did he win the lottery or something

‘love’ and ‘baby’

× pairing: jikook/kookmin

× genre: fluff

× a simple and short headcanon of kookmin’s latest selca

× crossposted on twitter and ao3

— x — x —

“what are those…?”

jeongguk tilts his head and smiles at jimin innocently. “flowers.”

“for what?”

you mean, for who. the younger’s smile grew bigger as he slowly saunters towards his cute boyfriend who looks like a confused puppy at the moment.

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anonymous asked:

How about some tooth rotting fluff! UT,UF,US and SF skelebro's reaction to waking up in the morning to their S/O smothering them in tickly kisses all over their face and neck. Like,they can try to push them away but their S/O's totally persistent.

Aaaaaah yes I love this!!  Just a little secret, between you and me?  This is my favorite thing to do.  Ever.

Sans:  He lays there and takes it, a soft and real smile on his face.  This is almost as happy looking as Sans gets, just amazed how adorable and wonderful you are… until he goes limp.  His eyes are closed, arms splayed out on the bed, though he doesn’t banish his warm smile.  “bleh.  i’m dead.  your kisses have killed me.”  No they haven’t!  “yes they have.  i said bleh.  that means i’m dead.  farewell, my love.  go on without me.”  He sticks out his tongue a little to further prove that he’s dead.

Papyrus:  He is delighted!!  “MY DREAMS OF BATHING IN A SHOWER OF KISSES ARE FINALLY COMING TRUE!!”  At first he just basks in them, until it’s time for him to get up.  And then he retaliates!!  He flips his S/O over, supporting his weight so that he doesn’t crush their much smaller form.  “BETRAYAL!  SABOTAGE!  I HAVE VERY SNEAKILY CHANGED THE TIDES OF BATTLE!!  SUFFER MY SMOOCHY ATTACKS!!”  What a dork.  I love him.

Red:  “alright, alright.  goddamn you’re giving me cavities here.”  Despite what he says he does think this is a nice way to wake up, and aside from his grumbling makes no move to escape the onslaught.  Look, don’t tell anyone ok?  He’s got a reputation to uphold.

Edge:  “ARGH!!  RELEASE ME!”  He is blushing, and somehow even with those sharp sharp teeth he’s pouting.  Once he’s made enough of a fuss to say he tried he relents, and this sets him up for a good mood for the rest of the day.  And he makes their breakfast with extra love in return for the nice awakening.

Blue:  “MWEHEHE, HU-U-U-MAN!!  T-THAT TICKLES!!”  He giggles, struggling just enough to kiss back.  This quickly turns into a kiss fight, a heated battle with no clear victor.  By the time you two are done both are panting, smiles on your faces, and he gives you one big kiss to leave you breathless, this one neither small nor ticklish.

Honey:  He shortcuts about two feet away, giving you a wink.  “nu-uh-uh.  you’re gonna have to work for it.  catch me if you can, hun.”  The kiss attack goes mobile, with you trying to catch him and Honey shortcutting behind you to press little pecks to the back of your neck.  This might be the loudest you’ve ever heard him laugh, and he sneaks in a little tickle here and there if you’re ticklish, phalanges ghosting over your ribs and sides and armpits, wherever you’re sensitive.  He’s got a lot of energy for such a lazy guy, and you tire long before he does.  He scoops you up and deposits you back in bed, giving you one last kiss on your forehead.  “nap time, huh?  heh, i’ll never turn that down.”

Black:  He screeches like a wet cat, flailing around wildly.  He is trying very very hard to get away!!  Really, he is!  He just…. it’s early, his defenses are down, and you caught him by surprise.  He would commend your slyness were it not him you had betrayed with your soft silken smooches.  When you finally stop he gets up with a huff, arms crossed.  But then he whirls back around, giving your nose a single little kiss, before darting out in a flash for this to never ever be spoken of.

Puppy:  “heh, what’s up?  did we win the lottery or something?”  When you say no, you just want to kiss him, he chuckles and lays back.  Aw yeah, this is the life.  For now he’s just letting you lay it on him, laughing softly when you hit a ticklish spot on his neck, until he rolls over onto you.  “my turn?” 

the devil

→   Jungkook x Female Reader

→   fluff???

→  2180 words

You remembered what your grandmother once told you First impressions always give away a person’s real face when you first met the boy, who had the words massive flirt  written all over him. You had disliked him instantly. His cocky smirk when he talked to girls, his way of showing off anytime possible, the way his voice was drenched in narcissism; it all added up to the picture your mind painted of him. A self-focused dick, who loved nothing more than having everybody’s attention. That’s why you decided to not give him any, to leave him hanging every time he initiated any form of communication.

It started with ignoring the little notes he passed you in class, went over to not reacting to his flirty comments and ended in you taking a different seat just so you didn’t even get tempted by his alluring words. You promised yourself to not fall for his charming facade.

He had seen you the first time he entered the room. A small figure, eyes glued to your phone, fingers fidgeting with the black wires of your earphones. In the middle of dull faces, meaningless words and loud voices, your silence spoke to him. A somewhat unremarkable girl, who still captured his entire attention. That’s why he decided to make you notice him.

He had high hopes for it, after all girls had always fallen for him easily. Though he should’ve known – you’re different.

Your weird relationship, which consisted of him trying to get you to at least acknowledge his existence and you resisting every try of his, went on like this for months. Your plan seemingly was a success, no further problems erupted when it came to refusing to give him the attention he was longing for - until one eventful night.

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Put Your Money On Me (pt. 9)

Character: Jason Crouse (The Good Wife)

Word Count: 4,548

Summary: Jen struggles with her feelings; Alicia and Jen talk; Mark and Jen get into a heated argument; Jason is there when Jen needs him.

Warnings: Physical violence (hitting)

Note: Just a forewarning that Jason’s not in this one very much. I hope you guys enjoy it anyways!

Thank you so much, as always, to @naughtyneganjdm for being my beta and always leaving me such awesome feedback. You’re the best! <3

Previous Chapters: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8

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Kakuzu reacting to his s/o who wins a competition and receives a large sum of money as their main prize


“You’re not going to win y/n. These games are always rigged, there’s no winner, only scams. You don’t make money that easily.” Kakuzu said, staring down at his s/o, glaring at the poor choice of spending they decided to partake in. 
Something as frivolous as buying a lottery ticket, honestly. They’re so naive. Rolling his eyes when they beamed, receiving the ticket, he eyed the number, 666, of course. 

He did not want to deal with consoling them afterwards when they lost. The ticket cost them 2,000 ryo as it is! They’ll come crying, asking for the money back or something, and Kakuzu will have to hear about it all day, that or them blaming him for jinxing them before the game started. 

“Now it’s time to roll the ball! Whoever’s number it lands on wins the prize! 1 million ryo~!” The announcer said with a friendly smile into the microphone, the crowd cheering as well as Kakuzu’s s/o, making him grimace. 

As the ball spun around and around the wheel, he eyed it, watching it stop. As it slowed, stopping between 665 and 666, he smirked, knowing he was right before it plopped into 666′s hole. 


Hearing his s/o scream, happy they won the prize, he stared dumbfound as they received the check and took a picture with the announcer and head of the lottery. As they bounced their way back over to him, he looked at the check, low and behold having the digits for 1 million ryo on it. 

“So, you were saying about it being a scam~?” They said, smirking wider and wider as Kakuzu stayed quiet. 

“….get ten more tickets. You’re splitting that by half because I deal with you on a constant basis. Repentance for when you’re annoying.” 

Fireflies (Ashton Irwin)

for @pretendtobepunkrock‘s single dad!5sos blurb night!

ok so basically i was gonna post part 2 to love me again today but then somebody decided to have another blurb night (not that i’m mad about it) and it’s single dad!5sos and obviously i wanted in on that shit and that’s what this is!!!!! (lma will be updated wednesday though if you’re waiting for that bc lord knows i’m not about to post two full imagines in one day ok i have a sanity to maintain)


You were in a small room illuminated by the fluorescent light bulbs in the ceiling. You just had your blood drawn – excited it was finally over, to be honest – and were making your way back out of the room when you saw the same little girl sitting in one of the seats that you’d seen earlier. She was still sitting there alone, and now that you were getting a good look at her, you couldn’t deny that she was definitely scared.

“You look like you’re getting your blood drawn today,” you said to her, making her look up at you. She nodded shyly, her thumb stuffed in her mouth as a form of comforting herself. “Are you nervous?” She nodded again. “You wanna know what it feels like so you’re ready?” Another nod.

You sat down cross-legged in front of her chair so she didn’t have to look up at you and could relax her neck instead.

“Have you ever been pinched before?” She shook her head. “Can I show you what it feels like?” She nodded. You carefully pinched her leg, surprised when you earned a small giggle from her. You smiled at her and continued talking. “The nurse in that room-” You pointed back to the room you had just come out of. “-is going to tell you to make a fist, she’s gonna poke your arm right here-” You then held your own arm up and showed her your bandaid. “-and she’s gonna make that pinching feeling happen on your arm. And this might be just a rumor-” You looked around as if you had a big secret to tell her that no one else could know about. “-but I heard that if you’re really brave, she’ll give you a sucker.” You could see her eyes light up at the comment just as the nurse came out of the room.

“Emmi Irwin,” she said, smiling at you, obviously having heard what you were saying to the little girl, “Is Daddy back yet? Do you want to wait for him?” The little girl’s eyes widened at the sound of her name as she looked at you.

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equuleus86  asked:

Prompt: meteor shower

It’s been three days since Daryl walked through the gates of the prison with dirt under his nails and a shovel in his hands.

Carol had given him a sympathetic half smile and a squeeze on the shoulder and hadn’t bothered him much since then. One thing Daryl needs is his space and she wasn’t about to push him when he was already in worse shape than she’d ever seen him.

She wanted to though. Ached to walked into his cell and wrap her arms around him properly. Run her fingers through his hair and let him crumble to pieces against her, but she knew better than that. Knew that pushing right now was the wrong choice no matter how badly she thinks he might need the comfort.

He lost the only family he had left, after all. That’ll take a toll on anyone.

Now though, she’s not sure she can stay away much longer. He’s gotten back to work around the prison, clearing the fence line of walkers and going on a short hunt that netted him several squirrels but he’s barely said anything to anyone.

She hesitates to call it brooding, even to herself, because that would diminish the pain he feels and there’s no doubt he’s earned the right to feel it.

She hoped that by now he might come around, that she’d have a chance to talk to him, if only for a moment but he’s only been avoiding her and she’s pretty certain she’s not imagining that.

It threw her for a loop the first time he stopped in his tracks and went in the opposite direction after spotting her, but now she’s simply accepted it.

Can’t figure out why he seems intent on avoiding her, but she assumes it must have something to do with Merle. Thinks maybe he’s afraid she’ll poke and prod at him to talk and is doing his best to avoid that discussion like the plague.

So she let him run and has done a decent job of curbing her desire to chase him.

Until tonight.

It’s dark in the prison yard and she can see him from across the gravel where he’s already stabbing a few stray walkers in the head. Clearing the fence line instead of sleeping.

She heard him get up in the middle of the night and shuffle quietly outside, something he’s taken to doing since he got back and this time she followed. Staying a few feet back and watching as he uses a little too much force on the last walker to grace their yard.

“What’d that one do? Gave it to him extra hard.” She says from her spot, her arms crossed and her head tilted to the side as he turns to face her.

He doesn’t seem surprised to find her there. Only shrugs, unemotional and blank. “Just had a hard head. Can’t sleep?”

“Not really. It’s nice out here tonight, thought I’d go for a walk around the perimeter. Come with me?”

He hesitates a moment, shifting on the balls of his feet like he might run right past her and back inside the prison and she tries not to take offense.

Maybe it’s still too soon for this, she thinks to herself. But she’s already taken the first step and she can’t turn back now.

He gives her a nod after what feels like forever and falls in step beside her as they walk the fence on a perfectly clear summer night.

She can hear the frogs croaking in the creek just behind the property, can feel the soft wind on her skin and smell the sweet summer breeze and it would all be perfect if she didn’t feel so damn tense. If he wasn’t even more nervous than she is.

The two of them are feeding into each other’s anxiety like pros.

“You really couldn’t sleep, or did I wake you?” He asks her suddenly, looking at the ground instead of her.

“Little bit of both to be honest. I heard you walk past my cell, decided to investigate.” There’s a hint of a tease at the end that she tries out, just to see how he might react but he doesn’t take the bait and she deflates again.

They walk side by side half way around the prison in total silence and she almost begins to think that maybe she really was wrong. That she should have given him more time to come to her instead of seeking him out but then she spots something in the sky and curiosity overtakes her wariness.

“Did you see that?” She asks, her hand snaking out to grab loosely at his forearm and halt them both.

He doesn’t jerk back from her touch but her hand falls away once they’re standing still, his eyes following her finger up to the sky.

“There…there it was again.”

“They’re still comin’ too….look at that. Damn meteor shower in the middle of the apocalypse.” He says sadly, the two of them staring upward while shooting stars blur past them one after another.

“You ever seen one before?” She asks, knowing he probably spent plenty of time outside as a kid, more than she ever did that’s for sure. “I lived in the city for a long time. Too much light to see anything like this.”

He nods, his voice gruff and low and hands in his pockets and she instantly turns her head to watch him instead of the show. “Once, back home. Forever ago. Got a lotta trees in the backwoods of Georgia, make it hard as shit to see the stars but if you get to a clearing like this…can see everything. Was maybe fifteen when it happened then, big shower, bigger than this one. Tried to get Merle to wish on one of them stars and he wouldn’t fucking do it.”

He huffs out a disgruntled laugh under his breath that takes her by surprise. She hadn’t expected him to bring up his brother but now that he has she eagerly awaits his next words. Hoping he might take the chance to open up a little more and what he says next doesn’t disappoint.

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Title: Metallic { Epilogue }

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n❗️ have fun reading, everyone!! this is Metallic’s Epilogue ~
Finale. | Epilogue.

Word Count: 3, 702.

Disclaimer❗️ this is told on Jumin’s Point of View.
Flashbacks are mentioned.

update mentions❗️
@the-sloth-woman ;; @yuri-luciel ;; @ell3nj0y ;; @yoruwasu ;; @jetblckcrow ;; @thewibblywobblyfamilybusiness ;; @brightandkawaii​ ;; @directorjumin​ ;; @ihavenotfallenyet​ ;; @a-rattling-skeleton​ ;;

❝Forgive me now cause I
Have been unfaithful
Don't ask me why cause I don't know

So many times I've tried
But was unable
But this heart belongs to you alone

Now I'm in our secret place
Alone in your embrace
Where all my wrongs have been erased
You have forgiven
All the promises and lies
All the times I compromise
All the times you were denied
You have forgiven❞

“Jumin. This is Sarah Choi.”
I heard my father say as a purplish red haired woman appeared right before me, eyes shining a gleam of nothing but trouble. Her lips quirked into an unimaginable smirk as she slowly unfolded her arms and slowly raised her hand to my level.

Has she no manners?
Couldn’t she see I was about to bite my food?

I am a perfectly mannered person. But I do assess who deserves my respect and those who do not. Clearly, this woman was not taught that it’s rude to interrupt someone who’s about to chew his meal. She does not deserve even my slightest gaze.

I continued on despite my father’s burning glare. I do see he does not approve my reaction. Is this Sarah Choi his new girlfriend again? Wasn’t he with someone called Choi as well? Does he fancy women who have that surname?

I heard him clear his throat as the woman’s hand dropped to her side. She didn’t seem pleased with what I did. I honestly don’t care. I continued to slice the steak in front of me and I noticed some red parts to which blood was still evident. I am apparently eating a medium rare cooked steak.
I told them that I do not like my food half done. I asked the waiter specifically to cook the meat in medium well. I should go talk to their chef about this failure.

“Don’t worry about it, Chairman Han. I’m sure Jumin’s only a tough nut to crack.” She giggled shamelessly as my father laughed at her own petty little comparison.
So, apparently, I am being compared to a nut.
Is she nuts?

I didn’t waste any effort to look at her as they both sat down to this four seater arranged dining table inside this 5 star restaurant my father and I loved which seemed to be made exclusive for the night. He called me earlier, wanting me to clear my evening schedule to have dinner with him. I had no qualms since I’m used to doing it with him on any given dates but it seems that we do not have the same idea of the events for the night.

First, this unknown woman.
Second, someone whom I deemed familiar arrived at the scene.
Isn’t she my father’s girlfriend last week?

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anonymous asked:

Got7 react to you wearing lingerie and cooking their favorite dinner

Hope you don’t mind the images I’ll attach, I’m actually doing some online shopping for the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale, hehe. I’ll do the hyung line in detail because I feel like it’d spur some action, if you catch my drift, I also didn’t have time to finish the maknae’s before I went to go see my movie, I’m sorry!

Mark: He would walk into the kitchen after a long day’s practice and would start talking before he even rounded the corner, “Ahhhhhh, you cannot believe the day I’ve been having today—” he’d be interrupted as he caught sight of your bare little butt, only merely covered by lacy red fabric paired with your favorite baby doll top, that just so happened to be his favorite color, red. “Ah, baby, you came home just in time, I’m making your favorite” you said turning to look at him while you stirred the contents of the large pot. It was his favorite, kimchi stew. While the kimchi stew really got him going, it couldn’t compare to how much your get up was turning him on. “Suddenly… I’m a bit hungry for something else, actually” he’d say turning you around, pinning your hips against the counter with his own, his hands trailing up your bare legs. His lips would be hovering over yours as he cracks a smile, “You really know how to turn a bad day around” he’d mumble before crashing his lips against yours.

Jaebum: He’d toss his bag onto the couch, stretching his back as he headed into the kitchen. “Hmmm, what’s that amazing smell?” he’d think to himself as he follows the smell to the kitchen. He’d then spot you tasting the stew you were making for him. He loved stews, didn’t matter what it was, if it was a stew, he’d devour it. But suddenly, he wasn’t as impressed with the smell of the stew as he was with the sight of you dressed so scantily. You were wearing the lingerie top he had picked out for you for your birthday. You bent over the stove, trying to read which way to turn the dial to turn it off. After standing up straight, he suddenly broke the silence, causing you to jump a bit, “Eyyyyyyyy, the show’s over already?” he smirked as he walked over to you. You were relieved to find it was just your beau, Jaebummie. “How was work today?” you’d say, wrapping your arms around his neck, playing with his hair, also allowing him a full view of your little outfit. “Tiring, as usual, but this was a great thing to come home to” he’d smile, unable to restrain himself as his hands wandered down to your ass. “I knew you were feeling a lot more tired lately, so I thought I’d make you your favorite dinner… and dress down a bit” you’d say slyly. “Tonight’s gonna be a great night” he’d half smile as he pulls you roughly against his body.

Jackson: “Mmmmmm, what’s that smell?” he’d mumble as he pushes through the front door. “Babe, are you home?!” you’d call out from the kitchen. “Yeah, it’s just me! What’re you making it smells great!” he’d yell as he carried his belongings to the bedroom. “I’m baking a chicken, you’ve seemed pretty tired lately so I thought I’d make your favorite” you said, smiling as you checked on it in the oven. “Aww you’re the sweetest, what would I do— god DAMN” he’d burst as he caught sight of you peering into the oven window. You were wearing his favorite lingerie piece ever. “W-what’s the occasion?” he’d stutter as he pulls you towards him and gives you a little spin to check out the booty. “Nothing really, I’ve just noticed you’ve been extra hard lately so I thought I’d give a little treat tonight” you smile in satisfaction as he eyes your entire body, not daring to miss a single sliver of skin. “Babe… babe…“ he’d hardly be able to contain himself as he bites his lip. "Come on, have some dinner, I made it special for you” “I know you did, but… there’s something else I think I can do for you in return” he’d smirk as he picks you up and wraps your legs around his waist.

Jinyoung: “Wahhhhhh, that smell” he’d be engrossed in the smell of pizza coming from the kitchen. “Eyyy, we’re having pizza—” he’d pause, “tonight?” he’d finish with a gulp as he sees you in a sexy satin pink baby doll. “Did I win some sort of lottery?” he’d say smiling widely as he took your hand and pulled you into him. He’d be holding your hand as his other rested on your lower back, keeping you pressed against him. “What’s the occasion?” he’d ask. “Nothing, just thought you deserved a little reward for all your hard work lately” “Eyyyy, it’s nothing… but if it means I can come home to this and pizza, I’d do it every day of the year” he’d grin. “Yah jagi… I don’t know if I can control myself enough to eat that wonderful smelling pizza” “Well… the pizza could be an after snack?” you’d wink. “I like your thinking” he’d wink back as he carries you off to the bedroom.

Youngjae: His jaw would drop and you’d have to wipe off his drool for him if he saw you in this.

Bambam: Would bust a nut if he even caught a one second glimpse of this. He’s such a little horn dog. 

Yugyeom: He may look innocent but he’d be all over dat ass if he saw you in this

Christmas Morning

You woke up to the sound of your four year old son’s tiny feet running down the hallway. The sound was vaguely familiar to you as you were up at the crack of dawn every Christmas morning just like him. Your son quickly opened the door to you and your husband’s bedroom and instantly jumping on the bed, waking not only you and Calum, but your puppy as well.

Calum decided your son was old enough to learn the responsibilities of taking care of a pet. But I think he just wanted an excuse to get one for himself. The pup wasn’t quite a year old yet and got too accustomed to sleeping in what is supposed to be yours and Calum’s bed. So naturally, your dog was just as excited as your son was on this eventful holiday.

“Mommy! Daddy! It’s Santa day!” The little boy exclaimed, now jumping on the bed.

“Buddy, it’s Christmas, not Santa day.” Your sleepy husband explained.

“I know but Santa brought so many presents!”

“Did he now?” You yawned.

“Yes, Mommy! Come look!” Your son grabbed your hand in an attempt to get you to follow.

You got up out of bed before looking back and smiling at Calum at your son’s excitement. The two of you ran downstairs (the dog following behind) to see all the gifts Santa had brought the night before.

“Mommy, Santa even ate the cookies we made special for him!” The boy pointed to the empty plate of nothing but crumbs. Yeah Santa almost ate the entire batch too. Your husband soon joined the two of you so your son could finally open his gifts that he had been dying to open since he first woke up.


One hour was all it took for little man to open every present under the Christmas tree. The speed demon must’ve tired himself out because he was laid in the midst of all the torn wrapping paper asleep cuddling his new teddy bear he named Teddy.

“Why do I feel like it takes less and less time each year for him to open presents?” Cal laughed handing you a mug of hot chocolate while taking a sip of his own. He joined you on the couch as the two of you curled up under a warm blanket. The dog was also asleep at the end of the couch. Too many presents in one day for her as well.

“Yeah but every year it gets more and more adorable to watch him. It’s moments like these that we’ll cherish when he’s older.” You said.

You and Calum laid in silence taking in the view in front of you. You looked out the window to see snowflakes beginning to hit the window and fog starting to appear on the windows. You loved your family and you loved your life. Everything you ever needed was right here in this room with you.

“Babe?” You asked Calum.


“Do you want your Christmas present that I got you?”

“I thought we agreed to not get each other anything this year.” Calum sat up starting to panic.

“It’s ok.” You laughed. “This one was kinda unexpected.”

Calum gave you a confused look as you pulled out an envelope from behind the pillow, handing it to him. He was unsure, but accept it nonetheless.

“What did you do? Win the lottery or something?”

“Something like that…” You couldn’t help but grin as your husband opened the envelope.

“Wait… Are you? You’re… pregnant?” Calum stuttered holding a picture of a sonogram.

“Merry Christmas, Calum.”

“I love you so much, y/n.”

The dog quickly awoke and noticed the excitement, trampling all over the two of you, giving you nonstop kisses. This is what you live for.

Why is it so easy for me to write Calum stuff???!!!???? I hate myself bye.

Title: Bamboo
Pairing: Kirito x Asuna
Rating: M
Summary: Kirito and Asuna have been desperately looking forward to a weekend alone, booking a getaway at a hot springs resort. Everything looks according to plan until their group of friends decide they want to tag along as well.

OKAY, I’m sorry this took so so so so long to write and post and I promised a kirisuna smut fic about eleven years ago. I’m sorry about the spelling mistakes and grammar and i just really want to post this so akfljsakf okay enjoy and let me know what you think

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Smile For Me

Summary: An FBI agent (that’s you!) comes into the Avengers Tower for some help on a case. Tony makes a bet to see who can make her smile first. Steve’s the winner in more ways than one. 

Warnings: There’s some shade thrown in about Rocky, Blade 2, and Robocop. 

Word count: 920

A/N: It’s short, it’s probably incoherent, and I’m exhausted. I’m also so so so sorry to the anon who requested this because it took me centuries to write this. At any rate, I need sleep. Have a good one guys <33

Originally posted by love-loki-laufeyson

Use the Avengers as consultants they said, it’ll be easy they said. Well it wasn’t. From the first minute you stepped foot in the same room as them they were bothered by your professionalism. So what if you didn’t smile all the time? You wished they’d stick their noses into the case file instead of your business.

Tony was the worst, but he only beat Clint by an inch. He thought he was being sneaky whispering his bet in the kitchen while you set up the evidence board.

“Okay, first one to make Y/N smile gets to pick the movies for a month.” It wouldn’t seem that appealing of a win unless you sat in on the movies Tony picked - because Robocop and Blade 2 were only bearable if you watched them once and not over and over and over. Pietro couldn’t speak perfect English, but he was pretty sure he could recite the whole script of Rocky backwards, accents and all.

So that’s how your week went - ignoring Tony’s purposefully terrible pickup lines, Bruce’s painful puns, and Clint’s lame one liners. It’s not that they weren’t funny, in fact you really enjoyed all the stupid stunts they put themselves through just to see you loosen up. You admired their perseverance, it’s just that you wanted this case over with and they weren’t helping when all they could focus on was crumby jokes.

Steve was the only bearable one in the group, his good-guy genes got in the way of his desire to watch a half decent movie, though he was starting to lose hope in the film industry as of late. Honestly, even if he did manage to win - which he didn’t see happening because no one, especially a woman, laughed at his jokes - he would hand the decisions off to someone else.

It wasn’t like he was trying to make you laugh, and maybe that worked in his favour because he was the only one actually working and you appreciated that endlessly. It meant that you were closest with him, and you didn’t guard your smile as harshly as you did with the other idiots that protected the world.

He also just so happened to have a similar sense of humour, and a pension for perfectly timed witty remarks. If that wasn’t enough for you to ease up around him, he was one of the only ones in the room who had landed on your good side, so naturally you were a little easier on him.

Really, they didn’t have to make such a big deal out of your smirk. You had tried really, painfully hard to keep it in, biting your lip and pinching your arm out of pure stubbornness before it spread across your face. It wasn’t even that noticeable, but all of a sudden Tony had turned to you and it was like he set off fireworks in celebration.  

“She’s smiling, she’s smiling! I told you she had teeth, Barton!” Tony was tapping Clint’s shoulder giddily while you concealed your smile with your hand. Pietro, who wasn’t in the room a second ago, sped in just in time to catch a glimpse of your full-blown grin.

“My smile isn’t an urban legend; quit acting like you just spotted Big Foot.” You sneered, regaining control over your mouth when Clint gasped ridiculously.

“And it’s gone,” Tony narrated, drawing out the ‘a’ like a sports commentator.

“Awe, I didn’t get my blurry speculation photo yet.” Natasha complained from the open kitchen behind you.

“Do it again Y/N, I missed it the first time.” Pietro begged.

“Alright that’s enough. Lay off her.” Steve stepped in much to your appreciation. Although he was sure he wanted to see you smile again, and he was swelling with pride or happiness or something because he was the one who made you smile in the first place. It sorta felt like winning the lottery when you never even bought a ticket.  

“Thanks Steve.” You managed to smile again without realizing it, mostly because Steve’s grin was confiscating all of your thoughts. It wasn’t until Tony practically squealed that you pulled your eyes away from Steve and saw him gripping onto Clint’s shoulder excitedly.

“She’s doing it again! Steve, what did you do to her?” Tony asked, as if Steve had drugged you or turned you into a weird science experiment.

“Maybe if you did any of the work I assigned you this week, I would smile at you too.”


“No. But who knows, if you start now it might not be too late.” Tony seemed to mull your offer over for a little while before shaking his head.

“On second thought, I’ve already seen it twice. And I lost the bet, so there’s nothing in it for me anymore.” He turned to leave, calling over his shoulder for Steve to pick a movie from this century.

“I don’t suppose I’ll get to see that smile again sometime?” Steve asked after the others found a better distraction than your glare.

“Oh not you too.” You groaned quietly.

“Now hold on, you gotta at least give me a chance here.” You raised your eyebrow at the soldier in front of you.

“Coffee? After the case is over, or before then, if you want.” Steve was sporting a dorky grin that was impossible to refuse.

“I can do coffee.” You nodded, feeling another smile building on your features. At least you were getting something good out of this whole arrangement.  

       “   —–   so  ,  about  this   cartwheeling  …  what’s  the  deal  with  that   ?  ?  ?   “   his  brother  had  been  happier  lately ,  more  upbeat  and  as  nice  as  it  was  to  see  it  was  the  polar  opposite  of  what  he’s  used  to.   “   did  you  win  the  lottery  or  something   ?  ?  ?   because  if  you  did  and  you’re  holding  out  on  me  then ,    rude.    “

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adisappointedgirl  asked:

Rose Weasley for the character thing

  1. Holiday headcanon: She loves Christimas.
  3. Sleeping headcanon: Sleeps with two billlion pillows and two blankets, and won’t share or give up any of them.
  4. Driving headcanon: Is actually pretty good and loves her old beetle.
  5. Bathing/showering headcanon: Forgets to take showers/baths if they let her, but actually enjoys bubble baths a lot.
  6. Hugging headcanon: She wrapps herself around the person she hugs like her life depends on it. Leaves her perfue ont he person for the next year.
  7. Kissing headcanon: SHE LOVES KISSES, THE WETTER, SEXIER THE BETTER, but fun cute innocent sweet kisses on her cousins also count.
  8. Sex headcanon: My Rose is demisexual and really doesn’t have a much high libido. She prefers cuddling.
  9. General physical contact headcanon: Isn’t the touch feely person, but enjoys hugs and kisses, she’s pretty average on that.
  10. Physical appearance headcanon: Short, curly red hair that’ almost orange, blue eyes that are a little bit too icy, full lips, and a bit chubby, with full hips and a tummy she loves to draw on. I spretty and has soft features.
  11. Wardrobe headcanon: Is usually pretty basic, but a beautiful basic. Lots of yellow everywhere.
  12. Jewelry headcanon: Doesn’t wear much of it, she hates earrings ith all her will, only ever wears bracelets, if anything.
  13. Nickname headcanon: Well, her full name is Rosalie but calling her that is suicide so Rose doesn’t evne count as a nickname anymore.Teddy and James came up with Rosie-posie and everyone calls her that, except her dad, who calls her cupcake, rosie, and bubble.
  14. Dancing headcanon: She loves ballet and ballroom dance, she loves feeling free and spinning around and just enjoys herself a lot while she’s dancing.
  15. Singing headcanon: People joke she’s awful but she’s jsut bellow average, which, with Hermione Granger as a mother, is winning the inherited-singing-talent lottery. She has no practice and not the best voice, but not as bad as Victoire or Lysander, for example. Likes to sing off-key duets with ALbus, who’s eternally frustrated over this because HE can sing. 
  16. Anger headcanon: Just don’t get her angry if you value your feelings. I was going to say life, but really, Rose is too cunning for it. She simply dstroys you from the inside, gets to your deepest fears and sadnessess and exposes them in such a way you’re left wndering ho th efuck she did that. It’s awful to go through and something that has gotten her into a lot of trouble over hte years.
  17. Soft spot headcanon: Hugo and Albus. No matter what’s going on, she will do nythign for them in a heartbeat, and they’re some of the few who can make her come out of her room when she’s amd becaus eshe jsut can’t resist their begging.
  18. Favorite possession headcanon: That’s tough because her book collection is huge and beloved, but I think it’s a small snowglobe that Lily gave her when she was five (Lily doesn’t let anyone touch her snowglobe collection so giving it to Rose meant a lot) that features a pretty ballerina with red hair and a teddy bear spinning around in the snow. She can’t sleep if this isn’t by her bedside.
  19. Favorite photograph headcanon: She loves photographs so much, but it’s probably one in which she, Scorpius and Al are all smilling at the camera, in third year, she’s in the middle and they have their rms tangled together and are so obviously happy and very freckled from one of the most hot, bright summers in their lifes.
Translation - TV Guide 14 February

Found this sitting in drafts when I thought I had posted it long ago!

This is February’s issue so they answer five questions about Valentines.
This is quite short so I did all the members parts.

Q1. Which member would you date if you were a girl?
Q2. It will be Valentines Day soon. In what kind of situation do you want to receive chocolates?
Q3. “XX sureba motto happy life” (you will have a happy life if xxx), apply a situation to fit into the sentence.
Q4. In connection with the drama Dark System, what kind of machine do you want to invent?
Q5. Tell us your recent updates!

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Sadly, I did not win the lottery last night. But something darned near as good happened.

I’m now two for two losing something at the dog park then getting it back the next day.

Recently it was Carson. He ran off and spent a cool night outside in the wild. The next day someone found him and we got him back.

Yesterday I planned to brush Oliver while we were at the park. Birds in my birdhouse score some nice insulation for winter when I brush Oliver at home but it still leaves a mess in the grass or snow. So sometimes I use a remote place in the huge park for some brushing. Somewhere along the way I dropped my brush. That made me sad because it’s super effective on Oliver. He actually likes being brushed. I hate losing stuff and Sheila laughed mercilessly at my expense. Just ‘cause a guy has a favorite dog hair brush…

Sheila and I retraced our steps but had no luck finding the brush. I’m not even sure she was looking considering all the jokes she cracked.

This morning I went to the park with a neighbor. Yeah, like I’m letting Sheila have another day mocking me. As my neighbor and I put leashes on our dogs to leave the park I looked up and there was my brush!

Someone found it and hung it from the branch of a bush. Next to it was a glove and a single dog tag. That must be the lost and found bush.

Sheila is out shopping and spending money. I texted her that nice picture. It was merely so she didn’t buy a new brush while shopping and spending money.