did he need the apron

Tanaka and Ennoshita are like the aunt and uncle where Ennoshita is a tired but happy and slightly overworked suburban housewife and Tanaka is the dad who wears nothing but Hawaiian shirts and socks with sandals(crocs too probably tbh) who just stands in the backyard grilling ALL THE TIME while Ennoshita stands on the porch watching him while thinking about burning Tanaka’s horrid wardrobe

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famous actor and personal chef au with klaine please!

Food porn !!

lurkdusoleil this is for you

Kurt never thought that he would make it so big, so fast.

He hoped for it, of course, but he never actually believed that he would become that famous so early.

Then again, he never thought that he would actually be spotted by none other than Dick van Dyke enjoying a holiday New York and stopping by the Spotlight diner just as Kurt was leading a very enthusiastic rendition of “Step In Time”.

And yet, Kurt Hummel is already famous, with whispers of Oscars for his part in the revival of “Bye Bye Birdie”, directed by Mr. van Dyke himself.

There is one major inconvenient to his new status: it’s increasingly difficult for him to go and get himself a nice pizza or a slice of cheesecake–Hell, it’s complicated to even do his grocery shopping without being harassed by some people who don’t have any notions of boundaries.

Santana, his self-appointed agent and manager, has apparently found the solution to his problem.

Can’t get out to get food?

Get food inside!

She has been looking for a suitable chef, someone that would be available to cook anything, any time, at his beck and call.

There is something in that … power that secretly thrills him–or not so secretly, but he doesn’t care.

Being able to “ring” someone and get a cake in bed? Yes, please.

And if he can afford it …

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