never seen together? Also I just don't see him driving a mini van alone lol

If you don’t believe they’re together, it’s fine, but you can’t deny the fact that they are friends. Gillian said they have solidified and intensified their relationship lately, and it did not happen without seeing each other. Yet, we have no idea when and where they saw each other, except on the few times they appeared together for work related things. Even as a friends, they have to spend time together, it doesn’t mean they have to be seen together. They just know the good places to go to be left alone. There are multiple places in LA or NY, everywhere actually, where people will leave them alone, and where paps and journalists can’t even approach. 

Speaking about Streetcar, he went, yet, nobody saw him with her. But it happened at some point. He went backstage, nobody saw him getting out. Things happen without us knowing about, it’s just the way it is, and it’s probably better this way. 

I don’t see him driving a minivan at all :) I wish we have a confirmation of that!

heLLO HELLO. The time has come once again for a follower forever as I’ve reached another milestone *^* I just want to say a hUGE thank you to @rapsae for making my gif banner c’: thank you so so much Sabrina it’s sO beautiful and 100x better than anything I could’ve made so I really appreciate that c: like did you see my last follower forever and that crappy banner????? That shit was pathetic omg but the colors on this one oh my its just a lovely masterpiece i am forever in debt to  you c:

I recently hit 14k followers on here and I’m still kinda screaming about it?? actually i originally wrote this post like 2 weeks ago when i had 13.6k bc i just felt like doing this but i kept putting it off and it suddenly got to 14k and omg Not too long ago I took my first hiatus for about a week, and over that time I was given so much love and support and just sO many kind messages full of sweetness and genuine care for me that I really can’t thank you guys enough. I was sent daily messages from the incredibly sweet @yumjoonie about making sure I had a good day and that I didn’t rush myself to come back to the blog too soon and I just wanted to say thank you so much for those messages. It made me smile countless times c’:

I also want to say thank you for my blog being visited over 711k times like what the fuck you guys omfg my blog is trash oMG

For everyone who’s sent me either a single nice message or a dozen, everyone who tags me in super awesome and cute gif sets or photos, everyone who tags me in your beautiful stunning selfies, and everyone who just supports me and visits my trash blog;

 thank you so much

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  • Reita:Tokyo, thanks for today! did you die? I wanna go even further, wanna feel like I'm about to have a hard time breathing and get all dizzy. and I wanna die. please take care on your way home ! ! see ya ! ! ba-bye!
  • Ruki:we finished the 3rd LIVE of the tour at Zepp DiverCity! today was hot again and it was passionate and everyone's faces looked so good!
  • and more than anything, it was fun.
  • thank you! the only feeling I have is that the LIVES will keep getting better and better and I'm looking forward to it ( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )
  • Ruki:did you seriously just say "ba-bye"?
  • Reita:ey, lately it's getting popular to use old words again that have gone out of use! if I wanna use them, I will ! !
  • Ruki:I don't wanna die yet!

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ykno the gifs where it shows taekook reunited: did you notice kook's hands on tae's neck&how his fingers press a little into taes skin the second time he stroked taes neck? that's 300% something yoongi does all the time. they pick up from eachother

like seriously there are a lot of pics of yoongi with his hand a lil high on a members neck (usually jimin/kook) and just barely pressing his fingers on the skin of the member



Hey dear anon! Don’t worry I love getting asks! I definitely know what you’re talking about. Yes, Yoongi is known for curling his hand around Kookie’s neck and his grip is pretty noticeable. Welp, Sugakookie has picked up a lot of things from each other (Jungkook with the ‘tsk’ thing and Yoongi with Kookie’s meme dance). I happened to find some instances too~ Sorry, I’m gonna spam Sugakookie here (and like one Taekook). ALSO GIF CREDITS TO ALL THE OWNERS! (You can open the gifs in different tabs and you’ll get the original user that uploaded them and I’ll give a link to where I got them from)

It’s less here, but still. Protective Yoongi is best.

OMG HERE TOO, UGH THIS MOMENT IS LIFE You can see the indentations his fingers make.

THIS  vid highlights the neck thing. I’m gonna call it the neck thing now.

Kind of here. Basically a mini massage at this point.

You can literally see his fingers press into Kookie’s neck. I wonder what he said to Kook…

Another angle here.

Even in photo shoots, he has his hand curled around Kook’s neck.

Look! Tae has done it too!

And that may be Yoongi’s hand around Jungkookie’s neck again.

Don’t forget this iconic moment! This was great, plus Kook’s expression and Yoongi’s automatic decision to exact punishment.

So yeah anon, Yoongi definitely has a thing for Kookie’s neck and Kook may have unconsciously picked up on it. He’s put a hand around Yoongi’s neck or shoulder several times too. Hope I helped!

Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brother because he saw her as an attack on his honour. He mentioned this to her before killing her. He harassed and threatened her. Qandeel Baloch sought help from the government of Pakistan and the media to amp up her security. She described these threats in detail, even though she didn’t need to (you can go check on her facebook page and see it right there). She had to prove herself to be seriously under threat. She did not get any appropriate security measures.

She was murdered not just by her brother, but also the society and system that she lived in.

I noticed how quickly “liberal” type Pakistani men, and non-Pakistani men overall, made this an issue about Islam.To issue the entire blame on Islam presents a discourse that ignores nuances and layers of how misogyny is constructed within this society and how it leads to honour killings. It is also a way to shift the blame off of these men to a force of society not like them, the so-called “bearded mullah”. The sinister blame on Islam as a single force in this act of killing is how men perpetuate their own ignorance.

They completely dismiss how deeply rooted misogyny is in this culture and how it extends beyond religion.


“Okay seriously?” you demanded, barging into the library where you knew the boys were meeting, and they all looked up in surprise at your sudden entrance - all but one. “Who did this?” You gestured to your now soaking shirt and squinted at them accusingly, already knowing who your culprit was, but you wanted to hear him say it.

“Guilty,” Gabriel smirked, immediately owning up to it, and you could see that both Sam and Dean were holding back laughter. 

“Are you five years old?” you sputtered, still a little in disbelief that a millennia old archangel would bother with such childish pranks as putting a rubber band around the nozzle of the kitchen sink just to spray you and get a little laugh out of it.

“Now Y/N, I know that I give off a youthful glow, but I’ll let you know that I am actually a little older than five.” Gabriel sent you a wink, but you just let out a sigh before turning away.

“If anyone needs me I’ll be in my room changing shirts,” you announced as you started walking, and behind you Gabriel smiled to himself.

“Was that an invitation to join you?”


(x) (x)

For Anon

Something must be up with Joe. Like I don’t understand? Out of all the jaspar related tweets he chose that one. And he seems very upset, but like they are like a brand. They have set themselves to be that way. I am just a bit annoyed because just last week they had a “date” but this week Caspar isn’t his boy. I feel bad for the fan, she was probably thinking “he will never see this” I took it as a joke anyway, but Joe took it seriously. Why is that?? Did something happen between Joe and casp? Or did Joe get a gf? So many answers that we are not going to get because Joe doesn’t deal with emotions and confrontation. Me:

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*Rhysand and Feyre lying in bed together snuggling* 

 Rhysand:..I keep wondering….. 

 Feyre: *looks up at him* About what? 

  Rhysand: *looks at her* ….How did you catch the Suriel when I haven’t ever been able to? 

 Feyre: *laughs* That’s a secret, my love 

 Rhysand: *rolls eyes* No, seriously… How?

 Feyre: *grins* I think a little mystery in a relationship keeps it interesting, so I’ll keep this to myself 

 Rhysand: *lifts eyebrows challengingly and pushes her down on the bed* Unfortunately I really need to know, I guess I’ll just have to pry it out of you *begins to kiss her neck* 

 Feyre: *closes eyes* I’d like to see you try…..

seventeen as inside jokes i have with my best friend

seungcheol- oppa material am i right (  ͡° ͜ʖ  ͡°) 

jeonghan- snatched. SHOOK

joshua- you’re being really relatable right now

jun- i’m gonna send you a picture of my bruise

hoshi- //runs out of the middle of a class to say hi

wonwoo- //drops phone at 4 in the morning “FUCK”

woozi- y’know, sometimes i look at his face and see a middle aged woman

seokmin- is that lotion shaped like a fuCKING BANANA

mingyu- burning chicken nuggets at 3 AM

minghao- “i don’t speak korean okay? god”  “um, that’s english”


hansol- his contact is a POUND SIGN

chan- //referring to hoshi “OH MY GOD i almost called him yoshi”


Guys,I’ve been thinking of this animation-error in RttE since a long time..
Has anyone else been thinking of Hiccup shouldn’t yet have BOTH of his braids Astrid made?Just look it back in;even in the second film’s beginning he has only ONE.And Astrid braided the second during the cliff scene.
The first season of RttE -in time- is about two years before the 2nd film.This explains that Hiccup actually cannot have any of the braids yet,not even the first one.It’s for sure just an animation-error that the animators made accidentally.

But this makes me think that in season 4 we will see the origin of this!The animators might gonna correct the mistake for this season and -as we’re very close to the second film’s timezone- Astrid’s probably gonna braid the first one now!I’m 80-90% sure about this.We’ll see if I’m correct or not..
But seriously,I’d love to see how did that first one get there,I really hope that we will!

That’s just my theory but what are your thoughts on this?

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Imagine trying to figure out Eric’s fears.

Warning: mention of phobias

A/N: Hey guys, wow has it been a hot minute since I posted a fic. This is actually just a snippet of a fic that a wrote based off this imagine! Read the full thing here! Enjoy!

“Nyctophobia?” You finally voiced after a few moments trying to think of the most common fears first. You hadn’t expected to become a walking phobia dictionary when you became an official Dauntless member. But years of constantly being in touch with your fears combined with working heavily on the fear simulations with initiates left you with a surprising amount of knowledge, more than you wanted at times. You figured it was the same for Eric seeing’s how he had no issue answering.

He paused what he was doing to look up at you like you had lost your mind. “Did you seriously just ask me if I was afraid of the dark? What am I five?”

“Woah, no need to be so defensive. Unless maybe you are?” You hypothesized as you looked down at him with a raised eyebrow.

He said nothing and continued to just stare at you like you were an idiot. You were about to drop it until you remembered the lights switch by the door. Before Eric could stop you, you moved over to where it was and quickly flipped the lights off. Being that there were no windows in the room darkness quickly enclosed the space.

You turned to see that Eric’s face was barely lit up by the faint glow of his monitor, annoyance was written all over his expression. You could tell that he was trying to decide if he was just the slightest bit amused or ready to kill you, though you had the feeling that he was leaning more towards the latter.


First of all, I’d like to say, I love talking to people about RWBY on here and discuss theory and ships. It’s a lot of fun. However, it’s been so frustrating and disappointing to see people in the fandom cry over the dumbest shit (I mean this is Tumblr after all but still). Small shit that shouldn’t even matter that people take WAY to seriously. I feel like people forget that this is a show. It’s not real life. Pyrrha and Penny didn’t die in real life. Deaths can be a great development for other characters. Sadly others don’t see that.

RWBY isn’t a show that will tend to everyone’s needs. If it did, there would be no tragedy, no deaths, no struggles, no conflicts. Just a happy-go-lucky show… So basically RWBY Chibi, yet, people still hate that!

Here’s an example: Personally, I don’t like Yang’s new design. I feel that it’s boring. But that’s okay! I don’t have to agree with everything is done in the show. It’s still a great show. So, I’m not going to make a long post on how Yang deserves a new outfit. It’s not my place to say that and it’s honestly downright rude and disrespectful to think that RT will change her outfit just because I had a problem with it.

SO! If you have huge issues with RWBY or any other show to the point where you want drastic changes, well it’s time to find a new show. It’s unrealistic to think people will cater to your every whim. OR as I always say, make up your own story. That way you can have what you like.

It’s just sad seeing people give RT so much shit for tiny things when they’re trying their best, especially the animators that spends hours animating for YOUR show. Animating isn’t easy. People may say “oy well it’s not what Monty wanted” but do we honestly know what Monty wanted? We really don’t so don’t say that.

This is just my opinion. You don’t have to agree, but I’ve just been seeing this a lot and it’s just saddening.

BTS: Gf having their period

Anon: Can u do a reaction: Bts reacting when their gf had their period.

I hope you like it!

Jin: He would freak out just a bit. Whenever you’re hungry he’ll always have something ready for you to eat

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Suga: In the outside he looks pretty chill but in the inside he’s probably freaking out. He’ll take care of you as much as he can

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Namjoon: He wouldn’t freak out at all. He’ll take things seriously and obey what you say or need

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J-Hope: He’d be disgusted by the smell. If he sees blood, he’s calling the hospital

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Taehyung: He would try to make you laugh with his aegyo and shower you with cuddles

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Jimin: He would be flustered when you tell him. He also gets nervous when you go to the bathroom.

*on your way to the bathroom*

“Did you leak?”

“No I just need to use the bathroom”


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Jungkook: Lord he would go crazy. He’d always stutter whenever he asks if you need something. He’ll ask his hyungs if something goes wrong. Most likely would avoid you during your mood swings

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I kinda liked this better than the other one……..

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Pls talk about star trek beyond 😭😭😭

idk if u have seen it yet so i’m gonna try to keep it spoiler free

  • the whole set up i just love it, how it’s basically an away mission gone wrong and really it was done really well.
  • personally i loved the look of the new starbase bc it was so freaking cool and, how should i put it, fascinating
  • spock and mccoy bonding oh my god
  • the first scene with jim was just perfection lol
  • HIKARU SULU. we get to see more of him and i’m just so happy.
  • and his family aww
  • seriously tho spock and mccoy’s conversations were just the best. there was one after which i went like did this really happen oMG