did he srsly do that

ok so not to get controversial but how’s it that Press It™ didn’t get that award today?? Press it was literally the highlight of 2016 a consistent and unique album?? Jimmy Hendrix himself was brought to tears when he heard that guitar intro in One by One, Michael Jackson communicated with Taemin through a dream and just looked at him and told him ‘u did it son’ after he saw those moves in Drip Drop, the CEO of iTunes decided to delete every single song in the ballad category after he listened to Soldier for the first time should I go on? #PressItDeservedBetter

Komaeda’ve disappeared for fucking 6 months and no one give a shit about that

wiBut, hey look at these screenshots. 

He alone all the time (even in the opening)

he intentionally keeps distance from others (just look at the gap between him and Kuzuryu, it’s so far ;__;)

  Chisa’s the only one who care about him

He doesn’t have friend. No wonder why his classmate don’t give a shit about his absentness

Btw, I just want to say that Komaeda didn’t do anything (to his classmate) to deserve this “don’t-give-a-shit” attitude from them (In the game he did deserve it thou).I know he get suspended because of what he did but no one see or can contact him for fucking 6 months and you all just okay with that. I just hope his classmate can show some concern about his whereabouts. This scene make me feel so sad.
Ps: Maybe Hinata’s the only one who considers Komaeda as a friend (or he doesn’t I don’t really remember the game but who care I ship Komahina so yeah) 

Ps2: I don’t hate 77th kids. I juts feel sad for Ko

Edit: Oh! I’ve just remembered that Komaeda don’t have parent nor relative, right? So that mean Komaeda’s a lonely kid diagnosed with stage 3 malignant lymphoma and frontotemporal lobe dementia, having no parent, no relative, no friend, living alone and can die at anytime. No one care about him. No one can actually understand or try to understand him (except Chisa and Hinata). Guys! Please give this kid more love and Hinata. He deserves more love. Please love him.

Edit, after episode 8: The new episode really pissed me off and because this post’s still getting reblog so I’ll edit here. 

Komaeda disappeared for a fucking year and they gave Ko this look when he came back.

 Srsly tho, WHAT DID KOMAEDA DO WRONG TO YOU GUYS? Why you guys hate him so much?  He disappeared for a fucking years and when he came back no one give a shit about him because they’re busying with finding Tsumiki who has absented from class for 3 days, like, srsly. Please, he’d gone for a year, at least ask him “how you’re going?” or just give him a look.

And here is my serious question WHY 77TH CLASS HATE KO SO MUCH?

He’s just weird and talks too much about hope. But know what? The 77th class’s student are also weird af event Chisa’s weird too but they’re all friendly with each other. Also, Saionji bullied Mikan, Tereteru’s a pervert and they all fine with them. Then, why just Komaeda? Is it because of the fucking hope? And don’t tell me it’s because he keeps distance from others! Chiaki, at first, also kept distance from others. And then Chisa try her best to get Chiaki closer to her classmate (not Komaeda tho because he’s not a perfect waifu, he’s not good at playing game, he’s not Chiaki). Please give me a fucking reason. I’m ok with everything as long as it’s a fucking reason. I love SDR2 cast so much don’t make me hate them. 

Friendly reminder: “I have no parents, no siblings, no relatives…not even friends or acquaintances…I was fine with that while I was still healthy but it’s quite lonely to die alone…Now that I’m on the verge of death, I’ll finally realized what I wanted all along: Somebody’s love” - Nagito Komaeda 

(Replay the game while watching anime gave me shit. When I wrote this post I didn’t cry but I’m crying now. So unfair for Ko. He just want to be loved)



Zhang Yixing’s 2015 

Thank you for another amazing year ♥

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it kinda sucks when everyone hates my ex-crush for treating me like shit & being so fckn petty but a small piece of me still adores him for all the little things he did do for me like srsly make up ur fucking mind shelley get a grip

So ages ago I did some posts where I found the cast of The Power Game in their individual Doctor Who and Avengers appearances. As I’m currently obsessing over The Sandbaggers, I thought I’d try the same for that and Doctor Who. It started off pretty well! Three of the core cast have appeared in DW;

Roy Marsden as Mr Stoker in Smith And Jones (2007)

Ray Lonnen as Gardiner in Frontier In Space (1973)

Jerome Willis as Jocelyn Stevens in The Green Death (1973).

Which is all well and good, but things gets harder. Richard Vernon and Alan MacNaughtan never made DW appearances, which is genuinely quite surprising (MacNaughtan would have made an excellent Time Lord). A lot of the secondary cast were relatively new faces and didn’t guest either. But a little digging turned up two more, which are a little more… Obscure

Peter Laird as Chang in The Wheel In Space (1968). This was the only image I could find of him, most of his scenes seem to have been in episode 4 which is lost. Still, its a big improvement on…

Elizabeth Bennett, uncredited as Theatre Audience Member in The Talons Of Weng Chiang (1977). I mean, I *think* thats her, at bottom left. I can’t for the life of me work out who else she would be in that episode and it does have a… passing resemblance?

So yes, there we go. Not as easy as The Power Game was. And of no use whatsoever. But its done now!

World of Warcraft 30 Day Challenge (Day 7): Favorite Male Character

“Your curiosity will be the death of you.”


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