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Ice Wizard and the Princess: Chapter 6

“What did he say?”

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff/humor

Pairing: GrayLu

Summary: Lucy and Gray are attracted to each other and have absolutely no idea how to handle it. 

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He couldn’t believe he said that.

He couldn’t believe he did that.

He couldn’t believe it happened.

What the hell just happened? Did he just scream at Lucy’s face, tell her she was beautiful, ask her on a date and then sprint off? And why was he still running? Where the hell was he even going?

Gray stopped running and bent over, putting his hands on his knees and panting heavily. Freaking hell. What the fuck was he gonna do now? That’s it. He was gonna have to quit the guild. There was no way he could go back there. Ever.

He stood and looked around, then sighed heavily. He was out the front of her damn house. What the hell did he run to Lucy’s place for? He face palmed himself and decided the best course of action was to dig a hole and jump in, forever. Yeah, he was gonna go find someplace to hide and possibly die.


Natsu was rolling around laughing, and Gajeel had almost keeled over.

“Gihihihihihi, that…that’s so funny!” Gajeel laughed.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaah! And Lucy didn’t even hear him!” Natsu rolled around, clutching at his stomach, his eyes streaming tears down his cheeks.

Happy floated around him, “What’s so funny? What did Gray say?”

“Yeah,” Lucy said, hands on her hips, pouting at her best friend, “What did he say!”

She looked at Levy, who shrugged at her. What the hell had Gajeel and Natsu so worked up? What the hell did Gray say!? It was really starting to freak Lucy out.

“He said…” Natsu struggled to speak, “He said you’re – ” he started laughing again and Lucy’s irritation skyrocketed.

“You’re – you’re beautiful,” Gajeel managed to croak out. Lucy raised her eyebrows at the Iron Dragon Slayer.

“Uh, thanks Gajeel, but I’m really not interested,” she said. Levy frowned at Gajeel.

Gajeel stopped laughing and sniffed, “Nah, blondie! Gray,” he laughed again. “Gray said it.”

Lucy froze, “He said that?” She asked, her cheeks flaming red. What, what, what?

Gajeel smirked, “He asked ya on a date.”

Natsu started laughing even harder than before and Happy joined in.

“Gray loooves you!” Happy chanted. But Lucy couldn’t hear anything. Gray said she was beautiful. And he asked her on a date. Beautiful. Date. Beauitful. Date. Date. Date. DATE!

Lucy snapped out of her freeze and a huge smile spread across her face.

“Go, Lu!” Levy said, pushing her friend. “Go get him!”

Lucy stumbled and then waved back at her friends, running after Gray.


2015.07.25 Changmin’s solo ‘Rusty Nail’ at Toho’s…I mean, at SMTown Concert in Osaka

Say, orphan girl
When did you kill
Your first man?

Did he scream
As you clawed him
a p a r t ?

Did you scream
As your bones

Did you cry
As your body
Remade itself
In the image
Of your soul?

Did you howl
As you feasted
On his flesh?

Say, orphan girl
What is it like
Turning into a
w o l f ?

Did you weep
As you met
One of your kind?

Did you rage
As you felt teeth
Rip your fur
Off your back?

Say, orphan girl
How many would
You slaughter
For your
d a u g h t e r ?

—  feral (l.d)


Your muse finds my muse asleep in your muse’s bed. What does your muse do?

▐        Shocked hadn’t even begun to describe the expression that occupied the male’s freckled countenance the minute he’d laid eyes upon the uninvited guest resting in his bed like it had been their own. ? Not a voice, not even a sound of surprise was produced – Dilated pupils simply remained fixated upon the petite yet feminine form laying beneath his bedsheets, the very same sheets he’d just pried off of her shoulders only seconds earlier when he’d just returned from a week long mission and had planned to rest before supper.

Silently, the commander simply seats himself at her side, glancing at the beauty every now and again all the while pondering on how to act once she awakes. However, any thoughts such as why she’d been here or how she even entered the room was quick to become the least of his concerns as the mere sight of what he’d believed to be the embodiment of peace and innocence was more than enough to shove such trivial questions aside like they were of no importance. But of course, had it been anybody else, the Fire Fist would have indubitably kicked their ass.

   It’d been odd, really. Other than his kid brother who he constantly worried would suffocate himself with his blanket during naps in the past; Watching another sleep was certainly odd; though what made it all the more strange was his inability to turn away from the sight.

  It was with the immense power of her own vanilla fragrance which lingered at the tip his nose that propelled charcoal hues to trail along the delicate features adorning the slumbering female before him. The sight rendered him weak to her vulnerable state; leaving him to admire and memorize every little detail such as the seemingly soft porcelain skin he hadn’t the courage to touch; the pair of long eyelashes resembling feathers of her favorite bird; and of course, the small hint of a smile tugging at the corner of the alluring peach colored lips he would never dare to claim.

                               Or would he?

   Watching of her soft heaving chest slowly rise and fall with every rhythmic breath she’d inhale through her lips then exhale with a soft hum resembling a melody to his ears had made it all the more impossible to deny his longing for this woman. And with every breath she took he could feel himself edging closer to her slumbering form.

                                                                    3…. 2…. 1.

   Quickly and hesitantly, thinned lips brushed ever so lightly upon the edge of her lips. The collusion triggered a gentle smile to conquer his embarrassed features; extremely ashamed to have acted on his own selfish desires yet again.I… really do love you, huh?Finally, it was spoken aloud from the male’s very lips; though such was said in a volume close to inaudible as it was no secret that he had no such intention of letting the recipient hear of it.

   Subconsciously not wishing to wake the female from her slumber, digits hurriedly fished for his sheets, gingerly hauling it over her frame once again before carefully removing himself from the bed and dropping to the floor in front of her all for the purpose of awaiting for the moment Goldilocks finally awoke from her deep slumber. However, that time never came throughout the duration of his wait – no, as a result of having overexerted himself in his last mission, the commander soon found himself dozing off with his both his arms and head leaning tiredly against his own knees.

the worst thing about it though is that none of the telltale games’ penultimate episodes have the “next time on” so i won’t know how badly i fucked up until september


Am I the only one who gets really uncomfortable around like every grown man I know except my dad? Like, I panic if they even tap my shoulder because I’m afraid they’ll try to take advantage of me?

Or like, I get really freaked out when I’m walking alone any time of day and a car slows down by me, even just to turn or stop at a light?

Like I literally have had so many panic attacks caused by both of these.

What is wrong with me?