did he need to pet sam's hair

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i need more dark/evil!sam fanfic please.Sam accepting his role as boyking and making Dean his consort. And bottom!dean only thanks so much for the help ❤

Hi! These are all bottom!Dean since I only read bottom!Dean. :D

Title: And Tell Me, Who Do You Love?
Author: wickedthoughts1
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,060
Warnings: dark!fic, dark/boyking!Sam, demon!Dean, unrequited Castiel/Dean, season 1 au spoilers, castration, D/s, dub-con/non-con, torture, choking, blood drinking, jealousy, violence, object insertion, manipulation, gore, voyeurism, possessive!sam, disemboweling rape scene, also blasphemy, probs.
Summary: In order to reclaim Dean from Crowley, Sam accepts his place as King of Hell.


Title: Perfect Slave
Author: Brittayarose
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,556
Warnings: soulless!Sam, hurt!dean, tortured!Dean, non-con/rape, graphic depictions of violence, sub!dean, toppy!sam, dark!fic, blood, master/slave, heavy BDSM, dark!Sam, evil!Sam, kidnapped!Dean, begging!Dean, cockslut!Dean, knife play, pretty!Dean
Summary: Soulless Sam takes what he wants, and in this case it’s Dean.


Sweetest Submission by mstrssl-fanfic 
pwp, vulnerable!dean, broken!dean, boyking!sam, toppy!sam

‘Home’ is a small house in a neighborhood that never changes, where the weather is always sunny and there’s no need to buy groceries, mow the grass or pay the bills. ‘Home’ is a place where Sam can return to and be the old Sam, not the King of Hell.‘Home’ is where Dean lives.A place created by Sam, a golden cage in Hell, but their home nonetheless.

I’m About To Go by butwithspikes 
pretty!dean, collar, non-con, possessive!sam, jealous!sam, boyking!sam evil!sam, pwp, consort!dean, dark!fic

He hates the slow slide of honeyed fingers in his hair. He hates the way the longer hairs at the back of his neck brush the leather collar Sam has him wear when they have visitors. He hates being Sam’s little pet. He hates the way the demon Captain watches Sam pet his hair, almost as much as he hates Sam petting his hair in the first place.

Where You Belong (Always By My Side) by majesticduxk 
dark!fic, consort!dean, boyking!sam, evil!sam, possessive!sam, toppy!sam, non-con, humiliation, public, toys, collar, bondage, blood-play, marking

Sam said yes to Lucifer and is now King of Hell. Dean, in an effort to save his brother, made a deal with the angels, which hid him from Sam – for a year. That time is up and Dean is not closer to finding a cure. Sam still wants his brother as much as he ever did. Only now he’s mad: Dean needs to be shown his place, and Sam is more than willing to do that.

The Devil You Know by lightinthehall 
consort!dean, boyking!sam, first time, manhandled!dean, protective!dean

Sam is the King of Hell. Dean is his consort and loyal bodyguard. Crowley is the advisor. Castiel is the diplomat, Meg is the head of the army. 

Unholy by isolde13 
drugged!dean, somnophilia, hurt!dean, hospitalized!dean, non-con/dub-con, evil!sam,  first time

What happens when a brother’s love becomes obsessive.

Animalistic by mekina 
pwp, drugged!dean, vulnerable!dean, soulless!sam, evil!sam, toppy!sam, rough sex, manhandled!dean, somnophilia, non-con, come play, breath play, forced orgasm, marking 

That night, he gets roofies from a guy in the corner of a shithole of a bar. “Your girl will be yours for the taking,” the man promises. Sam thinks that Dean had better be, and doesn’t smile back.

Prodigal by sammessiah
boyking!sam, John finds out, consort!dean, evil!sam, apocalypse

John’s ‘retirement’ is interrupted by a call from someone he wouldn’t have expected to hear from…the Boy King of Hell.

This is Not an Exit by portraitofafool
animal cruelty, dark!fic, disturbing theme, gore, graphic violence, murder, s&m 

What is important to Sam is Dean—or rather the memory and idea of Dean. He’s not really sure. Dean though, he’s been the one glaring constant throughout Sam’s life. Dean, who sometimes looks at him like he thinks about cutting his head off—he’s said as much anyway. Dean who looks at him like he’s… he’s… hmm. Sam has to pause in his thoughts to think of the correct word. There it is: Dean looks at him like he’s sad to see Sam the way he is now.

Seduction Of Gravity by Bridget McKennitt 
pregnant!dean, consort!dean, boyking!sam, dad!winchesters, mpreg, dub-con 

“What does every King want? His Consort and a family.”

You’re welcome! 

Hold me Down - Part 2


You met the Winchester family in an unusual situation. Your father had been killed in a hunt and John saved you, taking you with him.
When he got missing and the thing that killed Mary did the same with Sam’s girlfriend, the younger Winchester couldn’t help, but call you, hoping you would help him and Dean finding out what happened.
But he still didn’t know why you left.

Word counting: 1200+
Pairing: Dean X Reader
Chapter: 2/23
Chapter name: Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary… Bloody… Mary…

(Part 1Series’ Masterlist

Y/N shifted her weight from one leg to another. She hadn’t seen the Winchester in more than 2 years, and they could have changed completely.

“Have a nice stay, miss Flowers.” The woman gave the fake ID back to the hunter’s fingers.

Gabrielle Flowers. That was the name she was using to enter the motel, taking the room in front of the Winchester’s.


She couldn’t see the Impala, so reached for her phone as she left the room, calling Sammy. She couldn’t wait to see him, if he looked older or how his hair was. Ever since they were kids, she loved to play with his soft hair.

“Hey Sammy.” She looked around before crossing the street. “Where are you guys?”

“There’s a place north, less than five minutes in the car. They have a good pie. Should we order something for you?”

“Burger and fries.” She smiled. “And don’t touch it. I’m walking, I must be there in 10 minutes.”

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