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#2 for tsukishima please???

《With a hoarse voice, under the blankets.》

He just couldn’t sleep lately. Every time he’d shut his eyes and try to focus on anything besides the malice, his mind would run right back to it again. She was quiet next to him, huddled up in an old, Hello Kitty quilt. She looked so peaceful, so at ease with her face buried in the pillows, eyebrows furrowed together intently as if they were meant to be that way. Even in her sleep she was thinking about something, and Kei couldn’t help but wonder what.
“What’s on that beautiful mind of yours, hm?” He caught himself whispering, his shaky hand reached for her forehead but stopped halfway there. “Whatever it is, it’s surely not this horror story I’m dealing with.” He finally let his fingertips brush against her, taking in her everything for a moment before backing away, slipping out of bed to do something about the nasty migraine he’s been hosting all night. The hardwood floor was freezing underneath him, the moon and only the brightest of pollutant beating stars still prominent way up in the sky. Sometimes he just disregarded medicine all together and sat on the balcony, taking in the comfort from the sky above and the empty streets below. He’d sit down on a cast iron patio chair, and lay his arms across the cast iron railing and lay his head down, closing his eyes against the force of the gentle harbor breeze. Sometimes he wondered how he even got here, with his head full of nightmares and his heart full of sorrow. Thousands and thousands of miles away from home, Five thousand, two hundred, sixty seven miles to be exact, and for what? Five thousand, two hundred, sixty seven miles away from home to run away from some distant memory, hoping in that distance, the pain would get lost along the way. He was happy now, truly, and he thought back to her in the bed, just twenty feet away, soon to be fifteen, then five, then zero, because he knew she couldn’t sleep without his presence, and even in the worst days she’d follow him out to the balcony, pull out a chair next to him, and sit there, holding his hand until he wanted to go inside. It was always like that, and part of him loved it. Was it romantic? Quite possibly, if insomnia was put in the retrospect of being romanticized. Fisherman started undocking their boats on the canal down below, shouting at each other in a language Kei couldn’t quite comprehend. They didn’t notice him, but he watched them, his fingers tracing lazy circles around the bar on the railing as their foreign conversation dragged on, dragging his interest with him. Behind him, the balcony door squeaked, and even though he knew exactly who the perpetrator was, he still jumped, the iron chair rattling underneath him. She giggled, wrapping her warm, tired arms around his neck from behind, her lips toying at the nape of his neck.
“Hey, it’s just me…” She cooed, and Kei took the opportunity to sigh.
“I know…” He grabbed her hand and held them closer to his chest. He always wondered why her hands were always so cold, yet the rest of her was always so warm. He said nothing as he placed them over his heart, goosebumps prickling along his bare arms. It was only fifty degrees, yet fifty degrees was warm for a place like this, especially at the break of dawn. She didn’t even bother to sit next to him today, just holding him as time ever so slowly passed by.
“Do you want to go back to bed?” She muttered after some time, lethargy still hinted in the very crevices of her voice. He wanted to tell her that it was stupid of her to even follow him out here in the first place, that she didn’t need to, that she could just stay by herself inside until his pity party subsided. She wouldn’t listen, though, she never did. He liked to say she was as stubborn as she was beautiful, sometimes. He tilted his head back and looked into her eyes for the first time that morning, the soft gaze and knowing eyes enough to melt his heart all over again. He nodded, letting go of her hands over her chest and sulking back inside, sparing one last glance to the lost fishermen on the canal.

She burrowed herself under the same Hello Kitty quilt as before, pulling him closer and draping it around his shoulders. He sighed, part of him feeling ridiculous, usually he wanted that thing kept as far away from him as possible, but now that it practically engulfed him, he couldn’t help but lean into the solace of its warmth. She spared him a chuckle, cupping his head in her hands and kissing the corner of his lips in the singular way that made his head spin. Her fingertips were still cold, but her lips were ever so warm, and goosebumps broke out on his skin once more.
“You’re being oddly affectionate today…” He croaked, leaning in to notion that he only wanted more.
“Is it a crime to kiss my boyfriend now, Tsukishima Kei?”
“If it was a crime, I wouldn’t mind going to prison.”
“Oh.” She peeped, quietly before breaking out into giggles. “That was horrible. You really do need to sleep, baby, replenish your wit before you say that to me ever again.”
Kei found himself laughing, burying himself deeper into the quilt on top of him. He still looked up at her, the sudden sunlight filtering through the blinds making him squint even more than he was before. The softness of the light that casted through made her look like an angel, he thought, an absolute divine deity. Although she had bags that made her look like she had received two black eyes and frizzy bed head that was only more prominent against the light source, she looked perfect to him.
“I love you.” He said with a hoarse voice, under the blankets. She looked straight at him with amused eyes, blinking ever so slowly until they shut, and she leaned over to kiss him. He melted into it, his hand heavy against the side of her torso.
“I love you too.” She muttered, between a broken kiss. “More than you could ever imagine.”

keep on damning the devil

This, as usual, is a bit of a mess. Apparently I can’t let these two be happy, even when it’s Christmas. TW for brief thoughts of death/dying. 

For the lovely @howaboutbucky - I hope you like it! :) 

It’s like this:

He thinks about her more than he should. Small things, at first - the tilt of her smile, the way she seems to talk more with her eyes than her mouth - and soon he’s stumbling down the rabbit’s hole, lost in the details, pieces of Karen Page that have somehow become rooted in his mind. He’s spent barely a handful of moments in her presence, and that’s how he knows he’s fucked, when he catches himself replaying them in his head. All he has to do is close his eyes and bam - she’s pressing the photo of his family into his hands, telling him he’s going to rot in his goddamn jail cell, leveling the .380 at him with steady hands and pure, unflinching resolve in her eyes -

Do you believe me now? he asks over and over and over, never expecting an answer.

I believe you.

It - she - scares him shitless, so he reasons his way through it. Wrestles down the stirrings in his chest with some military-grade logic, tells himself she’s just a journalist, a source of information. Maybe even an ally in this twisted crusade of his, but nothing more. He doesn’t think about how normal he feels around her, how she’s probably the only person on earth he trusts as much as himself. He doesn’t think about it, because he still wakes up gasping, choking out their names as the memory of that day strangles him from the outside in. It’s moments like these when he thinks maybe it would’ve been easier if she’d just pulled the trigger that night in her apartment, plugged him right where he stood. He’s tired, so goddamn tired -

Maybe it would’ve been easier if she’d pulled the trigger and let him sleep.

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hi! can you suggest any fics where bucky yells at steve about what an idiot he is? (i.e grenade incident)

Alright we have about five asks for fics along these lines so it’s probably about time I tackle this one. Try these ones out!

Captain Shitface, a memoir by Bucky Barnes (or 5 times Bucky lost his cool over something stupid Steve did and the one time he said ENOUGH)

pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Steve and Bucky’s first kiss after much pining and Steve being a stubborn little shit and Bucky wanting to tear his hair out because his best friend is a moron. Includes Bucky’s reaction to Steve and the “grenade incident,” Steve crashing his plane, fighting a demigod, and jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

You Make Sense To Me


In Which Mrs Rogers Hears The Grenade Story

“Tell you something though, you’re damn lucky it was a dud, or we’d still be scraping bits of your friend off the - ”

So Tell Me What You Want To Hear

After a battle, Steve is hurt, Bucky is angry, and secrets come out.

Traffic Lights (GD): Part 2

GD: things you said while we were driving (part 2)…
requested by anonymous(es), bandsexual182

Word Count: 1783

Part 1 | Part 2 (END)

Don’t panic.

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SOO how about a non-apocalyptic highschool mikayuu au! with no viruses or real vampires! because who doesn’t want these babies to be happy in a relatively safe world???

  • mika’s an early riser so he always wakes yuu up five minutes before his alarm clock sets off and singsongs like… “yuuu-chaaan <33 it’s time to wake up!” and yuu snores “mik…a… five more minutes… plea..se…” bUT mikas like noo i can’t do that yuu-chan! we’re going to be late! and PROCEEDS TO CARRY HIM to the bath and YUU PANICS LIKE M IKA WA IT DAMMIT I SAID FIVE MORE MINUTES and mika just happily says to his best friend that today he’s going to wash his back! ^o^ 
  • they always hold hands while going to school uwu sometimes mika skips what a cute dork 
  • mika and yuu always sit together in class! it’s like a rule that they sit together or else they get distracted in class and end up having to pass notes (although mika always tells yuu that they’ll get in trouble) 
  • yuu tends to get into a considerable amount of trouble w/ his teachers and sometimes some bullies but mika tries to be a pacifist and always steps in like uwaa did he say something?? please forgive us! he’s just a little stupid! bye!! but yuu is rly stubborn and goes like nO LET ME FUCK EM UP MIKA 
  • on some days they like to hang out somewhere nice and quiet, like under a tree with good shade. sometimes yuu falls asleep on mika’s shoulder, or mika does on yuu’s lap, or other times they both doze off, but it’s like a reserved spot for them two only
  • on some days one of the seniors from that rival school (the vampires’ school yup) like ferid visit their school and prey on first/second year students. it’s basically nothing but plain trouble and yuu always goes out of his way to scare ferid off whenever he tries something on mika and vice versa
  • theyre always kind of quiet a day after one of those incidents happen because they both care for each other so much and theyre both more than just childhood/best friends to one another tbh 
  • mika has feelings for yuu halfway through the year but mostly closes them away though they do surface once in every while and when they do he’s not as active as usual but tends to just quietly hold yuu’s hand a lot and be close to him as much as possible. yuu’s completely oblivious to the signs and he’s just ??? what’s wrong with u today 
  • but mika doesn’t rly mind since he gets to be w/ yuu and that’s more than enough to make him happy 

this is too looong but i’ll probably continue this! ahaha;;

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Any with Bucky's reaction of Steve's suicide/sacrifice where he puts the plane into the water?

Make sure you read the warnings for all of these just in case:

Ain’t No Grave (Can Keep my Body Down) (WIP)

It’s six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don’t. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It’s very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.


Steve sits down hard on the steps.

Captain Shitface, a memoir by Bucky Barnes (or 5 times Bucky lost his cool over something stupid Steve did and the one time he said ENOUGH)

pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Steve and Bucky’s first kiss after much pining and Steve being a stubborn little shit and Bucky wanting to tear his hair out because his best friend is a moron. Includes Bucky’s reaction to Steve and the “grenade incident,” Steve crashing his plane, fighting a demigod, and jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

So Tell Me What You Want To Hear

After a battle, Steve is hurt, Bucky is angry, and secrets come out.