did he scream

*arc v soundtrack comes up on my shuffle* *cries* i still remember the exact place where i was, exactly where i was sitting, exactly how i had my desk set up the first time i watched the first episode of this show live 3 years ago oh my god


why are they like this

primtheamazing  asked:

Iiiii just had a thought!! What if in the episode where Chuck gets all weird bc boosters he just fucking jumps Mike without hesitation bc haha consequences don't exist!!! Mike is super taken off guard and bewildered, but he's also got an assumed-unrequited crush on Chuck, so. Also, aftermath after the boosters come out and Chuck gets his fear reaction back aaah

Well on the one hand (and I feel like this has been drawn ten thousand times before but I had to I’m sorry)

But honestly even more importantly, emotional drama aside, just…………..



so when are we going to talk about the fact that Crowley reads comics? ⚡


Apparently, Miss Cullen and Miss Hale have a presentation for us.